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  1. I am not a big fan of the TB. Too coloured for me. The Heil Bass Array was first shown (to the best of my knowledge) at the last Eropean Triode Festival. Used 15” JBLs. I just hate seeing translam boxes. Such a waste of materials. dave
  2. https://www.partsconnexion.com/CONNEX-53464.html Short of big buck ones like ETI these are my favourites. dave
  3. Mine: https://p10hifi.net/forum/AudioSector-Integrated.jpg dave
  4. Because it is cheap, not because it is good. In Oz, quality playwood is rare, take advantage. Oz does seem to have a large variety of bamboo plywood. If you can get something of the same style as the Stranded or Fossilized varieties we can get are even better and teh cosmetics are superb with nothign but clear-coat. Be clever with your joinery and you can create some interesting visual features. [img]https://p10hifi.net/tlinespeakers/FAL/images/bambooPAWO-collage.jpg[/img] As far as polyfluff goes, i often see it used as volume fill without being sufficient
  5. These inpired a new box from me for the SEAS A26 kit. Will be officially released as part of a tweaking of the SEAS (disaster of a) box. Of a volume suited for the FA22 as well. dave
  6. Nice looking bracing. Looks a lot like what i have been promoting crossed with a Nautilus. Are the braces evenly spaced? You are not using the braces to support the woofer magnet and spread reactive energy to more of the box. dave
  7. I assume some sort of foam? I am not a fan of foam, and given it is a sealed box so one wants to use volume fill. Some felt on the walls near th edrivers would not hurt. No decent plywood in your neck of the woods (parts of Oz seenm to be a desert on terms of box material and the default unforunately becomes MDF. I gave up on that stuff many decades ago, Really unsuitable for loudspeakers unless it is all you can get. That it is typically cheaper should not be considered an asset. dave
  8. Yes, shipping across an ocean is a significant expense. And Oz is an island continent. We are way closer to the US (and reachable by truck), shipping from Italy probably rivals to Oz. dave
  9. Italy is closer than here (North America) or is it? diyAudio is an Austrailian owned site hosted in the US. Bits from th estore come from all over, but none yet that i know of starting in Oz. dave PS thanx. hungie = c-note (of course CAD not equal AUD not equal USD and on and on… )
  10. ??? Is that an Ozzie colloquialism? dave
  11. I should still have some of those bords stashed away. That diyAudio project of Brian’s & Peter’s project was a bit of a launch point for diy gainclones. dave
  12. Sould be good. A little less power, less concern about currnt delivery. dave
  13. O have the same boards in my chipamp. 25V DC rails to optimize for speaker loads. sounds fantastic. 1 225VA Plitron. How big are yours — they look sizeable. dave
  14. As long as the XO does cause a very unflat impedance. dave
  15. Hey Mr Sparks, You are just up the road. How much of the hifi in the pictures on your site came from Sound Hounds? Any? The 2box-3way with the triple woofers DIY? dave
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