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  1. i have the official data sheet with specs if you want to email me. dave
  2. Do you want it to go low? If not you might find a “midrange” that does that, but it is unlikely if you want to do bass with it. dave
  3. Built by my partner Chris. After we got back together i wasn’t allowed to build cabinets, just design them :^) dave
  4. Tom brought his big 200w prototype to diyFEST one year. A really good sounding amplifier (but perhaps a touch to low an Rout to match my speakers, but skinny speaker wire should fix that. Not sure what FAB is, but the mains have been mostly our big A12pWeN/A7.3eN MTM WAWs. But there are. a few other WAW and alot of sngle (and double) driver FRs. When i get my diyAudio Store diy version of the FW B4, i’m going to swap these in (almost as good a sound, but prettier and the shape better suited to my room). This pic not my room. dave
  5. I have heard a number of very low distortion amplifiers, and they were all too often not very good. Each amplifier has to be considered on its own merit, driving loudspeakers — they ar e system, and one can often get lower measured distortion in compination than when measured separtly. On example is a low R[/sub]out[/sub] amp driving a speaker designed to be used with a high R[/sub]out[/sub] amplifier vrs a more suitable amp even thou the 1st can have measured distortin magnitudes lower lower than the 2nd. dave
  6. As we well know, measured distortion does not even come close to being able to describe how a device sounds. You have to listen to them connected to real loudspeakers. And if youbelieved they were you wouldn’t be building amps & such with tubes. dave
  7. I started out w Firstwatt when a friend loaned me his 1st gen ACA. I loved them. Then i got 2 newer ACA with a bit more power. Then a confluence of events allowed me to get a SIT-3 which is an incrediable amp. Curiousity has me wondering abou tthe ones i between like your F5. dave
  8. Sonindo full-ranges in the background? dave
  9. In many cases yes, but as my rehab gets me better and better i am getting more stuff done. And some of that is giving a lot of stuff away. B1, Bugle, some chipAmp PS boards just yesterday. Ahead of the Pass are 2 EL84 PP amps that i have all the major parts for. dave
  10. Just went thru my stash of circuit boards. 2 F5s (as well as pairs of F2/F4 and 2 Aleph variations… some day. dave
  11. Eli Duttman points out in his El Cheapo that the non-linearities of teh ECC81/12AX7 are such that they largely cancel those of the EL84/6BQ5, so it becomes a solid combination. I can ceryainly say that our Class A triode variation is a stunning amplifier. dave
  12. I have one of those arms on my Oracle (needs a new speed controller) and another in a box (silve rtube generation). I’ve owned something like a dozen Linns. dave
  13. Good work, the knob, colour of the knob and the chassis are quite harmonious. dave
  14. You got that exactly. You will note the comment about the flugel horn inspiration in the 1st sentence on the web page. https://frugal-horn.com/FH-family.html dave
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