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  1. Alpair A10p (now — at least the 3rd driver he has used in the DNA horn — one of my very favorite MA drivers. We built the DNA horn and it is less than stellar (kinda coloured), but the client who ended up with them (for free), is happy with them. FExx6 series drivers… all really need to be in a biggish horn, and driver with a high output impedance amp. These are all about the efficiency. I totally agree with the losses involved higher up when one pushes the driver size in an attempt to get more bass. As i have remarked before your Mark Audio A12p are 6.5” drivers. The largest MA makes ATM. Speed is a term often misused in audio terms. It is, i believe, an attempt to decribe how quickly a driver can respond (and stop). It is directly related to the frequency being reproduced. Alpair 10s. We ar enow in the 3rd generation of metal cones and the 1st gen paper cone is what Steve uses in his horn. Maybe speed is what brings the transparency, naturalism and the “I’m there” feeling from speakers. Decware claim good bass no stubbie required… At least the horns are quick. [/quote] Horns provide gain at the frequencies they operate at, so the driver has to travel less distance to reproduce the same volume levels, hence less movement needed. Here, comments on a build of SIlbury — probably th epremiere horn for the Alpair 10/10.2/10.3/p. Alpair 11ms, Pluvia 11. https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/full-range/347611-silbury-build.html dave
  2. Are those braces symmetrical/evenly spaced?Best if not exactly. dave
  3. I think the Coral clone is more accurat ethan Lowther. It only looks like a lowther in terms of a whizzer cone & phase plug. There is a 15” Lil Audio thread on diyAudio, and a 10” one on Audio Circle. I always take a FR this kind of size with many grains of salt without actually having heard it. dave
  4. No such thing as ultimate. This box has its compromises too. 1/ a line array suffers from high frequency combing, causing the top to have to be hot to compensate Frequency wise, but that sytill leaves the time arrival smear 2/ it is open baffle up top with a monopole sub. That causes issues with blending the 2 drivers, and one has to deal with the dipole response in room. Those compromises are fine for some, not for others, I prefer a WAW with a sorce closer to a point source for no time smear. Here is the one i am listeniny to at the moment. About $1,400 USD worth of parts (including passive XO) plus a substantial box. 2 6.5” in an ML-TL and a 4” FR in a midTL. Response something like 25-20k. XO at 250 Hz (determined by where bafflestep occurs and keeps the XO below the 1/4 wavelength of the centre-centre driver disytance, eliminating many of the evils of an XO. Currently used with a SIT-3, but (as long as you don’t need to crank it), works fine with an ACA, so don’t need a whole lot of power. dave
  5. Similar shape but smaller can be found in any of the wide Classic Golden Ratio miniOnkens. Here a visualization of the ig one for the Alpair 10p. https://frugal-phile.com/boxlib/P10free/fatCGR-MK10p-0v92-280418.pdf dave
  6. http://www.itishifi.com/2010/12/brociner-corner-horn-model-4c.html This horn is basically the same as the Jensen Compact Horn. I knew i had seen this “shape” before, took me a while, but i did a 3D visualization: The big Woden Horns use the same topology (with an added twist to fire the horn out the rear) and adds the trick from Olson (and popularized by the Nagaoka designs) of using a folded-stepped horn where the corners act as low pass filter keeping the higher frequency stuff from getting to the horn mouth. This one Maeshowe for your driver. You have added a front horn, but given the flare and the very large throat might act more as a waveguide, as you go down into the lower midrange — i’d expect most useful to keep things off the walls with the boxes pushed into the corner. dave
  7. I have in general been on an upward trend, but pushed too hrd and strained something earlier this month, so having to take it easy for a bit. Thanx for asking. No need for exact dimensions… if i was to do something like this, i’d u sketch the general idea, snd then get Scott (Woden) to look at the detail with his modelers (and experience) dave
  8. Steve, Any comments on the sound? Plans? They aren’t very big so likely don’t go that low (corner would really help, but i expect it is really good in the upper bass. dave
  9. SB is expanding their range rapidly… some interesting stuff. dave
  10. Perhaps. AFAIC more of Decware’s bluster. A Dayton PS220 (a not bad driver) with a passive transformer based EQ, and a huge mark-up. dave
  11. Yes. 3 x Aplair 6.2p across the front, a pair in the back, and 4 SDX7 woofers in 2 enclosures. Given we still had lots of space, it would be easy enuff to make one with A7.3/P7HD/A67ms/Pluvia 7. dave
  12. True about any piece of audio kit, but more on the fringe with greater care needed with system synergy. dave
  13. I have one of the original AKSAs, yet unbuilt. dave
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