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  1. This is a DIY in progress thread. What are you building right now? Or about to build this summer. Not so much a detailed thread, but one to bring out of the woodwork all those projects hiding away in secret. Right now I'm building some oblate spheroid waveguides. Just a pair of small 6" guides to mate with a 6" mid. My first go at integrating my new compression drivers. So far (as always) it's taking much longer than expected! Also planning: large rectangular waveguides - 15" 40 x 90 degree and perhaps an 18" like the Unity some big bass traps (ones that can live permanently in the room) quadratic diffusors and some absorbers under floor bass horns AV rack [ATTACH=CONFIG]27102[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]27103[/ATTACH] It's a bit of a shock seeing my work bench clear enough to actually put all those bits on it. There are all the bits. The tricky part is making sure they are all concentric when turning them up. I've found in the past that this is the thing I'm most likely to bugger up. So this time I'll line them all up, glue, cut out the holes then turn them up. There is always a certain amount of denial of reality with these projects. Ahhh, it's just a quickie, 3 or 4 hours should do it. Hmmm ... starting to appreciate how much would go into a 15" version! Over to you guys .... what are you building? Come out of the closet!
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