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  1. I'm using Autotransformer type crossovers built by Werner Jagusch of Germany who also does the Jabo horns, both can be purchased thruogh Ebay, Werner can make a pair of autotransformers to suit what crossovers you wnat=. My pair has 3 crossover points 500, 650 and 800Hz and the HF horn has 11 Dbs of adjustments and attenuator, this way I can use a combination of drivers in different Ohms currently my 416-8A drivers are 8 Omhs and the 288C on the horns are 24Ohms.
  2. The 515 driver is very much the same as the 416 but has more power and dosen't go as low. B&C DCM50 very nice large format HF compression driver, I thought you may have had an Altec HF compression driver on the horn too. Here's an old pic of my horns, old schgool custom built Altec A7 VOTT cabinets using the 416-8A driver and Jabo KH-55 horn using a Altec 288C 24Ohms HF compression driver with a pair of REL Strata II subs.
  3. Altec 416-8B nice driver I prefer the 416's type over the 515 for hi fi. Whats on the horn?
  4. Very nice set up, Altec drivers and Tractrix-200 horns What model Altec drivers are you using in the cabinets 416 or 515 ? and the Tractrix horn?
  5. Hi fljohn77, Just sent you a PM to purchase the speakers with stands if still available.
  6. Wow, the legendary Sansui AU-919 fantastic intergrated amp, these have a great seprate phono stages one for the MM and another for the MC, if you can't afford an Accuphase you should get this that's how good they sound direct couple (DC) too. GLWTS.
  7. 1. Software I can see in the photos and the draws under your desk - Your are an accountant (Bean Counter) 2. Last photo on the 2 screens is showing - Two of your favorites bands Gensis and Yes 3. We know you write reviews on prog music so I'm guessing - You write reviews for Progressive Ear and Sea of Tranquility. 4. Crypticall clues, Tyre repair Kit and Dynamic Lifter, Kit as in Drum Kit and Lifter as in High Hats and your around my age or older, so I'm guessing you were a drummer in the seventies.
  8. Hi Matt, I purchased a FR1-mk3 here on stereonet not that long ago and the cartridge was recently re-tipped by Garrott brothers with a FG-S diamond if that helps.
  9. Here's a couple of photos of the A7 cabinets before the restoration.
  10. Hi Powerglide, great to see these fully restored (better than when they were new) another fantastic job by you, love your work.
  11. @missmurphy@tygersmoke hey Phil and Gary, these were Phil's old cabinets fully restored by Powerglide for a good mate of mine, which I didn't have time to restore. They are being fitted with a pair of Higara's Crossovers today made by another good mate.
  12. Here you go they are very good vintage horns for hi fi.
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