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  1. Chris Kim Kimil Electronics 220 georges River Rd Croydon Park Nsw 0425 227 727 Highly recommended.
  2. What’s wrong with the original remote? Have you tried changing the mercury battery inside and check the contacts? I have the same preamp and remote which needed the battery change and the contacts cleaned.
  3. Hi, Just sent you a PM to purchase these Foilflex speaker cables. Cheers
  4. Wow you don’t see these everyday in this condition Altec 416-8A with alnico magnets, brand new GPA reckoned and re-magnetised, better than new these will sound great GLWTS.
  5. Hi, Can I please have the following LP's thanks if still avialbel. Manfred Mann Earth Band: The Roaring Silence, Cover and Vinyl VG+ Joe Jackson Band: Beat Crazy, Cover and Vinyl VG+ Barclay James Harvest : Victims Of Circumstance, Cover and Vinyl VG+ Don Henley: Can’t Stand Steel, Cover and Vinyl VG+ Procol Harum : Grand Hotel , Cover and Vinyl VG+ Strawbs : Burning For You, Cover and Vinyl VG+ The Alan Parson’s Project : I Robot, Cover and Vinyl VG+ The Alan Parson’s Project : Ammonia Avenue , Cover and Vinyl VG+ Ace : Five A Side, Cover and Vinyl VG+ Christopher Cross: Self Titled, Cover and Vinyl VG+ Al Stewart : Year Of The Cat , Cover and Vinyl VG+ Bob Seger : The Distance, Cover and Vinyl VG+ Bob Seger : Against The Wind, Cover and Vinyl VG+ Boz Scaggs : Silk Degrees, Cover and Vinyl VG+ Boz Scaggs : Middle Man, Cover and Vinyl VG+ Jon and Vangelis : Short Stories , Cover and Vinyl VG+ Cheers
  6. Hi ikhoung, I would like to purchase thePrimacoustic FullTrap and 2 x set of Primacoustic London 8 Room Kit PM on its way. Cheers Fred
  7. Here’s some pics of Double Stacked Quad ELS 57 made by the Radio People Ltd of Hong Kong.
  8. The Radio People Ltd was a very good Hi Fi shop in Hong Kong in the 60's and 70's who imported drivers direct and other hi fi gear from British company's and others and built there own cabinets, very much like our importers here in Australia at that time. I have seen other speakers from them as in Wharfedales, Goodmans and even Quad ELS 57's which I have a double stacked pair made by them. Grab them if they are still there at the Op shop as they made great gear and it's a bit of Hi Fi history you will have.
  9. Hi kafunis, I would like to purchase the follow LPs if still avaible thanks? Freddie Hubbard-First Light ORGM-2006 All Analog Bernie Grundman/Pallas Press Played once $30 Kenny Dorham-Jazz Contrasts, Japanese Press SMJ-6075M VG+ $20 Les McCann & Eddie Harris- Swiss Movement 8122-79804-7 Bernie Grundman Analog Cut cleaned and played once $30 Deodato-Prelude 1974 AU press , VG $10 Cheers Fred
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