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  1. Hi balk2117, I grab this PSC power cable from you. PM on its way.
  2. Hi Steve, What's happening mate I sent you a PM last night for the following CD's. Both x 2 Echo and the Bunnymen. Warren Zevon Ricky Lee Jones
  3. Hi candyflip, May I have Hendrix – Experience: Best of Jimi Hendrix $28 if still available thanks?
  4. Welcome Chris. Looking forward to hearing more about your speakers and systems.
  5. Hi bishopoz, PM sent with intention to purchase. Cheers
  6. I’ll grab these thanks if still available. Cheers
  7. Hi Bronal, PM sent with intention to purchase the NOS Telefunken EL84 tubes. Cheers
  8. Hi Linolad, I would like to purchase the following CD's if still available thanks? Dark Side Of The Mule 2CD & 1 DVD Set - Government Mule Price: $20 Essential Albums Collection Gary Moore 5 CD set Price: $12  The Columbia Studio Recordings - Simon & Garfunkel 5 CD Set Price: $30 Cheers
  9. I to have a 10 year old 50" panansonic plasma still going strong, plus a 60" Viera VT60 series when they stopped making them in 2014 and won't be replacing them either! Great product.
  10. Just finished listening to Supertramps first greatest hits album from 1986 all great tracks!!! Supertramp - The Autobiography of Supertramp.
  11. Some Manfred Mann’s Earth Band this afternoon, playing The Roaring Silence have both versions decided with the LP containing Spirit in the Night. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band - The Roaring Silence.
  12. Hi colinm1, Can I please have all 7 Chicago LP's and the 1 Kansa LP thanks. Cheers
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