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  1. Here's a couple of photos of the A7 cabinets before the restoration.
  2. Hi Powerglide, great to see these fully restored (better than when they were new) another fantastic job by you, love your work.
  3. @missmurphy@tygersmoke hey Phil and Gary, these were Phil's old cabinets fully restored by Powerglide for a good mate of mine, which I didn't have time to restore. They are being fitted with a pair of Higara's Crossovers today made by another good mate.
  4. Here you go they are very good vintage horns for hi fi.
  5. Congratulations Bill, enjoy mate remeber it's all about what you put into it, have fun!
  6. Wow what a bargain, the RB300 tonearm with rewiring by decibel Hilfiger is worth that alone.
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