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  1. Just wish they didn't have to be wired to each other. Maybe that might be next generation. Think I prefer (though haven't heard) the Dyn Focus XD200 or Devialet Phantom Silver or Gold. But they are also different price points.
  2. The Focus 110A's are now gone
  3. Wonder if I should arrange to get them serviced somehow. The passive would cause a bit crackling turning volume up and down. The power amp was great. Only problem was when I got my DEQX to become my preamp/crossover instead, the Michi power amp would make my speakers buzz. Unless I used an extension cord to have the Michi plugged into another outlet the opposite side of the room. But substituting in Class D Rotel, I get no such buzz/hum. Doesn't sound as good though, but at least I can just leave it turned on all the time without worrying about power usage etc. Makes watching TV simple if the amps are never turned off.
  4. Hey I have a Rotel Michi passive pre and the power amp above. All its doing is sitting on the floor under a desk in the spare bedroom. I should get it back out again one day!
  5. Will have to watch how this plays out. Was thinking of getting either hailde bridge (nice simple, essentially one cord with no extra box) or the V-link to go with my mac mini. If this proves significantly better, well......
  6. Love my second gen Macbook Air. Don't think I need an ipad as well.
  7. http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/mp/7948508/wife-murdered-for-cutting-stereo-wires/
  8. Its available now, the link is on this page http://www.deqx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=137
  9. http://www.deqx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=136 I'm not going to be able to install it for a week or 2 yet at this rate, think I like the idea of trying shallower slopes.
  10. um, I would have thought 70 bucks was reasonable for a well made cable. We're not talking 1000's.
  11. I have, booked in for 25th June, 10.00am in Brisbane.
  12. When are the finals on (eastern standard time)?
  13. Hi John, They did it while I watched. Just used the serial port. Afterwards they showed me the special tool they have to make it easier if the ecu was encrypted. I think the ecu still had to be removed though (if encryption present), but they said it wasn't a big job. Shame its not so straight forward for you. We thought that might have been the case with your later build date. Good luck getting it sorted.
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