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  1. dasherhalo

    SOLD: FS: Rotel RA-840BX4

    If you'll ship, I'm happy to take it.
  2. dasherhalo

    Old school Yamaha DAC

    Holy chills, Batman! That brings back some memories. Had one. Didn't even really know what the hell it did! But .. I had to have that full Yamaha stack, so.... You know....
  3. dasherhalo

    AMP for B&W CDM7

    I've had the - NT version in or around my possession for over a decade. Great allrounders, that really appreciate a good amp. AVRs didn't really cut it, but a Denon PMA 2 channel of the same era was fantastic, as was my Electrocompaniet gear. They're currently at my friends house entertaining an old school high current Kenwood pre/power combo, and still rocking.
  4. dasherhalo

    What is worst amp you have had that worked

    2 amps? Same issue? Probably not [emoji846] Particularly as they were a/b'd against other NAD amps. Glad you liked your though.
  5. dasherhalo

    Speakers matching

    I've had that amp, and the 602s. It was my "all rounder" system. Played everything well, nothing badly. It was worth the money new, and having bought 3 sets of 602s now, they're fantastic value second hand.
  6. dasherhalo

    What is worst amp you have had that worked

    NAD 2140 2ch power amp. I was in love with the other NAD gear I had at the time and was buying anything that came across ebay. 218THX, 2200, AMC spin-offs, etc. Then I picked up this block of cheese. The most horrible, dull, lifeless power amp I've ever heard. It's only value in life was to make me appreciate the other amps. What's worse is I tracked down a second one before I made this discovery, so had two of the useless bricks. Made for quite the NAD stack, actually. Even bridging them couldn't get them to perk up. Even centre and rear channel duties for HT was unsuccessful Sold them with a warning for a pittance.
  7. Possibly only leaving a very popular set of 'cans to offload? [emoji846]
  8. If you end up splitting these, please Pm me a figure for the WA22? Cheers.
  9. dasherhalo

    The great Mobile phone rip off

    It's all about perception and budget i guess. I just swapped from Telstra to Optus, and was highly impressed with the S9+ 256gb, 120gb data for $110. Mind you, I'm wedded to the damn thing 24/7
  10. dasherhalo

    dynamat advise

    You know that moment when the office gets a new P-Touch / labelling machine, and you're sitting there wondering what to label after you've printed "keyboard", "monitor" "door" "fridge" and everything else in reach? This is the expression on my face right now. Brilliant.
  11. dasherhalo

    SOLD: Musical Fidelity X-10 V3

    I'll have it. Contact me for payment. Shipment to 4869 Regards Wayne
  12. dasherhalo

    Castle acoustics repairs

    I know. But they're sooooo pretty [emoji4]
  13. dasherhalo

    Castle acoustics repairs

    Hi all I have a 15 year old set of Castle Isis speakers. The cones are shot, and I imagine everything else will probably need a look over. Anyone know if I'm going to be able to get genuine parts still? I heard they moved speaker manufacturing to a different county. The shape of the baskets would make using different drivers impossible I think. What about recones? Any pointers would be appreciated. Generic photo attached....
  14. dasherhalo

    Fairly high-end PC. AMD Ryzen 1800x & GTX1070

    Sold pending payment!
  15. Reducing the price to $320 inc shipping, if anyone's interested? Can also be used as a pre-amp for a single component (CD Player, streamer, etc, or hook up a phono pre-amp for your record player. Probably won't reduce the price again: it's all boxed up now, so can sit in the corner until I get bored and put in a bedroom system or something!