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  1. Further information: Bought this in Sept 2019, and has been sitting next to my $799 Yamaha turntable. A $699 rrp cart. Talk about an over-capitalization! I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Have decided to move it on, and just run the Yammy as is (it's surprisingly fun, which is why i didn't reach for the screwdriver as soon as this showed up). The cartridge is its sealed box, and I will include the tax invoice for any warranty purposes. I'll save up for a decent deck instead of doing weird mini upgrades! I had a wholesale account, and picked it up for just under $600, so I'll list it for $500, including free airfreight via AustPost. Cheers!
  2. Further information: I'm not having a good run with trialing new gear. A DragonFly Cobalt came and went, I've got a Topping DAC 50 doing bugger all, and now my foray into IEM's has been average! 😑 I've really been enjoying me headphone experiences recently (a big family and no private space limits my time in front of my main system), but having a big set of over the ear headphones is not always convenient. Thought I'd try a set of wireless IEM's. Looked good on paper. Some decent reviews. SO I get them, charge them up, and..... well bugger me, i can't get the things to sit comfortably in my ears. I don't know if I'm an alien, or i'm just using them upside down, but I can't get them to sit in. I spent more time worrying about if they were going to fall out or not than listening. Plus, the sound (obviously!) isn't on par with the thousand-dollar HiFi Mans and Pioneer over-ears. tried two sessions, and .... nope. Oh well. Experiment over. Some stock images, plus some of the actual units. Good pick up for anyone who uses IEM's. RRP - $349. Audio-Technica Website Currently on special at AtA for $269 plus shipping. Addicted to Audio Happy to provide free shipping via AustPost.
  3. https://www.audioquest.com/page/aq-dragonfly-series-faq.html https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.extreamsd.usbaudioplayerpro As recommended. Don't tell anyone, but I'm an IT tech with 20 years experience. You'd think I'd be better at this sh*t.....
  4. Item: AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp Location: Cairns, QLD Price: $375 Item Condition: As new. No - really! Reason for selling: Samsung Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm a "toys out of the cot" type person. Things tend to have one shot at working, or...... wammo. I bought it spontaneously (read: whilst drinking) without reading too much of the background info, only to discover it either won't work with my Samsung S9, or that you'll need third party software to make it work. Pass. Spent a frustrating night trying to get it going, to no avail. It sat quietly next to my computer waiting for my next burst of enthusiasm, which has unfortunately not come. Oh well. Ironically works just fine on the PC, but I've already got a range of desktop DACs and a great Burson headphone amp. OK, so what price? RRP is $549, and currently available at Selby for $475. I have a wholesale account with Selby so i picked it up for a bit over $400. Happy to pass on a bargain at $100 under what you can buy it for new, and I'll throw in a free AustPost airbag at that price: $375. I'll include the tax invoice from Selby as well. Cheers!
  5. Wow. Necropost of the year already. That's going to take some beating, and we are still in the first week!
  6. Would really depend on the speakers, but.... One of my favourite amps. Never harsh. Had heaps of power.
  7. Pure plastic, my cable obsessed bretheren! [emoji41] Can't see the point in trying to achieve those last few points of performance out here, like I perhaps would on my indoor setups.
  8. A quick share of my patio system. It was originally sitting on an old kids computer desk, but was bugging the sh*t out of me. Being in the IT field, I figured I'd fuse my two interests. Ordered up a little rack cabinet, and a couple of hours, a few drinks and a metric f*ckton of cable ties later..... I wouldn't normally use a UPS with audio gear, but I figure this isn't top shelf gear, and if the power goes out, I can have a patio party and confuse the neighbours! Speakers are Richter Rare Earth models of some description. Wharfdale sub. Luxman pre/power combo is probably a little over the top for out here, but makes everything sing over and above what you'd expect. Rotel spinner, Chromecast audio and an as-yet-to-be hooked up tuner. Topping DAC30. Mainly running Tidal, and the addition of an old recliner place just so under a fan means I'm finding myself spending a lot of time out here, which is great. I even get the wife and even my daughter out here on occasions, which is awesome. Yey bonding! My boys can take or leave it: one is too young, one is too old! Currently dialled up Muddy Waters Folk Singer for a Sunday chill out with a few beers!
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