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  1. https://www.audioquest.com/page/aq-dragonfly-series-faq.html https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.extreamsd.usbaudioplayerpro As recommended. Don't tell anyone, but I'm an IT tech with 20 years experience. You'd think I'd be better at this sh*t.....
  2. Item: AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp Location: Cairns, QLD Price: $375 Item Condition: As new. No - really! Reason for selling: Samsung Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm a "toys out of the cot" type person. Things tend to have one shot at working, or...... wammo. I bought it spontaneously (read: whilst drinking) without reading too much of the background info, only to discover it either won't work with my Samsung S9, or that you'll need third party software to make it work. Pass. Spent a frustrating night trying to get it going, to no avail. It sat quietly next to my computer waiting for my next burst of enthusiasm, which has unfortunately not come. Oh well. Ironically works just fine on the PC, but I've already got a range of desktop DACs and a great Burson headphone amp. OK, so what price? RRP is $549, and currently available at Selby for $475. I have a wholesale account with Selby so i picked it up for a bit over $400. Happy to pass on a bargain at $100 under what you can buy it for new, and I'll throw in a free AustPost airbag at that price: $375. I'll include the tax invoice from Selby as well. Cheers!
  3. Wow. Necropost of the year already. That's going to take some beating, and we are still in the first week!
  4. Would really depend on the speakers, but.... One of my favourite amps. Never harsh. Had heaps of power.
  5. Back-up if the original sale doesn't go through please.
  6. Pure plastic, my cable obsessed bretheren! [emoji41] Can't see the point in trying to achieve those last few points of performance out here, like I perhaps would on my indoor setups.
  7. A quick share of my patio system. It was originally sitting on an old kids computer desk, but was bugging the sh*t out of me. Being in the IT field, I figured I'd fuse my two interests. Ordered up a little rack cabinet, and a couple of hours, a few drinks and a metric f*ckton of cable ties later..... I wouldn't normally use a UPS with audio gear, but I figure this isn't top shelf gear, and if the power goes out, I can have a patio party and confuse the neighbours! Speakers are Richter Rare Earth models of some description. Wharfdale sub. Luxman pre/power combo is probably a little over the top for out here, but makes everything sing over and above what you'd expect. Rotel spinner, Chromecast audio and an as-yet-to-be hooked up tuner. Topping DAC30. Mainly running Tidal, and the addition of an old recliner place just so under a fan means I'm finding myself spending a lot of time out here, which is great. I even get the wife and even my daughter out here on occasions, which is awesome. Yey bonding! My boys can take or leave it: one is too young, one is too old! Currently dialled up Muddy Waters Folk Singer for a Sunday chill out with a few beers!
  8. Item: Focal Chorus 700v Active Subwoofer Location: Cairns, Queensland Price: $675.00 $600 - now just $450 Very Good Condition Reason for selling: House funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi all I bought this 18 months ago from another member (Original ad). When he says "it's nearly mint", he wasn't kidding. He even had a ring binder with all the documentation in it in immaculate condition, let alone the sub! I've paired it with my Focal Utopia Mini's with great success. In fact, remarkable success, considering the range (and price!) difference between the Utopias and the Chorus products. I imagine that's got to do with the setup - I'm running the Utopias on a computer desk as a near-field setup. The sub complements them perfectly - in fact, the moment I got the integration perfect, I haven't moved it a centimetre since! This isn't a extension monster - I wouldn't suggest it as a HT sub, or for ground pounding duties in music. Whilst it pumps out a decent amount of bass, the thing it does do extremely well is give the main speakers the ability to breath. I've always run my Focal "bookshelves" in a niche system, revolving around female vocals, acoustic guitars, folk and classical music, due to their incredible detail. Pushing them with heavier styles of music never worked. Add in a sub, and it's a different ball game. There is literally NOTHING I can't play on this system at the moment that makes me want to hit "next". Music from Alice in Chains, and Leo Moracchioli, for example, is now enjoyable on the Focals - no need to switch rooms and B&W it up! I'd be happy to discuss a discount if you buy the yet-to-be-listed Focals as a package. I have no original packaging, but will box it up with a tonne of padding and secure it extremely well! Thanks for looking Pictures: Edited May 2 by dasherhalo
  9. With a sub branch of specialist insurance that covers hospital stays when the significant other finds out what the system really costs vs what she may have been lead to believe? "OK Mr Smith, I've done a quick calculation here, and you can see where buying that tube amp whilst your wife was pregnant with twins has really impacted your premium...."
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