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  1. Lotus Exige 430 Cup. I want one 😝 Needs silver alloys though.
  2. I'm all good mate, moved into our new place a few months ago and busy getting the new room ready for the arrival of the Symphonys. Paul and I are working out shipping now, hopefully they will be on the water within a month which would see them in my hands by about October which will be pretty much 3 years on the nose since we first embarked on this project. Cheers
  3. Perhaps start a thread Nigel, people probably won't see your questions in this thread. I believe the big cans are empty, but dont recall what the switch does. Your amp looks like the version I owned 14 yrs ago. Cheers
  4. Hey Nigel, great to see you on SNA! There are load of Supratek owners past and present here, including myself. Cheers Simon
  5. Just catching up on SNA. This looks amazing UM, bet it sounds as good as it looks. When will you do the ceiling? Cheers
  6. 20200424_113459 by Simon Gee, on Flickr The local councillit up the castle to thank NHS workers. Nice sentiment but kind of odd as it drew small groups of people. castle by Simon Gee, on Flickr
  7. As an active speaker user for many years the answer to passive vs active comes down to where you stand on the music vs equipment divide. If its about the equipment then you will prefer passive so you can swap/fiddle etc and if you just want the best sound for the least cost, then active cannot be beaten. And for that reason there is no right answer for everyone.
  8. You have just described the Lenard Sarabandes http://lenardaudio.com/sarabande.html
  9. and a nice pano 20200415_111607 by Simon Gee, on Flickr
  10. Penty of time on my hands and some fantatsic weather here for the last 3 weeks, here's a few from my wanderings. 20200411_105737 by Simon Gee, on Flickr 20200415_110103 by Simon Gee, on Flickr 20200411_110243 by Simon Gee, on Flickr 20200413_112158 by Simon Gee, on Flickr 20200413_114047 by Simon Gee, on Flickr 20200413_113245 by Simon Gee, on Flickr 20200412_104446 by Simon Gee, on Flickr
  11. This is a good write up Fez. I stumbled acorss your thread when I was doing some digging on a Sony F707ES, the European version of your amp. After more than a decade of active speakers, delays being able to shup my engame active system forced me to buy an amp and speakers to tide me over. These are fantastically well made and engineered amps. 20200414_175059 by Simon Gee, on Flickr 20200414_174339 by Simon Gee, on Flickr
  12. yep, comeback in the sense that its classic JP, amazing effort for men of their age.
  13. This has to be the best comeback album ever in the history of comeback albums. I still dont know how they created this modern masterpicce.
  14. l was a pretty early adopter of CD when in 1984 at the age of 14 l bought my first CD player. Back then CD's were very expensive, $25 for a single and $50 for a double. Discounts were non existent for the first few years and some tittles hard to get. l liked the sound of CD's and set my heart on getting my favourite artists of the time on CD - Dire Straits, AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Eagles, Pink Floyd etc. Universally they all sounded great on CD and l preferred them to my then basic TT setup. As time went on l continued to buy CD's but sometime in the early to mid 90's l started to wond
  15. l thought it would be good to have a thread we can all post to with brief descriptions of what CD seems to be finding its way into your player often. l am always on the lookout for something new l just bought Lemon Jelly's new CD yesterday and love it. Their single "The shouty song" first got my attention, the filmclip for it is also brilliant. Kind of dance music with heavy use of real drum and bass on a lot of the tracks, some songs are heavier than others but very catchy. While l am not really into dance music this is excellent.
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