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  1. Endgame for me is finding your ultimate, final, last, definitive destination in whatever hobby or interest motivates you enough to seek it. I have a thread running on SNA about my endgame speakers that may even have inspired this thread. I dont think there is much more to it than that.
  2. Ha ha well done Rodders, I just snagged a copy off Discogs earlier this week after it had been on my wishlist for a good few years. I landed a copy of Soundgardens legendary Superunknown '320' pressing a few ago doing exactly as you did. In fact I found two willing sellers and bought both, one was sealed and the seller offered to open it and check the condition before selling it to me. When he did there was two C/D records, so I guess I now own 1.5 copies 😁
  3. I think it would be fine provided you commited to full room treatment. I would much rather 7x4m and treatment than 8x6 and no treatment. A smaller room will sound much larger/spacious if its treated.
  4. Cornwall last weekend Looe We stayed in the gorgeous old smugglers village of Polperro
  5. Fantastic to see Micheal, these should be your last speakers! There is nowhere to go after the Symphony so you have plenty of time to mess around with the aesthetics. You could leave them as is and go the mad max look and let the performance do the talking. Once the room treatment is in you will think you have a new pair of speakers all over again, I look forward to reading your comments once you have experienced the dramatic improvement it brings. You have ended up with the first pair, you beat me 😝 Cheers
  6. These seem like an absolute bargain. Perhaps the brand name has faded away so nobody really knows how much of a player Sonique were at one time. DNA going back to Duntech too I believe.
  7. Wow this is a fantastic speaker project. I would love to hear them, I have a soft spot for Morel drivers. AMazed these havent been snapped up tbh.
  8. I am really loving it. No standout tracks except for invincible. At 8 mins it goes to a whole new level of awesomeness
  9. Many people fail to appreciate the sharp difference in value based on condition, this is apparent in many record stores overpricing used vinyl from sought after artists in tatty condition. If they were heavily scratched $60ea would have been possibly too much especially from a private seller at a garage sale. I am chasing down the Albert first pressing records I dont have from AC/DC's Bon days, the price variance on these can be 5-10 fold depending on condition. Near Mint are rare and valuable, and probably better than money in the bank with the bonus that they sound fantastic.
  10. There was sombody who posted in this thread quite early on who found two on the same day! Not seen any other reports since, they must have been made in pretty small numbers for you to have not stumbled onto one in all your CD searching Geoff. Edit: and I see Craig found one in the post at the top of this page
  11. Its just two months off ten years since I started this thread and I have finally completed my AC/DC Japan for Oz first pressings set. The last couple took an age to track down but finally the last peice of the jigsaw, A flick of the switch, is now mine and the set of twelve is now complete. Flick by Simon Gee, on Flickr
  12. Mat - I like your thinking, Paul and I discussed woodl early on and leather too for the baffle. All possible at a cost but with hard to predict results. John has experimented in the past with various finishes on the Sarabande which have worked to varying degrees. The industrial look of the Symphony is simply born from their design and engineering principles and no matter what we do, that will always limit of what works or doesn't. The photos fail to convey just how effective the polished metal makes the speaker disappear, it really does work in practice and hides the heft of the Symphonys which are really like having two mid sized fridges in your lounge as they are quite stout at 0.5m wide in an approximately 3:1 ratio height to width. Nice to hear from you Tony and as a man of sophisticated tastes, your opinion is valued. I like red too and it works on your AV's for sure but as they appear more horn than anything they easily carry off bright colours. The renders Rocky has kindly done have a hint of chrome reflection to them which does make me also wonder about bronze or copper. Subtle and industrial. Since early on I have imagined the horn in an very dark olive metallic green (just a couple of shades from black) which is in a similar vein to your thinking. or of course very dark gunmetal grey. Its all just window dressing in reality because once you sit and listen you soon forget any thoughts over their appearance. I will wait to see how Paul gets on with the first assembled evaluation pair and we can tweak from there. Been some good suggestions on the aesthetics so comments are appreciated 👍 Cheers
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