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  1. This thread is full of extremely talented and artistic photographers. It is incredible really to see the quality and originality of many of the images. I will not be posting in this thread again 😋
  2. Yep, we do Candy, and you can add in Universes too. The s/t probably just pips Universes because it contains 'circles', a superb song. Then there is Kennys other band Karnivool, very original prog, Sound Awake is a masterpiece.
  3. Hi Al, I don't seem to be able to keep up with SNA these days. I have been in the 135/140 a few times but they are not for me after a few M5's and other German barges. I am a bit over German cars and saw little in the 140 to attract me. We bought a Civic Type R a few months back, that's proper hardcore balls to the wall! IMG_20181227_145505aa by Simon Gee, on Flickr
  4. Yes, I have heard the Sarabandes many times over the last decade. They are everything you could ever ask for - a fully engineered 4-way active full range speaker system designed by John Lenard Burnett, a student of electro-acoustic engineerings from its peak years in the 1960's. You need to listen to a pair rather than rely on words on an internet forum. John is designing and building my endgame speaker system which is nearly complete, you can read about it here:
  5. Bought quite a few records and have some good memories of this shop going back to the 90's. Sounds like the store was bought by someone who didn't know have the knowledge to make a success of it and which had little to do with streaming. Still own a great Jarrah CD rack that was made by a staff member who was selling a range of them through the store, I had to arrange for a removalist doing a run from Perth - Melb to deliver it for me, that would have been '97.
  6. Glenrothes, about our favourite after years of research. Love the stuff 🤪
  7. You would be welcome to Michael, as mentioned I will be back in Oz in May and hope to hear mine before they are packed up and shipped to the UK. We can arrange something, or Paul would welcome you anytime you wanted another hit 🤪
  8. Brilliant album Chris, I love nearly everything Johnette has done especially the early Concrete Blonde albums. Her recent albums have had very limited releases including this album. Do you have 'The naked album' from 2015? I don't have that one and haven't heard anything from it but have just found somebody has uploaded the individual songs on YT. Cheers
  9. Hi @Frank, Slow progress, as Paul mentioned trying to source suppliers in Australia that are dependable and do good work is hopeless and this has slowed things down greatly. Paul and John have also been quite busy sound treating local community halls and building & installing large-scale active horns systems. This has taken their focus for much of the year but they are back on Symphony and development of a much smaller 3-way active. Its just a waiting game but I am hopeful the speakers will be done within the next 4-5 months when I am next back in Oz. I am more patient than I ever gave myself credit for!
  10. Menai Suspension Bridge, Anglesey z2 (Large) by Simon Gee, on Flickr
  11. Great to see Amazon Oz has an Australian vinyl category, I have been looking for this option on an Aussie site for yonks. An easy way to keep up with most releases, well the best I have found anyway
  12. Hhaha Andy, cool item but too much for me. BTW I will be in Adelaide in a few weeks time so will see if you are around to catch up over a few beers. Good luck to the OP
  13. The S402 has a 2.5L twin scroll, plenty of torque down low especially with a close ratio STi 6 speed box
  14. Yes, that's a great deal and about half what most of us paid 😙
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