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  1. Just finished it and gotta say...absolutely loved it. Also, another easy 'finish and put down' type of game from Sony and good on them for putting out probably the easiest platinum trophy of the generation lol. Camera is a downer (no smarts behind it, so you've always gotta be using the right thumbstick to move it) but other than that it's a win. Also mad props for letting you pretty much max your character early on in Act 3 so you've got all the ninja toys for the hardest encounters. Well worth the purchase and one of the best casual open world games I've played in a looooong time.
  2. Fair enough @MrC Another thing to consider is purchasing the Audyssey app (I think it's about $30 on the Apple/Android app store?). It allows you to set a max filter frequency, something I can't do on the SR6012 without the app. HomeTheatreReview have spoken about this... "On the other hand, the ability to set a maximum filter frequency addresses the single biggest beef I've had with Audyssey in the past, and the audible difference it makes, at least in my system, is monumental. In setting up the system in my room--in which I relied on Focal's Sib Evo Atmos 5.1.2 speake
  3. I had an odd experience that might help. Cross over too high, goes louder but lack the impact (front speakers have fast drivers than the sub). Crossover too low and my fronts bottom out on really loud and deep base. Ideal for me was 50Hz, but likely depends on speakers and how loud you like it so just play around. I also found Audyssey turned on was MUCH better sound quality wise compared to any direct or pure direct mode. It corrects any room issues you have, so don't fear it Some further details of what Audyssey can do can be found in the ASR review.
  4. Yeah, a full Topping stack will look really nice! Post your thoughts when you get it, but I'm sure it will sounds awesome
  5. Wait no more @lotusaudio! Starts on sale today - https://www.head-fi.org/threads/topping-l30-the-new-budget-benchmark.934262/#post-15764196 Pre-orders are open domestically and the price is really good - https://www.audiophile-store.com.au/products/topping-l30-ultra-high-performance-headphone-amplifier?variant=31720047476809 Let us know how you go. I've got the JDS Atom and it's a huge step up in quality against anything else I've used but am keen to hear more about the L30's sound quality.
  6. True...I still don't know how they made God of War. To me that game was effectively perfect and when asked about DLC, Sony was like 'huh? No DLC...you purchased the entire game'.
  7. Not that bothered, apart from my bro sending me pics of him with his copy haha! I ordered it after seeing the reviews on Wednesday 15/7, so might have missed the initial shipping window. Should be here by Wednesday but can't wait. Kinda feel like this is the type of game Ubisoft should be making, but strayed away from when they realised how much money they could make by holding back content to sell you afterwards.
  8. Ordered on Amazon, but they haven't even shipped it yet (kinda wish I had just walked down to JB's on release day haha). Did you play Sekiro? I'm feeling like all that 'parry' experience is about to pay off
  9. If you do end up grabbing a DAC, you can get close to 'measurably acoustically transparent' DAC's for a few hundred bucks. The info is all on Audio Science Review Reviews and Measurements Index, but for the cheapest options, look at: Grace SDAC Topping D10 Schiit Modi 3 JDS Labs Atom DAC Also, don't be afraid to post in the 'WTB' section. Unused DAC's at this cost might not be worth selling unless someone asks Good luck! Edit: I should add that I have the Earman Donald DAC on my desktop setup and I think it's great. Supports MQA also.
  10. I'm interested in understanding this opinion as I've seen the statement made over and over but nothing I read suggests MQA is the bandit. DRM for streaming is usually applied by the vendor (Spotify, Tidal, etc...) across their entire catalogue. Care to elaborate? I only ask as I know DRM as a 'feature' was removed prior to being officially launched but I suspect there is something I'm missing!
  11. Heya...wondering if anyone else has the same issue and potential solutions? The problem - Spotify Connect and Tidal run via HEOS on Marantz amps (similar to Denon I guess?). Spotify Connect would sometimes shut off (crash?) my surround amp (Marantz SR6012) every couple of songs, which I thought was a Spotify Connect issue (doesn't matter whether I go via Spotify or the Heos app to kick of listening). However, I recently got Tidal and the same thing happens. Any options besides warranty support? It's probably 50% of my amp usage so help is appreciated! Cheers
  12. So friken good! First showing of next gen is looking goooooood!!!
  13. + 1 for @SBM advice . Everyone's hearing is different and some highly rated hifi might not be your cup of tea - for instance, a friend and I have differing opinions on Klipsch! $3k is also a great budget for your first system, so you'll get to listen to different types of systems (high resolution vs musical system, etc...) to figure out what sort of sound you need and like for your musical selection. Just be honest with the salesperson about what you like and dislike about different systems as well as the room their going into - a good salesperson will guide you to the right kit as
  14. I gotta say, I am absolutely loving these introduction posts! Keep it up
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