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  1. Worth calling out for anyone interested that you could mate the 7.1 channel inputs with a very high quality surround DAC (such as the Essence Evolve II-4k) to get Atmos. I don't think you'd find better sound quality and features for the combined ~AUD$1500 price! GLWS.
  2. nedrum

    Hifi to buy on a trip to the US?

    Yeah, the Aussie dollars hurts at the moment, but the US is so full of factory direct manufacturers that I was hoping there were some products batting well above their weight and not available here. I need a new pair of earbuds, so that's also a good option...but like you say, might not be cheaper over there after conversion!
  3. nedrum

    Hifi to buy on a trip to the US?

    Well, everything I bring back will be a 'cheap xmas gift' from my brother in Colorado haha
  4. nedrum

    Hifi to buy on a trip to the US?

    Wow...those are both incredible options. Saunders is about an hour from where I'm staying which isn't too bad.
  5. Heya I'm heading to the USA at Christmas (24/12 to 7/01 in Boulder, Colorado specifically) and was hoping to take advantage of experiences/cheap purchases in the US. So far, I'm thinking of grabbing a new cartridge (The Vessel R3SM cartridge, to replace my maybe 10yr old Ortofon 2M Red) and dropping into PS Audio to see their music room (they're apparently very open to folks coming in, so hopefully they're open!) Are there any other potential purchases/experiences I could line up? Things on Amazon (or other sites) that don't deliver to Aus? Famous high end stores in Boulder? Cheers, Mike
  6. nedrum

    Fat Freddy's Drop

    Saw FFD support Erykah Badu a few years ago in Melbourne. People were leaving during the latter's set as FFD were just such a powerful and musical experience they just made her look...umm...boring! One of the best live acts around
  7. Just finished up at the show and this was my room of the show. Never heard of Dutch & Dutch before walking into the room, but the clarity, easiness and sweetness of the sound was addictive. Make sure you also get to hear the Kii Audio Three speakers in the Pure Audio room. Similar clarity and ease, maybe a little less bass, but still very impressive. Edit: M8 Audio Sweet Maxwell's were also amazing. The speed of those woofers playing bass guitar!
  8. nedrum

    Distortion in one channel?

    Good call. I'll try the following tonight. - swap the speakers to make sure they aren't the problem - try another set of speaker cables to eliminate them as a possible issue Ahhh yeah, to clarify...I meant that anytime the amp is outputting straight 2ch (input signal is 2 channel or i force 2 channel on a 5.1 signal), the amp disengages the rear channels and hence the distortion disappears. hmmm....I might try running the speakers as zone 2 and see if it still happens. It might also be relevant that the distortion is more of a crackle than a hum in nature.
  9. Hi all, I'm having an issue with my surround amp (Denon AVC-A1. Must be almost 20yrs old but still sounds fantastic). Hoping someone might be able to provide some guidance! What happens? There is noticeable distortion coming from the rear right channel in any surround mode What have I tried? Occurs in all selected surround modes (DTS, DD, Dolby Pro Logic, etc..., with THX or not) Does not occur when using any 2 channel modes Amp is 7.1. I've tried using surround sets 1 & 2 outputs for 5.1 mode, and the issue occurs regardless and still only in the rear right channel Does anyone have insight into where the issue might come from? Or other scenarios I can test to figure it out? I'm thinking it's an issue with processing given it continues to occur only in the rear right channel regardless of how I configure the amp. Thoughts are appreciated! Cheers, Mike
  10. I'd like to win these ear buds because I look somewhat ridiculous jumping onto public transport wearing over the ear heardphones this big!
  11. nedrum

    Pioneer AVR - Higher end models

    I heard one of their digital AV amps at the Hifi show in Melbourne last year. They have completely changed my view on AVR's. Top quality gear, and now I'm looking to move back to HT!
  12. nedrum

    Yamaha RX-V757 not working

    New career?..."Will fix broken Yamaha amps for $800 $750"
  13. I'm guessing it's meant to be RMB-1565?
  14. I remember lusting after these when I was in university. Good to see a pair in such good nick
  15. nedrum

    SOLD: PMC DB1i Speakers in Oak

    Beautiful...As a side note, this post sets the standard for product pics in the Classifieds