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  1. Heya...wondering if anyone else has the same issue and potential solutions? The problem - Spotify Connect and Tidal run via HEOS on Marantz amps (similar to Denon I guess?). Spotify Connect would sometimes shut off (crash?) my surround amp (Marantz SR6012) every couple of songs, which I thought was a Spotify Connect issue (doesn't matter whether I go via Spotify or the Heos app to kick of listening). However, I recently got Tidal and the same thing happens. Any options besides warranty support? It's probably 50% of my amp usage so help is appreciated! Cheers
  2. So friken good! First showing of next gen is looking goooooood!!!
  3. + 1 for @SBM advice . Everyone's hearing is different and some highly rated hifi might not be your cup of tea - for instance, a friend and I have differing opinions on Klipsch! $3k is also a great budget for your first system, so you'll get to listen to different types of systems (high resolution vs musical system, etc...) to figure out what sort of sound you need and like for your musical selection. Just be honest with the salesperson about what you like and dislike about different systems as well as the room their going into - a good salesperson will guide you to the right kit as they learn what you're looking for (I've had this experience at Carlton Audio Visual and it makes a huge difference to the purchasing process!) Also remember to bring your own music in a format you use at home, and (if required) ensure you listen to it the way you are going to do so at home. I've been into shops in Melbourne that tried to make me use their own local hi-res 'audiophile' music to test systems, when I mostly listen to less-than-perfect older music on Spotify. This is the fun part - good luck!
  4. I gotta say, I am absolutely loving these introduction posts! Keep it up
  5. Last minute edit - I haven't tested if it still works or not, but am happy to do so for straight stereo if that matters Item: Denon AVC-A11SR (a beast back in it's day!) - review here Price Range: Free to a good home! StereoNet donation appreciated Collection Option: In-person pickup from Thornbury (Victoria) with limited personal contact Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Served me well for quite a while, until I moved onto a newer amp and it's been collecting dust ever since. A few things to note: Sound turns on and off in what appears to be the amp continuously engaging/disengaging the headphone jack. Might be an easy fix but who knows?!? as per the photo's, the two main caps are bulging. Not sure if that's an issue or if they are easily replaceable for someone in the know. Comes with remote, power cable and manual (of which the English part is a whopping 42 pages). Shipping isn't an option as it weighs 20.5kg. From what I remember, it's a typical Denon sound - neutral and smooth. Somewhat better than my mid tier surround amp, but without the room correction.
  6. Some help required finding decent headphone streamer/dac/amp options. I stream exclusively (Tidal & Spotify), so am looking at streaming/dac/amp options around $1k or less, with a future aim to use the streamer as a source in my main system. Bluesound Node 2i looks good, but also Allo DigiOne Player (maybe Signature) plus an amp/dac like the Schitt Fulla 3 (happy to tinker ). Are there any other stream/amp/dac options around $1k that are flexible enough to transition to a high quality streaming front end in the future? Any opinions on either option? Thanks!
  7. I noticed you also have the Elac Uni-Fi FS U5 Slim. Any thoughts on difference in sound between the Elac and the Evo 4.4?
  8. Wharfedale extended their Black Friday sale...might be something good there! Some of their small floorstanders are heavily discounted. https://www.wharfedale.com.au/collections/black-friday-sale-2019
  9. Hi and welcome to Stereonet @hbaruas 😊 Completely different styles of sound with these two brands, so much so that it's worth your time to go have a listen to both brands in-store. I've heard the newer model Klipsch (RP-600M) and loved it, but a friend of mine preferred the Wharfedale sound. I found Klipsch to have a 'livelier' sound vs the smoother Wharfedales. At your budget, also don't discount purchasing from one of the classified sections. New offers every day, with the below still available... Wharfedale Reva 1 - $550 in Sydney (Street price ~$1100) B&W DM601 S3 - $400 I also picked up some mint condition Dynaudio Emit M10's for $500 from the Classifieds (current street price ~$900) and they still make me smile every time I use them - plenty of great deals if you keep a look out for them, but you've got to be ready to purchase as the best deals might only last an hour or two. Yep, that's not a lot of years in speaker terms! The Klipsch's have some great reviews online so I think you can purchase them with confidence around the $500 mark Happy hunting!
  10. Slightly off topic, but what does 'NRQ' in Reason for selling mean?
  11. I feel the 'Risk of Closure' tag might be mod error (especially given there were two in a short period). I would have thought this is applied to threads that are starting to go off track, rather than a fairly standard for sale post.
  12. Bit of googling leads me to believe this is S1. It looks like design wise, the S2 and S3 transitioned to the green Creek label
  13. I like the look with grills on (I only have an older model C2 centre), but find the sound without the grills a little smoother to my ears
  14. EDIT: Sorry, forgot the Lenehan ML1 Reference...they sounded bloody amazing! Had a blast on Saturday, starting at 10am and finishing at about 4pm....so much good stuff! My favs were... The Audio Marketing room. The Serhan + Swift Brigadier Mu.2 bookshelf speaker partnered with Musical Fidelity gear. Tiny speakers with a massive and clear sound, these are probably my fav's of the whole show. They also had some Stax headphones that sounded great The new Richter Merlin S6 bookshelf sounded great for $1k. I hadn't heard anything from them before so was really impressed and would definitely consider them at that price range. The new Acoustic Energy gear, partnered with Creek, looked good and was also great value for money. So many good bookshelves! The Kef LSX/LS50 were fantastic (this is the first time I've heard them). I was really impressed with the sound given how easy they are to setup and use, as well as how good they looked. Imaging from the coax driver really impressed me. The Wisdom Audio room. Over $100k worth of home theatre gear. The sound was great, but the vision from the Barco Bragi was just incredible. I didn't get why anyone would spend more than a couple of grand on a projector until I saw this. Just mind blowing! I REALLY liked the Yamaha setup by CAV. It brought back memories of a pair of JBL TLX18's my brother used to owned - good impact without the hard midrange a lot of speakers chasing a similar dynamic seem to present. Plus, the whole setup looked fantastic. There were a few other rooms that sounded great but seemed either more interested in talking to individuals than demonstrating the gear, or the music wasn't to my taste.
  15. Hey, Are there any sessions that should be booked before the show, similar to the Krix room last year? Cheers, Mike
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