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  1. Maybe you should still see if you can get Anne and the kids away for that time,... they may just need to escape for awhile.. and for the ales.. maybe you can still have them in quite .. I'm sure he will be there in spirit...cheers
  2. Yes you can say that again,, same age as me.. to scarey... We never seen eye to eye on alot of things but I did respect him for his time that he was willing to give to others....
  3. With great sadness to the world of Installers that Electronicman passed away suddenly on the 11th January 2009. I'm sure our thoughts and wishes are with his wife and children.. May he continue Installing antennas at the Pearly Gates.. Rest In Peace
  4. Good ol Bush Telegraph has it that WIN will be sometime later this week, with T/Cape & R/Hill somewhere around June/July... but I guess it could still be another hear say..
  5. That seems abit contradictory to what you posted in Dtv For The Rest Of The N W Coast thread...You best contact the Electronicman...
  6. Certainly going to have your work cut out now Marc, , ABC Roundhill is running all ch's on test..So hopefully the others will follow soon..
  7. Did you spot the ABC vehicle running around coast this week, they had some prety high tech gear onboard, apparently after all the complaints since change over they are trying to address the worsened reception along the coast... SO hopefully for the ABC diehards some good will come out of their testing.... It's been terrific for Optus Aurora installs.... alot peiple out there love their radio...... with Aurora they get tv as well as radio,,,, heaps of radio.... and digital... FYI marc,,,, you might already know this.... The Optus D1 satellite is scheduled to be launched in September 2006 from the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana via an Ariane 5 launcher. The Optus D1 satellite will replace the current ailing and failing Optus B1 satellite. cheers KT
  8. sstu,, PM and I can provide you with some information in regards to Sat Aurora Tv.. cheers KT
  9. With a ducting opening last Sunday and the Saturday the weekend before there was a solid 4-5 hours when Gippsland was thumping in up here Marc,, also had phone calls from customers at Ridgley, Yolla and Henrietta that were having their reception impaired by it..... So it looks like with the onset of summer (which might be earlier this year..LOL) that it could prove for interesting times... cheers KT
  10. lol...you think,, mmm ok, you'll have to let me know what it's like at wherever ,whatever the place is, Well some people will be living in hope that you might be right, as I believe there are alot of experts along the coast that will be ready to pounce and make a killing, some that will be as bad as the early 90's..., I'm not fussed with it, to busy doing what I'm doing.. and that is getting as mad as digital at the present... and by all forecasts will get even mader... anyhow, enjoy your'e trip to wherever land.. Have you got anything up on 2m or 70.??... I'm currently playing around setting up APRS... only problem with that is that Boss will know where I am at any given time....
  11. Gee Mr. MCJ you even get a mention... Also do I hear a echo of you in here.. Henny from Ulv rang today.... all fixed..
  12. Ok,,, yes it can be abit like that, I have been going from one end of the isle to the other,, poor ol bus is getting kms on it very quickly. Port Arthur last week,, Smithton and West Coast this week,, I'm taking the main boss to Melb for a few days Friday,, so looking forward to that, might even leave the mobile ph home,, LOL... Will be intersting to see if I get a phone call from Mr Antenna tomorrow.. The weather forecast is looking ordinary for next few days,,,, Don't Slip... (y)
  13. G'day mate...well I guess you know what you're doing,, but I have had a few calls last week and this week saying that when they tried you ,you were away until Sept... Anyhow, I rang those top 3 ,,,, AND... Jims don't cover Tasmania. .and appologised for Yellow pages add,,, MR Antenna was a answering service and took my name and number and are going to return call tomorrow.. and well.. MM did'nt even answer.. lol: .. SO SUPRISE , SUPRISE... so LOOKS like the Electronic Man is the pro service..
  14. MARC,,Thought you were on holidays or off till Sept....anyhow.... you seem to be to busy for new bookings,,, so give us a shout Colm, We are now servicing Tas statewide... Regards Graham
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