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  1. Super Nintendo console sold now sold and removed from original post update 30 Jan - Game Boy also now sold (externally) and removed from original post
  2. Sure was a classic, time to give it a whirl again? Who could forget those little monkey creatures too! Ah the memories!!
  3. The build on these things was something special in its own right! Bit of a shame...barely got to use it as well, before I sold my hddvd collection and moved abroad. @AMCNAD - if you feel like upgrading one of the EP10s, I'm sure the other XE1 wouldn't feel so lonely 😉
  4. Just an update and edit to the listing seeing as I'm now back in Australia, and can look to sell this locally once again. To clear up some confusion that I received via PM, I'm only looking to sell this via pick-up or delivery (Melbourne). Given the weight/packaging required, unfortunately I'm not looking to post - sorry to those who expressed interest in posting this.
  5. Items: (b) Super Metroid (SNES) Location: Melbourne (North/Eastern suburbs) Price: Individually: (b) $110 (o.n.o) Item Condition: Used but in working condition (refer specific details below in extra info section) Reason for selling: Clearing out space Payment Method: Pickup/post - Cash, Paypal ------------------- Extra Info: Each item has been advertised elsewhere. More pictures are available upon request. b) Super Metroid SNES - Genuine PAL version, Aus release Rare find - Super Metrod for SNES. Genuine PAL version, released in Australia The game cartridge, including stickers, is in near-perfect condition and full working order. Buyers can receive video proof or test it themselves for peace of mind. The box and manual are in a fragile and worn-down state. The box has numerous creases, some tears, as well as surface losses (mostly on the back). The manual has numerous creases and some tearing on the front/back covers, while inside pages are in quite good condition. There is no inlay (cardboard insert) to go inside the box. Pictures:
  6. Sorry for the late reply - the item is not sold as yet, but I'm overseas for a few more weeks. I can possibly coordinate a pick-up with a contact, however I'd need to discuss first. Thanks.
  7. Item: Toshiba XE-1 HD-DVD Player Location: Melbourne (North/Eastern suburbs) Price: $150 o.n.o Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Barely used in its ownership, I now need to free up space Payment Method: Pickup (only) - Cash, PayPal Extra Info: The Toshiba XE-1 was a standout flagship player around a decade ago. Its only blight was the fact that it unfortunately lost out to Blu-ray. Nonetheless, the player has always been recognised as an outstanding choice for upscaling DVDs. Its condition is very good - it hasn't been used or moved for many years - and comes with remote and manual. No box unfortunately. Inspection welcome. Hard to put a price on it but have previously used Gumtree/Ebay pricing as a guide of sorts, even though over there they've been advertised for more. I have also advertised this elsewhere. Pictures:
  8. I was feeling lenient when i voted Basheer as 'poor'. Perhaps i was overcome with the joy of Manure missing out on a trophy.
  9. Maybe it's finished, and Woodlake's soaking up the experience?
  10. Umm...haven't played for a couple or so weeks now, so not sure about controller configurations outside of the default. Anyways, the "Y" button is button to call the goalie out during defence, and serves as the through ball option in attack. Pressing/Standing tackles are controlled by holding down "A", and slide tackles performed with the "X" button. This ought to clear things up.
  11. Doesn't appear to be mentioned anywhere else, but it looks like Saturday Night Fever scrubs up pretty well here
  12. I believe moo cow is a regular member over at the OCAU forum (Overlockers), where he hasn't been online for a couple weeks.
  13. Sorry for the OT, but been meaning to say that your Football Blogs are great. p.s - noticed you over at SkyScraperCity where i joined a few days ago.
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