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  1. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  2. Marc

    Where is my bar?

    To answer the original question, the Recent Posts 'widget' has been returned.
  3. Marc

    Where is my bar?

    Let's keep this in perspective. There is one loading issue that relates to how the 'new content' page loads and we are working on that. The other issue relates to a third party (Tapatalk) and waiting for them to update their part of the code so the app login works.
  4. Marc

    Where is my bar?

    Not sure about that one - will see if I can simply reset it completely if its not accurate. Thanks for your input. Have you ever heard of a concept referred to as evolution? That's the thing that led to StereoNET attracting 200,000 people per month, having 150,000 registered members and 45,000 active forum members. And I'll continue evolving this place for as long as I am at the helm. Oh, and Invision (the authors of the forum software that we license), released a major update which addresses predominantly security issues. So we ensure we do stay up to date with these releases so that we can do our best to ensure your account security. Invariably with these updates, tweaks are required to get everything running smoothly again. Not sure about the partial quoting (seems to be working for me), and the Search option in the taskbar is an intentional change. Not sure I agree with it as yet but there was theory behind it. Stax ad has not been running for a while now.
  5. Time to relist, rather than bumping banter.
  6. We love streaming but still hanker after owning our music. Consequently, our hard drives are loaded with many hundreds of hi-res downloads from all over the globe. Just one obscure Jackson Browne album made if from Technics Tracks, so with this ... View the full article
  7. Plenty coming already, but still room for more. Just grab a free ticket here if you want to come: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/vip-home-cinema-experience-tickets-45283738882
  8. If, and when, they come back to Melbourne, bring them straight to my room. They are the most beautiful speaker to come out of SGR in my opinion. Hope they sound good
  9. Marc

    Unread Content Issue

    Working on this one. Will advise an update once we have one.
  10. Marc

    Tapatalk login

    Tapatalk have said they release their update about a week after IPBoard. Hopefully that's within the next couple of days. Do remember you can use the mobile version of the forum skin simply by visiting the forums from your browser.
  11. Marc

    Unread Content Issue

    Thanks for letting me know @Kaynin - will look into this one a bit further.
  12. Marc

    WTB: IEM Cables

    Item: IEM Cables - 2.5mm Balanced or 3.5mm connector, to 2-pin as per example below. Price Range: Any - have the IEM bug so want a selection of cables to choose from Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
  13. Marc


    Any more info on this?