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  1. Nothing has changed on this end sorry. It must be a setting but one I can offer any guidance on.
  2. Classic! I am sure it worked well for both of them.
  3. That's correct - it's mentioned in our tribute, and Josef often said that had it not been for Rudi's advice and early guidance, The Audio Connection would never have survived those early years.
  4. As mentioned, here is our tribute to Josef - it would never be to a standard he would be satisfied with, but then he always strived beyond perfection. https://www.stereo.net.au/features/a-tribute-to-josef-riediger-founder-of-australian-high-end-audio
  5. It tends to be handled by either Calibrators, Custom Installers and Integrators, or included in the spec of custom builds by some of the larger retailers. It's just not an off-the-shelf product much like Blustream, and other custom installation related equipment. Cogworks can answer this quickly, and directly.
  6. As you know, Lumagen is a very specialised product, and as such they're not just available at retailers scattered around the country. My best advice to you is to contact Cogworks and speak to them who will advise your nearest specialist who can either sell you a unit, or provide the full sales and calibration service.
  7. I don't think there is any more this thread can hope to achieve. If you're not happy, vote with your wallet and go elsewhere. We all have different expectations, both consumers and retailers. Unfortunately for you these expectations didn't align with the retailer's. As a consumer you have choice, which you can now exercise. None of what anyone says here matters ultimately. It is you that needs to be happy.
  8. I am really saddened by this loss. Joe was one of the first of the "big boys" to support me personally and my vision for StereoNET. He didn't hesitate getting behind us, even though he was a little old school and didn't totally understand what we did. That was over a decade ago, and in that time we would argue back and forth most often by text messages, about what StereoNET does and how we do it. This even happened as recently as just weeks ago, and even after he understood his diagnosis. His commitment to what he did and loved was second to none. I owe a lot of thanks to Josef. He carved out the high end industry, and delivered many brands to the market that this country may otherwise never have experienced. With help from the family and industry colleagues, we have prepared a much larger tribute piece to Josef, almost a biography if you will, that will be published later today. Rest in peace Joe.
  9. Yeah that's probably the one I found in Port Vila.
  10. Welcome @adrianrad - how's the hi-fi scene over there? I was there last year and certainly didn't find much in the way of any real stores?
  11. I've always known Richard to be a stand-up guy, and his advice is always tip-top. But, in this case I believe it would be best for members with commercial interests to take a step back. Even if there is no commercial bias, it will be perceived (in other words, you can never win this argument/debate, right or wrong). Sometimes it's best just to say nothing at all. IMO no one should be judging the new Sony and offering an opinion here yet as there's only four people I'm aware of in Australia that have physically seen and used one, and none of them are contributing to this thread.
  12. They're excellent examples @Javs, assuming all things being equal of course. Thanks.
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