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  1. It's OK. Only feels like an upmixed stereo recording though, nothing special. I also went through most of the Atmos music on TIDAL last night and had similar thoughts. So far the two standouts are Yello Point, and Steven Wilson Future Bites. It's very obvious these two were written to take advantage of all channels from the start. Not a post-mix.
  2. Other sources (supposedly an employee) said they were scaling back and winding up the remote division. Apparently there was some further discussion on Reddit.
  3. The concern with the higher end Harmony remotes is they are all cloud based. It's a worry that those services might not continue.
  4. https://avgadgets.com/logitech-discontinues-harmony-remotes/ Memories of the abrupt discontinuation of Logitech Squeezebox still fresh in mind, now Harmony! Say it ain't so!
  5. I just spoke to Reavon. Apparently "the product is not ready yet, as we are still working on it". Interested to know how they got the reviews & testimonials then? More speculation is these are Zidoo media player innards, with a transport added.
  6. Exactly. It was all about data gathering and in this mission from that perspective it was a complete success. This is why they do tests. No doubt they also got valuable data about their fire suppression systems as an added bonus!
  7. Stump, did you go any further with this. I am in communication with Soundbox now, and looking to bring some products in for a project I am working on.
  8. It is not part of the current software feature set. It is something that users (not just on StereoNET) have been asking for, for a long time, but the response is that it clogs up the database, and that messages should be routinely cleared/removed. I don't foresee any changes coming in this department I am afraid.
  9. I don't recommend Atmos on phones/headphones for a true Atmos music experience - but if you're open minded then nothing to lose. TIDAL has some Atmos music I believe.
  10. No need to belittle other members. As I said, I support the concept of a dedicated sub-forum, if there is enough interest. Remember, Vinyl & Turntables didn't even have it's own sub-forum some years ago. Now it does.
  11. I just don't think there is enough interest to justify its own sub-forum. Prove me wrong, and your wish is my command.
  12. The SDR-35 review is in, and only echoes my thoughts on the SDP-55. https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/jbl-synthesis-sdr-35-av-receiver-review Granted, Dante is still broken, but most of the bugs are now gone. It's a stellar pair of products.
  13. Let's see how much genuine interest their really is. On the other hand, having these threads within the existing Music sub-forum will get more exposure and actually help promote the format.
  14. Damn! Aside from his contributions to the Australian music industry, and a lot to be celebrated, this story is a little closer to home. Two years ago, late into the day on Sunday afternoon, a gentlemen entered our hi-fi show wearing non-descript shorts and a basic Tee. Certainly not dressed for any sort of occasion, he was taking much interest in the exhibits, asking many questions and clearly knew a thing or two about music and hi-fi. As he traversed the corridors he left an impression on many exhibitors, none of them aware it was Michael Gudinski. The sto
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