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  1. The people at the helm of these platforms are not silly. Especially in the case of Apple. My guess is they have seen the backlash against TIDAL, combined with its instability at the top (ownership/management), along with the perceived mistrust, and have used this opportunity to strike. In business, if you see an opportunity to take out one player you go for it and I think this is what we are witnessing here. It's a highly calculated and strategic play in my opinion.
  2. At no extra cost. This is game changing. TIDAL, in my personal opinion, must be struggling to hang on. You only have to see any post on social media about TIDAL and the responses are all negative. Qobuz has a solid reputation, so still has a good loyal following. People are happy to pay when that exists and when this is 'trust'. Meanwhile, Spotify needs to fast track it's Hi-Fi offer. Apple Music will gain much market share in the coming months. As you say, it's getting interesting indeed. I suspect there's only room for a couple, not a half dozen.
  3. I imagine at this early point speaker positioning is still being considered. No doubt they'll be spiked once the spot is locked in. Some days I wish my speakers were on wheels so fine tuning would be easier!
  4. Further information: Bought with grand intentions of roasting my own beans. This home roaster seems to be the entry-level roaster of choice by many, and loads of YT videos on how to get great results. Sadly, it didn't work out for me due to lack of time, lack of attention to detail, and a wife that doesn't particularly appreciate when I get my times wrong and roast crucify beans in the kitchen. I'll revisit this hobby later in life With original box and a few accessories, as received from coffeesnobs last year. Used 3 times. More info here: https://beanbay
  5. Further information: Bought this grinder (from @MAST88 on here) with the intention of using it only for my attempts at home roasting. That didn't quite work out, so planned to use it as a decaf grinder, but coffee intake has drastically decreased since the introduction of the warning system here on SN 🚓, therefore now surplus to needs Used and shows cosmetic wear, but in perfect working condition. Selling new for $3390 here, and more information: https://www.coffeeparts.com.au/anfim-sp-ii-ti-burrs-commerical-espresso-coffee-grinder-black-plus I don't have o
  6. Highly scientific - taste and gut feeling generally
  7. Good job I'm immune to this feature then!
  8. They’re up there with the best for fast shipping, communication and customer service. I’m a regular online shopper there for all my accessories.
  9. https://decentespresso.com/overview ?
  10. I've been very happy with my machine and grinder combo for a couple of years now. There was one itch I needed to scratch though and that was the Puqpress automatic tamper that was available as a direct fitment for under my grinder. At $2200 for an automatic tamper it was just too expensive for me to justify. As luck would have it, one came up on eBay two weeks ago for just a fraction of its new price and that was enough for me to jump in. Up and running in minutes, it's taken my espresso making to another level. I've never thought I was inconsistent with my tamping, however this ju
  11. Why are you using the triple? I use a double and stick to 18-21g (depending on the beans at the time). A double should be all you'd need, and you'd use less coffee? Not to disagree with you, but I have a Mahlkonig K30 Air Vario and set the time for the desired weight, and it's bang on every time provided the bean level in the hopper is adequate.
  12. This is who did my Everests. Highly recommended: https://www.epicvisuals.com.au/
  13. Further information: Purchased this at full RRP late last year, after researching all media player options. For me this was the best solution for playing locally stored media (either on NAS or internal HDDs), and getting the full 4K and Atmos experience - something I had struggled with using Plex, Emby, Apple TV, and Shield devices. It works flawlessly for music or movies, and does a hell of a job at scraping all the meta data online to match your content. Selling only as I also have the Zidoo UHD3000 and have no use for both. Available locally for $1,430 RRP.
  14. Further information: Selling my as new Naim Mu-so (latest generation) which is the highly awarded all-in-one premium wireless speaker from this iconic brand. I bought it to replace an unused hi-fi system for our dining area to free up some cash. Sadly, the family prefer the convenience of an Alexa speaker and don't appreciate the very good sound quality and user experience the Mu-so offers. What a waste! As new, used less than two weeks. Will be packaged back up as received and shipped to the buyer at my expense. RRP is $2600. Looking for a quick fuss-free sale. Fo
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