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  1. Great idea! @Rec. 709 - didn't you say you had heaps to trade?
  2. We've decided to close this thread as most posts are just straight forward Sales which should be posted following the correct format and template - this also ensures Trader Feedback can be added and managed for each transaction. Those wanting to swap Blu-ray titles with others can do so here:
  3. As a continuation of the long-standing Blu-ray Trade thread - this thead is for members to swap Blu-rays. It is not for advertisements and sales of Blu-ray discs, which should be posted here: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/155-classifieds-vinyl-cd-and-blu-ray/
  4. We have completed the first review of the OAD UP1. It should be published in around two weeks.
  5. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  6. My understanding, and video is certainly not my specialty I admit, but this is still "True 4K" as the term has been specified Owen. Is it Native 4K? No. Unfortunately all this does of course is confuse/trick consumers. Would 99% of the population be impressed and content with 'True 4K' though? - Yes.
  7. Just discovered this brand thanks to a recommendation from @VAF. Anyone have any first hand experience as yet?
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Audiosphere-Model-II-concrete-sphere-speakers-pair-with-stands-used/113815157650 I found those but not any others?
  9. It really is a long way to the top for any new speaker brand wanting to rock and roll in a market stacked with rivals. So in 1979 most of the world could be forgiven for allowing the launch of a new French loudspeaker company called Focal, to pass ... View the full article
  10. We loved Denon's AVC-X8500H AV Amplifier so much when we reviewed it last year, so we just had to get the X6500H smaller sibling in to see just how it compared to the behemoth. View the full article
  11. Here's your a chance to WIN a pair of Audio-technica's Applause Award-winning noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones. Read on for information on how you can win a pair for yourself. View the full article
  12. I'm really struggling to think of a single alternative speaker that could better these for the asking price here. This is good buying folks, and without the extra dollars and wait time for a new pair. 👍
  13. As a kid I spent hours upon hours invested in Bonsai. The days before the internet meant scouring libraries for books and buying magazines etc. It was a genuine fascination, triggered probably by the scene in The Karate Kid. Like you though, later in life now I have this urge to re-immerse myself in the hobby and I imagine that now, so much information would be available. Must resist temptation! Some beautiful examples @Neo - luckily for me you're not more local
  14. Welcome Audiofly! My keen eye spotted your products in use on the most recent series of The Voice - congratulations! Were those artists using current range IEMs or custom? We're looking forward to taking a closer look at some of your offering this year and of course seeing and hearing the whole range at this year's Hi-Fi Show in October.
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