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    TechDAS, the state-of-the art turntable brand will release a trio of new vinyl spinners. The original Air Force II and III models will continue and remain in the range as standard models. View the full article
  2. It’s been almost two years since we reviewed Pioneer’s VSX-930. At the time we were impressed how much technology could be built into AVR with a $1,349 asking price. Here we are, two years and two product generations later, with the $1,099 VSX-932. View the full article
  3. On the world stage, there’s one area in audio manufacturing that home-grown Aussie brands have done particularly well at – loudspeakers. Nic Tatham takes a closer look at the B3 Floor-standing speakers from Wyndham Audio. View the full article
  4. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  5. Holton Hulgich .... it has a ring to it (in a good way)
  6. Maybe we can organise a Melb GB @candyflip?
  7. The annual International HiFi Show in Melbourne has drawn to a close for another year, but before we sign off on this year's show it's time to announce the StereoNET Awards. View the full article
  8. While Group Buys are typically not permitted on StereoNET, I am allowing this one as the OP is a long-term, respected member and due to the low-risk associated with this particular GB.
  9. Melbourne In't Hi Fi show

    I don't know Jono (or if he's a member here), and any comments made on another website are not really an issue for me/StereoNET. I believe you're entitled to your opinion, positive or negative. Personally, I felt it was very unbalanced, at least initially, but isn't discussion and debate what forums are for? I'm happy leave it as is, and have no interest in what goes on on other forums.
  10. It was corrupted at DTV well before my time I'm afraid. I could only import what was left by the time we took over.
  11. Was that imported from DTV?
  12. If there was, we would be using it. This is also a problem facing many forums around the world with nearly two decades worth of content (large database).
  13. Wolster's reply was accurate. It is a drawback of the software and yes, search is limited to 12 months. I believe the authors have acknowledged the limitations and are making progress on improving it. As suggested, I use google's site search also.
  14. Good down to 70hz. I've never felt the need to add a sub, but would if outdoor subs were convenient. I don't like digging holes.
  15. I use a pair of these under my eave and they seriously rock. http://www.klipsch.com/products/outdoor-speakers?model=aw-650