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  1. Marc

    Cocktail audio

    The only one I could recommend based on first-hand experience for ripping CDs is either Bluesound's Vault or Antipodes (much higher price).
  2. Marc

    Cocktail audio

    My three experiences with this brand have been very ordinary. If the importer is reading I'll likely get them offside but this is based on my first-hand experience. In all cases (and two generations of product) I have found setup unintuitive, the GUI buggy at best and sound quality nothing to rave about. I feel this is a brand that is one more generation off "getting it right".
  3. LG has announced that it’ll bring no fewer than seven new soundbars to the Australian market this year. View the full article
  4. Onkyo's new A-9110 and digital-audio-ready Onkyo A-9130 integrated amplifiers promise outstanding performance pitched at audiophiles on a tight budget. View the full article
  5. The Alva TT turntable freshly minted by boutique UK audio brand, Cambridge Audio has landed in Australia with the promise of unshackling your vinyl spinner from its traditional perch on top of a hi-fi rack. View the full article
  6. The new Preferred Speaker feature gives you the convenience of selecting a specific DTS Play-Fi powered device to become the default music playback speaker for your Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show or other Amazon Alexa device. View the full article
  7. No fewer than 11 McIntosh products, encompassing pre-amps, receivers and integrated amplifiers, have received Roon Tested designation and, the Binghamton NY audio crew are pretty happy with that. View the full article
  8. Overlooking Sydney harbour, LG gave us a sneak-peak at their upcoming 2019 product range today. As I departed my Uber, I received a pleasant welcome by an umbrella welding LG rep and was quickly ushered into LG’s multi-level smart home in Cremorne. View the full article
  9. Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Dali has found a new home in Australia with Sydney-based Amber Technology to relaunch the brand locally. View the full article
  10. Marc

    Tidal / blue sound

    It's more than likely a Tidal issue as there have been a few complaints recently.
  11. Marc

    Krix - model updates

    @Krix Loudspeakers
  12. While Panasonic produces disc players at differing price points, there’s no confusing the DP-UB9000 with any of its more price conscientious siblings. Instead, the DP-UB9000 looks every part the high-end player at home in a rack of equipment. View the full article
  13. During a launch event held this week at Sydney’s Golden Age Cinema and Bar, BenQ announced pricing and availability of its new W2700 and W5700 4K projectors. View the full article
  14. Following the recent Tidal and MQA announcement for Android, Master quality tracks are now available via iPhones. View the full article
  15. Marc

    Lost "breadcrumbs trail" in forums

    No changes have been made on this end. Always pays to clear temp files/cache when you come across 'bugs'.