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  1. This has always been the case already. Images are automatically resized to 1600 pixels (long edge) and the original is discarded at the time of upload. If an image is much larger than this physically when you click on it, it must already be linked from a remote location.
  2. I raised this to 1Gb some days ago now as we have added more disk space. That is and should be more than ample. Remember if you're using an image that is already on the web, you don't need to download it to your computer and then upload it here. Just right click on the image and get the image address, then paste the link in here. Photos included that way will not contribute to your storage limit or our storage space then. In a perfect world, we'd all have unlimited everything and the world would be free ...
  3. Sounds like the rest of the range won't be long. They wanted to stagger the launch of products for commercial reasons. Probably not 'brain dead fcuks' as such, but more ensuring the brand is viable for long term success in Australia.
  4. We've got a serious disk space issue at present, and the members' images accounts are the cause. I've imposed an emergency limit until we find a solution. It took the website down briefly last week. We can't just keep adding 100Gb of space every 3-4 months so may look at moving the image hosting external and offshore.
  5. Member accounts have 500Mb storage limits for attachments. We can't increase the limits at the moment I'm afraid.
  6. No, but in order to remove comments perceived as trolling (or off topic), or actual images of popcorn, we will close threads temporarily while we clean them up. Don't jump to conclusions.
  7. It's a conspiracy! (Was moved to The Great Debate, which is certainly is now)
  8. A good deal is a good deal, particularly if it's exactly the same offer but from another StereoNET supporting retailer.
  9. It wasn't deleted. It was merely tucked away as I was getting constant notifications and reports on the thread while out at a family function this evening. I didn't want to deal with it at the time, and didn't like what I was seeing. It will be cleaned up, and returned to service tomorrow (along with any necessary warnings for those that are not abiding by the website guidelines).
  10. Could not have said this better. Thanks @wolster
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