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  1. Item: BenQ W11000 4K UHD Projector Location: Sunbury, VIC Price: $7999 RRP - $4250 + freight can be arranged via Couriers Please (at cost) Item Condition: Brand new, not mounted. Plugged in and tested 100% OK. Full warranty. Reason for selling: Sadly it just doesn't fit in the limited position I have available to mount it. Would require extensive work I'm not prepared to do right now. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+ fees) or even Visa/Mastercard (+surcharge) Extra Info: Really disappointed I can't use this in my media room. I've seen this model in action a few times and was looking forward to owning one. Sadly, it's not to be for now. Full specs at: http://www.benq.com.au/product/projector/w11000/ Pictures: Looks like a brand new projector in the box. Stock images below:
  2. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  3. Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 20-22 July 2018 A good home entertainment products are no longer the privilege of the rich few. You can see, hear and feel more refined audio and video components at an affordable price. Venue SUNWAY PUTRA HOTEL is situated right in the midst of the metropolitan’s most animated district, along the Diamond Triangle. The hotel is within easy access via LRT and KTM stations directly connected to it. Set directly across the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), the hotel is the ideal location preferred by international as well as local tourists. The Sunway Putra Hotel is conveniently located next to an upscale and trendy shopping mall with a wide selection of restaurants. More Information: https://www.3dotevents.com/kliav-show/
  4. The long-awaited announcement of Amazon's launch of Alexa and Echo has finally arrived. The voice control giant is now offering the Echo range of smart speakers via pre-order on Amazon Australia, with the service set to go live, February 1st, 2018. View the full article
  5. Just don't try the Domino's one https://www.gadget.net.au/news/alexa-i-just-want-a-damn-pizza
  6. https://www.gadget.net.au/news/amazon-alexa-to-launch-in-australia-next-month
  7. The AMBEO Smart Headset is a brand-new product from Sennheiser produced in conjunction with audio company Apogee. 3D Binaural Audio recording is the process of capturing the world around you as you hear it. View the full article
  8. We like it when a legacy brand rereleases an audio classic. The occasion fills us with a sense of anticipation and a warm inner glow. So with a good deal of excitement, we can report that JBL has updated and re-released its 70s classic, the JBL L100. View the full article
  9. I would have to agree with that, having lived with DAVE and BLU2. I now just have DAVE and no Blu ... and the difference is certainly noticeable.
  10. Summary: Some people think Dallas is great and have had good experiences. Some people think Dallas is terrible and have had terrible experiences. For the record, whether a business in question is a sponsor or not on StereoNET makes zero difference to our approach to these threads. Just feel like I need to mention that once again ........ Thread will go nowhere and has become more about rules and politics than the topic it was created for.
  11. WITHDRAWN OR RELISTED: FS: Sonus Faber Cremona

    This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  12. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  13. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
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