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  1. This is not the question here. Let's please stay on topic.
  2. We've now implemented a slight separation of our Classifieds as you will see. We're in danger of creating too much separation of the Classifieds, however, I think there is three distinct type of readers of StereoNET. They are either into Stereo (2 Channel), Home Theatre/AV (Multi-channel), or Portable Audio / Headphones. As I was moving threads into their relevant sub-forums I also noticed that there is a possibility to add just one more Subforum to the Classifieds. Please answer our poll (not visible on Tapatalk and some mobile views)
  3. It Must Be Nearly T Shirt Time Again

    Doesn't appear to be a lot of interest, sadly.
  4. Ypsilon Hyperion

    Just to clarify, @conlou /Ypsilon/Telos are not exhibiting at this show.
  5. Elite Screens Australia has announced its Aeon CLR fixed framed projection screen is now available in Australia. View the full article

    We've been hearing and talking about Chord Electronics' POLY for nearly a year now. The add-on module that takes the now-famed MOJO to a whole new level is now available. View the full article
  7. 2017 Bigger and Better

    If I make a template you guys can print, cut out and put your name on it, and we had the name tag holders at the front desk you can just ask for would that work?
  8. What could be better than attending Australia's most celebrated festival of sight and sound, the Melbourne International HiFi Show, and picking up some prizes just by purchasing your tickets online? Not only will you avoid the queues, but you'll also save a few dollars, and you might even win one of the awesome FLIP3 portable Bluetooth speakers from JBL! See how you can be in with a chance: http://hifishow.com.au/news/win-jbl-speakers-by-buying-tickets-online
  9. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  10. With just over two weeks remaining until Melbourne's most celebrated festival of sight and sound, the International HiFi Show, recent online ticket buyers have got loads to smile about. Those that purchased their tickets over the last few days were in with a chance to win some great prizes from our friends at Sennheiser and Devialet. To find out if you've won a prize, check out the announcement here: http://hifishow.com.au/news/hifi-show-ticket-promo-winners-announced Don't worry if you missed out, another promotion starts tonight and all purchasers are automatically entered into the draw.
  11. The KEF LS50 is the loudspeaker that just keeps giving. Announced overnight via a special event held in Amsterdam, KEF has collaborated with the Marcel Wanders design studio for a Special Edition, 'Nocturne' release. View the full article

    This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  13. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.