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  1. Yes you have to re post the ad manually. One day I'll work out a way to code in a more automated process.
  2. Personally, I've always been against the sale and promotion of non-compliant products. As you know, we introduced the electrical disclaimer and enforce that on DIY products Shane. If I had my way, we'd not allow non-compliant power cords too. These can be difficult to police remotely though, and to the best of my knowledge it is not illegal nor is there any liability on StereoNET, for the 2nd hand sale of these by a third-party. If I am wrong on this, then I would be most willing to remove the ability to post these products in future. Also not sure why you're directing this topic at me/us now though? We don't make the rules and regulations relating to electrical safety.
  3. Exactly, it has to be modified to comply with ADRs, then an exemption can be applied for to be allowed on AUS roads. No such exemption is allowed, permissible, or obtainable in Australia when it comes to our electrical safety standards. So, also not relevant mate
  4. It's so hypothetical, that it's not relevant. US plugs or any plug that is not AU standard is not compliant in Australia and illegal to use. As suggested by many, if it were found to be the cause of a fire, it would instantly be used as an insurance claim dismissal. I have been through this extensively and spoken with all the right people (and obtained all the relevant standards) prior to our first hi-fi show. We also had an inspector come around (unannounced) on the first day checking exhibitor's compliance (being a public event).
  5. Nah not me. Looks like Corona has slowed the new arrival down a bit more ... looking at 5th May completion, and then shipping. Did I mention I don't do patience well? With all that's going on though, it's a good job I paid well back before the world started to end, else it would never have happened.
  6. https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/category/noise-cancelling Me, I use the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC. Crazy battery life, even better sound, and ability to adjust to your individual hearing. Please they're tough. I've traveled extensively with them and they've held up unlike others.
  7. For all those interested in learning more about IsoAcoustics, there will be a live presentation this evening, 8PM with Convoy and Paul Morrison on hand to answer any questions. https://www.convoy.com.au/youtube
  8. I moved from Fuji to a nice and simple CL last year. I love the simplicity, and the colour is absolutely amazing. The Leica has forced me to learn more about Manual and the fundamentals of photography, which I appreciate and was just too complicated with the FUJI XH1. I've got a long way to go, but wish I had gone with Leica earlier, which in the long run would have actually been cheaper.
  9. Measured closed to flat with the MG20.7. Could measure entirely different with this setup though. As I learned through the course of tweaking my room, "for every action, there's a reaction".
  10. Why four dedicated circuits (assuming for the one system)? I would have thought that had more potential to cause a ground loop. I can't see a need for this with your equipment. I have one dedicated circuit, and later added another point in the room for a projector by tapping into an existing circuit in an adjacent room (not the dedicated room circuit). It created massive probs when using the AV and 2-Ch system as one. Had sparky put it onto the dedicated circuit and all was resolved.
  11. Some representatives of those brands don't do what many of the others do, and some brands change hands semi-regularly when they realise they can't make any money out of it to justify it. Some also don't bother with the certification processes and sell illegally. Some don't have the overheads of others (by choice) and can get away with it. Some don't bother setting up service agents around the country, getting spare parts in - all is well, until you have something go wrong. There's lots of reasons. I'm not saying which way is right, or which is wrong (aside from legalities), I'm just suggesting that the Australian vs US pricing is more often than not completely misunderstood. You'll generally find though that those that are not on parity, do all of the above the right way, can fix or replace your product promptly and offer a good level of service to their dealers and the end user. You've paid for all that though, essentially.
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