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  1. I believe Grosjean was one of the most vocal against the introduction of the Halo too. Sure he has changed his tune now, and rightfully so!
  2. No idea on that. Official word coming soon on Qobuz Aus.
  3. Actually it sounds like this is coming to Australia in 2021. Just what components they will use is unknown, or whether they'll seek to reproduce the same system as used in Singapore, we don't know. I have linked up with The Macallan in Australia however so we will know when they do.
  4. I'm liking these deals. Here's the sign up link: https://www.selby.com.au/deals
  5. Very odd. Might have been some sort of cache problem.
  6. Thanks for pointing this out. It is now resolved. While not a big deal, it would be frustrating to click on one only to not actually be able to see the content. One little checkbox that wasn't ticked
  7. I can understand both sides here, and while no rules have been broken, I would suggest that the topic can carry on in favour of "Owners" of the said product, please.
  8. And out goes the call once again .... anyone interested, as per the above please let me know via PM.
  9. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  10. Chill out @Craig1512 - have you heard of Craigslist? Old boys club? Offensive and condescending? Pot. Kettle. Black!
  11. It is a touch slow when streaming from a NAS, yes. I can agree with that. It's not unusable though. I still haven't solved my slow audio HDMI sync problem but learned to live with it. New problem now though is despite 2RU empty space above it, it's still getting hot and starts doing random things. I've now removed it from the rack and have it placed on top, and that problem has gone away.
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