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  1. A long-awaited feature request by many members is nearing completion. As you know advertisements automatically expire after 14 days if not marked as Sold. Once the new feature is implemented, a new button will appear on Expired Ads, that says "Repost Ad". This will automatically take you to the editor window with all content pre-filled from your previous ad. You then have the ability to repost your ad without having to retype the ad content from scratch. I hope to be able to activate this feature in the coming days - we're in final stages of testing. Still to come:
  2. Hey guys As many of you know, I work as a surgical rep full time and make cables on the weekend. On Monday I put in my notice to retire from my day job. Next week I’m going on a weeks holiday, then work for one more week after that. Then retirement. What this means Is that I will be able to get orders out faster, as I’ll be an old retired bastard needing something to do lol I will try and get most of the existing orders out by this weekend. I’ll still be answering questions and taking orders next week for deliver ASAP. Cheers Bill
  3. This thread might be entirely too self-indulgent and I'll apologise in advance if it lands like that 😌 I am weeks from moving back to Australia (unexpected but necessitated by personal circumstances) after a couple of years living in the UK, and as a result of this we have recently sold our house over here. I was home during the buyers second house viewing and got chatting hi-fi with them and knowing that we were moving overseas they approached me the following day to discuss our hi-fi systems and if we would consider making them part of the deal. After giving it some careful con
  4. Well it's been a long time coming after like the prodigal son, or two in this case. So long story short, nearly a year and a half ago at one of my GTGs the tunes were gently massaging the attendees. As the day progressed there was a mishap with a bass driver which ended in tears (mine). Then as things would have it, we had that year from hell. Much audio related industry stopped around the world, yes the audio gods can have a cruel way of doing things sometimes. Anyhow finally the parts arrived and my subs could be rebuilt. The boys from SGR arrived for the reassembly. Piec
  5. I know it's not a new trend but, IMHO, it's getting worse. Having totally changed my system recently, I have had a few items for sale. That's when it started. The first two items sold quite quickly. Good communication from buyers, items posted promptly. I wait for confirmation of safe arrival.........nothing. Then I get queries on other items by PM. Questions answered promptly. No 'thanks, mate'. no 'thumbs up', just silence. One member even asked politely if I could lift the lid of a DAC for sale and take some pics. I obliged and sent him three pics. Response? Zilch. No 't
  6. Hi guys I’ve decided to become a Commercial member , as I thought it wasn’t fair to the other commercial members that I was selling my cables through the member classified’s . ( I will still make them for members at cost, or near to cost ) There are some exciting new cables on the horizon , including a Speaker Cable that will simple compete with anything out there A web site is now being put together, so that making your cable decisions a little easier Message me for anything you would like to know. Cheers Bill
  7. 30+ posts removed debating which Yamaha speaker sounds better than the other, along with a few tit-for-tat type childish comments between users - this was once a community that respected one another. If you don't think that sounds like something you want to be part of and respect, find another website. This is a classified ad. If you want to know something, PM the seller. If you're here just to commentate on Yamaha speakers, start a discussion thread or, rack off. I've got better things to be doing on my Friday night than cleaning up pretty crap like this.
  8. 4 years ago my wife and I bought this house with the intention of turning it into our forever home. For 4 years we have saved, planned, procrastinated, changed plans, had plans drawn, changed them again until it eventually dawned on us- why bother trying to turn a very ordinary 60s fibro home into anything else? So a full demo/rebuild instead, to try and make the most of our highly prized, very nearly flat Adelaide Hills block. To keep it simple we began with an existing layout from a reputable builder which we flipped, changed, stretched, shrunk, deleted, added, changed again til
  9. one addition to the system - plenty of time to enjoy during lockdown.
  10. Yet another thread has been edited and closed because of the nay sayers need to put down and often ridicule others personal experiences and choices. Have you guys, and you know who you are, ever stopped and thought for one second how much your constant rubbishing of others experiences is potentially harming this forum and this hobby? Why on earth would a newbie want to post their first hand experiences again after getting lampooned by you lot? If by now the hairs are starting to stand up on the back of your neck because of my comments then yes you are one of the knockers who constantl
  11. Maybe I'm not perceiving this correctly, but there seems to be a lot of negativity in some of these comments that would normally be taken down from any other thread (as per the Classifieds Policy, in particular the 'White-Anting' section) I'll make clear that I have no affiliation with the OP in any way, no previous contact whatsoever, but so what if the OP was fortunate enough to win this awesome Turntable, but cannot afford to buy the vinyl to make use of it - was there any prerequisites of entering the competition that you must have a vinyl collection, or be prepared to graduall
  12. I think the luckiest find I have heard of recently is @Pops110's VPI turntable at the local dump. I don't think anybody will come close to topping that anytime soon. But yesterday I think I had my share. Walking past a s/h furniture business, amidst the assorted sidewalk chairs, tables and sea chests, sat a pair of bookshelf speakers which had apparently just arrived minutes before. Heart racing, and $120 later, I walked off with a pair of Proac Super Tablette speakers. Barring several scratches on one cabinet side (which I can remedy), they are in perfect condition. I have just hooked them up
  13. Further information: Well finally they are here. My boutique Speaker Cables After over 2 years of research and trialing different combinations of cable, I have finally come up with a combo that I believe you will all love . I’ve blind tested this cable with many people, against well known low, mid and very highly prices cables, and not only does it hold its own with the exotics, but in most cases beats them. ( my most critical test is my wife, who can hear differences in cables while cooking up a storm, and will wonder in and tell me yes or no )
  14. I am a complete computer idiot, I didn’t even own one till eleven years ago when I met my wife. Took me another bunch of years to work out how to surf the web, eventually I discovered SNA. A little later I attended my first GTG here in Adelaide, met some folk and we started doing the rounds of each other’s houses. In the old days meeting fellow enthusiasts was via chance meetings at hifi shops or shows. Fast forward to today and the Adelaide ‘mob’ are in constant contact, endlessly enjoying each other’s equipment. The real value however is in the friendships we have f
  15. Everyone on here seems to have such huge grand systems on display but here I am having most of mine tucked away in the cabinet. But I have been slowly making huge upgrades from my early beginnings nearly 18 months ago and none of them would have been possible without any of my friends on SNA - all of whom I am grateful to 🥰 So here you go: Turntable: Technics 1200GR with Ortofon Bronze MM. Phono Pre. amp: Dynavector MK11 with Blue Jean cabling to Amp. Amplifier - PS Audio Stella Strata CD Player - Denon DCD 1015 Speaker Cables from @Bill125812
  16. Recently after quite a while away from speaker building i started this project during my Christmas Holiday Break from teaching. I have now completed the Build, but will continue to tweek crossover until I feel i am there. it was quite a challenging build for one living in a regional town in the New England. I did have trouble sourcing materials but came up with some solutions that were not quite as good but did the job in the end. I am absolutely happy with the end product, even though its not exact but i did take elements from the differing models for the last 20 years so as to
  17. Enjoying some Black Sabbath today on my active ATC SCM-100ASL plus ATC C4 subs.
  18. Finally my new speaker is up and running on New Year Eve
  19. Hi All, The system has been through a couple of significant upgrades this year, so I thought it was time to post about it. The most recent is probably the biggest undertaking I've ever entered into. Massive shout out to @cheekyboy and @SGR Audio. Just awesome to deal with Keith, Harry and Stuart. For my 50th I was very lucky to get the Brinkmann Bardo and the upgrade over the Soulines was considerable IMO. Going from belt to a direct drive mechanism really put an oomph in the sound. Whilst the Bardo is not what many consider cheap (I don't that's for sure) I reckon
  20. My refurbished Commonwealth 12C is custom rock maple plinth/stand and Schroder CB tonearm. New cartridge to come. Golden Age Audio Reference Phono
  21. Sunset was awesome yesterday afternoon so had to take a shot to share! 👍
  22. Domestic bliss system. Accuphase, Tannoy and a pair of REL Gibraltars to fill things out. It’s a big room- only a third in view. Yes, the speaker position could be better, but sounds pretty good Not for critical listening.
  23. Really digging the TT adventure.....other than the cost of buying more records 😅
  24. Been a long time since I posted any new pics in this amazing thread. After a complete ground up rebuild by SNA maestro @Shark, including an engineering masterpiece of a plinth with built-in isolation, my 401 is sounding better than I could have imagined. For now, Jelco 750 and Shelter 9000 in residence but a Reed 1X on its way. Many thanks to Mark for the amazing job he did restoring the 401. It will have pride of place for the rest of my days!👍
  25. Many SNAers know this room and have heard it. After many years of being settled, this week I ushered in a new pair of speakers, so thought it might be a good time to start a new thread. The current setup is, in summary: Avantgarde Trio Luxury Edition 26 speakers with bass horns Dartzeel NHB-18NS pre amp mkii with phono stage Dartzeel NHB-108 model 2 power amp Air Force Two turntable with Acoustical Systems Axiom tonearm and Lyra Atlas Antipodes DX into Accuphase DC-17 fed by Roon Sound treated room Fancy cables and power management, dedi
  26. The belts have arrived but I can’t seem to get the speed bang on. I think that it may be a 50hz pulley, maybe it wasn’t used with an SDS before. The SDS puts out 60hz, will wait for the new 300rpm motor and pulley to arrive. I have temporarily set it up on the base that I’ve made. She is certainly a beast. Will look good when I’ve finished the feet.
  27. Here are a few updated pics of my system. Still trying to get the speakers positioned properly. I removed the corner tube traps, per MBL's suggestion. Added the Symposium Ultra platforms. Audioquest William Tell Zero/Bass BiWire cables.
  28. Fortunate to be involved in some capacity with this awesome system, the addition of the dCS Bartok the final piece in the digital jigsaw...
  29. The monos and home theatre preamp are back. Time to celebrate with snaps.
  30. New house, new room. Still have to mount the cart on the turntable.
  31. All I'd like to give the community and moderators of SNA a big shout out. I've been loitering here for some years now. I've used the classifieds to buy some amazing gear. Gear I wouldn't have been able to afford at retail. I've used the classifieds to move on some great equipment to people who either know a bargain when they see one, or couldn't have afforded the gear at the price I initially paid - but still appreciate quality. I love to see stuff used and used again rather than filling up space in storage or worse still, landfill. I've also gained invaluable advice. FREE advic
  32. I don't know where it came from, how it started, or why anyone would even say it - but apparently there is a rumour that StereoNET will be introducing "paid access", paid memberships for access to StereoNET, according to the Secretary of the QLD Audio Club. I have lost count of how many times I have openly stated on these forums that I will never introduce this. I have always been opposed to this model, and I fought against it vigorously when working for an auto magazine publisher in the early 2000s who was moving online. It failed spectacularly - but that did not surprise me.
  33. Whatever the ugly speaker you want, first tell your wife you want these and then "settle" on your real choice.
  34. It's happened to me as well. A price was agreed to by the seller but he ended up selling the item to someone else who ended up flipping the item. I have also listed a few items that I have refused to sell to some members who are flippers. For some items I sell I want them to go to those who are in the hobby.. not to be resold by flippers.
  35. No neat and tidy room here. My listening room doubles as a workshop for my restorations. Not the full inventory but got 3 speakers up and running today.
  36. Hello everyone, I have never done this before - perhaps because no one has ever truly deserved it - but I wanted to throw up a quick post of appreciation. I have been dealing with Geoff from hey now hifi (@Geoff@HeyNow Hi-Fi) for a little while now and I am utterly impressed with the responsiveness, service & advice I get from this guy. Most importantly, he delivers on his promises and bends over backwards to make things happen. Unlike some others, not all but certainly some, he absolutely knows what he is talking about and has extensive experience in
  37. Further information: I am in the midst of downsizing one of my systems and have been selling off some vintage turntables, amps, R2R and tuner etc as I realised that 3 systems may be one too many. Next up for sale and listed here is a pair of vintage Altec A7 Voice of the theatre (VOTT) speakers. These speakers move a lot of air and provide a feel of you are there realism. Hopefully there may be some fellow SNA audio enthusiasts who may be considering owning a pair of these bespoke speakers so I am listing them here. I have been a faithful custodian of these fine
  38. For years I’ve been reading about people scoring bargain basement deals through the used goods marketplaces in various forums. I read most of the post purchase comments to these posts, and there are quite obviously two camps when it comes to bagging a bargain: it’s the sellers responsibility to do their research and understand the market value. Fair play and kudos to the first person that makes contact with the seller and takes it for the list price. The buyer should draw upon their own knowledge (and morals) and negotiate a fair deal for both parties. So on
  39. My Technics SL1200 MkII. I purchased this from @Spider27 who was fantastic in helping me get it to the other side of the country in perfect condition. It used to be in stormtrooper form with a white top plate. Wanting something different I spoke to Mark at Dex AsiaPacific in Perth who told me we could do whatever I wanted! So - I sent him some images of a 845 valve and Line Magnetic level meter and look what he came up with! Awesome job if you ask me!
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