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    I have read a few vinyl threads where folks are not happy with how their vinyl and turntable is sounding. That is sad, however I would say every single problem they are experiencing comes down to inadequate set up with the table, cartridge and even what its sitting on. Vinyl is not like cd - its an active experience and EVERY turntable needs to be set up correctly even down to what the turntable sits on. Please go through the seemingly BS and set up your table correctly, reach out if you don't have the skills to do so - plenty of good folks here on SNA. Anyway, my turntables and analog playback sound sensational!! hell, I am even listening to a Kanye West picture disc and I am enjoying it thoroughly. Vinyl has magic in them grooves and this thread is to celebrate your turntable and vinyl sounding sensational. Please post if your analog rig sounds great and if you like, explain why. You don't need to spend a lot of $$ on vinyl for it to sound good, it just takes patience, a bit of experience and patience. Personally I have spent a lot of time on setting up every cartridge correctly and the platform it sits on.
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    Some very rare solo Daddy time. Yep it's 10:30am on a Saturday and yep that's a full strength craft beer. Because? Subs are Sonique Thunderbox 1200s paired in stereo via a preout. Speakers were a drop dead gumtree bargain - vintage Tannoy Mercury M4s in time warp condition. They kick hard. As you'd expect being fed 200w RMS a side via a Rotel RB-1080. Source is a Rotel 991 AE cd player. No plans to add vinyl as it's simply too expensive these days..... Also because young kids.
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    Hi guys, needed a break, life got a bit hectic back then, let things get to me a tad to easily. But anyway, hope alls been well. ‘’Sime.
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    Room is pretty much done now. Still need to make my rack. What the gear is on at the moment is terrible but it does the trick. The Bluesound Vault 2i is new and it’s a really great bit of kit that looks and sounds great. Newest addition is the Meridian 501 preamp. I purchased this nearly a year ago but have only just received it. It’s been sitting at the daughters place in Melbourne all this time. Have only just plugged it in for a listen, sounds good so far. I don’t think I like it as much as the Mingda valve pre but it’s early days yet.
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    Well, I'm really quite excited to be involved and exhibiting at this years' show[emoji16][emoji16] Teaming up with my longtime mate Keith @cheekyboy and his Wyndham Audio goodies, and a new friend Ben @Nanoat with his delicious Aussie made tube amps, I'll be showing off the high efficiency "crossoverless" speakers from Contrast Audio, a newly developed rack design and of course The Satchel!! Free hugs for SNA members (only from me though, I can't speak for Ben or Keith!!)
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    I have too many turntables, thinking to sell some
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    My DIY turntable based on DENON DP 3000 with SME 300 tonearm and a DL103 Gold Limited edition. Magnetic sustentation of the main board.
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    My late 80s Yamaha system in home made rack with Pioneer S-T300 speakers. The amp is an ax-630 which is an active servo (AST) model that takes a cartridge for AST-S1 speakers. It came with the cartridge and speakers but the speakers were blown so never got to test it out. TT is a P-850.
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    Of course it is. Today's delivery of my purchase of a 'must have'.
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    Steve here - been a hifi appreciator for the best part of 20 years but can't justify going full-on as I've got too many other hobbies plus have just completed building our own house (yes, owner-builder) on Port Hacking. Anyway, my system for the last decade has been: . Sony XA3ES CD player . Rotel RC1070 pre-amp . Rotel RB1080 amp . B&W DM602S3 bookshelf speakers (barely bookshelf!) . Rondo Supra speaker cable, QED interconnects . Sony MDR-CD1700 headphones (had a dedicated Musical Fidelity valve headphone amp but it didn't gel so gifted it to a friend) I dabbled in 5 channel surround sound but went back to two channel for simplicity. For years this was good enough, I was happy. But lately I become interested in seperate DACs, and also NAS storage. It's amazing how draw-fulls of CDs don't get listened to just through convenience issues. Soon after the new house was built another great mate offered a Musical Fidelity A1008 DAC/pre/power-amp he was no longer using. Sure - I'll give it a try! Next level. Soundstage, bass, gravitas, tonal clarity...yeah I'm keeping this! Pics of progression: So, now using the MF onboard DAC attached to a Bluesound Vault NAS/streamer. Even the wife finds it intuitive & is an active participant in my hifi remodel. At this stage we've settled on Tidal for our streaming services - can't convince her to move to the (more expensive) hifi subscription but man, does this setup deliver anyway! The room is certainly acoustically compromised but I don't mind. It's a big room, those speakers fill it with gravity & we are enjoying both our existing music collection & new titles together. It's working out... P.S. I recommend those IsoAcoustics stands. Aside from bringing the speakers to the correct height, they tightened everything up nicely.
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    Hey mike,not squashed in but got bit of toe in,sound sweet Main position is sitting on bed They are in my bedroom!!
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    Intro Well, I guess I’m one of the few owners mentioned that owns one of these remarkable DAC’s. As this is my 1st ever gear review, I trust that I’ll do Clayton’s new baby justice. I apologise upfront for the lengthy post, but I believe this product deserves the complete story. History A little bit of history 1st as my journey to a final choice of DAC may resonate with others looking for a solution to their digital needs. Like many aging audiophiles, I’d dumped a serious analogue rig way back in the latter stages of last century, thinking that the much-lauded CD and encompassing digital content was the way to sonic nirvana. Like a person with failing sight, I gradually stopped sitting down to simply “listen” to music. It had become something that was played in the background while working or during dinner parties & BBQ’s. As the years rolled on, the joy of “listening” to music and being lost in the soundscape of a musician’s creation became a faded memory. This all changed in mid-2015 when a health issue and doctors’ orders necessitated I find a hobby and ease up on work. I had fortunately kept my Vinyl collection and the one thing from my analogue rig that I couldn’t relinquished…..my beloved Linn Sondek LP12. A hobby was rekindled. The last few years OK, now I’ve got a bit of history out of the way, suffice to say I rebuilt my Linn and pulled together a wonderful vintage 2 channel rig. My escape from the digital wasteland was complete and I had rediscovered the sheer wonder of good vinyl spinning on a quality deck and sitting back to just “listen” to the music once more. Now having said all this , I still had a substantial library of digital content and a Tidal subscription, both being delivered via a SONOS Connect, but never for serious listening sessions. Over these last few years, I’ve watched the digital space gain significant momentum and acceptance as a valid medium for high quality sound, mostly due to higher bitrate platforms like Tidal and delivery systems like Roon & Audirvana and the additional bandwidth to support them. It was the eventual demise of my SONOS Connect that motivated me to do some serious research with the view to sticking my toe back into the pond of “1” and “0’s” and look for a serious level of digital quality. The search begins Without the SONOS unit, the delivery of digital music library was now going to be via an existing Intel NUC Core i5 mini PC that also handled the delivery of Movies via KODI, all stored on a 4TB NAS sitting on my home network. The DAC’s in PC’s are at best underwhelming and less-than-ordinary. Listening to the best quality digital recordings from my PC’s DAC and naked USB connection was like fingernails being scratched down a chalkboard. Listening to poor quality recordings via the PC was simply sinful……..women, children and small furry animals fled in fear. My search for a quality stand-alone DAC, that I didn’t have to sell a kidney for, started in earnest. As I was not requiring more than a USB DAC for inclusion into an existing Hi Fi rig, the criteria I set was pretty basic. I desired a DAC that had been designed where the core expense was in the design and components of the DAC function, not spread over a bunch additional functions i.e. portability, headphone. Bluetooth, Digital Coax…etc. I was also not looking or expecting a dedicated DAC to rival the sound of my Vinyl rig, but I was seeking a DAC that could make my digital music a bit more analogue and pleasing to the ear. The other “must-have” it had to be under the $1K price point. Finding contenders Well as you all probably know, there’s a myriad of choices under the $1K price point and it took many weeks of research, consuming reviews, and online product comparisons to properly assess the better options. Actual auditions of DAC’s in my own rig was not really an option as a couple of the preferred DAC’s I had my eye on were not available via a bricks & mortar retail stores in my area. Actual in-store demos of a stand-alone DAC’s are at best pointless and about as useful as a chocolate hammer in the middle of summer. However, I did get to audition a mates ARCAM irDAC II in my system and the difference in sound quality as opposed to the raw USB/DAC output from my PC or the retired SONOS Connect was significant to say the least, but functionally and sonically not the ideal choice for my rig. The ARCAM unit was at the upper end of my budget and sported a raft of additional functions that I was never going to use, but I was still considering it. I was now encouraged to see if I could find that DAC where the development $$’s was squarely focused solely the DAC function and its ensuing sound quality. A choice is made Now this is where you’d expect me to start fawning and waxing lyrically over the Klein DAC III, but it’s not. I didn’t even know it existed when I made my choice. At this point I wish to state that I do not desire to mention competitor brands in a negative sense. I say this as one man’s meat is another man’s poison and what sounds good to me, could be frowned upon by another. OK, that said…. I finally settled for a boutique DAC from the US that was well inside my budget and had gotten rave reviews from the Hi Fi press. It was virtually everything I was looking for………a single USB function DAC, albeit with semi-portability and headphone interface. It was ordered, along with high end RCA connects & a quality USB cable. A week later it arrived and after installing the required drivers on the PC, configuring ROON and hooking the DAC up, I was ready for sonic bliss. After playing the usual suspects for an hour or so, I couldn’t help but think I was still missing something. It wasn’t that it sounded bad, on the contrary, it was a major sonic upgrade to the overall sound. Good sound stage, fast and accurate, great extension, but for the want of better words, it seemed to lack “meat on its bones” and still a world away from me enjoying lengthy listening sessions. I initially put this assessment down to a lack of “burn-in” and reserved my final judgement for a couple more weeks of use. The final assessment Two weeks passed, and although it performed better, I was still not convinced that this new DAC was all that it should be and decided to take it around to my mate’s place for some A/B’ing between it and the afore mentioned ARCAM unit and a second set of ears younger than my own. I’d listened to the ARCAM unit in my mate’s system many times and was always impressed as its suits his needs and rig perfectly. As soon as we started to A/B the 2 DAC’s my mate commented immediately that although my DAC was very good he would have difficulty living with it full time. My new DAC was certainly more accurate and rivaled or bettered the ARCAM in most instances, but we both agreed my new DAC was not engaging or involving to our ears as the ARCAM unit and it is this crucial element that’s missing. Maybe the budget of $1K was an unrealistic value to set, to get a DAC with the required sound and feel. Regardless this, the new DAC was retired immediately and prepared for sale. Undeterred, I revised my budget upwards of the $1K mark and I set off once more seeking a replacement DAC that would deliver a level of quality that would be in line with my expectation. If my search yielded no result, then the ARCAM unit would be revisited Finding the Klein III This time my search criteria focused squarely on an “analogue sounding” DAC’s and eventually, Stereo.net.au’s thread on the Klein II DAC popped up. Needless to say, after reading the posts and doing further research on the Klein range I was impressed with all the glowing reviews for Clayton's designs. As I’d previously decided to purchase based upon online reviews and ended up disappointed, I was reluctant to buy the Klein unit without some serious communication with the guy in charge. An email was drafted to Clayton explaining my situation and my desired outcome. I received a very quick reply advising upfront, to properly assess his new Klein III DAC, it would have to be used in my own rig and he was happy to offer one for a period of evaluation. I was immediately struck by Clayton’s commitment and confidence in his product and once he explained his design philosophy for the Klein III I was very keen to audition the product. After meeting Clayton and enjoying a wonderful chat about the Hi Fi industry, past, present, and future, we shook hands and I headed home with a new Klein DAC III, keen to see if Clayton’s assessment of his product rang true. The Klein III Audition With the required drivers installed on my NUC PC and the Klein III hooked up and configured in ROON, I was genuinely hoping my search for the elusive analogue sounding DAC maybe over. It took the 1st few tracks to know the Klein III was delivering a simply stunning digital rendition of one of my favourite Vinyl pressings. I wish I could avoid the flowery sonic descriptions and cliché’s normally associated reviews, but I have to say on my 1st impressions, the sound stage of the Klein III was off the charts….I mean seriously good. This is a depth and height of field that does not impede on the stable placement of instruments or vocals. Width of sound stage rivals anything my Vinyl rig can serve up. The extension and smoothness throughout the frequency range is astonishing and lifelike with all digital grit and grime eradicated. Lower frequencies are accurately delivered with a complete minimum of fuss without overhang or smearing. Mid-range delivery is where the magic is as I didn’t think would be possible from a digital recording. Top-end is completely devoid of the tizz & fizz with high hat and cymbals sounding natural and lively. Surprisingly, recorded sibilants were not overemphasised and added to the natural sound of vocals…..big bonus here! In comparison to the DAC’s that I’ve heard, this thing is in a different stratosphere Conclusion After just 2 days with the Klein III, I contacted Clayton and said the evaluation unit was not being returned. Apart from the sonic qualities of this product, this DAC was well under my original budget of $1K and after listening to more expensive products, I’m convinced you’d have to spend well in excess of my budget to rival the sonic qualities of the Klein III. I’ve owned the Klein III for just on 3 weeks now and I’m well into my burn-in period and this DAC just keeps getting better. As testimony to the Klein III’s overall performance, I state hand on heart……..since it’s been installed, it’s the 1st time in 20+ years that I’ve actually sat down and “listened” to digital recordings and gotten lost in the sonic landscape. Yep, it’s not much of a looker, but don’t be fooled by its austere appearance. It has it where it counts………try it, you won’t be disappointed. Well done Clayton, you’ve hit this one clean out of the park. Now if it just had a 12Volt trigger input, I’d offer up that kidney I mentioned!! Note: All digital recordings used were basic 16bit 44.100Khz or 24bit 96Khz Flac’s and Unbalanced inputs used exclusively.
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    I'd just like to thank @evil c for all his hard work in putting the Dinner together. It's not an easy task and it's great he is so passionate about keeping the social aspect and StereoNET 'community' aspect a priority as after all, that's what StereoNET is all about. Thanks, Clive, your work is sincerely appreciated. I'd also like to apologise for having to leave relatively early despite my best intentions. After arriving at the hotel venue and starting to put the show together from the Tuesday prior, we were exhausted and I was struggling to hold a conversation with anyone even after just one beer (generously thrust into my hand by 125dbmonster as a peace offering). It's so inspiring to see a group of 40+ people all in one place at one time, sharing a common interest, and all possible because of the humble little webspace I created nearly 20 years ago. As big as StereoNET has become locally (and more recently, internationally), it serves as a good reminder (to me) that StereoNET is only possible with the support of the members and readers who make up our audience, and not forget where we've come from. Onwards and upwards - as we look towards Sydney for the first time next year I do hope we can replicate the success we have achieved with our show in Melbourne and count on your support for the locals, and those willing and able to travel interstate for the show. I've got grand plans to make the shows more appealing, informative and educational, and to offer showgoers even more value for their ticket entry fee. My only aim is to make Australia's only locally owned show the best it can be and one our entire industry can get behind and support, and be proud of. A number of our international visitors who attended all commented to me separately that this year's show is rising as one of the best 'domestic' shows in the world - that statement blows me away! See you all next year, and if not sooner at a GTG or store event. Thanks, Clive once again, and all of you for your continued support.
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    The view from my bed when I awaken. Mmmm. To all you heathens who scroll through their non-existent collection on a "device", how painfully 21st century of you.
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    Nudgee Beach sunrise: Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 24-85 lens @ 22mm, f/11, ISO 50, 1/20 sec. --Geoff
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    Sneak peek of the rack that I’m building. The timber I pulled out of the roof of an old nursing home. I estimate it’s at least 80 years old. Ive ripped it down the guts, put it through the thicknesser and biscuited it together. I think it looks amazing so far. 😁
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    The MFP garage on a quiet day. D750 + Nikkor AF-S 24mm f/1.8G @ f/5.6 1sec ISO50
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    So I’ve finished the wall acoustic panels, I’ve still got to cover the panels that I’ve got lining the fireplace but that can wait for a little bit. I have wrapped the panels in a linen fabric that the missus picked out. I’m not overly happy how this turned out but it looks ok from a distance 😉. They are hung from stainless steel cables that are crimped and attached to a aluminium channel that I have painted the same colour as the walls. The missus absolutely hates them and has complained a lot!!!!! But they have been designed to easily come down and hide them away. The panels have dramatically changed the sound of the room and system. The best value for money I have spent on the system so far. Quite amazing the difference in sound for about $450 all up and a little bit of time. 👍
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    Testing my new DIY floor standing speaker project this morning! Not painted & bees waxed yet...
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    Location Perth RRP $20,000 STEREO NET PRICE $10,990 CONDITION PERFECT DEMO IN STORE 08 9374 0388 Trade in pair of these stunning Italian Handmade works of art in Perfect condition. Come in for a demo open 7 days a week - West Coast Hifi Midland Description: Three-way, floorstanding, dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1.2" (28mm) soft-dome tweeter, 7" (180mm) paper/carbon-fiber/titanium-cone midrange unit, two 8.3" (210mm) rigid paper/carbon-fiber-cone woofers. Crossover: first-order "attenuated," 200Hz and 2.5kHz. Frequency response: not specified. LF extension: 24Hz. Measured impedance: 4 ohms nominal. Measured sensitivity: 92dB/W/m. Power requirements: 30-300W. Dimensions: 46" H by 101/2" W by 223/4" D. Weight: 154 lbs each. Serial number of units reviewed: 024 "Anno 1998 Fecit." Price: $20,000/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 24. Manufacturer: Sonus Faber, 36057 Arcugnano (Vi), Italy
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    So, the AU Alpha 907MR was suffering from cracked side panels, as is often the case with late model Alphas that have copped a few bumps. The side panels are a type of MDF which are very smooth and have been finished with some kind of vacuum-formed plastic covering (as opposed to vinyl). It is probably around 0.5-1mm thick and has the inner wood-look finish with a hard, brittle clear layer over the top. Below are the damaged original coverings which have been carefully removed: The smooth MDF finish beneath: I decided to use a 3M Di-Noc Bubinga gloss vinyl to refinish the side panels, just as smurfer77 used on his 907 Limited (albet in birdseye maple finish). The Di-Noc vinyl is very pliable once heated, and can be stretched to confirm with curves and corners. It takes some practice and patience. I recommend buying slightly more than you need, cutting off a test piece, and mastering the process. One panel complete: Both panels done - all trimmed up, holes cut for the plastic lugs to be inserted, and screwed into place. Very very happy with the result - the colour is similar, but with much more grain and visual interest. Frankly, I'm amazed at how good this 3M product is! In terms of the appearance and grain, it is slightly better than the factory finish on the 907XR that is here, which is a birdseye maple type finish. They have done such a brilliant job in achieving variation to the finish and giving the impression of depth.
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    I think some reject Chord DACs because they do not conform to but challenge their long established beliefs about what audio reproduction should sound like. I think this is particularly true of those who value smoothness above all else so that all their recordings sound listenable.   I bought the Chord Qutest and subsequently M-Scaler after a lot of soul-searching (because of their cost) having listened to them - and certainly not spontaneously through fashion! For me they add one more level of realism, particularly of resolution, PRAT and imaging to a system that is already high in this regard: - speakers that have rigid drivers that do not break-up/resonate within their pass bands and have overall THD of less than 0.1% over most of their range - recent class-D N-Core amps that have very low distortion of less than 0.01% over their whole range even treble (unlike many class A/B amps).   Interestingly as resolution/detail increases beyond a certain point I often find even 'bad' recordings become more listenable - and have a certain charm of 'authenticity'.   When I used to teach physics I used an analogy of science being like a train that needs two tracks in sync - a theoretical track and an experimental observational one. I think this is true of the Chord DACs & M-Scaler - Dave Watts provides very plausible theory and my observations provide the evidence for me.   So I don't think Chord DACs are snake-oil - nor just fashionable. For me the combination of Chord Qutest and M-Scaler is so addictive it is hard to stop listening to music and I certainly won't be selling mine any time soon!
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    Item: Focal Alto Utopia BE speakers (Focal Signature Colour) Location: Adelaide Price: 9600 (Current replacement is the Focal Scala Utopia V2 which RRP - $57,000) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Want to try something else Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Shipping: As I have had many inquiries in regards to shipping cost. To give an idea of shipping cost, I have contacted pack and send and they have quoted me $950 to package it up, put it on a pallet and send it from Adelaide to Perth with $10,000 freight insurance. Obviously this will be cheaper if it is going to nearby cities e.g Melbourne / Sydney / Brisbane. Extra Info: After thinking for a while, I think it is time for me to let this go and try something different as I have owned many Focal speakers previously already. So this pair of lovely speakers are up for sale. This speaker is the top of the line "Utopia" range for Focal. Best of the best for the French company. It is much better than the current line of Electra BE or Sopra range. Exceptional speakers, very transparent and detailed. Will show you every minor changes you make to your system. End game speakers for me, but life is too short to not try another pair. I dont have original box so shipping will need to be via pack n send. Welcome to come for home audition and happy to help out with delivery by meeting up half way for any Eastern state buyer. Specifications: 3-way bass reflex floor standing • 11" “ W ” cone woofer • 6-1/2" “ W ” cone midrange Power Flower magnet system • 1" pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Focus Ring magnet system Sensitivity: 90dB Frequency Response: 30Hz - 40kHz Nominal Impedance / Minimal Impedance: 8 Ohms / 3.2 Ohms Crossover Frequencies: 250Hz / 2500Hz at 24dB/octave Dimension (HxWxD): 1208x370x530mm Weight (each): 75.5kg (166.2lbs)
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    As mentioned. Sota Nova, SME M2/9. Rebuilt in Vladivostok, Dynavector 23R with original cantilever and diamond. Quiet as a mouse. System back in 85, Ariston RD40, Linn LVX plus, Glanz GMC10EX Cartridge. P.S. Note speaker cable to speakers. Single strand flex. Was using it back then. Was comparing it to MC500, which you see on the floor.
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    Hello to all, This has truly been one of the most important aspects of my audio journey, I simply cannot find all the words to describe how this experience has been but all I can say is that this is nothing short of marvelous, spectacular, outstanding, and just magical! Hats off to ML and their design team, they have put so much effort and research into a full range stat of this nature, that its performance is beyond anything I've heard and owned to date, and driven with CJ amplification, oh my goodness gracious! The CLX's arrived today in the evening, it took 3 of us to unload, unpack and carry into the house. Dam are they heavy! The top panel side is manageable but the end of the base, is actually heavier on one side and my arm was nearly giving way at one point... (it's certainly a good thing I still pump some iron!) The packing is outstanding and the workmanship is absolutely top notch! Not only are they stunning but also the way they've been assembled and constructed is nothing short of SOTA! What a huge difference from other stats I've owned, nothing comes close. This is real top level stuff, similar to other designs utilizing heavy bracing techniques, there's nothing short of mediocre or average build quality whatsoever. Everything from top to bottom including the input terminals tightening collars are superb! I have positioned the CLX's at the exact same spot where I had the Maggie's previously and managed to get around 4&1/2 ft from front wall and around 2ft from the sides. Distance between each panel is about 6ft, and listening position is 8.5ft to about 9ft. This is the only aspect where I would have preferred the listening position to be further away but boy do these massive things just disappear into thin air! It simply leaves the entire soundstage and performers in full affect right there! You just want to get up and shake hands with each one of them, it is actually quite spooky! I'll try to make this short as possible since I think I can go on for eternity... 1. Bass: I wanted to start with bass because I think this is actually one of its strongest points. It is tight, with superb control, start stop acceleration is nothing short of marvelous and most of all it is lightening fast! It is so fast that it comes and goes before you even think about the bass, superb, superb superb! 2. Mid-range: the depth and slam in the mid-range is like no other! It can play very loud and at the same time go so soft like a butterfly flapping its wings and suddenly rise again like a thunderstorm lightening bolt! The integration and openness of the mid-range is superb, nothing short of magical! 3. The highs: the top end is well extended such that it will reproduce whatever is on the recording, nothing else! It is so smooth and extended, it's highly accurate and provides every single minute microscopic detail of the recording. Therefore, if the recording has it then the top end extension delivers! In summary: The lifelike performance the CLX's deliver have to be obtained with the right amplification. And as we all are on the same level here, especially when it comes to high-end, these things are just phenomenal with CJ amplifiers, the LP125m's are simply cruising... KT120's putting out 125w of pure musical awesomeness in monoblock finesse. My room is not large and does not do full justice to these huge stats. However, they are so well designed, with the right placement and a few adjustments, plus some critical tweaking, they can disappear even in small rooms. They are not overpowering in any way whatsoever, they don't boom, there's no overhang of bass or smudgging of the imaging at all. What you have here is a full range stat that delivers anything and everything on the recording as faithful as possible. It is nothing short of "a true work of art!" Bravo and we'll done to ML, they have hit a home run with this one and shattered all barriers of stat design, refined it to its finest and produced a true electrostat transducer like no other. Cheers to all and thanks a million for all your support and great advice. It certainly was a pleasure! Cheers to the CLX Art! RJ
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    I bought a Luxman L-507uX from the classifieds here & to say I’m happy is an understatement. I can’t find a mark on it Very very nice Happy Brad
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    I found placement of the (ex)missus worked best for me, I placed her out the door. It even sounds better when the stereo is off.
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    MY 2Ch system Hegel H360 JBL 4429 Bookshelf Speakers Bluesound Node2
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    Personally I reckon the divisions between subjectivist and objectivist on SNA are massively exaggerated. If anyone has spent any time on other forums you’ll see how well behaved and agreeable SNA is by comparison. EDIT: The few reasons I know of for people leaving SNA have nothing to do with objectivist vs subjectivist.
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    A little of the long weekend's highlights... Jeff Buckley - Grace (2LP 45rpm ORG repress) - no words for this. Everything has been said. Three Days Grace - Human (2015 US) - alt rock in the vein of Linkin Park. Except way younger...and way less good. Wifey's fave spin... Beck - Morning Phase (2014 US) - 'Sea Change' seems to get all the raps, but I reckon this Grammy Award winner kills it. Chris Cornell - Songbook (2LP Friday Music) - remarkable sounding album. Every bit as good sounding as 'Grace'. Every song a winner. LOVE. Keane - Under The Iron Sea (repress) - such a shame the OG is so exxy, and so much better sounding than this one (so I've heard). Massive Attack - Blue Lines (2016 repress) - excellent SQ throughout. Powerfully good on a quiet Sunday morn. Air - Moon Safari (French OG) - scratched and occasionally crackly, this OG still outdoes most represses these days. Have always loved this album. Queens of the Stone Age - Villains (OG) - probably a good album rather than a great one, this never lived up to it's hyped promise for me. I like about half of it. And that half is pretty nice.
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    Hi everyone! I've been reading this forum for a while and finally decided to register and create my first topic Finally finished my DIY amplifier project. I always wanted to design a tube amplifier but didn't have much time for it. This project took me about 6 months to finish. It has two power amplifiers inside: a solid state one based on STA540 and a class-A single-ended 6SN7+6V6 tube stereo amplifier. You can switch between 2 amplifiers using a knob on the front panel. The reason of having 2 amplifiers is simple: the device is used as a computer audio amplifier. Most of the time I use it to watch videos or playing games. STA540 is a high-quality power amplifier and it will be more than enough for these purposes. But when you want to enjoy some music (e.g jazz) you can simply turn on the tube amp. Such system can significantly extend tube life. I wanted to use a modern circuitry in the tube amp design. The operating point (cathode currents etc) is precisely controlled by the integrated circuits, while the audio signal only goes through the tubes and high-quality capacitors and resistors. I also used a switch mode power supply which is much smaller and more efficient than classic linear ones. In addition to that, it doesn't have this 50 Hz hum, as the operating frequency is higher than 100 kHz. I know that sometimes it can produce a high-frequency noise, so I used a comprehensive filtering of the output voltages. There is a "magic eye" tube (6E5C) on the front panel for indication, but it's just a nice looking gimmick :). I ordered PCBs in China and it took around 10 days for them to get delivered to my place. And finally, a very important thing: the amp appearance! I used brushed aluminium and jarrah wood as the main materials. The CNC routing was done here, in Australia. I gradually sanded the wood (the last sandpaper was 400 grit) and covered it with 4 layers of transparent lacquer to enhance the natural colour and to protect the wood. I also added copper pipes for steampunk appearance :). The labels on the rear panel were laser engraved. Overall, I'm very happy with this amp and I'm glad that I found some time to finish it. Both amps sound great. I prefer to use the tube one to listen jazz or blues while the solid state one is better (IMHO) for more bassy genres.
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    Laser cut/etched cart alignment tool I knocked up on my laser machine based on Conrad Hoffman's custom tonearm arc tool (http://conradhoffman.com/chsw.htm) I call it the A-Track Could make them available to purchase if enough interest is shown. Edit: There seems to be a bit of interest so I'll go the next level with it. I'm going to perfect the design and then offer it for commercial sale. I'll most likely setup a website where you can order them. Put in your turntable's variables and I will generate a protractor specific to your table. I've got a decent file for a strobe disc also so I'l make that available. The other thing I was thinking is using mirror acrylic so might offer a special edition in mirror gold or silver. I'll keep this post updated over the next week or so with some photo progress.
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    Dexter Gordon ‎– Doin' Allright - another 2019 analog reissue hit from Blue Note
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    Yesterday's Jazz playlist. A few Foo Fighters and Nothing but Thieves also enjoyed. Oh and Smokie.. Thanks @SPR08Y for the lend of Lars and Larry. Really blown away by the SQ on Robbie. Others are a mix of Music Matters and Japanese releases (Groovenote for Vanessa)
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    Item: JBL 4430 Speakers. Location: Geelong, Vic. Price: $5500 Item Condition: Excllent. Like new! Reason for selling: Downsizing. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Extra Info: Hi guys, For sale here is a pair of JBL 4430 speakers. I am advertising these for a dear friend of mine. So, if you have any questions, please send me a PM and if I cannot answer them myself I will liaise and get back to you. As you can see by the pictures these particular speakers are not in their original, studio looking cabinets. These particular cabinets were built by John Woodhead at Aranmar at great expense to the owner. The cabinets are of the same internal size/volume as the original cabinets and are very well built and inert and were designed to look like and have the appeal of fine furniture. The crossovers use high quality components and were built and tuned by well known and late Jimmy V. During this build the woofers had brand new original JBL recone kits installed and installed by the late Bill Dutt. And the horn drivers had new replacement diaphragm’s also. (Please note: the slot tweeters are not available at the time.) This is a great chance to buy what is practically a brand new pair of these legendary JBL’s! Pick up can be arranged from St. Leonard’s (Bellarine Peninsula) or Newtown (Central Geelong). Pictures:
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    I go back and forward on Chord DACs. I've owned most of them - Qute, Hugo, QBD76HD, DAVE/Blu2, and currently own the Mojo, M Scaler, TT2 and Qutest. Chord DACs have a sound signature which I typically don't gravitate towards - they are on the leaner, tonally cooler, more revealing end of the spectrum. I normally prefer warmer, darker, richer. But there is something strangely addictive about Chord DACs - when I think I have successfully moved on to something else, I get drawn back to them. Other DACs can sound "better" on a superficial level, but the Chord DACs are the only ones I've heard that (for me) provide that deeply satisfying, musically engaging feeling that, until now, only a good turntable can provide. I think this shows that Rob Watts is onto something with the application of massive processing power to the task. But still the sound from Chord DACs is far from perfect. The QBD76 was a very dry sounding DAC. The DAVE/Blu 2 suffered from a similar characteristic though to a lesser extent, as well as (again, for me) an unnatural sense of space. This gradually creeped up on me after owning it for a year, and I ended up selling both. But I immediately regretted it. The DACs I tried to replace the Blu 2/DAVE with sounded initially better, but just weren't as satisfying in the long term. It was when I brought my little Mojo home from the office to try against the other DACs (which I won't name) it was clear that, despite its obvious shortcomings, the tiny Mojo was a more engaging DAC than some much more expensive and seemingly more technically accomplished DACs. I knew I had to get back into the Chord game, so I bought a Qutest. This is really a superb DAC. With a linear PSU (despite what Rob Watts says) and using the optical input (the other inputs sound awful), this could genuinely be all most of us need. It sounded remarkably like the DAVE, and in some ways better - more liquid, a more natural sense of space - though of course much less resolving. I could really have stopped there. But of course I didn't. I bought a TT2 and M Scaler, and these sound amazing. Again, a strong family resemblance to the DAVE, with some trade offs. More liquid and smoother than DAVE, more dynamic, but with a smaller soundstage and perhaps a touch less resolution. The effect of the M Scaler on the TT2 is far more pronounced on the TT2 than the Blu 2 on the DAVE. So far I think the TT2/M Scaler is producing a version of the Chord sound I think I can live with. But I would love to borrow a DAVE again to compare directly against the TT2 ...
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    Tina Turner - Private Dancer. In memory of my Mother who passed away on Wednesday, Shirley Batt loved this album. R.I.P. mum.
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    Bill Evans Trio - Waltz For Debby
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    Here you have a picture of the 2 prototypes that we have made for measurement purpose and final crossover design. We are very happy with the end result. I promise final product photos later on. Regards Nicolas Hulgich HULGICHAUDIO
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    Pretty much completed this resto/mod of a thorens td150mkii. The grace 707 with a shure v15 MKiii cartridge goes nicely with this turntable. Can't comment if the solid plinth really makes a difference but I am loving the tight low end and noticable soundstage. I can't compare it to an original td150 mkII as I sold my second tt before I finished this one. Few small adjustments required but certainly at the stage of just sitting back and enjoying this now.
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