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    Helps with the imaging......... GLWTS
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    Item: JBL 4350 Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $17000 Item Condition: For a 48 year old speaker, great. Reason for selling: I have owned them for a few years now and my room just isn't wide enough to get the speakers far enough apart. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Anyone considering the investment in these speakers know what they are so I won't go on too much of a rant. In my opinion these are the pinnacle of the 43xx Blue Baffle monitors. Overall system sensitivity of 95db/w and capable of SPL's exceeding 126db. Why would you require such high SPL's you may ask? Whilst you are not likely to crank the speakers to a level approaching 126db it's the sheer effortlessness of reaching high SPL's that is so addictive with large JBL monitors. They will play loud without a hint of strain. The dynamics here is just off chops. I have never heard another speaker come close to the mid-bass wallop these have. It's just insane, unless you have heard these speakers you couldn't even begin to imagine what I am referring to. I assume if you are considering these you are familiar with the drivers so I won't go into there sound signature of each but I have to say these are the most dynamic vintage JBL monitor. You may ask where the 4345's fit into the mix? They are a similar sized monitor in size and sensitivity but with a larger 18 inch woofer as opposed to 2x 15's. Well you can keep your 18inch woofer and I'll raise you a 12inch mid bass, but most importantly the 4350's have a 4 inch compression driver and 2inch horn. The diaphragms are more than twice the size of the 4345 and the driver weighs nearly 20kg alone. It makes the 2420/2425 look like a toy. The 2440/2441 is really as good as it gets with vintage JBL horns. It's not just the sheer size of the 2440/2441, it's just a superior driver. All the cones and diaphragms are original JBL OEM and being the "A" variation the drivers are all Alnico. The speakers come with the JBL 5234 Active Crossover with the 250hz crossover cards installed. This is just a freebie thrown in with the speakers but I would seriously look at a better crossover for these. I used a DEQX but something like a Bryston 10B or First Watt B4 would be good too. The old JBL crossovers are a bit long in the tooth these days, even if you recap them. I bought these of the original owner so these have not been passed around or abused. I have the foilcal for the grilles but the plastic flim has started to peel off so I didn't stick them on. You could heat them up with a heat gun or maybe get on to them with an iron. Cabinets are in pretty good nick, the speakers are now approaching 48 years old so that has to be taken into consideration. If you look close there a few marks here and there but they are a solid 8/10. There is one defect worth noting, on the top left corner of one side there is a bit haziness in the finish. I have hi-res photos with the flash on so you can have look. It's not a big mark but worth mentioning. Unless you had a pair stored in a vacuum I doubt there are many 4350's in better nick. Sequential serial numbers 12007A 12008A. These will never depreciate and along with the Paragon are the most valuable and sort after JBL speaker. I doubt this would interest any buyers but I have a pair of charge couple 3155 crossovers I could include if you wanted to bring these to 4355 spec. Jantzen caps, Jantzen Wax Inductors and Superes resistors. The HF portion of the speakers have been re-wired with Duelund 16AWG and the binding posts are CMC's. For a little extra I can provide a JBL MPA600 power amp to drive the LF section. 400 watts in 8 and 600 into 4, plenty enough to drive the 4x15's. Not expecting to sell these quickly so I will not entertain any low ball offers. If you are local and want to hear the speakers without the interest in buying I am happy to give a few people a listen. This would have to be at a time that suits me as setting these up requires substantial component changes in my system.' Edit I should also add I am open to trades. The speakers I am interested in seldomly come up for sale but it's worth a shot. If you have a pair of Duntech Sovereigns, Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario or Elipsa Red or Stradivari. Let me know. Photos:
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    my bling amp. sounds amazing after being upgraded to S250 spec.
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    Room is pretty much done now. Still need to make my rack. What the gear is on at the moment is terrible but it does the trick. The Bluesound Vault 2i is new and it’s a really great bit of kit that looks and sounds great. Newest addition is the Meridian 501 preamp. I purchased this nearly a year ago but have only just received it. It’s been sitting at the daughters place in Melbourne all this time. Have only just plugged it in for a listen, sounds good so far. I don’t think I like it as much as the Mingda valve pre but it’s early days yet.
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    Well, I'm really quite excited to be involved and exhibiting at this years' show[emoji16][emoji16] Teaming up with my longtime mate Keith @cheekyboy and his Wyndham Audio goodies, and a new friend Ben @Nanoat with his delicious Aussie made tube amps, I'll be showing off the high efficiency "crossoverless" speakers from Contrast Audio, a newly developed rack design and of course The Satchel!! Free hugs for SNA members (only from me though, I can't speak for Ben or Keith!!)
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    I have too many turntables, thinking to sell some
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    My DIY turntable based on DENON DP 3000 with SME 300 tonearm and a DL103 Gold Limited edition. Magnetic sustentation of the main board.
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    Actually this is why the frequent calls for double blind testing happen. Imagine the scene: two fanbois facing off against each other on a misty moor at dawn. Each turns to their seconds, who open a lined leather-bound case. After a polite murmured, "After you", "No, after you", each fanboi carefully selects the dac of their choice. They walk away from each other a certain number of paces to what each deems to be the best listening position. Both appear tense, running their hands over the controls, feeling the sharp edges and corners, contemplating the whiplash of the power cords and the dangers of electric shock promised by the labels "Caution! No user serviceable parts inside". A voice calls: "Final chance. If any fanboi wishes to stop this matter now, speak up." But both men, so eloquent and garrulous in the past, now are tight-lipped. All is still and silent on the moor. The silence is inky black like a 24/96 recording transcribed directly from the half-speed master. "So," the voice continues. "It is dacs at ten paces, gentlemen." Almost unconsciously, each man (for these are proud, stubborn men, you don't think a woman would be out here at the crack of dawn when a cuppa and a good bowl of muesli in bed will do), gently feels the weight and heft of their dac in their fingertips, like Australian cricketers contemplating sandpaper. "There is but one thing remaining," the voice says. "Seconds, the blindfolds please." With care, each second ties a black cloth over the eyes of their combatant and checks the integrity of the other's blindfold. Satisfied, they nod and step back. "You may now hurl your best shots. Good luck." To the ordinary human being, hitting a target at ten paces while blindfolded can be rather challenging. But these are audiophiles, ears carefully curated and fine-tuned after years of listening. In an instant they can pick the difference between mp3 and flac. The shortcomings of CD versus LP redbook are child's play to discern. They know when a supertweeter is in use, and whether a speaker cable has fallen to the floor from it's dinky little plastic stand. Each man pauses, listens, decides, and hurls. Those sharp corners! Those knife-edged casings! The sheer weight of manufacturer-skimped electronic components! Of course, both men miss their targets completely. Ego satisfied, they shake hands and go home. It could have been a lot worse, were it not for the blindfolds. It's possible even that one or both may have struck a glancing blow! This is why double blind testing is the best and safest method to resolve disputes among audiophiles.
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    "Hi honey, just bought a new CD player"...... !!!!
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    Testing my new DIY floor standing speaker project this morning! Not painted & bees waxed yet...
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    Of course it is. Today's delivery of my purchase of a 'must have'.
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    Steve here - been a hifi appreciator for the best part of 20 years but can't justify going full-on as I've got too many other hobbies plus have just completed building our own house (yes, owner-builder) on Port Hacking. Anyway, my system for the last decade has been: . Sony XA3ES CD player . Rotel RC1070 pre-amp . Rotel RB1080 amp . B&W DM602S3 bookshelf speakers (barely bookshelf!) . Rondo Supra speaker cable, QED interconnects . Sony MDR-CD1700 headphones (had a dedicated Musical Fidelity valve headphone amp but it didn't gel so gifted it to a friend) I dabbled in 5 channel surround sound but went back to two channel for simplicity. For years this was good enough, I was happy. But lately I become interested in seperate DACs, and also NAS storage. It's amazing how draw-fulls of CDs don't get listened to just through convenience issues. Soon after the new house was built another great mate offered a Musical Fidelity A1008 DAC/pre/power-amp he was no longer using. Sure - I'll give it a try! Next level. Soundstage, bass, gravitas, tonal clarity...yeah I'm keeping this! Pics of progression: So, now using the MF onboard DAC attached to a Bluesound Vault NAS/streamer. Even the wife finds it intuitive & is an active participant in my hifi remodel. At this stage we've settled on Tidal for our streaming services - can't convince her to move to the (more expensive) hifi subscription but man, does this setup deliver anyway! The room is certainly acoustically compromised but I don't mind. It's a big room, those speakers fill it with gravity & we are enjoying both our existing music collection & new titles together. It's working out... P.S. I recommend those IsoAcoustics stands. Aside from bringing the speakers to the correct height, they tightened everything up nicely.
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    Hey mike,not squashed in but got bit of toe in,sound sweet Main position is sitting on bed They are in my bedroom!!
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    Made a new rack today. Waiting on some spikes for the legs. Not bad for $150 in parts and a lazy afternoon. Too hot to bring the JBL home today.
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    The view from my bed when I awaken. Mmmm. To all you heathens who scroll through their non-existent collection on a "device", how painfully 21st century of you.
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    Nudgee Beach sunrise: Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 24-85 lens @ 22mm, f/11, ISO 50, 1/20 sec. --Geoff
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    2 box toob power amp putting out 8 or 9 glorious SET watts....
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    Keeping it simple these days.
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    Most vagabonds I knowed don't ever want to find the culprit That remains the object of their long relentless quest The obsession's in the chasing and not the apprehending The pursuit you see and never the arrest Tom Waites
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    I think some reject Chord DACs because they do not conform to but challenge their long established beliefs about what audio reproduction should sound like. I think this is particularly true of those who value smoothness above all else so that all their recordings sound listenable.   I bought the Chord Qutest and subsequently M-Scaler after a lot of soul-searching (because of their cost) having listened to them - and certainly not spontaneously through fashion! For me they add one more level of realism, particularly of resolution, PRAT and imaging to a system that is already high in this regard: - speakers that have rigid drivers that do not break-up/resonate within their pass bands and have overall THD of less than 0.1% over most of their range - recent class-D N-Core amps that have very low distortion of less than 0.01% over their whole range even treble (unlike many class A/B amps).   Interestingly as resolution/detail increases beyond a certain point I often find even 'bad' recordings become more listenable - and have a certain charm of 'authenticity'.   When I used to teach physics I used an analogy of science being like a train that needs two tracks in sync - a theoretical track and an experimental observational one. I think this is true of the Chord DACs & M-Scaler - Dave Watts provides very plausible theory and my observations provide the evidence for me.   So I don't think Chord DACs are snake-oil - nor just fashionable. For me the combination of Chord Qutest and M-Scaler is so addictive it is hard to stop listening to music and I certainly won't be selling mine any time soon!
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    Sneak peek of the rack that I’m building. The timber I pulled out of the roof of an old nursing home. I estimate it’s at least 80 years old. Ive ripped it down the guts, put it through the thicknesser and biscuited it together. I think it looks amazing so far. 😁
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    Item: Focal Alto Utopia BE speakers (Focal Signature Colour) Location: Adelaide Price: 9600 (Current replacement is the Focal Scala Utopia V2 which RRP - $57,000) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Want to try something else Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Shipping: As I have had many inquiries in regards to shipping cost. To give an idea of shipping cost, I have contacted pack and send and they have quoted me $950 to package it up, put it on a pallet and send it from Adelaide to Perth with $10,000 freight insurance. Obviously this will be cheaper if it is going to nearby cities e.g Melbourne / Sydney / Brisbane. Extra Info: After thinking for a while, I think it is time for me to let this go and try something different as I have owned many Focal speakers previously already. So this pair of lovely speakers are up for sale. This speaker is the top of the line "Utopia" range for Focal. Best of the best for the French company. It is much better than the current line of Electra BE or Sopra range. Exceptional speakers, very transparent and detailed. Will show you every minor changes you make to your system. End game speakers for me, but life is too short to not try another pair. I dont have original box so shipping will need to be via pack n send. Welcome to come for home audition and happy to help out with delivery by meeting up half way for any Eastern state buyer. Specifications: 3-way bass reflex floor standing • 11" “ W ” cone woofer • 6-1/2" “ W ” cone midrange Power Flower magnet system • 1" pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Focus Ring magnet system Sensitivity: 90dB Frequency Response: 30Hz - 40kHz Nominal Impedance / Minimal Impedance: 8 Ohms / 3.2 Ohms Crossover Frequencies: 250Hz / 2500Hz at 24dB/octave Dimension (HxWxD): 1208x370x530mm Weight (each): 75.5kg (166.2lbs)
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    As a spectator on most other prominent forums, this issue is not specific to StereoNET. In fact, I still believe that we offer one of the more balanced forums in hi-fi and HT, and our approach to moderation has always been mostly relaxed apart from obvious or direct breaches of our Website Guidelines that apply to all. The specific threads in question were able to carry on far longer than I ever expected they would, but ultimately ended up drifting far from the original topic. When I did intervene (being an Admin/Mod) I was subjected to being on the receiving end of abuse via PM, along the lines of "who do you think you are closing that thread" and similar. In hindsight, I probably should have just removed the poster from our community at the time, as they ended up being the problem all along. In your case scumbag, as you become more knowledgable and start participating in more advanced threads, they generally become far more technical. There are other sites for those advanced discussions such as Audio Science Review etc. With those discussions, they can end up having far too much input from those that are not as knowledgeable or advanced in their actual experience and knowledge. Just thinking out loud here I guess. My approach has always been to look at it from what's best for the long term success and enjoyment of our forums. Sometimes we have to make the call to remove someone who often contributes quite good content, but the negatives outweigh the positives if they're argumentative, controversial, or make things personal. Recently I have seen the need to be more hands on with moderation, and many more warnings are being handed out by the mod/admin team than in the past. Of course, as the forums get busier and busier (which they are), it requires more work from all of us. WIth a constant influx of new members that perhaps don't understand the community (or more importantly the StereoNET 'spirit' that we have cultivated over the last decade), we do need to be more actively engaging discussions. But we do and always will rely on self-moderation from the community and the use of the Report button to bring matters to our attention as well. There's not many Reports that go without being acted upon. Even if you don't receive any form of notification or follow up (sorry, we don't have time to send personal messages etc on every report).
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    tem: TAD Reference One Mk2 speakers Location: warrnambool Price: $70000 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Absolute world class speakers. One year old with maximum 200 hours on them. Present as new without a mark on them. Original shipping packaging supplied. Can ship but local pickup is preferred. RRP $88000 USD Asking $65000 AUD http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/tad-
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    So I’ve finished the wall acoustic panels, I’ve still got to cover the panels that I’ve got lining the fireplace but that can wait for a little bit. I have wrapped the panels in a linen fabric that the missus picked out. I’m not overly happy how this turned out but it looks ok from a distance 😉. They are hung from stainless steel cables that are crimped and attached to a aluminium channel that I have painted the same colour as the walls. The missus absolutely hates them and has complained a lot!!!!! But they have been designed to easily come down and hide them away. The panels have dramatically changed the sound of the room and system. The best value for money I have spent on the system so far. Quite amazing the difference in sound for about $450 all up and a little bit of time. 👍
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    Location Perth RRP $20,000 STEREO NET PRICE $10,990 CONDITION PERFECT DEMO IN STORE 08 9374 0388 Trade in pair of these stunning Italian Handmade works of art in Perfect condition. Come in for a demo open 7 days a week - West Coast Hifi Midland Description: Three-way, floorstanding, dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1.2" (28mm) soft-dome tweeter, 7" (180mm) paper/carbon-fiber/titanium-cone midrange unit, two 8.3" (210mm) rigid paper/carbon-fiber-cone woofers. Crossover: first-order "attenuated," 200Hz and 2.5kHz. Frequency response: not specified. LF extension: 24Hz. Measured impedance: 4 ohms nominal. Measured sensitivity: 92dB/W/m. Power requirements: 30-300W. Dimensions: 46" H by 101/2" W by 223/4" D. Weight: 154 lbs each. Serial number of units reviewed: 024 "Anno 1998 Fecit." Price: $20,000/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 24. Manufacturer: Sonus Faber, 36057 Arcugnano (Vi), Italy
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    I found placement of the (ex)missus worked best for me, I placed her out the door. It even sounds better when the stereo is off.
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    So, the AU Alpha 907MR was suffering from cracked side panels, as is often the case with late model Alphas that have copped a few bumps. The side panels are a type of MDF which are very smooth and have been finished with some kind of vacuum-formed plastic covering (as opposed to vinyl). It is probably around 0.5-1mm thick and has the inner wood-look finish with a hard, brittle clear layer over the top. Below are the damaged original coverings which have been carefully removed: The smooth MDF finish beneath: I decided to use a 3M Di-Noc Bubinga gloss vinyl to refinish the side panels, just as smurfer77 used on his 907 Limited (albet in birdseye maple finish). The Di-Noc vinyl is very pliable once heated, and can be stretched to confirm with curves and corners. It takes some practice and patience. I recommend buying slightly more than you need, cutting off a test piece, and mastering the process. One panel complete: Both panels done - all trimmed up, holes cut for the plastic lugs to be inserted, and screwed into place. Very very happy with the result - the colour is similar, but with much more grain and visual interest. Frankly, I'm amazed at how good this 3M product is! In terms of the appearance and grain, it is slightly better than the factory finish on the 907XR that is here, which is a birdseye maple type finish. They have done such a brilliant job in achieving variation to the finish and giving the impression of depth.
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    I don't even want to ride sealed footpaths anymore, let alone some of the craziness posted to this thread. Sadly, no improvement to the Radial nerve yet and left hand is just coming along for a free ride still. The hard drugs for the nerve pain work, but render me practically useless. I persevere each morning through the pain to at least get a little work done as bills still have to be paid. The rest of the day is spent in my own little bubble with floating pink elephants and new interpretations of The Wall, DSOTM and more. Pretty cool rediscovering music in this state actually! Just trying to be positive!
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    MY 2Ch system Hegel H360 JBL 4429 Bookshelf Speakers Bluesound Node2
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    Personally I reckon the divisions between subjectivist and objectivist on SNA are massively exaggerated. If anyone has spent any time on other forums you’ll see how well behaved and agreeable SNA is by comparison. EDIT: The few reasons I know of for people leaving SNA have nothing to do with objectivist vs subjectivist.
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    Lazy sunday.... Bedroom setup. #Tannoy15gold #MysterePA21/CA21 combo
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    Item: ROGERS LS3/5a original BBC Studio Monitor speakers. Location: Tassie Price: 1950.00 Item Condition: used Reason for selling: winter years Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a original , one owner pair , of ROGERS LS3/5a BBC Studio Monitor speakers....bought in 1986 and left in cologne with my mother until 7 years ago... The much wanted 15 Ohm version , matching serial numbers of course and all original scratches , but nothing too bad at all ...the top could be re-sanded...???...they had a very easy life and never been abused ...speaker terminals have been replaced , one broke by removalist over there , all original cables left inside... postage included...!!!! more pictures available on request...!!! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Makes your username somewhat ironic...
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    I built some speakers out of the same curly jarrah. Meniscus Audio Kairos.
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    Hey I’ve just found out Esoteric have used the AK4493 (used in Fein II) in their new $10K SACD/CD player. https://www.ttvjaudio.com/Esoteric-K-05Xs-SACD-CD-Player-p/eso0000089.htm Good to know I’m not the only one who thinks this chip sounds so good! Quote Following in the Footsteps of the Grandioso K1: The New Dual Mono D/A Converter The digital-analog converter section has been fully redesigned based on the latest platform used in the Grandioso K1. An AK4493 32-bit DAC from Asahi Kasei Electronics has been combined with premium components and the latest design technology to provide an exceptional level of sound quality.
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    Tina Turner - Private Dancer. In memory of my Mother who passed away on Wednesday, Shirley Batt loved this album. R.I.P. mum.
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    Bill Evans Trio - Waltz For Debby
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