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    Did someone mention "Painted Plinths"... And Platters...
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    No kids this morning, cranked it up.
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    I hope he's also on SNA and starts his own thread!
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    Item: Klipsch La Scala Speakers Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450 Price: $5000 Item Condition: Used but excellent condition and sound Reason for selling: Too big for our small home Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Only Extra Info: I am the proud owner of a pair of Heritage Klipsch La Scala Speakers; serial numbers 8816060 and 8816061. I purchased them in 1986 time-frame, have taken good care of them and still have the original boxes. Unfortunately, our house is far too small to really appreciate what these speakers can do. I first heard them used by a band in an open auditorium and was amazed at the sound. I decided then and there that I needed a pair. Mine have a walnut lacquer finish with lighter brown upper grilles. This is a reluctant sale but someone deserves to enjoy the amazing music these speakers produce. The clarity and efficiency is thrilling. My favourite activity is to sit between them, close my eyes and sense that the musicians are playing live right in front of me. They are that good. I have attached a Klipsch spec sheet and pictures. Demo in person or via social media is possible. Pictures: LaScala.pdf
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    In my humble opinion the Post Office is actually selling this style of basic record cleaner for what they should sell for given how inexpensive these types of cleaners would be to manufacture. At $40 the Post Office version makes the similar $140 Spin Clean version look way to expensive, which in fact it always was. Still I bet if someone marketed a similar design spin clean version but said it had rare high altitude albino virgin Yak fur infused brushes some in this hobby would be mug enough to pay $500 for one. cheers Terry
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    Item: Hulgich Audio Astor Loudspeakers Location: Sunbury, VIC Price: $8500.00 Item Condition: As new. Reason for selling: Funding a new build by Hulgich Audio, that impressed I have been by this speaker. This listing has the blessing of Hulgich Audio. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+fees), or Credit Card (With associated fees) Extra Info: I received these very early from Hulgich Audio for a no-obligation product review for StereoNET. They've been here for approximately 12 months I assume. So impressed was I by what I heard, I called Nick and bought them full price, no questions asked. They've remained my benchmark reference speaker at the price point easily up to speakers I've heard approaching $25K and more. You can read my full review: https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-hulgich-audio-astor-loudspeakers I do also have a custom design and built (by Hulgich), matching centre channel if you're interest in Home Theatre duties also. Price by negotiation. Auditions available here in Sunbury. I do have the original transportation crates that these were shipped from South Australia in, but for local transport I would suggest the normal care and wrapping / blanket etc. Preference is given to a local buyer, but if necessary freight can be arranged by the buyer and I will assist from this end. Pictures:
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    First to hear them this morning bought the package with the centre channel. Thanks for all the interest!
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    Hi John, I read your post with concern and compassion. I am fully sympathetic to any complaints regarding people not feeling safe here. To me, it is top priority that bullying does not occur and that people feel safe to participate on StereoNET forums. We are a community of like interest and what is supposed to be a fun hobby, so to bully participants is an horrendous outcome. The community will invariably attract many personalities including those without high confidence, either technically or socially, and those without combative inclination, who look in mild horror at big personalities locking horns and dismissing one another and using debating tricks and point scoring, etc etc. It is entirely likely that getting belittled or mocked here could bring on episodes of mental conditions for some people. And I contend that a kind and gentle community needs to take them into account too. I am also aware that you probably read the above while thinking, "but you are part of that problem, Newman, have you no self awareness?" And now you have your answer: I do indeed. And I hope -- very sincerely -- that my most obstreperous posts are reserved for situations where others are also loud and bold and outspoken.... and in their case, wrong, and recalcitrant. But I am sincere in my first paragraph. And would like to make a special comment on your request for "acknowledgement and respect for the experience others." Everyone is entitled to that IMO, yet some of that acknowledgement must consider that hifi experiences are routinely mistaken, or actually, misdirected. Hifi, as a listening experience, has a peculiar dimension to it, which is at the core of a lot of disputation. Specifically, that when we listen, some of the impression we gain of a listening experience is independent of the sound waves. And I don't mean "ah, this pleasant red is enhancing my enjoyment of the music". I mean much more directly than that, where our perception process convinces us that some component or change in the playback system is causing an audible (better or worse) change in the sound waves, even when it isn't. In fact, this process is so strong, that we can routinely become convinced of an improvement when things have actually gotten sonically worse, and vice versa. (And please don't debate this as 'my opinion' -- it is not my opinion so much as what the evidence says). If you think about it, this is pretty dramatic for this hobby's popular side-pursuit of component analysis. One has to be very careful in what one claims is due to a change in the sound waves. We are all prone to be routinely grossly mistaken if we think that uncontrolled listening has any credence as a method for determining the sonic merits of a component. Which brings us to your request for acknowledgement and respect for the experiences of others. Granted. But. In turn, people posting such experiences could return the favour and show some acknowledgement and respect for the scientific understanding of human perception, and what that means about the (lack of) reliability of the experiences that they are relating here. Acknowledgement that -- to put it clearly -- these uncontrolled listening experiences are literally worse than nothing when it comes to assessing the merit of a component. I don't notice much of that acknowledgement when people post their listening experiences. After all, it almost makes the relating of one's experience assessing components pointless. Which take all the fun out of it. Well! Hmpf! So people gaily go ahead and post their experiences of some pretty dubious technology, as if the technology is definitely causing all sorts of sonic outcomes in the sound waves in the air. Again and again and again and again and again this happens. The readers who understand how perception works read it all and they know what has probably (extremely probably) happened here. And they might know that, in an ideal world, they should respond by posting some long variety of all I have written above -- but, seriously? So, they choose a sarcastic one-liner instead - which is unfortunate, but kind of understandable, especially if the listening experience was related in a particularly cocky and arrogant manner regarding causes and effects. A lot of this could have been avoided with thorough, controlled listening tests of every single component or tweak, but that is an unreasonably massive task for the casual hobbyist, and one the industry has zero stomach for, since (I can say with extreme confidence) almost every single scientifically-curious product will turn out to have no perceptible effect on sound waves -- or worse. So most hifi hobbyists want to say things here that are completely indefensible, but they want to be treated gently while they insist that they are right when challenged, even getting defensive and stroppy along the way. And indeed, you are right, they should be engaged kindly, but how hard is it if they are not to bring a learning mentality and attitude to joining the community, some of whom really know their stuff. It takes two to avoid treading on toes in a tango.
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    Item: ATC SCM40A FLOORSTANDERS - AS NEW AND ONLY PURCHASED MONTHS AGO. Location: MOONEE PONDS, MELBOURNE Price: $14400 Item Condition: AS NEW Reason for selling: SEE BELOW Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Okay, for those looking for something cheap stop reading now, this won't interest you. This EOI is for those who were considering some ATC SCM40A's but have found that there is a wait list of at least three months and a pay up front policy for them. I'll start with my reason for selling. My eldest has just married and is looking at buying a first home. I would really like to help them out with some financial assistance to save them from the dreaded mortgage insurance and bridging loans. I can save money more easily than them and it does seem quite a luxury to have a pair of speakers that are worth what would be quite a bump along in a house deposit. Having said that, I'm not ever intending giving these speakers away. They are worth me keeping them rather than losing a bomb on them. I do have other ways of fund raising if I have to, selling the speakers is just one. Okay, I bought these brand new from Stereophonic in Melbourne only five or six months ago. I have to get a copy of the receipt as I forgot to grab it at the time. I've been a fan of ATC speakers for a few years now having owned 10's, 20's, 40 passives, 50 actives and now the 40 actives. They get better the bigger the number. The 50's were sold as I knew they'd send me deaf and I really wanted to try out the much newer 40's with the new tweeter. I still had and still have my passive 40's so knew what to expect. The active 40's are like the passive version but supercharged. They don't forgive poor recordings and as I've found respond to cable changes. Give them good source material and equipment and you will reap the benefits. These speakers are as they came out of the box but are run in now. They come with all packaging and I will supply a receipt. They have a five year warranty so heaps left on that. As far as I know Stereophonic aren't stocking the 19a or 40a now as they too have to pay up front and then wait for them to be ordered by the importer (a SA hifi dealer), to be made, shipped here and shipped to them. Add to this that the Aus importer only orders once they have a full shipment can make for a looooong wait. These speakers will only attract someone who was considering buying a new pair and were put off by the up front payment and wait. My pricing isn't cheap but when I bought them the advertised RRP was about $17,500 and once I bought them the price dropped to the current $15,999. I suspect this is because they don't have any, are pushing other brands and if someone wants them bad enough they'll be happy to put up the money and wait. So, mine are $14,400, a better price than what a dealer will sell them for. I doubt there will be any discounting off the current $15,999 pricing as the dealer may as well push something else they have in stock. The retail price dropping two grand takes alot of the profit margin anyway. I doubt wholesale cost dropped on these when I bought mine, it's not as if the Aus dollar went up against the GB Pound. I suspect the variable pricing was more about rationalizing pricing of non existent stock and other brands that are more available locally. Anyway, there you have it. If you want some SCM40A's and borked at the wait and parting with your money for months empty handed, mine are here and are new apart from being a few months old and run in now. Mine are the only pair advertised for sale that I've seen (apart from new by a dealer) since their release. It's much the same with the passive version. The smaller 19, 11 and 7's do come up but this fact alone is a credit to the larger 40's - people seem happy to hang onto them or strive to upgrade to them. If you're wondering what I'll listen to? I still have my passive 40's and due to a small accident they have a very small bit of cabinet damage so it's not financially viable to sell them, they are worth more for me to keep them. Reviews are at this page: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=scm40a+review&oq=scm40a+review&aqs=chrome..69i57.4695j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Pics below. Pictures:
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    After having been involved in some discussions about analogue and digital and the relative costs vs quality debate I have taken the plunge and upgraded to a new turntable. My contention is/was, was/is, that in order to realise sound quality equal to that of a good CD player you have to spend more on a turntable. My 30 year old Rega 2 had never sounded so good as it did with my new system but it was not as good as my new cd player. F/F to last week and I took delivery of my new turntable and have had the opportunity to play it on a few occasions. I was initially very impressed with the performance and kinda thought that was that. It is a match for my CD player? Yep. Then I stumbled upon a video of Michael Fremer setting up a turntable... After watching most (too much) of that I wanted to kill myself. Knowing all of that extra goodness was perhaps locked away in my turntable and it would take the same cost as my turntable worth of ancillary measuring equipment and an order of magnitude more patience than I will ever have in my life to realise. Now I already have purchased a protractor and some scales to align and set the tracking force. I didn't have anything but my eyesight to measure the vertical tracking angle but it looked ok once I had installed the cartridge. The instructions for the turntable said that it could be used with or without the turntable mat but the VTA would have to be adjusted to keep it level. Well, Micheal introduced this previously unknown setting to me of the "stylus rake angle". Basically saying that the tip of the stylus should be at 92 derees because that's how the cutters were set up. Not "level". As it transpired I experimented over the last couple of days with and without the turntable mat and found I liked the sound without the mat better. This may have been the absence of the mat or the fact that the tip of the stylus without the mat was now altered slightly and may have been closer to 92 degrees than the original 90.. I don't care. It sounded tighter, clearer and more CD like. Yes, I like that. As my arms' anti skating is optimised for cartridges with tracking force of 2g and my cartridge recommended tracking force is 1.75 I was concerned that the "automatic" anti skating may be an issue. As it turns out the range of adjustment for my cartridge is up to 2g. Cool! And the instructions for the arm suggest setting the cartridge tracking force to the maximum the cartridge is recommended for. Cooler!!! So set tracking force to maximum. Back to tonight. Playing with the mat removed and the tracking force set to max delivered a "fast" and revealing sound. But it eventually became a bit " hard". Fatiguing. A bit of tweaking with the tracking force, backing it off, and everything sounded much better. So what have I found? Yes, this turntable set up now equals the sound quality of my CD player. I can listen to either source with equal satisfaction and enjoyment. Nearly. If I choose analogue I will have to accept the clicks and scratches that are part of that medium. I have found the new TT arm combo is more sensitive to scratches and has skipped tracks. On a record in mint condition though, the sound is equal to my CD. I am impressed. 1 point to the analogue people. I also grock some of the "allure" of analogue vis a vis the tactile engagement. Sitting and listening to music and watching the TT do its thing, and I happen to think mine looks pretty cool, provides an added pleasure. But, as it stands the turntable and ancillaries cost more than the CD player to achieve the same result. 1 point to me. And my CD player sits there silently while I **** about with minute adjustments to tracking force, remove and replace platter mats, clean records and the stylus, get up every 20 minutes to swap sides and muting the amp while I lift the tone arm and looks at me as if to say, "really", are you enjoying this?...
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    Item: Vitus SIA-025 Integrated Amplifier - RRP US$27,000 Location: Adelaide Price: $10,000 Item Condition: Mint condition in original box with accessories Reason for selling: Need the funds so my system needs to go! Payment Method: Local pickup or direct deposit for interstate buyers Extra Info: Basically the best integrated amp money can buy and better than most separates! Pure class A 25Wpc switchable to class AB 100Wpc. Don’t be fooled by the numbers, the solid state electronics provide immense power but with tube-like holographic imaging. This is a preamp and monoblocks (SM-010 moaural amplifiers) in a single box. The result is five inputs (balanced and unbalanced), a preamplifier output for bi-amping purposes and balanced speaker outputs. At 40kg, it is built like a Bentley and feels extremely refined with no expense spared in its construction. Beautiful remote that is only available with the Signature and Masters series products. Also includes the original Vitus power cable which is better than many commercial audiophile cables and Vitus packaging. 230v version. Dimensions: 43.5w x 43d x 13h cm The reviews speak for themselves:
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    Simple summary: speakers/room. All else is orders of magnitude less important.
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    These two answers for me hit the nail on the head on - quality of the vinyl pressings.. Already you read through various qeb sires and in general people are sick of the poor quality of new pressings. US pressing plants in general are the biggest problem.What do you consider the biggest threat first to Viryl Technologies and then more generally to the vinyl industry at large?The biggest threat for us is that the quality standard does not improve in the industry as a whole. Currently there is a massive quality problem in vinyl manufacturing. If the industry does not react to this and make steps to improve these issues people will lose interest in the format. If someone is going to spend $30 on a record in comparison to streaming, or other very, very cheap options, it better be pristine…What do you consider to be the most important step that needs to be taken in order to create a more sustainable future for vinyl?Manufacturing. Not just the pressing of records, but also quality plating and cutting. There is room for improvement across all 3 steps of making a vinyl record. This industry is beginning to catch up but there is still a lot of work to do
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    @125dBmonster, dude, don't accept the offer to stay in that garden/ creek view penthouse. There has been a string of guests who were never seen again. Just noting in passing, the Evil One now has a man-sized pizza oven and an endless supply of mystery sausage. Billy.
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    After many years of being a strictly Open Baffle man, I have become a traitor to the cause and have walked on the dark side of cabinets. I have been having a lot of trouble with my sound since we moved house. For starters, my room - a lovely room - is very reflective and completely square. There are major bass suck-out areas, and seating position needs to be selected carefully, and badly placed open baffles can produce sweet cacophony. I don’t want to fill my living space with all that ugly room treatment stuff that audiophools are wont to use. So I struggled. I took my Audio Nirvana Classic 10 drivers and placed them in transmission lines that Edward of Adelaide Speaker Design kindly built for me - in the end, they weren’t much more expensive than they would have been had I built them, but they are much, much more beautiful, and all the bits fit together. These largely solved the bad sound with the ANs problem - but they are still a bit bass shy - cured by (shudder) placing them in the room corners - Noice! Satisfaction is hard to find though … and my nostalgia nerve was tweaked when I saw an ad on Gumtree for some classic 70s speakers. A pair of Tannoy Ardens that I couldn’t afford - but also a pair of Altec Model 15s … i love Altecs, and these have just had their woofers professionally reconed, and the horns sound perfect. I blew my audio budget for the forseeable future. I tried them on stands, but to me (short arse that I am) they sound sublime sitting on the floor - I love ‘em. A wee bit of bass eq solves the suck out like I couldn't with the OBs. After all these openly baffled years, I have become a horns in cabinets man and traitor to the OB cause. Here is a pic of them with my undies as decorative background and the AN TLs as flank guards ...
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    Spent a few hours getting the in the right spot and the subs dialled in as good as my ears will allow and it just sounds so gooood. I have never heard Alt J's 'Hunger Of The Pines' sound so excellent, I reckon I could hear the fibres in the bamboo flutes and felt like getting the Autosol out to polish the brass on the wind instruments, so sorry for sounding [email protected] but would have loved any of you to have been sitting in the sweet spot for that. Completely satisfying on every level.
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    Woo Hoo! We got an award at the 2017 International HiFi Show!
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    HI All Up early, 03: 30 so some quiet background music: JJ
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    I can't see much point to this thread. You all had a chance to vote. SNA doesn't need the debate. For what it's worth, I voted yes and don't believe in a deity. Over and out. Thread closed.
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    I finally set my daughter's system up in her bedroom 18 months after I bought the overachieving Pioneer PLX-1000 with some old classic gear I had stored. Pioneer PLX-1000 with audio technica AT25 Naim Nait 2 Naim speaker cables Goodmans Sterling point 1 speakers. Sounds bloody good - alive and sprightly - I have missed the "Naim" sound over the years. for a number of years I had LP12, Naim Nait and Linn Kan's in my first flat - got me on this slippery slope. those were the days
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    I read the article over the weekend and thought it raised some salient points. For mine, the more important points went far beyond simply addressing the plethora of poorly pressed reissues. I'm not saying that's not an important point that the industry needs to address - it definitely needs addressing sooner rather than later. How sustainable is a resurgence driven by re-issues? Looking at the sales data on Discogs (a pretty reliable indicator), the top ten selling albums for August 2017 https://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-top-50-best-selling-albums-august-2017/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=mktg&utm_campaign=newsletter1711 (couldn't find September or October figures) were: Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon Michael Jackson - Thriller Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Pink Floyd - The Wall The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Radiohead - OK Computer OKNOTOK The Beatles - Abbey Road Dire Straits- Brothers In Arms Queen - Greatest Hits How sustainable is an industry that's reliance on re-issues is so overwhelming? Why aren't newly produced albums topping these charts? Based on this data, the vinyl resurgence looks to me as one being driven by boring old farts who are either not interested in the future of the music industry, or lack the imagination and daring to listen to something new. Unless something fundamental changes here, the industry will become a fetid pool ever stagnating as it watches its core demographic fall off the perch. Even if science does decode the genome (edit: when science does decode the genome) and understand how to halt aging indefinitely, or by a significant margin, how many re-releases of the same old, same old can be peddled to the market? How sustainable is the material? A few of the interviewees discussed how the medium has had to change over the years as various nasties previously used in the production process have been phased out due to new regulations. Being a petroleum based product, it has a limited shelf life unless some bright young thing discovers an environmentally friendly synthetic alternative that sacrifices nothing in quality. Even if this happens, there will invariably be a host of fuddy duddies who hoo ha about how it doesn't sound like it used to and decry it as utter rubbish. The other item that caught my eye was the introduction of the Warm Tone pressing machine by Viryl Technologies. That was one thing from the article that gave me some degree of confidence that vinyl is here for a little while longer at least. Does anyone have any mail on what pressing plants have invested in this technology? Any records that have been pressed on one of these machines? I'd be really keen to know and suspect a few others here would be as well.
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    Sun Ra 1966 The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra, Volume 2. ESP Disk ‎1017, Repress, Stereo, Black label US.
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    Donny Hathaway - Everything Is Everything, another great funkster
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    You're about two inches from a painful mistake there
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    Got it spinning today. Have today off so some peace and quiet to rediscover some old records. Had a session this morning. You know its good when you are hearing things on records you haven't notice before. Thanks Peter for sorting out the power supply so quickly.
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    Don't be silly - a VIP interstate visitor deserves better ,own "compact apartment" with a water view overlooking the crik too!
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    Thelonious Monk ‎Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960. Sam Records/Saga SRS-1-LP, ‎Remastered , GBR/Europe 2017. Can't believe l have had this sitting around for almost two weeks unopened! the disc is in pristine condition too.
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    Miles Davis-Jack Johnson . . not Jazz but . .
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    Rustee, a well integrated sub into the system is a "holyshit" moment if done properly. Adding a quality powered sub would be the way I would go. Perhaps call on the expertise of http://www.redspade.com.au/audio/ for a starting point & at least talk to someone that will point you in the right direction. Also they will raise questions that you will not have considered & really make you think/do your homework
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    Just put this on........
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    Ladies and Gentleman, the best my system has ever sounded. Picked up the new Lenehan ML5's yesterday and got them in place. Back is OK but have pulled the muscle on my right thigh going from the knee right up to the groin. :/ Probably don't need the plinths but they protect the speaker bases and Townshend isolation springs from the vacuum and mop monsters. Plinths custom made by the lovely Ian at https://www.butchersblocks.com.au/ Just a bit of fine tuning-positioning then a good polish and it's time for a GTG!! @Jventer @Rob181
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    Item: Location: Adelaide Price: 10.500 Item Condition: Excellent Original Reason for selling:No Further Use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For Sale Crestline Caravan 1966 Crestline De Luxe Caravan 1966. Mint Original Caravan Length 14 feet 7 inches Caravan is currently registered in South Australia .........PLEASE NOTE CAN ARRANGE TRANSPORTATION FOR INTERSTATE BUYER .........NO PANEL DAMAGE Very Straight ...100% ORIGINAL Condition Original Flooring Paint & Trim Original Annex Original Ice Chest The only new item is the curtains You will not find a more complete 51 year old classic More photos available to genuine enquires ...................CALL ONLY GENUINE ENQUIRES ONLY..................... Pictures:
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    Item: 1965 Omega Seamaster 600 135.011 601 calibre watch Location: Townsville, QLD, Australia Price: $900 including express post. Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Slimming down collection, see description Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The Seamaster was fully serviced in 2014 by a watchmaker in Melbourne, evidenced by the marking in the caseback. It keeps good time and is in excellent condition for its age, see photos for description of physical condition. The watch is all original per the Omega markings in the appropriate places throughout the watch and is very rare to see in the Red Cross on white dial configuration. Sale includes the pictured alligator watch band which is an aftermarket piece. I have not polished the case so as to not detract originality and to provide the buyer the option of doing so or not at their discretion. Selling as I recently inherited a 1969 Omega Speedmaster Professional from my late father, and so will be wearing this watch as my new daily indefinitely at this point. As such slimming down my collection as I have too many watches. At $900 I will include express postage and insurance throughout Australia. Pictures:
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    Who remembers this album from 89. the drums sound a little dated, but still pretty darn good. classic singles like Wise Up Sucker, Can U Dig It and Def Con One. Pop Will Eat Itself - This Is The Day...This Is The Hour...This Is This!
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    Item: Orpheus Aurora 2 Location: North Sydney Price: $600 Price drop to $550 Item Condition: Good cosmetic condition In working order Reason for selling: Got them from a work friend in 2014, no longer required Payment Method: Cash on pickup Extra Info: Inspections and auditions welcome Pictures:
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    I had a beer. Then I had three beers. Then I finished the six pack. Wish I had more beer, I'm enjoying the music. ****, also wish I had a stereo. Ha.
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    Going to be a good weekend..
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    My system is designed to explicitly reject 3 types of music. Classical, and country and western. I find if any classical music passes through my speaker cables, it takes a good 3 weeks to purge the damage it has done. I dont understand the nuances of how it can ruin the electrons path. But it does. Yeah, I know, you probably think I like sweet white wine too. Each to their own. When I get really really old I might change my opininon
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    Glad you found it some help. Jerry (AustinJerry on AVS) put it together and updates it regularly. When you get it all set up, I'm sure he'd love an 'attaboy'. There are pluses and minuses to both. If you find a spot for the sub and it causes a floor resonance, that's easy to solve with some hardwood and bricks, providing you can get under the floor. I basically agree with Joe, but find integration to be the main issue. It requires MEASUREMENT to get it right. I have a mic, preamp, stand cables etc I can usually loan out if you're in Sydney. Sometimes I can even help.
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    I still reckon one of the most important 'components' in any playback system is the source material. A good recording will sound good almost no matter what you play it back on
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    Good that we have spent $130M to get a decision about whether our decision makers should make a decision!
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    Mike, thank you. Bernard Fanning is currently pouring his heart out in my lounge room. Your speakers do the human voice and emotion like nothing I have ever heard. For me, as a first-and-foremost lover of music and the poetry, this is heaven sent. Just beautiful. Thank you.
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    I think you're being a tad harsh, Andrew. I for one, have invested quite heavily in reissues of records I either didn't purchase in their original release period or I needed to replace for those that were no longer up to snuff. In some cases, I purchased the reissues based on a remaster being an improvement to one I already owned. In any event, I don't consider myself a "boring old fart not interested in the music industry or lacking imagination and daring to listen to something new" and I certainly buy plenty of new music on vinyl as well. I don't however think it's right to disapprove of those that want to listen to the music they love, regardless of whether it is new or old. As long as they're enjoying listening and enjoying playing it on vinyl, then all good. I look at it slightly differently. The massive sales of reissues is, right now, the funding platform for music producers and pressing plants to be able to press new music on vinyl. If the represses of the top ten you've listed generate enough income for producers and plants to press dozens of new releases on vinyl, then keep it going, I say. Also worth remembering that many are getting into vinyl for the first time and don't have a library of 70's and 80's music. I see it as a good thing rather than a bad thing that these folk build a library that shows some appreciation of how we got to the music of today. I'm not ashamed to say that I have reissues of 1,3,4,6,7,9 and 10 of those listed and a few of them are multiple copies of some of my favourite albums ever. I will continue to enjoy listening to records from the 50's right through to this year and say good luck to those that listen to their favourites from whatever decade they were created. Agree with all of your other points!
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    Vijay Iyer Trio - Historicity In the word(s) of the late, great Richie Benaud - marvelous!
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    Hi All A few more LP's Cleaned and given new inner sleeves, giving a play now JJ
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    The Rolling Stones ‎– Their Satanic Majesties Request. 50th-anniversary limited edition ( # 739) , includes Michael Cooper’s original 3-D lenticular cover photograph with quadruple fold out. New remasters of mono and stereo in vinyl and hybrid SACD. The albums were remastered by Robert Ludwig. Vinyl cuts by Sean Magee @ Abbey Road Studios. total OCD buy @ JB 20% off today, but the stereo vinyl sounds bloody amazing. best I have ever heard this album.
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    On our walk at Mt Field National Park yesterday: Echidna Tiger snake cheers mick
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