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    Makes your username somewhat ironic...
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    Item: Yamaha AS1100 integrated amplifier Location: Sunshine Coast QLD Price: 1200 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: nlr Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: still has some transferrable warranty left. I have the box and working remote. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    I finally got around to strapping the outputs of my Audio Technica AT33PTG, which I had retipped earlier this year, and after couple of false starts, the end result is very satisfactory. It should put thoughts of dedicated mono cartridges out of my mind, at least for a little while!
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    Weed from the garden has been known to enhance the musical experience.
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    The ESS HEIL AMT is not an electrostatic speaker. It is related to planar speakers but distinct in the way that the pleated diaphragm provides an efficient performance with a wide dynamic range from a relatively small aperture. The dynamic range is where it outshines most ribbon and electrostatic tweeters. The impedance is basically a resistive four ohm and providing the crossover network is correctly designed a complete speaker design does not present a problem for any good amplifier. It does pay to use better quality bass speaker with the HEIL AMT rather than the ESS originals and that is what Garry Cawsey has done with his workshop test speakers and I agree with Ian McP that it is a worthwhile exercise to listen to them and also how a pure Class A solid state amplifier easily drives them.
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    No!!!!!!!! Do not do this without confirming that the cable under the actual installed conditions is rated for that current in those conditions. That's not how it works. The CB is there to protect the CABLE from overheating if too much load is placed on it. Oversize the CB and the cable can overheat, insulation melt and a fire start. DO NOT do this without confirming cable ratings first. Increasing the size of the CB does not reduce the impedance of the circuit in any meaningful way.
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    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - The Sky Is Crying I had a hankering to hear his version of Little Wing
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    They are pretty cool looking bits of kit! This CD/Minidisc combo is also pretty cool:
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    Okay so its pick on me Friday thats fine, I deserve it, i am more visual like an eagle and just look at images and like an eagle cannot read English. haha Back to thread about CD player and remote for sale - nice one at that,
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    That leaves me out. I only have a single blind in my listening room.
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    Hi All, Bob Marley, Legend JJ
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    Lana Del Rey ‎– Norman ******* Rockwell!, Brand new album from Lana. damn ****en expensive, damn ****en great album
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    My favourite old school amp https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9g493-onkyo-grand-integra-solid-state
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    The stands are cheap-ass adjustable height ones I got on eBay. They are the only ones I could find with 450mm height that look like wood (for WAF). https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Home-Theatre-Bookshelf-Hi-Fi-Speaker-Stands-45-70-75-106CM-Height-Adjustable/142821131269?hash=item2140cd8405:m:maA6yMTGH2QgZgt2Gn54HTg&frcectupt=true I sit (or rather flop) very low. The usual 600mm stands are fine for something like LS50s, but not so much for a taller speaker like the R3s. They have excellent vertical dispersion but I'd still prefer to have the tweeter closer to ear level. My previous tall and wide 3 way open baffles have indeed failed the WAF test (hence these), but I have a cunning plan. I'm going to build stand-mounted sat/sub OBs that look just like LS50/R3 but have a separate sealed woofer section I shall tuck under the entertainment unit. She'll never notice. If she does, I'm going to go full stealth and incorporate a couple of Tymphany LAT drivers into H-frame speaker stands.
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    There is also the potential for amplitude modulation of the signal between 20-20k. I don't understand why you say that. If the HF tone modules the LF tone, then it could be audible. However, if we think back to recording. If the HF tone modulated the LF tone, then the microphone records the (modulated) LF tone .... which is stored and then played back. So there isn't a need to record, or store, or reproduce the HF tone, to experience its (indirect) effects. But aren't you assuming that you need to record/reproduce > 20khz for this to happen ..... rather than just record/reproduce the effect that it has on the audible frequency range. You're making a large leap with respect to what your results mean.
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    it is hard to judge from youtube videos. When I had a quick listen this video, Edifier sounds a bit muddy & lacks clarity comparing with Klipsch. Main thing is that you like it since audio is subjective thing. My humble suggestion is not to mention that cannot be backed up especially when you just joined the forum. Otherwise, some will get suspicious of your intention even if it was good and honest intention. There is no back up information this is knockoff Klipsch 15PM that could be found and could not find many international reviews claiming that could not hear the difference. Anyhow, thanks for sharing and good to know that it is great value for money. Cheers
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    Hi All, Great to see plenty of interest and discussion on the ATC products. We are very pleased to be working with such a great company and hope re-invigorate the brand here with more of the visibility/audibility it deserves! Thankyou @JDWest for your contribution/answers above - WA folks be sure to get in touch with John for anything ATC related. @Misterioso - We will certainly be there with ATC at the Melbourne Hifi Show (18th-20th October). We will be demonstrating a pair of SCM100 ASLT(Active Tower) in a rather special finish. Come and visit us in "Lake Room 4"!
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    Hey @candyflip I did an exception with this as it’s my favourite album
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    Item: Rega P3-24 Ortofon 2M Bronze, with Groovetracer sub-platter and platter upgrades, Michell counterweight and white belt Location: Perth Price: Price Drop $1200 firm Item Condition: Very good. A solid 8/10. Some very minor blemishes Reason for selling: Bauer DPS3 Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: Upgraded platter, sub-platter, belt, counterweight It has the Groovertracer reference sub-platter, Delrin platter and Rega white belt upgrades, Michell Engineering underslung counterweight, with an Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge (approx 400 hours). It has an external power supply with 33/45 electronic speed selection. Bias plays a part, of course, but this review on the sub-platter pretty much sums it up: The improvements are immediately noticeable and equivalent to moving up to the next price class, and perhaps beyond. The soundstage snaps into focus with greater clarity. The noise floor drops substantially, along with surface noise, which is pushed deep into the background as it is on more expensive tables. And on the Delrin platter: The sonic benefits include well balanced frequency response with no loss in dynamics. Upper frequencies are better defined which in turn allows more inner detail to shine through. The improved presentation of instruments within the soundstage provides better imaging. The sub-platter and platter alone are worth about $850, and the cartridge is about $400 to replace. The Michell counterweight cost me $240 from the UK in about April this year. There are two counterweights; one for cartridges 3-6 grams and one for cartridges 6-13 grams. Both allow the lid to be closed during play. I have loved this rig. It has served me well, but the call to upgrade cannot go unheeded, so it's time for a new home. I have all the original packaging and can ship anywhere at buyers expense. Includes boxes for Delrin platter, counterweight and sub-platter if required. I would consider separating, but think the unit benefits greatly from the upgrades so would prefer to sell as a package. I have extras, such as felt mats, and all original parts will come with it. Basically, all the Rega stuff I have is included. Pictures:
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    This mornings walk was on the Side of The Mountain. Found the Pink Robin again today with a female close by, no doubt he was preening himself, before and after! Before. After. The female.
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    Still the best I've used, though I'm currently having fun modding some TDA1541A based DAC's. Not up to this level yet though with some luck I'll get there.
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    I spoke with Marc about this yesterday and we both believe the issue is likely with Yahoo Mail. I've logged a ticket with Yahoo and communication has been established so hopefully the issue will be resolved in the near future. Will update this thread as more information becomes available.
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    Thanks for the thought Daz but my bank balance has taken a brutal hammering of late. These are a really great solution though and the price is definitely right so it shouldn't hang around here for long and I wish a fellow MA Silver 500 owner the very best for a quick sale.
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    I think personally it has come down the speakers I have used at the time. Some speakers in the past seemed to make it hard to non existent to hear differences as I changed components. The Lenehans I owned before where a great speaker to be able to hear small differences for me. Plus my current Tekton speakers. I see from someone elses link recently that Nelson Pass uses old Tannoys for that very reason as it makes it easier to hear differences in amplifiers. https://youtu.be/_n3ZJnzo1tY?t=239 So maybe thats why some on here post they hear no difference while others do. Could be the speakers used and most probably different rooms/setups.
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    dynamic EQ is an absolute must and audyssey expects you to use for listening below reference. it will do its own boosting of freq to make sure EQ is dynamically adjusted for volume vs freq. whether OPs FIL AVR has dynamic eq is another thing.
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    I always use a good, calibrated mic and REW or similar. Audessy is a PHD* solution for the average consumer and works well for that. A typical SPL meter won't be as good. *Push Here Dummy.
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    Nils Petter Molvaer - Hamada
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    Your house is already grounded - it would be illegal to build a domestic power distribution without a proper ground. Also, you cannot have two ground points for one house grid but you could split grids in two and have a separate power wires feeding only audio system and using the same or separate ground rod. Look around the house - you should find a piece of metal with a green wire connected to it.
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    Agreed... Aside from trying different DACs, you should also try different interconnects...
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    Makes it hard I know, there are no service agents in SA at all at present. Perhaps there will be some day? Here's the current ones though. ACT PRESTIGE ELCTRONICS CANBERRA PTY LTD 2/102 Gladstone St. Fyshwick 2609 02 6280 7788 NSW PROTEK LISMORE REAR OF CHANNEL 10 BALLINA RD Lismore 2480 02 6625 1432 NSW WESTVIEW ELECTRONICS P/L UNIT 1/7 PACKARD AVENUE CASTLE HILL 2154 02 9659 0077 QLD THE VIDEO FACTORY 6 PIRELLI STREET SOUTHPORT 4215 07 5531 2688 TAS MARCOM WATSON 17 LOWER CHARLES STREET LAUNCESTON 7250 03 6323 8800 Vic VIDEO WORKS REPAIR CENTRE 9 tower st surrey hills 3127 03 9898 3389 Vic JVS - Japan Video Service 9 Loeman Crt Burwood East 3151 03 9570 3886 Vic Pro HI - Tech Services 21/513-515 Maroondah Hwy Ringwood 3134 03 9879 1888 Vic JLS Electronics 17 Village Avenue Doncaster 3108 03 9816 3113 WA R and I Electronics 14 BOAG RD Morley 6062 08 93752777 WA Above Electronics U4/23 Action Road Malaga 6090 08 9209 2283 WA Albrand Electronics 14 Pivac Court Kenwick 6107 08 6101 2786
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    Can't help myself sometimes Removed the variable output board and disconnected the head amp board for a little SQ benefit. Also removed the JRC5532DD opa's and put in sockets so I could use what I think sounds better, BB OPA2406. Did a nice clean job on the underside too (forgot to take a pic), have gotten better with a wick and now avoiding the sucker, works better for me...and my PCB's.
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    I'll keep this thread alive. I've just joined the SP10 club. Bought a renovators delight. PLL circuit is not operational and one of the platter retaining screws is stripped in the sub platter. An probably a new paint job. The plinth is going to be resin and bentonite. I have an EPA100 and EPC100 to go with it. Just need to send the EPC100 back to VDH for repair.
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    This week the Spotted and Striated Pardalotes have been in abundance in the local Reserve. Spotted Pardalote. Striated Pardalote.
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    Alison Krauss & Union Station, So Long So Wrong
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    Onségen Ensemble - Awalaï -- a mix of post rock, hard rock, prog rock, and theatrical vocals from this Finnish outfit. Quite a mix of styles and quite a thrilling listen. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp. --Geoff
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    Michael brook guitar dude extroidinaire has worked with a number of amazing muso most notably on Peter Gabriel's real word label.
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    Yes, I admit that I sidetracked the thread. My apology to OP.. Now back to the topic.
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    Hi All, Listening to VAST whilst prepping dinner. JJ
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