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    Well, I'm really quite excited to be involved and exhibiting at this years' show[emoji16][emoji16] Teaming up with my longtime mate Keith @cheekyboy and his Wyndham Audio goodies, and a new friend Ben @Nanoat with his delicious Aussie made tube amps, I'll be showing off the high efficiency "crossoverless" speakers from Contrast Audio, a newly developed rack design and of course The Satchel!! Free hugs for SNA members (only from me though, I can't speak for Ben or Keith!!)
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    My DIY turntable based on DENON DP 3000 with SME 300 tonearm and a DL103 Gold Limited edition. Magnetic sustentation of the main board.
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    Great speakers that I think punch well above their price point. I'm sorry I let go of mine which were very similar. Nice, musical SB acoustics mid and plenty of projection and air across the room without harshness with the ribbon tweeters. They give you a lot of what the middle sized vintage Klipsches do in terms of sparkle at a distance with, to my mind at any rate, more refinement across the board and deeper bass.. and, unlike many speakers, if something dire happens and you need service, you have a very helpful gentleman with genuine concern for his customers on the same continent. 😎
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    G'day all, With permission from joz, I though I would jump in and answer any questions y'all have about our cables. ScottR shared our Mission Statement which we feels sums us up pretty well (albeit the grammatical errors that have since been fixed!) "Our mission is in our name, ‘No Bullsh*t Speaker Cables’. We want to provide good quality, ‘Aussie as possible’ cables without the hefty price tag. We don’t claim to have the ‘best’ cables or claim the title of ‘Audiophile Grade’. We simply provide Australian Made cable paired with good quality plugs all at a reasonable price. It’s as simple as that." We are simply another offering. We believe in low resistance = quality. We don't believe in a lot of the claims made by some manufacturers but we are not here to bring them down or tell people they can't hear what they believe they can here. We have no issues with those that spend thousands of dollars on cables. If you spend $10k on cables and feel it improves the quality of your audio experience and are happy with your purchase, then you'd be silly to buy anything else. You're welcome to read our 'About Us' page to see how we came about, but long story short, we are a 2 man army (brothers in fact!), that struggled to find well assembled cables without a hefty price tag, so started the process of sourcing the materials and making cables ourselves which turned into a business offering. We try and keep things as Aussie made as possible and are fortunate enough to have Tycab who manufacturers cable here in Australia which is the 'backbone' of our cables. We pride ourselves on our name, 'No Bullsh*t' Speaker Cables. We have nothing to hide and aren't here to make bold claims. We are the first to admit that anyone can purchase the materials we source and make the cables themselves that will sound no different to our cables. Some people just don't want to make up cables themselves and can't see the value of spending thousands, or even hundreds on cables which is where we are happy to jump in. We aren't about to retire on making a few dozen cables a month, especially for the price we sell them for. But the small profit we do make gives us pocket money to spend on our own systems. While we take the assembly of our cables and the quality of our product seriously, we like to have a bit of fun too. This can be quickly picked up by spending a few minutes on our website. We've sold a few hundred cables over our short 11 month lifespan and have been humbled (yet overwhelmed) by the positive feedback we have been receiving. At the end of the day, we're all very fortunate to be in a position to enjoy audio which at the end of day is a luxury. We feel we fill a gap in the market that means our customers can spend more money on the components that we feel makes the biggest impact on the system.. ie speakers! Happy to answers any questions people may have. Thanks again for the opportunity!
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    Item: Celestion Ditton 551 Speakers Location: Brisbane Price: $550.00 Item Condition: Excellent for the age Reason for selling: Too many speakers to hang to these. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal friends, COD Only Extra Info: This set of 551s came as part of complete system I bought to get a hold of a rare Luxman TT. The speakers were in pretty good overall condition, but one tweeter was dead, so both have now been replaced with SEAS 19TFF1 tweeters that are a perfect fit and even allow fitment of the original Celestion marked trim rings. Both original tweeters are included in the sale. While waiting for the tweeters the crossovers were recapped (by Speaker Bug), the front fascia repainted in the original colour, by roller, to match the original finish. The cabinets have been cleaned & oiled and have come up a real treat - probable the best condition 40yo cabs I've had. (There is only one small mark - as per the photos.) The grills are an 7/10 but would be an easy recover, or even make a complete new set and keep the originals as they are very 70's. The tech bits are all on the web along with reviews, but in basic terms these are a three way base reflex, front ported speaker, made in the UK in the late 70s, are 720h x 395w and 328d and weight 25kg each! Obviously local (4105) pickup is preferred, but I'm happy to drop to my local Pack & Send - who I know quite well and would do a good job packing them onto a pallet or skid. HiFi Shark pricing shows most good condition 551s in the A$700 - $1000 range, but I think I'm realistic in my pricing due to fitting the SEAS tweeters and re-capped crossovers. If you after a vintage three way that gives a great sound and looks sensational, then these might be the ticket. Can be demo'd with 24hrs notice. Pictures:
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    A few images from yesterdays wander #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
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    My point was, I suspect ALL are commenting without actually having used one. At a party recently where one of these was in use, all those present were able to connect very simply from their own phones directly to it with the click of a button and play their preferred tunes. You unbox it, plug it in, and away you go. Show me a PA system for the same money, ease of use, connectivity options, and flashy lights that are actually enough to satisfy most small parties and gatherings. Anyway, not here to argue, but just to add some balance to a thread for a product that is actually very good, despite how ugly some might consider it. The audience here is absolutely not the target market.
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    I found placement of the (ex)missus worked best for me, I placed her out the door. It even sounds better when the stereo is off.
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    is that a kiwi version?
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    Playing a few CDs this afternoon,
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    Item: Hall Table-Choice of two Location:Busselton WA Price: $1600 Item Condition:New.Just made. Reason for selling:I am a furniture maker/designer Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Choice of two.One is WA blacbutt and curly jarrah.The other is WA sheoak. This is a new design.Thought I might offer them to Stereonet members before offering them to galleries that sell my stuff. I can make two or more the same if you want more. Two designed in a mirror image with something between the would look pretty interesting.They are 940mm wide by 830mm high. Pictures:
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    Thanks for the mention, Ant, I'm looking forward to October as well and good news that our room 1202 is now confirmed. It's good to be back, having exhibited back in 2016 and we all had a great time back then, but a somewhat different approach this time around, with a good variety of loudspeakers including those sensational little 2 way standmounts from Contrast Audio and a very special pair of Wyndham Audio BR1s in a solid timber finish and built specifically for this show. We will also have a stunning pair of TC Loudspeakers Towers [2 way floorstanders too so no 3 ways or single FRs this year] built in Camphor Laurel and African Padauk solid timber and driven by Nano Audio Technologies beautiful 2A3 SET amplifier. Anyhow, I'm glad I have the Hi Fi Show in October to look forward to and hope to catch up with plenty of old StereoNET audio buddies too while I'm there. Cheers, Keith
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    Hi All, An Ortofon Rondo Bronze MC Cartridge, just a change of taste from the Denon or Benz Micros that I have been using. JJ
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    Started the day like this and now my second DV505 has a home.
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    Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon : 30th Anniversary Special Edition. (SACD Hybrid Multichannel/ Stereo.)
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    The The "Infected" UK 1st pressing.
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    Off to work in an hour, listening to 'The Duke' until time to leave
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    Five years ago my father-in-law departed this world, leaving behind 6,000+ records. After five years untouched, it's time to start working through it as my mother-in-law starts to think about downsizing. It's an impressive collection of mostly rock'n'roll, country, vocal jazz and some R&B. If anyone is interested in keeping tabs on what I find, I've started to document it through Instagram and a blog. https://www.instagram.com/alex_record_collection/ https://alexncollection.com I'm not going to rush it but ultimately a lot of the collection will have to find new homes (I just don't have room for all of it). For anyone in or visiting Melbourne, a first small batch (mainly Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles and Waylon Jennings) has just landed at Rocksteady Records. In time, I might also pick out some things for the classifieds here as well.
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    Item: Vintage Quad II Monoblocks Location: Mentone, VIC Price: $2500 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Time for a change. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: My personal pair of vintage Quads have been totally refurbished with all the good stuff. Sprague Atom filter caps, Jensen PIO caps, carbon comp resistors and the power transformers have been upgraded to greater spec to handle the greater filament draw associated with current production KT66's. RCA input jacks have been installed , and we still have the original connectors if you need to match them with a 22 pre. One pwr cord has been hardwired , due to the original going missing.Close serial numbers 23788, 23869. Fabulous sound . Pictures:
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    Item: JBL S4600 Speakers Location: St Kilda East Price: $5000 Item Condition: Immaculate. Any inspection or audition will impress. Have all original packaging and boxes. Reason for selling: Going to give this hifi stuff a rest for a while. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: There has been a few questions regarding shipping. The boxes are 55cm x 55cm x115cm each and 60kgs each. I don’t have access to pallets or a wrapping machine. But I could drop them to a Pack N Send. This sale hurts. I don’t think I’d find another pair of speakers I would enjoy so much for under $10,000. These are around 58kg each from memory. The SonoGlass HF/UHF horn is a trickle-down from JBL’s famous Project Everest DD66000. High frequencies are handled by a 19mm compression driver (138Nd) which handles frequencies from 8kHz through to 40kHz. Midrange frequencies are handled by a 175Nd-3 compression driver, which is also used in the JBL 4429 Studio Monitor. It has a 50mm titanium diaphragm and is fronted by a full-sized bi-radial horn. Bass is delivered by the LE14H-4, one of JBL’s latest woofers, which has a 350mm-diameter aqua-plas reinforced paper cone whose motive force is supplied by a 100mm-diameter edge-wound voice-coil driven by a neodymium ring magnet. ‘The auditory experience produced by the S4600 transports you to the recording engineer’s chair with every track,’ commented Geoff Matthews, CEO of JBL’s Australian distributor, Convoy International. ‘This beautifully proportioned and flawlessly finished floor-standing speaker draws on JBL’s rich audio heritage, echoing the classic design, engineering and workmanship of JBL’s most renowned designs from the 1970s and 1980s and will be a welcome inclusion to any audiophile-grade music system.’ The bass-reflex cabinet is built from heavily-braced MDF with a 25mm reinforced front baffle, and has a floating wire grille frame whose acoustically transparent charcoal cloth complements the Cherry Veneer finish. Pictures:
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    A soothing Saturday morning spin Pink Floyd 'Atom Heart Mother' (1970)
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    It seems like an appropriate time to convey some impressions I have formed about the Contrast speakers, although I am trying to avoid making this a review laden with cliches. I don't do reviews in the classic sense, but there are now sufficient thoughts about these speakers running about in my mind, so my plan is to convey some of these into an intelligible narrative. As a regular (weekly ) visitor to the Grizzly cave for music discovery evenings, I have had time to get a grip on what makes these speakers interesting. I heard them about 2 days after they arrived and in the ensuing weeks have noted the changes over time. Initially, they had a wholesome and organic sound, which has not dissipated, but these speakers have evolved in stature, texture and tonality. Music played through these takes us in a tangible and mildly emotional direction, not by 50000 lumens of LED lighting, but somewhat like the ambient light on a calm and golden autumn afternoon, where the world seems to be in balance and you just feel like everything is right. Music here is as it should be, no more and no less. Honest, open and not self conscious or attention seeking. That happens naturally, without you even noticing that you have just played 6 albums and never once been conscious of the equipment used to play them. The music in and of itself is just there, much like a familiar friend whom you would trust implicitly with anything, but also one who doesn't mind challenging you in important conversation. I hope this does not seem akin to damning with feint praise, but there are no particular personality traits evident with the Contrasts. You are simply there, with the artist, or the band, or the orchestra, perhaps in row 4 centre. As weeks have passed the speakers, as previously mentioned, have grown in stature and a modest but tangible, self assurance. I would say that I have heard perhaps 50 albums of all types through these speakers and never once did they sound out of their depth even on some material that was as robust as music can get. Instruments and voices sound as they should, not exaggerated but equally not understated. I am also trying to deliberately avoid the use of words like accurate, clean, neutral, detailed etc and never -in- a -million - years will you read a boxing analogy from me. The really impressive thing here is that these speakers are not contrived to sound like anything in particular. They do not editorialise the music fed to them but crucially, this does not result in making you run out of the room when a poorly produced album is played. Nothing is glossed over or sweetened with Saccharine, they just manage to help you realise that not every recording is perfect and it is what it is, but one is never punished, only informed. Many of my own favourite recordings have been rendered so compellingly that it seems like this is how they should have sounded always and on par with how they sound on my own system. This may not seem like a revelation, but hearing your own music in store demonstrations, or on other people's systems, can often be underwhelming and/or not capture your attention. I never found this with the Contrasts. Every album just flows along a river of unambiguous musicality ( sorry, I did need to use one cliche word ) and it is musicality that defines these best of all. Apologies if this reads like pretentious drivel, but I wanted to be honest and strived to avoid cliche and the above words are my ongoing impressions. So, in October roll up to room 1202. I think you may be pleased .
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    Though members might like to see some images of a private listening room in Hong Kong featuring the new Duntech Senator speakers.....
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    And back. A long haul, particularly when injured. Nothing really new to be honest, and there was a certain sense of cut-backs from some of the brands that have been over the top in recent years with their rooms/displays. A sign of the difficulties the industry has faced over the last 12 months like most luxury goods. Always great to bump into fellow Aussies while roaming the halls. Just about bowled @Krispy Audio over entering one room Next stop, Hong Kong in August.
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    I built some speakers out of the same curly jarrah. Meniscus Audio Kairos.
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    Here's my latest build. Twin Premotec Motors, Delrin platter and sub-platter, Mag-Lev suspension, Cutom built Audio Origami arm. Not going to be a commercial release, but I'm one step closer to having a nice sounding system!
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    Got a sweet delivery today. One of two noobies to the collection. PF Animals. Monitor Audios have also taken a back seat tonight to my Advent 1’s. They might be old but they still sound great to me.
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    Item: Technics SE-A100 -- 2 Channel Power Amplifier Location: Langwarrin VIC Price: $1700.00 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Thinning the herd Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The SE-A100 is generally regarded as a superb amplifier and it introduced the VC-4 Class AA configuration amplifier design. The amplifier was released in 1985, (yen300,000) and was in production to 1989. This example is a 1987 build. The amplifier that followed, the SE-A5000 is simply a facelifted SE-A100. Class AA is a simple yet brilliant idea. Four amplifiers, two per channel. A voltage control amplifier and a current drive amplifier. The voltage control amplifier is isolated from the load by a "Class AA" bridge. The bridge is a series of resistors in circuit between the Class A voltage amp and the Class B current drive amp. I sourced this amplifier from Japan. These are very rare amplifiers in any country out of Japan. Technics did export these amplifiers, in numbers I'm not sure of, however over the years I have been researching and looking at this range of Technics power amps, they are rarely for sale in Europe, the United States or any other country. And if you see a nice example be prepared to pay very big $$ for one. Note the "timber" side panels, these were only offered on the Japanese models, all export models are sans timber sides. Build quality is very good, nice weight at 34kg. Cosmetically, not mint but very nice, straight nothing major, presents very well. The design and presentation of the amplifier is first class. The dark overtones, with the black, with silver highlites, the slightly smoky beveled full glass front panel and the subtle incandescent lights (there are four lights per meter) make for a very attractive and classy piece of audio. Power ratings 170w @ 8 ohms - 200w @ 6 ohms. Sound can only be described as amazing. I have a few nice amps and this one is right up there. It has good authority yet the detail and finesse are there also, really nice. Please note this is a 100VAC Japanese model. Please note this amplifier is pick up only Pictures:
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    Oliver Nelson - The Blues And The Abstract Truth
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    Feeling absolutely gutted. Looking for a country & western record to play but I can't find one. Maybe this will heal my soul.....
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    Hi All, Grace Jones, Nightclubbing JJ
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    This is a beautiful album David Gilmour - On An Island
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    They're awesome. They just need Bluetooth and some flashy lights
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    “Abomination” is in the eye of the beholder. I reckon these look worse...
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    Not right now but yesterday this fine Margaret River red. Has 3 years under its belt and for a $16 wine that’s about the sweet spot. Bought two must buy more while available. Very nice, easy drinking.At Woolies.
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    Available now for pre-order. Hope they knock it out of the park.
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    I seriously doubt the crossover in Kef's passive speakers is that bad that it would be rate limiting so much that good quality source and amplification wouldn't make them sound a lot better. Separate dedicated amplifiers per driver just means even cheaper amps since you now have multiple amps - yes I understand (more than most in fact since I design and build speakers) the advantages of each driver having its own amplifier but I argue that if you stuck those passive LS50s with high quality source and amp they'll definitely sound a lot better than the actives, but at a price premium.
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    The absorption isn't normally considered because the transmission is so high. Glass has approximately four times the density of bricks but as it's always thin the mass is still quite low. All practical windows perform very poorly in terms of keeping bass in the room - even acoustic windows with a high STC rating. Rooms with lots of openings and many large windows and light construction can actually perform quite well in the bass due to being lossy. Some of us are music lovers who don't care for the technical. Some of us are gear junkies who love our shiny hifi toys. Some of us are tech nerds who enjoy learning about the science. I'd say most of us are some kind of mix. Music is often the excuse that justifies our love of tech and toys but in reality I'd argue that any mix of the above is a perfectly valid interest for anyone to take on.
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    Johnny Hodges - alto saxophone soloist. Equally great when not playing in the Duke Ellington’s orchestra.
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    Minor update. New rack is now housing all metal record's and it appears his unholyness has been tapped on the shoulder in firey red approval....weird.
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    My Model S turns 4 tomorrow. It's done 157,000km It's 70% supercharged I lost 10km of range in the first few months, as happens to everyone. I've lost no range since. My 2015 car has old Tesla technology, current cars will be even better
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    I've just spent the princely sum of $7 at the local Salvos and got these.
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    Quick pic of my work rig. Not a fancy as the gear at home, but just as enjoyable [emoji1]
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    Item: Sinn 104 St watch with stainless steel bracelet Location: Kingswood, Adelaide Price: $1250 including Auspost postage Item Condition: used Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: direct banking deposit Extra Info: I purchased this from an authorised Sinn dealer in Berlin in 2015. I have other watches I wear more often, so it really hasn't been worn much since purchase. It's in excellent condition and functions perfectly. As per the photos, it comes with matching stainless steel bracelet, box, extra bracelet link, manual, & original receipt. Feel free to message me for any further info. Cheers, Andrew. Pictures:
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    The The "Mind Bomb" UK 1st pressing......brilliant!
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    Geoff is too modest. Post up Mondie, the forum always needs variety. Darkroom print, split toned with sepia and selenium. RZ65, 180mm lens 120 hp5 film
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