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    Hello all. I’ve been informed that there will be a 20% off sale on cds and records at JB tomorrow. Seems like one day only in store and online I believe. Cheers. M
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    Hi I have noticed some people trying to make profits on eBay, purchasing items from this forum , this community at a good price and putting em up for sale. I have a few snapshots that I could share of the sellers and items, but i will wait to hear from other members, what do they think of this practice. Of course this is in no way illegal, but that does not equate to ethical. I remember @stuj and I having this discussion when he purchased an item off me. This forum is for audio lovers, if you do not like an item, or you feel is excess to your needs, sell it back here. And we both felt the same way that some people spoil the small communities like these by doing such stuff for a few dollars. Just curious to know members thoughts ?
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    Item: Michell Gyro SE with Michell techno arm and HP power supply upgraded Location: Liverpool NSW Price: 3 k FIRM Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded , NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: One owner with pet free home , well taking care of , boxes & manual , will ship nationwide at buyer cost Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    flipping really is not what SNA is or should be about. and those that do it are abusing the good will and camaraderie found in this forum. as well as that it actually eats away at the SNA community, kinda like future eating.
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    Item: Clearaudio AMBIENT CMB Turntable with Ceramic Magnetic Bearing, VTA Lifter, Unify 9” Carbon Tonearm, Quadro XXL Clamp, Stradivari Solid Ebony Cartridge, Symphono Balanced Preamp, Custom Best TractorMirrored Cartridge Alignment Tool, Spare Belts, Original Factory Boxes Location: Melbourne Price: $7700 Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Can ship anywhere, to anybody, at purchasers expense ! Premium edition of this quintessential TT with Ceramic Magnetic Bearing, VTA Lifter, Unify 9” Carbon Tonearm, Quadro XXL Clamp, Stradivari Solid Ebony Cartridge, Symphono Balanced Preamp, Custom Best Tractor Mirrored Cartridge Alignment Tool, Spare Belts & Installation Tools. Understated über elegance, this complete plug & play vinyl system of the highest calibre presents immaculately and performs virtually as new in all respects. Complete with factory boxes & accessories. This was essentially used for archival transcription of a small collection, and system including cartridge has ~200 hours usage max. The AMBIENT has been universally acclaimed for its beguiling tonality and dynamic replay performance. Extremely accurate & low noise, the Symphono preamplifier self-adapts to cartridge load and is a dual mono design with both rca and true balanced output on xlr’s, powered from a dedicated external dual rail linear power supply. The synergy of this all Clearaudio combination with the exceptional Unify arm & sublime Golden Ear Award winning (& 24ct gold wire coils) Stradivari cart is truly eargasmic experience for the vinyl afficionado ! 14 Kg, 70 layer Panzerholz (bulletproof) wood & aluminium sandwich chassis Triple belt drive, ultra-precise regulated & decoupled synchronous motor speed unit with digital speed display/control. Clearaudio Unify 9” Carbon, Sapphire bearing tonearm Table RRP. $6000 VTA Lifter RRP. $900 Arm RRP. $3000 Cart. RRP. $5500 Preamp RRP. $1900 Quadro XXL RRP. $290 Best Tractor RRP. $150 Total RRP. $17,740 Aud. Reviews: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/clearaudio-ambient-turntable-system/ http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/0206/clearaudio_ambient_satisfy.htm https://www.dagogo.com/clearaudio-ambient-turntable-with-satisfy-tonearm-review/ https://www.whathifi.com/clearaudio/ambient/review Ambient Specs: https://clearaudio.de/en/_archive/turntables-ambient.php Unify Arm Info: A sapphire bearing and a hardened, precision polished steel tip are at the heart of a tonearm made of the best materials - and probably one of the best unipivot constructions in the high-end audio history. The base consists of a stainless steel pillar, the arm is made of carbon fibre and the bell is made of aluminium. This clever mix of materials guarantees resonance free behaviour resulting in seemingly gigantic sound spectra of vivid colours and rich detail. Effective weight reduction ensures that the friction in the single-point bearing approaches zero. The vertical and horizontal tracking angle are adjusted separately. The proven SIXSTREAM PLUS TONEARM CABLEused in the Unify provides an unbroken signal path. Any passionate audiophile cannot fail to be enchanted by the Unify. Stradivari Cartridge Specs: Total mass: 4.4 g Frequency response: 20Hz – 100 kHz Stylus shape: Micro HD Cantilever: Boron Coil assembly: Absolute Symmetrical Design Coil material: Gold 24 Ct Compliance: 15/15ì/mN Recommended tracking force: 2.8 g Crosstalk: > 30 dB Channel difference: < 0.5 dB Output voltage: 0.7 mV (at 5 cm/sec) Coil impedance: 50 Ohm Body material: Ebony wood Symphono Specs: Gain at 1 kHz: 60 dB MC mode/ fashion Input impedance: Self-Adapting Cutting curves equalisation: according to RIAA (time constants: RIAA: 75μs / 318μs / 3180μs) RIAA Accuracy: ± 0.1 dB Total harmonic distortion: < 0.004% (IEC A) Signal to noise ratio: > 65 dB Crosstalk attenuation: > 95 dB at 1 kHz, Maximum Output voltage: 12 V (1 kHz) Rumble filter:20 Hz; Steepness of 6 dB / Oct. Power supply: ± 25V DC Power supply: (external PSU) Outputs: balanced (XLR) and Outputs: unbalanced rca Dimensions ( l x h x d ) 150mm x 175mm x 54mm Photos:
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    I've just put together what I reckon is a ridiculously cheap way of having a very good sound quality streaming system, with storage, and library management, spending very little indeed. The system consists of an Intel NUC running Roon ROCK (dedicated Roon Core), a USB HDD for storage, and a USB audio device for headphone playback. The NUC is an old DN2820FYK, which is a Celeron machine. Roon says that this level of hardware won't run Roon. It does, with no problem at all. To the bare NUC I added 8Gb of RAM, and a 32Gb SSD. Roon ROCK is very small, so the 32Gb SSD still has 25Gb available for the Roon database. My 500 album library takes up 2% of this. so there's room for over 20,000 albums in the database. The 500Gb HDD has room for about 2,500 albums in FLAC format. Plus you can have all the streaming service albums as well. The audio device is an Audioquest Dragonfly Black, which has the ability to output full MQA. The ROCK can perform the first MQA unfold, and the Dragonfly does the rendering. Now, as this is not meant to work, I just gave it a bit of a stress test to see if it would fall over. With the NUC sitting there running Roon ROCK, I plugged in the Audioquest Dragonfly Black. There were some flickering lights, then the Dragonfly popped up as an output device on the Core. I selected it, and set it up to be an MQA renderer with the Core doing the first MQA unfold. This worked fine, with the purple light on the Dragonfly coming on when playing MQA material via the Tidal. All sounded fab through the headphones plugged in to the Dragonfly. I then enabled two DSP functions, Crossfeed, and Parametric EQ, and played with the EQ, with three bands modified. No stuttering, no problem browsing. No issues at all. At the moment, this low level of hardware seems to run Roon very nicely. This system cost me about $250 as I used mostly second hand bits, but if you just bought the NUC second hand, and the rest new, it would be: If I price it out: $200 2nd hand NUC with RAM and SSD (you can get i3 and occasionally i5 NUCs for this price, which would be even better) $69 1 Tb USB HDD $139 Dragonfly Black Total: $408 for a complete Roon system with storage for 5000 albums, complete with MQA playback. Not bad. A high end audio company would wrap this in a fancy looking box and sell it for $10k plus. Here's the complete system, just bring your headphones and subscriptions. And here is the browser running on the PC, and the iPad. Cheers, Jason.
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    Weston Acoustics Time Machine Pre is on the way.
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    Item: Yamaha NS-1000. Ebony Veneer version Location: Sydney, Alexandria 2015 Price: $1700 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Too much gear, too little sleep due to our little baby Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Come to a time when the earth was plundered of rare resources such as Ebony and Berylium in the pursuit of audio, come to 1974. Behold the NS-1000, the more impressive and extravagent home version of the NS-1000m. This is a matching pair with in tact grills. They sound great, with all drivers working properly. Cosmetically they are not perfect with some little chips and scratches to the polyurethane coat here and there, I've tried to take the most detailed pics I can. Also one cabinet looks a little more faded than the other (probably sat a bit closer to a sunlit window than the other) which is often the case with these. Still they look pretty good to my eyes and you'll be proud to own them. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Some special Classic goodness for this evening. Current rack solution is an upturned "Hello Grapes" box !! 😜
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    Yellow vinyl giving the wall a yellow hue tonight.
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    A great start to the bootleg marathon
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    I love the free-flowing info I get here. I ask a question, somebody with stacks of knowledge and insight answers. I post a “wanted” ad - someone pm”s me with a really generous deal. I suggest I’m having a technical difficulty - a member swings past my place and helps me sort it! I have a surplus item - I sell it here for what I think is a reasonable asking price. The flippers, entitled as they are to do so, will simply miss out on all of the above. Mat
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    Pause to remember todayJohn Dunlavy speciality was wave propagation and radar. Duntech's claim to fame, besides our benchmark sounding loudspeaker, the "Sovereign PCL 2001", was John's association with the first man moon landing. The first words sent back to earth from the moon was done through an antenna design developed by our founder John Dunlavy. Besides the involvement with the first moon landing, Duntech also pioneered "VLF"(very low frequencies) communications Congratulations to our departed friend and his contribution to the HiFi world with his famous duntech loudspeakers
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    .This requires a bit of time and effort but worth it and now's the the time to start preparing for a summer smoke. Get some Jalapeño's in the ground nice and early, they are perennials but I like to treat them as annuals, I find the best crop is the first year with less pests or disease. Feed them hard harvest, I find it best to grow quick and pick if you leave it too long they can go a little bitter chop the tops off and I removed the pith and seeds on this batch but have left them in on other smokes, end result a bit more heat in the chipotle smoke low until done can't remember exactly 4-5 hours, they come out supple and moist not crispy like you would think after that long surprisingly I have wacked them in a preserving jar and they last over a year with no mould or drying out. You can use them like this in Mexican dishes for a cheating smoky flavour, they are not hot. I make a Chipotle sauce but the photo's are stuck in an old i phone here's the recipe 10 peaches 8 ripe tomatoes 4 onions 8 cloves garlic 30 chipotles 280g tomato paste 1000g molasses 2 bottles Dos Equis Amber . Mmmmmmm 750ml Apple cider 2/3 cup brown sugar 6 sprigs thyme 4 tsp mustard powder 3 tsp paprika 3 tsp cumin 2 tsp white pepper 2 tsp black pepper 75ml Worcester sauce bring to the boil and simmer for 4 hours, lid on puree and simmer for a further 1 hour remove the lid and keep simmering to reach the desired thickness this is the basic start, from here I adjust to taste, for me normally needs a bit more heat chilli flakes or cayenne, one time I stuffed up and used apple cider vinegar instead of apple cider, had to go up the road and grab another 12 peaches, quickly made some jam and rescued the batch, actually the best batch I've ever made, I've tried and failed to replicate.
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    Dexter Gordon - Our Man in Paris
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    The Beatles - The Beatles When you are on a good thing...
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    Herbie Hancock - Empyrean Isles
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    Evening music session with my Dalis 🎶
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    Tuning Our Systems – The Elephant in the Room I have been prompted to write this post because of the ongoing (insert and choose your own words). There are various threads on SNA that eventually end up in the “Great Audio Debate” thread. They all end up there because the discussion at best becomes a disagreement over the Subjective Vs the Objective. Other words could be substituted for either of the two words above. To me it comes down what some of us discern through the listening experience compared to the requirement from others that the perceived outcomes be validated through measurements and or the regrettable need for the difficult to do DBT. To some opinions are not acceptable. I think that we should take everything on board and then work out what is best for our situation. Listening to music at its best is a pleasurable emotional experience. To me the requirements for measurements or the DBTs are just an excuse. It is an avoidance of the Elephant in the room. I suggest that none of us experience an identical outcome when we hear or listen to music. Our brain is the most important aspect of our “SYSTEMS”. To me there are two fundamental questions. Do we over time inadvertently tune our different systems to suit our actual listening and or music preferences? Do our respective individual listening preferences vary subtlety or even significantly to explain the differences in our respective listening and emotional outcomes and expectations? Maybe every perspective on this topic is valid. This is a link to a TED talk by David Byrne a musician from “Talking Heads” and many other things music. The subject of his talk is that music is best performed and listened to in the environment for which it is composed/written. https://www.ted.com/talks/david_byrne_how_architecture_helped_music_evolve. To me the subject of the talk helps me understand how I think that my system and my listening experience has ended up where it has. I have ended up with a listening experience that provides me with a special emotional outcome. My system would not suit some and it would please others. What I have ended up with was not planned I just move in a direction that pleased my brain. I am sure that some of you who may read this post will be aware that I tend towards the subjective end of the experience spectrum. I use the evidence of my brain. I utilise several accessories that some would consider would not provide any benefit. I also read other posts where the poster asserts that other accessories have given them a benefit. Yet I have tried some of the same accessories and to me there was no benefit at all and, in some cases, a disbenefit. I think that some people confuse difference and benefit. I once did not appreciate the distinction. I would expect that no SNA member has the exactly the same system as another member. The possible combinations and permutations are immense. Even if in the rare situation that the equipment is the same, the room and especially the listening sensory part of the brain will not be the same. There are posters on SNA have what I categorise as low end. Yet some of those posters assert that they gain benefits from some accessories. They are pleased with how their system is tuned. On the other side of the equation there are the owners of highend systems that are negative about the benefit of accessories. Between those two positions there are a plethora of outcomes. The final outcome is ultimately about system synergy and tuning. We are all different. Our respective senses vary in what we can smell, feel, taste, see and hear. In terms hearing and listening there is considerable variation in what many SNA posters prefer. For example Analogue or digital, Valve or SS amplifiers, speakers, TT or DAC, USB Vs ethernet or I2S, Silver Vs Copper etc. Plus, there are all the infinite subtle differences DACs just for instance. Is that just because of the measurements. Surely not. I would be surprised if that was the case. I expect that it is primarily to do with the listening experience. Many SNA members regularly move the chairs on the deck so to speak, until they are happy with their system tuning that satisfies and gives them the pleasure that their brain seeks and aspires to. I want this thread to be a discussion as to whether we inadvertently tune our systems to suit our individual brain psychoacoustic listening requirements. If the answer is even a qualified yes, does it partly explain different listening experiences? Does it explain why in some cases that I and or others have a listening experience that is valid in our respective systems yet others do not have the same experience with their systems and require the proverbial evidence. What is often worse, are the comments from many posters on many forums who have not heard the listening outcome and just outright deny the possibility. I do not want the above to be seen in any way that I am saying that my hearing or listening is better than others. It definitely is not. I would like it to be better. Many many times I have been asked the question when listening to another system - can’t you hear that? – The answer is no I cannot. Yet I know my own system very well and can definitely discern subtle benefits from time to time. Each few percent of benefit soon adds up. I know that this is a long post. There are more things that I could have written. If the thread progresses maybe some of things will be mentioned by others. My knowledge of electronics, the brain and psychoacoustics is limited. However, I do know when my listening experience is special. John
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    Which is why I keep a jar of this lying around. It’s not ‘audio grade’ but I really don’t notice a difference. Hard to find these days (beware of Chinese counterfeits - the smoke isn’t quite the same).
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    Wayne Shorter - Etcetera And I thought I could get away with only buying a few selected "Tone Poet" releases. Wishful thinking.
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    We had a total of 28 people attend the night, which was a great and appreciated turnout. Some of you did manage to avoid the camera lens, so I present the few pics we took of the event in the earlier stages of the evening. I have also added a screenshot of the digital music played on the night (last song at top of the list).
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    Regarding the original question, in my experience it’s the amplifiers that make the speakers, not the speakers that make the amplifier. I have heard some very average speakers sound amazing when driven by very good amps, I have not heard very good speakers sound amazing when driven by a average amp. cheers Terry
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    Nothing like a weekend to enjoy more history...... Volume Four Neo
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    Don't think I've properly shown my turntable in this thread yet.... Audio Verismo AV1 Turntable with a Rockport Linear Tracking Tonearm and cart is a My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent EX.
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    Back to Basics.....sort of... Using the Rotel's internal phono stage for the Pioneer+2M Black.... Linn has Urika MC straight into one of the Rotel's tape inputs... Short cables etc...simple as possible set up that has me wondering why bother adding complexity when the end result sounds this good... Tase
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    Hi guys. Over the the last few months, I’ve been battling the big C. As have a lot of us over the years. It made me think of the enjoyment I get out of this site and you clowns has actually got me through a few tough times I’m feeling pretty good now and will beat this. ( I still have my hair, not that I have much anyway ). As many of you know I’ve been making cables for members for a few years now. Low cost alternatives to the sometimes overpriced commercial ones. Anyhows. I was thinking that maybe some of you from mainly Brissy and the Goldy might want to learn how to 1. Solder 2. Make some cables 3. Have a couple of beers or wines. ( soldering and booze should be ok Right ? ) This is will be free. And you’ll walk away with something you can actually use . This is an expression of interest I suppose ( was thinking small groups of maybe 3 on a weekend or even night ) Cheers
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    Item: Nakamichi ZX-9 Cassette Deck (fully serviced) Location: Sydney Price: $2200 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Rarely used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: See below Photos: See below A few years ago I decided to buy the best cassette deck Nakamichi ever made - the ZX-9. This is the deck Nakamichi used to make their own recordings. It is a better made, better sounding deck for both playback and recording than either the Dragon or the CR7 (both of which I have owned). I wanted one that had been fully serviced and in excellent condition. Finally, in 2017 I found a deck which had been fully overhauled by legendary Nakamichi technician Norman van Wijnen in the Netherlands in late 2016. It was in excellent cosmetic condition, and had been brought back to original spec. I bought the deck directly from Norman and have used it sparingly over the last couple of years. But these days I do not make much use of the deck, and it really is wasted for the few times a year I use it, so it is time to move on to a better home. If you were ever looking for an absolute top spec Nakamichi deck which has been fully overhauled, this is an opportunity not likely to be repeated. They have not made these decks for a long time, the parts are getting rare and the few Nakamichi technicians remaining are retiring. As mentioned above, this deck is in excellent cosmetic condition, even allowing for its age. Mechanically and functionally it is perfect. It is a 220-240v model, although it has a European power plug, so will need an adapter. I can provide a copy of the manual, although it does not have the original packaging. I also have a folder of photos from Norman showing the complete overhaul of the deck which I can provide to interested purchasers. The first two photos below are from this folder and show the final stages of the overhaul. Pick up is definitely preferred. The deck is heavy and complex, and while I am happy to ship and will pack it securely, shipping is definitely at the risk of the buyer.
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    Before I resume the bootleg marathon, I thought I indulge in this little gem Neo
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    Miles Davis - Miles At The Fillmore, The Bootleg Series (3)
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    Item: ATC SCM40 MK2 Black Ash Location: Perth Price: $4000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Moved to Active Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Original boxes and under warranty until 25/09/21 I never thought I would sell these but looking to raise funds for a Dac-Pre and I have settled on Active ATC's Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Wayne Shorter - Night Dreamer
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    One of the first jazz albums I own...
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    I think this is Eric Dolphy’s 2nd album for Prestige.
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    A new (for me) Keith Jarrett album tonight, but played via Roon with MQA decoding by Brooklyn DAC+ and then (via MF M6si) through my Bewitch tube amp - lovely Keith Jarrett, Concerts: Bregenz, Munchen
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    Terry You owned it for 9 months, not 9 hours like the flippers. You can sell it for what you feel is right after that long.
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    Unbelievable, that combined with entertainment unit looks great. Would ditch wife
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    Neil Young - Harvest A classic start to the morning...out on the weekend!
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    My wife tried that with me a while back, I still miss her. 😉
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