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    My amazing 18yo returned from a solo Japan adventure today and she has brought me a couple of Floyd gems. The Wall - Japanese First Pressing. (some call is a promo, but i think its a first pressing). The cover is like new. The spine is 100%, inners have never been used. Vinyl is Mint. Final Cut - UK First pressing. Cover and vinyl are new, i would say unplayed or something of that quality. Just a few Floyd records...but a pleasure to play, first releases and carefully selected by my intrepid Daughter - only 18yo and her second solo OS.
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    Item: VAF i93 MK2’s – 1 pair + Center speaker Location: Coffs Harbour Price: $6800 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: downsized Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these Vafs as original MK 1’s from Simon Wilde at the Vaf factory around 10 years ago. I had them custom made with cedar veneer on the sides and camphor veneer on the tops. The price was $15 938 for the 3 which was the same or at least very close to if I had them done in the Piano Palisander which was available at the time. These were one of the last of the original MK 1’s to roll out of the factory. I sent them back after a few months and had them upgraded to the MK2’s which cost around an extra $3000 for memory although I’m not 100% sure of the exact upgrade cost. They have been my main and faithful speakers in my child and smoke free living room/HT/2 channel listening room since then giving me many years of happy listening. I’ve used various valve amps over the years and a solid state amp all with success. I have now downsized so these speakers need to be re-homed. They are huge and very heavy. I have the original crates for shipping but a truck with a handheld lifting jack on wheels will be needed to get these babies into it. I’m guessing each speaker would weigh somewhere around the 35 - 40kg mark and add a bit more for the crates, which could later always be used as excellent coffins alternatives if required. 2 able bodied men at each end can lift and carry the speakers and I’ve carried them up and down my stairs more than once with the help of a fit mate or neighbor but those days are gone now for me. I’m getting too old for that. Photos are recent ones of them in a downstairs spare room. Sale includes 3 extra/spare mint tweeters worth a few hundred each. The tweeters in the speakers atm have little black dots on them. I’m unsure what these dots are or how long they have been there. My first thought was it was unlikely to be mildew as the 3 speakers for their life have been used in my upstairs living room which is well ventilated, on top of a hill with no history of damp or mildew issues. But we do get a lot of rain in Coffs and its sub-tropical so who knows. I bought the 3 mint tweeters to eventually replace them with if needed, but the sound was perfectly fine and seemingly unaffected so it just hasn't happened and quite possibly doesn't need to happen, but it is an option that providing the 3 spare tweeters provides for the next owner. It’s a relatively simple process of removing the front felt to access the tweeter screws from what I can gather. Simon Wilde from Vaf provided me with these tweeters and could certainly give instructions on changing them if needed. These Vafs come as a threesome and I won’t split them hence being listed in the HT classifieds here on SNA and not the 2 channel classifieds. Pick up only so freight to be organized from buyers end. 2% paypal Photos:
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    Roy Orbison Rare Orbison 1989 - Australia Great album - I love the fact that "Today's Teardrops" is almost note for note to Buddy Hollys "Oh Boy" (ticks my boxes coz I love both these artists - feel more bang for my buck - hahahaha)
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    Item: Electrocompaniet Class A EC-4 Pre & AW-100 (120) DMB Power Amp. Fully Balanced, Dual Differential. Location: Pert N.O.R. Price: $3999 but open to offers Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Marching orders. I have now 3 EC pre/power combos Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Probably the best Electrocompaniet pre / power amps from their golden age, these units sound just sublime. Valve like sound with transistor like slam. Unparalleled low output impedance (0.001 Ω) resulting in Damping Factor of thousands. Will drive ANY speaker load, including highly inductive B&W Nautillus, ANY electrostatics. Very clean inside. Last two pics show units inside, first power amp then pre-amp. No faults were present in either of these units and only cosmetic work has been done. Both Pre-amp and power amp had the idling currents / voltages adjusted and power amp had output voltage checked for DC and confirmed to be 0V. These were in fact units that I was preparing for Conrad, Perth's most prominent audio aficionado and his interest confirmed my 20+ years love affair with EC stuff as valid. Sadly, I took a week too long to swap the front panels, clean the amps up and check their setting and... he bought a house instead. Some interesting specs: Max current - 80 Amps, 200W into 4 Ohms, 350W into 2 Ohm. THD at half power less than 0.001% Rated output power - 10% change in line voltage will give app. 20% change in output power. The silver screws on the pre-amp case are not original - they were like that when I got it. The Plexi-glass panels are in pretty good nick. They are the best that I had and fitted them for Conrad and it is just too much hassle to put the original ones back. I am sad to see them go, because they come from my own EC-4 / AW100DMB combo that I had from new. Finally, boards inside AW-100DMB power amp have designations that suggest, that it might in fact the later and more powerful brother, AW-120DMB. I have no idea if this was done at factory but would not understand why would anyone have done it afterwards. It all looks like untouched, original stuff. Maybe they ran out of the old boards and used new ones. Who knows. XLR sockets appear to have been upgraded by previous owner to much better quality. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Back to the 80's. Ahhhh the memories. Pet Shop Boys - Please
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    Frank Zappa- Shut Up 'n' Play Yer Guitar disc 2
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    Tommy Emmanuel- Dare To Be Different.
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    I bought my Kuzma Stabi M some weeks ago, but finally got around to setting it up and listening to it last night/early this morning. Amazing machine! 4 point 11 arm and Koetsu Rosewood Signature cart. This set-up absolutely wipes the floor with my previous turntable, a very finely finished Garrard 401. Quality analogue is seductive and utterly addictive!
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    Item: Martin Logan Ethos Electrostatic Panel Speakers Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $4000 Item Condition: Fantastic Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: After owning some of the smaller Apogee's it sparked my interest in ESL's. Gave these a go and yep there fantastic but I still prefer my conventional speakers. Speakers are in fantastic condition and are only a few years old. The Ethos were 2 models removed from the Summit X and retailed around 11k. Plenty of reviews can be found, not a bad thing to say about these, they are fantastic ESLs. In perfect working order and cosmetically they are mint. I don't have original packaging but I wouldn't post them regardless. Local pick up only. Frequency Response 34–23,000 Hz ±3dB Horizontal Dispersion 30° Vertical Dispersion 44" (112cm) line source High Frequency Transducer XStat™ CLS™ electrostatic transducer » Panel Dimensions 44" × 9.2" (111.8 × 23.4cm) » Radiating Area 405 in2 (2,616 cm2) Low Frequency Transducer 8" (20.3cm) cast basket, high excursion, aluminum cone with extended throw drive assembly, non-resonance asymmetrical chamber format. 8" (20.3cm) cast basket, high excursion, polypropylene cone passive radiator. Amplifier Woofer: 200 watts/channel (4 ohms) Sensitivity 92 dB/2.83 volts/meter Impedance 4 Ohms, 0.8 at 20kHz. Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers. Recommended Amplifier Power 20‒500 watts per channel Crossover Frequency 375Hz Components Custom-wound E-I core transformer, air core coils, polypropylene capacitors. 24-bit DSP based pre-amplifier (used with woofer amplifier). Audio Controls ±10dB under 100 Hz Inputs Custom 5-way binding posts Power Draw Idle: < 1W/channel Max: 200W/channel Weight 42 lbs. (19 kg) Dimensions 59.33" × 10.73" × 18.23" (150.7cm × 27.3cm × 46.3cm) Photos:
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    Well I received my C658 yesterday and connected last night. Have settled into some reasonably critical listening today and overall I'm really happy with the purchase. I was hoping for a souped up Node 2 and that's exactly what I have got. I love BluOS and so glad that I stuck with it, streaming via Tidal has been rock solid, no glitches, no issues. It's something you take for granted when it streams well, and you forget what its like to have choppy streaming and an ordinary GUI, BluOS just makes it feel easy and enjoyable! Build quality is nice, this thing is heavy for what it is and even though it has a plastic facade, it doesn't look out of place above my CXR200 with has a brushed aluminium face. Even though I'm running my 2ch through a Cambridge CXR200 AVR via "untouched" analog, for years I haven't been using any eq or bass/treble tweaking, trying to keep the signal as clean as possible. So with that in mind I figured for me to ensure I was happy with the purchase, I am running the C658 without Dirac for the next week or so to ensure that it can compare with and improve on what I had previously (Node 2 & Klein DAC), before even looking at Dirac. I just want to make sure the C658 is not a one trick pony, with Dirac clouding my judgement or smoothing over any shortcomings the C658 may have. I've only listened for around about 1hr all up but its been on for most of the day and it appears to be getting better as time goes on, or my ears are just getting used to the sound. I've even found a few tracks that I have played previously that seem to be just exploding as a wall of sound that didn't last time I listened to them. These songs are Studio MQA files straight from Tidal which I have played in my previous system but I never had a MQA decoder to fully unwrap them. The sound is detailed and full which is just the way I like it, so much so I've even turned my subs off until I set up Dirac and it just feels the sound is fuller, which I just didn't expect but love. If Dirac makes it sound even better and integrates my subs nicely with the fronts I am sure to be one happy chappy!
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    Item: Sansui AU-X501 Integrated Amplifer Location: Perth Price: Sold Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Funding new purchases Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I was recommended this model by a number of the incredibly helpful (and wise) Sansui gurus on SNA. I paired it with some usher s520 speakers which can be a bit clinical and are fairly inefficient - fantastic match - but it was equally happy driving some bigger Sony APM 3-ways. I’ve really loved the amp – heaps of power that belies the rated 80 watts and a very detailed, lively sound. It still seems to have some of that Sansui warmth, but more modern and transparent than the 1970s gear. Very nice phono stage with MM/MC switch. As prices of the earlier Sansui amps have gone through the roof in the past few years, this model appears a bit of a sleeper - the smaller brother of the x701 and x901 which I think sold in Japan with the alpha prefix (Sansui nomenclature is not my strong suite though). I haven't even had the lid off this one, because it all seems to work fine. I think it’s basically untouched under the hood. There’s no crackling I can recall with any of the buttons or knobs but given the age it probably could do with a deoxit. I’ve not checked the bias nor any of the capacitors to see if they’re in spec – again probably worth doing at some point for what’s now I guess a vintage amp. The main filter caps are Elna for Audio which should hint at decent quality components. I’d conclude the condition is cosmetically pretty good for the age although certainly not mint – the black mirror painted aluminum face on these is hard to photograph as it just reflects everything, however the front is quite clean. I've tried to depict it as honestly as I can. Some of the black paint has worn in a thin line on the top edge that gets touched a lot – this seems like a common thing from other units I’ve seen on the web but I didn’t find it that noticeable and made no attempt to touch it up. The previous owner was kind enough to sand back and respray the lid with a satin black finish before handing it to me and I think he’s done quite a decent job. Finally this unit has some SNA provenance which I quite enjoy – I was browsing the site looking for other examples of the x501 and noticed that @Vortexjah had posted one for sale in 2013. Pretty sure I checked out his listing and the comments when I was considering buying mine. For some reason I was minded to cross-reference the serial number and bugger me if it isn’t the very same one! We worked out that it had gone from @Vortexjah in QLD to a guy in the NT, and then was purchased by a chap on a trip to the top end who brought back to Perth for a few years before he sold it to me about 18 months ago. It looks pretty much the same as it did 7 years ago! Be nice to keep it in the SNA community. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Madonna The Look of Love UK 1987 12 inch
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    Bryan Ferry - Boys And Girls
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    Thanks for the mention @Marc, yes I'm running an E-02 in the shop here. I can certainly arrange an in-home trial for you, PM or info@krispyaudio.com.au and we can chat if you're interested.
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    Late last year (2018) I bought several PCM1704 from different eBay suppliers Step1: fitted them one by one and each one got red hot I then ordered a replacement from the next seller and repeat step1 (all arrived in standard bandolier reel tape, the first was factory sealed and completely virgin unsoldered), the second one actually had sellotape put over a perfectly normal reel tape - obviously returned once already - this guy actually sent me TWO like this) I began to question my work , I questioned that I was putting the correct device in, I questioned all sorts of things.! Luckily the board was a 4 DAC (2 1704's in each channel) , and before I started only one was faulty (crackling). Eventually I found a UK eBay supplier with the text "don't buy the overheating fakes from elsewhere, buy from me" , eBay had refunded me on all the previous ones that overheated , so I took a final punt ...... This last one worked perfectly !!!, i.e. the seller was true to his word, I spoke to him to say you wouldn't believe how many overheating ones I fitted .... his response was there's thousands of these out there - he'd got burned early on with this DAC buying a shedload to sell on, only to discover they were the overheating ones, they're out there in the market being pushed from seller to seller in bulk... some sellers actually believe they have legit product, some I'm sure know full well they are dodgy IC's You can imagine someone has made a shedload and the sellers have paid good trade price money for them, they're not gonna throw them in the bin, they are just gonna continue punting them one by one, hoping the buyer doesn't use immediately and spot they are defective/fake/blacktopped/however you'd like to describe them. So whether they're fake is for you to guess, what I do know is they all exhibit the same fault - no audio at all and instant overheat !! (if the product's PSU is good enough) BUYER BEWARE on this particular DAC
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    I agree completely, but I don't think Midget meant that - just that the subwoofer is on the same plane as the bookshelf speakers - well that's how I took it anyway... ... @Midget - if you have your main speakers on, or worse inside bookshelves, put them on stands. some people say MiniDSP is no good, or only good enough for subs, but plenty say it's quite transparent, especially the MiniDSP HD units (eg 2x4hd). I've never listened to a miniDSP, so I won't comment further, other than to say it's important with any system to get the gain structure correct throughout the system to maximise signal to noise - this is just as important with ADCs and DACs as any other piece of kit in the chain. I love my two DEQX units (both HDP3 for 4 way active) - but some say they suck the life out of the music...IMHO not in my system...and I think implementation has a lot to do with this - correct gain structure being 1 part of good implementation. Just in case you were considering a 2nd hand DEQX HDP3 (getting old now, and still much more expensive than a MiniDSP 2x4 hd), take note that DEQX upgraded their ADC inputs between HDP3 and HDP4 (I think all the premate models came out at the same time as HDP4, so they also have the better ADCs). Running double DEQX HDP3s is fine for me as I only run digital inputs. I've not listened to these either...interesting to see an upgrade market for the Behringer DCX2496. Going off topic, I considered the Behringer DCX2496 back in 2010, but I chose a DEQX HDP3 instead (the current DEQX model at the time)...the DEQX was way more expensive but a vastly superior product to the Behringer...and I've never regretted that decision. Going further off topic and a bit of history, Kim Ryrie, the co-founder and current CEO of DEQX created the Fairlight synthesiser - a game changer in the 80's used by Jean Michel Jarre, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, Alan Parsons etc. I remember back in the early 80s it was a big deal that the Qld Conservatory of Music had a Fairlight for the students to muck with (back then, the "Con" was co-sited on the Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT) campus, where I studied Electronics Engineering (the QIT later became the Queensland University of Technology - QUT). Fast forward to 2010 - we'd just moved into a new house and the 3 way analog active setup I'd been running since 1997 was sounding truly dreadful in the new house - cubic room, the walls were more rigid, I couldn't get the bass right I started researching on the interweb and found SNA - I joined in Aug 2010 - nearly 10 years ago - what a great site! @Marc - well done!!! I've learned so much and it's such a great community you've created! I thought DSP/EQ would solve all my room issues, and was about to buy a Behringer DCX2496, but after researching on SNA, I discovered a different DSP product to the DCX2496 called DEQX, that was developed in Australia by the guy that invented the Fairlight!......so I bought one......and at the same time on SNA I also learned about this thing called "room treatment", and "bass traps", and that "room treatment" should be combined with EQ to get the bass right...that EQ on its own wouldn't be as good as EQ with room treatment... Apologies to @Midget for diverging so far off topic, but I'm on a roll now, and it's such a good story about how Stereonet/DSP/Treatment came together on my audio journey... ...so I've ordered this fancy new DEQX bit of kit, but at the same time doing lots of research on SNA and other places on this whole "room treatment" thing, thinking I need some room treatment also for the new house to get the sound right... ...the DEQX arrives, and I have my first crack at a DEQX config (my birthday 2 Oct 2010) in a naked room...not surprisingly it didn't sound much different to the analog LR4 crossover it replaced. I said to the boss, "we need to treat the lounge room for this to sound great"....after describing to her what "treatment" meant, she responded with, "you're not treating the lounge room, you can take the whole rig downstairs to the spare room and treat it how you want"...well that was when/how I got a dedicated room - the stereo got shifted to the spare room downstairs...but it had no treatment yet... The house we'd moved into had "midnight foil" roof insulation installed during the insulation debacle. For those that don't remember, the insulation debacle unfortunately ended in tragedy with poor installation practises resulting in several people being electrocuted from foil insulation being stapled through 240V cabling. We had our foil insulation removed during the safety remediation program - ours was tested as safe, but on discussing with the inspector, he said, "well you can choose to leave it, but your insurance company will get the records and know you chose to leave it, and if you have a fire..."...so we had it removed and we were living in a QLD'er with no insulation heading towards a Brisbane summer...so I started researching cheap insulation options...at the same time still learning about room treatment... I found a Brisbane supplier with bags of fiberglass insulation available at $10 a bag on eBay - perfect for my ceiling - less than 10 bags would do it...but I had an epiphany moment - what if I bought extra bags to treat the new room, and left the insulation in the bags and placed them around my new dedicated room...the cylindrical bags of fluffy would be denser than expanded fluffy, and the plastic bag might provide some diffusion...I'd discovered membranes by now... So I bought 50 bags of insulation - $500 - I needed 2 trips with the trailer - and only 7 were needed for the ceiling so 43 bags of insulation got stacked in the listening room. You can get away with this sort of stuff in a dedicated room - as ridiculous as it looks, the sound difference was so profound I was hooked on room treatment...but still learning - all of that treatment did nothing in the bottom end - it cleaned up the mid bass massively, but had minimal effect below 150hz or so...my room is lightly constructed so all the low bass just passes straight through the walls not requiring further management (I didn't understand that back in 2010). A few years ago I swapped all the fiberglass for poly sheets while I was upgrading the speakers. Bottom line - you need treatment and EQ for managing "in room" bass - add EQ after you've added as much absorption as you can get away with...my room is overkill, but the PSE144 top end make it work - my room is not too dead...really A few bands of EQ cut <150hz + the absorption + the TD18 stereo mid bass + that large blue box on the left (my T20 sub) provides a killer bottom end - tight dry bass that extends down forever. Getting my TD18 mid bass main speakers integrated with my sub was still a process , requiring many measurements and tweaks of EQ. I have fabulous bass now - tight and dry and flat down to below 20Hz cheers Mike
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    Robin Trower 'Live' (1975) 'Takers get the honey, Givers sing the blues...' (Too Rolling Stoned)
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    Earlier, a few tracks from Beatles LOVE Then Billy Joel (MoFi SACD) The Nylon Curtain. A few tracks from Elvis Presley ‎– ELV1S 30 #1 Hits (DVD-A) Just then, The Alan Parsons Project ‎– I Robot / Eve Right now: Jeff Buckley ‎– Live At Sin-E (Legacy Edition)
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    Meco - The Empire Strikes Back, 12" single (Japanese Press). This one's ****in!
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    ... and the polar opposite... Stryper 'To Hell with the Devil' 1986 Enigma Records, Big Time, Aust.
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    SIXX:A.M. the Heroin diaries soundtrack, nice pressing, I think the coloured vinyl quality has improved over the last couple of years, nearly all are excellent.
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    Item: Digibit Aria music server 2tb ssd and lpsu Location:Perth Price: 4500 inc postage and sna donation $10580 new Item Condition:Pristine as new Reason for selling:NLR- dont stream, but full of tunes. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling a pristine condition Digibit Aria music server This is the second top of the line model. A true hi end server Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Item: Linn LP12 Location: Perth Price: 1450 (was 1600) Item Condition: good Reason for selling: small child is now almost ready to destroy everything I own. Best it go somewhere safe. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Early Linn LP12 for sale equipped with Rega RB300 tonearm and Linn Asak moving coil cartridge. I am told that I am the third owner of this beauty with the original owner having it for many decades. The second owner got a newer Linn rather than upgrade. The fluted plinth is in pretty good condition with a few small nicks as seen in the photos. Lid is crack free with only minor swirling. Hinges replaced by myself so are almost new. No idea about the hours on the cartridge but it plays without a hitch and stylus looks very straight. I've put on less than 50 hours personally having only got it right before our child was born. It has been well looked after by all owners and I even have the original documents. Bonus shim for the tonearm in case you need to raise the height to accommodate a different cartridge. Happy for inspections for anyone in Perth. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    My CEC belt drive cd player with dual PCM 1702 chips still sounds good to these old ears.
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    Hi All, A recent purchase fro Jon @candyflip, The Rolling Stones, Their Satanic Majesties Request JJ
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    "Analog girl in a digital world"
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    one of his best IMO. Glad you are enjoying them, Michael.
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    Hello, new member from Brisbane here. My name is Ian and music is one of my main joys in life. My hifi journey has meandered for many years and now I find myself semi-retired I finally have the time to really enjoy it. Looking forward to participating in discussions, learning lots and if funds permit maybe upgrading progressively.
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    Townshend Elite Rock TT. Optional Black plinth and perspex lid.Townshend Excalibur Arm. Bought new 1984. Currently a Denon DL103R MC Cart.
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    Ahmed Ag Kaedy ‎– Akaline Kidal This is a current favourite, getting quite a few spins lately. "In 2018, Tuareg guitarist Ahmed Ag Kaedy recorded this devastating solo acoustic album on an eight-track cassette recorder in Portland, Oregon, with the help of Sahel Sounds owner-producer Christopher Kirkley. Akaline Kidal (“My Land, Kidal”) is Kaedy’s poetically couched lament for Kidal, his northern Mali hometown which was overrun by an alliance of Tuareg rebels and Islam extremists in 2012."
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    My daughter has been to Japan on 3 holidays Something like foodie holidays but next time she goes I will give her a list of LPs to buy and post to me Last time she stayed at the Godzilla hotel
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    Devo "Oh, No! It's DEVO" Oz 1st pressing.😁
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    Count Basie - Jazz Masters
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    Getting hard to find now don't touch the ones from China, all fakes.
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    A jazz gig last night in Brisbane.
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    G’day @April Snow As you know I lived on Mount Tamborine before moving way out west, NSW. You may not know I lived in a fitted out shed on my boss’s property, where they lived while building the house. While it was fitted with a bathroom, there was no insulation at all, just colourbond aluminium, and no air conditioning. It would easily reach high 40’s inside, on a hot day. Thankfully we had a pool. I was concerned for my records at first, and decided the best I could do was leave them stored at floor level, the coolest place I could find. I never had any problems with heat, or mould / mildew / dampness. My my biggest problem with the shed was being unable to hear anything if it was raining heavily enough on the tin roof. On many occasions I would be listening or watching Videos with headphones.
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    Elements : The Chemistry Of Mutating Beats.
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    Prompted by reading the spinning threads... @April Snow Margaret Urlich 'Safety in Numbers' 1989 CBS Records, Aust. - Madonna 'The Immaculate Collection' 1990 Sire Records. Warner. Fresh after a bath, the Urlich album requires a glue treatment. But. the Madonna album is in excellent condition. It's country of manufacture is not indicated, it's an early Direct Metal Mastering version and sounds fantastic. ... also a Very Good++ copy of these great sounding remixes... 'Celebrate '88 Megamixes' 1987 EMI Records, Aust. Festival Records, Aust. One of the first 'Dance' albums I ever really got into, because there were a few Rock tracks in there, I bought this new upon release.
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    If they are too high in price I’d rather have your SGR. At least they are modular and can move the bloody things.
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