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  1. Hi everyone - well I have just made a very interesting discovery regarding the power source for the Gross, Fein & Klein III DAC’s. Purerly on a whim & at the suggestion from some knowledgeable people I decided to run a Gross DAC from my new M18 Kraftwerk 12v 4A PSU. What! - as you all know I’ve been telling everyone for years all my DAC’s run on AC not DC so why would I be trying this. Up untill recently all my DAC’s needed + & - internal voltages & the only way to do this is run them from a AC supply. With the Gross & the new transformer output design it eliminated the need for negative supplies except for one small negative bias supply for the muting transistors. Then about ten months ago I changed the muting system to a new photo MOSFET relay setup. NOW all of a sudden the Gross only had positive internal supplies so the feasibility of runing from a external DC PSU was entirely possible. But why would I try this? I go to a lot of effort with the internal PSU’s so I’m confident they are very good & I had already tried a much larger external transformer wth no sound change. As I said before it was purely on a whim & was not expecting any sound quality change OMG - I was totally gobsmacked at the sound improvement - I thought this can’t be right so I did the comparison another half a dozen times - same result! Then I tried it the next day & then a few days later - the result was very conclusive that the big external DC PSU was significantly improving the sound. OK time to see if any one else agrees so I asked a experienced Gross owner & a Fein owner to do the same comparison - conclusion - both agreed on the sound improvement. Now 12v is not the ideal external dc voltage due to the voltage drop from the DAC’s internal bridge recifiers but it is safe & works very well. My next step is to modify the 12v 4A unit for 14v output which will be the optimised voltage for all the DAC’s internal PSU to work correctly. While I’m at it I thought I would also try replacing the single main filter cap with a bank of 18 Silmic II caps which should improve things even more. However the Silmic caps are about $5 a pop so that option will bump up the price quite a bit. OK so at this stage I will doing a 14v version of the 12v 4A M18 Kraftwerk PSU especially to just suit the Gross, Fein & Klein III - cost $375 - the same as the current model. Plus a new pure Silmic II version at $500. I will order the boards tomorrow so about two weeks away. Guys I’m so confident about this upgrade that all units sold will automatically come with a return for refund in seven days option if not completely satisfied. IMPORTANT! Please no one try runing their Gross DAC’s on a DC supply untill checking with me first that their unit is compatible. Approximately the first fourteen Gross DAC’s are unsuitable due the negative internal muting bias supply. It is possible for me to upgrade those units to the new photo mosfet relays so then they would suit the new DC PSU. I will work out a costing on that soon. Exciting times!
  2. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Free B&W P3 Series 2 Headphones - Raffle

    Computer says winner is @Mat-with-one-t 😀👍😀
  3. May as well change names to JB Wi Fi
  4. mattd2308

    FS: Music Hall Turntables various models

    Just ordered a white MMF2.2 for my daughter, for her 13th birthday in January.
  5. liman

    Single malt whisky

    Wow I didn't know we have this category til today. My collection
  6. pete_mac

    Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    Some further pics of the AU-Alpha 907XR - copper, Elna Silmic Alpha Gold, Riken, Teflon and Tamura goodness abounds throughout this 33kg, 160WPC piece of Sansui artistry.
  7. Abbey Road Studio - Holton Audio and Kerr Acoustic. We had a wonderful response to the private event at Abbey Road Studio's in London on the 26th of October 2018 where over a 100 of UKs top recording and mastering engineers attending the event, Thanks to Mike from RecordProduction.com for supplying the attached photo. More to come!
  8. Janjuc

    Currently Spinning

    Hi All, Ziggy Stardust 40th Anniversary remix JJ
  9. mrbuzzardstubble

    Currently Spinning

    Sting - The Dream Of The Blue Turtles
  10. pete_mac

    Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    Wowsers... such a lovely lovely amp. A noticeable step up over the 907DR in terms of clarity, resolution, imaging and sound staging. Very very impressed by the 907XR! I must say that as a dyed-in-the-wool black-faced Sansui lover, I really do love these silver/champagne models. The veneer and the solid copper feet are purrrrdy! @Cafad you really nailed your reviews on these amps!
  11. I have declared today a mono day in my house. I have separated out a bunch of 1950s mono LPs and set up my multi-eq phono preamp with my Garrard 4HF and a 1mil conical stylus. Lovely sound through a Playmaster style 6L6 PP ultralinear amp into a Plessey Rola C12PX 12 inch mono speaker. This is about as authentic I can make the 1950s mono era sound.
  12. I am a retired electronic and audio techo and teacher. System is all DIY. Loudspeaker theory and design is my main audio interest. Currently SEAS / SBA / Accuton ceramic driver active setup. Mainly into classical music and attend concerts. Regards, Doug T.
  13. Item: b&w 803 d3s Location:Sydney Price: 13500 slightly negotiable but please be kind Item Condition:as new Reason for selling: dont use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale is a pair of b&w 803 d3s. purchased brand new from len wallis audio in Sydney. They have been sitting there For about 1.5 years since arrival. Only played for a few times.I have been travelling overseas quite often plus i have sold all my gears. its kind of waste if dont get any use. So I decide to put them up for sale. still in perfect condition. no scratches or any kind of damages at all. Pictures: 
  14. Item: ML 332 Location:Melbourne Price: $4500ono Item Condition:8/10 Reason for selling:New amp. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Original 240v Australian delivered model. Fully overhaul/service done dec 2017. Rare in this condition. Complete with original box/manual. Prefer pick up due to weight +70kg. Pictures:
  15. Love_music

    Currently Spinning

    Time for a little Miles, my favourite album of his.
  16. Item: Opera Audio Consonance Cyber 100 15th with KT150 valves Location: SA Price: $1650 Item Condition: Immaculate with original retail packing. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, PayPal Extra Info: Amp is about 12 months old fitted with quad matched KT150 valves (approx. 70 watts), full working order with no marks or blemishes whatsoever, would suit new buyer. Great synergy with Yamaha NS-1000 speakers, only looking to sell so that I can go up the food chain :-) High quality point-to-point wiring, gold plated speaker bidding posts and I/O RCA terminals. For more info head to Greg Osborn website here. Please send any questions or comments strictly via PM. Pictures: 
  17. Neurone

    Currently Spinning

    Giving my new system a run in, will be a change from using an A&K to a Bluetooth speaker, starting off with a few things I know well.
  18. Item: Diatone DS-1000HR vintage speakers. Location: Sydney Price: 1200 plus postage if requires. Item Condition: Good condition Reason for selling: Too many speakers. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I've imported these speakers from Japan before, all the drivers are in perfect conditions. Trebles and mid-ranges are still original never been replaced or repaired, the woofer have been re-surround form speakers hospital recently with warranty for more than 5 years, the cabinets have some marks and scratches here and there due to the vintage speakers age. Just have no place for the new speakers coming, hence pass for the new owner who would love and want to try the Diatone sound. Happy to demo for local buyers. (Speaker stands are not included in the sale price, but can be negotiated) Pictures:
  19. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Vinyl disillusionment

    Update: I borrowed a Lack tabletop and some squash balls and sorbothane feet (thanks @buddyev). The immediate result is noticeable improvement. Lower noise floor with less rumble. I haven’t been able to test anything at high volumes yet but the bass seems to have tightened as well. Still have some hiss though. But that is from the phono stage. A good result. Thanks to everyone for their input
  20. Ittaku

    Preamp recommendations/advice

    It's interesting isn't it? You add another component in the signal path, it adds distortion, but it sounds better. The sooner I came to accept that aiming for some theoretical neutral that was impossible was holding the sound back, the better my hi-fi started to sound. Knowing more about how recordings are done, and that our idea of what soundstage and room acoustics and air we're trying to recreate has absolutely nothing to do with the way the information is stored on the recordings, it makes more sense that it is actually the addition that makes things sound more along the lines of what we have as our ideal. Unless you're dealing with a binarual recording played back on headphones, or something like a mercury living presence recording done with just two microphones no matter how big the orchestra is, then most recordings are multi-microphone affairs with microphones suspended in the air above each instrument group or sitting right in front of each instrument, and then heavily mixed to create the artifice of where they should be in the sound stage. Recreating what's really on the recording is impossible then through 2 speakers 2-5 metres apart in a small room, and the colouration added by your components are what create this artificial stage and air we're reproducing. The same goes for the harmonic overtones and richness that simply makes instruments sound fuller and more realistic. Of course this can be taken too far and sound bloated syrupy and overly warm - and some people actually prefer that too - but then it's all about balance.
  21. Item: Supratek Cortese Preamplifier Location: Kingaroy Price: $4500 inc freight ($6000 retail plus $250 for chrome finish) Item Condition: NEW (received a month ago then went on honeymoon, has had 4 days use) Reason for selling: house deposit Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This was to be my forever preamp (mind the cliche haha). However we just got married and priorities change. Houses are expensive and only going up in price, too many expenses loom overhead already and the only way to afford the deposit seems to be scale the toys back to nothing. this is the absolute latest line stage and phono circuit that Mick can manage in an all single ended system. For $6k he will do balanced plugs, but we both agree single ended is simply better so no balanced here. you get dual outputs home theatre bypass tape monitor best damn phono I’ve heard balance control remote ultimately the goal is to scrape together a deposit, buy the house, then immediately take out another small loan and purchase another one of the exact same amp these are that good. The power supply does require a little care to be place away from big power amps etc. these Suprateks just add soul and beauty to the music. Plan to consult the financial folk in the next week regarding the home loan, then will make a final decision about if I have to let this go, so just putting out feelers at this stage, but i’d Say I will, so get ready to save a good $1500 and the 3-6 month wait for a new one(yes it’s that long, I ordered this in June) probably should mention I do have the original packing for safe transport Pictures: apologies for dodgy phone photos.
  22. Item: FS: Lenehan ML2 +Rs with Custom Stands Location: North Fitzroy Vic Price: $3000 Item Condition: Near New Reason for selling: No time to listen anymore. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Well known Speakers on this site. Beautifully made, beautifull to listen too. Custom made heavy steel stands cost $800 to fabricate. Also filled with sand. Pictures:
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