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    Well my wait is over, picked up my new amp yesterday from Earle and it's up and running, couldn't be happier, not only is it beautiful in the American Walnut it sound wonderful. Sitting on a 130 year old Cedar Sideboard and just looks amazing.
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    Thought it was about time I let you folk know where I spend a fair bit of my life, a little bit of background first, about 3 years ago my father moved in with me he's a crotchety old dude that doesn't speak much english and he's pretty crook so he moved in he needs looking after, anyway after spending 6 months teaching him to use an iPad he discovered the internet more importantly streaming Spanish tv and Youtube for Spanish music Flamenco is his preferred flavour so fast forward another 6 months of being bombarded constantly with either of the 2 aforementioned favourites pretty much at full volume he's a bit deaf too, got a bit tiresome to say the least so I decided to embark on a project to build myself a den "The Bat Cave" I hope some of you enjoy my little story it was a lot of fun to do also hard work but I'm no longer going insane it's my "escape place" I'm sure some of you can relate. This is what it looks like today I'm still doing a bit of room treatment but it's close to being finished. Scroll down for the before shots. Humble beginnings it's my 20 year old shed that I built when I had no idea how important a level floor and wall really are so got that fixed up put the Silver paper (Sarking) on the inside of the Colourbond hopefully it helps in summer for the heat and did some wiring for power and ethernet. 5.5M X 4.5M if someones interested. Ok moving on insulation was a must Canberra is well known for it's temperature extremes not only does it get hot here it gets as cold as a witches titt today it nearly snowed, I used Acoustic Earthwool a bit dearer but worth it and no itch this stuff is nice to work with anyone who has used the fibreglass variety knows exactly what I mean. I used cement fibre sheets instead of Gyprock they are stronger and they will repel moisture to a point being an outdoor shed there was always the possibility I may have a leak I haven't yet but you never know. Check out my fancy second hand door. Ok moving on again painting done underlay down, lights in, tv bracket and air conditioner installed this is looking comfortable now. How about some carpet getting excited now. Moving in some gear "yay" took 4 months to get to this stage. Some photo's of the evolving Den. This is today. The back of the room still a bit of treatment to be done here. Everyone is welcome at my place as long as there's only five of us. The vinyl section. Messy I know That's it guys my crude room treatments seem to be working quite nicely and I'm only half done I'm pretty happy with the results so far. 4 months it took me start to finish. $5000 in materials and related bits I did all of the labour apart from the air conditioner install that is not a job for amateurs. I'm done all I need to do is one of those feet shots too cold in Canberra at the moment for that.
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    I have read a few vinyl threads where folks are not happy with how their vinyl and turntable is sounding. That is sad, however I would say every single problem they are experiencing comes down to inadequate set up with the table, cartridge and even what its sitting on. Vinyl is not like cd - its an active experience and EVERY turntable needs to be set up correctly even down to what the turntable sits on. Please go through the seemingly BS and set up your table correctly, reach out if you don't have the skills to do so - plenty of good folks here on SNA. Anyway, my turntables and analog playback sound sensational!! hell, I am even listening to a Kanye West picture disc and I am enjoying it thoroughly. Vinyl has magic in them grooves and this thread is to celebrate your turntable and vinyl sounding sensational. Please post if your analog rig sounds great and if you like, explain why. You don't need to spend a lot of $$ on vinyl for it to sound good, it just takes patience, a bit of experience and patience. Personally I have spent a lot of time on setting up every cartridge correctly and the platform it sits on.
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    Hey everyone, Since January this year, I've made some upgrades to my system which I'd like to share with you. Pre-amplifier I purchased a new Ypsilon PST100 MkII Silver Wiring version from the Ypsilon dealer Telos Audio. This is easily the best amplifier I have ever heard. I owned a non-silver version a few years ago and sold it to raise money and lamented that sale ever since. I will never change from this pre-amp. It uses high quality transformers to do its job and the clarity, openness & purity is startling. Big investment but a life time of pleasure to be had. Power Amplifier Most of the amplifiers that I have owned in the last 15 years have been reasonably low powered single ended Class A types. There's a direct connection and realism that this type of topology gives me that I love. However, despite their efficiency, I discovered long ago that Avantgarde horns really need a bit of power to produce head room and create that huge soundstage that they are capable of. So I've been using a world class solid state amplifier with wonderful results. However, the dream amplifier for me is a single ended valve amp that can produce 100W+ pure Class A power. These beasts are very rare and VERY expensive. The two that I have heard that blew me away were the Ypsilon SET100's ($120K) and the Wavac SH-833 ($350K) but they represent significant outlays and there are other system priorities (room) that have to be addressed before going there. One day, I saw an ad on Stereonet for a set of used AM833S amplifiers (imported by Osborne Loudspeakers) that were almost new and I bought them immediately. 130W of Single Ended Triode pure Class A sound - these are rare and in my opinion, crazy value. So into the system they went. DAC & Digital My Line Magnetic DAC punches way above its weight and I will always recommend it for people with a $2K budget. However, when I replaced my amplification, especially when I installed the Ypsilon, my digital source developed a bad case of 'digitisis'. I needed to make some changes to the DAC so I can return to a smoother, more resolved sound without losing any dynamics. I listened to some well-recommended DACs but wasn't really blown away and then a solution came completely from left field. A friend of mine showed me a highly modified Oppo Blue-Ray player which uses the latest chip sets but in this case, among internal dampening and other electronic circuit upgrades, they have disconnected the whole output stage and ran the signal out through a pair of installed amorphous core transformers. The resultant player has a liquid sound that caught me off guard. I bought one, got the mods done and it sounds wonderful. So now, I have the choice of playing an actual CD, switching to my 4TB server or an external hard drive where I collect high resolution digital music. And all of them go through this wonderful modified DAC & transformer output to the preamp. Best of every world. Cables After over a year of slowly working on my DIY cable project, I've shelved it and instead bought some Duelund interconnects and speaker cables which give the system some tone and naturalness. Combined with the purity of the amps and the speed and dynamics of the horns, these cables are a great match. Power Distribution I have two independent circuit, dedicated lines coming in from the street. I now have a Shunyata Guardian feeding my power intensive new amps and a Shunyata Hydra distribution block feeding the rest of the circuit. All power cables are now Shunyata Pythons, Cobras, etc. I did some listening tests with various cable brands and different levels of cables within each brand and only chose ones that made a positive difference to the sound. The noise floor is now inaudibly low and the system dynamics have been improved. Isolation Platforms A good friend of mine made these isolation platforms that utilise a carefully researched and selected combination of special foam and wood. The effect on my system has been so positive, I literally placed one under almost every component. In summary, a great round of upgrades and the system is singing like never before. I feel I am very close to end of the road. One of my great pleasures is still playing music to whoever I manage to convince to sit with me. Quick summary: Analogue Source Michelle Orbe SE turntable with the Gert Pedersen Upgrades Schroeder CB Tonearm Phasemation PP-2000 Phono Cartridge Enklein Amphora phono cable RCM Sensor 2 Phono Preamplifier Townshend Seismic Isolation Platform Digital Source Innuos Zenith Mk II 4TB server Enklein Trek USB cable Highly modified opportunity blue ray player operating as a transport and DAC to all other digital sources. Solid-state hard drive with high resolution music collection. Spiral Groove Strange Attractors Amplification Ypsilon PST100 MkII Silver Version Pre-amp AM833S 130W Power Amp (4 chassis) Speakers Avantgarde Acoustic Duo Mezzo XD Cables Duelund 16AWG speaker cables & interconnects Power Distribution Shunyata Research Hydra & Guardian distribution blocks Shunyata Research Python, Black Mamba, Anaconda cables Other: Great music, wine, family & friends I will try to post my Jan system for reference below in the thread. Hope you folks are enjoying your systems as much as I am enjoying mine. Cheers, George.
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    Helps with the imaging......... GLWTS
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    Apologies that it has taken so long to come back to everyone on this. The winning offer was $500 (we actually had a couple at that level, so the unit has gone to the first one received). I would like to thank everyone for their interest and participation. As this combination was dropped off to us at no charge we will be donating the $500 to Variety - the Children's Charity.
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    Item: JBL 4350 Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $17000 Item Condition: For a 48 year old speaker, great. Reason for selling: I have owned them for a few years now and my room just isn't wide enough to get the speakers far enough apart. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Anyone considering the investment in these speakers know what they are so I won't go on too much of a rant. In my opinion these are the pinnacle of the 43xx Blue Baffle monitors. Overall system sensitivity of 95db/w and capable of SPL's exceeding 126db. Why would you require such high SPL's you may ask? Whilst you are not likely to crank the speakers to a level approaching 126db it's the sheer effortlessness of reaching high SPL's that is so addictive with large JBL monitors. They will play loud without a hint of strain. The dynamics here is just off chops. I have never heard another speaker come close to the mid-bass wallop these have. It's just insane, unless you have heard these speakers you couldn't even begin to imagine what I am referring to. I assume if you are considering these you are familiar with the drivers so I won't go into there sound signature of each but I have to say these are the most dynamic vintage JBL monitor. You may ask where the 4345's fit into the mix? They are a similar sized monitor in size and sensitivity but with a larger 18 inch woofer as opposed to 2x 15's. Well you can keep your 18inch woofer and I'll raise you a 12inch mid bass, but most importantly the 4350's have a 4 inch compression driver and 2inch horn. The diaphragms are more than twice the size of the 4345 and the driver weighs nearly 20kg alone. It makes the 2420/2425 look like a toy. The 2440/2441 is really as good as it gets with vintage JBL horns. It's not just the sheer size of the 2440/2441, it's just a superior driver. All the cones and diaphragms are original JBL OEM and being the "A" variation the drivers are all Alnico. The speakers come with the JBL 5234 Active Crossover with the 250hz crossover cards installed. This is just a freebie thrown in with the speakers but I would seriously look at a better crossover for these. I used a DEQX but something like a Bryston 10B or First Watt B4 would be good too. The old JBL crossovers are a bit long in the tooth these days, even if you recap them. I bought these of the original owner so these have not been passed around or abused. I have the foilcal for the grilles but the plastic flim has started to peel off so I didn't stick them on. You could heat them up with a heat gun or maybe get on to them with an iron. Cabinets are in pretty good nick, the speakers are now approaching 48 years old so that has to be taken into consideration. If you look close there a few marks here and there but they are a solid 8/10. There is one defect worth noting, on the top left corner of one side there is a bit haziness in the finish. I have hi-res photos with the flash on so you can have look. It's not a big mark but worth mentioning. Unless you had a pair stored in a vacuum I doubt there are many 4350's in better nick. Sequential serial numbers 12007A 12008A. These will never depreciate and along with the Paragon are the most valuable and sort after JBL speaker. I doubt this would interest any buyers but I have a pair of charge couple 3155 crossovers I could include if you wanted to bring these to 4355 spec. Jantzen caps, Jantzen Wax Inductors and Superes resistors. The HF portion of the speakers have been re-wired with Duelund 16AWG and the binding posts are CMC's. For a little extra I can provide a JBL MPA600 power amp to drive the LF section. 400 watts in 8 and 600 into 4, plenty enough to drive the 4x15's. Not expecting to sell these quickly so I will not entertain any low ball offers. If you are local and want to hear the speakers without the interest in buying I am happy to give a few people a listen. This would have to be at a time that suits me as setting these up requires substantial component changes in my system.' Edit I should also add I am open to trades. The speakers I am interested in seldomly come up for sale but it's worth a shot. If you have a pair of Duntech Sovereigns, Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario or Elipsa Red or Stradivari. Let me know. Photos:
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    Some very rare solo Daddy time. Yep it's 10:30am on a Saturday and yep that's a full strength craft beer. Because? Subs are Sonique Thunderbox 1200s paired in stereo via a preout. Speakers were a drop dead gumtree bargain - vintage Tannoy Mercury M4s in time warp condition. They kick hard. As you'd expect being fed 200w RMS a side via a Rotel RB-1080. Source is a Rotel 991 AE cd player. No plans to add vinyl as it's simply too expensive these days..... Also because young kids.
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    Good morning Folks. I think this is my first post here, and after perusing the last few pages I was almost unwilling. There are some beautiful systems/setups (and photo's) that you guys are running. I am far from the high end gear, not really medium level either. Most of my gear is from Op Shops or given away free. It suits my lifestyle and I love the sounds I hear. I have a great appreciation for high end gear, some of the Turntable and Speakers are sculptures and I respect the engineering and development of equipment. I also have a similar interest in Formula One Racing. Cutting edge technology. But those interests are beyond my means. For me it's about the music and collecting Albums/Cd's/Music. Something I have done since my teens, but let fade for a few years. I love my system especially the Optonica Amp and Technics Speakers (I have another pair which I have stripped for cabinet re-builds). The 'Cosmic Rig' as I like to call it, after a full day cleaning yesterday it's ready for a few pics. I like it dark and minimal when I listen. I have lived in this shed for almost ten years now. I have no intention of going anywhere and Blu and I are very comfy. Top; horizontal - Sony Carbocon Speaker System 80w. Sitting on - Technics SB-2755 200w. I run the Technics with the Harman/Logan H30 Bass Reflex System (floor speakers next to the TV), from the AMI Jorgen SR-2000P amp. At the moment the Turntable and TV are running through it. The Sony's first mentioned are running with two LG SH95TA-S rear floor speakers (for now), from the Technics SU-72000 amp, (it's the least used set up). The front speakers on the floor are Teledyne Acoustic Research TSW110, running with the two Optonica CP-5100X 3 way 40w, from the Optonica SM-5100 amp, (under the TV). I find my Metal and Rock CD's sound pretty good with this set up, clean and punchy. But Electronic CD's still go through the Jorgen/Technics set up fro ooooomph. Firstly, I run three amps (not together), each having two sets of speakers. I move the bottom ones on to stands for listening, but down for the Technics behind. Secondly, are there any issues with laying speakers on their side??? A book shelf in the centre and four racks of CD's on each side. Minimal and dust free. With the roller doors up, but shade clothed to keep the bugs out. The obligatory feet and dog... The AMI Jorgen on top, the Technics underneath. For now running the Rotel RP-5300 with OMB cart and Ortofon 10. That's my modest set up this morning. Very happy with the way things are running/sounding. Enjoying playing around with different set ups. Have given the first Rose Tattoo Album a tub and a spin, lovely. Saving for a new Cart and Stylus for the Optonica Turntable (not pictured), which is automatic and a pleasure sometimes. Liking the new Jorgen amp/receiver too. Thanks Guys.
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    Its not much compared to other systems here, but it's taken me years to collect all the parts and get them fully functional. Still got other components out on repair, but I got sick of the huge server rack that I had and finally got around to mounting the stuff in an original Pioneer rack. I still need another Pioneer rack if anyone knows of one....(also looking for Unicorn turds too, lol) Anyway, I'm much happier with the way it looks now, almost lounge room worthy (swmbo might does say different) I'm hoping to get my Spec 4 back soon and although it will be as original as Grand dad's axe, once it arrives I'm planning to swap the SA-9500II out with it, then I can truly call it a Spec rack. The TX-9500II tuner needs a lamp and although its regarded highly in the Pioneer circles, its not as good as the tuner in the SX-1980. My plan is to procure another JA-2RS rack, mount the RT-909 and some signal processors in it and the SX-1980 will sit on top. I'm working on a way to include my PD-F1007 CD player and Consonance DAC as they are black. Gotta find a new place for my bookshelf's, as all of this is in my man cave/office in my shed. Once the Troel DTQWT's open up a bit, they will probably take place in this system, the HPM-100's will go inside, and the Gale 401a's might find a new home. Not sure about that yet. The Gales and the HPM-900's sound very similar, so it might be a coin flip. As it was last week,
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    And by default our hobby in general
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    It is with great sadness that we let all our clients and friends know that Frank Prowse passed away yesterday at 88 years of age. He was blessed with 88 years of good health and a very brief 3 week of illness. Frank loved the hifi industry dearly and his love of music never faded. He was involved in the fledgling audio industry from his very early days working and managing Stanwood's Radio in the UK, before emigrating to Australia in 1964. In Perth he worked briefly for Canes and Knowles electrical store, before joining Boans department store in Perth in the brown goods department (TV and Audio) in 1965. He left Boans in 1968 to open Perth's first K-Mart store in Morley where he managed the Electrical department. In 1970 he was headhunted by Alberts HiFi owner Hal Wallis and joined the team at the Hay Street East Perth location. The Alberts organisation expanded and Perth HiFi was opened in Hay street Perth, after Alberts HiFi purchased Hoods Records. This was on the location of the current Wesley Centre. Frank Managed this store. When the Wesley Centre redevelopment was planned, Perth HiFi moved to the new location of 396 Murray Street. The name changed shortly after to Alberts HiFi and this became the iconic location for HiFi stores in Perth for many years. Within 100 metres of the Alberts HiFi location we soon saw Douglas HiFi, (later to become Brashes) Sound Advice, Audio World, The Sony Shop and West Coast HiFi all arrive, at various times and location on the Murray Street strip. Frank became a director of Alberts HiFi which had now expanded to 5 locations including East Perth, Victoria Park, Fremantle, Northlands and Leslie Leonard HiFi in City Arcade Perth where his son Dave first started work after finishing high school in 1976 under store manager Vince Ross. After a disagreement in business direction with Alberts, Frank decided at the ripe old age of 60 to go it alone and purchased Bob Jones Audio in Mosman Park from ex-client, turned retailer Bob Jones. Bob got into the HiFi business as he said it was cheaper to go into the business than keep buying HiFi from Frank. Frank took over the business in 1990 and changed the name to Frank Prowse HiFi. Bob always told Frank that it would never be more than a one man shop but in the hey days of the industry in 2000-2007 we had 14 staff so the business had grown considerably under Frank's leadership. Frank retired from full time work in 2007 at 77 years old. He continued to assist us with various pick ups and drop offs up until 5 weeks ago when his decline began. Thank you to all those that have made contact with us in the past 24 hours - your thoughts and condolences are so appreciated. It is such a joy to hear the old stories of Frank's relationship with you all. May he rest in Peace in HiFi Heaven But have it turned up all the way to 11. Dave and Barb Prowse, Sister Sharon and their families Frank Prowse 1930 - 2018
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    So much has been happening lately and I thought I'd share the journey. Speakers are Magico S7
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    Hi guys, needed a break, life got a bit hectic back then, let things get to me a tad to easily. But anyway, hope alls been well. ‘’Sime.
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    Messing with the pano on the phone.
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    CD is not dead.......5 hours this morning.......
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    my bling amp. sounds amazing after being upgraded to S250 spec.
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    Cool idea for a post, this is what I have. I paint all day, it's what I do for a crust. Do it with my system going. Art everywhere... The piece in the middle is a section kept from a 20m long installation I made recently, the paintings are just what I'm working on. Enjoy J
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    Time for an update, given that I've achieved a really nice upgrade that came a bit out of left field. I've been really enjoying the Avantgardes, with maybe a tiny reservation about the mids and treble having a hint of hardness on some tracks. I tried lots of options including some lovely valve amps (Cary 805AE monoblocks with uber-esoteric Elrog valves and Audion Parallel 300b's) that Hugh Barnes generously carted over to my place so I could see how they sounded vs the Passlabs XA-30.5. Both had their strengths, but neither were a compelling upgrade from the little Pass amp. At the show, I had a brief chat with Cameron of Maxmedia and he mentioned a couple of options involving Avantgarde amplification and AMR DAC. Thinking about it later, I read up on the AMR DP777SE and the sound signature that was consistently described seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I asked Cameron and he was adamant that it WAS exactly what I was looking for. My reaction was along the lines of "Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?" especially since I had left him in no doubt that the AG amp and preamp were out of the price range I was willing to consider. So, a few weeks ago, I booked a cheap flight back to Melbourne with my trusty old NAD M51 stashed in carry-on baggage as a base-line comparison. Well, after hearing a few tracks at Cameron's place it was clear to me that the DP777SE was comfortably better sounding than the standard model trade-in that he had available and significantly nicer to listen to than my old M51. Up to then I'd always preferred the NAD to any other DAC's I'd listened to at home and really didn't think a better DAC would offer a significant benefit. Subtle improvements I expected, but not a global "Wow, that sounds great" experience. So, Cameron dispatched me back to Adelaide with his very well packaged demo DAC under my arm. It was nerve-racking watching that parcel teetering on conveyor belts into and out of the plane and disappearing under heavy bags, but it arrived safely back to its new home and I doubt if it will move from there anytime soon. So, how does it sound? Well, IMO exactly as it is consistently reported as sounding in just about all of the reviews I've read online - ie, relaxing, organic, smooth, but still detailed and dynamic. Moreover, I'm currently using it as a pre-amp as well as a DAC. I've seen one credible report online that suggested there was no perceptable deterioration in SQ when this was substituted for a $30K TOTL Passlabs pre. In my case I prefer it to having the Modwright LS100 in the equation, especially as it is relatively silent and the Modwright does introduce some valve hiss and rush into the tweeters and mids respectively. Overall, the sound I'm now getting just feels right. Full, rich and solid from top to bottom and just so balanced and clean, with a lovely soundstage. Its neatest trick is being so easy to listen to from anywhere in the room, without sacrificing detail or dynamics in the process. SO, it can sound exciting and relaxed at the same time. Cameron explains that by suggesting it's just far more effective at avoiding "digital nasties" than the NAD could ever hope to be. There are a range of features, but I won't go into detail here, except to point out it is possibly unique in having 2 separate DAC's onboard, each with multiple filters and it has a wide range of inputs including analogue. And the SPDIF inputs emply a unique NOS valve-based technology that I don't even pretend to understand. It has a lovely, heavy metal remote, too. I did have a few glitches with digital clicks and droputs, but these seem to have been related to some "iffy" cables, that have now been replaced with new ones from Peter at Audio Principe. So I'm a happy chappy now. The only real downside is that I can't easily read the volume display form the listening postion - probably an age thing. Easy fixed, though. I just asked myself "What would Basil do?"
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    Room is pretty much done now. Still need to make my rack. What the gear is on at the moment is terrible but it does the trick. The Bluesound Vault 2i is new and it’s a really great bit of kit that looks and sounds great. Newest addition is the Meridian 501 preamp. I purchased this nearly a year ago but have only just received it. It’s been sitting at the daughters place in Melbourne all this time. Have only just plugged it in for a listen, sounds good so far. I don’t think I like it as much as the Mingda valve pre but it’s early days yet.
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    The Death Star has had some changes over time, but the changes in the last week have been the most significant and have given the best improvements. The recent changes were initiated by a friend who is a commercial vinyl layer who saw the state of my floor and said "this will not do". In short order he replaced some crappy domsetic vinyl flooring with some commercial grade vinyl planks. Those that have been on the Death Star have seen there was a wall, which has now been removed. While the space is not yet ideal, its a whole lot better than it was. The extra space has been laid in carpet tiles. Considering the space was only ever meant as a workshop office its now a lot more acoustically orientated. After re purposing an old bench as a rack and setting everything up, initial impressions were there was way too much bass. Is that possible?...yes, when its muddy and boomy, its not pleasant. An old mattress topper was called to task, along with a rug kindly donated from an audio show a couple of years ago. Day 2. I had not given much though to the gear placement. I just needed to get it out of the house and back in the cave as SWMBO had terse words about all my gear in the house while floor work was being done. The TT on the lower shelf was showing itself as an instant mistake. I dunno what I was thinking. The TV was also a dumb idea to put there in the early days. Upon some listening, it was apparent I'd gone too far with the mattress topper bass traps. Some messing about with speaker position, toe in and speaker to rear wall distance made some good improvements. Its now half reasonable. I still have some echo and reverb that needs to be managed. I'm pretty happy so far, its vast improvement. I think it wont be too long and I'll be able to host a mini GTG. The room will still be at capacity with 3 or 4 people, but thats better than the 2 at best I could do before. Unfortunately from an audio point of view it still has to function as an office for my still making business. That will always cause compromise. For the gear hounds... Speakers; Troels DTQWT MkII. 3 way Pre; Weston Acoustics Time machine. EML and RCA red base tubes Amp; Weston Acoustics Topaz mono blocks. KT 150 and TungSol 6SN7 GTB, Mundorf coupling cap's and Thiele Audio Russian rectifiers CD transport; Yamaha CD-S1000 DAC; Line Magnetic LM-502CA with tube upgrades and Burson Op Amps. Digital source; iMac with Audirvarna Phono stage; Golden Age Audio (on loan) TT; Clear Audio Champion, Lyra Delos While its still early days with the new space, early results are promising. I'm hoping to do some painting and build a new rack in the next few weeks. I'd like to get the audio properties sorted out first. Where its at now, I can drill holes in the walls, add/remove audio treatments and generally tune it to my tastes. Then I can fancy it all up Thanks for looking
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    Most annoying sound is "turn that down!' .. [emoji41]
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    Thanks very much! Magico S5 REL Gibraltars x2 Accuphase 6100 power amp Accuphase DG58 voicing unit Accupjase DC37 dac Accuphase 2420 preamp Slee accession/elevator phono Sources: MacMini with attached hard drives for DSD files, and Tidal streaming. SME 20/12 TT with SME V12 arm VdH cables Dedicated phase of power Custom built room with thin wall/Flexi construction RPG treatments
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    Hey everyone, I joined Stereonet a few months ago but never got around to writing about my system. It feels incomplete to simply post a list of components with some photos without describing the journey that has taken you to this point, your personal criteria that have driven the journey, how you listen to music, what's important to you and how the sum of the parts (including the room) all come together to get you the sound that you enjoy. It's a very personal journey that I am fortunate to be on.....I am sure no different to the journeys, stories, passions and experiences of many of the members at this site. So..... here goes: Digital Sources: AMR CD-77 CD Player (Titanium) Apple Mac Air Computer using the CD player's DAC Analogue Source: Turntable: Immedia RPM (Spiral Groove predecessor) Tonearm: Immedia Centroid Cartridge: Dynavector Karat 17D2 MR (highly modified) Isolation Platform: Minus K with granite slab (not in photos) Phono pre-amp: AQVOX Phono 2CI Pre-amp: Ypsilon Electronics PST-100 Mark II Power Amp: Vactron KT88/120 Single Ended Class A Power Amplifiers (2 mono-blocks) Configuration: Single-Ended Parallel Triode-Connected Pentode Output Power: 18 Watts RMS Continuous per channel @ 8 Ohms (with KT88’s) Output Impedance: 4 Ohms and 8 Ohms (16 available on request) Inputs: Unbalanced, Furutech Rhodium RCA Construction: High rigidity, aluminium billet box-frame with 3mm anodised panelling and timber-dressed side panels. Dimensions: 240mm (W) x 300mm (H) x 440mm (D) Weight (each Mono Block): 25kg Compliance: ACA C-Tick Level 2 Valve line up (each): 6922EHG (E88CC), EL84 (6BQ5), 2 x KT120 or KT88 Loudspeakers: Avantgarde Acoustic Duo Omegas Cabling: Phono: Enklein Amphora Interconnects & Speaker: Avantgarde Acoustic Pure Silver Reference Cable Power cables fully shielded high-end industrial cable & Furutech connections Xindak AC Power Conditioner XF-1000ES for power distribution Room: Dedicated Music Room Rectangular Shape 3.55m (w) x 6.25m (l) x 2.65m (h) Direct power supply from fusebox (self contained circuit) The sound: Close your eyes and be transported...... Very revealing of the quality of the recording. Open, spacious, excellent tone and timbral quality, amazing rendition of nuances. Brings the artist into your room right in front of you. Very enjoyable. Notes on the Power Amps: Some background: After decades of experimenting and investing significant time and cost in my audio hobby, I settled on the approach of Single Ended Triode Class A amplification driving high efficiency horn speakers as my preferred 'way'. There is a certain immediacy and honesty that this style of system possess that is hard to live without. I'm sharing this so you know the criteria that I have used to choose my equipment - emotional connection. However as I have discovered over the years, the great majority of commercially available SET amps have the following weaknesses: (1) loose bass, (2) Limited at the frequency extremes, (3) Dynamic headroom, & (4) a little too coloured (2nd order harmonics). I tried many SET amps including highly acclaimed mega $ models. I never wanted to move away from them because they get music 'right' but I craved to have that magic without the obvious limitations. The Concept and the Designers: I commissioned the design and build of a pair of mono-block power amplifiers that had the following characteristics: Single Ended Class A Zero feedback Must use modern Valves (By using KT88 or KT120 valves operating as a large triode, we have avoided the need for rare valves and achieved superior sonic results) Must have the highest quality components possible (From the cryogenic rhodium RCA's, the Van Den Hul wiring, the machined gold/teflon valve sockets, the silver Audio Note Capacitors, custom transformers through to the heavy gold speaker terminals, the critical path is fully optimised. The amplifiers were designed & specified by Dallas Clarke from Clarke Audio in Melbourne. Dallas has over 40 years experience in high end audio design and is regarded by the audiophile community as a world authority on audio circuit design. These amplifiers combine the latest in component technology with Clarke's unique grounding topology. Michael Nolan from VACTRON was chosen to be the manufacturer because of his incredible attention to detail and exquisite workmanship. Michael’s products are heirloom quality and designed to last many lifetimes. The attention to detail is incredible. For example, the wooden side panels are constructed from high quality Tasmanian Myrtle timber that has been sanded & polished over 16 times. The soldering is exquisite and the wiring is solid copper point to point. The driver stage is massively over-engineered and as a result, it provides superior control to the output valves. These valves are currently installed with the amplifier: Tung-Sol KT120 valves x4 EL84 (6BQ5) valves x 2 6922EHG (E88CC) x 2 Some photos of the system:
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    I gave up on the search for the perfect system a long time ago and now just listen to the music for what is, I've heard some pretty good and expensive sna member systems, for my money chasing the perfect sound, the cost far out weighs the befits. Another thing I've come to realise is that often it's not the system that's at fault but the way in which the recording was engineered. A few bourbon's (in moderation of course) can help eliminate the faults in most rigs. Mid Fi is where its at man .
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    Well, I'm really quite excited to be involved and exhibiting at this years' show[emoji16][emoji16] Teaming up with my longtime mate Keith @cheekyboy and his Wyndham Audio goodies, and a new friend Ben @Nanoat with his delicious Aussie made tube amps, I'll be showing off the high efficiency "crossoverless" speakers from Contrast Audio, a newly developed rack design and of course The Satchel!! Free hugs for SNA members (only from me though, I can't speak for Ben or Keith!!)
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    I have too many turntables, thinking to sell some
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    Strictly alphabetical, except Classical which are together. Current buys and spinning Into the real shelves
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    I have a suggestion: Limit the test to TWO cables only. One should be a standard IEC cable and the other a fancy, over-priced one. Using more than two cables will make things very messy and very difficult. IF you can, reliably, hear a difference between a standard cable and a fancy one, then move on to a more complex test.
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    I'm back into vinyl, don't know why I left it. It's simply magic so I've started with a modded Technics SL 1200 and love it. I was a dj for years and have a soft spot for the 1200 so I'm sticking with it. BTW.... New vinyl is very $$$$ these days.
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    After a (long) year, my system is finally set up in it's new home! Sounds even better (!) than previous digs due to room size/layout and carpet/concrete floor. Quite an improvement! I have much music to listen to! If any SA SNA'ers want to pop over for a listen please pop me a PM. Below are updated system specs (only a couple of very minor changes) and new photos. Also, some pics of what I call, "The best Coffee Table in the world"..... Over 6,000 arcade games plus all the old Commodore 64 and Atari 2600 games. Surface Tension arcade table. Link: http://surface-tension.net/ Stereo: Equipment: Vandersteen Model Seven loudspeakers dCS Puccini SACD/CD player & DAC dCS Puccini U-Clock dps 3/Ayre Turntable with balanced tonearm cable Lyra Kleos cartridge Ayre KX-R Pre-amp Ayre P5-xe Phono stage Ayre MX-R Monoblock amps 2 X Ayre L5-xe power filters 13’ Apple MacBook Pro 2.7 GHz with OCZ VERTEX 2 Series (MLC) 120GB SSD J RIver music software with JRemote used with Apple iPad Oyen Digital MiniPro RAID V2 FW800, USB 3.0, eSATA 2-Bay RAID Enclosure with 2 X 3 TB 2.5" Toshiba MQ03ABB300 HDD Audioquest Jitterbugs Cables: Audioquest Eagle Eye 72V DBS BNC 75 Ohm digital cable Audioquest Everest 72V DBS speaker cables in bi-wire configuration Audioquest WEL William E Low Signature Cable balanced interconnects 72V DBS Audioquest Diamond 72V DBS USB cable Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder 72V DBS 75 Ohm digital cable Audioquest Diamond 72V DBS FireWire cable Richard Gray Power Company High Tension Wire power cables Misc: Solid Tech Rack of Silence equipment racks with suspension shelves Solid Tech Feet of Silence isolators under SACD/CD player Finite Elemente Pagode turntable wall shelf Ayre myrtle wood blocks used under other equipment and also under interconnect and power cables to ensure they are raised above floor Silent Running Audio "Ohio Class" Audio isoBASE custom made amp stands for the Ayre MX-R Monoblock amps Cardas XLR and RCA caps on unused inputs/outputs Furutech Rhodium power receptacles Sine and Furutech power cover plates Home Theater (in addition to above): Equipment: Denon AVR-3312 surround sound receiver Panasonic DMR-BW750 Blu-Ray player/recorder XBOX ONE JBL in ceiling surround loudspeakers Pioneer PDP-LX509A Plasma monitor (ISF calibrated) Cables: Audioquest King Cobra balanced interconnects Audioquest HDMI cables, rear speaker cable
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    I dislike these threads. What right do we have to pick apart a business and speculate on these sorts of things on a public forum. I imagine the decison to sell was not an easy one - and I simply find threads like this disrespectful. I'm not closing it, but I think some should consider the thoughts that get put to keyboard.
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    My DIY turntable based on DENON DP 3000 with SME 300 tonearm and a DL103 Gold Limited edition. Magnetic sustentation of the main board.
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    Actually this is why the frequent calls for double blind testing happen. Imagine the scene: two fanbois facing off against each other on a misty moor at dawn. Each turns to their seconds, who open a lined leather-bound case. After a polite murmured, "After you", "No, after you", each fanboi carefully selects the dac of their choice. They walk away from each other a certain number of paces to what each deems to be the best listening position. Both appear tense, running their hands over the controls, feeling the sharp edges and corners, contemplating the whiplash of the power cords and the dangers of electric shock promised by the labels "Caution! No user serviceable parts inside". A voice calls: "Final chance. If any fanboi wishes to stop this matter now, speak up." But both men, so eloquent and garrulous in the past, now are tight-lipped. All is still and silent on the moor. The silence is inky black like a 24/96 recording transcribed directly from the half-speed master. "So," the voice continues. "It is dacs at ten paces, gentlemen." Almost unconsciously, each man (for these are proud, stubborn men, you don't think a woman would be out here at the crack of dawn when a cuppa and a good bowl of muesli in bed will do), gently feels the weight and heft of their dac in their fingertips, like Australian cricketers contemplating sandpaper. "There is but one thing remaining," the voice says. "Seconds, the blindfolds please." With care, each second ties a black cloth over the eyes of their combatant and checks the integrity of the other's blindfold. Satisfied, they nod and step back. "You may now hurl your best shots. Good luck." To the ordinary human being, hitting a target at ten paces while blindfolded can be rather challenging. But these are audiophiles, ears carefully curated and fine-tuned after years of listening. In an instant they can pick the difference between mp3 and flac. The shortcomings of CD versus LP redbook are child's play to discern. They know when a supertweeter is in use, and whether a speaker cable has fallen to the floor from it's dinky little plastic stand. Each man pauses, listens, decides, and hurls. Those sharp corners! Those knife-edged casings! The sheer weight of manufacturer-skimped electronic components! Of course, both men miss their targets completely. Ego satisfied, they shake hands and go home. It could have been a lot worse, were it not for the blindfolds. It's possible even that one or both may have struck a glancing blow! This is why double blind testing is the best and safest method to resolve disputes among audiophiles.
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    Just thought I’d share some pics that a mate sent me. They’re from 2003 when I’d taken delivery of a pair of VAF i93s. In kit form and about $6500. It took a few hours to put together but well worth the time and savings. Don’t think they do this anymore. Pity. Cheers, M
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    My late 80s Yamaha system in home made rack with Pioneer S-T300 speakers. The amp is an ax-630 which is an active servo (AST) model that takes a cartridge for AST-S1 speakers. It came with the cartridge and speakers but the speakers were blown so never got to test it out. TT is a P-850.
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    Not surprised because the difference between DACs is often *much* smaller than you might expect
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    Here we go, second post and showing off already...
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    Some may recall my earlier thead (http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/66038-dynaudio-c1s-and-lenehan-ml1s/) in which I pondered whether to sell my Dynaudio C1s and try some Lenehan ML1s (or something else). My issue was that my room was small, and I listen mostly at low volumes (by both choice and necessity). The C1s needed volume and space, and just did not work well in my room. To be honest, even when I cranked them up I never really warmed to their sound. I found the treble a little exaggerated and they had a rather dry character, although they imaged very well (which is low on my list of priorities). I wanted some speakers which would work well at low volumes, and suit a small room and near-field listening position. I also wanted speakers with a neutral sound but rich tonality, with dynamics and speed to match my Exposure/Linn based "flat earth" system. In other words, I wanted a lot. I initially obtained some elderly standard ML1s after trading away the Dynaudios. I liked what I heard. They sounded smaller than the Dyns, and obviously had less bass, but their smaller sense of scale suited my room better. They also had a warmer tonal balance and a more engaging character, although there was a slight hardness to the sound. I really liked them. But I was curious to know how the better versions of the ML1s sounded, so I ordered a pair of the Reference version, with the "proximity switch" designed for near-field listening. Initial impressions were very positive - a much smoother, more refined version of the ML1s I previously had, without that slight touch of hardness. But I knew that they would take a lot of running in and so waited until now to post my thoughts, particularly after trying them with some different amplifiers and also comparing them against a couple of other speakers. The first comment I want to make about the ML1 Reference speakers is that they are probably the most uncoloured speaker I have ever heard, and at the same time the most colourful. This is not a paradox, but two sides of the same thing. Their construction means that cabinet resonances are reduced to an inaudible level. I have never heard a speaker which adds so little cabinet colouration. At the same time, this allows the speakers to produce the full spectrum of tonal colours, with accuracy and great richness and saturation. It is this accuracy and yet richness that I find very engaging. I have tried these speakers with low powered SET amps - my 12 watt Audio Note P1SE - as well as higher powered solid state amps - the Exposure 4DR power amp which puts out 90 watts and the 16 monos which produce 140 watts. Although the 16 monos output "only" 140 watts, these are powerhouses which weigh 30kg each and have dual massive transformers. I had to have soft start circuits fitted recently because otherwise they would trip my house fuses every time I turn them on. I also used them with the Teddy Pardo amps which I used for about 6 months. With a 12 watt SET amp, the ML1s sounded rich, creamy and seductive - exactly the sound you want with SET amps. Of course, they were a little slow, the bass was a bit soft and the treble slightly rolled off, but the amp still drove the speakers to acceptable levels without distortion. I really liked the sound. But it was only when my 16 Mono amps came back from being serviced that the ML1s really started to sing. While I loved the tonality and richness of the ML1s, my only niggles had been that the bass was not quite as deep and tight as I was hoping (probably an unreasonable request from a speaker of this size) and they were not quite as fast as I would have liked. However, this is where it becomes a question of power. With the 90 watt Exposure 4DR power amp, the speakers produced adequate dynamics. But with the 16 monos it was like they added another octave of bass, the sound became fuller and bigger, and picked up a sense of dynamics that they had only hinted at previously. I have used other speakers before which are reputed to be power hungry but this is the first time I have experienced it to this degree. The other benefit of higher powered speakers is that they sound much more coherent at low volumes. I am now able to listen to these speakers at very low volumes late at night without feeling that they are being throttled, which was never possible with the Dynaudios. As well as the Dynaudios, I have compared the ML1s with some PMC DB1is which briefly passed through my system, my Spendor S3/5Rs and some Neat Elite SXs for a different perspective. All of the alternatives sounded more coloured than the ML1s, the Spendors particularly so. The PMCs sounded lightweight and lacking tonal depth and refinement (not surprising given that they are much cheaper), although were pleasantly fast. The Spendors had an engaging warmth, but were very coloured compared with the ML1s (which surprised me). The Neats were very good speakers, and provided a sense of scale with their deeper bass and bigger presentation, as well as a little more speed. But at the end of the day, they too sounded a little thin, lacking tonal richness and slightly coloured compared with the ML1s. The Lenehans, with their saturated tonal colours and lack of cabinet colourations, and a new sense of dynamics with the big Exposure monoblocks, were clearly in a league above the others, not just in "hi fi" terms, but also in terms of musical engagement. A couple of other observations. I have heard the ML1s described as "cold" or "clinical". I can only say that this has been the opposite of my experience. I can understand that their accuracy and lack of colouration could be interpreted in this way by some, but in my view is more than compensated for by their tonal richness and refinement. I have owned literally dozens of speakers over the last 20 years, and these are amongst the most musically engaging speakers I have experienced. Obviously, this is a personal preference and may not be true for everyone. The ML1s also have a small-scale sound. This is not surprising, since they are small speakers. Bigger speakers will produce a bigger image, deeper bass and more of a sense of scale. Personally, I prefer small monitors in a small room in a near-field position, so this suits my tastes perfectly. I like the intimacy and closeness of this type of presentations. Large floorstanders in a big room can sound impressive, but I rarely find as musically engaging or coherent as small speakers in near-field. This, again, is a question of taste and will not suit everyone. The proximity switch option I had installed on the speakers also helps with near-field listening. The subjective effect is to make the image even smaller, more concentrated. I like the effect, and it does improve things in a small room. Also, a word on stands. I initially had the ML1s on some sand filled stands (see pictures below), but always felt that they sounded a little constricted on these stands. I have since moved them to stands with thin metal pillars without any mass loading, and they sound much better - as though they are now able to breathe. Finally, my conclusion is that the ML1 Reference speakers are amongst the best I have heard or owned, and if you share my taste for small monitors in near-field, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Photos of the speakers (much of the rest of the system now superseded).
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    Thank you all for the comments. I'm loving the Pro-Ject TT and the horns, very immersive and because I got to do a little bit with them, just love them a little bit more. Bo Jangles thinks they rock.
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