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    I think the reminder has served its purpose and the thread is going off on a tangent now. Needless to say we are on it - we have countless checks in place. It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn good. We'll continue to screen new members and check every single classifieds ad.
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    I bought my Kuzma Stabi M some weeks ago, but finally got around to setting it up and listening to it last night/early this morning. Amazing machine! 4 point 11 arm and Koetsu Rosewood Signature cart. This set-up absolutely wipes the floor with my previous turntable, a very finely finished Garrard 401. Quality analogue is seductive and utterly addictive!
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    Today's update. The system is live (as opposed to being partially deceased for the last few days). One of the speakers had a short and shared it with the attached amp and the ME pre, causing them to STOP. I waited until my daughter (an engineer) had time to check the connections and verify that wiring error was no longer in place that released the magic smoke from the Duelund resistor in the speaker's crossover network (left speaker). I replaced the power supply for the pre-amp and it worked OK again, and I connected both speakers to the ME850 that I had thoughtfully powered on about 14 hours earlier. The speakers are approx 3.6m from the listening position and and 1.65 m centre to centre. They are placed about 120 cm from side walls and 170 from the front wall. Quite happy with these speakers for a while. Lots of volume, compared to the Maggies (due to efficiency), and lots of detail. Revealing is also a valid descriptor. Plenty of bass: the RELs will not be required, it seems. Drums and horns are accurately expressed, as are piano and sax, synth and guitar/bass. Apologies for the lack of feet in this perspective (POV) photo. [Note the JC1's on the floor are not currently powered - no pun intended] From the bottom up: ME850 amp. McChanson pre/amp/headphone amp (unused), TEAC VRDS transport/CD player (unused), ME25 pre-amp, JLTi Oppo 95 and Turntable on top. Grilles sitting on top of horn unit.
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    My amazing 18yo returned from a solo Japan adventure today and she has brought me a couple of Floyd gems. The Wall - Japanese First Pressing. (some call is a promo, but i think its a first pressing). The cover is like new. The spine is 100%, inners have never been used. Vinyl is Mint. Final Cut - UK First pressing. Cover and vinyl are new, i would say unplayed or something of that quality. Just a few Floyd records...but a pleasure to play, first releases and carefully selected by my intrepid Daughter - only 18yo and her second solo OS.
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    Bought this when I was in high school. 38 years ago ..😬 A bit scratchy but one of the formative parts of my musical journey.
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    put the little one to bed and rest of the kids are at other kids parties. Got the NotePerfect Maxi’s back after a over a year. Tidal streaming. There is a purity in the mids with small speakers that my big speakers just don’t have. Maybe it because it’s not as deep so i hear more in the mids?
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    Too tired to play this last night (new purchase)... It makes for excellent listening, and fills in many blanks where I’m not prepared to drop $200 on a NM first press of an album I don’t like of his (I love some of his complete albums, others are garbage and some just a song or two I like). This was made by copying the tracks from the masters to 30ips tapes - essentially a best of that’s a from a second gen master tape.
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    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Perfect house wrangling music. Also, daughters have disappeared at the prospect of having to assist. So album title thematically spot on.
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    I’m getting really nostalgic today This is an Australian 10” mono pressing of some wonderfully haunting music Simply incredible and again my ears and speakers just lapped it up Artist - Ludwig van Beethoven, Wilhelm Kempff ‎ Title- Moonlight Sonata / Pathetique Info of this record https://www.discogs.com/Ludwig-van-Beethoven-Wilhelm-Kempff-Moonlight-Sonata-Pathetique/release/12641671
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    Dire Straits - Making Movies while making dinner.
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    Rod Stewart and the Faces followed by Ten Years After
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    We got rain! Weather Report - Heavy Weather.
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    As a recovering seeker of the audio truth, sure--I'll share! I perceive that you--like me--are first a music lover. Excellent start and state. Somewhere between the music-loving musician with a crap hi-fi system (quite common), and a wealthy perfectionist listening to only a few high-res items on a quarter-million dollar system, there is a spectrum of enthusiasts. Along that path is the low, middle and high tiers of expense (this takes a bit of common sense to work out, and adjust to). I am ignoring the sad fact that no hi-fi can reproduce a recorded sound perfectly but some can really make your decoding efforts minimal...and let's ignore fading hearing acuity, the enormous contribution of the room to music reproduction and particular kinds of 'sound' that you might like. I like valves somewhere in the chain of reproduction but that's just me. I take for granted that you like or love music. Unless this is your main priority you'll be 'searching' forever I say that if you climb the slope of expenditure towards the top of the middle tier (or sometimes to the bottom of the top one) you will be in the sweet spot for this hobby. Avoid the slippery slope further up for very little gain. Look carefully at the lower slopes for bargains! Bear in mind that components must be married well together (sympatico) or this is an exercise in frustration. In the same way that some recordings are superior then some components are too. So there's a certain expense involved but the sonic rewards can be great. One example: good headphones! Listening to great gear at shows and in the homes of others is a revelation. The question must be: how do I gain this level of enjoyment for my purposes? Some of the best systems I've heard are small systems in hi-fi shops, or secondary home systems (or some holiday home systems) for no great expenditure--where the marriage of gear is very seemly. There is no correlation for me between the Holy Grail and spending a sum of money. The H.G. to me is what you need by way of appropriate gear to enjoy your music. Forget the view elsewhere...it might be different but is it better? You will love your music anyway, even on a car radio. And at all times, like the O.P. Of course if I do finally win Lotto you can be sure that there's a Shindo/DeVore system in my future. Really wealthy music lovers deserve their own category! Just my 2c worth
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    Item: Electrocompaniet Class A EC-4 Pre & AW-100 (120) DMB Power Amp. Fully Balanced, Dual Differential. Location: Pert N.O.R. Price: $3999 but open to offers Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Marching orders. I have now 3 EC pre/power combos Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Probably the best Electrocompaniet pre / power amps from their golden age, these units sound just sublime. Valve like sound with transistor like slam. Unparalleled low output impedance (0.001 Ω) resulting in Damping Factor of thousands. Will drive ANY speaker load, including highly inductive B&W Nautillus, ANY electrostatics. Very clean inside. Last two pics show units inside, first power amp then pre-amp. No faults were present in either of these units and only cosmetic work has been done. Both Pre-amp and power amp had the idling currents / voltages adjusted and power amp had output voltage checked for DC and confirmed to be 0V. These were in fact units that I was preparing for Conrad, Perth's most prominent audio aficionado and his interest confirmed my 20+ years love affair with EC stuff as valid. Sadly, I took a week too long to swap the front panels, clean the amps up and check their setting and... he bought a house instead. Some interesting specs: Max current - 80 Amps, 200W into 4 Ohms, 350W into 2 Ohm. THD at half power less than 0.001% Rated output power - 10% change in line voltage will give app. 20% change in output power. The silver screws on the pre-amp case are not original - they were like that when I got it. The Plexi-glass panels are in pretty good nick. They are the best that I had and fitted them for Conrad and it is just too much hassle to put the original ones back. I am sad to see them go, because they come from my own EC-4 / AW100DMB combo that I had from new. Finally, boards inside AW-100DMB power amp have designations that suggest, that it might in fact the later and more powerful brother, AW-120DMB. I have no idea if this was done at factory but would not understand why would anyone have done it afterwards. It all looks like untouched, original stuff. Maybe they ran out of the old boards and used new ones. Who knows. XLR sockets appear to have been upgraded by previous owner to much better quality. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Hi All, Boz Scaggs, Silk Degrees JJ
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    Madonna American Pie US Promo 2000 NM Copy Great for Saturday Morning chores 🎶👍
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    Dire Straits- Making Movies Half speed mastered
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    Cream ~ Disraeli Gears
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    Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage.
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    I have 0 idea who or what Roxy Music is (other than I’ve heard of them) - but you’ve inspired me to spin another borrower of @BuzzzFuzzz’s...
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    Item: bruce edgar horn bass speaker cabinet with altec 511 and 909 16A compression driver Location: blue mountains nsw Price: 1900 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: nlr Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3%, COD Only Extra Info: full horn system. very rare bruce edgar designed horn as detailed in sound practices magazine. bruce Edgar was super famous horn designer - an aeronautical engineer who i think designed the tractix horns. very open and spacious bass that gives a life like presentation - sound very wide and deep . "you are there" sound - musicians are in the room with you. HF driver is altec 909 16 which has adjustable attenuation .flare is Altec 511 as used in altec A7 VOTT . bass cab is 1080H X 800W X 600D. the cabinets are in very good condition overall except for chip as shown and some minor blemishes. very solid and very heavy - excellent workmanship and build quality . HF driver and surround 300H X 600W X500D . for the article please read http://volvotreter.de/downloads/Edgar-Show-Horn.pdf or simply type in bruce Edgar show horn into your search engine. This is a small outlay for a lot of speaker Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Not quite. The US retailers did this to mark albums that were being returned to the suppliers, unsold. They were called 'cut outs', and much like books and magazines used to be, the retailer could return unsold stock from their shops for credit, while the suppliers went on to wholesale these 'cut out's' for a significant margin reductions to bulk buyers, who then retailed them again at a retail discount. To my knowledge, this was never done with vinyl records in Australia, and certainly not with US pressings (which were relatively rare in this country in the 80's) - the far majority of our retailed stock was local, lest it be sourced overseas and then marked 'imported', and that retailed at significant extra cost.
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    Couldn’t agree more Rule Number 2" would stop so much drivel pointed at measurements and the countless amount of hijacked threads by so called audiophiles on here trying to out do each other with their "tech knowledge" which gets extremely boring very quickly and one of the reasons I for one stay away more often.
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    Item: VAF i93 MK2’s – 1 pair + Center speaker Location: Coffs Harbour Price: $6800 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: downsized Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these Vafs as original MK 1’s from Simon Wilde at the Vaf factory around 10 years ago. I had them custom made with cedar veneer on the sides and camphor veneer on the tops. The price was $15 938 for the 3 which was the same or at least very close to if I had them done in the Piano Palisander which was available at the time. These were one of the last of the original MK 1’s to roll out of the factory. I sent them back after a few months and had them upgraded to the MK2’s which cost around an extra $3000 for memory although I’m not 100% sure of the exact upgrade cost. They have been my main and faithful speakers in my child and smoke free living room/HT/2 channel listening room since then giving me many years of happy listening. I’ve used various valve amps over the years and a solid state amp all with success. I have now downsized so these speakers need to be re-homed. They are huge and very heavy. I have the original crates for shipping but a truck with a handheld lifting jack on wheels will be needed to get these babies into it. I’m guessing each speaker would weigh somewhere around the 35 - 40kg mark and add a bit more for the crates, which could later always be used as excellent coffins alternatives if required. 2 able bodied men at each end can lift and carry the speakers and I’ve carried them up and down my stairs more than once with the help of a fit mate or neighbor but those days are gone now for me. I’m getting too old for that. Photos are recent ones of them in a downstairs spare room. Sale includes 3 extra/spare mint tweeters worth a few hundred each. The tweeters in the speakers atm have little black dots on them. I’m unsure what these dots are or how long they have been there. My first thought was it was unlikely to be mildew as the 3 speakers for their life have been used in my upstairs living room which is well ventilated, on top of a hill with no history of damp or mildew issues. But we do get a lot of rain in Coffs and its sub-tropical so who knows. I bought the 3 mint tweeters to eventually replace them with if needed, but the sound was perfectly fine and seemingly unaffected so it just hasn't happened and quite possibly doesn't need to happen, but it is an option that providing the 3 spare tweeters provides for the next owner. It’s a relatively simple process of removing the front felt to access the tweeter screws from what I can gather. Simon Wilde from Vaf provided me with these tweeters and could certainly give instructions on changing them if needed. These Vafs come as a threesome and I won’t split them hence being listed in the HT classifieds here on SNA and not the 2 channel classifieds. Pick up only so freight to be organized from buyers end. 2% paypal Photos:
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    Tommy Emmanuel- Dare To Be Different.
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    @Dacman As you know I used bamboo and steel rod. The bamboo was a kitchen bench top from Bunnings cut into four pieces. Interestingly the cost has gone down in just over 2 years https://www.bunnings.com.au/kaboodle-2400-x-600-x-35mm-bamboo-benchtop_p2662191 John
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    Talk Talk ‎– The Colour Of Spring. been a Talk Talk fan since the beginning when dancing to them at discos. I remember this album clearly when I bought it when it first came out in 1986. It was so different to the keyboard driven It's My Life, in such an organic way. Playing this on the 12 month old Linn Sondek was mind blowing. This is the 2012 Euro remaster - very good,a little fuller than the original Aussie pressing which still sounds amazing.
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    Item: Plinius II & III Pre and Power Amplifier Location: Rosetta Tasmania Price: $500 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Replaced Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Constructed in 1980 this Amplifier has give 40 years of reliable service and great listening pleasure to our family. It is a completely dual mono design with point to point and hole through wiring and connectivity. The solid power supply has allowed me to drive my IMF Transmission Line Speakers with a sensitivity of 81db (difficult to drive). The unit is sold and transported in its original box along with a copy of the Australian HiFi magazine review, information sheets from Audio Associates (NZ) and Bel Canto (Hobart Dealer that sold it to be), and a circuit diagram. I have been the only owner of this Amp and when it was produced it was compared to the Naim Amplifiers of the time with that minimalist look and basic features but solid engineering. There are minor scratches on the case work and this has been used in a smoke free home. I can set it up for listening if needed. Postage extra. 80 Watts per channel Phono Stage built in Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    This will spit your Topping out of the ring and sleep with its partner
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    Probably not real smart posting a tt image after Guzzista. Devin Townsend - Addicted. Devin’s trademark is a wall of sound, I can’t believe how good my new phono stage is at revealing all the details, plenty of sounds I’ve never heard before.
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    Item: Yamaha GT-750 Quartz Lock Direct Drive turntable Location: Altona Meadows Price: $900 Item Condition: Good see description Reason for selling: Upgraded to GT-2000 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Selling my Yamaha GT-750 turntable. Item presents very well for its age. Plinth is is pretty much perfect with no chips or nicks and the dust cover is crack free. Platter is also good but would benefit with a polish. Only real flaw on the unit is that the plastic holder for the hinge on the back has cracked. Still holds the dust cover up without a hitch though (as pictured). There is also no finish plague what so ever on the tonearm which is common on these units and is unsightly (looks like bubbling). The tone arm bearings are also mint and tracks excellently. Comes with the original Yamaha HS-11 Headshell which is quite rare and has extremely easy azimuth and overhang adjustment. Has a brand new AT95e fitted and aligned so you can start listening right away. Since this is a JDM product it only runs on 100v. Will include a 100v stepdown transformer with sale.
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    Item: Quad II-Eighty Power Amplifier - 80 Watt Mono Valve Power Amplifiers (Pair) Location: Ringwood Price: $9,500 was $14,999 Item Condition: Demonstration Model Reason for selling: It is the last model and needs to be moved. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The Quad II-Eighty Mono Valve Power Amplifiers are some of the most richly rewarding audio components you will ever lay ears on. From the company that bought you the electrostatic speaker, Quad continues it's tradition of 'The Closest Approach To The Original Sound'. The range topper of the Quad Valve power amplifier series is the Quad II-Eighty amplifier. The perfect partner to Quad’s electrostatic speakers, the II-Eighty is not merely a nod in the direction of retro styling, it’s a modern high-performance amplifier designed by one of the most famous tube-amplifier designers in the world using more than a little inspiration from the original Quad II amplifier. The new Quad II Series circuit design is the work of Tim de Paravicini, a man widely acknowledged to be the UK's foremost valve amp designer. His design is faithful to Peter Walker's philosophy of cathode loading onto the same output stage and fundamental simplicity of design, ensuring the new amp delivers the same wealth of detail and exquisite tone as its famous predecessor. The Quad ll-Eighty is an 80 watt mono power amplifier following in the tradition and philosophies of Quad founder, Peter Walker. The output section consists of four KT88 valves running as two pairs in push pull with the hallmark Quad topology of partial cathode loading in the output transformer. This method reduces distortion when compared to the usual Ultra Linear or triode methods, however, it does require a greater grid driving voltage. This is achieved, again in true Quad fashion, using a balanced pair input stage. The output transformer has been designed to improve high frequency performance and accurately balance the two push pull halves. Also the transformer has been designed to make sure that full output is realised at the bass frequencies down to 20Hz. Each output valve has its own cathode resistors to provide reliability and self-matching. The screen grids of the KT88 valves are run from a lower voltage, again for good reliability. The whole amplifier has a total of only 16 dB of feed-back providing good stability into virtually any known loudspeaker and especially the famed Quad electrostatic loudspeakers. Features: Design: Mono Valve Power Amplifier Input Sensitivity (nominal): 1V RMS for full output Power Output: 80W RMS Output Impedance: 4 Ohms or 8 Ohms, selectable THD @ 80 Watts: 0.5% - 30Hz - 15kHz 1.0% - 20 - 20kHz Residual Hum and Noise: Better than -94dB Frequency Response: 10Hz - 30kHz (+0dB, -0.5dB) 3Hz - 50kHz (-3dB) Damping Factor: 16 @ 1kHz (referred to 8 Ohms) Power Consumption: 180VA maximum Valves: 2 x 6SL7 1 x 6SN7 4 x KT88 Size (WxHxD): 430 x 220 x 190mm each Weight: 20.3kg each Finish: Lancaster Grey Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    Madonna Rain 12 inch Single US 1993
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    The Loved Ones "Magic Box" 2019 reissue, mono, EU pressing.
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    Haven't posted a happy snap here in a while ... this is Shorncliffe jetty from a coupla days ago. Not real happy with it but it was an interesting pastel sunrise. --Geoff
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    Pretzel Logic ~ Steely Dan
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    I'd like to express my extreme disappointment in this outcome right now!! 😭
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    Light tea last night, smoked porterhouse and Barossa Mississippi sausages for 2.
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    Hi All, Something I've played a few times over the past few months, The Kinks, Village Green Preservation Society JJ
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    The price one pays for pursuing any profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side. - James Baldwin
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