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  1. All I'd like to give the community and moderators of SNA a big shout out. I've been loitering here for some years now. I've used the classifieds to buy some amazing gear. Gear I wouldn't have been able to afford at retail. I've used the classifieds to move on some great equipment to people who either know a bargain when they see one, or couldn't have afforded the gear at the price I initially paid - but still appreciate quality. I love to see stuff used and used again rather than filling up space in storage or worse still, landfill. I've also gained invaluable advice. FREE advic
  2. Further information: If you are looking at these you will most likety know what you are looking at and they will require no introduction. I bought these beautiful Altec 291/1505B's for a horn project that I decided not to proceed with, I am parting with them reluctantly because I no longer have the space for them. Hopefully someone else can use them and give them the attention and use they deserve. They function perfectly and sound fantastic. There is some of the original Altec paint missing of part of one cell and some minor blemishes but they are otherwise in excellent condition for age.
  3. Further information: I imported this from the UK around 12 years ago. Other than testing it is essentially unused. As seen from the internal pics this could have come off the factory line yesterday. I have not seen another version like this with BBC notations and additional transformer on the side of the unit to provide what is likely native balanced mono output. Of course real enthusiasts will use this unit with an mpx decoder for superior results and stereo output. Photos:
  4. Hey everyone! Finding this community has come at an amazing time for me! I'm very recently divorced and re-establishing my life and re-engaging with my passions. It's been a difficult but wonderful experience to rebuild everything how I want it after being in such a difficult relationship. I'm a muso for the past 25 years, played bass in numerous metal bands in Sydney for most of that time, excluding the marriage. Needless to say, I'm already getting back up on the "join a band" horse! Needless to say, music and audio is a massive passion of mine. Current
  5. Sticking to the ambient theme, playing Vangelis - Blade Runner This is an EU pressing of exceptional quality. Very low noise floor, sublime SQ and super flat. Really enjoying this! Some recent new purchases have made me restore some faith in newer vinyl pressings.
  6. The Doors (self titled) - Analogue Productions Great soundstage on this one
  7. Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees A lot of nostalgia here, what a great album brimming with triffic tracks including "What Can I Say", "Harbour Lights", "Lowdown" just to name a few.
  8. Wings - Venus and Mars Fave tracks? "Magneto and Titanium Man" ..and especially "Letting Go" ?
  9. joining in. this album luvs to be played LOUD. yea, the Cut Copy album is good.
  10. Rainy Day Blues on the Gold Coast AGAIN !! ?️ Melody Gardot My One and Only Thrill US 2009 and ... Madonna True Blue Australia 1986 (beautiful minty copy with poster intact)
  11. The new PhoenixNet switch/reclocker finally arrived in country last week, mine arrived today. I’ll put up first, second, third and by tomorrow arvo possibly even a bloody fourth impression. . .
  12. I received a shipment of Vintage Western Electric wires last week. I was lucky enough to score some 16AWG Until now I’ve had to use multiple 22AWG wires to make up the speaker cables. Very labour intensive to prise these from the outter sleeve. The 16 AWG takes much less time to make up the cables. They are solid core pure copper cables. This cable was copied by everyone. Duelund included. And many believe never bettered. I have limited amount of this cable. And as I want to pass on the savings in labour ( and my sweat ) I’m going to offer these cables at a greatly redu
  13. Everything But The Girl - Idlewild (1988)
  14. My very good friend from Newcastle and I were talking on the phone and he mentioned that he rediscovered a cool 70s band He being a working drummer was looking for some inspiration That band was Blue Oyster Cult So I dug out the only LP I have and giving it a spin as I post I just love the opening track - Career Of Evil ??? Artist - Blue Oyster Cult Title - Secret Treaties Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Blue-Öyster-Cult-Secret-Treaties/release/2579012
  15. Spent the afternoon with my old Dyn's that I dragged out. Hooked up to the Plinius 9200, Plinius CD101, Topping D30 dac and Music Hall MMF2.2LE.
  16. Hey @captain.j Great post mate. I've been a member here for almost four years... it's my only social media platform. I would also like to thank the forum, moderators and membership. I've met wonderful people, heard some high end systems, and made new friends along the way... friends I now have to grow old with, and share our passion for music and equipment. As a low income earner, I don't have aspirations for high end gear, but I do love seeing and hearing it. I've never once been shunned or ridiculed here on SNA... either for my low
  17. MJ - Thriller Engaging ballads, punchy upbeat tracks, theatre and good SQ
  18. Just finished listening to this Album Now listening to
  19. One of my favourite musicians and songwriters. This is a great pressing with high sq and an album that picks up most of his great songs, including from Simon & Garfunkel days. Paul Simon, The ultimate collection Paul Simon
  20. Johnny Winter ST CBS Australian release 1969??
  21. The Cranberries ‎– No Need To Argue - original UK pressing - luvely
  22. After a movie last night, I fired up the TT and critically listened to some Simple Minds again. Started with the blissfully dynamic "Once Upon A Time" Canadian 1st pressing. Next up was "Big Music" 2014 Dutch pressing. I knew this album was a powerful one but had never actually listened to it from dead centre before. I listen to a lot of my music from the next room while doing stuff on the laptop or general housework etc.....sweet spot listening is usually at night on days off with a few drinks etc so last night I heard this album in it's full glory. Did I mention tha
  23. Booker T & the M.G.'s - Melting Pot, their last recording as a band. No big hits in the vein of "Time Is Tight" or "Green Onions" but the playing sounds great. Very nice remaster too.
  24. Morning Folks. I've somehow tripped the protection mode in the Denon, blowing the fuse in the Energy 10.2 sub. I'm not sure what happened, it was late on Friday night, under herbal influence, and I wasn't paying close attention. Both auto electricians in town were closed for Easter... and WW is not the easiest place to obtain most things, on the spot. So, I've ordered a few of the fuses required from ebay. I was enjoying the JBL 2 ways & Energy sub... and intended on keeping that set up for a couple of weeks, at least. I've now switched t
  25. Elbow ‎– Asleep In The Back - 2001 original UK pressing. wonderful debut album
  26. Last one for the night. Thundercat - It is What it Is. This one's on clear vinyl - probably my best sounding clear vinyl record. Black is still best . Lots of complaints on Discogs about excessive noise and warping - but apart from a pop that lasts for about 20 seconds around the start of the last track on side 1 it's pretty good. I do degrit all my new records on a heavy cycle which is likely helping. Musically - quite varied mixes of genres which makes the album enjoyable. Sensing some jazz flavours, rnb, soul, and in some tracks reminds me of Tame Impala. Lots
  27. Hi All, Heavy Metal, Original Sound Track https://www.discogs.com/Various-Heavy-Metal-Music-From-The-Motion-Picture/release/449318 Tracklist: A1 –Sammy Hagar Heavy Metal 3:50 A2 –Riggs Heartbeat 4:20 A3 –Devo Working In The Coal Mine 2:48 A4 –Blue Öyster Cult Veteran Of The Psychic Wars 4:48 B1 –Cheap Trick Reach Out 3:35 B2 –Don Felder Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride) 5:00 B3 –Donald Fagen True Companion 5:02 B4 –Nazareth (2) Crazy (A Suitable Case For A Treatmen
  28. Paper Airplane ~ Alison Krauss & Union Station
  29. As @Stereophilus says I do have bit of a passion for plants. None in the listening space though. The plants that mainly interest me are for outside. Time to reconsider, I think. My friends refer to my garden as jungle. Whilst there has been an aspect of humour in this thread, I consider that there is a serious side to the plant human interaction. I come from a perspective that most or all living things have interconnections. This includes humans who are more connected to many or most living things in the environment. This includes the benefits that the complex attributes
  30. Hi All, Continuing with Tangerine Dream's Rubycon
  31. Hi All, An excellent album, I have the Ohr first pressing from 1970, and all of the first 12 releases by them to Force Majeure, plus a dozen or so other releases over the following years, saw them in Melbourne in 2014 at the Town Hall, shortly before Edgars death, an excellent show, and previously at Dallas Brooks Hall in 1975, and can vividly remember when entering the overpowering smell of cannabis . You have spurred me to play an album I probably haven't played for 3-4 years: Tangerine Dream, Alpha Centauri
  32. Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation. It's a 45rpm repress. I don't have other pressings to compare to but good noise floor for the quieter moments.
  33. Further information: This is a Greek kit from Radi0kit. It is the premium version of the kit with dale, vishey, nichicon, wima and Cornell Dubilier parts. The tubes are JJ 12AX7 but any 12AX7, 12AU7 can be used. The chassis is a Hammond wood cheek and sprayed with epoxy enamel paint the colour is Dark Indian Red. The cheeks are finished with a rubbing oil. The bottom plate is the same colour. The PS is also from Radi0kit and also uses quality parts with a lot of attention to producing very clean voltages. There are two selectable MM inputs, an output, a power input point for the exter
  34. Mr Benson at his peak in '78, Original US pressing mastered by Doug Sax, incredible sonics!
  35. Hi Steve ...... If I brought those into the house it would be I who was suspended from the ceiling ! Nevertheless they are indeed wonderful and would be the backbone of the most amazing project. GLWTS.
  36. Been very lazy last few months and tbh streaming quite a bit thru ease mostly. Gotta get me back into this thread a bit more... Start with this monster of an LP.
  37. Chris Robinson Brotherhood 'Phosphorescent Harvest' (2014).
  38. Hi All, Later electronic music, Pantha du Prince, V Versions of Black Noise
  39. Hi All, Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool
  40. Bob Dylan - John Wesley Harding 2020 Columbia Mono Reissue
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