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  1. Further information: Crossovers recapped with Falcon Acoustics caps, original tweeters serviced with new ferrofluid, replaced donuts, redone grills cloths, all works done by previous owner. See original listing below for further details, gorgeous sound for very reasonable money. Will be securely packed and shipped for free Australia wide. Recent Videos:
  2. One could easily say if it wasn't for exaggerated bass, I don't see any point getting a solid state amp 😛
  3. Right now, some smooth muse from Donald Fagen - Kamakiriad. The JBL clones play well with Donald.
  4. Valve amps are not only for Diana Krall, you can also play Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones. 😉
  5. Further information: For now, this is an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST on this wonderful amplifier, owned by friend and a fellow SNA'er. Unit presents as new and has been barely used (used in a secondary system). All accessories and packaging supplied. The sale of this makes a move up the Luxman food chain. Photos:
  6. Room? None required as im not of that persuasion but he like your kind self is one of the many here who have helped me out through tough times in the past and as such will stand by him. Any way back to regular programming....
  7. Bruce Hornsby and the Range - The way it is
  8. Hi All, Talking Heads, Little Creatures JJ
  9. My replies above, based on experience with the Opera Consonance 40W rms push pull into speakers varying from 88db to 91db effeciency.
  10. I think with this obsession/hobby of ours it can be a mistake to attribute a level of performance definitively to the price point of a particular component. I’ve used several sub $1k tonearms fitted with $5k+ phono cartridges and those tonearms did not disappoint in any way and more than complimented the phono cartridges being used. I’ve also seen tonearms from one particular manufacturer that you would call inexpensive, rebranded and then the asking price was many times the original. This attributed correlation of cost to performance is by no means restricted to tonearms and phono
  11. Item: Boulder 1060 power amplifier Location: BRISBANE Price: $14,000.00 Item Condition: Excellent 9/10, also includes boulder customised power cord adaptor which allow you to use high end power cord. Reason for selling: Downsized to Bookshelf, NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: This great amplifier needs no introduction. It has superb engineering and build quality, has enough power to drive any speaker load, is tomb quiet & very natural sounding. I have enjoyed my time with this amplifier tremendously, but I have now downsized to bookshel
  12. I started on the Yamaha AVR path, then got more into music so started upgrading and now don't even use an AVR for movies but I'm odd ball for the movie side. It will get you started. However AVRs are the Swiss Army knife of amps. Do everything, but none oof the tools are as good as proper tools. However they are the best at being a Swiss Army Knife, do everything and multiple tools for a comparatively low cost. Relax, enjoy it for now until you don't so much. If the audio bug takes you the previous sentence will apply to most components, speakers, the room and probabl
  13. Ok, here is my summary. Trio Da Kali with the Adelaide string quartet - the combination worked surprisingly well. The Blind Boys of Alabama - had to see them of course Kim So Ra - caught the last half of their performance on Friday, and really enjoyed it As The World Tipped - a visually stunning performance with a very obvious message, saw this on Friday evening L. Subramanium - saw both of his performances, and enjoyed them greatly. I sort of got 'into the zone' during his Sunday evening performance and was absorbed by it.
  14. Absolute bargain. I had this same unit and sold it for an MSB Dac. If I didn’t have MSB I would have this unit, it’s really excellent. GLWTS.
  15. Another fantastic Womad. Ok, here we go! Fri: Trio Da Kali + Adelaide string quartet (stage 3, one of my fave stages!) stunning! Orquestra Akokan: classic 50's era Cuban, tight as! Kikagaku Moyo: note perfect 70's psych, did I just pick up Dave Brubeck's Take Five riff in there! The Cat Empire: Oz faves with the crowd, Felix Riebel is an OK singer but trumpeter Harry James Angus threw in a standout vocal on one impassioned number! Late Night Tuff Guy: great stompin' set from DJ on stage 7! Sat: Hilarious Taste The Word session from Minyo Crusaders
  16. Hi All, The Beatles, Esher Demos, stripped back to a piano and/or guitar pre the final studio releases. JJ
  17. One I've been wanting for many years now. Arrived today. Underworld- Beaucoup Fish
  18. Hi All, Lemon Jelly, Lost Horizons JJ
  19. It’s pretty simple. Really it is. if the amp (valve or otherwise) can drive the speakers properly, you can play any sort of music you like.
  20. Robert Fripp & Brian Eno - No Pussyfooting
  21. Blood, Sweat & Tears, I was recommend this album here and oh boy it’s so cool kind of Chicago on their early days
  22. I can personally vouch for the sound quality of these speakers having heard and dealt with this Stereo net Audiophile member ..............................................................................................GLWS..........................................................
  23. I'm glad somebody bought up the whole question of mastering in this discussion. The article could have mentioned that conversions and mastering of music originally issued on vinyl - in the production of CD's in their prime could be absolutely terrible. Like many people, I started replacing some of my tired vinyl with CD in the early 90's. Many very disappointing examples- too many to think of. It was clearly a mass produced badly conceived dash for cash in many cases. On the other hand stuff recorded and mastered for CD could be outstanding. Another factor t
  24. Incredibly detailed review of ER in Audiophile Style includes different PSUs, compare with SOtM and Melco and down the rabbit hole of where to put it in music chain with what else. Not included is different Ethernet cables. Also, the long awaited Whitepaper. ** Key questions (asked and answered by reviewer) I always find it useful - both for myself and the reader - to lay out the key questions that my review is trying to answer. Proceeding from that, I then develop an evaluation plan, or testing strategy, to answer these questions. The key qu
  25. Next on the playing list is a great record and highly acclaimed by fans The album is apparently Steve Hackett’s favourite Artist - Genesis ‎ Title - Selling England By The Pound Album ID Charisma ‎– CAS 1074 UK first press Oct 1973
  26. +1 for this. Although this presumes playback on a good enough CD player. It has certainly been my experience that physical CDs on a very good playback system can sound as good and often better than hi-res files. Some of that also has to do with poor (re)mastering of some of the said hi-res files. After employing some tweaks to the Halcro system my CDs have never sounded so analogue. To the point that I regularly swap between CD sessions and DSD sessions with equal enjoyment. Might try the test anyway
  27. The hard internal work’s been done, the Black mid/tweeter housing is easily detached, then a quick sand and a few licks of Japan Black stain would soon change the cosmetics to your taste.
  28. There may be a small increase if you are driving only 2 channels, but AVRs, often built to a budget, do not have the smarts to re-allocate power. And given you like to push things, the Yamaha will likely not have enough power. You are not doing justice to music using an AVR. The DAC and analog stages do not cut it. The pure direct mode does not overcome the issues with music. You will be way ahead in sound quality in getting a second hand integrated amp and a streamer DAC. At best, the AVR can be a temporary solution while you save.
  29. Joan Jet & The Blackhearts - I love Rock n Roll
  30. Fanfare for the Common Man - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  31. Sorry to say that is marketing BS from many companies, The total power consumption is a better indicator. With 490W (from manual) over 9 channels at 60% efficiency = 33W per channel. Unfortunately, many AVRs are under powered and it is better to get multi channel power amps where they often provide proper numbers for multi channels simultaneously driven. What is your mix of movies vs music? Are you after 1 box only or can you accommodate a few? AVRs are not the best for music. If you are serious about music, get a stereo integrated which will have much better analog stages.
  32. I still have vivid memories at the Laverton Drive inn in the mid 70'S watching the "Exorcist", and the empty Canteen at Intermission. Big brawny Aussies on their bikes, hot Fords and Holdens, remained seated, speechless, stunned at what they've just viewed. I'll admit it. I had to sleep with the light on, or the bedroom door open for many months after.
  33. I suspect that the SET combined with your speakers would be producing a frequency response which deviates a fair way from flat.That may very well sound nice but you need to be aware of it .On some recordings that character might become more obvious.SETs really only suit speakers with benign impedance curves which are as flat as possible and which do not dip too low .The Dynaudios dip down to 3.5 ohms in the bass so are far from ideal.Although they do use first order crossovers which probably makes them more valve amp friendly than most. http://education.lenardaudio.com/en/14_valve
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