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  1. Remove John Farnham from the first page and you can probably charge 15k 😁
  2. Some headphone goodness for you - Cayin HA-300B. I'm using Sylvania GTAs instead of the Shuguangs in the photos.
  3. Further information:GAUDER AKUSTIK CASSIANO MK 2 RRP $23000 update RRP $30200 4 ohm 85 dB full ceramic driver very transparent u need to hear it to know come with cover and original box so shipping okay (sale not include after market footer it come with standard spike) audition welcome Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. This thread was at least interesting when it was discussing that old chestnut of vinyl v digital, that has a way of popping up every couple of years or so here on StereoNET.............and I’m sure it is never going to be resolved one way or the other. Now I click on it to take a look and it’s a discussion on the relevance or otherwise of the ABC. Perhaps you could start your own thread on that subject and knock yourself out discussing it, but at least I won’t be taking part.😉 Cheers Keith
  5. Just received our first batch of Line Magnetic integrated amplifiers, first cab off the rank, the LM-805IA. Wowwee! What a stunning performer and the stock photos we saw do not do the products justice! So beautiful to look at and even the straight-of-the-box sound is sensational!
  6. Sorry that there’s a couple of John Farnham vinyl in the collection, they are my wife’s as well as the cat Stevens lps. But I just listed the whole lot , sorry I didn’t realise that he wasn’t well liked around here 😂😂😂
  7. Midnight Oil- Armistice Day, 3 slabs of Red vinyl from the Domain gig I n 2017, wow that went fast!
  8. To close the mono morning, some Otis Redding. Such great songs and what a voice. Hard to believe he died in his mid twenties, though leaving such a trove of life affirming music. Otis Redding- Otis Blue.. Just listen to Change Gonna Come.
  9. Nina Simone Sings the Blues Europe 2013
  10. G'day mate, thanks for your concern. Things have been somewhat up and down personally but things are mostly ok. My recent BCC excision was successful, and all eight stitches are out and have healed well. Perhaps I've been pushing gym a bit too hard of late as I've been dealing with painful tendonitis, but physio treatment is working well, and I've resumed mostly normal gym training. My main DIY power amplifier recently died on one channel, and I'm awaiting a new commercially made power amplifier. I was thinking about a new DIY effort, but I suspect that my DIY days
  11. If it’s that easy the value just went up another AUD$150 and my asking price will remain the same!
  12. U2 Passengers, one of their more interesting albums
  13. Planet America Media Watch Landline Offsiders Rage!!!!
  14. Hi All, Still listening to my Fiio on shuffle, have heard some of the following: JJ
  15. We're looking forward to photographing this bad boy when it arrives in about 3-4 weeks!
  16. I am spinning a first pressing album today This is my favourite album from this band, although other releases were technically more polished The reason I favour this album is its rawness and honesty The listener must accept it warts and all to appreciate its uniqueness Artist - Genesis Title- Nursery Cryme Album ID - UK first pressing - CAS 1052 - 1971
  17. This review is somewhat of a hybrid review, being the component in question started off as somewhat of a mongrel, as many Linn LP12s are- an original afromasia plinth with the classic fluting, made in 1975. When I first purchased it, I took it to Audio Genesis in Sydney, where they performed budget priced upgrades to a late pre-cirkus bearing and subchassis, along with a new armboard and cable for the Basik arm which graced it. For some years I used a high output excel MC cartridge, and then an AT OC-9, and all was well, as I enjoyed purchasing second hand vinyl in the 1990s at cheap prices. A
  18. Picked up this recently from discrepancy records in Melbourne. Big Hits (High tide and green grass)- The Rolling Stones RSD reissue in translucent green mono pressing. I really think that a lot of early rock sounds better in mono. The rawness of the production is not improved in stereo, for the most part.
  19. To me she is one of the all time greats.
  20. House Of Love - 1990 2nd album - one of my fav bands of the late 80's early 90's. She, she she she, Shine On
  21. The LM-219iA - the reason Line Magnetic Australia was started! Love that amp, but also can't wait to get our hands on the new version - the LM-845 Premium!
  22. I might have to keep my eye out for a cirkus bearing for my old deck when someone else upgrades!
  23. Further information: I’ve decided that I’ll sell the collection individually. The Discogs link has all the vinyl itemised in the for sale section !!! The time has come for me to sell off my entire vinyl collection 😔😔😔 my wife and I need to start saving so we have any chance of buying something in the Sydney market before we are 91 Please check out the Discogs link attached below for a full itemised list of what is in my collection. https://discogs.page.link/JfvS My collection is full of awesome lps, hardly any crap !! No classical, coun
  24. Your data gathering and analysis is appreciated, but I think you have way too much spare time. 🤣
  25. Shane I'm sure you have some JF in your collection. You just won't admit it...
  26. Hi All, Back in the hotel room, listening to Nils Frahm, Screws JJ
  27. Further information: Hi all, I have a pair of HPD385s in a Berkeley style cabinet for sale (Not actualy Berkeleys as these have a single rectangular port, rather than two cylindrical ones). They were purchased from Peter Keenan (ex-of Speakerbits in NSW) in 2013 and sent to me in Perth with Pack and Send. Peter re-coned them and supplied some long-since lost response graphs, so they were loved up a little before I received them. Not 100% sure on the crossovers - they have some spring posts, which I've ignored, and some binding posts that work as expected
  28. I doubt anything will sound bad on that Linn
  29. The Grand Reference are a new model - I think the ones on AA website are Beethoven Grand which are coming to end of life (if such a thing exists for a speaker). VA speakers are vastly underrated. As for moving the amp, I think @Line Magnetic Australia would be more concerned with the fall out of an amp drop than my poor back!
  30. Mono morning continues, with a nice version of Elgar’s Enigma variations, conducted by Malcolm Sargent, from 1959. There is a little background noise, and it could benefit from a run through the ultrasonic cleaner, and I might have to give it a new sleeve!
  31. I’m afraid that would put too much tension on the cables and connectors. Looks like you’ve got a buyer anyway. Enjoy!
  32. Nothing ever did. And now ABC is more important, than it ever was. It is a last bastion of normal broadcasting in a never ending sea of drivel. Even all the excerpts from this article quoted here are factually correct. Although admittedly we all have our own opinions on the matter.
  33. Many of the independent record stores will get some of these titles in. Find the stores in your area, and phone them to ask if they are expecting to get disks and if they hope to get the ones you are interested in (they won't know specifically if they get their order until the boxes arrive). Get to these stores early on the day - some sell out very quickly. Don't rely on eBay. Flippers buy these, and within hours they will be listed at double the price being sold, and then the prices will slowly increase. Often the eBay listing for the disk you are interested in will be overse
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