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    my bling amp. sounds amazing after being upgraded to S250 spec.
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    2 box toob power amp putting out 8 or 9 glorious SET watts....
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    A some what diverse group of amps in the room at present and each has their own interesting sound signature.
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    Where is the rage from the popcorn brigade. VW cop criticism for volunteering a recall. Where are the calls for Mazda to be boycotted? Mazda Australia is being taken to Federal Court by Australia’s peak consumer watchdog for allegedly engaging in “unconscionable conduct” and making “false or misleading representations in its dealings with consumers” who bought new cars between 2013 and 2017. The vehicles affected include popular models such as the Mazda 2, Mazda 6, Mazda CX-5, Mazda CX-3 and Mazda BT-50. https://www.caradvice.com.au/804793/mazda-taken-to-court-by-accc-for-unconscionable-conduct-and-false-or-misleading-representations/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/accc-drags-mazda-to-court-for-ignoring-and-lying-to-customers-and-ripping-them-off-over-faulty-vehicles/news-story/2f20bb8816d756e0c13b2c5a7d52fe52
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    Just bought a new one today! Enjoying very very much a night of tunes on my first tube amp. Just amazed at step up from SS! Such a nice sound. This won't dissapoint.
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    Thankyou! I don't know if it will work but has to be worth trying.
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    Some info I just found, a hard hitting review from @Keith_W along with some more reference resources for those interested. https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/38985-my-honest-review-of-acourate/#comments
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    agree with geek. I would try with the speakers against the wall with the window/aircon.
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    Keith Jarrett Trio Still Live ECM Germany 1988
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    You fail to grasp the idea that if there ARE two equal sides in an equilateral triangle then it is also isosceles too. A Venn diagram that could be drawn has the equilateral triangle set contained completely within the isosceles triangle set. If you don't get it then you just don't get it mate ... don't worry.
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    Made a new rack today. Waiting on some spikes for the legs. Not bad for $150 in parts and a lazy afternoon. Too hot to bring the JBL home today.
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    Item: YAMAHA M2 Power Amplifier, 240WPC, 240v multi-voltage unit Location: Adelaide Price: SOLD Item Condition: 8.5/10 Reason for selling: too many amps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, PPF Extra Info: This M2 power amp has served me well for a number of years and never missed a beat, cosmetically it is pretty neat considering its age (see pictures), all lights working and the green LED VU meter is a treat! I've had the speakers terminal upgraded and the new ones are pretty chunky and work well with banana or spade terminals. I've been in two minds about selling it, but it is finally time for some one else to enjoy it! Happy to take to Pack & Send for Australia wide delivery. Please send any questions strictly via PM. http://marantzhallo-fi.blogspot.com/2016/12/jims-yamaha-m-2-power-amplifier-ns.html https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/yamaha/m-2.shtml Photos:
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    Item: Marantz PM6004 Location: Perth 6034 Price: 300 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: bought an Arcam Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit Extra Info: After buying an Arcam amp from here I am selling my Marantz PM6004. I am the second owner, the original owner purchased it for a shop fitout but never used it. it has only a few hours on the clock. I am selling it at the price it cost posted to me. Bargain at $300 . I can post with Sendle for $29
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    That’s the ticket 👌
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    Family on the radio did this the other day for an iPhone. Went to the police station with the address and were told to go themselves to discuss.
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    Depends on WHO is at the mixing desk at the time [Notice how Queen sounded better than everybody else at LIVE AID ? ] If it's a outside gig, well atmospheric conditions can play havoc on the way a gig sounds, even with the best attempt's of changing the delay lines slightly. Wind is the Curse of a outside gig.
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    Julian Cope- East Easy Rider
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    With friends like that.... All I can say is good riddance to them !!
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    Smoked brisket (aka tonight's dinner) coming along slowly but surely.
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    I’ve owned the same turntable almost as long as @Bunyip and think it’s a fine sounding turntable. It’ll also do justice to a better cartridge if you decide to upgrade later on. Good luck with the sale.
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    Thanks joz. Yes I know - sorry about that - hit return accidentally and it posted after I had written the title. *slaps forehead*
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    Talk about throwing us off the scent! 😁 Looking forward to seeing what comes next.
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    Item: JBL 4430 Clones - Improved Location: 2148 Sydney Price: $3000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: changing direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased these from SNA member Sootshe a few months ago. This is a lot of speaker for the money and they are made to a very high level. They come with ALK Engineering crossovers not the Werner Jagusch ones you see in the pictures. Sootshe said the ALK's crossovers sound better than the Werner Jagusch ones. http://www.alkeng.com/. I have upgraded one of the resistors on each Xover that has a large effect on the overall sound to Duelund CAST Silver. Any serious punters can bring their amp and come and have a listen at my place. Will I regret this? Maybe but this is what I'm doing. Any questions please send me a PM and I'll be happy to answer. I'll update with some more pics tonight but have a look at the link to the original advert below Photos:
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    Hi, sorry pickup did occur, now taken
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    Listening to the LDR preamp now. My first impressions are very favorable. It has a lovely presentation, very detailed yet relaxed and not in your face at all. It sounds very natural. Compared to connecting my dac directly to a power amp there seems to be an electronic haze that is somehow lifted. You would not notice that haze the way I have my system set up usually, but once the LDR is inserted in the chain it is clear to me that this haze was there, for whatever reason. Any downsides? My initial impression is that there is slightly less slam and definition in the bass, but I am not sure. This is kind of the holy grail of audio, more detail while at the same time sounding less fatiguing. Not perfect of course, nothing is but it is quite remarkable.
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    And now a couple of 45 RPMs Simply Minds - Don’t you forget about me Enigma - Principle Of Lust 45s always sounds great
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    Acourate is not simple to drive (but filters are not simple things when you get into the detail). They put a lot of effort/options into optimising the ringing of the filter. I wouldn't use it for designing a speaker (ie. designing crossover and driver filters) .... as their approach has a lot of issues. ... bit for a "room correction" system, then it has some good things.... but it isn't very friendly. At the risk of plugging a competitor, I would wait for the standalone version of Dirac Live to be released (soon?!!) .... ie. you can run Dirac Live on a PC (as opposed to needing to run it in an authorized device like a DAC or AVR).
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    I would agree with the above posts but also suggest that you try moving your equipment and speakers to the wall where your couch is and moving the couch to the wall where your equipment and speakers are. The effect of the low wall and glass door may produce a nice balance and soundstage but you would need to try it.
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    Don't think so, RC. I seem to remember @blybo had the same issue, some years ago - he had to send his back to the USofA. Andy
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    My legitimate guess would be some creation from John Burnett of Lenard Audio.... ??? 🤔
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    Just been reading last 8 pages, crikey a few classic choices about, and ELO with a new release, will have to have a listen. Speaking of new releases, listening to Michael Kiwanuka's new album on Spotify, yes it a grower, ordered on vinyl. Others I may have to consider is new album's(released and yet to be released) from Van Morrison, Beck, Robbie Robertson, Tame Impala, Mark Lanegan and even Coldplay!
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    Excellent sounding dac which punches above its weight class.
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    Isosceles is better. Near and far field
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    I think the term "bookshelf" confused some of us here; thought you were talking SCM 11s or 19 passives, which obviously have less bass than the higher models. "Classic" is the term for stand mount 50s and up. I spoke with ATC before upgrading my 100A Classics to 150As. They said there is no extra bass extension with Towers vs Classic. As @Tobes said, the working cabinet volume is the same. Indeed, ATC claim no sonic difference at all between Classic and Tower in the same range. I suppose some very minor difference is possible due to interaction with room but ATC suggested it is a purely aesthetic choice. I went with 150A towers anyway. The extra bass extension of my 150s compared to my 100s was quite obvious. This could potentially introduce more difficult issues with your room, I suppose. Cheers, John
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    This thread isn’t about the cost of systems or the relative “worth”. If you have a power amplifier to post then please do so. Perhaps you could private message @Sime and discuss?
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    If Janes Addiction is your thing (as it is mine) I would be avoiding metal tweeters like on the B&Ws and thinking more Spendor, Rega, Harbeth, JBL etc. Paper cones, doped domes!
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    Item: Tannoy Revolution XT6F floorstanding speakers - dark walnut Location: PERTH Price: $1100 now $890 for a quick sale Item Condition: Unmarked and as new (but run in of course). Reason for selling: upgraded Payment Method: Pickup in PERTH (SOR) only - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: I bought these new about 3 years ago, but they’ve had very little use. They’ve been used to play vinyl at family friendly listening levels and powered (easily) by a 20ish watt SET amp. The rave reviews you’ll find by googling are all true IMO. I think this one is spot on: https://www.whathifi.com/tannoy/revolution-xt6f/review. The soundstage, accuracy and timing of the drivers are amazing, I reckon. So taken am I with the dual concentric concept I splurged on the new Tannoy Cheviots, so these are sitting unused and need to go. Donation to SN on sale. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    I’m looking at selling my vitus rd100 dac. PM if you’re interested.
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    Hi All, About to play a couple of sides from this box collection JJ
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    Oh yeah. I've seen it many times over the decades on TV's of various generations and various formats, and enjoyed it. I recently got my home cinema done, and got the UHD. Seeing it on a projector with good sound was like I was seeing it for the first time. And the story. I'm much older now than when I first saw it, and I found the story so devestating at the ruined lives, and underlying pain, and combined with the majestic presentation I was seeing, I was weeping at the end.
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    Hi Proggers, Arrivals in the post this morning, King Crimson and Flying Colors JJ
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    Hi Ch-ch-ch-ch-chainers, So You Win Again > Bully > Standover > Standby > Jet Star > Elton John - Bennie And The Jets JJ
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    I have a most unscientific but hugely satisfying answer for the OP. As a fellow Luxman 550A owner and lover, deciphering the mystery of the VU meters is easy. When the needles are mostly or always in the centre or the right hand side of the meter, you know it is either 1. Too loud if you are not alone OR 2. Just right if you are listening solo :lol:
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