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    my bling amp. sounds amazing after being upgraded to S250 spec.
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    Item: PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier Location: Perth Price: $4,200 with EL34 valves, $4,700 including EL34 and KT150 valves - includes shipping Australia wide via courier. Item Condition: As new - around 100 hours on the KT150 valves, nothing on the EL34 valves Reason for selling: Bought a massive Line Magnetic beast Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: This unit is basically brand new. The EL34 valves were removed and replaced with brand new KT150s prior to initial turn on. It has been used for around 100 hours on the KT150 valves and performed very well. It has been fed with clean power from a PS Audio P10 only. New the amp is $6,285 and the KT150 valve set is $1,100. Comes with remote, valve cage and all packaging. Input valves will be supplied as standard PrimaLuna - however I do have some others I could throw in as part of negotiations for the right buyer. Treated with care in a dust-free installation as can be seen in the photos. Photos: Note - unit for sale is the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier only. Other gear pictured not for sale.
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    The Crown Prince is gone. Long live the King. Or, the Symphony. I have finally found something that presents music the way I want it to. Vale the Crown Prince. The new age is upon me.
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    40 years ago I had $6k of Hifi stolen. Wharfedales, Linn Sondek, dynavector ruby etc etc......... Claimed the lot on insurance. 5 years later went to visit an old ‘friend’ , only to find it all in his living room. I was not impressed to say the least. When confronted he said ‘ I thought you knew’ WTF I said. He then described a conversation we had where he asked how I would feel if the stuff was ever stolen. I replied along the lines of ‘it’s all insured and I bought it all wholesale, so I’d just get a better system with th insurance money. Apparently that was permission enough for him to knock off my prized possession. He is dead now.......and no, it wasn’t me :-)
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    2 box toob power amp putting out 8 or 9 glorious SET watts....
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    Insurance should cover hopefully most things. I had theives break into my car and steal my cd wallet when I was 17. The insurance company said if I provided all the empty cd cases they would help. So I did and ended up with a 3k cheque for utopia records.. Only to have all the cd's I bought with that stolen last night. Most of which were mint and had never been played. I just hope if it was people with addiction disorders that they get the help they need. This country is better than most at recognising addiction as a mental illness, unfortunately some people never seek help and end up doing these sorts of things. It's sad as I am starting to get abit emotional thinking of the records that I bought and the happiness and times they remind me of. Some of my collection being left by my grandfather. Thankyou all for your kind words and support. I will keep my hopes up regarding the where abouts of my equipment and more importantly my collection
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    David Bowie ‎– Aladdin Sane - original 1973 UK pressing. I have a few pressings of this - this blows them all to the curb. you are literally hanging on for dear life with the attack and life this pressing has. the Jean Genie definitely lives on her back.
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    Tubes with sunset.. 😁
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    Item: Clearaudio Performance SE Turntable with Satisfy tonearm and brand new, re-tipped Clearuadio Maestro cartridge, plus Clearaudio Perspex Cover. Location: Melbourne Price: $2600 Item Condition: Used but in very good condition Reason for selling: I've caught the streaming disease. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD only. I would prefer not to ship as there are multiple boxes (with the perspex cover). Extra Info: Yes, after around 8 years of faithful service, I’m finally selling this terrific table because I’m just not playing records that much these days, and it’s an injustice to see this unit sitting there, begging for vinyl. For those of you who may not know the Clearaudio brand - this is a very, very nice unit from a highly respected manufacturer. The Performance was updated a few years ago, but this still holds its own wonderfully. Some nice reviews can be found here: https://www.whathifi.com/clearaudio/performance-se/review https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/turntables/clearaudio-performance-102055/review As for the Maestro Cartridge, I love it. Interesting story about this one. I had it on the table for a couple of years and then one day did the stupid thing of knocking the cantilever - breaking it. Heartbroken, I chose to go the Six Million Dollar Man route (We can rebuild him, stronger, faster, better than before!) by having it re-tipped by Peter Ledermann at Soundsmith.com wth a Ruby Cantilever with Nude Contact Line stylus - the benefits which you can read here. https://sound-smith.com/options-cantilever-and-stylus-shapes The thing is, I never got around to putting it on because I was so happy with my Ortofon Black which I used while the Maestro was being rebuilt. So the buyer gets a brand new cartridge with zero hours on it. As I said, I just love the music this unit makes. You can read my early review of this table around the time that I purchased it here: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/18610-bunyips-boudoir/page/5/ Some things to know. Around the time that I decided to sell this table, I cracked the perspex cover. Bloody typical. I’ve included some shots of the crack which you can only see from the side, not from the front. But still, it’s there so I’ve priced this sale accordingly. Also, I’ve noticed in the cooler months, the tonearm takes longer to lower when using the lever. It appears that the lubricant in the lift assembly can lose a bit of viscosity and stick a bit. It just takes a gentle press on the lift platform to loosen up. I actually manually and raise the tonearm anyway so it’s never proven to be a problem for me. And, the record weight in the photos is not for sale. I'v taken good care of this table, and it's been in a smoke free household the whole time and I have all the original boxes, packaging and accessories (tools, spare belt etc). Other than that - this is a top class table that I’ll be sad to see go, but will be happy to see it go to a good home. Happy to answer any questions.
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    Hi anewmisson, terrible thing to have your home violated. As others have stated I hope you are insured. If so take your time to list all the items stolen, it is surprising what you can forget. Hopefully you have photos of your gear, invaluable when dealing with insurance companies. The difficult part is often being paid out on the value of a CD and record collection which they try and under value. Should they drag their feet waste no time in contacting the insurance Ombudsman. These guys are like God to insurance companies. Once a complaint is lodged they must act in a very short time period. Record all the times, dates and personnel you deal with at the insurance company and a short summary of what was discussed. Do this from your first contact as it is easy to forget later if the going gets tough. Try not to focus on conspiracy theory’s. There are no end of professional thieves. They case area’s, send young members around to look in windows and strike at the right moment. I have caught people at my front door with huge sets of keys, 100+, in the backyard pretending to pick fruit and crowbarring tin off the sides of sheds. Suspecting people you know is very bad for your mental health and most likely incorrect. Hopefully you will have a helpful insurance company and be able to rebuild a better system distill your collection to the important material and hopefully gain some new exciting music. Along the way it may even be enjoyable re-evaluating your system. It is a terrible thing to endure but as cliched as it sounds better to have been absent and all the family safe. All the best.
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    Hi my Cymer M160 monoblocks - in the rack at my old place - love them.
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    From a favourite band this album is rated by both fans and critics as a standout album bordering on perfection for a Prog album Artist - Genesis Title - Foxtrot
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    Iggy for Saturday morning. The leading song has a strong association with a certain ABC show of days past. The rest of the album is good, and Passenger is a great song. Strong Bowie influences on this. Iggy Pop- Lust for Life (emi lp centenary)
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    A some what diverse group of amps in the room at present and each has their own interesting sound signature.
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    Yes, I know that's how it's normally done (and for good reasons), but this is hardly a standard project, being a room built within a shed. Besides that, it is massively over-engineered. He may run ito some issues with the walls not being straight, but I doubt if it's going to fall down. Maybe the inner wall cladding of "3/4inch maple" will give it more structural and dimensional stability? I suspect it just might end up being something quite spectacular from both an aesthetic and sonic POV.
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    More like 5 minutes, 10 tops. Sit and time 1 minute and imagine clearing out your gear, especially if you don't care for it, then multiply that by 5 or 10.
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    So the thief was a cable denialist.... I knew there was something wrong with those guys !!!
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    David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees
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    Hi All, Earlier Yes, The Yes Album JJ
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    What is at play here isn't whether Mazdas (or any other make of car for that matter) are unreliable or faulty, but how car manufacturers and their dealers treat customers who have legitimate rights under Australian consumer law. Buying a car is the second largest purchase that most people will make, after a house. However, the balance of power after purchase between manufacturer and purchaser is very lop-sided. Purchasers are reliant on dealers to address legitimate problems that arise during warranty. What has come to light here is a consistent flouting of consumer law by Mazda and its dealers, denial of consumer rights and even strong-arm tactics to force purchasers to accept compensation, leaving them $000s out of pocket. The ACCC would not have taken action against Mazda unless it was forced to; like most regulatory agencies, it prefers to avoid court action by seeking legally-enforceable undertakings.
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    Could have sworn those shots were taken from 'Wolf Creek 2'
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    Could be a bit more interesting here
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    Really is just a boring black box to look at. Even if you have a few of them. 300/600w 8/4ohm bridgable to get something silly.
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    Hey Guys, Here are some pics of my wa22 with lcd 3s. Using a chord qutest at the moment for source. Running Chatham 5998's for the power, ecc35's for driver and a gec u52 rectifier. This is most likely going to be my end game setup. Maybe change the source to a balanced dac latter on. Also I am on the look out for some gec 6as7g and western 421A's so if anyone has some to sell give us a msg.
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    Hi Dave, for the sake of a few hours of moving stuff around I'd definitely try the speakers along the window wall, even if it means having to unbolt the CD rack off the wall.
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    Steve Roach - Trance Archeology -- latest release from the prolific Mr Roach. A mix of ambient passages, tribal percussion, and burbling rhythms. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp for a limited time. --Geoff
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    Mum - Finally We Are No One.
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    This "I would take no notice of what Class A audio says " pretty harsh imo they make a living selling Accuphase and to aid this have chosen Tannoy as a synergistic match and vise versa. You will find very few speaker manufacturer willing to limit their sales to owners of certain amplifier ( Harbeth for instance totally refute that any particular brand amp has any synergy with their product.) The dealers have and have had a wide range of combinations to experiment with and are not just saying something works but demonstrating it. ps. have no affiliation with Class A and never dealt with them pps. believe the OP is in the far East and not easily able to audition
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    Note the puny Primaluna HP with its KT150 valves cowering in the background. 😂 Line Magnetic now in place, biased and warming up/burning in nicely. 15” MacBook Pro for scale.
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    Geez Trev seems like you hit the turps early this evening. Hell I cracked my first brew at 9:30 this morning and still can make no sense of your post 🤣
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    Sorry to hear. This type of thing really pisses me off. It doesn't seem like an opportunist crime at all to me.
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    If I encounter a problem with my (under warranty) car that is serious enough, in my opinion, to take it back to the dealer for attention, then I expect to be believed, not asked to produce 'evidence'. I would expect the dealer to run a complete set of checks and diagnostics on the car. If no fault can be found, then I have to take the dealer's word...however, as has happened here, if the fault recurs then I would expect an escalation of the problem with the manufacturer. Manufacturers should take these incidents seriously, as not only are their reputations at stake but also potentially legal liability if serious injury or death subsequently occurs. Your example from Subaru proves nothing, except that faults can occur in all vehicles, and that at least Subaru did something about it. You now seem to be acting as an apologist for the motor industry, especially dealers. Dealing with and fixing faults is part and parcel of doing business. If they can't handle that, then they shouldn't be in business.
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    Miles Davis Quintet - Cookin' With The Miles Davis Quintet Again!
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    The pictures are misleading. They are the CP's packed and on the truck to their new owner. I'll take some pics of the replacements today or tomorrow... I'm still toying with placement at the moment. Cheers M
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    A great aussie band that always put on a great live performance
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    How would we know when Mazda try to keep issues a secret. They only announce recalls after being forced to do so - not voluntarily.
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    You will get many different opinions on that. I like the big, bold sound of idlers because I think that's closest to how live bands sound. Others will say that belt-drives do delicacy and detail better. Others again will say it's all about speed consistency and that because of this, direct-drive is the only way to go. I think you need to listen to as many variants as you can and see what floats your boat. Other people's opinions are just that.
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    agree with geek. I would try with the speakers against the wall with the window/aircon.
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    Tord Gustavsen Trio The Other Side ECM Germany 2018
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    So as well as aligning your speakers. It is also a pet and kid deterrent. Where do l buy one and how much?
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