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  1. As a continuation of a theme .... Show us your power amps. Finished building today, Pass ACA class A about 8 watts per channel. DIYAudio clone of Nelson Pass' M2 the M2X, 25 watt class A. Please note that I have removed the logo top right which I added when slightly the worst for wear..
  2. Hi everyone. I have just joined up here and thought I would start an overarching build thread of what I have done so far, and where I hope to end up (for some amount of time anyway 😆) So, from the beginning... A while back, I was feeling nostalgic after listening to some Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters, and on a whim I bought myself this. A front crank HMV-101 from around 1926. It played beautifully and came with some great records. I cleaned it up and played it non stop, until I ran out of needles... So I bought some needles. Then I thought, hey
  3. I'll start with a couple of DIY pre amps...... The top one is a DIYAudio B1 NuTube, designed by Nelson Pass. The one one the bottom is an Elekit TU-8500 valve pre.
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