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    Item: Kii Three, Kii Control and HiFi Stands Location: Melbourne Price: $14,640 (60% current new price) Item Condition: Mint, with boxes. Graphite Satin colour. Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought new, April 2018. I have the original boxes, cables, and documentation. Will demo for serious buyers but please don’t ask to listen if you’re not prepared to buy now at the advertised price. The Kii Three are an active speaker system. No amps, DAC or additional cables are required. I connect them to Roon via a Raspberry/Hifiberry Roon Ropiee endpoint vis USB or SPDIF, which I’ll include if required. The Kii Threes have two primary controls to set depending on your room, their placement and your listening position. Boundary - set depending on how close to corners or walls the Kii’s will be, resulting in optimal adjustment of bass to your room and listening position; and Contour - setting a room curve, usually to shape low and high frequencies to personal preferences. A good set up guide is available here: https://www.cm-audio.net/images/kii/three/kii-three-manual-en.pdf I have these in medium sized room (6x5m) and they work very well. For larger rooms one can add the BXT modules, if required for a fuller/bigger bass presentation. Ideally suited to anyone looking to consolidate or rationalise their hifi configuration. They will provide hassle free music enjoyment without fuss. Finally, these have the pro firmware installed, which provides a bit more headroom than the domestic version. The kind folks at Sonicpurity where I purchased these are excellent for advice and support. Photos: Photos provided as set up in my listening room.
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    I once liked bookshelf speakers, now much prefer ones without the shelf’s There is no substitute for Qubes, size matters. Let’s music breathe with such ease. Personally use more Industrial, larger versions of what’s pictured. Thanks to having lots of room and no domestic limitations. Just so much enjoy all horns now a days.
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    You mean this Jimi?Very daggy but superb recording quality.
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    Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else.
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    Item: Universal touch screen remote control - Harmony Touch - up to 15 devices. Location: Rowville Vic Price: 100 Item Condition: Good Used Reason for selling: WAF is low... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hey all, I bought this thinking I could use it but wife is not a fan! You can program any device witha remote to use this. Set your favorite foxtel channels, air con or your entire home theatre. Up to 15 devices! Pickup or post from Rowville Vic Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    My whole system runs on Bill's smarts.... and it's all I'll ever need. Best wishes fella.
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    I'm just back from my trip. The Sony XM3's performed admirably and made the various flights a lot more tolerable. I copied a selection of my FLAC library and converted to MP3, placed them on my tablet and ended up settling on the Musicolet app which seemed to work nicely. The Sony's came with the airline adapter plug included, so I used them for listening to the included airline entertainment, for my own music and also just with nothing playing but noise cancelling to knock out the jet noise and general passenger din. Very effective. The ear cups were big enough and soft enough to fit over the ears well, and comfort on the head was good, but I feel the cups are a bit shallow and do not allow enough air around the ears. That said, I wore them for almost the entirety of the 20+hr flights and felt fine, just a bit humid around the ears. I suspect the Bose QC35's are a little better in this respect. But wow, how good is the battery life? I was using ANC and listening to music or movies for the entire flight home from Vienna, fully charged on departure and when I got home after more than 20hrs flight time they still reported 50% battery life!
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    Hunters and Collectors - Human Frailty
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    Rollins Band- Tired
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    Do a rough connections first and group the cables in functional bunches. One would be power, another RCA/XLR audio signal, yet another high speed data like HDMI and ethernet. See what lengths you need for each and then buy them. This is how mine ended up looking like: I left a bit of slack to facilitate movement for working on them (connecting / disconnecting new things): Terminating RCA/XLR/power/ethernet is easy but not so for HDMI or USB as there is a limited selection available. Power cables are available in 0.5m, 0.75, 1m and multiples of those for less than $1 a piece. So are ethernet cables. HDMI cost about $5 to $10 depending on length. These are wholesale prices and if you cannot access them, become friends with someone who can. Like any electrician and or computer tech. Hope it helps. Roman
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    There has been a lot of interest in Ralph Waters joining the forum, and there have been plenty of members posting comments on Ralph's new member introduction thread about their enjoyment of the products. As a former retailer (now retired) of Australian speakers including Richter throughout the 1990s, I've dug out my brochures and scanned them as pdfs. Rather than add them to that intro thread I'll post them here. Moderators can decide if they want them on that thread as well.
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    Item: Gryphon Atilla integrated amplifier in excellent condition Location: Leichhardt Price: $6500. Item Condition: Pre owned Reason for selling: Clearance Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Credit Card on pick up, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Can freight at extra cost Here is a manufacturer that requires no introduction Gryphon. The Atilla amplifier as minimalist and easy on the eye. From the back the amplifier looks reasonably conventional, with inputs for four line-level items, a tape circuit and a single-balanced mode, XLR-based input. This Atilla has an unusual poise and exceptional subtlety and definition. It has more than enough power and grunt to cope with just about any speakers. The sound is very delicate, articulate. Comes with remote control. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    I just buy my ARC valves from a Canadian retailer anyway. The price ends up being the same and they have a good matching service. https://www.thetubestore.com/ Having said that, the 6H30p in the small signal usage as used by ARC don't need to be matched...
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    Oh boy! what a roll... In the mids of all this I'm trying to watch the cricket since I was too busy at the gym getting fit 💪 as well as "enjoying" the music! Looks like I need to make a few things clear as it has upset the apple cart/s... All very valid points mentioned here about high res, SACDs, other digital formats and vinyl... And whatever else I missed. These are my final points: 1. I'm definitely not claiming that vinyl is better than digital, or better than SACD or any other medium. They're all fine as long as you can source the very best of that format. 2. If you have come across a particular type of source, whatever that may be, in whatever format it's in, and if that particular item gives you the highest level of "quality playback" in your system, by all means use more of that! 3. In my experience within this last week, the G-man came over with a top quality CD that was an unusual recording. It was not just top quality, which I thought I did have a lot of...?Rather this particular one was out of the ordinary! One that is very hard to find, not available on general sale, and very limited edition to such a point that it may very well be the one and last recording of that CD! 4. After listening to that UDC FIM 24k gold pressing, I realised the full potential of my system and came to the realisation that the digital playback rig that I currently have is WAY more than adequate. Hence, there's absolutely no need whatsoever to "upgrade" the digital player to another level. Like one of those top tier fancy ones that cost half a car... It is not required, at least for me that is, the Mac SACD player is more than adequate to get the job done. We both listened to it and were extremely pleased with the results and playback quality. 5. Which leads to my next point: Having not spent over 20 grand for another digital rig, I will now focus that expenditure on high quality reference recordings, both on SACD / CD, and vinyl. After visiting ARR, which I should have done years ago, could have saved me heaps from spending on mediocre recordings that I have so much of... 6. Now after discovering not only the potential of my current digital rig but also the potential of the analog rig, which I recently upgraded, I'm just very thankful I didn't go over the top and settled for the level I can afford. The true justification for this upgrade has now been realised only after I discovered these reference quality recordings. With that, my experience and enjoyment of music has taken on a new level! The final point I would like to emphasise on is simply this: after discovering these wonderful formats and having experienced sheer brilliance in top quality without a doubt, I will continue to pursue more of these high grade audiophile recordings, simply because the system deserves it! I'm sure yours does too! And that's all she wrote! Cheers, and enjoy your music 🍻 RJ
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    Oops - Just noticed you are in Sydney. That makes it a bit more difficult. Elson Silva in Sydney might be the man to contact. He is easy to get on with, has lots of tubes in stock and tests and guarantees everything he sells.
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    Very sorry to hear that @Bill125812, I wish you all the best with your fight. With all the kindness and generosity you've shown here on SNA it should be us giving back to you. If there's anything I can do or donate to help you with what you're going through I would be more than happy to do so.
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    This might be a good option. https://www.storedj.com.au/art-pro-audio-dti-dual-transformer-isolator
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    Excellent cartridge. 🏋️‍♂️
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    The Dynavector in the classifieds would be perfect.
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    New sports performance tyre test from Auto Bild. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/2019-Auto-Bild-Sports-Car-Tyre-Test.htm
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    They have been picked up today.. thank you everyone for the interest!
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    I had a lot of drop-outs too when using WiFi. This wasn't due to speed, bandwidth or processing power but how Roon works A very knowledgeable member suggested connecting the core and the endpoint direct to the same router. I haven't had a drop-out since.
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    Item: Antique French Fruitwood Furniture clamps Location:ex Balaclava, Melbourne Price: $350 Item Condition:Antique Reason for selling:Missus Payment Method: Pickup too big to post Extra Info:Gorgeous antique fruitwood furniture clamps purchased from Cappochi in Melbourne. There are 5 in total. 4 G clamp type (2 small, 1 medium and 1 large) and another kind of slide adjust clamp. They are beautifully made with hand turned wooden clamp screws and are beautifully mitred. They are extremely decorative and have a very sculptural quality to them and make an awesome display. You can also use the G clamps to display books, Vinyl or TAS in my case! They all still function as intended. The magazines are in the smaller of the clamps if that helps you get a feel for their size. They are pretty unique and you won't see any again in a hurry. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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    A few Silvereye made use of our lime tree this afternoon, probably a lunch stop. Still getting the stare.
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    Can't see a horse or injun...not a true western!
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    I recently threw out all my burnt CDs, which were done in the late 90's. About 90% had deteriorated and were no longer readable. And that was a variety of different popular branded media.
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    The Diablo is one of Flemming's great achievements IMO. He recently retired so who knows where the company will go from here. Back in the day I was lucky enough to be at a dinner with him. Quite a character. I have owned Gryphon amps dating back to the Reference One monoblocks. I sold them very cheaply. The other stand out for me was the Antileon Signature version (which I still own). I currently own the Mephisto which IMO is the pinnacle, and which IMO some others may approach but not best that I have heard. The word gravitas always comes to mind when I think Gryphon amps, they have it in spades. I will be selling my Antileon signature soon. It will go on sale with a Sonata preamp that I also used to own and sold to my friend a few years ago but who sadly passed away recently (his widow will be selling all his gear). He was thinking of buying the Antileon Sig, upgrading from his Halcro, also a great amp.
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    Hi Fillumists, Aqualung > As Apposed To Free Diving > The Big Blue JJ
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    Connected By Love - Jack White
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    Got a Bob thing going tonight ....
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    there is also the realist... that sees the reality of the day....and doesnt HAVE to be an apologist for anyone. can instead just say it as it is... ie describing the current state for what it is. even if it's a complete shambles and p!ssing the public purse literally up the wall, squandering it away with the utter incompetence it clearly is.
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    Very cool Thomo. Love the look of the Toshiba’s.
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    you wont post these badboys ? looks like you have the boxes...
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    Are they the ones made by Michael in Canberra/ Yass?
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    Art Tatum, 20th Century Piano Genius. Verve Records ‎ 531 763-2, 2 × CD, US 1996.
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    I don’t know what talking about as there is no m500i. He is likely talking m6500i it’s a very differently fish and priced appropriately up. Significantly up as @rantan correctly stated I don’t think be any issue in the m6500i driving just about anything. Or with m6i driving the dyns... only question is whether combo is to taste ... that’s for op to decide ... I don’t know if have experience with regards either Amps both are very capable ...
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    MILES DAVIS/MARCUS MILLER Music From Siesta (1987 US 4-track promotional-only CD sampler, featuring Edited Versions of Siesta, Conchita, Claire and Augustine, custom picture sleeve, PRO-CD-3002, blah, blah, blah,.
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    As the album title states, this is a selection of takes from an actual jam session. No singing either! Charlie Shavers - tr, Herbie Heymer - ts, Nat King Cole - p, John Simmons - b, Buddy Rich - d.
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    Getz/Gilberto Belated recognition of a passed notable. Now I must say that I am victim of the use (overuse?) to which Girl From Ipanema has been put in popular culture (as many a successful song has been put through ringers before and after this one). I am sure that it is just me, but I now have something close to an allergic reaction on hearing the opening bars in pretty much all circumstances. Will leave a bar that is playing it. So, what amazes me is that given my unbalanced response to this tune, I just love getting my head inside the song when it comes to this album . The crafted space and textures are quite enticing. More broadly.....a week late, but here's to João's contributions to the world
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    I like them more ! Never mind this girly 'like' business. I LOVE them!
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    with Ethel and Noel in the front seat anything is possible
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    Yesterday. Using Nero, loading the music file into SoftPerfect RAM first, as the sound quality is better (more natural).
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    I had forgotten about that fabulously funny film. Thanks for the reminder.
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    in the same vein, definitely low brow
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    Tombstone, Val Kilmer is fantastic as Doc Holiday. Kurt Russell, late Bill Paxton. Simply suburb movie that’s I watch and rewatch since it came out. Really, my all time favorite western Neo
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    Seeing no one has answered I'll chime in. For what it's worth I have a Nak (forget the model but not up to the 505 standard) just sitting here in the same condition. Mine lights up and makes whirring noises as well. I pulled it apart and had a look but it looks too hard to replace the belts (even though I bought some on eBay) so I gave up.
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    I compared them with the PXC550 and went with the 550, mostly to do with the volume control and pausing ability of the touch sensitive pad on the right ear. In use I like the auto switch off my twisting the ear pieces. I've just returned from another long haul to Europe sitting in cattle class. I've invested in a good neck pillow which is almost like a memory foam brace. I find I can sleep without the earpads touching the headrest, which seems to reduce noise cancelling efficiency. @outdated Most seats these days have a USB charging point, so simply plug your phone in during the flight. I tend to use the flight as an opportunity to listen to the airline selections of new artists or classic albums I'm not familiar with.
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