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    Thanks to Lee and Leon at Kyron Audio, I'm currently playing around with these - the ultimate home demo! The Kronos system - just stunning
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    Hi All, Starting the morning with some Peter Gabriel: JJ
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    Sunday. Everyone is easing in to the day, me included. On the instrumental journey this morning... Pink Floyd 'The Endless River' 2014 Columbia Records, Sony, USA. Staying with David Gilmour... The Orb with David Gilmour 'Metallic Spheres' 2010 David Gilmour Music. Sony, Aust. Rounding off with some Aussie Surf Instrumental, courtesy of... The Break 'Church of the Open Sky' 2009 Break Music, Bombora Creative, Aust. Unfortunately, I now have to spend about 2 hours at home on the snipper.
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    I have just swapped out one of the turntables in my rack for this one. It is a Yamaha P-17. I took the opportunity to take a few photos first. Features of the TT - 3 point suspension on rubber damped springs - 2 part platter/subplatter - belt driven - weight on thread anti-skate - which I like - full auto operation for those times when I want it - interesting platter mat - has recessed centre and raised concave soft rubber ring (2nd ring from outer edge) One of the reasons for using it is indeed that it can operate in full auto. I am using an AT3600 with LP Gear improved stylus. This is a picture with the platter removed. Sub-chassis construction is plastic, but very rigid. Finally a closeup of the tonearm pivot area.
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    This vinyl revival is getting out of hand. There are 3 Rodney Rude albums reissued on vinyl!! who buys this shite? https://www.amazon.com.au/RODNEY-RUDE-LIVE/dp/B01KPKQG6G/ref=sr_1_308?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1524351298&sr=1-308
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    Raytheon JAN CRP 6X5WGT 1952
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    Its only getting out off hand if they are 45rpm to improve the sq of Mr Rudes vocals. ...
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    The Rolling Stones: Paint It Black
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    Esperanza Spalding - Emily's D+Evolution
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    Item: MIT Shotgun s3 Speaker cable 3m (from spade end on amp to banana end on speaker) Location:Mill Park Price: $500 Item Condition:7/10 Reason for selling:Re-configuration Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Seriously guys I don't know how to capture a proper pic of such a monster,Hence I had it sit on top of the Plinus just to get a better idea of how chunky it was built. Great Performance that I had kept for years and years without any intention to sell but things changed now. More info http://www.mitcables.com/legacy-products/speaker-interfaces/shotgun-s3-speaker-interface/menu-id-264.html Pictures:
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    Amp sounds great phono stage is smooth and clear!
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    My local Record Fair acquisitions. G'day all, I guess as part of RSD activities our town had its usual yearly record fair yesterday, and I went along and purchased eight 12 inch albums in total. It seemed a little lower key than usual, but I thought it quite worthwhile. The general price for records was ten dollars, acceptable I guess, but sadly the days of two dollar records seem gone forever! I think that I got some worthwhile acquisitions including some excellent Jazz material, including one release on Cherry Pie records with superb audio quality, and I even got a copy of 'Whipped Cream and Other Delights', the music is great too. I'm playing it now! The cover is in excellent condition too! Some British rock too and even a Peter Cook/ Dudley Moore comedy album and even some Ravi Shankar. I think that all the records had already been washed but I trotted out my Knosti anyway, which I hadn't used for a long time. I need to buy some more de-ionised water, and I'm running short of new record sleeves as well. All fun. Regards, Felix.
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    @pine weasel...geez louise...what a beautiful room... Would love to see some photos of the rest of the house....
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    thats the problem I suspect luc....you are making it an exercise in networking which I suspect would be trying for most ! as per sime above... instead stick a usb drive in it and good to go... as long as can find your player that is ? which I think is still a problem ? ... and indeed that would be a problem ! i presume you cant find the player via your phone ? hopefully blue sound can help with that... as wihtout a player not much to start from ! I wonder what the go is there ? do tell us where things end ... hopefully not in the classifieds *groan*
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    Well with any luck, now that they seem to be active again, it might re-released. Not that I've got any need for vinyl, I'm just hoping for more music.
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    Slight Luddite leanings there RT but I'm kinda with you. Recently bought a Powernode2 after reading all the effulgent praises it's been getting here and elsewhere. It's been a trial to be honest. It sounds so simple: Download the app for your ph and for you PC or laptop or tablet with any or all NAS attached and then just point your player to the music folders on your PC/Lappy/phone and...wha-hey!! Your there, music at your fingertips in all it's many formats. Nuh...it hasn't worked out that way at all, it's been a farking awful experience so far, embarrassing actually as I pre checked with the Handbrake to OK the expense. It'll be great, your iphone and ipod and ipad music will be all there at a touch when you entertain and I'll set some speakers up for you and you control the music and the volume when you have your friends here and I have my mancave separate from you and of course it's relatively acoustically sealed from you if I happen to be home and listening to music. Should be a winner. I lodged my first request for help two days after setting it up. I have no complaints about the Bluesound help centre. They acknowledge you complaint quickly and try their best. I had a ph call from New York a few days ago and Bluos took control of my PC and with my approval did some changes to the file explorer and after some initial problems we were able to get things going and 'Network Shares' were showing to the player and all was good. But 4 days later without using the thing it's once again at the stage where the ph app controller says " No Player Detected" and the the various PC and Ipads say the same thing. Uninstall everything, reinstall, cycle the modem/router...nope, nothing. So currently waiting for the sun to rise in NYC and the offers of help and the apologies as well when they get into the office and log the cry for assistance. But is this player and it's app easy? No. Is it as simple as a SBT? No. Is it as simple as a Sonos? No. I think it's for people who know more than me and are able to wade through their computers to name their networkshares and point their BT device towards it ect ect. I'm hoping it gets easier(and I'd love it to be too as a happy wife is a happy life) but I think the player will be back in the FS section and someone else can have a go at interacting with it and it's controller.
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    A little lossless ditty from the hard drive... Primus 'The Desaturating Seven' 2017 ATO Records. Dark, mysterious, psychedelic 'Goblin Rock'. Way too short, but sooooo goooood.
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    I already have some, but at 1200 i'll go on the waiting list too.
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    Just a bit more feedback on the impressions of my upgraded ME25 after a bit more listening in the last couple of days. I have done a few things in the last twelve months, not the least of which were new speakers last year (Magnepan MG3.7i, which were a surprisingly big change compared to my previous Ambience SuperSlims), as well as a significant upgrade to my LP12, but more recent things this year have been new speakers stands, power cords/conditioner and a couple of interconnects, all of which have been good, but there seems to have been a very significant improvement with the pre upgrade in the last week. Of course, when I say "significant" I'm not quite talking "day and night", it is never that simple, but it has been significant. Maybe its something you haven't heard before or something sounds different, eg the ability to hear individual instruments and follow a particular instrument, that is something that stood out like the proverbial dogs' yesterday, the delineation and resolution of detail is outstanding. Makes the music very real for me. Speaking of dogs, I was playing the Ashkenazy Rach 2 from the Decca two CD set, really great recording, well the dog literally jumped off the couch a couple of times, the music just seemed to unexpectedly come out of thin air, it was quite funny (I won't bother comment on the fact of listening to music with the dog on the couch ?). The music however was excellent, very involving. I have several bits of vinyl from Eureka Records, recorded and pressed in the mid-70's, mostly 2 track live stereo mixes in the audio or wherever. A favourite group is the "Foreday Riders" a Sydney blues outfit (I believe they are still around in some form). Have a couple of albums on this label. Was playing the "Once a Week", again detail and "live" aspect was outstanding. Looking forward to going through a whole lot more stuff and "re-listening"! Again, thoroughly recommend this mod.
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    Item: Sugden A21SE Integrated Amp Location:Melbourne Price: $2900 Item Condition:Excellent, No issues Reason for selling:No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer. Extra Info:Purchased new by me just over a year ago. As new condition. Comes with all original packaging. Happy to ship anywhere in Australia at buyers expense. Pictures:
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    WHAT !iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Great pics, great looking trial system , but as i've said before, what a magnifecant bloody room.
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    Because we need a second planet to shit on, we'll run out of opportunities to it here soon.
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    No problem, I’ll see if this is still available if I happen to move my LCD3.
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    @Darren69 I bought the node 2 some time ago and it’s performed faultlessly. Very easy user interface, it’s beauty is in its simplicity. Very good bang for buck.
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    Topping D10 - crazy good value! The Devialet is on loan to a mate who is selling his system. His amp sold before his speakers so he's borrowed the Dev. The main difference with the Line Magnetic is that my room is nice and warm
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    Awesome setup! A Topping Dac? What happened to the Devialet? Have you noticed a difference going back to the Line magnetic?
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    I’ll do some projector reading Al - thanks for the ideas and keep them coming. I also agree that I’m rather reluctant to make more holes in my seat (the hatches were a pain to make!). on another note, I was wondering if anyone can shed light on pricing of lift devices. This is the first place I found: http://www.ultraliftaustralia.com.au/products/ I love how they’re nearby and they were helpful (this was maybe 2 yrs ago), but their lifts are really expensive!! We’re talking 10k! Yoiks!! So it begs the question - what’s the diff b/w those and the others I mentioned? https://www.firgelliauto.com.au/products/pop-up-tv-lift or even the cheapies (relative) on the ‘Bay? mat
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    Hi there I've just joined Stereo.net but I'm at the back end of my chase for the ultimate. I lived and worked in the US several years ago and took the opportunity to get some good gear. I went into a high end retailer in New Jersey expecting to buy something like Bang and Olufsen or even (take a deep breath) a Bose system but was introduced to some high end valve gear and top quality speakers. I had never heard anything as clear and magical before and before I knew knew it I had embarked on a search for the ultimate. I just had to have it. Many of you won't be surprised to hear that my wife was horrified. I started off with Vandersteen 2CE Signature series speakers and Quicksilver Audio M60 tube amplifiers with an Anthem CD1 CD player a Quicksilver Audio tube pre-amp. These were quickly supplemented with a 3rd Quicksilver amp and Vandersteen surround speakers - a VCC1 centre speaker, a pair of VSM1 surround speakers and a 2WQ sub woofer. Upon returning to Australia the tube pre-amp was replaced by a Theta Casablanca III which proved a balanced way of getting good quality music and surround sound out of the one system. Now we come to the new chapter in my chase for the ultimate. We are downsizing from out big family home to a much smaller bungalow and I have reluctantly agreed to downsize my system (Wife says yay!!!). The big Vandersteens have been replaced by a pair of bookshelf sized Vandersteen VLR Woods (Caxton Audio - thank you David) and the 3 mono block Quicksilvers (and Rotel 2 channel for surrounds) have been replaced by a 5 channel Rotel RMB 1095. The move from the tube preamp and Anthem CD1 was a step down. The move from the valve amps to the Rotel is definitely a step down. But at this stage in my life they are good enough. My search for the ultimate continues but I have enough and I am happy Cheers Paul Aroney
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    David, how about showing good manners and some basic respect for a fellow SNA member by pming him rather than making the rude comments you havein public?
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    Busted out some oldies but goodies.
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    600 x 600 panels for the ceilings. These were all BADS, 50mm thick with the laminating film in between
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    Good morning Al Di Meola - Land Of The Midnight Sun.
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    I have found another laser etched album in the recent record clean up Hope the photo shows the laser reflection This laser disc is only inscribed on one of the two sides Artist - Styx Title - Paradise- Gala Premiere A 1981 Australian release - Special Laser Etched Cat# L 37525
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    Works well. Yes it’s a Sushi restaurant, and the Nebbiolo drinks like a full blooded Pinot Noir on steroids and that’s how it was recommended to me. Its quiet a bargain at ~$55 and as mentioned worth a try. Can’t be drinking reserve Barolo on weekdays....?? At the end of the day, some days I just get a hankering for a certain Wine style and just go for it and let the food be what it is and some days we get fancy and try and make it match ..... ymmv...????
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    Records dam expensive here in NZ too!!
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    Really enjoy my Node 2. I simply plug a portable hard drive in the back with all of my music. Figured it gave me more flexibility if I want to upgrade the streamer one day. The really impressive aspect is the BlueOS. Very easy to use and continually being upgraded by the Bluesound team. Haven't tried Roon so can't compare.
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    I am using PiCorePlayer "audio version" on a Pi B+, https://sites.google.com/site/picoreplayer/home/news, with HiFiBerry DAC + Pro. Connect to the PiCorePlayer from a PC running LMS 7.9.0 with music on internal disk. LMS can be run on the Pi, I ran into issues with it so use the PC. Android "Squeezer" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.org.ngo.squeezer&hl=en for control when in listening position. How it compares to other options I cannot say, I have not used them.
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    Hey thought I'd chime in being a Harbeth dealer. I'd agree that if you replace it, go for a matched pair. If they're not going to airfreight separately, then know that the next local shipment is scheduled to arrive in Oz late June. If you can have them delivered with the distributor's shipment that should save you on shipping $$. I have no idea on costs, but hopefully it's justified for you to be able to do it. Good luck!
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    There are HUGE differences between different valve amps and similarly huge differences between different SS amps. Anyone who says: "Valve amps are better than SS amps." Is seriously demented. Equally, anyone who claims: "SS amps are better than valve amps." Is similarly demented. Some valve amps sound excellent (neutral) and some sound like crap. Some SS amps sound excellent (neutral) and some sound like crap. For a whole bunch possible reasons: * They like the retro appeal of valve amps. * They prefer the sound of their particular valve amp, over the SS amps they've listened to. * Their choice of valve amp suits their system better than the SS amps they've listened to. Depends. Dollar for Dollar, Watt for Watt, SS rules. Every time. However, when you're spending more than a Grand or so, valve amps start to get interesting. And, by interesting, I mean something from Weston Acoustics. So, here's your choice: If you want to spend less than a Grand, forget valves. If you want to make a lot of noise, forget valves (unless you have some serious coin to drop - and I suspect you don't). If you want to join all the other hipsters, buy a cheap 'n cheerful, Chinese valve amp. Second hand is a good way to go.
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    Would be interested to find a second hand Auralic Taurus or a Cayin IHA6 or someone suggest something nice.
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