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    There are HUGE differences between different valve amps and similarly huge differences between different SS amps. Anyone who says: "Valve amps are better than SS amps." Is seriously demented. Equally, anyone who claims: "SS amps are better than valve amps." Is similarly demented. Some valve amps sound excellent (neutral) and some sound like crap. Some SS amps sound excellent (neutral) and some sound like crap. For a whole bunch possible reasons: * They like the retro appeal of valve amps. * They prefer the sound of their particular valve amp, over the SS amps they've listened to. * Their choice of valve amp suits their system better than the SS amps they've listened to. Depends. Dollar for Dollar, Watt for Watt, SS rules. Every time. However, when you're spending more than a Grand or so, valve amps start to get interesting. And, by interesting, I mean something from Weston Acoustics. So, here's your choice: If you want to spend less than a Grand, forget valves. If you want to make a lot of noise, forget valves (unless you have some serious coin to drop - and I suspect you don't). If you want to join all the other hipsters, buy a cheap 'n cheerful, Chinese valve amp. Second hand is a good way to go.
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    The Who's "Live at Leeds"... best to crank it up!
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    Hi All, going through the LPs that I purchased through Amazon Australia, and arrived today, with their recent "Buy 1 get 1 Free" JJ
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    Speaking of 'cranking it up', I feel like rocking as well today (2009 Dutch pressing):
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    @JSmith doesn't need grammar for he speaks only in memes
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    Hi All, Some Flaming Lips, An oldie and their latest which just seems to sound better with every play: JJ
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    I know this will shock/disgust the purists/obsessives out there but, while I have an alignment tool, I don't use it. I align my carts by eye and certainly don't use a magnifying glass. I have a couple of them but they are used for stylus inspection only. I use the standard design headshell with the holes at the top and use these to assess alignment......works well, all my carts sound great. I don't experience IGD or sibilance or distortion of any kind but I realise this method is not for everyone......ie: those who can't control the nagging voice constantly in their head saying....."but it could be better"......well here's some news, sometimes it can't. Time to just enjoy the music........
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    FS Tube pre amp with shunt regulator Item Tube pre amp with shunt regulator Location Sydney west Price sale pending Item conditions 8/10 Reason of sale Upgrade Payments cash . Direct bank transfer Info Tube pre amp with shunt regulator with mundorf silver gold oil upgrade Base design is from M7 (3 tube Ecc83 two 5651)
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    Found a pink robin male and his lady yesterday: cheers mick
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    Music to get ready to bed. Love all her songs.
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    What's it matter everything that could be said on the ball tampering topic has been said, dissected, devoured, regurgitated, re worded shuffled around and repeated all over again surely there's room in the thread for some humour ffs if I want to be bored to death where no one deviates from the topic I'll listen to the weekly cattle sale report.
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    I replaced the first globe at 3400 hours and was still getting good output from it. would have kept using it but i was getting my unit calibrated for UHD so wanted to do that with a new globe. Putting the new globe in (genuine from Oz Theatre), i realised i had lost maybe 10-15% brightness on the old globe so no issues there really.
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    There are plenty of university educated people who aren't very intelligent.
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    Back on Murray's rebuild. @ThirdDrawerDown Magnepan have delivered tweeter panel and wire to my US mail box. Should arrive Monday.
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    Item: Audio Research Reference 600mkiii mono block tube amp pair silver.600 watt Location:Sydney Price: $10,000 Ono Item Condition:very good Reason for selling:not used ,use SET amps now Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:great mono amps,2200 hrs on amps.Fantastic sounding amps .owners manual and boxes. http://www.arcdb.ws/REF600/REF600.html Pictures:
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    yeh Al, they are some of those rare speakers that look better with the grills off, and in black just stunning!
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    Some answers from Oppo here: http://www.avsforum.com/oppo-announces-will-stop-making-new-products/
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    Let us know if you are in the area. There's a great bar we all meet at night to "debrief". @metal beat even starts singing once he's had a few Espresso Martinis
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    Jack White - Boarding House Reach. brand new Jack White album For the anal collector there are 9 different pressings, each with different spoken word for track B11 - Get In The Mind Shaft. Mine is 353 Really good album and skirts quite a few different styles.
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    These were originally around $11k so at this price it is a bargain IMO. Great functionality in a very small stylish package.
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    This was one of the resources/articles that i used to lock in my purchase They are a 10 on the fun factor scale.
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    Hi Peter, Can I please have the following LP's if still available thanks? Ultravox – Systems Of Romance – Japan – Ex/Ex $30 The Cult – Electric – VG+/VG+ $28 Echo & The Bunnymen - Crocodiles - Japan EX/EX $30 Kate Bush – The Whole Story – VG+/VG+ $22 John Foxx - Metamatic - VG+/VG+ $17 OMD – The Best Of – EX/EX $20 OMD – OMD – Rare sleeve but has sleeve repair VG-/VG $22 XTC – Drums And Wires – Shrink Wrap – EX/VG+ $25 XTC – White Music – Shrink Wrap – EX/VG+ $29 Cheers Fred
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    Virgin currently offering until April 9 fares around this period for $549 return: https://flights.virginaustralia.com/en-au/flights-to-hong-kong?cmpId=VM_20180403_Sale_HongKong_hero_banner&bId=1539140937&acId=1154448&clid=VM_20180403_Sale_HongKong
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    Grammar is an indicator of education, not intelligence. Remember some of the sharpest tools, the quickest wits can be found wearing singlets in the front bar of pubs around the world. Left school at 14 perhaps. Another simple reference for brain function ("intelligence" perhaps) is the complex issue of car driving. There are many highly educated people who struggle to process the time and space requirements of thick traffic, which many others can do in their sleep. Education and intelligence, not the same thing. (Quick edit) - also ...poor grammar may be intentional - to upset petty people who want to judge others poorly. Like me...I can be as petty as the next d*ckhead.
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    Can’t belief y peeeple ar blamming it on Gwammer.... What is dis.??? To bee an adiopil and a SNA member, there is no rekirement for a spell chek or a gwammer check...... i blam. Siri......
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    Speaking of grammar and spelling, I always make an effort to get it correct. But I don't think it matters that much anymore. Sometimes when I have to use there/their I have to stop and think which of them is the right one to use, but does it really matter? And flavour/flavor or colour/color and so on. I believe that either version is now acceptable at school. Anyway just my 2 Generic Cryptocurrencies worth
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_multiple_intelligences Gardner proposed eight abilities that he held to meet these criteria: musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic.
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    Item: Chord 2QUTE DAC with Gieseler linear power supply Location: Mount Eliza Price: $1350.00 Item Condition: excellent - 9\10 Reason for selling: Upgraded DAC and no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling these after 2 years of excellent service The DAC has been extensively reviewed and is certainly excellent value for money. I have used this in combination with a Bluesound node 2 and definitely an improvement on the node alone. The power supply also improved the sound significantly in my system . The power here can be a bit variable. Pictures:
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    It is one of the forms of intelligence. And like most aspects of intelligence, it can be developed.
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    Yes, education is a great indicator of intelligence! If you believe that I have some prime swamp I can sell you cheap
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    Item: ERA 5055 Location: Maitland, NSW Price: $750 Item Condition: New, unused Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank deposit Extra Info: This mid-70s ERA 5055 turntable model is a high end turntable for serious audiophiles that was pitched directly against brands like Linn and Thorens · Cast alloy suspended baseplate. There is a single shipping screw to lock down the baseplate during transport. · The bearing is a captive ball bearing in a silicon bronze sleeve pressed into the alloy shaft that is integral with the cast suspended baseplate. As the turntable is unused, the bearing and spindle’s tolerances are as per factory. · The platter is a weighty two-piece system with the sub-platter driven by a 4mm wide belt. · Motor drive is a superbly reliable and accurate 48-pole synchronous motor running at a slow 250rpm, the same motor used by Linn at the time. It is switched to run on 110V and 240V. · Suspension is by Silentbloc, ie. damped spring system. The suspension has been retuned as part of its service. · Two speeds, 45 and 33 · Tonearm is totally unique and was called “Frictionless Pivot” by ERA. It is suspended by four high tensile springs that can be adjusted to set VTA. (Vertical Tracking Angle). It is an almost frictionless design that doesn’t suffer the issues of gimble wear and adjustment. · Anti-skate is via an adjustable weight that hangs off a magnetic repositionable post. · VTF (Vertical Tracking Force) is adjusted with a single weight on the rear of the tonearm and then fine adjusted with a sliding weight on the arm, which has scale markings etched on it. · Belt: A brand new belt has been installed. · Oil: Supplied with a small container of the full synthetic oil for the bearing and spindle. Will need oiling before use as I’ve cleaned out the sleeve and spindle for transport. · Cartridge/stylus: ERA turntables were not sold with a cartridge, so it comes without one. You can either install your favourite cartridge or else opt to purchase a brand new Ortofon OM10 cartridge for an additional $60. · The Plexiglas lid is in “as new” condition. The hinges have removable pins to facilitate removal if you prefer to play records with the lid off. However, if you install the captive pins, the lid will stay upright when playing records. · Power cord is audio RCA plugs and wires are as-new. · Platter mat and metal centre disk is in as-new condition · Speed has been checked and is perfect. I measured 33.33 and 45.1RPM, so you can’t better that! · Controls: There are 3 controls. 1. On-off push/pull switch located left rear; 2. Speed selector LHS; 3. Cueing lever RHS. · Like most high end audiophile-quality tables, this one is manual. There are no mechanicals to mess with the tonearm’s free movement. · User manual is in French and English This tt is very tweakable, being designed along the lines of Linn, Thorens etc. The cartridge shown in the photos is a Rega Carbon and used for testing only using a test headshell. No cartridge is included in this sale unless one is ordered as an optional extra. The alloy headshell that comes with this machine is brand new, unused, and the wires are in as-new condition. As this is a vintage old-stock item, there is no warranty and no-return. Pick up and demo available in Maitland area for serious buyers. Expert packing and shipping by courier to your door is available to Australia for $45. Pictures:
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    Octave are excellent. Heard them a few time overseas.
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    With the imminent release of Jerome Sabbagh's all analogue "No Filter" via Kickstarter, just had to give The Turn a spin this morning
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    I'm sure I read Buddy Holly in there somewhere..................
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    Hi, I wanted to let everyone know that we officially reached the goal. I am grateful for the support, particularly on this board. The vinyl pressing will definitely become a reality! I will keep you informed. The Kickstarter is still open for another 3 weeks or so. Thank you!
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    These would be a good match with the Devialet
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    If you have your heart set on improvements yet struggle to find anything to reliably sound better. i would suggest ( if you haven't yet) look at room acoustics. Imo the best place to start looking for issues which may be masking something which should be audible. But no they are not as sexy as a fat cable or exxy new components.
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    I did "Check this out!" as suggested by the title to find out what the topic was about. I would have preferred to have clicked on a thread with a more descriptive/less click-bait title "Check out this huge record buy!". My preference.
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    Yea, must admit I learnt a fair bit as a young fella...... Mum and dad had an old black & white TV in there room, tubes and these sorts of things were real interesting to me. Unplugged it, took the back cover off and started to poke a few bits then crack! Got a hell of a shock and fright, didn't know anything about stored energy! Lesson learnt. There were many more lessons along the way, lucky to be here really....... Another dumb thing that happened was to my brother, super cleaver (really), he was sitting on his bed reading a book, he started reading proper books when he was about 5. Anyway he's sitting on the bed reading and theres the power cord for our portable record player next to him, not thinking he picks it up and starts chewing on it........ Next thing I saw his whole face light up like an ex-ray! Luckily the fright made him pull it out and drop it. No permanent damage. Maybe this should have had a warning....
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    Tony Allen: the source Love everything about this album. The music is fantastic The all analogue approach means the SQ is very special. Recorded in France in an old studio. Could just imagine the time all of the band had when making it. A series of recording sessions that, no doubt, comes with many tales Highly recommended
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    Can spend $1.1 million on a pair of speakers but don't have a dedicated listening room for them??? :lol:
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