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    Spinning some Jethro Tull :
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    Well, I've given up. I will no longer put records away when drinking. No more!! When I first started to discover the band Spain, I was absolutely sure I had 'she haunts my dreams'. Swore I had played it. But when the other titles arrived and I was playing them regularly, I couldn't for the life of me find 'she haunts....' So I order another copy. I'm putting records away this morn (clearly not started drinking just yet) and there it is... Playing it now. Great album. My pref however is the Morning sessions release. Great morning ballads from this band. You can't go wrong. Spain: she haunts my dreams
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    Some Aussie ( and NZ) vinyl gems to start the Easter weekend Martin Plaza Dragon Hunters and Collectors ( and for any Hunter's fans, I'd highly recommend seeing Mark Seymour live - he tours regularly, and often plays in small pubs,etc - all of the Hunters classics, and some great stuff of his own)
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    Only if you drink their Kool-Aid uncritically. Their leaky filters add lots of high frequency noise to the unfolded result. Earlier you said there was no proof they were throwing bits away - and yes they are . By definition if you downsample a higher res file to 2X from 4X or 8X sample rates you are throwing bits away. It has nothing to do with them encoding those bits- they aren't encoding them, they are throwing away anything encoded above 48k in the original (before compression). That's simply a fact, and no fancy explanations make it not so. Yes, their content above 20k is lossy - in other words, bits thrown away. That's what lossy means. Your quotes above contradict each other and show you still don't understand the basics of what the MQA process is. What do you think the high frequency samples are in a digital file? They are "bits". That's why a 24/192 version of a file is lots bigger than a 24/96 version of the same file. MQA throws all of those "extra" bits away. Below the noise floor? Perceptually lossless? Not the first compression scheme to make this claim. Multiple users, writers, and audio professionals have subjected themselves to blind listening tests and decided MQA, at least in many cases, sounds worse than the original. Sure not everyone agrees. But if it was so obviously better, everyone would hear the improvements, or at least not reduced SQ. What is their "timing precision"? They haven't actually explained it or shown what is happening. It's just a phrase you are believing on faith because they told you it was true. In their "presentations" they show slides which actually don't show timing accuracy improvement in spite of their claims that they do. It's all part of their proprietary format that they refuse to let us know exactly what it does. In short, it's a clever lossy compression scheme that they claim is at worst transparent and at best can even improve the SQ of the file it is made from. They use a poor filter which trades frequency accuracy for what they claim is timing accuracy and leaves lots of aliasing artifacts in the final result. Some people like how it sounds. Others don't. Certainly it is no SQ revolution. Just another format with some run of the mill filters that aren't anything new and can be essentially duplicated by anyone with some basic knowledge and software. But unfortunately it's a closed proprietary format that could give MQA and the record labels the ability to reap royalties at multiple places in the production and distribution chain, as well as use it's built in DRM abilities to control at what SQ level you are able to play back your files. Only a very naive person would think this scheme is about SQ. It's not. It's about giving market power back to the corporate interests in the music industry, and finding ways to prevent actual master quality files getting into the hands of the music consumer (they've admitted as much), and at the same time using the scheme to generate additional cash flows to the industry. If this wasn't true - the full MQA decoding (not just the first fold) could be done in software. No need for "MQA DACs" and that level of control over the recording and distribution chain. So tell me again why we need it? What problem does it solve? What does it give us?
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    Robert Plant ‎– Pictures At Eleven. Robert's first solo album and his determination to sound nothing like Led Zep was realised. Even all these years later, its still does't quite catch me - must have been bloody Phil Collins on drums
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    Starting the night off with this cracking collection from the fab four The Beatles 1
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    Don't tell me you have a vinyl copy as well?
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    They referred to it as lossless and claimed/implied it preserves the master file. Very few people "understand" how it works (including you, apparently) and including many people writing articles about it. So yes, lots of people have been fooled. Certainly any "average" person reading a non technical article about it wouldn't understand any of that - he'd (falsely) understand he's getting the supposedly authenticated "master" file. Which he isn't. And I didn't say it was perceptually lossless, that's their unsubstantiated claim. Again - "preserve the timing". Just MQA speak without anything to back it up. How do you know that is what they are doing? How are they doing it? And repeating their PR language back to me isn't an explanation.
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    LOL - like electronic music. Greg, you really need to get on the synth wagon I think you would like this one - or maybe n... Scuba ‎– DJ-Kicks. 2LP of superb electronic licks. just to screw with your mind, side 1 is 45rpm and 2-4 33rpm with no markings on the vinyl
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    Eurythmics ‎– Touch. German pressing of this old classic
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    I was going to say I'm not paying you enough ....... buuuuut...... CDs????? NO BAG FOR YOU!!!!!
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    Boz Scaggs self-titled LP, the 13-minute long "Loan Me a Dime" alone is worth the price of admission as it features Duane Allman's killer guitar work.
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    took advantage of the ebay 10% coupon and got this. i've always wanted one of these!
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    Just share my experience. Had some Nak 550 machines for repair. There are not many people around the world who can do repairs with parts. In Australia there was Stones Audio but the boss Russell had an accident which wiped him and after 1.5 years he sent my machines back - complete waste of time.His behaviour was less than helpful. USA you had ESL labs but they no longer repair despite their web site, and Willy Herman on the web same story. The web site Tapeheads is your best best for people and feedback on your machine. In the end I contacted a Tom Van Der Hoff in the Netherlands - also a Nak repair specialist. I freighted them there and back by air - very expensive $1400. His repair bill for three machines was Euro750. So you can see it is a fair amount of money to bring these monsters back to working order. Yes of course it was worth it in my judgement but if you are embarking on this route realise the costs.
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    What is the brand and model, there's no indication of that in your thread. It will make a great difference to the techies trying to help you.
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    Still running the '76 Technics. Queen 'Sheer Heart Attack' 1974 EMI Records. Made in England. Led Zeppelin 'Houses of the Holy' 1973 Atlantic Records. Made in Aust. Black Sabbath 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' 1973 Vertigo - 1996 Earmark. Made by Abraxas, Italy. Rush Hemispheres' 1978 Phonogram. Polygram Aust. Thin Lizzy 'Renegade' 1981 Vertigo. Phonogram, Japan.
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    Most will give you a router/gateway with 4 Ethernet ports and WiFi in addition to a NBN HFC modem: the modem plugs into the cable going out of the wall, and the router/gateway plugs into that. Many more will give you a choice. If you don't like their router/gateway, or if you don't get one at all, you can still use that which you have provided you have one of the relevant ports spare. This depends on the router/gateway you use and the services you pay for. If you service includes telephony, you'll have a scenario where data goes into your router/gateway which also includes sockets for regular PSTN phones. You're supposed to plug your phones in here directly. Another option is to enlist a sparky to create a wallplate socket where you can connect the PSTN service provided by your new router/gateway to this socket, and that in turn picks up your existing copper and anything connected. It should be pointed out that this is a data-based service tied to HFC - unless you have a secondary broadband connection (e.g. 4G etc) running concurrently that is voice service capable, when the internet dies or when you lose power you will also lose the phones. You cannot legally use a NBN voice service as an emergency phone anymore - if you have any elevator phones, medical diallers, alarm services etc these must all be migrated to a cellular service. Yes, again only when the NBN is live. It won't work during a service outage. This really depends on your house. Nothing beats a few wireless gateways in well-chosen places, though most want one 'big' unit that covers all. The router/gateways supplied are all in the 'pretty good' category for WiFi (where they have WiFi); if you want something 'kickass' you'll pay appropriate money for it. If you want to get cheap about it drop a few cables here and there and fire up some Apple Airport Express units. This depends on your current ISP, and all options may cost money. Would recommend moving your addresses to a common domain service (e.g. GMail etc or buying your own and using that through whatever). I use the supplied modem and my own router/gateway and a few wireless access points with HFC. Have setup a few homes with the 'keep the PSTN phones alive' option, though getting it to work through a blackout or network outage is tricky. Hope this helps.
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    Item: Clearaudio Stradivari V2 MC cartridge Location:Gold Coast Price: $1800 ono Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Got the bug and onto my third Clearaudio cartridge upgrade to Da Vinci V2 Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Free delivery nationwide Original owner from authorised Cleauradio agent approx 3 years ago. I wont pretend its had 40 or 100 hours use like so many other adverts, but it sounds as good as the day I purchased it. Used in a room where i also listened to other formats like Legacy Bohmer DAC, and Oppo 105D CD player. I never counted the hours I used it on my Clearaudio Maximum Solution turntable, and never had any misadventure over the three years of use. I don't play tracks, just one side at a time. Always cleaned with clearaudio cleaner liquid each play of a record and zero dust cleaner every now and then. A $5295 cartridge (Aussie Hifi) for bargain price. Clearaudio also does very attractive trade ins later down the path. I treated the cartridge like a baby!! as one would a $5K plus unit. Can be auditioned on my turntable to prospective purchasers in Southport, Qld. Remember when set up by a dealer as mine was and played on mint condition records regularly cleaned on my VPI cleaner machine you will get 2500 to 3000 hours minimum Pictures:
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    Amongst a great deal of others today on the wheels of steel..... US OG 'Presswell' copy of Stones 'Emotional Rescue', with poster (not played!). Sounds great though...
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    Quite simple, Tase - I am not getting a Linn Exact system! Andy
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    Boo hoo hoo for poor old Warner the underdog
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    That is the correct part. Stick with that. Forget the rest. While starting your sMS, watch the LED lights at its ethernet port for a few minutes. Let us know exactly what you see; e.g. steady green and flashing orange? Open web browser on PC. Try this link: http://eunhasu/ Try same from web browser on another device (doesn't have to be done from your PC). If you have an iPhone or iPad, try; http://eunhasu.local/ Report back to us. Note that you had the numbered IP addresses wrong. Anyway, that will be next step if the above doesn't fix or reveal the problem. Then you could try the IP Nos. below and tell us if one brings up a login page for your modem;
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    Thanks John. If you’re ever down my way, you’re always welcome to drop in and have a listen.
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    Nope. Trying to retain the shine on a ball is allowed under the rules. Nothing technical about it. It is either permitted ...or not....... and in that case it is permitted
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    Franco Battiato - Sulle Corde di Aries LP reissue on Superior Viaduct, originally released 1973. I bought this after reading the hype about its recent reissue. First listen was a bit meh, but a couple of months later I try again and.... this is my third spin in a row starting last night. Just an amazing album. Total head trip, takes you on quite a journey.
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    Hi Jon Michael Jackson Cream Looks like i will be doing an OT this weekend lol Cheers
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    Didn't even notice that. Couldn't have done that if I tried. Ok so hete it is, thanks for the subliminal message to buy, awesome collection, cheers.
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    Louis Jordan - Saturday Night Fish Fry.
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    Bill Laswell - Hashisheen:The End Of Law The Cast Spoken word artists Hakim Bey – spoken word (5, 6, 21) Nicole Blackman – spoken word (7, 9, 11, 19) William S. Burroughs – spoken word (3) Anne Clark – spoken word (20) Ira Cohen – spoken word (10) Lizzy Mercier Descloux – spoken word (14) Sussan Deyhim – spoken word (1, 4, 22) Umar Bin Hassan – spoken word (18) Percy Howard – spoken word (2, 8, 12) Genesis P-Orridge – spoken word (2, 16, 17, 20) Iggy Pop – spoken word (3, 15) Patti Smith – spoken word (14) Jah Wobble – bass guitar, keyboards and spoken word (13) Musicians Helios Creed – guitar and effects (16, 17) Anton Fier – drums (7, 8, 11, 19) Bill Laswell – bass guitar and effects (16, 17), musical arrangements Jaki Liebezeit – drums (13) Neville Murray – bendir and congas (13) Oliver Ray – guitar (14) Paul Schütze – instruments (12, 15) Nicky Skopelitis – guitar (5, 14) Techno Animal – instruments (3)
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    Item: Marantz SD-40 Cassette Tape Deck Location: Drouin Victoria Price: $40.00 NEG Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: No Longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi I got this deck to do some Tapes i aquired awhile ago and was sitting around and is no longer needed it works fine with no issues that I found. Postage can be arranged if needed I also have some tapes for sale if interested in those Pictures:
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    Speaking of target audiences ..... Actually that's not true though. Hipsters are known for recycling, upcycling, re-purposing and certainly not spending. This is way too high-end for them!
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    I'm mid 60's. Hopefully next week I start volunteer work with dementia patients. 6-10 hours a week.
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    Looks nasty, glad you’re ok.
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    There is no way then you can make something out of nothing and then call it real or like the original. It's like saying a DBX unit can make better dynamic rage without effecting the originals integrity. Every time MQA was demo'ed to me against the original non MQA pcm, it's let me flat and wondering what's it all about. One time after the demo the one (pushing) demoing it kept on about temporal lobe functions at which stage I went and had coffee. Cheers George
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    Ducked away from work for 20 minutes at around 2 am to take a couple of rushed pics. In vicinity of DFO at Brisbane Airport. Still waiting for my flash unit to arrive for my system, so a work mate provided some additional light with his torch. Will revisit again with tripod or monopod at some point. Olympus OMD EM1 and 12-40 Pro lense. 1/10 sec at f2.8 with ISO 1600, focal length 40mm.
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    Yep, will be a bigger margin for sure. The Lh Labs LPS also has the benefit of the USB signal being fed to it not the DAC itself. It strips the 5v USB power so removes the noise on the line. Makes the Grob even more impressive.
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    Sold both. Both were excellent cars, no issues over 4 years, and sold easily as were priced to sell. That said, we still got over 50% of purchase price on both after 4 years of fun. Two less Regos and insurances to pay ✔️
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    I posted these on 'Currently Spinning' when I realised I meant to put these two here... Led Zeppelin 'IV' 1973 - Jimmy Page Remaster 180gm - Atlantic Records. Made in Germany. A gift from my brother and a beautiful Record. The cover, the Vinyl, the sound and the quietness. I haven't compared with my original Aust. and probably wont. This one I've had for about 6 months... Pink Floyd 'Dark Side of the Moon' 1973 - 2016 Remaster 180gm, Sony. Made in USA. I didn't like it at first. I compared with my original and it sounded different. I'm not back into it far enough to describe the difference yet, but it was different. I require much more listening to fine tune my ears again. But, I've written here before, I think, that it has it's own characteristics, and now I really enjoy listening to it. My original is a little crackly and I wouldn't mind a nicer one, but way out of my price range. But, you never know your luck. The original is still my preference, but the re-issue has grown on me. Not like the Maiden 'Killers' I bought - Piece of S**T. Cheers Big Ears.
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    Let The Good Times Roll 1964-1969. Not my favourite compilation of this period but it's got Judy In Disguise on the second disc,so I bought it.
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    You have to love the Bass........
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    Here's a cruise I would give my right agate to go on. http://cruisetotheedge.com/the-bands/ This is the 2019 band list so far. Pity the handbrake doesn't like prog. I might have to invite one of my SNA mates to come along.
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    The Busa overlooking McLaren Vale. Properly set up (correct ride height, ditch the std shock, boat anchor exhaust system and steering damper) and they are a capable sports bike. This one is around 215 kgs dry weight and 180 hp at the back wheel.
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    That room, particularly the 2nd year, has the potential to sound phenomenal and mediocre at the same time. With the advantage of living at the hotel for 5 days I heard it numerous times and what I heard played a big part in me actually buying JBL K2s. I don't think they're particularly fussed about recording quality and play anything and everything. At home this is what most of us do too. At shows, most exhibitors stick strictly to well recorded material. Sadly those Everests are going to take your head off with poorly recorded music. I had the same problem with the K2s here last night with a mini-GTG with @coffeemachinist - I'm sure he'd agree. But cue up the good stuff, and you are well rewarded. I'm looking forward to partnering my JBLs with some Melody valve myself, shortly.
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    Now they are Cool! Beautiful work mate. Any chance you can post some build photos so we don't have to go digging?? Unfortunately the only other pic I took was this one of my haphazard method of gluing the side laminations (3mm MDF) to the internal braces. After this the MDF top, bottom and back were glued and trimmed flush with a router. Front bolted on, flush trimmed. 19mm and 3mm roundovers applied to all edges, then everything was coated with epoxy, sanded/prepped and painted with rattle cans. I plan to do it all again in the future to make some subwoofers with a matching curved box shape and a 10" mounted into the side, effectively turning these into floorstanders. That should make for some interesting routing work.
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    [VIC] Whatmough Monitors 202 Lead lined pair https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Whatmough-Monitors-202-Leadline-Needing-New-Drivers/322865151782
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    How about these ones I made in ebonised jarrah? These are with NS75TS which have identical dimensions to the NS1000s.They also sound much better!
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