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    This is our Hanse Cronje moment. There really isn’t any choice. Smith and Warner must both go. Australian cricket needs to decide whether the nation will be tainted forever, or whether we are prepared to drop the best batsman in the world and weaken the team because cricket is more important. Lehmann should go too. Ask Langer, Ponting, Gillespie, Katich and Ed Cowan who wants the job. Khawaja can take Warner’s opening spot and be more comfortable there, Renshaw is back in form, Handcombe is waiting in the wings… the team will move on, but once and for all the dickheads that CA has tolerated for years must be rubbed out. The whole attitude of we can sledge relentlessly but not take it back was bad enough. Sandpaper on the ball? Outright cheating from the two players who are supposed to set the tone for every player in the nation. Goodbye and good riddance. Both are sanctimonious, whinging dickheads and CA needs to put the game in front of short term results.
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    I do not want any of them representing my country.
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    I was looking for information about the Recorded Music Salon and found this thread. In 1970, a friend introduced me to the store and the owner. I purchased an Armstrong 525 amplifier, ERA turntable, Empire cartridge and Harmon Kardon speakers. I was intrigued by the goods and the owner. Armstrong had a "We know you won't read the instructions, but plug it together like this, then read the instructions while you enjoy the music" sheet enclosed. I could never understand why others commented about the SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP while playing records. I never heard it and loved to rap my knuckles on the ERA base while playing a record with a stylus force of 0.1 g and not have the stylus jump. I bought a lot more equipment there and ended up teaching Chris the mathematics behind his colour TVs. I would do that after the shop closed to customers one evening each week. Schaub Laurenz TVs came with manuals which, when voltages were read at certain locations, would cross-reference the exact transistor, resistor, capacitor or other component which was faulty. I met his family (he had a young daughter, barely primary school at that stage) but never ceased to be amazed that he would put up a sign saying he was away on holiday when he was ill. I still have all the equipment I purchased from him.
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    Hi, Having seen the Spooky Tooth post above had me get my only LP if theirs a spin:
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    And despite all the cocktails, I’m still drinking wine. Visited Balgownie Estate weekend before last and picked up a mixed case of these. The estate fruit is still stunningly good.
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    I'm currently in the final stages of this rebuild and modification of a old 90's QED Digit dac. I interfaced a USB to i2s board directly to the dac chip. Split the power supplies and swapped out the opamp. Built a SE to balanced output (this is the only part that needs to be completed). Did a heap of other mods, including bumping up the sampling rate to 48Khz. I'm extremely impressed with performance, puts a lot of my other gear to shame. Great little USB to is2 board, gotta love some of what these Chinese are making, and for the price they do it!!
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    Item: Relisted - Retro-Thermionic Tamarisk EL84 SE/UL Amplifier Location: Sydney 2050 Price: $500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Tamarisk EL 84 SE/UL is an amplifier that is built by one of the SNA forum members. This amp has had very little use and includes a Sophia Princess 274B mesh plate rectifier tube. There are a lot of expensive parts in this amp including Audio Note Tin foil caps, Alps blue velvet attenuator and solid brass knob and Hammond power transformer and Hammond choke. A beautiful full bodied sound from a great looking amp. It is really a power amp with an attenuator. Includes 6N1P driver tube and a pair of NOS EL84s. Two Watts of glorious power with the right speakers. Please note that the bottom of the amplifier is exposed as shown in the manufacturer's photo. http://retro-thermionic.blogspot.com.au/2015/11/el84-se-ul-power-amp-with-attenuator.html
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    Smith and Warner should be stood down as captain and vice captain and have play out the series to face the slegding from the crowd just like rest of the team standing them down is the easy way out.
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    You have to love the Bass........
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    Item: Onkyo txnr709 receiver Location: Sydney, Carlton, NSW Price: $200 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: move Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, DD Extra Info: about 5years old, in mint condition. it was only used as a preamp for about a year. Please check out manufscturers page at http://www.eu.onkyo.com/en/products/tx-nr709-43479.html Pictures:
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    No, I offered them to him but he bottled out of it.
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    Don't mind this band at all Geoff! Here's a review from RYM for anyone that's interested: Spleen Arcana is a one-man French band in which Julien Gaullier is responsible for all of the instruments, compositions, vocals and technical details, the only exception is the drums recorded by David Perron. The Light Beyond The Shades (2014) is an album that took around four years to be completed for Julien recorded everything on his own calmly at his home studio in Paris. I got to know the band back in 2009 when Julien himself got in touch with me asking if I would like to review his first album, The Field Where She Died (2008). At that time despite seeing that the project had quality I thought that something was missing in Julien's music, perhaps a greater identity to it. Well, in The Light Beyond The Shades (2014) he got that! For fans that follow Spleen Arcana two of the three tracks on the new album are not that new, despite the fact that they have new outfits in the new album they were available before through the band's Bandcamp page as singles around 2 years ago. But, as I mentioned, for the new album they were re-worked and can be considered new. The tracks are 'Erin Shores' and 'Fading Away'. The opening track, 'Erin Shores' starts where the last track of The Field Where She Died (2008) ? 'A Kind Of Heaven' ? ends and shows Julien's passion for Scottish folkloric music. Julien's vocals are calm, serene and gentle, however his music not always follows this path, especially in the instrumental moments. Listening to this opening track is quite obvious that Julien is a big fan of the classical period of Prog, the 70's, however Spleen Arcana's music sounds fresh and new. This fact is even more noticeable in the second track 'Fading Away' where his wife Marie Guillaumet helps him with backing vocals (like on his first album). Julien is a great instrumentalist now, and one can see his growth from his first album, he does well both in the bass and in the electric and acoustic guitars. Keyboards are also present, but in a discrete way most of the time. The instrumental section on this second track is simply superb, at the same time Julien was able to write something that is worthy of the great 70's Prog bands but with a freshness rarely present in the new bands. I must also say that David Perron's works in the drums are great on this track. But to be honest, the surprise of The Light Beyond The Shades (2014) is the third and final track 'Memento Mori', an epic of 24 minutes. 'Memento Mori' is a perfect example of the classic Prog Rock format in the 70's and the new Prog Rock made in the last ten years or so. Julien shows us that it is possible to mix both and that they match perfectly. Moreover, he shows us that you don't need to be trendy and super hyped to be a good Prog band nowadays. My only complaint is the vocal parts. Though I recognize that Julien improved a lot since his first album in this matter I think that the vocals on his new album are much alike, however I don't think this downgrades his work much, and the sounds you'll find in The Light Beyond The Shadows (2014) are so rich that honestly you'll find a great number of details for you to hook on. Plenty of times when I start to write a review I ask myself if there's a way of sounding like the Classic Prog that we love but at the same time bring something new to the table. Most of the time I disappoint myself with new bands because of that. I believe that Spleen Arcana is my answer to that question! The album shows Julien with loads of Classic bands influence such as Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd and King Crimson but at the same time he's listening to the new bands like Porcupine Tree as well. You can be sure that this five years waiting was worth it. If you're one of those listeners that love the 70's and grew up listening to those but also like to know what's going on right now The Light Beyond The Shades (2014) is your album, you can buy it with no fear. On top of that I think this is a great format for an album: 3 tracks in 46 minutes. I just hope that Julien will not take another five years to release a new album, but if that happens and if he can top The Light Beyond The Shades (2014), I don't mind waiting!
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    A calibrated piezo crystal antiskating weight kept at 18 degrees Celsius would enhance the presence and timing in acoustic music, especially in the lower mids. The natural oscillation of the crystal would bring out a natural resonance through the thread and into the tonearm, and add clarity and presence to an already wider soundstage. Separation of the lower register of an acoustic guitar and the upper register of a double bass would be obvious. Vocals would be brought forward into the room. This stuff writes itself. I could add two thousand more words to this post and still merely scratch the surface.
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    Hey thanks Gryffles, Any advice on reputable source would be useful - either here in the Antipodes, or in the UK/Europe (since I'll be back there for a bit in June). Can't necessarily trust the far-east suppliers within eBay claiming these are "genuine". Cheers, J
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    Max still drives like a spoiled brat. Dan showing why he might not have the 1 lap speed but a much better racer
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    Good humour Steveoz; the Sperling is a thing of beauty
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    Some Sunday spinners... Magma "Attahk" Magma "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh" Gong "Live" double album Todd Rundgren "Back to the Bars" double live album Gentle Giant "Octopus"
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    I can't believe it took so long for some of these to sell. Some great titles!
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    Very pretty No.5 is my favorite.
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    Good research TB, that explains the differences.
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    Hi all, I've got a long list of people interested so I'll indicate that it's provisionally sold subject to demo. Cheers
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    Exactly. Thank you. It is indeed only a bottle of wine. I was gifted some Warres vintage port by the same lovely couple(one of my many many nieces) that are unavailable here in Aus so I'm a happy chappy. Vintage ports and the opening of them and then the drinking of them in one session are a part of the Luc household history since , umm, 76 I think when i opened my first one. Thanks @Mendes for your thoughts and kind words.
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    Lo Cor De La Plana - Tant Deman.
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    Christophe Goze - Turning Inside.
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    Lol. You're so predictable... This in the yo-yo world -
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    Item: PSE-144 horn with AE TD15H woofers and premium passive xo. Location: Kinglake, VIC Price: $5890. Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: I bought these new from Paul about a year and a half ago. I've put them as EOI as I'm not 100% willing to part with them at the moment, but may need to due to other commitment (having taken on a house and a baby in the past year). I've owned these for roughly 3 times longer than any of the other 25 or so speakers I've owned the last 20 years, which says about as much as I need to say about the sound. Demos at my place very welcome. Pickup only as cabs weigh about 100kg each. Looking at receipts I see cost was $8825, I'm looking for 2/3 of that. (cost does not involve the roughly 50 hours it took me to build the cabs from CNC flat-pack that Paul designed, plus screwing and soldering drivers etc, a not inconsiderable effort.) Port is tuned to 30hz. Pictures:
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    We were using Roon on Chanh's server > clocked ethernet switch with JS-2 PSU > sMS-200 Ultra with JS-2 PSU > DC-950. You are right about the Ultra being a simple solution to a potentially complex problem. Sounds great for the money.
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    Buena Vista social club at Carnegie Hall ....oh how I wished I was there!!!???
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    This one? I had about 10 of these...............but for competition, the red one was better.
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    Thanks, did not know that ! Now this !
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    Good catch! It is indeed other way round. You must buy the amp and fix it asap!
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    Always thumbs up Yessongs. Saw them in 72 at Festival hall with this line up on the record. So I'm on IPA and WELD(don't need a pic for Neil surely)
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    Close to my favourite Beach Boys track,keyse. Those close harmonies are a joy. I know God Only Knows is spoken of in reverential tones,but this one, Here Today from the same album is also one of my favourites.
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    Finding my Metal Ears once more, listening a lot lately. Lucky to have a free day again and sifted through some old CD's... I make a clear distinction between European and American Metal. They are different Beasts all together. Biohazard 'State of the World Address' 1994 Warner Bros. Records. Made in USA. 'Tales from the Hard Side' & 'Five Blocks to the Subway', great tracks. Corrosion of Conformity 'Blind' 1991 Relativity Records. Made in USA. A forgotten album. A very enjoyable listen after all this time. I was surprised how well I know it. 'Body Count' 1992 Sire Records, Warner Bros. USA. A brutal, controversial album featuring that track before it was removed. Track 18. Pantera 'Vulgar Display of Power' 1992 ATCO, Atlantic Records. Made in Germany. One of my all time 'Classic' Metal Albums. A blistering album in every way. Intense and powerful grooves. Mordred 'In This Life' 1991 Noise International, BMG. Made in USA. A little more 'Funk' Metal, in the area of Faith No More and Scatterbrain. Then across the Atlantic for some English, Alternative Metal??? A full on and catchy album...gotta love a sense of humour... Therapy? 'Troublegum' 1993 A&M Records, London. Polygram Aust.
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    No offense but the UDP205 has an amazing DAC in it. It contains 2 x ES9038PRO DAC chips which are considered the best DAC chip you can buy at the moment. Oppo even paid special attention to timing to reduce jitter. It's reviewed well even by the unbias John Darko, someone I consider to be an honest reviewer. It may not be your cup of tea but plug in an ethernet port and connect it to a screen to access the apps and you'll have a very good sounding network streamer.
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    Listened to Sonos before, sounds crap I thought.
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    Agreed, never a dull moment. Personally i enjoyed watching the fist fights Chris & Trev would sometimes get themselves into (both in the showroom and out the back)! Saw (and heard) many weird and wonderful things during my time there.
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    I agree, but Trevor's turn of phrase was amusing in this context. I always found Trevor very sharp, certainly no fool. A complete pita to purchase from - oh yes! But we all knew that before we ever entered the doors of either Oak Tree House or the old Mountford store.
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    These were the last upgrade to the 202 Leadlines, rounded fronts and Hovaland capacitors and huge Focal HF driver weighing 2 kg. Best 2 way 20 years ago with the highlight being the super soundstage. Pity you can't get the Focal dual voice coil bass/mid driver anymore. Great vintage speakers.
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    the data can be requested, i have not seen the data yet, but wool have good properties, although this is probably a mixed wool.
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    The other side is of course it's possible that audio has matured over the years to the point where most products these days are actually pretty good. So it's unlikely that anything truly awful would ever get to be reviewed in the first place.
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    Some good points made here boys, I only wish that when I started out I'd read something like what's been said here rather than delving straight into what hifi reviews or stereophile etc.. Experience Krispy, experience! I think the main thing is and good point made by Marc is that you must keep an open mind and be able to decipher in your own head what your honest opinion is and what the review you read earlier might be telling you. The other point is system synergy, I'm a strong believer in that these days and experience has taught me that. Just so happens that wyred's new dac2 se and the pass are great together! Well for my music tastes anyway.. Any way I'm super stoked with the pass and the price I got was a no brainer.. On a side note, currently running the pass on my custom TAG speakers (the audio group) really really good together, however a deal on a set of pmc ob1's may have come up.. One of my all time on the wanted list in good nick with boxes and all what should I expect to pay..? Cheers
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