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    Hi All, After 3 days of resorting my LPs and doing an initial rough cataloging of them, only artist, title and year, now require something to relax, loud: JJ
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    Walking around Melbourne and looking in record shops this album cover covered most of a wall just looked incredible I want one
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    Hi guys this is my next project : Ok , so I know I said my last dac was my last dac but I discovered a rather inexpensive 'recipe' for theoretically very high quality audio. It is all based on a dac called the DSC which the designer provided the circuit free to the diy community. Those clever Chinese have (legally) followed the design to provide a board with usb input at a very good price. This dac only works with DSD signals but if you add an upsampling hardware board into the mix you can upsample all your music to DSD and in theory get excellent sound quality. The dac board costs $200 shipped and that includes an Amanero usb board. No additional output board is necessary as the dac already has transformer based output. The cost of the upsampler board is around $100. I already have all the power transformers from a retired older project and 4 very low noise power supplies cost me under $60. The upsampler board also adds : BNC , RCA , XLR and optical input so even disc spinners are catered for. Should have all the parts by the end of the month so fun times ahead.
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    C'mon, dwb - real men shoot their own deer (with a bow & arrow) and then get the skin tanned! Andy
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    Sure. The limits of 16 bit 44.1kHz executed with good mastering and excellent playback equipment cannot be differentiated from the highest bitrate high resolution recordings in blind testing. However most mastering is not good, early ADCs were pretty bad, and the first generation of playback equipment in the early 80s was abysmal. It's like saying vinyl's at fault when using a cheap turntable, worn stylus, and warped scratched records.
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    indeed! https://www.udiscovermusic.com/stories/space-hymns/ < Martin Raphael was a former army PT instructor and heating engineer who decided to adopt the name of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Rameses, in order to record an album at Stockport’s Strawberry Studios… but let none of this put you off listening to Space Hymns. The album features Eric Stewart and Lol Creme on guitar and moog, Kevin Godley on drums on flute while Graham Gouldman plays guitar and bass. They were soon to become 10cc, one of the most innovative pop rock bands ever to come out of Britain. Mr Raphael himself plays sitar. The cover is a classic Roger Dean mind-painting and the album, while virtually unknown in Britain is a cult classic in Germany and South Africa. > Godley & Creme also invented the Gizmo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Gizmo < The Gizmo, also called Gizmotron,[1] is an effects device for the electric guitar and bass guitar, invented ca. 1973 by the English rock musicians Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, whilst they were members of the British rock group 10cc. Taped onto the body of the guitar, the Gizmo uses small, motor driven plastic wheels to make the strings vibrate, yielding resonant, synthesizer-like sounds from each string. > < The Gizmo was first used on 10cc's instrumental "Gizmo My Way", a song arranged as a type of laid back beach music, where it appears as a slide guitar effect and sustained background effect. "Gizmo My Way" was the B-side to "The Wall Street Shuffle", and appeared on 10cc's second album, Sheet Music (1974), which included more uses of The Gizmo, most notably on the track "Old Wild Men". Its presence is heard throughout most of the track as a unique shimmering background guitar effect. The Gizmo was also used on the Sheet Music track "Baron Samedi".[citation needed] The Gizmo continued to be used on 10cc's subsequent albums The Original Soundtrack (1975) and How Dare You! (1976) on the tracks "Brand New Day", "Iceberg", and "Don't Hang Up". Godley & Creme The Gizmo's ability to create a wide range of sounds was central to the production of Godley and Creme's first post-10cc project, the 1977 triple concept album, Consequences. Godley and Creme left 10cc to create Consequences which was intended to be a promotional album to market the "Gizmo". According to Paul Gambaccini's sleeve notes for Consequences,[6] 10cc were unable to afford an orchestra for their early albums, so Creme and Godley imagined an effects unit that would enable a guitar to produce violin-like sounds (this was some years before the introduction of the polyphonic synthesiser and long before the development of digital sampling). Other Godley & Creme albums featuring the Gizmo include L and Freeze Frame. Mechanism The device, a small box attached to the bridge of the guitar, consists of six small motor-driven wheels with serrated edges to match the size of each string. The continuous bowing action is activated by pressing one or all of keys located on the top of the unit. Pressing a key allows the wheel to descend against a motor-driven shaft and bow the corresponding string, while the other hand remains free to fret single notes or full chords. An extremely powerful[according to whom?] sound can be created that changes dynamically depending on how hard or soft the wheels are pressed against the strings. The sound is also affected by the type of guitar strings (round-wound or flat-wound). > Martin Raphael was a former army PT instructor and heating engineer who decided to adopt the name of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Rameses, in order to record an album at Stockport’s Strawberry Studios… but let none of this put you off listening to Space HymnsThe album features Eric Stewart and Lol Creme on guitar and moog, Kevin Godley on drums on flute while Graham Gouldman plays guitar and bass. They were soon to become 10cc, one of the most innovative pop rock bands ever to come out of Britain. Mr Raphael himself plays sitar. The cover is a classic Roger Dean mind-painting and the album, while virtually unknown in Britain is a cult classic in Germany and South Africa.Space Hymns was released on the Vertigo label in 1971 and is very well worth a listen. The link takes you to Space Hymns on Spotify. >
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    Hey guys, Not sure if you would have heard but Vinyl Me, Please have announced their exclusive pressing for April and it is a really awesome looking pressing of Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not on multi colour "Smoke" vinyl! Check it out > http://www.vinylmeplease.com/record-of-the-month/ Looks fantastic and it goes without saying this album is a cracker! If anyone wants to sign up I can refer you and you get a $10 credit to use in their store (which has other great exclusives) or on future subscriptions. Use the following link: http://fbuy.me/fgqtb PM me if you have used the link so I can make sure the credit goes through. Or PM if you have any questions.
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    I buy second hand CDs all the time. Why shouldn't I? Someone has sold them and I have bought them.
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    Hey @Ian McP: thanks for all that info man. I've had this record for years, but only just started listening to it. It's one I never hear anything about, and after listening a few times lately, it really stands out. I knew there had to be more to this Record. I still haven't checked anything on line about it. I prefer to find out what you guys think about albums, rather than reviews, critiques and advertising. Thanks again, very much appreciated. Today I went extreme Metal. I've posted on the Metal thread, but wanted to give you guys a taste as well. It started lightly with some early Electronic/Industrial Techno from Belgium... Front 242 'Official Version' 1987 Nettwerk Prod. Capitol Records, Made in Canada. It was then a day of brutal Metal. My pick for the day was this one... Cephalic Carnage 'Anomolies' 2005 Relapse Records, USA. These guys are considered 'Grind Core'. Not a genre that even I listen to, normally. This band resonate with me for a few reasons. They have a depth to their lyrics, a good sense of humour and a clarity that is usually absent from Grind Core. They love their weed. Nice production and pressing.
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    Used to have one of them...The Salma Hayek thread...
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    I would certainly expel you from any society that accepted you as a member. interesting experiment - they are spectacular tweeters.
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    I'm keen to grab these if you still have them.
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    Those photos of metal stands are what is in my future. Looking forward to it. ---- Andy it's a straightforward conspiracy: Gonefishing's experiment convinces djb, who then sells his timber Maggie frames to me at a knock-down price so he can fund a Frankenmaggie rebuild that has frames with attachments for horns. I pay suitable percentage to gonefishing. Wins all round.
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    Going black my friend. Time to enter the eternal fire... Speaking of which the church is currently in flames!
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    GGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..... A work wash-out once again, indoor day for washing Records. Started off with one I haven't played very much. It's not Metal, but electronic with a slight industrial feel... Front 242 'Official Version' 1987 Nettwerk Prod. Capitol Records, Canada. Then we get brutal for a few... 1349 'Hellfire' 2005 Candlelight Records, Back on Black, UK. It's a little two dimensional for me, not enough depth. I was a bit over it by the end. Bloodlet 'The Serephim Fall' 1998 Victory Records, USA. An interesting album, independent production values. The vocalist sounds a little forced when growling. They don't utilise his vocal range enough. Cirlce Of Dead Children 'the GENOCIDE MACHINE' 2000 Willowtip, USA. What would you expect from the band name and album title. Cephalic Carnage 'Anomolies' 2005 Relapse Records, USA. A great, brutal ride. Excellent production, themes and depth. Including guest vocalists from the Death Metal world. Back over to Europe... Legion 'Unseen to Creation' 2003 Listenable Records, France. No. 277 of 500. Made in E.U. Another great album with excellent production values. I'm off for a recovery with some Classical... Mozart 'Serenades' Collegium Aereum - Franzjoseph Maier Concertmaster. Quintessence, Critic's Choice, Pickwick, USA. Not Dated. Mint condition. Featuring Original Instruments, from Mozart's time... Beautiful music after an intense, brutal, Metal session. Cheers Big Ears.
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    .....yep, sounds like Moving Magnet.
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    Thanks Kym,sad to see it go-i ran it with my emia silver pre amp and a pair of impulse H6 horns,it was amazing !
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    They could easily be different masters which makes direct comparisons impossible. That's why it's so hard to draw a conclusion unless it's absolutely clear they're using the same masters
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    Good to know Dave. As I say, I have nothing against digital in the studio if the recording process is done well.
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    I need to seal and fence the last 2kms of our drive so I can buy one Damn, I've not really been interested in this market for a couple of years now, that's an impressive list of red-hot performance for an affordable sum. This is super car performance from 15 odd years ago, maybe 20......Its a shame the WRX looks stupid with a bull bar, that'd probably go ok with suitable off road suspension and tires
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    If you like singer-songwriters of the style and calibre of Mick Thomas, Charles Jenkins, etc, then you probably should see Michael Waugh. He's doing an album launch with a great backing band and two worthy support acts at The Spotted Mallard, this Friday 23rd March. I've seen him a number of times solo and with a small band, and he never disappoints. http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/michael-waugh-album-launch/100167?&ref=mguide-gg-week&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=gigguide&utm_campaign=mguide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p49cVAeQrs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4Qz18j1Kaw
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    That's a pity. That is because you have diluted the biocide in the surfactant by diluting it. The best thing to do is to only dilute as you go (as probably already mentioned elsewhere in this thread). I'm not sure about the IPA at the point of dilution. One would think it would disinfect the dilution if you wanted to store it diluted. Seeing as I have commercial quantities of all these chemicals and packaging facilities, I thought about getting a shelf stable concentrate together but the shipping of anything with IPA in it is pricey. I got as far as consulting with Chemwatch(my dangerous goods consultant) as to how far I needed to dilute IPA before it stopped being a DG and they couldn't definitively tell me so I have put it in the too hard basket unfortunately.
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    Don't forget that Dolby's products actually do something other than cause a coloured light to turn on
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    Item: ZYX airy3 Location:melb Price: $2450 Item Condition: Reason for selling:surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: i selling is ZYX airy3 new in box . this is Australian import . 0.24mv version . can be part trade with other audio gears if that help . pick up in Keilor Downs or post Australia wide . Pictures:
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    Firstly, you have no reason to apologise and if you get "absolutely smashed " then whoever does so needs a kick in the arse and a large reality check. Secondly if you are going to be streaming for the vast majority of your music then yes, a bluetooth turntable would be a waste of time. The bottom line is that you should enjoy music the way you prefer and please don't bow to fashion or ideology as their really is no requirement to do so and anyone who says different is delusional If you had a lot of records and wanted to explore vinyl replay then it would be a totally different story but as you have said, that is not the case. P.S. I am format agnostic and use/enjoy both equally ,but for different reasons
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    Choro:1906-1947. Another double album on the Fremeaux label. Includes a 28 page booklet in French and English with photos.
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    Hi Dean So right now my TV doesn't have ARC out. So I am intending to connect the Google Chromecast to the HDMI input on the NAD to act as a streaming solution for the data off my NAS and direct streaming for Spotify. I wouldn't connect the NAD to the TV for the Chromecast - not necessary as I can do the setup remotely via the app on my phone. The NAD would get sound from the TV and its connected Apple TV via the optical cable from the TV. I would continue to use the Apple TV for normal tv viewing but not streaming audio as it output is limited I believe to 48k. So my question pertains to the quality and feasibility of the Chromecast Ultra as a streaming device for high quality FLAC files and other media when audio is output via its HDMI connection - which will be going into the NAD - not the TV. Drew
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    They were sent to Denmark to be upgraded by Entertaining Enviroments Melbourne. They upgraded it with the D 3.1 venting system which improves bass response. The speakers were already upgraded when i bought them.
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    This is very very close to the Evil One,the facial fuzz the arm movements and perhaps the bike. Gotta love mudflaps.>>>> Buzz as he realises that that pizza he thought was shite and he flicked out of his pizza oven and.... Strava data, what is that?
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    lovely bit of morning light coming through while i spin some of the black stuff
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    Hey, There is a guy on Gumtree who is looking for something like this. Hopefully it works out?
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    Yeah the format is meant to be lossy but the idea of the original (and maybe best) recording unmolested is a good idea I think.
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    Older photo of my turntable- Basis 2800 Signature, Calibrator Base and Synchro -Wave power Supply. Arm is a Graham Phantom Supreme and cartridges are either the Skala as shown in the photo or the Acoustical Systems Archon.
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    I'm amazed there haven't been more movies about what would have happened if we'd lost. I've been playing through at the Wolfenstein games. Me loves killing Nazi's I do.
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    I use GU10 LIFX throughout my home. The GU10 has been discontinued. They've hinted at producing a next-generation version for quite some time but haven't revealed any details and don't answer any questions on timing. This was taken from my media room last night:
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