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    Ross McHenry - The Outsiders (2017) Joshua Redman (1993) Wet afternoon here. Listening to some jazz CDs and baking hot cross buns.
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    Hi All, After 3 days of resorting my LPs and doing an initial rough cataloging of them, only artist, title and year, now require something to relax, loud: JJ
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    Walking around Melbourne and looking in record shops this album cover covered most of a wall just looked incredible I want one
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    I was about 16 when this came out no idea what it was about beyond the imagination of a surfie now I think nor did they probably needed to be a Day Tripper kind of guy no matter what they did they were the best at it how can nonsense lyrics sound so good making a playlist for a reunion of 60’ s kids that grew up in Kingscliff 19 hours of rock n roll even without trying a lot of which is just singles and a restriction on Beatles Stones Dylan and realising how many great singles I don’t have meanwhile oompa oompa stick it up your jumpa those were the days
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    Hi guys , Here are my turntables it’s made by VPI .
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    Item: Rogers LS5/8a Location:Melb Price: $2500 Item Condition: good Reason for selling:surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: guys . i'm selling of some of my collection . this one is a BBC Rogers LS5/8a , it need a two ways electronics Xovers or build a passive one for it . i think Harbeth made a model similar . they quite rare in Australia . i believe this is a bigest BBC monitor Rogers ever made . Pictures:
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    Hi guys this is my next project : Ok , so I know I said my last dac was my last dac but I discovered a rather inexpensive 'recipe' for theoretically very high quality audio. It is all based on a dac called the DSC which the designer provided the circuit free to the diy community. Those clever Chinese have (legally) followed the design to provide a board with usb input at a very good price. This dac only works with DSD signals but if you add an upsampling hardware board into the mix you can upsample all your music to DSD and in theory get excellent sound quality. The dac board costs $200 shipped and that includes an Amanero usb board. No additional output board is necessary as the dac already has transformer based output. The cost of the upsampler board is around $100. I already have all the power transformers from a retired older project and 4 very low noise power supplies cost me under $60. The upsampler board also adds : BNC , RCA , XLR and optical input so even disc spinners are catered for. Should have all the parts by the end of the month so fun times ahead.
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    SACD for $1 at the local op shop yesterday. Beautifully recorded.
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    Found another version of the Chopin variations that I prefer more.
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    I also don't like the idea of the artist missing out on income but I think scale is the biggest issue. whole harddrive vs one album Having said this, some of my favourite artists have been discovered via a CD lent to me. In nearly all of these cases, it has resulted in me buying multiple albums that I otherwise would not have. I like to own what I love and remunerate the artist for their work. Many of my friends are however not so picky and would simply enjoy the pirated/ ripped CD with no subsequent purchase. It is these friends that want to avoid lending music to. I would be less concerned if the artist is a mega star like say a U2 or Radiohead (both of whom have allowed free downloads of their work because they can afford to) I feel torn on this issue.
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    Item: Audio note 2PSE power amp-with external power supply Location:Melb-Se suburbs Price: $1700 Item Condition:Good Reason for selling:Change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info:I bought this amp off another member here-@psychometrics in october last year,with the intention of using it on a horn system,however,upgraditis struck and now this wonderful amp is redundant. The external power supply was developed by Clifford at audio synergy,and cost around $2000,without the rectifier tubes-around $1000 extra.power supply housed in an audio note DAC case The amp produces 18W class A power. A spare set of valves is included in the sale. An audition is possible,however anyone interested would need to bring along a pair of speakers,as mine are all active. Thanks for looking Pictures:
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    If truth be known, frequencies below that are probably wasted as well
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    I wrote the little review in the other forum I thought I write it here as well. Watched Alien: Covenant last night sounded really good through ARC. Maybe it's me but I heard more detail come through the speakers. I feel like ive opened the door and can hear all the detail if you know what I mean. The subs sound great blend in very well. I won't lie at first I thought what have i done but now i don't regret it. I've also finally got the hang on how this unit operates ( The Arc ) and I love the option on how you can go back into your last results and mess around and upload them and see how it sounds. I'm still learning and there is plenty of time with tinkering. It's an awesome option to have. Regarding the distance that doesnt take too long. Very easy to do but Arc does the rest and it does a bloody good job. Not sure if it was the audyssey algorithm vs Arc given the different results between the two or even the pre amps / power amp input sensitivity I've now grown accustom to the change. Many people who have only used Audyssey ( like me ) some may be thrown out due to the different results but once they get an understanding on how it works they will be happy as a pig in **** [emoji3]
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    French-Tunisian singer Amina Annabi 1989 debut album Yalil on Philips records, pressed in France. wonderful album
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    C'mon, dwb - real men shoot their own deer (with a bow & arrow) and then get the skin tanned! Andy
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    This is mine if interested....
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    CP on Savoy Japanese pressing
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    Hi All, Now a little Steppenwolf to finish the afternoon before preparing tonight's meal: JJ
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    Total bonkers joy right there. John was very influenced by Lewis Carrol and the Goons, savouring the free flowing, stream of consciousness they specialised in. It tends to be forgotten that John wrote and illustrated two book of surreal stories, " IN HIS OWN WRITE" and " A SPANIARD IN THE WORKS" which are funny, weird, grotesque, and very much the literary equivalent of " WALRUS". Puns, doggerel, slapstick galore, and very, very entertaining. Respect. Billy.
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    100% agree and this has been my concern all along. It is the corporatisation of music and the process of recording it that bothers me. Does anybody in this thread seriously believe that MQA has been designed for our benefit? If so, they must also believe in the tooth fairy and live in La La Land. The technical merits on their own are questionable, but this is ( by far ) not the fundamental problem we face.
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    Unfortunately no, it's 2.5 feet from the closet part of the panel itself. Conveniently, these were supplied with very similar feet to what you've linked to above. I'm on carpet so was actually planning on fitting spikes. I might reevaluate... It's a tricky space to explain. The lounge room is an L shape but open plan joining with the living room which is also an L shape. Unfortunately there is a double sliding door smack in the middle of the two spaces leading into the main entrance and corridor. The right speaker sits next to the door so moving them forward puts a speaker smack in the middle of everything. It's not impossible, it's just impractical. Here is a terrible attempt at a quick diagram. All black lines are solid walls. Speakers are green. Sliding doors are red. Windows at the front are purple. Kitchen is the semi enclosed space at the top/middle. | --------------|-------- | | ____| | | | |______ __ |____| | I knew when I bought them I'd be making some compromises in terms of placement and ultimate sound quality in my space. They already sound better than my old towers, it's just a question of how much more I can get out of them without being too intrusive. I think I'm on the right track now though thanks to everyone's help.
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    Thanks Brian, the upper baffle (silver) and insert (black) is aluminum. The insert is 18mm thick. I redid the upper baffle with curved sides but also allowed in design if l wanted to go back to a tweeter l can just change the insert (black) part out. The woofer box chamfer on each side is aesthetic only to blend in with the top. Took me a over a year to finish, don’t think l would go so overboard if l did another set. Definitely wouldn’t paint a set of speakers again.
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    From a recent trip up into the Flinders....
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    The comments under the video crack me up. "The biker is lucky he got out of there before the last dude finished winding up his super punch!"
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    Yup, she's lovely, I miss my SR-838. Did you find this SR-929 local within Australia or did you secure it from OS?
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    The ghost of @POWER AV lives on! In no way shape or form do I see sime resembling anything remotely Powerav like in his purchasing patterns, total opposite I would say. But I do see the blybo of convincing others that his way is best come shining through! I used to love the old blybo v powerav duals of old which only really happened because two men cannot share the the same ideals and experiences no matter how blue one gets in the face trying to convince the other they should listen to them because they think they are right! Just never ever going to happen! sime wants to spend big on an new pre pro to give him another 4-6 years when his other kit justifies the spend......, good luck and enjoy I say, he knows his system best and can determine the ROI for himself!
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    Public Service Announcement from Strut Records. SUN RA - OF ABSTRACT DREAMS Strut and Art Yard present another exclusive from Sun Ra: a previously unreleased radio session most likely recorded at the WXPN FM radio studios in Philadelphia, 1974-5. This newly discovered session features a new version of Ra's earlier ‘Island In The Sun', a raucous rendition of ‘Unmask The Batman' and the first studio recording of ‘I'll Wait For You' There is no bass player on the sessions and Ra's left hand beats out a rhythmic bass pattern on the piano. All tracks are remastered directly from the original tapes. The album package features a cover photo by photographer Alan Nahigian and new sleeve notes by Paul Griffiths. Of Abstract Dreams is out now on LP, CD and digital.
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    Yes not the most extended bass but they are designed for use near wall [they were true bookshelf speakers]and this way you get decent bass. No.Imaging is extremely good.Especially if you swap the woofer and passive radiator around in one box so they are mirror imaged.Note the horn loaded bullet tweeter so that time aligns the mid and tweeter which probably helps-also you get directivity control that way. A bit coloured I suppose but most high sensitivity speakers are.They sound very fast and have top notch driver integration. I would defy anybody to listen to Lucinda Williams Live at Fillmore on these and not be spellbound. One mans junk is another mans treasure I suppose but these were very high end in their day [1960s]-including a split crossover to allow tri-amping.
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    indeed! https://www.udiscovermusic.com/stories/space-hymns/ < Martin Raphael was a former army PT instructor and heating engineer who decided to adopt the name of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Rameses, in order to record an album at Stockport’s Strawberry Studios… but let none of this put you off listening to Space Hymns. The album features Eric Stewart and Lol Creme on guitar and moog, Kevin Godley on drums on flute while Graham Gouldman plays guitar and bass. They were soon to become 10cc, one of the most innovative pop rock bands ever to come out of Britain. Mr Raphael himself plays sitar. The cover is a classic Roger Dean mind-painting and the album, while virtually unknown in Britain is a cult classic in Germany and South Africa. > Godley & Creme also invented the Gizmo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Gizmo < The Gizmo, also called Gizmotron,[1] is an effects device for the electric guitar and bass guitar, invented ca. 1973 by the English rock musicians Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, whilst they were members of the British rock group 10cc. Taped onto the body of the guitar, the Gizmo uses small, motor driven plastic wheels to make the strings vibrate, yielding resonant, synthesizer-like sounds from each string. > < The Gizmo was first used on 10cc's instrumental "Gizmo My Way", a song arranged as a type of laid back beach music, where it appears as a slide guitar effect and sustained background effect. "Gizmo My Way" was the B-side to "The Wall Street Shuffle", and appeared on 10cc's second album, Sheet Music (1974), which included more uses of The Gizmo, most notably on the track "Old Wild Men". Its presence is heard throughout most of the track as a unique shimmering background guitar effect. The Gizmo was also used on the Sheet Music track "Baron Samedi".[citation needed] The Gizmo continued to be used on 10cc's subsequent albums The Original Soundtrack (1975) and How Dare You! (1976) on the tracks "Brand New Day", "Iceberg", and "Don't Hang Up". Godley & Creme The Gizmo's ability to create a wide range of sounds was central to the production of Godley and Creme's first post-10cc project, the 1977 triple concept album, Consequences. Godley and Creme left 10cc to create Consequences which was intended to be a promotional album to market the "Gizmo". According to Paul Gambaccini's sleeve notes for Consequences,[6] 10cc were unable to afford an orchestra for their early albums, so Creme and Godley imagined an effects unit that would enable a guitar to produce violin-like sounds (this was some years before the introduction of the polyphonic synthesiser and long before the development of digital sampling). Other Godley & Creme albums featuring the Gizmo include L and Freeze Frame. Mechanism The device, a small box attached to the bridge of the guitar, consists of six small motor-driven wheels with serrated edges to match the size of each string. The continuous bowing action is activated by pressing one or all of keys located on the top of the unit. Pressing a key allows the wheel to descend against a motor-driven shaft and bow the corresponding string, while the other hand remains free to fret single notes or full chords. An extremely powerful[according to whom?] sound can be created that changes dynamically depending on how hard or soft the wheels are pressed against the strings. The sound is also affected by the type of guitar strings (round-wound or flat-wound). > Martin Raphael was a former army PT instructor and heating engineer who decided to adopt the name of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Rameses, in order to record an album at Stockport’s Strawberry Studios… but let none of this put you off listening to Space HymnsThe album features Eric Stewart and Lol Creme on guitar and moog, Kevin Godley on drums on flute while Graham Gouldman plays guitar and bass. They were soon to become 10cc, one of the most innovative pop rock bands ever to come out of Britain. Mr Raphael himself plays sitar. The cover is a classic Roger Dean mind-painting and the album, while virtually unknown in Britain is a cult classic in Germany and South Africa.Space Hymns was released on the Vertigo label in 1971 and is very well worth a listen. The link takes you to Space Hymns on Spotify. >
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    Lovely cool and sunny morning here in Perth. Just walked the pooch and now relaxing with some vinyl , Judas Priest , Iron Maiden and UFO with some Thin Lizzy to follow.
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