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    been a long wait, and I bet this is on the way to a few SNA households. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless - Kevin Sheilds' analogue master. this sounds sensational, and it's a fantastic package. also, got the free alternative issue of Isn't Anything, not sure if this is a test pressing or what.
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    Won't be up and running tonight as I only have a few minutes spare... But they all count! Hoping to get all the drivers in/on and sorted and some preliminary work in the MiniDSP while short people are asleep tonight.
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    Arrived last week..at long, long, long last!
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    I had the pleasure of listening to the Lenard Audio Opal speakers at Krugersmooth/David's place last week, in the company of Thomo/Jon. I thought the Opals were one of the best loudspeakers I have ever heard. To be honest, I was expecting some horn coloration and perhaps a speaker that is dynamic, but maybe lacking some micro-detail and finesse. Well that was not to be, as the Opals had everything from top-to-bottom and just sounded 'live' and realistic ...as close to a live band playing in your home. They sounded clean and punchy at medium to loud levels and could whisper and still produce good sound quality at lower levels, always a good sign of a well sorted speaker. The 18" Acoustic Elegance sealed bass was magnificent and not woofy at all, it was tight and controlled, fast and still plumbed the depths (as heard on a couple of electronica tracks played) The bass was not the ever present kind, it came and went as the music demanded it, with very little overhang to bass notes. There is nothing quite like the acoustic force of a pair of LARGE 18" bass drivers, they produce a 'band playing in the room' realism, a percussive whack to drum strikes, that smaller drivers just cannot replicate. This bass signature is matched very well in the Opals, to the horn dynamics of the speaker. You would expect the horn part to exceed the bass signature in terms of dynamics, but I felt in this case, each spectrum was keeping up with the other. One surprising aspect of all of this is that the Opals are driven by their own active amplification. The amplifier unit is a small black box with four volume knobs for each of the drivers in this fourway speaker system. The box is about the size of a long slender toaster, supposedly only about 40 watts into each of the channels, the black box I hazard a guess contains a multiple of small purpose built Class AB solid state amplifiers. It was ridiculous the amount of sheer volume level produced by 40w/ch on this obviously highly efficient speaker system - it scaled to 100+dB output easily with zero compression. One other thing of note is the sound of David's room ...it was very clean sounding, with very little to none slap echo. He has achieved this by simply constructing a beautiful ceiling out of slotted natural timbers with some sort of 250 mm air gapped and constrained layer absorption material behind the wood. Sonically very effective and visually harmonious with the room. Bravo David ...but quite costly as it was $16K for the ceiling alone, ouch! Btw, the cost of the Opal speakers is in the vicinity of $30-40K depending on the custom order with Lenard Audio. So any criticisms you might ask? Thomo felt the system didn't quite do the piano to the nth degree (like the new Yamaha NS-5000 which excels at this), and while this may be the case, I have a feeling that a simple tweak of the active controls on the Opal's amplifier to adjust treble and midrange to give some additional presence to match his liking of piano tone, will have fixed it. That's the thing you see, with an active speaker system you have inbuilt tone controls and the world is your oyster. For me, the Opals perhaps did't quite have the midrange development, feathery treble and transient attack and decay of my Orange Direct Drive Electrostatic speakers or the Quads, Martin Logan, ER Audio and other panels. However, these types of speakers can sound a little weak on some music whereas the Opals will play everything. We are also talking about maybe a 2% improvement factor and nor am I sure that this issue is manifest at all in the Opals? When you consider there are plenty of things that the Lenard Opals can do, that the stats/panels cannot, it is not a whinge at all, but rather consideration of a different approach to the norm. One other 'potential' niggle is that the source equipment could (maybe/perhaps) be improved upon, who knows??The only source connected on the day to this amazing system was a Sonos device streaming Tidal music. There was no uber DAC, no fancy-pants disc player, no valves to sweeten things, no preamp or behemoth power amp to energize the room etc, that's it, nada nothing else. And, while it all sounded fantastic I couldn't help but wonder what a more serious source component could do, to up the ante? David strikes me as an intelligent person and a realist, so I am sure he has tried or contemplated such moves and has decided to just to play the music, which is how we (audiophiles) should all be. By the way, he is also an accomplished hobbyist winemaker, the bottle of 2017 Cabernet he gifted to us was a very nice drop (as confirmed by my good wife and Thomo), it was smooth and tasted clean on the palate, much like a good Margaret River red ...thanks David. In concluding, a big congrats to Lenard Audio and the designer/builder John Burnett and his crew on this wonderful loudspeaker that in my humble opinion, competes with the best out there. The dynamics, accuracy and upfront sound of the Lenard Opals may be a bit confronting to some on first audition, but there is no doubting that this is a superb loudspeaker from a knowledgeable and skilled designer. Cheers, Steve. Phone photos shown below ...
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    10.05.2018 – 13.05.2018 Location: HIGH END 2018, MOC München Any StereoNET members headed to Germany for the High End show this year? Just got my tickets. Wasn't planning on going but some opportunities for some exclusives and other so called 'world-firsts' proved too much to resist.
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    Well gentlemen as of yesterday arvo I am now the proud owner of a Weston Time Machine 2a3 integrated amp that is also a pre. Earle seems to think this one more than likely is Katattack's old TM. I won't be home until Monday so won't have a chance to Listen to it until then. I intend to try it as a pre with a Vincent SP-994 power amp for now, so it will be interesting to see how the combination of one of Earle's pre's with 60watts of class A works out. Pardon the terrible picture but for now unfortunately it's the only one I have and my excuse is I was driving at the time. cheers Terry
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    Continuing on the birthday bandwagon, also released March 8th 1994 Soundgarden - Superunknown
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    Hi All, Making my way through the John Foxx: The Cathedral Oceans Box Set: JJ
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    Arrived today and pumping now...... 180g x 2, new vinyl (originally released 1978, at their popularity peak, the classic line up).......sounds great, all the big songs are there. I also have this on CD and that came with a bonus disc of heaps more live stuff. It's totally great but alas, it's not on vinyl......
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    The Rolling Stones-Black And Blue org Japanese pressing .
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    Like most punters, I've graduated from MMs to MCs, eventually at ridiculous expenditure - and I was not happy, which got me thinking.... The problem with most MCs (& some MMs) is that they are largely variations of the same traditional design, the mechanics of which is fundamentally flawed - or at least imperfect. Consider the geometry, which is common to almost all MCs.... 1) You can see that the coils are held against a 'damper', the rotation centre is not located at the coil former centre. Not by much, but it matters when we are dealing in groove tracing microns. So the 'stereo sound picture' created will never be precisely focussed. 2) Additionally, because the damper material is soft, the rotation centre is vague, imprecise - there is no exact coils 'fulcrum' point. Also the long cantilever design means that stylus movements are reduced down to very much smaller movements of the coils, exacerbating the above 'fulcrum' geometry issue. These issues I think are largely why cartr designers feel the need to strive for extreme 'resolution', often resulting in 'etched', 'hifi' tonality & of course ever greater expense. 3) The other big issue of MCs of course is low output - minimal coil windings in order to minimise coil mass - ie. additional amplification needed, +20-30dB. I should say that some MMs share some of these problems, some do not. There are only a very few MC cartridges that were/are designed differently from this traditional template - eg. The Ikeda 9C (Cello, Rowland), Allnic Verito, the Tzar, the Miyajimas... other? And then, there are the Soundsmith Strain Gauge cartr & the DS Optical pickup cartridge (which no doubt have their own issues, but I have not heard these carts, yet ) Rather long rave sorry. Cheers, Owen http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
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    I think we can safely call that system a mid to maybe better end range system compared with what many here would spend. Please don't take that the wrong way, it's still quality gear and I think you could well get a better return by breaking the system up and selling separately. I'm sure there would be many here looking for some or all of the items you have, particularly where buying as new. I would keep everything in the boxes, don't open them, ideally don't even take delivery. Also ask retailer if they would issue warranties to people who buy the gear from you if for example you offer to give the bluray player back so they can resell, it's probably the lowest value item for you to sell and could make up for that with other sales, but still making a bit of effort on the retailers behalf worthwhile.
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    Ok I dont come here too often, mostly because there are too many damn gurus here, but I can share what I do know about the 6C33C-B having used it for at least 20 years. Its a great tube, mostly because of its low plate resistance , much lower than a 300B , which means it needs a less complex output transformer and is capable of low output impedance, which gives it more oomph and results in a more linear frequency response into a speaker load. So it doesn't have the excessive midband accentuation common to non feedback 300B designs. This results in a clean , reasonably accurate sound not typical of your usual SET design. It can be undone by a less than capable driver stage as it does take a bit of power to drive it properly. The 300B actually makes a great driver stage for it. With a good driver stage it can put out a meaty 18 watts SE , quite a bit more than the 300B's 8 watts. Negatives- its hard to get matched pairs , they vary quite a bit from tube to tube, and consistency isn't great. They get bloody hot . They're hard to keep in bias, however a mixture of fixed and auto bias seems to tame that problem. I dont believe they're being made anymore, although I could be wrong. Plitron made some awesome output and interstage transformers for them years ago that could be used to make an extraordinary, and expensive SE amp, unfortunately no longer available , wish I still had some of them. Sowter make a good set of push pull outputs - built a 6C33C-B amp using them that made a great amp, and room heater. All in all, a damn good tube that does require some dedication to get the best out of it. The 300B is a lot friendlier in use , although its "romantic" sound when used full range can be polarising, which is subjective of course.
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    An oldie but a goodie
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    Item: Gauder Akustik Cassiano MkII including optional spike extended feet Location: Sydney, Carlton NSW (Can ship interstate with original double box packaging) Price: $12,000 $11,000 $10,500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: moving and can't take these with Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal+ fees, Direct Deposit
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    Yea they showed some photos of Candice in the dunny with SBW
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    34 - 12 = 22... Talk about 2 heads...
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    Yes that is a very good price for a very good projector. I have the same model. The best PJ I've had, had 6 over the years. When I can afford to upgrade, will be another JVC. The main reason buying it was the zoom memory so I could have a scope screen. Great picture. GLWTS.
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    Does the future lie in proton batteries? https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/mar/09/look-no-lithium-first-rechargeable-proton-battery-created
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    It's the savage discounting season for TV's happening ATM, same time every year. If looking to get one of these models, now is a GREAT time to buy. The price is as low as it will get without you being sold a refurbished unit that might of been dodgerdly been put back into stock, and if you do actually get a bad unit, there should be enough units still in stock to replace it quickly.......wait later to purchase, and that won't be the case.
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    Short people = wife not children. Sorry for the confusion. She has lots of nicknames, all of them revolving around a similar theme.
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    McCoy Tyner-Extensions one of my favourite McCoy's featuring Alice Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Elvin Jones, Ron Carter etal
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    One and a half records in and extremely impressed by the sound quality, pressing and mainly the musicianship. I'm a newbie in Japanese jazz and this is a very impressive collection so far. Must explore this area a lot more.
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    Have fun Marc. It will be a blast. If you need a photographer to accompany you, let me know
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    I am now looking into ways to move them with me ...
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    oh well.... I ended up replacing it with a 2M bronze...
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    I got one of these a while back and am very happy. great unit. family friendly. power to burn. high waf. and you will save money by the time you sell off all your cables. no brainer at this price. it also works as a pre or power or combo has a great phono stage (reputedly) , dsp on speakers and pre (time delay and crossover function with various slopes) adjustable tone controls. integrated with roon and SAM speaker matching. and probably warranty left also as transferable. maybe I should get another....
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    J Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969-1984 As a huge fan of japanese jazz (especially free jazz circa the 70's) this 3 lp comp was a no brainer purchase when it became available for pre order last year. And the whole package is superb. Great tunes, sound quality, pressing, and presentation.
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    Just arrived today..... Warnes singing Cohen......nice
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    Me???? I'm not even allowed to sit in it ??
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    Black Mountain 'In The Future' 2008 Jaguar War.
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    I am a known fan of Graham Slee phono stages, what you may not know, is that they may be trialled free of charge aside from postage. Contact forum Sponsor @cheekyboy by PM (private message) to arrange this. I was only using a Sansui SR-525 or a Rega P2 with a Denon DL-110 when I purchased an Era Gold V, I never felt that I had overspent. My kit has moved a little up the food chain since then but I still use GSP phono stages.
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    A couple from today: Eastern spinebill Grey butcherbird through our loungeroom window: cheers mick
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    Bit of a worry where that volume dial is sitting...
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    My system this morning now 75inches in 4K
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    Didnt notice it so much in Dunkirk tbh, but yes, was very distracting in Interstellar
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    Have a look at this: Calibrate dual woofers with ARC (Poor Audiophile),
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    The price for the Opals is not too bad either Mondie, in that you do not need to buy preamps, amps, cables or even a fancy front end as the speaker sounds amazing just with any streamed music. I guess the speaker is exciting/accurate enough on its own without any accoutrements. Steve.
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    @Luvitloud nah it’s a msinlining addictio ohhh greetings BC
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    Listening to vinyl make a different sound this morning! Cleaning a few records for a client on the KLAudio, with the sun rising out the window
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