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    Just a reminder that responding to an ad with ‘PM sent’ is discouraged in our guidelines. The reason is that it means absolutely nothing and can discourage others from buying or making an offer. If you want to respond this way, then please add an explanation e.g. PM sent with intention to buy PM sent with intention to buy the digital cable in an ad for multiple items PM sent with offer PM sent with cheeky lowball offer PM sent for further information etc Thanks .
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    If this is our biggest problem on the forum and in life in general, we are going OK methinks. If you want to buy something, give it a go and if it doesn't work out, the universe has spoken. Try again later or go on to get something even better.
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    I'll be opening the new store from 10-4pm this Sat and Sun and encourage the local fraternity to pop in and say hi! I've been in negotiations with suppliers and am happy to announce that there will be specials available in-store only which cover all brands, at discounts too good to publish! This is a genuine sale offer to those who can attend, but please email me an approximate time so I can ensure the coffee machine is warm and so I can give you details of where to find the store (it can be dubious especially on Sundays when the main centre doesn't open). info@krispyaudio.com.au Brands on sale include Aurender, Bricasti, Eclipse, Entreq, Esoteric, Furutech, Genelec, Harbeth, Lumin, Manley, Morch, Shunyata Research, Transfiguration, Verity Audio, VPI turntables and WBT amongst others!
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    Here are the newest additions to my family:
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    I don't understand why it's even necessary, as the recipient would receive the message and notification regardless. Other than the forum starter, how could anyone else benefit from it? I say just send a PM and don't make any comment regarding the PM.
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    Hi Guy's, My name is Alan and i work for GoHosting. Thanks for all your feedback! We are currently doing some work on these servers, and had to restart the SQL server to increase some performance limits. Apologies for any inconvenience. We work closely with Marc in trying to optimise the performance of this forum. There has not been any issue with the front end servers, only the database servers needing some tweaking due to the growing size of the database. Currently we are optimising the tables which will take a few more minutes and we expect the performance to pick right up when finished. Thanks for your patience, and please know Marc puts in lot of work behind the scenes too ensure the performance and reliability of this forum. Thanks, Alan
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    Thanks very much everyone for your input. I ended up buying a custom Supratek Dual Cabernet which Michael made with 4 inputs and 4 outputs (normally it's 2 in and 4 out) which suited my requirement perfectly.
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    Generally speaking class D amps have quite a different distortion profile than class A A/B amps. Also IME on a very good two channel system, the levels of distortion you can hear are actually very low. So the answer is almost certainly yes. I know others (Zaph) don't quite agree with this but I (and a former associate) did listening tests years ago. The results were a/ eye opening b/ contrary to what you might think WRT what actually sounds better. WRT a/, the levels are at least down to 0.00x % and probably down to 0.000x%. I couldn't reliably measure the distortions at our listening levels but had to extrapolate from levels of 20V RMS. The baseline distortion at 20V RMS of amplifier voltage stage (zero FB. gain 28 dB) was around 0.0004 to 0.0006% . At that level the AP system 1's THD+N was at it's limit. Adding small amounts of H3 and H2 changed the sound and actually made it sound better. Generally with most program, H3 was preferable. Also the effect was not really blatantly 'euphonic'. It actually sounded clearer and had better 3D image and separation with small amounts of H3. This is a very very complex area that I've only just touched on. To go into it in detail would require more than a complete thread - and I don't have all the answers anyway... or time, there's work waiting for me! But suffice to say IME you can hear very low levels in a very good 2 channel system. Obviously many other peoples views are contrary to this, that's fine. T
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    On the other hand I see a lot of people who just send pms and there is no forum post at all and what I find is a lot of times I have posted I will buy the item on the forums and I find out a couple of days later it got sold to someone else and that was because either they sent a pm and they were quicker than me or the seller gave the pm higher priority or any other variable. Worst part was I had no idea since I was the only post andnhence assumes I would be getting the item and that made me make other purchases or withhold from other purchases ....
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    I've sold a lot of stuff on here in the last 12 months and bought twice as much for myself in the 2 years previous to that. It's simple - I love trying stuff. A lot of the items I have sold have been for audio buddies that just can't string two words together and for my treasured mate Russ (Krusty) who is with us no more and asked me to look out for vultures so his wife would not get ripped off. After every item sells, and nearly all of them do, I donate every single time. For my donations, the Hensa model is spot on what I use. It's dirt cheap!!! I love the Classifieds! And I like that I can mostly trust the sellers to be honest. And the Buyers too! It's a great Community. God knows I have no savings since I discovered the Classifieds, but it's my drug of choice. And some pretty good items turn up that are suddenly attainable to someone like me that just makes OK wages. Just yesterday I snagged the DAC I have been lusting over for four years. I'm not too sure how I am going to pay for it, - hang on - I might put some more of my audio treasures and trinkets in the Classifieds... I say lets keep it like it is. However, if you become aware a seller is freeloading - tell them to stump up or get lost!
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    The old gas works stripper tower thingy, in davies park west end brissy. Voigtlander Bessa I folding 6×9 camera Kodak Trix 400 120 film D76, 1:1 9.75mins Not too bad for a 60-70 year old camera
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    Item: Item: Genesis 1, Massive 4 Tower Speaker System + 4000 watt Bass Amp,,, Absolute Bargain Location: Perth Price: 56950 Item Condition: 8/10 Perfect working order & visually stunning Reason for selling: Urgent Sale as Moving to very small Lifestyle Home Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal (fees will apply). For sale is the massive Genesis 1 full range speaker system considered to be one of the very best in the world by all that either have them, or heard them. As I need to sell them now I have further reduced the price to a staggering LOW $56,500 so get in quick for this absolute real bargain for the purchaser. I will not accept any lower offers. I will ship WORLDWIDE, buyer pays all shipping and I will pack as described below. These were manufactured prior to the ones currently available at http://www.genesisloudspeakers.com/ known as Genesis Prime. They were purchased new by me around 1999 and Very rarely do extreme Hi End speakers of this quality both in sound and visually stunning ever become available at this very low price. They are Legendary, designed by Arnie Nudell and offering vast improvements following on from his famous Infinity IRS Series V. The system is in PERFECT working order. Visually there are minor scuffs on the 4000 watt bass amplifier. There are some scuffs on the black lacquered custom sculpted bases that the speakers sit on. Unfortunately this happens because of the sheer weight of the speakers and the need to move them to find the optimum position. I have given a 7/10 to cover Audiogons condition notes just in case I have missed anything that to me is simply not noticeable. Its such a massive system. The Genesis 1 system consists of four major modules: two midrange / tweeter Towers and two bass Towers. Each module is 7 ft 3inches tall (221cm), is covered in beautiful South American Rosewood, and is set on / into piano black lacquered custom sculpted bases. Each bipolar midrange tweeter Tower sits in a sculpted base, is 7 ft 3 inches high and houses a line source ribbon midrange and twenty six ribbon tweeters in a line source array and assembled in a Corian baffle of which twenty are at the front, and six are at the rear. Two wings attach to each Corian baffle and are two inches thick and filled with sand to render them completely inert for wave launching. There are two crossover modules (One for each Tower) which are housed in a solid Corian enclosure and they sit at the rear AND connect to the midrange / tweeter Towers. You connect your amplifier to this crossover. The crossover has two controls, one for the rear tweeter level and one for upper midrange for matching room acoustics. All cabling to this is done by Transparent Audio. THE SOUND OF THE MIDRANGE / TWEETER TOWERS These are the flagship of the Genesis range and compared to all the lower Genesis models these sound so much more refined, detailed and with an immense soundstage - holographic even. The overall sound is so real and beautiful that you just sit there and forget all the other problems in your life - mesmerizing and to die for. The bass towers are 7 ft 3 inches tall and each house six twelve inch metal cone woofers, each with its own accelerometer sensor and is set into piano black lacquered custom sculpted bases. Although not shown in the photos each bass speaker has a full length black speaker cover in perfect condition. I just prefer to see the cones. The twelve woofers (Six in each Tower) are individually driven by twelve separate Servo amplifiers for a total of 4000 watts, beautifully housed in a Single Genesis Stealth chassis weighing 160 pounds. It is currently set to 240v but easily changed to 110v / 120v. 12 Swiss Neutrik connectors are at the rear together with XLR & RCA inputs. There are 2 massive Audioquest hand made 24 conductor, oxygen free, high purity copper cabling for connecting the subwoofer Towers to their respective amplifiers. Each Audioquest cable feeds six woofers, is thirty feet long and weighs about 20 pounds. Controls for the woofers include volume, low pass, high pass and phase, and are varied by a hand held remote control transmitter. THE SOUND OF THE BASS TOWERS They are absolutely no comparison whatsoever to any of the bass in the other Genesis range especially the 2 & 201s, I know because I have heard them. I can assure you that you will be amazed with the Bass that this system gives out. Not only is it extremely deep and solid, you will actually FEEL it ,,,,at certain orchestral bass levels it moves (air) your cloths that you are wearing and the room. You just sit there kinda holding on and saying WOW and absolutely no distortion at all. I have never heard a Bass like it from any other speaker. In my opinion it seems that the Bass is way below 16 hz because you can feel it. The complete Genesis 1 System weighs over 1 ton (2000 pounds or 909 kg). CONCLUSION BY THE DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS "The Genesis 1 system contains the collective knowledge and experience of Arnie Nudell and Paul McGowan over more than 25 years. The technology contained in these speakers is the most advanced of any product currently available. We believe that no current product on the market today can approximate the sonic realism or striking beauty of the Genesis 1. There is no compromise in this system. It excels at spectral coherence and accurate harmonic structure. It has the greatest dynamic range of any High End reference system. It has superb macro and micro dynamic qualities, unparalleled sound staging and very low distortion. It does not limit or favor any kind of music. Listening to the Genesis 1 is truly a Revelation." COLLECTION / SHIPPING DETAILS. I live in Australia and I have no shipping crates but the purchaser could come with van / small truck or he could engage a professional removal company. If required I can pack as described below Free of charge. Alternatively if the purchaser is in another country they would arrange all shipping including collection from my house. My nearest port would be Fremantle, Western Australia. Prior to packing I would Video the System in full working order and individually demonstrating the Bass Towers, Midrange, Front Tweeters and Rear Tweeters are in perfect working order. Included in the price I would wrap each item substantially in heavy duty bubble wrap giving at least 4 inches all round protection, Speaker cones etc would receive further protection with hardboard sheets. There would be 6 Parcels in all. I would video / photo during disassembly and packing for insurance purposes and to help the purchaser in unpacking and assembly. Both with photos, video and my ongoing personal support after purchase I want to assure that you will have no problem in unpacking, setting up and enjoying these wonderful speakers as I have. My Reason for selling is that I am 70. We now need to move to a much smaller home and health reasons. It’s really hard for me to part with these wonderful pieces of musical equipment which I have had so much enjoyment from. My thought process worked when I first purchased them. BUY THE VERY BEST to get OFF the constant upgrade cycle, and it worked, never bought another speaker since as all the other Hi End speakers I heard did not even get close. If Payment by PayPal which maybe not possible due to the value involved add 31/2%. Bank Transfer will i guess be the only way to pay or maybe through the banks on the day if collected. Please ask me any questions or if you require further photos. Pictures:
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    I thought I might take a few minutes to share my opinions on my new audio system. By way of background I've held an interest in audio for many years and have previous owned equipment from Redgum (amps and speakers), Legend Acoustics (Tikandi and others), and other main stream products from Bose, Denon, Marantz and others. My more recent update came from a need to simplify my system from the Legend Tikandi active speakers and Deqx to a more simple and easy to use set up. I felt like I wasn't doing the Deqx and Tikandi set up justice perhaps limiting their potential. In November I duly attended the StereoNET Hi Fi show with an ear to find something reasonable sounding to fit by modest (in relative terms) budget. While there I came across the Hulgich Audio room and like many others was incredibly impressed with the sounds particularly from the Ella MkII's. I remarked to Nick HULGICH, who I had the pleasure in meeting for the first time, how beautifully musical they sounded. Clean but with a real warmth that gave the music air. We discussed the unusual Nord amps he was using and I was surprised to find they were class D. After a couple of more sessions in the Hulgich room it was off to do some thinking and number crunching. Speaker selection was a no brainer. I settled for the above components for a number of reasons which I won't bore you all with, but budget, simplicity, recommendations and reviews all played their part. All components purchased, picked up, ordered and delivered the Hulgich Ella's were the last to arrive. I actually drove to Adelaide to collect them. The system has been set up and running for nearly 3 weeks now. I'm by no means an expert but I know what I like to hear and this system has it more than anything I've owned. Looks - The Ella's are beautiful period. High class finish, materials and design. No problem what so ever getting spousal approval here. These things don't hide in the corner they're there to be seen and enjoyed. The other components simple facades undersell their capabilities perfectly. Function - The PS Stella DC DAC combines with the Bluesound Node 2 via the Coaxial link thereby utilising the superior PS DAC. The Nord is fed a Balanced signal from the Stella. The this set up is seamless, simple and functional. The Node 2 accesses its material from FLAC files on a network connected NAS and steams from Tidal and occasionally Spotify. The BlueOS App is easy to use and so far bug free The Stella pre amp is a slick piece of work with features galore and a lean towards the high end of town. It's a "jack of all trades" that masters most. Sound - Immersive. Beautifully balanced. The Ella's have such presence, weight and authority. Voices both male and female are palpable. The bass goes deep very deep and the Nord grip never runs out. The soundstage is quite open and instruments easily pinpointed within it. My room has an issue with reflections from the rear wall which become unmanageable when the level goes up too far, I can only imagine the room filing sound these components would bring in a more forgiving room. While I listen to mostly contemporary music I have found myself drifting into the classical area thanks to the Tidal playlists. I've found the dynamics of this system to be jaw dropping. The music is never fatiguing and is presented in such a natural way. In the end, at the heart of the system is the Hulgich Ella MkII's, they connect the music to the listener in a truely beautiful way. They are a credit to Nick Hulgich and his team and they are an example of what can achieved in this county by passionate people with talent, drive and attention to detail. I hope this short insight might help others looking for some new gear. I'd put each of these components on the audition list. I realise I haven't mentioned a bunch of measurements or features those can be found on the web for those interested. Cheers.
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    Careful youll get accused of being racist sexist homophobic and having white privilege.
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    Take up cross dressing and we'll let you off. In all honesty, I know where you're coming from. Unfortunately it's just a sign of the (current) times. We were probably just as inconsiderate of the ethics of generations prior to us, just never realised it at the time. As far as the music goes, it is definitely dumbed down and becoming similar to most radio stations. Too much vocoded rubbish and artists (for want of a better word), who are mediocre at best as musicians and can't sing. But that's just my opinion.
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    Walt Dickerson Quartet - This Is Walt Dickerson! Reissued LP on Prestige/New Jazz. Originally released 1961. Walt Dickerson - vibes Austin Crowe - piano Andrew Cyrille - drums Bob Lewis - bass
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    Looking forward to your list of amps that sound like a piece of wire...
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    I am in & no mercy this year... Going to select with my head...not my heart... Saying it 1000 times & it still won't work...
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    That's the most I have typed on this forum in weeks...perhaps months...and just for you crazy pair of Taswegians.
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    Hey guys, just came across this thread, I'm a big woodwork fan. I put myself through university making bespoke hardwood furniture. Here are my very first DIY speakers. B&W cm5 woofer and a vifa xt25 Tweeter. The boxes are 2 18mm mdf pieces laminated together with rubberised adhesive. The sides are 8mm merbau garden edges from bunnings that I have finished, top coat is 5 coats of polyurethane super gloss. Photos make it look pretty crappy, I ran out to the shed and took some quick snaps and the lighting and angles are awful (busted globe in the shed) If there is any interest I'll get some sunshine shots.
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    So I was looking at a $32k preamplifier, right? I emailed Michael of Supratek and told him of my custom requirements and how I could go about auditioning one. He said he could modify one that he had already built for the hifi show that he never got around to demonstrating and give it to me for $4k. So my audition consisted of sending him the money and him sending me one. At that (relative) price I figured I could just sell it if I didn't like it. Fortunately I did... a lot. Here it is after it's joined the family: Hum was a big problem with it when it was near other transformers - especially the power amp so I had to fiddle around with positions till it didn't pick up the hum, hence the odd positions I have the 2 parts of it in. The preamp by itself does not exhibit any great hum of its own. Also the interconnects wouldn't reach if I moved the preamp further across. Unfortunately it's deeper than the DAC so it overhangs a bit.
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    Item: Musical Surroundings Nova II phono stage preamp Location: Adelaide Price: 1050 Item Condition: Brand new Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am selling brand new, unused phono pre Musical Surroundings Nova II. Purchased a month ago from Absolute Hi End. Just after placing order I have desided to buy Lamm phono stage to match it with the rest of my Lamm amplification. RRP $1750, selling for $1050. Please contact me with any questions. Some more info from Elusive Disc: The Nova II features an Upgraded Design & Casework, Circuitry based on the SuperNova, "Smart-Sensing" Battery PSU, Comprehensive Loading & Gain Options (40-60dB) and Fully Discrete Circuitry! Built in California, the Nova II is a battery powered phono stage with incredible flexibility and performance. Based on the discrete, dual mono circuit developed by designer Michael Yee for the SuperNova, the Nova has rear panel accessible switches for gain and loading. It features 2 rechargeable internal NiMH dual mono battery packs with Smart Sensing auto recharge feature. All AC and charging circuits automatically disconnect when listening in battery mode. The Nova features a cool proximity detection switch on the front panel with status LEDs for changing mode. "Whether it's the Rite of Spring or Graceland, the Nova II kicks, slams, and drives yet retains its underlying grace and composure. The options for loading and level make it a snap optimally to match any pickup out there, and its quietness (it operates in both AC and battery mode) is extraordinary. Though reliability was never an issue - PS's past units have performed flawlessly week after month after year - the earlier built-in-a-garage looks have given way to a svelte new profile, and a super value has now become a super-duper one." - The Absolute Sound, October 2013 The Musical Surroundings Nova II is a complete phonograph preamplifier with RIAA equalization that amplifies the output signal of a phono cartridge, either moving coil or moving magnet, up to a nominal "line level". The Nova II may be used with a receiver or an integrated amplifier. If you use separate components, a line level control unit (preamp) is required before the power amp, since there is no independent volume control for the Nova II. The Nova's power supply is internal and connnects to the wall with the supplied wall mount transformer. Specifications: Gain Switches: 40, 44, 46, 48, 50, 51.5, 52.7, 53.7, 56, 57.5, 58.4, 59.4, 60dB Input Loading Switches: 200pF, 300pF, 30, 40, 50, 59, 80, 100, 121, 150, 243, 280, 380, 475, 660, 1k, 2k, 50k, 100k Ohms Discrete, dual mono circuitry Dimensions: 10"W x 10 7/8"D x 3"T Weight: 5lbs Warranty: 3 year non-transferable warranty (90 days without registration) Product Reviews: "What do you say about a product which you've already given a Golden Ear award when it is improved and it's price is dropped? ...this Nova remains, without apology or serious qualification, my new (affordable) reference - and very satisfyingly so." - Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2007 And more links: http://www.musicalsurroundings.com/product/musical-surroundings-nova-ii/ http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/musical-surroundings-nova-ii-phono-preamplifier/ Pictures:
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    I've heard the non PSU upgrade version of this extensively, and it punches well about its weight. A great DAC that shouldn't be underestimated, especially at less than half the RRP.
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    I'm 37 and there is most definitely a portion of the material in the 100 that I'm not into. I certainly cannot relate to Kendrick Lamar HOWEVER anyone who says it's all 'lefty crap and god awful music' is missing out on a fair slab of great music from very talented musicians. In particular it's great to see current Aussie bands like Holy Holy, Methyl Ethyl and Gang of Youths up in the mix. For those who haven't given them a listen I highly recommend listening to Holy Holy's first album "When the Storms Would Come". I say keep an open mind and you never know what you might find - every era has its gems, not just the era you grew up in.
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    Hi Michael, our Krispy Kables range of cables are all hand built by yours truly, and this is the product that first started my business twelve years ago.
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    After some sanding I have got the speakers back to the veneer which has made a massive difference for the overall look of the speakers. I have filled all the deep scratches on the veneer with timber putty. The front panel needed some filler to fix all of the marks and it will be sanded back and painted flat black. The next step will be painting the front face aswell as vanishing the veneer.
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    Yes! was jumping for the remote on that one! The first gun shot scared the cr*p outta me. Bade Runner 2049 opening is pretty bloody loud too, the drywall was making some funny noises
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    It's a funny thing isn't it. Getting accurate bass and giving up the boomy stuff feels like it's to lean. But once you have gotten rid of the bass humps and peaks and evened it out you can still increase your bass level and keep it clean sounding. The slam just gets better as the volume goes up but still stays articulate.
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    I've bought stuff directly via PM without posting anything in the for sale ad. If it's a big spend I don't necessarily want the world to know what I'm buying. On the the other side I've sold stuff to people who've contacted me directly without posting in my advert. I don't see any problem with that.
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    My suggestion is you should PM the seller with queries, offers etc. Heaven knows I don't check my own FS threads, so if you're ever interested in one of them you will need to PM me. Also, as I don't check them I would appreciate if you would report any whiteanting so that @wolster can moderate it.
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    I agree with Wolster. It is really aggravating, as a potential buyer, not to know where you stand when PM's get sent without the intention signalled. The recipient is NOT the only player! PM sent + context is also a courtesy to others or all there would be are multiple 'secret' messages without the all-important Forum text visible.
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    LOL One hell of a problem... even if it is the only problem.
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    Ahhh... my favourite Hawkwind album. Do you have the version with the extended gatefold sleeve that unfolds into a shield?
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    Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge of Time
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    Maybe people need to listen to their own gear more and stop reading specs on amps they have never heard. After all if people read the specs on valve amps they'd never buy one. I went from a hybrid valve/ab ss integrated to w4s st1000 monoblocks (class d) did the sound get all cold, phased and brittle no, I went to bel canto ref1000m monoblocks (class d) still sounded and not just be me but other people who came around for a listen. I then went to a Bryston 4bsst2 ab amp again sounded good , different to the bel cantos of course. I then went to the Continuum s2 (class d) again the sound was not brittle, phasey, harsh. Again not just to my ears. Speakers were the same and so were the sources.
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    Even though I have 4 or 5 albums, theres no way I would go to the Enmore to hear Barnsie screaming. He lost it long ago.
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    Have you actually done the blind test or that's just what you reckon? I know I have cloth ears but I couldn't tell my devialet apart from my Line Magnetic LM219 in a blind test.
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    INXS - KICK. 30th Anniversary Edition. 2LP, 45rpm half speed mastered @ Abbey Road. Black vinyl - perfect Euro pressing. They have done a brilliant job with this reissue, which is so satisfying as a punter spending $$ on albums I have many copies of. I have the original AU pressing, Mofi 2011 pressing and box set pressing. Its alive and kicks butt. Michael is in the room. This is the best KICK has sounded. RIP Michael, you are greatly missed.
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    Old people? Hopefully there will be some kind of seismic event that will highlight ageism the way the whole #metoo movement has done for sexism and gender based vilification. Maybe then these young c***s will learn some respect. I say this with the understanding that I’m the worst thing you can be in today’s society, white, middle aged ( old), straight and male. What a time to be alive! Ha ha
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    Item: Nordost Valhalla2 Power Cables 2m Location: QLD Price: $3k each. RRP is 9k Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 2x 2m Valhalla2 Power cables, factory AU terminated with Nordost Holo Plugs. If bought with one of my QX4's I will do a good deal. No wooden boxes.
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    Have a great weekend Cam. Those coffee machines are gunna get a workout. Would love to be able to come & share your excitement, music & cafe!
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    Being a hifi enthusiast for near 30 years I sold off my system to help put my son through private schooling after his mum took off. I have put together a killer system for not a lot of money Yamaha r n500 Monitor Audio apex a10s Monitor audio r720 Not a true hifi system by any means but for the money it is great. Would like to hear of others putting a budget system together.
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    Thanks everyone!!! When i first decided to build these speakers everyone thought i was mad and i almost didnt because i doubted myself as i had never taken on something so complex then i got all the timber and i was committed, it took me 6 months procastinating and looking at the timber at work thinking what have i done i cant do this but one arvo i said to myself time to just start whats the worst that can happen i stuff them up or cant do them. and even halfway through i almost gave up but pushed myself and now after 1 and a half years im almost ready to enjoy an amazing set of speakers im very proud of. I still cant beleive i built these so anyone out there with a dream whats the worst that can happen just go for it you mite surprise yourself i have! sometimes we just have to take the plunge to realise what we are capable of.
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