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    I know i’m probably stating the bleeding obvious and preaching to the converted but I still want to add my voice to the chorus of adulation - this is a superb amp. I recently sold my Maggie 1.7s in order to create a bit of space in my 3.5 x 4.5 metre study. I continued using the Elektra reference and Aksa Swift GK1 which did such a nice job with the Maggies on the Proac 1s. No complaints - system sounded pretty good. Fast forward - two weeks ago I picked up my Topaz. Earle had run it in for around 10hours. It sounded fantastic immediately - dynamic, transparent, fantastic staging and venue atmospherics. 40hours later it is still stopping me in my tracks. In comparison, the previous pre/power sounds a bit congested and flat with the kind of music I listen to. The Topaz match with the Proacs is all that I hoped it would be - just fantastic. Even old golden ears @djb and @andyr have given it a gold elephant stamp. I should start a thread “much hyped gear that delivers” - this amp would be high on the list.
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    Oscar Peterson plays Porgy & Bess
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    Drat you have found Mike's secret - its the only way to do blind testing. Thanks Bill
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    Don Cherry ‎ "Mu" Second Part. Affinity ‎ AFF 17, Reissue, UK 1978.
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    I completely agree with this. But, isnt that something that draws people to the site and benefits others? There seems to be a perception that selling something only benefits the seller, when actually, it equally benefits the buyer. If, due to compulsory fees, it means that some sellers no longer sell here, it would be far more of a disadvantage to SNA buyers / members. I think the reason the Classifieds section is so popular is that people are perusing the ads looking for something to buy. The more things available the better. Without sellers there would be no buyers, and without buyers there would be no sellers. One does not exist without the other. So in a situation where both people equally benefit, its funny that only the seller is considered responsible to pay. When buying land, or cars, it is the buyer who pays land tax and transfer duty respectively, not the seller. So there! ha ha.
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    I went exploring and I thought,why not treat myself for Christmas. I've been a good boy
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    My ebay arrivals today have made up my afternoon/evening listening. Ron Carter Quartet - Piccolo Oscar Peterson Trio - Live at Concertgebouw Stanley Clarke - If This Bass Could Talk Azimuth - The Touchstone
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    Item: Consonance Reference 8 20th Anniversary Location: Brisbane 4077 Price: $1000 + Postage or best offer. Item Condition: Excellent as new Reason for selling: Not longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I still have the box for postage Pictures:
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    I'm revisiting Laurie Anderson's Mister Heartbreak. Lovely soundscapes with plenty of space between the notes.
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    No its for 203 only. The 205 requires a different supply, which Oppomod makes.
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    cops would know, theyre not stupid, they trawl Pirate Bay all the time looking for bargains
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    I have an early french recording of Schoenberg's three pieces for piano, so i will be checking this out.
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    Vienna Acoustics Haydns need to be heard if auditioning Standmounts - well set up will sound excellent even from 1 - 1.5m . Happy to bring a pair along to a shootout! [emoji4]
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    The spider, when you decide that metal is your thing, let me know so I can scurry away with your D7's :-)
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    The N100 is a great amp@luc plenty of grunt and barely ever gets warm. I've had one for about five years running a few different speakers. Never fails to impress. It's a bit like a big push/pull valve amp without the hassle and added expense. Bargain here folks.
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    Nice bit of kit you have there.
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    lets have some nice bike Pr0n while we digest the sacrilege of Ducati remaining in Teutonic hands DIAVEL - of the devil The Bike The Devil Rides
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    I have to agree with the quotes. . Definitely worth seeing
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    Quite like the innovative vibration mats you have there
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    Autogefuhl's review of the Giulia. Excellent review as expected form Autogefuhl.
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    True - but hey I am a scrooge. And its interesting seeing just what you are getting - like I said sometimes its simply up-sampled 44.1/24. It's full of marketing bull - but some of its technical claims do stand up - eg the main reason HD sounds better is ringing from the brick-wall anti-aliasing filter. To my ears it does sound better - however, as I have pointed out not to everyone ears - and there is good technical reasons for that as I have tried to explain. BTW DSD doesn't sound better to everyone's ears either - it can sound good mind you but me and a few of my friends prefer PCM - others however go gaga over DSD. Strange isn't it. Wishing MQA would go away is not uncommon - but unfortunately with the momentum it has on Tidal I don't think it's going to happen I didn't say MQA sounds better - it just sounds better to me and quite a few I know - but not all. To make sure there is no confusion here is my opinion: 1. I find MQA sounds better than 44.1 2. Not everyone agrees with me and there are good technical reasons for that 3. DSD can sound excellent - but I prefer PCM - however I know people that go gaga over DSD. 4. The space taken up by DSD is a non-event in practical terms due to the cost of storage - it's just an interesting exercise doing it. However for streaming its very important and IMHO streaming is the way of the future. 5. There is a lot of scam HD out there - that's the main advantage of the XIFEO program I mentioned - saves you a lot of space - but also tells you what you really have. Although I didn't mention it the best recording I have ever heard, and also own, is a genuine DXD recording (Carmen Sings The Blues) - you run it through XIFEO and its exactly what it says - it goes out to 176k. Down-sampling it to 88.2 and you can easily hear the difference - it's a bit blurry by comparison - exactly as the brick wall filter reason would suggest. And what precisely am I suggesting to the OP? It's hardly controversial. Simply get a quite cheap DAC and form your own opinion. Sounds reasonable to me - but maybe I am strange. Thanks Bill
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    Ginger Baker jamming with Afro rock artists! He's got the chops!
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    @ollie_08 Poco were ok but if you like country rock try the Brisbane band Halfway truly great country rock n roll a 7 piece band including a banjo and steel electric and acoustic guitars and 2 great singers both of whom know how to write
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    hey dont worry about what i really think, i just bring the all the news that fit ... you guys discuss, heres what the dummies thought of their short drive in the iKIA
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    DIY Audio has covered this in the past, however just today another article with graphs, showing less distortion using current drive. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/316058-nonlinear-distortion-measurements-loudspeakers-voltage-current-control.html As well the loudspeaker cable has to be regarded as a component. The outstanding work of Cyril Bateman, is a great read. http://www.waynekirkwood.com/images/pdf/Cyril_Bateman/Bateman_Speaker_Amp_Interaction.pdf
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    What is it with people and needing to have everything right now. When I was a youngster we might have bought one 45 a week if we were lucky. As I got a bit older and started earning my own money, an LP every week or three. My advice is take your time and buy what you love. Build a collection that means something not just something that fills your Kallax. Besides. LPs are cheaper now than they were when I started buying them. Relatively speaking.
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    the ears are incredibly sensitive, and if the difference is subtle it's unlikely any measurements will show the effect you're hearing - especially if it's your ears! Measurements are great to look at large effects, like room decay, and you may see differences in frequency response between left and right speakers that are causing that "something different" between left and right - you just have to try. Only measure 1 speaker at a time, and for 1 set of measurements don't move the mike at all (eg measure left speaker, then right speaker from the listening position without touching the mike). When you start using a measurement rig, the learning curve can be steep, and others in the household will think you've lost it - post up results and we'll try to help. cheers, Mike
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    fully agree, strange naming after all those years we had extension to dolby surround naming I found this list very helpful http://manuals.denon.com/AVRX4300H/EU/EN/GFNFSYrvfbzbgs.php
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    I hope you've got your flame-proof undies on, Con. Mention of "skin effect" is likely to bring flames from the lovers of DBTs and measurements!! (Though I'm with you on this! As you would've noticed, as I have an amp box directly behind each bass panel ... my speaker wires are quite short. So capacitance is not a problem. ) Andy
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    SP100, they are special indeed. Excellent for vocals, classical, and Jazz not for the metal heads.
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    Well, my pre-Christmas Bass Cannon push has fallen flat on its face. The guy I use for welding is too flat out to get it done before the end of next week and is talking mid-January. I'll wait for him so lets see if I can get the Bass Cannons up by the end of January. I'm so gutted I'll even resort to using an emoji.....there you go.
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    From all the looking into cables I have been doing looping isn't a great idea. You could look at getting some Kimber 8TC from Jonathan Davies around the corner from you, it is fairly well priced. If you google speaker cables with different lengths you will find all sorts of info on looping cables.
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    Yep - I also bought a pair of the SP-T700 Monos. I was on Eastwood's mailing list. I'm worried about incurring wrath at home, so I might need to sell something else first to offset before they come out to play. I've had a SV-800 (Integrated Stereo Amp) for a few years now. No issues with reliability and very happy with the sound.
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    Finished the new tube HP amp - Sanctorum. Worked on the first turn on. Always pleasing. Sounds great but needs lots more hours. I promised an under the bonnet image and here is a few more. I have always rubber mounted my power trannies to stop their vibration (50Hz) from getting into the tubes. If I have big chokes, often 5H or 10H I rubber mount them too. Tonight while listening to Sanctorum I could put my finger on the power tranni and feel the vibration but on the top plate where the tubes are mounted, nothing! I always felt it was a good idea and now absolute proof. Worst thing for any tube is vibration. Not on my watch!!!! Under the bonnet, Testing and completed HP amp.
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    You may as well run the smallest lengths needed (less costs/less resistance) I biamp and triwire (just cos I can) with four monoblocks using the more powerful amps for bass and the smaller amps for mids/treble, is as good a setup as I have had in 40 plus years of hifi and DIY. Generalising (yes there can be exceptions) I run very thick speaker wires for bass and thinner for mids and treble and have found in my setup this to be a a good combination as the bass has more current draw, but thick wires can effect the treble. I personally can't see the advantage of biwiring/triwiring with exactly the same speaker wire for bass, mids and treble.
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    It's very heartwarming to have the support and guidance from my no-longer-scary-internet friends - you're all welcome to share the views and wildlife (and speakers) anytime. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and journeys. The loss of Omnimic for the last few weeks has been very frustrating, resulting in a complete rebuild of my Win 10 system. My son came and did most of it, and while we were about it, did a complete rebuild of the Idealish Server (my "S8") firmware etc, which requires some very impressive Linux fingerwork. Blessed are the neurons of the young! (And educated too, of course). We reinstalled Omnimic and .... .... .... Error 217, blah blah again. ..... BUT later, while reloading all my stuff back onto the SSD and looking at remnant files from Omnimic, I tried opening the program again, and it worked! Firstly I'll say that the new Snakeoil build is markedly better than the old - I previously found MPD (17) to sound quite flat, 2-dimensional, and preferred JRiver, which sounded like it filled in a whole lot of missing info. This time, using new Snakeoil and new MPD (20-Git version), it sounds better than the previous JR setup - the instruments are noticeably more defined in the sound-stage, and the whole thing is more 3-dimensional and alive. I've been rather saddened by the apparent loss of faith in the "Idealish Server" department, so this is like a welcome transfusion for me. With the Clay's Konverter in the hands of couriers as we speak, I'm glad to have both the above issues sorted in time for all the new influences not to arrive at the same time, and not know what to blame, or thank, for the changes. So I'll post the good news first - I was very pleased with the first Omnimic trace: the upper 3-way "SAT", taken at upper-mid/tweeter axis, distance 1 m, 8 ms gate. It's one of the best I've seen in my 4? years of playing with this program and my projects: And I don't know if this'll be meaningful to anyone - it shows what happened when I wired the 5" mid-driver backwards, and took 2 readings, each with mike placed on the axes between the relevant drivers, to show the crossover frequencies (520 and 2700 Hz): Some of the rest looks less thrilling, or confusing, but I'll spare the questions for now.
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    Thanks for all the responses, they're actually very helpful and have got me wondering whether it's worth selling. Totally understand the issue with selling bulk lots, my tastes may not be the same as others, and if it was, then it's likely they'd have a lot of my CDs anyway. Plus they're pretty much very ordinary Aussie-issued CDs, so nothing really special. As I took them out to take a few photos on the weekend, I did start having second thoughts about selling as there are a lot of memories/history in that collection! And, as rantan said, they actually all fit in two medium sized cardboard packing cartons, so hardly take up a massive amount of room. My main problem is my wife - we're building a new house and she wants to get rid of as much stuff as possible, and she has the CDs in her sights. She's quite right in that I rarely listen to them any more, I mostly stream stuff these days and compete with the kids for airtime! Anyway, have something to think about now, thanks again everyone for sharing your thoughts.
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    Another milestone moment last night...the first permanent external panels are screwed onto an amplifier...have a look... Six SET channels = six ammeters to show the B+ current of the power tube. These are not strictly necessary but they sure are convenient compared to putting in test points and measuring current with a multimeter. I will make up some custom faceplates for them so that it is easy to identify the channel I am adjusting. The five LED lights are for the various stages of power-up of the amplifier based on the status of the power supply box. These amps will be set to take at least 3 minutes to power up. Up top are two l-pads and a knob for hum-bucking the DHT heaters. All OPT's are wired up and pretty much all that is left to do is the signal wiring for the actual amplifier. I've started wiring up the amplifier circuits. They all fit on the one bit of aluminium as seen below... A closeup of the input section of the amp including gas regulator tubes for the bias, 4 first stages and 2 single stages (yes - two single stage SET amps for the higher frequency channels)... This is the top level of the amp and below is a photo of it sitting in place... Above this is the actual top plate of the amp. It is constructed of damped 8mm aluminium plate and screws to this 'rafter' plate that the tubes fit into. Hopefully it all will prove to be rather inert and I won't be able discern any tube microphonics. Happy days! There is still quite a bit to do to finish off this first amp but in the meantime I am going to build the other one up to this stage while I still remember what I have done.
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    Give 2L free samples a try. 2L places instruments behind in a non traditional manner and makes excellent surround demo material. http://www.2l.no/hires/
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    The second tweak to catch my interest was the IsoAcoutic Gaia designed to replace the spikes on your speakers. The construction of these feet are designed to minimise the vibrations and ringing from the cabinet to floor and vice versa, effectively isolating them. The usual argument against these type of feet is that they move / vibrate more in reaction to cone / dome movement. These are designed to resist such movement so long as they're installed with the logo facing forward or backwards. I previously used Herbies footer gliders for a similar reasoning. The footer gliders came with benefit of making the speakers very easy to move around. A bit of a shock moving to the Gaia then which have almost a suction cup at the bottom making them 'stick' to a hard floor. This makes the more difficult to move around but also more difficult to knock the speaker over once it is in position. A definite bonus for the tall, narrow P33s. I've moved the footer gliders to my subwoofer. To my ears these feet produced more open mid range with improved clarity. Most noticeable in being more easily able to understand what was being sung. I didn't initially notice too much difference to the bass but then I played DSOTM. The opening 'heart beats' have always been described as low, powerful bass notes. I never really agreed with that until now.
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