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    SME Model 20/2. Just had close to 7 weeks overseas and a week back home getting over jetlag and tidying up the mess so this afternoon was pretty much the first time I've had the chance to sit back and listen to some records. While i was away my Phasemation PP-1000 cartridge came back from Soundsmith after a retip so the pleasure is doubled getting that back on the arm.
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    Your original "Private Sales" and "Commercial Sales" is the best. It was easy. I think we should go back to it. There are times where you should not listen to the customers or in this case, the members because we are not always right. Please go back to Private Sales and Commercial Sale!!!!!!!!
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    Oh dear from me too but for a different reason. Apart from the red accents in the cabin I actually like it. A lot. I was ready to really dislike the Civic when I first saw photos but I'm finding it's drawing my gaze each time I see one and not out of horror. I'm surprising myself I have to admit. Maybe because it is so in your face and LOOK AT ME!!! Dull modern car design is starting to bore the living daylights out of me and while this might be as gaudy as hell it certainly isn't dull.
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    Hi Songsters Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young JJ
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    Oh, my ear is not trained and I do not do A/B testing (too much hassle plug in and out) so please take it with a grain of salt here. Before I got Vincent Pho 8, I had Project Tube S phonostage and it was nice but nothing really stand out comparing with my in-built phono stage from Vintage NEC A910 amp. By connecting with Pho 8, even my untrained ears could noticed the difference. It is not a night and day difference but it sounds a bit more open… and bass became deeper and overall sound became cleaner. Given the price, it is no brainer in my humble opinion and I am very happy with it. The best part is the actually build quality. I do not like amp that has cheap power adapter and this one has dedicated power supply that is built as a tank. I am not sure if there is any phonostage that has better build quality than Pho-8 under $700. After trying Pho-8, I am now wondering how much it can be better and love to try other amps in the future. Below are current wishlist that I would love to hear other people's thoughts. + Primare R32 + Loungeaudio MKIII + Tavish Design Vintage 6SL7 + MoFi Studiophono
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    A workmate drove his GT in today. Unrestored and in his possession for around 40 years. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    After installing Western Electric 11ga tinned speaker cables in my Dayton USA PS220-8 based speakers and discovering they're actually the best sounding speakers I own, I decided it was time to get rid of the nasty chipboard that was constantly flaking off everywhere and spiff them up a bit as they're no longer the temporary speakers I once thought they were. Cut some MDF to (almost the right) size. Speaker wires now located lower so that there's a lower centre of gravity if yanked on (trying for kids). Glued it on and filled the gaps with sealant . Once dry tomorrow a few screws will go in and I'll test that everything sounds right. I'll paint the back grey and give the rest of it a coat of clear. I'm actually delighted I have all fingers attached. Never used a circular saw before.
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    https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Estereo%2Enet%2Eau%2Fforums%2Findex%2Ephp%3F%2Ftopic%2F75784-Deep-End-DIY----My-first-speaker-project&share_tid=75784&share_fid=46070&share_type=t Post 1101. Hard work trying to nut it all out. I don't envy you. I do envy you transformer however!
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    Your talking about coupling the transformer to the chassis and using the weight of the aluminium plate and chassis to hold it firm? I'm more thinking of completely isolating the transformer from the chassis. This is whay Anthony does in his latest models.
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    You're more than welcome Seb, just let me know when you are planning a Sydney trip and hopefully we can time it.
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    Indeed ..... although I think that [adding even harmonic distortion produces a "warm" or "full" sound] .... is itself, the oft-cited myth here
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    1w is 1w no matter valve or SS .... but. Clipping in SS amplifiers is usually much more noticeable (as ZB says, depending on the details) .... so you can turn a valve amp up further before it sounds bad Speakers often aren't using as much power as people expect. If someone is only using 15 watts of their 100w amplifier .... they can be surprised when a 15w valve makes the same noise as their "100w amp". Valve amplifiers can sometimes produce a different frequency response from the speaker (often peaks in the bass and in the mid-treble) Valve amplifiers sometimes have a higher input sensitivity than solid state (less input voltage required to drive it to a specific power output).
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    I know they have been not helping their sales on the MK4, apparently parts shortage delayed it. It’s out now
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    i'll set up your JRiver if you come set up my Kodi
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    Bad news about the TT not working.
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    Bills cables are amazing. I have RCA and speaker cables from him. He is also one of the contributors to my amazing system in the member appreciation thread. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of these cables. They are extremely neutral and really flexible which is nice. Thanks for the cables @Bill125812, they are brilliant. Buyers will not be disappointed!
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    @MLXXX Thanks for that. Perhaps I should have spoken to them directly, rather than going through their email system. This is not the first time I've had an issue with ABC Classic FM. A couple of years ago there was a problem with transients...i.e. as soon as there was a sudden increase in sound (volume), like a sudden crescendo in a given piece, the signal went bad for a time (the sound seemed to close in on itself) and eventually went back to normal again, after a few moments. It got so bad at one stage, that I stopped listening for a time, as I came to dread transients.....just couldn't cope with that. The issue was eventually fixed and it was only evident while I was listening in the Illawarra region.....didn't happen in Sydney. Cheers, John.
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    That's right there is easy listening music [emoji38]
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    Found this in the local op shop yesterday. "A very special Promotional Album" for the Sharp Bilateral Turntables.
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    [VIC] Denon DL-103 MC Cart https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Denon-DL103-MC-Cartridge-/112612357703
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    What are you upgrading them to? They are very nice HP. I was going to sell mine and upgrade. I used them with Hugo1 and OPPO HA-1. Sounded great but I still wanted more from these pair. Bought Hugo2 and these HP came alive! they sound amazing! I am keeping them now. I also have HE1000 V2 and I will still keep the HD800S and use them. Not sure what you use as your DAC and AMP now but try other DAC/AMP first, you might get a nice surprise when you find a (almost) perfect match.
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    A local hifi store. ring around and see who has one, if you ask super nice they may even help you set it up or at least explain how
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    AlohaPioneer C-200 just back from Service very cool little Receiver from around 1965 found this beauty during my last trip to Asia has a excellent Soundstage with the Matsushita 6BM8 output Tubes later ill try Siemens NOS ECL 82 anyway this one is a keeper and xtra rare and hard to find any Information about this cute 1965 audiowundercheers
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    A friend of mine has one of these. He's been tinkering and modding it for years. It sounds stunning. It's really a Aura in name only as almost everything has been upgraded (save the platter). Nice stock through to sensational once you've thrown quite a lot of money on it (his has a 4 point, slate plinth, new bearing, new power supply and motor etc.). Someone else i know has had his fitted with opposing magnets. Good luck with the restoration / improvement. LPG
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    It won't take long. Sit in front of a well set up pair of NS1000M's and you'll know almost immediately if they're for you or not. Too clinical? - not to my ears. In fact, I think my affair with the Yammies has heightened my expectations re detail and tonal accuracy so that many very good speakers fail to engage and get plain boring after a while. I love my Avantgardes and they do things (especially in the bass) that the NS1000's could only dream of. But the Yammies' midrange still engages to the extent that I'd happily live with them as endgame speakers. Despite my enjoyment and admiration for my Gale 401's, I can't say the same thing about them. - wish I could as they have style and cachet way above the Yamahas - just not the same level of ultimate detail/speed/involvement. Bottom line: The Yammies are a boring 70's style black box with technology and sound that remains unsurpassed in several aspects today. They aren't subtle and there are weaknesses if you want to use them as a full-range speaker. But, if you like them, you could easily grow to love them. And they are an undisputed classic. Sorry I can't compare with Pro-Acs, which remain on my short list of speakers I have to listen to.
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    Well there’s ya problem...... you should be trying to read Italian not Greek !!!
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    If I check the classifieds I only want to go to one link - for any HiFi gear. Now I'll have to go to two links, to avoid missing out on any bargains.
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    Absolutely.....especially from the one and only senior solderer from a company called 'RAGE AUDIO'. Would we have it any other way?
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    Ornette Coleman ‎1970 Friends And Neighbors - Live At Prince Street. RCA ‎– PL 43548 Jazz Line , Reissue France.
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    Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Jasonville City Lights. excellent album.
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    Can’t agree with that ive been buying records since about 1969 i now have more on a computer than I could ever listen to even if I live to be 100 if music is not important in a persons life then only a mad person would spend money on stereo systems or records i still buy CDs in both real time and backwards in time although less now than in the past outside my personal life music is the most important part most people into rock n roll bands feel the same i don’t collect records I listen to them they are as much a part of me as an arm or a leg and just as difficult to seperate like I said before a tiny percentage of people buy a stereo system and then sit in front of it listening to Records drinking beer reading the paper talking most human activity I suppose soundtracked to music art as a decorative item any preference for that cigarette ?
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    Wow Mick, what a rap, you made me blush, very hard thing to do. Yes your power amp having only 10kohm input impedance was a slight limiting factor from getting the very best out of the Lightspeed, if it were >33kohm or higher you would have not needed nor wanted the X10-V3 buffer, the sound would have been (the opposite) better without it, one day you may change your poweramp or borrow one that is >33kohm and find out, keep in touch if you ever get around to doing that. And you may want to try pure rechargeable Li-Ion battery (linked) on the Lightspeed some say it's even blacker and more transparent. I must admit I use one and there is something you just can't put your finger on that makes you keep using it, it's not a hassle either as the Lightspeed only consumes around 50mA and these Li-Ion batteries will give you around a week of listening before a recharge is needed. just make sure with the seller it has a 2.1mm plug and centre is positive. https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_odkw=12v+li-ion+rechargeable+battery&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.XDC12v+li-ion+rechargeable+battery.TRS0&_nkw=DC12v+li-ion+rechargeable+battery&_sacat=0 Cheers George
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    Hello i am new here, I am from Wellies I hope that's not a problem. I am here to further upgrade my system. Cheers
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    Debashish Bhattacharya and friends - Beyond The Ragasphere
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    6moons, it's like some alternate universe, a psychedelic trip where you emerge after reading six pages, having lost track of what was being reviewed. Which is generally a silver box that you can't afford and likely can't obtain. Maybe they should just review empty silver boxes as a creative wrting exercise, the end result wouldn't differ much.
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    Please post a photo of the rear of the preamp. I may have a suitable power supply for your preamp.
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    Or you could build up the broken area with builder's epoxy filler, you can get a small pack with two tubes (part a+b) in Bunnings for about $15. Mix it together, and apply it. When it is curing, it can easily be cut, drilled, sanded, etc. After about 30mins it is rock hard. If you do make another top, use hardwood ply in preference to softwood ply. It will probably sound better than the chipboard they originally used. While you are repairing it, you may as well put some reinforcing brackets on the inside corners of the plinth, either glue+screw triangular reinforcers, or buy some small metal brackets from the hardware store and screw them in.
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    If they are sending the same bits they will sound the same. WASAPI or ASIO will be fine. Reasons for using JRiver ----------------------------- Most advanced digital pre-amp/processor. MadVR (best video renderer) comes packaged via Red October HQ. Zones and Zone switching. WDM Driver. ASIO In. WASAPI Loopback.
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    Fabulous! WAV d/l burned to disc.
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    This guy does some weird but great stuff. Not really a cover, but close enough.
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    oh this brings back memories. the whole Laibach 'let it be' is filed with great beatles covers. and then there was Europe's "Final Countdown"
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    I thought Watt was on second... my mistake; JSmith
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    no offence (and I'm happy to be wrong and learn something), but I reckon that's just nonsense
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    Hi Keith, the low speed fans (or low static pressure fans - which is more to do with fan blade design but also impacted by their speed) are unable to push air effectively through dense fin design radiators. Most of the noise from fans on radiators is due to turbulence of the radially spiralling pressure waves hitting the perpendicular fins, so those seeking quiet rads need lower fin density and lower speed/pressure fans. Trade off is of course less surface area over which you are exchanging heat. Yes I did lots of fan research. One way to reduce turbulence/increase efficacy is to use shrouds, so you have [Fan][Shroud][RAD] and you can also run fans in push/pull arrangements if you have the space. I run what I believe are the best fans available for a balance of speed/static pressure/noise - they're german - Noiseblocker NB-Multiframe S-Series 120mm. Fluid bearings, silicone frames, brilliant blade design and very good static pressure. I run them from a Lamptron Fan Controller at ~4.5-5v which is around 800-850rpm when loaded against a radiator. The problem with some fans is due to blade design their static pressure falls too low at lower speeds, or they require too much voltage to get them spinning up, so they are no good for low speed applications. the NB's High Speeds are around 1450rpm in free air at 12v, but they scale down beautifully. The loudest part of my system are my hard drives (mechanical/WD Blacks). Without them it's extremely quiet, and that's with 8 fans on the rads, one inlet for the drives, one outlet for the lower cabinet, one outlet for the main enclosure and the power supply fan too. I used to run Gentle Typhoons, and before that Scythe S-Flex's (you can still see 3 in the bottom rad in one of the pics below - I was waiting for my NB's to arrive) in various RPM ratings, all considered among the best fans made/available for radiator use. The noiseblockers (hell, anything decent for watercooling) are hard to find in the country though.
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