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    Review Setup GIESELER Groß DAC with usb only input option (standard has s/pdif & usb inputs). Groß connected to Sotm SMS-200 with Audioquest Carbon usb cable. Used XLR outputs to SGR CX3B (Mk 1) powered speakers. Bass optimised with dual subs (SVS SB13U, SB-2000). SMS-200 bridged to Synology DS414 NAS to access music. Used MPD server on SMS-200 and MPDroid on phone for playback. Update 17 Feb 18: Upgraded equipment with Uptone ISO Regen, Behringer DCX2496 with Behringer Mods. Swapped positions of subs with SB13U doing more and further bass optimisation using Multi Sub Optimisation. Update 17 May 18: Upgraded SMS-200 to Ultra version which brought a lot more nuance the music. External Appearance & Remote The unit has a smart looking front, with a power button and 4 line display. Update 17 Oct: new firmware removed Channel, now 3 line display The rear panel has a usb input, XLR and RCA outputs and a 9V AC input from an external transformer to feed low noise internal PSU's. Update 17 Oct: Note that Groß has output transformers which allows it to be directly connected to power amps or powered speakers. Smaller and much lighter than previous Audiolab 8200CDQ (DAC plus pre-pro, CD player, headphone amp). 8200CDQ displayed both the bit depth and sample rate but Groß only the sample rate. Groß display could do with brightness adjustment because it was too bright at night. The remote was slim and easy to use. Red power button cycled through home menu, screen off, large volume and filter display. Channel Up/Down cycled through filters, Volume Up/Down, plus mute button. Volume control was digital with a bypass available for a pre-pro. In my case, requested that bypass be disabled to prevent an accidental overload on the amps in the CX3Bs. Setting up on the SMS-200 was straight forward. After plugging the usb cable into Groß, the SMS-200 picked up the DAC. Then, manually changed DAC setting from non-DSD to DoP in Eunhasu MPD setup. Update 17 Feb 18: using DSD instead of DoP. DAC Comparison As expected, Groß out-performed 4 years old 8200CDQ (which was highly acclaimed then). The difference was marked when switching back to the 8200CDQ after a few hours on the Groß, with less detail, transparency and naturalness among many things lacking. Looking forward to reviews of others comparing Groß with more recent DACs. Update 17 May 18: The Groß comfortably beat the 2Qute with better detail, sound stage, clarity in my setup. Listening Experience Most of my music consisted of ripped 16/44.1 flac, with some purchased 24/96 flac and also have ripped DSD64. Groß is my first unit able to play native DSD; previously DSD converted to PCM during playback. Long time favourite, Parce Mihi Domine (Jan Garbarek & Hillard Ensemble, Officium, 16/44.1 flac) had never sounded so good. Jan Garbarek’s saxophone was more natural and transparent and there was clarity in the position of the saxophone relative to the Hillard Ensemble. In numerous 16/44.1 flac, Groß managed to bring out the details and improved the imaging, depth, sound stage. Vocals, particularly female (e.g. KD Lang, Hallelujah, Hymns of the 49th Parallel) had a presence. Even relatively poor classical recordings sounded cleaner. Groß does 16/44.1 flac very well. With higher resolution music, the piano in Gjeilo’s North Country II, Stone Rose, 24/96 flac was natural and as close as I have heard to a real one. When the flugelhorn comes in, imaging was good and realistic. Diana Krall’s My Love Is, from Love Scenes, 24/96 flac, had deep tight bass bass, tighter than I knew, with an excellent voice. Groß managed to improve the bass a bit more in an already optimised dual sub setup. Groß’s DSD capability is outstanding. Eagles’s Hotel California from the same named album was a revelation in native DSD64. Detailed, transparent, nice sound stage. Much better than 16/44.1 and beat 24/96 version. Similarly, Arnesen’s Magnificat 4: Et Misericordia from Magnificat album (DSD64) on 2L label was very good. However, in an unfair comparison, it could not (& not expected to) match the atmosphere and presence of 5.1 PCM with the piano and organ behind the conductor. DSDs came across superbly on the Groß. Could have written a lot more about how good the listening experience was but above was a fair representation. Update 17 Oct: The listening experience improved after 30 to 40 hours of use. Not sure whether this was because I was getting more used to the Groß’s presentation? Female vocals continued to capture my attention with their presence. And still amazed by the details in PCM material. DSDs remain outstanding, problem now is opening wallet to get more DSD material. Update 17 Feb 18: Details, sound stage improved with the upgrades (ISO Regen, Behringer Mods and Amanero firmware). Am surprised how much the Amanero firmware contributed to audio quality. DSD made my wallet lighter but brought more smiles. North Country II in DSD has now replaced the 24/96 PCM version as my favourite piece, with the piano better. Filters The Groß with the AKM AK4497EQ DAC chip came with 6 filters: Super slow roll-off: no echo reproduces natural sound Short delay, slow roll-off: minimal echo reproduces original sound Slow roll-off: minimal echo reproduces original sound Short delay, sharp roll-off: post echo enhances bass sound Sharp roll-off: pre & post echoes make powerful sound. Low dispersion short delay: sound quality optimised Selecting the filter was via the remote and could be changed on the fly for PCM. Filters do not apply to DSD. There were supposed to be subtle differences between filters, but was beyond my old ears to resolve consistently. Update 17 Feb 18: finally found differences! Used short delay, slow roll-off, previously low dispersion short delay, to reduce the echo. Found the short delay, sharp roll-off and sharp roll-off filters had too much echo. Firmware Owning the first USB unit is wonderful and exciting but came with imperfect beta firmware. The firmware was derived from the Gieseler Konverter (same AK4497EQ DAC chip plus pre-pro) and still displayed channel in first line. Also, there were pops when skipping DSD tracks, and occasional pops elsewhere. Will get update once these niggles have been resolved. Update 17 Oct: Firmware has now been updated which removed channel in display, eliminated the annoying pops/clicks. It turned out that the Konverter firmware had the same problem. Both sets of firmware now been overhauled and improved. Update 17 Feb 18: Used Amanero2003_71A firmware optimised for Linux players (SMS-200) . Note that this is different to the Groß firmware referred above. Skip Groß If You … Like the unboxing experience and want to make a YouTube video of it. GIESELER Audio has spent R&D dollars on how it sounds and none on the packaging (but unit was well packed with 3 layers of bubble wrap). Bonus was no one was tempted during shipment! Update 17 Oct: Clay has sourced a double box for shipping Desire international brands with big reputations, leading edge look & feel and extensive reviews. GIESELER Audio have well regarded niche products here on SNA. It may yet gain a wider acceptance as a result of Groß! Conclusion Proud and delighted to own an Australian designed and manufactured DAC which delivered superb audio. In summary, WOW! Update 17 Oct: a theme coming through from the early owners is that the Groß DAC is addictive and we want to listen to it even more. Update 17 Feb 18: With the upgrades, enjoying the Groß DAC more than ever. p/s Clay Gieseler @Gieseler Audio is a fantastic person to deal with and service is second to none.
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    Yes quite true actually, Mods have no tolerance! [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    I have now had the opportunity to try out Clays new Grob dac. My system comprises Antipodes music server, Curious USB cable, PS Audio Direct Stream dac, Icon Audio tube amps, Aesthetix Calypso preamp and Sonus Faber Amati Homage speakers. I have a Intona galvanic isolator and Singxer USB converter added. So how did the Grob compete with Direct Stream ? For a fair comparison I took the Intona and Singxer out of the system, ie USB direct. My first impression was an increase in detail. I heard this increase in detail with the Direct Stream only when I installed the Singxer, but with the Grob this was just USB. In some cases an increase in detail there is a cost: a sterile sound that will quickly become fatiguing. With the Grob this was not the case. Time to play my test music. 1. Leonard Cohen: Did the Grob give LC his deep gravel and textured tones. Yes 2. Classical orchestra: The Grob gave a presence I was not expecting. 3. Big band jazz. James Morrisons band sounded big, powerful with a tight bass. 4. Cassandra Wilson: Although I am a fan of Cassandra Wilson I rarely listen to more than two tracks in a row. Can be a bit tiring. With the Grob I had to tell myself to move onto something else for my limited listening time. 5. Piano: Close my eyes and the piano is in the room. No need to say any more. So, would I be happy to have a Grob in place of the Direct Stream. Yes. I now tried the Intona in the sytem. The benefits the Intona gave to the Direct Stream were similar to the Grob. A slight increase in sound weight. This is not necessary but it is what I am used to. The Singxer in the system using Coaxial connection did not improve the sound as much as when connected to the Direct Stream. This could possibly be that the Grob USB input is superior to the Direct Stream.( just a theory) So how did the Grob compare to the Direct Stream? In most cases I would say both Dacs would be equal but the Grob just sounds more natural, almost addictive. Considering the reasonable price and high sound quality of the Grob this is a true bargain. Congratulations Clay
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    Godspeed You! Black Emperor– Luciferian Towers. new album from Godspeed. not as dark and heavy as the last couple - sort of a halfway point between Godspeed and side band A Silver Mt. Zion. Very good. like all Constellation records pressing, its pretty good.
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    Item: TW ACUSTIC RAVEN ONE TURNTABLE W/ THE WAND 9+ TONEARM Location: Woolloomooloo Sydney Price: $4000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm the second owner of this lovely turntable. It is a later model and comes with Stillpoints Ultra SS feet as well as boxes and manuals for both the TT and tonearm. Tonearm is wired with Cardas wiring from clips to RCA. The WAND 9+ is an excellent match with the Raven and all is needed is a nice cartridge and your up and running. Plenty of positive reviews on the web for both the TT and tonearm. I'd prefer local pickup at this stage as I'd prefer not to break it down as the arm has been professionally setup by @guru but if there are no local buyers, I will consider as I have all the original boxes. Apologies for iPhone pics, if anyone would like to see it in the flesh, you are more than welcome to come by. Pictures:
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    Well, very interesting. Tonight, I went to a wonderful concert at the MRC - Brenda Rae (a Yankee soprano) and the superb ANAM orchestra, doing a program of arias and music from various Rameau operas. I guess it's the excellent acoustics of the Dame Elizabeth Murdoch hall but a couple of times during the concert, Ms. Rae went up to the back of orchestra - and, when I closed my eyes, I could clearly hear her singing way behind the violins and violas (which were, respectively, front left & right). Then when she came to the front of the stage - again, this was clearly audible. What wasn't straightforward, though, was when the percussionist (at the back of the orchestra - so near the front wall of the hall - and a bit to my right) hit a triangle ... it was very difficult to work out (with my eyes closed) where that triangle was located. The sound seemed to be coming from a long way to the left of where I knew he was standing! So people at home who suffer from lack of soundstage depth ... this is not just a "hifi thing" - which isn't worth having. Depth is present in the real world, at a concert - so it is worth trying to get depth from your hifi system! Andy
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    Picked up YES' FRAGILE and BTO's Not Fragile today (both used) for $35 - happy I is
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    Very nice, I have the same. You can bring the motor out and add a 2nd arm. Very cool! Great price and GLWTS.
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    You're impatient??????...the bloody horns sits there looking forlornly at me all day..."when are you going to hook me up Anthony...you don't have to work...you can just spend some more time with me". So much so that I have decided on the artwork that is going to sit on the wall in between the speakers as a reminder of the three years of temptation..."damn sireeens" (oh Brother)
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    Checking out the neighbours, checking out the neighbours
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    Rubbish pic but it's a nice spot you don't get to everyday
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    I pulled the trigger last week and bought one. The GT-S 2.0L of course. I've only put 280km on it so far and at least half was Sydney peak hour traffic. It's an impressive piece of kit. All the electronic gizmos one could want in a car. The list is long and boring (well, exciting to a tech-head like me). How does it drive? In a word (or two): Very nice. It handles like it's on rails, though the suspension is on the firm side, as you'd expect. I am loving the CVT. Put your foot down and the thing goes like an EV. No kick-downs, no lag, just acceleration when you need it. It is kinda weird, but I am loving it. I won't be really caning it 'till I've put a few hundred more clicks on the clock, but, so far, I'm pleased with the performance. Not as brutal, or quick as my Stagea, but not as much of a handful either. The driver's seat is one of the best in biz. Very supportive and very comfortable. Back on the CVT for a sec: A mate popped in a few weeks back with a late-ish model Beemer. I think it was a 135 (M-series). Firm suspension, pretty quick (maybe a little quicker than the Stagea), but I hated the gearbox. It's one of those fancy double clutch thingys, but I really found it unpleasant. Not smooth at all. Every change was a jolt and I felt it hung onto gears too long for my liking, though I recognise the choice by BMW was likely for performance. I reckon I could drive the same car in manual form with far more smoothness. Anyway, I much prefer the CVT. Interesting thing: I hardly need to use the brakes in traffic. I take my foot off the accelerator and the gearbox seems to decide that it needs to move to a higher ratio and use engine braking more that I would expect with a regular auto. It's got a manual, flappy paddle option, but I don't see much use in it. The CVT smarts seem to be well sorted. Lastly: I'm still on the tank of fuel I received from the dealer. According to the computer, I can expect around 700kms from my very first tank of fuel (car had 10kms up when I picked it up). Anyway, for anyone looking for a medium sized wagon, with some excellent sporty capabilities, consider the Levorg. Well worth a look. Just ignore what the nay-sayers claim about the CVT. It's very good indeed. PSST: Anyone want to buy a nice, 2001 model, M35, four wheel drive, Nissan Stagea? VQ25DET engine.
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    Item: Plinius SA Reference Stereo Amp Location:Thornton 2322,Maitland Area NSW Price: $9000 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:trying some thing different Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank deposit Extra Info:SUPERB Sounding amp,300watts A/B 100WATTS Class A Per channel .can be mono blocked to 1000watts ,RRP $18900 Have box so can be transported for interstate purchases. plenty of reviews online. Pictures:
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    @evil c belgian banquet for me. re drinks yeah i would be a waste on the packages, so likely just graze what i can on the night
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    I don't lick the back of my records.... yet.
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    Time to Glam things up
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    Tough guys or 1964 snags? typical Stones subject matter and 2 years later I can’t get no satisfaction biggest lie in rock history meanwhile back in Kingscliff dream on
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    Wouldn't touch something used for that much. Toi much for unknown. I plan to get the soundsmith second in it's line sometimes. Aluminium with contact line. At the moment just enjoying the aftermarket stylus with my f9 in my second table
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    Excellent choice Mark - All yours. BTW - I have some other titles for Tim Weisberg in the Jazz section going cheap too.
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    High Praise indeed .............. taking the world by storm there, Clayton ................
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    If I convert Vinyl to digital file and feed into good quality DAC, would sound be improved comparing with budget cartridge/stylus? I'm afraid rubbish in = rubbish out. Driving your 1950 Triumph Mayflower on the Nurburgring will not make it go any faster, in other words you can't polish a turd.
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    Digitizing your vinyl collection is one of the possibilities. Or if you have some sort of DSP device , e.g. room correction or parametric EQ, you could feed your analog sources into it.
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    Why? Does something look burned in there? As far as the poor diddums that complain about the wiring............there, there.....there, there....have a cookie and someone will be along shortly to rub ya' belly.
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    Greetings Guys and Gals, I am a prior contributer to this thread. Today I fitted my new Curious Regen USB connector [20 cms] and it is FAB!!! Thank you to recommendations for Curious from this thread. Yes, the SoTM sms 200 [God curse this camel font!!!] is susceptible to position/support. I notice a good improvement by mass loading the top of the 200 with a thick paperback book. My set up from the bottom is... HiFi TV platform [maker Geko] , nothing special. Carries all other amps and turntable. Stable, ordinary and between the speakers. Paperback book size Bradford Acoustic Batt, 1 inch thick. This is left over from extensive room treatment...corner superstacks + suspeded ceiling batts [3 units]. Ikea Bamboo chopping board. SMS 200 Very thick paperback book weighing 1.4 kg. The book helps! It stays!!! I am not anal about this stuff. I will not swap out my Jamie Oliver board for the Ikea!!! My chain. Atom netbook with Fidelizer Pro and logitech media server with internal hdd and extenal hdd for extensive library [1.6gb]...cat 7 lan to switch [lps 5 v]... cat 7 lan... to SoTM sms200 [powered by car battery] ...usb Chord Silverplus cable ...Uptone Regen with lps 5 v my dac is 5v self supporting...Curious Regen link 20cm long...DEQX HP4..Sanders Sounds 10c system with magtech and ESL amp. Controlled by Orange Squeeze on a cheap android tablet. Cheers. My system is at a peak. Shame about my golf.
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    As Zaph has said. stop looking at the inside of your amp, plug it in and play it LOUD - and enjoy. Lucky you don't own Supratek preamp - you would have a heart attack with the wiring
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    Well, the project sorta morphed into something greater than initially intended to be honest. "Knock something together" changed into "let's do this right" and all the ocd behaviour that that entails. I'm definitely still enjoying the project but how could I not? I'm building everything...room and room treatments, horns and speakers, amplifiers, equipment rack and isolation platforms, cables, power distribution, music computers, preamplifier/headphone amp and plenty of other stuff too, all entirely from scratch except for a few pcb's that I have not designed. One day I'll even get to reconditioning a 1980 FM Tuner (that thing is a sexy beast - it lights up beautifully at night - I'll post a photo one day). At the start I disliked woodwork, could barely solder two wires together, had little electronics knowledge, had never been interested in anything other than listening to speakers (certainly not building them), had a tiny shed (it's ok, I still feel like a man - haha), my painting skills were, and still are, primitive. Talk about a learning curve! But I've had good help. My mate Al set me up with the woodworking basics, Romy has been nothing but helpful this whole process, @davewantsmoorecontinually brings me back to reality, Lucas from Black Art has not only provided just about all of the iron for the amplifiers, but has dispensed so much invaluable advice and information for which I am extremely grateful, the powdercoater has enabled me to do a lot less painting and my wife and family have given me a lot of leeway to get this stuff done (for about a year there my son thought I built speakers for a living!). I've also devoured a lot of books on a lot of audio subjects in the past few years. It has also led to some very amusing moments. My young daughter, on the double-up bike behind me as we were on our way to childcare says to a complete stranger at the traffic lights "This is my Dad. He's not very smart but he likes to build things." She's onto it that girl!!
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    Bought a couple of CDs on the weekend, but just listened to them a few minutes ago. Got them for $1.00 each at a local OP shop The Creedence album is pretty obvious, but the second album, The Silencers - Seconds of Pleasure, is bl@@dy awesome. I can't believe I haven't noticed the band before, considering they've been around since the 80's. More of a pop rock and ballad type of music (I don't understand the nuances of genres), but with that definitive sound that many Celtic origin bands have. Anyway, I'm pretty impressed with it. The Silencers - I can feel it. Small Mercy Misunderstood
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    Since there is not a dedicated place for Dolby Atmos music not sure where to put this but this is a real game changer. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.udiscovermusic.com/news/inxs-kick-reissue-dolby-atmos/amp/ Can only hope for more to follow.
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    great!!!, i just scratched my monitor trying to kill that bug
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    Good god man...my eyes!
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    Whoa! What did he take those pics with? Same vintage camera as the amp!?
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    Here's a challenge to all you 'Lyra' and 'MC' boys out there with too much money.......buy this (I want to but can't afford it) and see the light: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Grace-14-BR-MR-Cartridge-Grace-F9-cartridge-Boron-cantilever-Micro-ridge-needle/322797551818?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 ....An upgrade on the legendary F9 with the top of the range cantilever/stylus combo (Boron/Microridge). Would be deliriously good....... Are you up to it?
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    @JSmith I did not link an infected version. Time to live in the now not in the past
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    @crisis, I understand your points, though in practice it's not exactly so. Economies of scale don't exactly work above certain volumes for cars, there's many factors that matter. Unless you're VW that pioneered platform sharing, scale arguments are usually moot above viability minimums. What does matter is labour cost, reduced environmental and OH&S requirements and above all... significantly more government support for industry. E.g. China is about to go through an EV manufacturing boom not because there's over a billion people there, but because the government's decided that China will be a world leader in EV production. And has invested accordingly. Stuff like that is easy to feel bitter about - we had pretty much everything to that end here to attack the future with, from govt/private/university research groups, research and innovation teams within the automakers, skilled people in required adjacent industries, relevant raw materials industry... had it all over 10 years ago... and a complete failure to units govt, industry and possibility to build a future. Too much reliance on status quo. What's more - just because there are factories in China, India, Thailand etc doing great work punching out cheap cars at low cost... doesn't mean there's not requirements for other factories doing other work for other model lines. Cost elasticity isn't identical across all products and segments. Not exactly. Exporting to the middle east is not as simple as 'substitute x with y because it's cheaper from location z'. Import permissions are long and complex. In both Holden and Toyota's cases the export opportunities were developed by the Australian affiliates.... as was the product development, the production volume appropriations, the import approval and homologation process... the lot. Just because you have a production facility doesn't mean you can do engineering and foreign market homologation too... which we could do here. Quite well actually. Often these are good niches that grow big relative to the scale we need... remember the Ford Capri? For a time in the US it outsold the MX5... engineered and built here. What Holden was exporting to the middle east couldn't actually be made anywhere else at the time - it was the only amenable RWD platform GM had globally at the time. Call it a niche if you want but these involved were all high-spec and went on a boat fully paid up... was a friggn profitable niche. The biggest death knell for Holden was the 08/09 financial crisis. GM chose to look after American jobs first, and wish diminishing volumes at home the Australian arm got screwed over - it was decided in the next product generation that the export contract in question would go to Buick. America first. If it were the blot on a broad horizon as you suggest... would you really think it'd have worked out as such? Large and medium segments have devolved into small/medium and SUV purchases. For various (sound) reasons, no one here was looking at making an SUV unless it was a shared platform with anything else. Quality of workforce actually counts for a lot in auto. Cars are not so simple to design, engineer or manufacture. Many countries have a GM, Ford or Toyota manufacturing facility. Very few have engineering centres of excellence from these firms. All three majors had one down here, and both GM and Ford still do. Toyota will maintain a (very complete and skilled) design office. Other auto firms retain specialist engineering and manufacturing groups in Australia... our people really that good. They still do work for the rest of the world. This doesn't mean that the future needs to be Australia exporting production to the rest of the world in the maximum scale possible; it does infer that the next best outcome isn't 'kill it all'. Some stuff we've done is so well-suited to manufacture elsewhere that we don't do it anymore (engines are a good example - casting in China is a ton cheaper). Like most countries there's an economic reality though, particularly when the supplier base falls out the bottom of any equation. It was going to be hard with two manufacturers, and when Holden pulled the rest was inevitable: job done, Coalition. Car factories aren't built in countries, complete industries are. It's a symbiotic thing. C'mon... the new V6 sounds pretty good! Seriously the cars are less relevant than they ever were, but that doesn't make them any less special or their achievements any less relevant. Save that CV8. And get a drive in a new HSV! Holden+HSV's engineers were seriously let off their leashes for the last generation... awesome cars.
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    10% Off eBay purchases with the code FILLUP This offer commences at 10.00 (AEST) on 4 October 2017 and ends at 23.59 (AEST) on 6 October 2017 (“Offer Period”). The offer entitles you to 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) when you spend $50 or more in one transaction on www.ebay.com.au during the Offer Period, for up to two transactions and up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction. To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code FILLUP into the redemption code box during the checkout process. You must be an eBay.com.au registered member. A minimum spend of $50 per transaction applies. The 10% discount is on item cost only and does not apply to postage costs. The total discount is capped at $500 per transaction. Limit 2 transactions per person during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.
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    I'm fascinated by the apparent change in colour in the wing feathers of this common bronzewing due to refraction in changing light conditions: cheers mick
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