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    Thought it was about time I let you folk know where I spend a fair bit of my life, a little bit of background first, about 3 years ago my father moved in with me he's a crotchety old dude that doesn't speak much english and he's pretty crook so he moved in he needs looking after, anyway after spending 6 months teaching him to use an iPad he discovered the internet more importantly streaming Spanish tv and Youtube for Spanish music Flamenco is his preferred flavour so fast forward another 6 months of being bombarded constantly with either of the 2 aforementioned favourites pretty much at full volume he's a bit deaf too, got a bit tiresome to say the least so I decided to embark on a project to build myself a den "The Bat Cave" I hope some of you enjoy my little story it was a lot of fun to do also hard work but I'm no longer going insane it's my "escape place" I'm sure some of you can relate. This is what it looks like today I'm still doing a bit of room treatment but it's close to being finished. Scroll down for the before shots. Humble beginnings it's my 20 year old shed that I built when I had no idea how important a level floor and wall really are so got that fixed up put the Silver paper (Sarking) on the inside of the Colourbond hopefully it helps in summer for the heat and did some wiring for power and ethernet. 5.5M X 4.5M if someones interested. Ok moving on insulation was a must Canberra is well known for it's temperature extremes not only does it get hot here it gets as cold as a witches titt today it nearly snowed, I used Acoustic Earthwool a bit dearer but worth it and no itch this stuff is nice to work with anyone who has used the fibreglass variety knows exactly what I mean. I used cement fibre sheets instead of Gyprock they are stronger and they will repel moisture to a point being an outdoor shed there was always the possibility I may have a leak I haven't yet but you never know. Check out my fancy second hand door. Ok moving on again painting done underlay down, lights in, tv bracket and air conditioner installed this is looking comfortable now. How about some carpet getting excited now. Moving in some gear "yay" took 4 months to get to this stage. Some photo's of the evolving Den. This is today. The back of the room still a bit of treatment to be done here. Everyone is welcome at my place as long as there's only five of us. The vinyl section. Messy I know That's it guys my crude room treatments seem to be working quite nicely and I'm only half done I'm pretty happy with the results so far. 4 months it took me start to finish. $5000 in materials and related bits I did all of the labour apart from the air conditioner install that is not a job for amateurs. I'm done all I need to do is one of those feet shots too cold in Canberra at the moment for that.
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    Yep. What Kaynin said. @betocool just start collecting mate, they all have their own flavour whilst still remaining distinctly Maiden, I love them all. Buy them all, keep them, become familiar with them all, mine will be with me until the end, they continue to give me enjoyment like they just came out yesterday. If you can get to a live gig, do not pass it up.
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    Still going through my NZ photos ... this is just a hand-held shot taken in the middle of the day but I like it coz it shows how the planes take off over the lake and between the mountains: Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 16-35mm lens @ 20mm, F/8, ISO 100, 1/500 sec, cropped. --Geoff
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    Arve Henriksen - Chiaroscuro.
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    Just bought this from JB HiFi for $28. Bit bright to start, but focus and presence is very good. I love Dylan and this is going down well. Gatefold dubbel album, 180 gram. Another lucky buy.
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    USS Bonhomme Richard and the Spirit of Tasmania at Station Pier, Melbourne
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    I hope you will allow me to recommend highly Bamboom Cases bamboomcases.com I wanted a custom built bamboo rack to house my audio equipment at home. By accident I found these guys based in Melbourne. I have no ties to them whatsoever. They built a rack to my specification. Fantastic quality, reasonably priced and expertly shipped to Sydney. I am so happy with it I want to share this with SNA in case anyone else is interested. The website shows work they do for studios but I know they are open to building anything in bamboo. Photos of my unit below. I need to tidy up the cables next! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Found this original pressing brand new on ebay, SQ is amazing. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Stan Getz ‎ The Very Best Of Stan Getz. Verve Records ‎2304 024 Compilation Australia 1971. Some op shop magic from earlier this year. Found a Laurindo Almeida LP as well.
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    To test the renewed power supply, I played this record. Works like a charm.
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    Still gots all me fingers, time for a brew
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    Been meaning to get round to this for so many years. So much gear sadly come and gone, lots I perhaps should of kept. I'll see if i can dig up some old pictures later and post them but I didn't want that to stop me finally getting this up. I've had a 5 year hiatus from Hi Fi and have just started back. I always had a system set up but just wasn't getting the time to listen. Anyway getting back into it I looked at what equipment I had left and then picked a direction to go in, so a few things have left recently and a few things will be arriving in the near future. My Gale 402's went recently, speakers I had kept for years over many others, they made way for a short visit by Tannoy 633 which left for my current magnificent and under rated DLK bookshelf speakers. The cabinets will be getting a touch up in the near future but the drivers are perfect. Now my Ming Da which again has seen off many other amps is on the way out to make way for something else so I really wanted to get this up in memory before it leaves. The Yamaha receiver will fill the gap for a while, and what a great job it is doing. The system as is, sounds wonderful, as good as anything I've had before and most I've heard regardless of price. I'll keep updating and adding more info, this is a start though. More to come on the Home Theater you can see lurking in the background which is a big part of life.
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    Item: Sansui BA2000 240 volt Location: ACT Sunny Canberra Price: $1000 Item Condition: For it's age lovely condition it does have some marks on the casing it's never been resprayed. Reason for selling: Got too many Sansui's who would have thought. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pretty rare nowadays I've had this a while excellent sound from this heavy beast and it looks great too. This amp was worked on by the Guru skippy124 I haven't had to do anything to it apart from keeping it clean. FYI any Melbourne members I'm doing a run to Albury this Sunday 10/9 if someone wanted to meet there to not have to do postage. Pictures:
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    I like the idea of seperates. was planning on the 7703/7702 with rotel 1585 or 1555 for main 5 channels and something small for atmos. its just a lot of rack space and I already used up all my husband points on the speakers. I think I can swap out a receiver for a new one without any drama
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    Welcome to the most expensive, but by far the most rewarding thread on SNA (in conjunction with its bast@rd offspring, Jazz Currently Spinning, Electronica Currently Spinning, et al). Never mind the threads about all the gear, this is where it's really happening. If you're not spending more money on music than gear, then you're letting the tail wag the dog. Soak up the great and varied recommendations. Use Tidal to narrow down your selections and buy vinyl judiciously. You'll still go broke - but you'll have a hell of a time along the way.
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    SOtM SMS 200 with Uptone Lps 1, the remainder of budget towards a dac used or new. Sent from my JAZZ using Tapatalk
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    Yes, indeed my 'SkeletaLinn' has a similar flavour. In my case, the concept went something like this: I fell in love with @lovetube's 12" Univector arm. it rapidly became apparent that it wouldn't fit on my LP12 without severe butchery! so - as I didn't want to butcher my lovely LP12 - as I like the concept of a belt-drive, sprung TT and the Linn bearing ... I decided to use these essential Linn parts to build a TT which could take a 12" arm. I came up with the idea of a triangular 'space frame', resting on the Linn springs ... with one side of the triangle being able to be extended, to take a 12" arm. and the motor is isolated from the spaceframe (except for the belt, of course). Mmm ... coupla comments: Why would you ever want to have 3 identical arms on it? Shirley, at least one would be 9" - but of course this would mean that that leg of the tri-arm base would have to be shorter than the others. It would be better to not have the motor 'pod' resting on something that is attached to the base of the bearing. With the setup shown ... motor vibrations will flow into the motor pod ... which will then flow into the bearing. If the motor pod rested on the shelf which the pillar-bases were resting on ... there would be much less motor vibration transfer (and the heavier the motor pod - the more it would absorb motor vibrations). Andy
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    Mosfets/ Bipolar transistors, the caps rating is only there to suit the voltage of power supply used. That wasn't really what I was trying to get at anyway. So let's say hypothetically (dont know for sure until Anthem get back with a power rating of their transformer) that the transformer is rated at 550VA. Does this mean that the spec of 550w into 2 ohm each channel "continuously" is valid? Now if it was maybe written as dynamic power ie. power storage in caps used for a portion of time before power sag comes into play or maximum short term power (as nad have used in their brochures before) then that would be ok. Continuously means as such and would need a transformer capable of,(as well as other engineering parts, heatsinks, number of output devices etc) the job at hand.
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    Just received these in the mail. The National - Sleep Well Beast Peter Gabriel- Passion Will give a spin later today, got to cut some grass.... Still waiting on TWOD - A deeper understanding. The National was only released the other day....go figure. Matt
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    Of course you are correct but I haven't bothered yet because I have the SOtM modded switch between my NUC and SMS-200 Ultra. I'll have to give it a go though.
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    I have the Google Home in my house.....
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    I like your uncluttered setup, mine unfortunately is a bit cluttered, i really need to build a custom cabinet that holds everything and sits further back so i can reclaim some floor space and not have stuff between my speakers.
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    I have a Mac Mini which is a few years old now, but it works fine. I use Tidal either stand alone or integrated with Audirvana+ (I prefer the latter as I use Audirvana exclusively as a player). Just works. Plus you get a proper computer as well! (I realise this is not an "other option")
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    I will certainly blind test before spending a cent on upgrading cables
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    I got them made locally by a guy. I was inspired by Kenrick Audio from Japan.
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    Just wondering what is bad paying with paypal????? I have had many happy transactions with friends. Asking because the dislike for paypal may enlighten me for future transactions. Nothing more. Tidy amp. Rob
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    i keep clicking on people names somehow rather than time stamp to read a post. dont want to get anyone paranoid
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    Dali Zensor 3 - award winning audiophile bookshelf speaker and lots of good reviews.
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    Too early to drink but some goodies arrived this week. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Pink Floyd - Animals. The last of the 3 LPs I bought from Candyflip. On the back, it says 1977 Pink Floyd Music - CBS. For such an old record, it's incredibly well kept and there's an absence of noise. It's like listening to a clean digital file but with the vinyl goodness.
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    My first go at an Aurora: Nikon D750 F2.8, 16mm, ISO 500, 30 sec. cheers mick
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    Item: Fender Telecaster Custom Shop, with McVay G Bender Location: Sydney, inner-west Price: $2000 Item Condition: See below Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: (Time to accept I really only enjoy playing acoustics nowadays, so should retire the electrics and associated gear). This is a truly awesome Custom Shop Telecaster w/McVay G Bender. A true beast of a guitar. I purchased it from a pro-player almost two years ago, and have only used it at home since. It has all the Custom Shop features you'd expect, and is a joy to play. Original case and paperwork. It has developed a curious darkening on the back where it sits against your body. Not sure if this is just a light affect on the finish, as I've never really tried to remove it, and it's more noticeable in photos than in person. There's probably a good argument that this is worth thousands more than being offered, but to be honest, I was lucky to buy it for a few hundred more a couple of years ago, so happy to offer it in SNA family at this price. Anyway, the price is whatever the market will bear... It comes with a true McVay G bender installed (these cost $1000+US, plus postage). To get an idea of what a G Bender can do, enjoy this - https://youtu.be/4OKZQSAIiyc Pictures:
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    No worries swervyn Offer is always there ,as far as buying preloved ,I had the same doubts as well but as my taste went to dearer gear I could only afford 2nd hand now its all I buy Some great bargains out there [emoji5] Sent from my SM-J320ZN using Tapatalk
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    More 80s In my opinion his best album (solo). Loved this when it came out. Ive only ever had it on CD. Enjoying the vinyl version. From discogs. Robert Plant - the principle of moments Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
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    I thought that's what's said when going the other way?
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    @Martykt You can still purchase from Matador Records website http://store.matadorrecords.com/villains
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    Have been listening to alot Mika Vainio over the last week or so. In terms of my own musical tastes and history, his death is 1000 times more of a loss than Bowie and Prince combined. It is a little depressing that on this forum essentially dedicated to listening, a total of 3-4 people have even remarked on the passing of this sonic innovator.
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