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    Hi everyone I would like to present my new Groß DAC. It is based on the AKM4497EQ DAC chip running in software mode with a onboard micro controller.There are three digital inputs, Async USB using the Amanero Combo 384 USB board plus coax & optical. I have really gone overboard this time in terms of parts quality. The USB board & DAC chip run from four ultra low noise Analog Devices ADM7150 series regulators. The noise output level on these is only 0.9 u volts up to 100K. The critical DAC output stage is based on a zero feedback design using massive top quality Jensen line output transformers. The -3db bandwidth range is from 0.1Hz to 15MHz! No HF or LF roll off with these babies. Distortion 0.004% typ at 20 Hz and +4 dBu output level. These are the highest quality line output transformer Jensen make with PC mounting which I needed. It is a ultra simple output stage just using the transformers. Output level is 2v RMS. I have been in touch with AKM engineers & as a result changed a lot of the default AK4497EQ registry settings which now enables the chip to drive the transformers much better than normal. The other big bonus is the DAC output is fully variable (via remote) using the DAC chip internal 256 step attenuator. Bottom line is the DAC will drive a power amp perfectly with very smooth level control. You do throw away bits at lower levels but due to the DAC chips 32 bit architecture there does not seem to be much loss. There is a built in memory function so the DAC always remembers all setting including output level even after a full power off. Price - Unfortunately I did not have enough time today to do the full parts costing which I need to do to calculate the final price. I will definitely post that before the weekend. Build time is much quicker than the Konverter so that helps keep the final cost down too. OK the bottom line - how does it sound? As usual I am totally biased but this has to be the best sounding DAC only unit I have ever built by a country mile. I think the combination of ultra low noise power supplies, the AK4497EQ increased output drive & the excellent Jensen transformers is a match made in heaven. Price UPDATE! The first five at the introductory price of $2000 have now been sold. Current price will now go to approximately $2350 but I will confirm this shortly.
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    @GryfflesI wouldn't rush on the Antipodes first up. If you have a laptop or PC you could setup Roon and use it with Tidal as a first step. Is it a fair assumption that most of your music starting out is CD Rips? If they are a reclocker like yellowtec puc lite, or Singxer SU1 (which I have for sale). I would look at the Holo dac or Vinshine https://www.vinshineaudio.com/product-page/denafrips-venus-r2r-dac where you can get RJ45 connectors or I2S (HDMI) which is meant to be far superior. The vinshine venus is Singapore $3,850 delivered world wide. Both the Vinshine and Holo will give you heaps of flexibility going forward. Depending on storage of your computer you may need to get a NAS drive. Hold off on the Antipodes I have one and with my Devialet it is now mostly redundant as I stream over the ethernet cables at home using a laptop and a NAS.
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    Hi I have one you can borrow but I'm away for a week. Sent from my SM-N910U using Tapatalk
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    Ultimately, this thread ain't about blind testing, record cleaning or cables.
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    Item: Peachtree Stereo Power Amplifier Location: Len Wallis Audio HQ - 64 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove, NSW Price: $700 (StereoNET Special) Item Condition: Excellent Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, PayPal Extra Info: Stereo power amplifier rated at 220 watts per channel into 8 Ohms and 400 watts per into 4 Ohms. XLR and RCA inputs. High Gloss black cabinet. Excellent condition with original carton. Pictures:
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    August 31 1967 https://article.wn.com/view/2017/08/29/Alfa_Romeo_celebrates_the_50th_birthday_of_the_legendary_33_/ "An iconic car, the perfect blend of leading-edge technology, racing mechanics and a unique style. The 33 Stradale turns 50 years of age. This great Alfa Romeo was presented on 31 August 1967, on the eve of the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Monza circuit, befitting its ideal expression of the bond between the racing world and on-road cars. http://www.automobilemag.com/news/alfa-romeo-celebrates-50th-birthday-33-stradale/ "Penned by Franco Scaglione, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale used technology derived from the Tipo 33 race cars and was given an exterior that remains timeless and beautiful to this very day. The car made its debut the day before the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in August of 1967 and adopted the Quadrifoglio four-leaf clover badge as a point of pride. To celebrate the car’s fiftieth anniversary, Alfa Romeo is putting the 33 Stradale you see here and a series of other 33 projects on display as a temporary exhibition. The car will take center-stage, as it sits on permanent exhibition in the museum in “The most prestigious position, right in front of the gigantic illuminated installation that portrays the Alfa Romeo DNA.” did i mention i also have one of these
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    Very good idea. Two thumbs up! GIESELER only at front left, nothing else at the front, plate or sticker at the back. Perfect for ALL DACs, not for custom version only!!! Matt
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    Item: AMG VIELLA 12 Turntable with AMG Arm and Siltech phono cable Location: Brisbane Price: $9.5k + Shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need money for other things Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: One of the best turntables out there. I bought from distributor and has been looked after exceptionally well. Comes with AMG tonearm and a Siltech anniversary series phono cable. The TT is packed away in original double boxs. This unit has the cherry wood skirt. Sorry no photos as its in storage. Would prefer to leave it packed in its box but happy to display unit if in brisbane Cheers Pictures:
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    Item: Sansui AU-999 Integrated Amplifier. Perfect working condition. No issues to highlight. Location: Sydney, NSW Price: $999 Item Condition: Fantastic Reason for selling: Upgraded to a pre/power separates. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
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    to further that I used the search box and searched in the classifieds forum only for "audio research" http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/search/ came up with 21 pages of results, 3rd down from the list is likely the one you are looking for ? is that it ?
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    I dont doubt your issues experiencing, however on just one point. most forums cant cope with 3 letter or less searches... infact i dont think Ive come across a forum that can. you need to use google... its something a separate has covered at some stage. but I cant be bothered searching for it...
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    Looks like a labour of love Clay. Put me down for a trial unit if you need any more opinions. I can compare it to the Mola Mola DAC.
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    Count me in for a trial too Clay!! Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    Brother Saturn - Apollo, Can You Hear Me? -- new release on We Are All Ghosts label. Very noice. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp. --Geoff
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    Kai Engel - Caeli - another album from the Russian composer (see previous post here). Again, it's piano based neoclassical soundtrack stuff. A "Name Yer Price" download from Bandcamp, and as bonus the FLAC files are 24-bit 96kHz. --Geoff
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    Normally sellers can also assume their words will be read, along with the pictures. "Sale price includes the following" & "Available at additional cost/by negotiation are the following"
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    @candyflip 100% keeping all my vinyl and will keep buying some too! I've had a couple of wise folk tell me to hang on to it. I sold around 60 LP's 18 months ago and miss them now. Bummer. Cheers for your thoughts jon
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    Down here we can get wool batts, which expand from their packaging to about 75 mm thickness. I just found the calculations I made on them some time ago: 12 kgs per cubic metre. No idea how they rate among audiophiles, but they (suit my organic bent, and) can be pulled apart to be 2 or 3 times more fluffy. Measurement proves that they can get rid of internal box reflections, at least in the mid-range.
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    I've been following the discussion regarding differences between Volumio and MoOde with interest...... I have Volumio installed on my Pi3, however I've found that using the apple remote app on either the iphone or iPad as the controller is most convenient, streaming through either Volumio (Pi3 +AK4495 Dac) or Apple TV (with Cambridge Audio Dac) Would there be any benefit in using MoOde? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not sure if this qualifies as "World Music" but it sure ain't rock'n'roll
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    @Telecine if you really want one I can either get one in my next order (mine was $120 and then $20 shipping) or I can ask the boys at Tivoli if the new importer has stock and what they can do. Tivoli rock
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    If you compared back to back the Rotel to the Parasound for 2-channel duties I reckon it would take less than a minute to decide which one is the keeper. For HT only either would be fine. cheers Terry
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    Hi Guys Wow - nice piece of work. Have recently got myself a dedicated notebook to run HQ Player. I have found its up-sampling to be - well stunning - dead music simply comes alive with it. My Direct Stream just goes 384 but Clays DAC to 768 - cant wait to hear how it sounds with that. Will drop my PC fully loaded with music on its internal SSD and HQ Palayer to Clay in the next few days and see how it goes - should prove interesting. I have gone through my DAC buying Days but if this thing takes out my DS - anyone want a DS? Just kidding - mu DS has the inbuilt Bridge with MQA - but then again have this thing called an Auralic Aries - interesting listening ahead, Thanks Bill
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    Looks like I might be selling my trusty Klein SE. Well done Clay
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    So tempting, but if I keep spending dollars on tunes I'll never get my planned system built.
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    James Plotkin - Inevitable Archives: Vol 1 - Lost Guitar Compositions
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    Turned up today, first listen. Great SQ.
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    hI Are you having any luck with your HD-DVD sales? My XE-11 is now refusing to play any kind of DVD. I tried a DVD cleaner and that played but it didn't fix the problem. I have a collection of HD-DVDs almost identical to yours. I am about to send them to the tip but before I do I was wondering if yor are getting any expressions of interest? Alebenou referred me to you!! I used to be on here (DTV) a lot but have not been in the last few years
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    The The, an absolute highpoint in the 80's! That's Nene Cherry with Matt Johnson!
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    I thought I would give it a try, so on sat night I got three friggin numbers and no supps, It's always a situation of 'Missed by THAT much!' I'm a terrible gambler, I hate it so avoid it. So no Line Magnetics for me
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    Woke up this morning and I thought it's a dream. Did I buy the Rega RP8? Walk into the study and there it is. Put on 'Dark Side of the Moon' and I wasn't dreaming definitely. This sounds so good. I need to get more LPs.
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    Run the Jewels 2 - oh my darling don't cry
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    I was Matsumoto for Winter.3c in the morning but sunny days. Kisso Valley was Magic for hiking in the Snow..
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    Thanks for everyone's thoughts on our enclosures and also for your understanding Ben, sorry that we are unable to assist with your custom cabinet. I feel I should at least give some reasoning as to why (we certainly don't just dismiss it lightly) ... we do get these requests every now and then and there is a lot of unseen work that needs to go into the design and construction, which ultimately (and sadly) becomes too cost prohibitive for a one-off process for residential customers. Once we have the cabinet requirements our industrial designers will draw up the design in CAD, including unique driver cutouts/rebates, ports, optimised bracing, crossover positioning etc. From there we then need to write a CNC program of the design, optimising for our CNC machines and veneer sheet sizes. Both these processes take quite a lot of time, and also take our designers away from developing products in our release schedule. The process then moves to construction, allowing for CNC machine time, veneer/MDF materials and wastage, paint materials and labour, custom grille design and assembly (which can get tricky!), cabinet assembly and final acoustic testing. We will often make a prototype before a final cabinet design. The beauty of CNC machines is that they are very precise, consistent and are great for long runs, but not as suitable for single units where cost is a factor. In theory we could do it, but the entire cost needs to be put into the one pair, where normally it would be spread across hundreds or even thousands of units. Hopefully this gives some insight into just part of our manufacturing process - you may already be aware of all these things but hopefully it's at least interesting to those who aren't as familiar with the manufacturing process. We like to ensure that every product that leaves our factory has been built to the highest standard, requiring a substantial investment in design and construction. This generally takes a minimum of 30+ hours and goes up from there! So thanks for listening and appreciate your understanding! Cheers, Michael
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    Here is lids off. 48 X 4700 MFD ME branded caps in each one. Thats 225600MFD. The transformer is 14cm across and 14cm in height.
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    seems we have two threads running those who listened to commercial radio and those who listened to alt radio in the 80's. the good 80's stuff for me was mostly on alt radio, heh heh! RRR and PBS rule in Melbourne! Take Jah Wobble for instance https://www.discogs.com/Holger-Czukay-Jah-Wobble-Jaki-Liebezeit-Full-Circle/master/14116 https://www.discogs.com/Jah-Wobble-Edge-The-Holger-Czukay-Snake-Charmer/master/22925
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    Kid Creole 1983 live at the Hammersmith Odeon, genius! At 3.13 Kid and his lovely Coconuts stroll on stage to the killer opening bars of Stool Pigeon, it doesn't let up from there on in!
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