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    Thought it was about time I let you folk know where I spend a fair bit of my life, a little bit of background first, about 3 years ago my father moved in with me he's a crotchety old dude that doesn't speak much english and he's pretty crook so he moved in he needs looking after, anyway after spending 6 months teaching him to use an iPad he discovered the internet more importantly streaming Spanish tv and Youtube for Spanish music Flamenco is his preferred flavour so fast forward another 6 months of being bombarded constantly with either of the 2 aforementioned favourites pretty much at full volume he's a bit deaf too, got a bit tiresome to say the least so I decided to embark on a project to build myself a den "The Bat Cave" I hope some of you enjoy my little story it was a lot of fun to do also hard work but I'm no longer going insane it's my "escape place" I'm sure some of you can relate. This is what it looks like today I'm still doing a bit of room treatment but it's close to being finished. Scroll down for the before shots. Humble beginnings it's my 20 year old shed that I built when I had no idea how important a level floor and wall really are so got that fixed up put the Silver paper (Sarking) on the inside of the Colourbond hopefully it helps in summer for the heat and did some wiring for power and ethernet. 5.5M X 4.5M if someones interested. Ok moving on insulation was a must Canberra is well known for it's temperature extremes not only does it get hot here it gets as cold as a witches titt today it nearly snowed, I used Acoustic Earthwool a bit dearer but worth it and no itch this stuff is nice to work with anyone who has used the fibreglass variety knows exactly what I mean. I used cement fibre sheets instead of Gyprock they are stronger and they will repel moisture to a point being an outdoor shed there was always the possibility I may have a leak I haven't yet but you never know. Check out my fancy second hand door. Ok moving on again painting done underlay down, lights in, tv bracket and air conditioner installed this is looking comfortable now. How about some carpet getting excited now. Moving in some gear "yay" took 4 months to get to this stage. Some photo's of the evolving Den. This is today. The back of the room still a bit of treatment to be done here. Everyone is welcome at my place as long as there's only five of us. The vinyl section. Messy I know That's it guys my crude room treatments seem to be working quite nicely and I'm only half done I'm pretty happy with the results so far. 4 months it took me start to finish. $5000 in materials and related bits I did all of the labour apart from the air conditioner install that is not a job for amateurs. I'm done all I need to do is one of those feet shots too cold in Canberra at the moment for that.
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    Scarlet robin today: cheers mick
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    Oh yes, I meant $2000 too late they're gone
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    Waiting for the group to catch up so we could move onto the next location my short attention span kicked in so some random snaps of anything that passed by, Warp speed on Bourke Street. Bus Tram Interdimensional Portal
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    I've picked up close to 40 records from the tip recently. Some really great classical recordings. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    still looking good for that Manly Dragons Grand Final i have tshirts
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    Just fantastic Seb. Impressive on so many levels. First up good on you for looking after your Dad. The shed just looks great, excellent work mate. All your gear fits beautifully and I bet it sounds a treat. Treating all the walls and ceiling with Earthwool will keep the neighbours happy and let you enjoy some late night tunes. Doing it all yourself is what makes it so much more special. I hope it brings you many hours of enjoyment.
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    Toumani Diabate - The Mande Variations.
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    Item: Simaudio Moon 350P Preamplifier & 330A Power Amplifier Location: Gold Coast Price: $5,500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: need the funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these amps mid June this year from the classifieds here (see original posting below) Thoroughly enjoyable amps (in particular the phono I enjoyed - the DAC & Line Level are of course excellent as well). Comes with remote control, manuals and original boxes. I'm happy to sell separately if I get a buyer for the preamp and one for the power amp.
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    Item full name and model etc. ...see below for individual details * Location ... Melbourne * Item condition description ...see below (Standard SNA gradings) * Price and price conditions ...as specified below * Reason for selling ...Your weekly hand-picked suggestions. * Payment/delivery Methods: NO PICKUPS SORRY - mail only. Bank transfers, or PayPal (Friends & Family only, no notes) are both welcome. STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW: Once all sold (or near to), a donation to SNA of 5% of the total sold will follow. All titles here get brand new inner and outer sleeves before shipping. I try and ship 5 days a week. THE SMALL PRINT: I fully guarantee everything I offer - if you don't like any item for whatever reason, return it at my expense, no questions asked (verified 30 day+ active Forum members only thanks).. Original contents are stored inside the cover. I try to ship all records outside the cover and inner paper sleeves, so any postal damage is minimised. I use new pre-made cardboard mailers for smaller orders, and these virtually guarantee safe arrival of your record (they are also MUCH faster to pack). Combined postage to anywhere in Australia at cost (or close enough). ABSOLUTELY NO LOCAL PICKUPS - don't ask - it's not going to happen. I just don't have the time, sorry. I'm barely at home as it is though, and have no wish to be here waiting around for hours at a time. Lastly - I'm not a shop. I don't have credit card facilities and I don't do this full time (though sometimes it feels like I might!). It's a hobby I love, where I try to make damn sure that *everyone* wins. Complain to me loudly if anything goes wrong (although it barely ever does) - and I'll fix it. Post in this thread to reserve your item(s). NB: CONSERVATIVE GRADING… cover first / record grade 2nd ___________________________________ Evening all, How's your week? Some items I didn't get to last weekend. These tend to go *very* quickly once posted up, so get in FAST.... List #3 Janis Joplin – I Got Dem Ol Kozmic Blues Again Mama! – AUS original CBS 'one-eye' LP (SBP 233740) VG/VG. Nice cover with light ringwear front and back. No OIS. Record has some scratches and marks but plays really well throughout, as these ones often do. Minimal to zero noise throughout and great SQ. $20 SOLD Supertramp - Crime of the Century - AUDIOPHILE Canadian Half Speed Mastered 1978 original (SPJ-3647) VG+/VG++. These turn up from time to time, but not often in this pristine condition. Just a light sticker residue top right front, and some very small edge wrinkles. Presents really nicely. Beautiful record with barely a mark in the strongest overhead light. Lovely all around. $68 SOLD BEFORE Jimi Hendrix - Experience (Original Soundtrack) - Vogue French 1979 original (509011) VG+/VG+. Really nice example, with just light edge wear and tiny edge wrinkles. Otherwise really clean. The record is also beautiful and plays with zero to tiny noise only, but mostly silent throughout. Killer live set. $30 SOLD BEFORE Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys - 'Puppet cover' AUS pressing purple writing (Polydor 2406 002) VG+/VG+. Strong clean cover with barely a mark, just some compression from many years of storage. The record is marked, but plays wonderfully and strong. $45 Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks - Unofficial AUS pressed ruby/lilac translucent marbled vinyl in gatefold (Anthem PD-5058) NM/NM. Gatefold is perfect and accurate. Not sure how whoever did this achieved it, but they have an absolute winner on their hands here. Not easy to find either (there is a green marbled version, but I've not seen this particular version before). The vinyl is gorgeous, one, but also plays with great power, excellent mastering, and absolutely silent throughout. $65 Cold Chisel - Swingshift - Double live AUS original (WEA 80003) VG+/VG++. Nice example with no major marks to the cover except for a very light name near top left, some edgewear/wrinkling, two beautiful OIS, and two excellent records without a mark. Plays great throughout. $20 Cold Chisel - East - AUS original (WEA 600064) VG+/VG+. Nice example with only minor traces of wear to the front and back, light edge wear and bumps to corners. Excellent OIS. The wax is nice and clean with only minor marks and plays really well throughout. $20 Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust - AUS original 1987 gatefold (CBS 460005 1) strong VG/VG+. Some edgewear, price sticker residue top left corner front, a hint of ringwear front and back the worst. Great OIS and the huge foldout poster is NM. Record has some marks but plays beautifully throughout. $28 Crowded House - Temple of Low Men - AUS original 1988 (ST 748763) VG+/VG+. Cover is great with just light wear, tiny splist on edges, no ringwear, great OIS. The record has some hairlines in bright light, but plays beautifully. $20 Pink Floyd - Animals - AUS original (SBP 234948) VG+/VG+. Really nice one this. The cover is in fantastic condition with just the hint of storage wear when seen on a certain angle in bright light (consistent with being now 40 years old). No real edgewear (just a tiny amount to the spine corners) and a great OIS with only light hints of wear. Lovely bright, shiny record with no noise. $50 James Brown – Sex Machine Today – Japanese press no OBI (Polydor KI 7508/ MP 2481) VG+/NM. Awesome cover with zero wear. Original insert. Flawless wax. Great package. $38 The Cure - Standing On A Beach The Singles - Dutch original gatefold (829 239-1) VG+/VG++. Really nice example with just a few small chunks flicked open from the spine (still perfectly legible), gategold is lovely, back is shmick, terrific OIS. Near perfect record with no marks. $42 Various Artists - Songs of a Psychedelic Age - AUS pressed gatefold (TMAK-068) VG++/VG++. Very rarely found in this condition - when you do, it's usually worn, written on and has all manner of inexcusable mistakes. Glenn.A.Baker double compilation of absolutely awesome 70’s psychedelia, with incredible mainstream artists like Cream, Hendrix, Small Faces, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Jefferson Airplane, The Easybeats, Russell Morris, Temptations, Eric Burdon and more. 30 tracks across 2 albums. The front and back laminated cover is near perfect. Price sticker on top right front. Two awesome discs with just very light marks only and all play beautifully. Grab it! $55 Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms - Canadian pressed original (VOG 1 3357) VG++/VG++. Cover is great with a few tiny wrinkles only along the edges, a hint of storage wear only. Good OIS and near perfect record with no marks. Lovely all around. $35 SOLD Eagles - Hotel California - Japanese original press with OBI (P-6561Y) NM/NM. Cover is perfect with the insert, Mint poster and lyric inner all looking fabulous. Superb, Mint all around. Best I've seen. $45 SOLD BEFORE ELO - The Very Best of The Electric Light Orchestra - Rare Double compilation pressed in Spain (Epic 466558 1) VG+/VG+. Was only every produced in two territories. Cover is lovely with just a few marks and a sticker residue on the top right back cover. Both records are near perfect except for Side 4 (record 2) where I carelessly marked the record during my cleaning routine. The record pays perfectly still, but now sports some nice long squiggly marks on just Side 4. Stoopid me...but again, the record SQ is still perfect. Damn...take it for just $45, which is marginally more than it cost me to import the only copy I have ever been able to find!.... SOLD BEFORE Led Zeppelin – III – US repress from 1970 (SD 19128 SP) VG+/NM. With intact wheel (off it's central hinge, but spins fine). Gatefold issue. Superb condition everywhere else. How does this get through almost unmarked through 40 years, looking new. Remarkable. $40 _____________________________________________________________ cheers jon
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    Much ! Looks great. Are those some Duntech's I spy in the earlier photos?
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    Thanks Al No doubt scumbag will turn them around eventually
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    Great job. You should feel very proud. Do you mind telling us what speakers you have? I recognise some of the amps (Sansui and Earle Weston) - maybe more than one Sansui lurking around? But am curious about the speakers - and when do you swap them over?
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    Well done again, great job. BTW, you have some very nice gear there, you've done well.
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    @Hensa is right. They are colour coded to cantilever/tip combinations. I have seen no Grace F8 or F9 stylus ever look like that in shape or be black in colour. MattyW sent me a generic black stylus that he planned to use on his F9, which I believe to be a generic ATN952 (square shank that happens to fit the F9's round shank hole) and looks identical to the one in mloutfie's picture. It is not genuine. Maybe you have never heard the best of your F8's then ......plus, I always thought F8 styli do not fit F9's. I know mine don't, different shank profiles (square and round).
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    I thought I would give it a try, so on sat night I got three friggin numbers and no supps, It's always a situation of 'Missed by THAT much!' I'm a terrible gambler, I hate it so avoid it. So no Line Magnetics for me
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    I drive mine extremely enthusiastically. I leave it in sport mode and sometimes fly up and down Adelaide hills 6 times a day... Never hit more than 12.2l/100. Usually at 11.8. My AWD turbo Lancer never got under 16 ltr/100 for the same runs. Home-work-home for lunch-work-kiddieA pickup-home-kiddieB pickup-home-choir-home...thats why I live this thing so much...
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    Hi All, Done, I am now the proud owner of A Cambridge Audio Azure 752BD Player, I will pick it up this Friday, so, many thanks to all here who participated on this thread with the many insights and recommendations it was all a very big help, again. Thanks.
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    Yep and serial numbers would be good too. I'll keep an eye out.
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    Satyricon - Now Diabolical
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    Item: Morrow Audio SP1 Bi-Wire speaker cables 2m pair - bananas both ends. Location: Melbourne Price: $100 ono + postage Item Condition: Used - Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, PayPal etc Extra Info: Bought direct from Morrow Audio a few years ago. Excellent cables in near new condition. Selling as they are too short for my current setup. Pictures:
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    it depends on your screen size. 4k is beyond imax. and you need between 1-1.5x screen heights to fully resolve. so yeah if have a 1m heigh screen then yeah would sit 1-1.5m away to fully resolve. the problem sitting that close is when watching anything of lesser resolution e.g. blu-ray/fta TV/DVD is going to look pretty average as typically rules f thumb of 2.5-3x screen heights work better for that stuff. does it mean will get no benefit sitting further ? no thats not the case e.g. if over resolving HD sitting at 2.5x screen heights then likely see *some* benefit of 4k. keeping in mind resolution is only one benefit of say formats like uhd there are other benefits such as WCG and HDR that will see from any distance.
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    This could be my answer to a cheap Dolby Atmos upgrade! I'll get 9 channels of amplification and a 11.2 processor! So together with my Emotiva amp, I'll be able to have 14 channels amplified - but I only need 7+4=11. All this for $2250?!?!!? If I went the 7703, I'd also need another power amp - could cost me $6K+ all up.
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    A phono preamp can be expected to have a gain of 40 dB at 1 kHz. If a recording has a peak velocity of 40 cm/sec and your mm cartridge has an output of 1mV/cm/sec then the phono preamp needs to be capable of an output of 4 volts without distortion. Good designs allow for a considerable headroom margin above this figure to avoid the possibility of hard clipping as a result of groove mis-tracking as well as clicks and scratches. I suggest that actually measuring the clipping point for a given input may be one of ways to determine the capabilities of a phono preamp. An inverse RIAA passive network is a useful tool in performing this task.
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    Hi All The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin, could also fit in the "Emotional / Beautiful Songs " thread.... JJ
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    Sat in a Golf R Mk7.5 weekend before last, and test drove a Mk7, they didn't want our kids booster seats in the new one, was wet out too and probably didn't want their showroom hero car all dirty New interior is a huge set up from our MK7 GTI. I actually prefer the slightly heavier feel of the (Mk7) R over the GTI and the slightly laggier response, makes it smoother away from a standstill but still HEAPS of grunt. My wife got to test drive the Mk 7.5 last Friday but typical of a dealership dealing with a female (it's her purchase), they only let her drive to the freeway, go to the next off ramp and back to the dealership, despite her complaints. That dealership just lost a $67000 sale! She said it was almost WRX like in sound (maybe just the new exhaust without carbon build up) and the new 7 speed DSG is much more sensitive to cog swapping. She said she wanted the wagon this time for the occasional need for more boot room when I'm away in the bogan wagon, but now trying to talk herself back into the hatch, in Wolfsburg trim.
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    The CPU's in smart TV's are there to run the not so smart app's. Video is processed by application specific (ASIC) chips not those CPU's refereed to in TV spec sheets. Good scaling is not complicated or expensive to implement and hasn't been for years. Any decent TV will have no issues with up scaling, and that was the case when TV's had no "CPU's". The differences in visual performance almost always come down to other factors like filtering of the internal TV tunes output and sharpening systems which can vary in performance markedly, but thats another story.
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    I ponied up and lashed out, it was down to $16 last week. Wasnt a bad movie I thought. Good bit of eye candy, story was a bit wishy washy. Story wise for me, a good movie has a good ending. Many end with no real ending. This one was ok in that respect I thought.
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    If you want to stay on MM, I would highly recommend Nagaoka MP-500 As someone already mentioned you might be able to improve the sound by a 'better' external phonostage. I am in the minority saying this and often attract flak, but cartridge and the phono are the most critical aspects in a vinyl rig.
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    A nice original uk pressing Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    @Odyssey Welcome to the dark side. Now you see why people with digital rigs chasing an analogue sound have been wasting their money. There's only one way to get a real analogue sound - buy analogue gear. So now you've made that leap, here's a few more things you should consider: Don't call your 'software' vinyls. Call them records. You'll gain instant kudos from anyone with half a clue when it comes to vinyl. Don't spend your money on record clamps - not yet. There are much bigger gains you can achieve elsewhere. Spend your money on as many records as you can to start with. Unless you like listening to the same records over and over, you'll quickly get bored. The excitement of new equipment fades relatively quickly. The thrill of discovering a new artist remains with you the rest of your life. Never lose sight of this. Buy yourself a record cleaning machine of some sort a bit further down the track. Refer to 'rule' number 3. Until you've got more than 100 records, that's where you should be spending your money. I had more than 2,000 before I bought my first record cleaner. For now, just be aware that all records benefit from a clean - even brand new ones. There's heaps of threads on SNA about record cleaning. Set aside a few hours and read up. The single biggest improvement I made to my record collection was buying a record cleaner. I wish I had done it many, many years ago. If you want to see how much difference it makes, drop me a PM and we'll clean one of your records. I'm willing to bet pounds to peanuts you'll be even more excited about the sound of vinyl. Don't buy too many of your records from JB Hi Fi. Besides being over-priced, they generally stock poor quality pressings. If you think your records sound good now, you'll be blown away by how good a clean, well pressed record will sound. Spend some time talking to guys who have an established record collection and ask them which pressings sound best. You've made a good start by speaking with Dennis. He knows what he's talking about, so listen to what he says. Spend some time meeting other vinyl aficionados. Sometimes the best pressed records are unobtanium unless you have a very fat wallet. However, there are generally more affordable alternatives that sound almost as good. Often a much better pressing can be bought online for less than what you'll find a lower quality pressing in a bricks and mortar store. Learn about record pressing plants and which ones do a great job. Again, I wish I had done this years ago. If you care about sound quality, it will make an enormous difference. Get out and see lots of live music. No matter how good your vinyl rig sounds, it never sounds as good as the real deal. Regardless of any advice you receive from me or anyone else, enjoy the music - that's what it's all about! I can see you're doing that in spades right now. Don't ever let that feeling go.
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    Welcome Gary and great to have you back here. We've got a long way to go and I've got my work cut out for me to create a NZ-centric size from across the ditch. I'm in for the long haul though and the NZ industry so far seems quite supportive of the initiative.
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    A mate near Bellingen made that & my cd rack for me. Both out of blue gum. Both racks take 4 blokes to shift them.
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    It arrived at work and there was no way the box could fit in my hatch. So I had to unpack it and install the tubes. I think I only chalked up about 4 hours last night.
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    Charly - Trip into drum and bass version by The Prodigy from the album The Prodigy Experience (white cover)
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    YES, great album with terrible cover. I also like "The Book of Souls"
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    Atlantic Rhythm And Blues 1947-1974 14 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation Box Set These excellent albums are relatively cheap and give hours of enjoyment.
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    HI All Ganja > Spliff > Rollie > Rolling > Stone gathers no moss > Ian Moss - Bow River JJ
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    Cream > Milk > Land of Milk and Honey > Garden of Eden > Cherubim > Botticelli > Jelly Botty > Curry Runs > Usain Balti > Jamaica > Lee Scratch Perry - The Ganja Man.
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    My room is built as a stand alone, a room in a room. Think display at an expo for how it is made. There is an air gap of at least 75mm right around the room. The floor "floats". Inside, the walls are MDF, screwed and glued with a rubberized adhesive. It is starting to rattle now, but most of that is the doors and crap I have attached to the outside of the screen end wall. Inside the room, the 1st 1/3rd of the room is treated for absorption. There are several ways to do this, but I was mainly concerned with frequencies over 1K here, so used a black car carpet and lined the walls from floor to ceiling. The remaining 2/3rds are half treated. The trick here is DO NOT GLUE the carpet. Attach it by any means you feel you need to make it will work, but what happens is that by not being glued, even when pulled tight, it creates an air/surface interface. Sound waves smaller enough are absorbed by the fibres of the carpet. Once sound waves are large enough to pass through, they loose energy, hit the wall and bounce back, only to have to pass through the carpet again where they loose even more energy. At this point, they are below a level you will hear them. Again, this was aimed at the upper end of the spectrum. Image 1 bitmap showing Plan, side elevation and screen end of the room. Image 2 screen end of the room before the curved AT screen went in. Image 3 wall to wall Scope AT screen. Image 4 Seating and surrounds. I was on a budget when I did this room almost 7 years ago. What I do need more of is diffusion. I was amazed with the difference that one tile made on the sound. The panel between the two back surrounds was smooth laminated MDF and I wanted the high reflection properties to aid with the surrounds. As it turned out, it was also in a direct line with the centre speaker behind the AT screen. In the seats, you didn't really hear the centre channel reflection, but standing to the side, nasty. After research, it was agreed that diffusion was the key and that one tile made such a difference. I want more diffusers like that all over the smooth back panels. Because they are not cheap, I am looking at simple timber slats at different heights to run on the ceiling. These will later double as solid mounts for ATMOS overhead speakers. Note the low back chairs? So many people go for these massive high recliners and then ask ways to stop the reflections that can hear from the head rests. These seats are comfortable enough for a movie, but you won't be able to fall asleep in them. Also because of the low back (this is the reason they were chosen) there can be no obstruction from the speakers to the ears.
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