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    Given a definite lack of Aussie Baby M / BMW forums around I thought Id try to kick off something here. After owning quite a few modified cars over the years I decided on yet another approach to beating the Adelaide Hills Golf R collective (...duck for cover) A 1.5 locked LSD in a modded 200SX for nutty corner exits before kids were born, STI running-geared Forester GT for when the kids needed prams, Stealthily-modded Ralliart Lancer for when I got sick of manually actuated clutches and kids needed a taxi. All previous cars were a significant match for most other vehicles twice their price and my minimum requirement to pull away from Golf R32/R's respectively were all satisfied by the above. For the last month now I have owned a low mileage M135i. All justified now that the kids do high school physics and understand what 450Nm from just off idle at 1350 rpm flatly held all the way to 4500rpm feels like from the passenger seat. I dont think it needs more than 5 gears but it has 8. Getting back to RWD has been a hoot (in the dry) and I dare say I would have to tip the hat to R's in the wet but having that lag free instant crack of a mid blow turbo 3ltr six is why I chose it. I know of a few lurking in SNA-land. Does anyone want to share ownership experience, tyre choices, i-drive upgrades, brake pad choices , reliability problems etc?
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    I hope they eventually remaster "On The First Day" David Sylvian with Robert Fripp . a true classic album
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