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    There is a jazz brotherhood in this thread Josh. Welcome & we look forward to your contributions
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    Hi @Owen Y just letting you know I got all the bits today. Got it all set up but haven't tested it out yet. Thanks for all the good coms and advice within this thread. Cheers Matt.
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    Tissues? Of course, tears of happiness!
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    They hit 80 years old and have an insatiable appetite for wing suit clips and motorbike fails.
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    Finally picked the car up today! The long wait to get the car built and delivered meant I had plenty of time to go shopping. First up, the M2 is the first M car without an oil temp gauge!! GASP!!! So this seemed interesting... the M Performance Alcantara steering wheel - with LED display. It also does lap timers/g forces but not something I expect to be playing. I do like that I can set the rev limiter to 3500rpm when I am running it in. So then I decided to jazz up the interior a little with an Alcantara hood care of a firm in Finland. Then I got itchy and decided to order the M Performance exhaust with Carbon Fibre exhaust tips which led to the carbon fibre diffuser and the matching carbon fibre spoiler. And the matching black trim grilles and side emblems. Will be installing the CF diffuser and M Performance exhaust when I get the shakedown service done.
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    G'day all, an interesting musical experience last night and to be honest I'm not sure what to make of this. For the last few nights I've been listening to a copy of J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto's (a personal favourite), with several different phono stages, my DIY ESP P06, my recently made 'Muffsy', and last night my ANT Kora 3T SE. All three are fabulous phono stages but something unusual was noted while listening with the ANT, that I didn't expect, there was a sense of the music 'flowing' as I listened. It was quite an unmistakable effect and very pleasant. I later looked up some reviews of that phono stage and I was slightly shocked to read essentially the same comment on this review in the summary. http://www.ant-audio.co.uk/reviews/Kora_3T_SE.pdf Wow, there is just something about those FET's! Regards, Felix.
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    Wow that is some great kit. I once had a 5 ch Elektra that was a beast and now have the New Pre driving my Active SGR's . Love it. Great combo at a very decent price. GLWTS. Regards Cazzesman
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    And some more Neil Young - Old Man.
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    Another happy SNA ending........................please pass the tissues!
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    Julie London - Cry Me A River.
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    Air- Moon Safari Just felt like a bit of electro chill, and it doesn't get much better than this. [emoji5] Fortunately my Tidal stream doesn't seem to be filled with plaster dust! [emoji38] Sorry [mention=112606]Hergest[/mention] just a friendly dig; that does sound like an LP tragedy... [emoji21] Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    Item: Vitus SIA-025 Integrated Amplifier - RRP US$27,000 Location: Adelaide Price: Relisted Item Condition: Mint condition in original box Reason for selling: Need the funds so my system needs to go! Payment Method: Local pickup or direct deposit for interstate buyers Extra Info: Basically the best integrated amp money can buy and better than most separates! Pure class A 25Wpc switchable to class AB 100Wpc. Don’t be fooled by the numbers, the solid state electronics provide immense power but with tube-like holographic imaging. This is a preamp and monoblocks (SM-010 moaural amplifiers) in a single box. The result is five inputs (balanced and unbalanced), a preamplifier output for bi-amping purposes and balanced speaker outputs. At 40kg, it is built like a Bentley and feels extremely refined with no expense spared in its construction. Beautiful remote that is only available with the Signature and Masters series products. Also includes the original Vitus power cable which is better than many commercial audiophile cables and Vitus packaging. Dimensions: 43.5w x 43d x 13h cm The reviews speak for themselves: https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2012/12/20/mini-review-vitus-audio-sia-025-integrated-amplifier/ http://www.kogaudio.com/pdf/SIA025TAS.pdf
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    Those who know the Black Keys will know that the heading above is track 8 , or track 3 side B of the El Camino vinyl record and this post is sort of about that track. It's also about a little upgrade to my vinyl system having bought a new Shure stylus recently and the Vincent Phono8 a few months back. Well ! today I had the system cranked a bit and the track mentioned was playing when all hell broke loose - the windows rattled, the gas fire rattled, the ageing floorboards wobbled and then the missus comes running in from the kitchen saying "what was that" and "that can't be right". I just smiled a nervous, little shocked smile and said "I think the system is working good now" Holy crap, I had forgotten about this deep bass in this song, but I have never heard it like this. So go and put on your Black Keys vinyl of El Camino and slot the needle into track 3 side B and wait for the scary JOY. .
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    My basic understanding is that large flat areas cause audible echos and uneven ones not so much. I remember as a kid asking why the walls of the Adelaide Festival Theater were made up of small uneven wooden blocks. It was one of my first pieces of information that would stay with me as I explored music and the behavior of sound. Whoever designed that obviously thought it was worth the incredible cost. The interior of your room from what I see appears to be nicely constructed to allow a similar effect. My room currently, unfortunately is an echo chamber...
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    Yep. Great jazz bands and with the focus all about the voice. Really great recordings too. I've got one more in the arsenal which is also a double album. Good chance I won't spin it tonight though. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Absolutely. My daughter is doing a degree in music and training in opera voice and she got me onto Ella. Got a few in the collection and the best thing is when you find them you can get them really cheap cause they're not main stream. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Are you influenced/deceived/fooled by the 'looks' of Hi Fi gear? Yes. Love it. Yes I'm an extremely shallow person. Send me your ugly Grand Integra Onkyo 510 monster amplifier. Send me your hideous Kronzilla. Send me your ludicrously lairy Avantgardes. Send me your Cocobolo plinth/faceplate/remote control or anything. If it's Cocobolo I'll have it. *Your reading this and your like....
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    Spotted a 360 Spider today.
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    http://www.dtvforum.info/uploads/monthly_2017_07/Ruipro.png.282a202b9fd41f5e5f36234564b7c5f5.png Many have experienced problems with HDMI running 4K UHD 4:4:4 @ 60Hz, in particular on long runs. In fact Premium Certified HDMI cables don't go over 7.6m (25ft) and although some cables do work past this point, it's very hit and miss... price of cable has nothing to do with it either. So these new cables will ensure that 4K UHD can be reliably passed over longer distances, up to 100m. EzyHD who have been supplying the market here for years will now be the point of call for these new cables in Australia. JSmith
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    Percy Mayfield: River's invitation cheers mick
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    This is just like dead pixel hunting. You were never aware of them exist. But once found, you always look at them!
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    You would think that the cross-over is better low. In theory, this makes sense to me. However, I listened to the Martin Logan 11A, 13A, and 15A. These each had a higher cross-over than the Summit (300hz instead of 250). The 11A has the same woofer size and the panel is a similar size to the Summit. Of the three speakers, the 11A, which had (I think) two opposed 8 inch woofers, was the most integrated. It was a significant improvement on the Summit, and significantly better integrated. The 13A had 10 inch woofers, the 15A 12 inch. With both of those, I became annoyed, as I continued to listen, with the integration; you could hear the two speakers, just as with every other ML arrangement of this kind. The 11A was pretty close to perfect, in this respect, and a very impressive speaker. I listened through Audio Research Ref 250s, which I own myself. The other thing I noticed is how they take control of a speaker, so that when the speaker is right, the character of the amps comes through; the 11A did not sound that different to my Audio Physic Avantera speakers, though they are completely different speakers technically.
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    Having listened to these in the flesh - they are truly bang-for-buck mono's. They come with a great valve paring and are super heavy due to the solid construction and massive output transformers. GLWTS.
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    Thanks again for the replies. I'll look into the options but it has to be dead simple to navigate and ideally any issues she has after setup can be walked through over the phone.
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    I'm not even going to enter into the discussion about whether this affects DACs and CD players or other digital devices in the same way.
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    A few years ago I binned my old Commodore Amiga 500, because it had been sitting on a shelf for about 15 years gathering dust. It came out with 512K of RAM and an expansion of another 512K was available for a couple of hundred bucks. No HDD, everything loaded from 512K floppies, and the OS was an EPROM on the motherboard. I modded mine, bought a SCSI expansion module (SCRAM500) that also had a RAM expansion slot that could take another 4MB of RAM (about $500), added the 4MB of RAM ($440 odd) and cut and soldered tracks to make the 512KB expansion all video RAM. I built a box to hold a PC power supply and a 110MB SCSI HDD ($550 odd). Piggybacked the new OS EPROM ($150?) off the back of the original EPROM and switched between the Chip_Select pins to select one OS or the other, before bootup. This old Amiga was a beast . About 6 months after ditching the setup someone, on another forum I'm a member of, was enquiring if anyone had any old Amiga 500 gear for sale..... He almost cried when I told him what I'd done. But yes, as others have said, the old nostalgic kick does wear off pretty quickly. I've been resurrecting a couple of old Xboxs, mainly used to stream digital music to my shed, and found some old emulators of all the old coin ops and console games... I think I lasted about 2 hours before boredom set in. And that was just to check out all the different games. I even played my old Atari 2600 game "Night Driver" and can't see how I was ever so keen to play it.
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    nup http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/CategoryAttributeSearchResults.aspx?search=1&cid=268&rptpath=1-268-&sidebar=0&5=&14=&18=0&18=0&24=0&24=0&searchregion=100&54=honda nsx&searchbar=1&generalSearch_keypresses=9&generalSearch_suggested=0&generalSearch_suggestedCategory=
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    Haha, unfortunate side effect of Melbourne winter is that it can't get enough no matter where I seem to put it :-/ Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    You should definitively look out for Dawn of Planet of the Apes or whatever it's called, the 2011 movie with James Franco, the one that started it. I found it awesome. While the CGI is clearly better in the second Planet of the Apes (Rise?), 2014, it's still pretty uncanny what they accomplished. And as per story, I found the 2011 to be better than the 2014. YMMV, take it with a pinch of salt. Cheers, Alberto
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    the QLD ref!!!, blindsided his own player
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    That's dirt cheap for a speaker at that calibre guys!
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    Spoilt for choice.... which TT first? Townshend rock - RB300 rewired with Cardas and AT-oc9 III or Luxman PD264 - Hadcock GH228 and Shure v15 III with Jico neo SAS. Phono will be Akitika mm and either the boozehound Labs Pre Pre or my SUT for the AT. Such a hard life if that is all I have to worry over.
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    The Beatles-Don't Bother Me
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    Item: Cypher Labs Prautes Location: Sydney Price: $3k (RRP $5,999) Item Condition: Excellent - includes original packing Reason for selling: Reducing the size of my headamp setup, as rarely used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am the original owner - bought new from Addicted to Audio. Includes the power cable. Pictures:
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    This is probably to late and you've moved on but I've had a set of these dual cone stones in the past and own a pair now from 1986 and they are rated at 8ohm 100Watt yours may be the earlier 60watt 8ohm duel cone, http://www.guitargear.net.au/discussion/index.php?PHPSESSID=kffmcjsu3kbgtsd4didkischf0&topic=17664.0 etone are still in Sydney and have a web site, they make excellent speakers, With these you will need to run a pizzo tweeter for optimal sound, they will surprise you what they can do, I run mine on a 1000watt 8ohm power amp and they have never let go, nice speaker great all round sound perfect for powerful home system or smaller PA
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    Hop Thief. Hop Hog. Mornington Pale. Stone & Wood Pacific. Quiet Deeds Pale. Newtowner Pale. Kosciousko. Vale Ale Pale & IPA Williams Organic Pale. One Fifty Lashes. Yenda Pale. And a few others... All disagree.
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    Another option is to take your speaker cables to the shop (at an agreed "not likely to be very busy" time) and a/b them with the shop cables. The shop ought to have a multi-meter to buzz out your cables if they're paranoid about whether they're safe or not with their demo gear. Kimber cables have a great reputation and in my experience are typically very good, so you don't need to worry about quality. All you need to decide is if the difference you hear (and you will almost certainly hear a difference) is significant and worth the money to you. My only tip would be to try the cables with two systems. The first being the best in the shop - so you have the best chance of hearing everything the Kimber has to offer. The second being something close to your system - so you can assess if it's going to be worth it as soon as you get home rather than only at some point in the future when you've upgraded every other component.
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    Changing both at the same time is a bad idea. One thing at a time so that you can hear the difference.....................good or bad...........similar?
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