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    Ok This is what can be offered for the Integrated SE Amplifier. Basic model just with manual volume and electronic 3 input selection, HT Bypass 12 volt trigger remote power on/off, Orange Power on Illumination. Colour of external front an back panels either Silver or Black at no extra cost. 2 x 50 watts $2000.00 Basic model with power upgrade to 2 x 100 watts and above features. $2300.00 Supreme version with Motorised Volume control and remote input selection 2 x 100 watts, $2500.00 Super Supreme optional extra's Electrostatic shield between primary and secondary windings and high frequency AC mains filtering. Power upgrade to 2 x 150 watts per channel.
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    Art Farmer Modern Art. United Artists Records LAX 3111 Japan. Reissue 1976.
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    Hank Mobley/No Room For Squares BN75
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    The Missus and I decided we wanted a wall-hung sideboard in the living room, so it was a good oportunity to integrate the HiFi system into the furniture. We got a few quotes, and all of them seemed overly expensive and under designed, most of these companies basically build you slightly prettier kitchen cabinets disguised as 'furniture'. This sideboard also needs to be strong, as it has to hold up the quite weighty HiFi gear which consists of various Meridian G series and 500 series, and a reel-to-reel tape deck, plus CD and vinyl storage. All this weight in a wall hung unit is a pretty big ask. I also wanted to be sure that if some drunk decided they wanted to sit on the sideboard during a party, then it wouldn't end up a tangled mess on the floor. I did a few sketches, worked out the basic layout we wanted, then got started. I knew it would evolve as the build progressed. I've taken this week off work to try and get it done. It's taking a lot longer than my expected timeline, as there's so much to sort as I go. Construction is welded steel frame, drawers will be Blum Legrabox with Tip On Blumotion, and the exterior will be Tasmanian Oak. Here's a few pictures of the going so far. It consists of four bays, each 1200mm (1.2 metres) wide, so a bit over 4.8 metres wide all up. The left three bays will be two drawers each, for booze, dinner service, cutlery etc. The fourth (righmost) section is the important one, the HiFi section. It will have a strengthened top for the reel-to-reel, then a slot for the Meridian CD player and processor. Beneath this will be a CD drawer, then at the bottom vinyl storage. Steel work done, test hang on the chemset upper wall fixings: One of the 'normal' sections where there will be two drawers: The HiFi section, showing shelf mounts and patch panel: A close up of the patch panel. All Neutrik connectors, with Canare cabling in the walls. The patch has balanced XLR and Cat6 connections to the main rack in the garage where the QNAP NAS lives, as well as balanced XLR, Cat6, SPDI/F, and Speakon connections to the two speaker points. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Jason.
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    Item: Dynavector 17D3 LOMC Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $1100 ono express shipping anywhere in Aus Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: XX2 MKII Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling my freshly retipped 17D3 as I have upgraded to an XX2 MKII. Very low hours <10 Retipped by Soundsmith using there top shelf Contact Line styli. Soundsmith are one of the few retippers that will touch the Karat and obviously the Diamond cantilever is original and only the stylus changed. If you aren't a retip denier you are getting a practically brand new cartridge for $700 under retail.
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    I hear ya. Ware was always loved by the critics, but I thought he never got his dues from the jazz listening public. A huge talent, sorely missed.
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    Huzzah for the local team or sporting franchise! Qld won the sportsball because NSW just didn't sports hard enough. All of the QLD players were sportsing at 110%. Can't say the same for the interlopers. --Geoff
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    No, for several reasons. Not the least of which is increased greenhouse gases released' along with excessive power bills. Yes, it will. Your Sugden, for some really odd reason, employs horizontally aligned heat sink fins. This means it cannot use the more efficient, convection cooling and must rely on radiation for most of it's cooling. Radiation works equally well for heat transfer to the outside air and, more critically, to the inside of the case of the amp. This will cause the electrolytic capacitors to be subjected to unnecessary amounts of heat and will shorten their life-span. Presumably, Sugden, who have been building hot running amps for many decades, are confident that the semiconductors can deal with the internal temperatures (and the Australian climate), so they should be OK. That still leaves the electrolytic caps. Electrolytic capacitors are rated at XXXX hours @ XXX degrees C. Typical, high quality capacitors will be rated for at least 5,000 hours @ 105 Degrees C. That figure will be uprated under normal conditions. Let's say your caps are so rated and the internal temps of the amp are around 55 degrees C. That would suggest a life of APPROXIMATELY 80,000 hours. About 10 years of 24/7 operation. Your caps might be 2,000 hours @ 85 degrees C, so that figure will be dramatically shorter. Much smarter to switch the amp on 30 mins before you want to use it. It will last a lot longer. Or fit fans, of course, as fans will keep the caps cool and they will last MUCH longer.
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    yes please ill take it! who would of thought a 2nd chance!!!
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    They sure do....rum sir...Bundaberg Rum...
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    http://www.caradvice.com.au/566684/hyundai-i30-n-revealed-koreas-gti-fighter-goes-official/ https://www.wheelsmag.com.au/news/1707/hyundai-i30-n-revealed here it is ... looks pretty good id say... now just wonder what it lands here for... and a pity no dual clutch auto version for a couple of years they say.... boy its going to be exciting times over next couple of years with cars with both the new golf and polo gti's also launching....
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    ^^^Great to hear Im a fairly new "fan" myself Both of the house albums are great & have since bought there back catalog. But am still waiting for my vinyl copy of Hydrograd to arrive
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    Indeed I do and yes, I prefer the Saturn. The X Ray is somewhat like its name,it reveals everything, but the Saturn is more forgiving and balanced. Love 'em both though
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    Does the suit say "no I don't do DBT now bugger off"?? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Aussie talent at name your price. Ambient dark drone trio from Tassie, very tasty. Might buy the vinyl yet. https://omahara.bandcamp.com/album/omahara-3 Me thinks @Dave O))) would like this.
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    The driver hole looks higher up on the one to the right but it's only because I haven't rounded over the curve yet. Back on track! Did some soldering of the crossovers today also. Will hopefully get more of the vinyl glued in tonight. As soon as I get the screws from Fast Eddie, who has been kind enough to send them to me, I will give them a test before sanding down the cabinets and painting them.
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    +1 for Witcher 3, the sound effects in the forest was really well done, and Geralt is straight badass! Games that spring to mind that I really liked with bonus points if it makes my sub rock :P) Mass Effect 3 aka the last good game the title song is awesome with a hunting piano that is used nicely in dreams sequences. The Last of Us was great too, nice acoustic guitar work that really set the mood Red Dead Redemption, It was always fun to jump on a horse and hear the music pick up with a sweet bassline and percussion to get you moving As for straight sound design. Horizon Zero Dawn and the machine effects in that really help communicate there distance and placement in the environment, by the tone of the sound effect you could tell their level of aggression too. Very nice. Zelda Breath Of The Wild use audio sparingly in general roaming but when it kicked in it was always in a way that told you something about the area, if was dangerous, a secret is near or if a challenge was ahead.
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    Item: Stack of UHD blu-rays and Blu-ray Discs all like new, usually played once like new or unopened Location: melb SE Price: various Item Condition: mint like new Reason for selling: turning over Payment Method: bank deposit Paypal (at buyers cost) hi all, a bunch of blu-rays and box sets for sale here, for pricing have kept these basically in most cases taking $10 off what ever the jb hifi price is and which is usually most competitive. I'm not making any distinction between the unopened or opened discs here as all mine are mint like new as have bought from the shop. there are a few that are us editions do well to check region coding, i typically buy region free ones but where region A and i know have made a note. note postage i will simply charge you per disc the auspost $2.20 for their stamped envelope( stamped envelopes are $2.7 so am subsidising some). There are no discounts for bulk buying unless buying the lot or something as just gets into the parcel territory which costs a bit with auspost. with box sets please check with me on shipping. either way i will only charge at cost, nothing over. i will update as discs get sold. ps at any stage if someone wants to also buy the lot happy to entertain an offer via pm please. Also please note happy to do PayPal though please this will be at your cost for the additional 3% they charge. oh and keep an eye on the thread, I do tend to add discs as I go and will keep it updated so clear whats up for grabs. note many of these are quite rare in some cases no longer available anywhere let alone australia. 1. Blu-ray Despicable me 1 $6 2. Blu-ray Despicable me 2 $6 3. Blu-ray and DVD The jungle book Diamond edition (US edition Brand new unopened - RARE !!!) $25 4. 4K UHD Blu-ray War Dogs $19 5 Blu-ray Town $6 6. 4K UHD Blu-ray T2 Trainspotting $29 7. 4K UHD Blu-ray Fantastic Beasts $19 8 Blu-ray Sons of anarchy season 1-3 including blu-ray box set with limited edition t-shirt (unused ! ) $27 9 Blu-ray Soparnos 1 series and season 6 pt1 &2 $20 10 Miss Sloane $17 (new release) 11 Blu-ray the diary of a teenage girl $6 12 blu-ray all is lost $6 13 Desiertio $6 (new release) 14 blu-ray Safety is not guranteed $17 15 blu-ray selma $6 16 blu-ray dream girls (us edition brand new unopened) region free $6 Rare !!! 17 blu-ray alexander revisited (us edition brand new unopened) region free $6 18 blu-ray clover field (us edition) region free $6 region free 19 Blu-ray I Daniel Blake $10 (new release) 20 blu-ray there will be blood $6 21 blu-ray dr seuss the lorax $6 22 Blu-ray Mr Holmes $7 23 blu-ray chain reaction $6 24 blu-ray enemy $9 25 blu-ray philomena $6 26 blu-ray the blair witch project $6 27 blu-ray sightseers $19 28 blu-ray che pt1 and 2 $6 29 Blu-ray Split $19 (new release) 30 blu-ray millers crossing $6 31 blu-ray beaufort $9 (rare !!!) 32 blu-ray while we're young $6 33 blu-ray veronica mars $6 34 blu-ray nebraska $6 35 blu-ray le week-end $6 36 blu-ray a mighty heart $6 37 blu-ray a lady in the water $6 38 Blu-ray 3D, 2D + DVD The Great Gatsby (US) region free $20 Rare !!! 39 Blu-ray The Founder $19 (new release) 40 Blu-ray Roger Waters The Wall Limited edition 2 Disc Atmos Audio Blu-ray Digi-Pack Out of print, Extremely RARE !!! now out of print. Goes from $100 USD($150au) plus shipping to 250 GBP ! plus shipping. Selling here for $100AU shipped. Opened, but like Brand New. Links for info amazon UK, Amazon us
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    Same here with my Luxman A. On Monday I was playing it and had to go out that afternoon and forgot to turn of the amp. The next day ,after 24 hours powered up it sounded even more sublime than usual. Overall, I think its fine to leave it on for a day or two at most but I wouldn't push it beyond that. If possible, I always power it up for at least 15 minutes from cold before playing anything.
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    Built these from ply wood . Bought Quad Diffusers plan from Acoustic Fields.They have lots of cool vids on youtube.
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    To me these 2 quotes from the review pretty much sum up everything about the ESL-2912s. Robert Deutsch’s listening: “One thing I highly value is a speaker’s ability not to sound like a speaker. The “speaker sound” originates in the drivers, each of which exhibits a set of resonances—and, if the drivers are in an enclosure, the box adds its own resonances, resulting in a “boxy” sound. Over the years, speaker designers have worked hard to solve this problem, with considerable success. Monitor’s Platinum PL300 II, which comprises dynamic drivers in a box, has very little speaker sound, but if you listen very closely, you can hear that it has not been entirely eliminated. The ESL-2912 has an obvious inherent advantage over box speakers in having no box at all. However, with some music, mostly orchestral, I was at times aware of a kind of drumming sound that wasn’t part of the music..” John Atkinson’s measurements: “Finally, like that of every other panel speaker I’ve measured, the Quad ESL-2912’s waterfall plot (fig.6) looks hashy, though the initial decay looks relatively clean. But as I explained in our review of MartinLogan’s Masterpiece Renaissance ESL 15A electrostatic speaker in January 2017, I suspect that though the average motion of the diaphragm reacts in a linear manner to the drive signal, the panel actually behaves in a chaotic manner. In effect, the panel “shimmies” as it moves—and that, together with local interference from multiple sources arriving at the microphone, gives rise to the messy looking waterfall plot.” Therefore if you like simple music (acoustic, jazz etc) where the ESLs add extra reverberation/decay (ie warmth/sweetness) then consider buying; if you like complex music (orchestral, heavy rock etc) then don’t!
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    Item: Radford Studio Monitors, Radford Transmission line, Radford Loudspeaker Location: Mitcham, VIC Price: $1000 Item Condition: Very good condition. Speaker cones are like brand new (havent been used for 30 years) Reason for selling: Have been put into storage and havent used them. Would like to see them go to a good home. I got given them from a doctor who spent a lot of money on hifi back in the 60s and 70s and imported these from the U.K. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 100cm tall, 50 cm wide and 43cm deep Pictures:
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    I recently got an Ad blocker. Should have done it years ago. Because I am not getting any ads my web pages open much faster.
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    Black Rock, Melbourne with iPhone 7
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    Stone Sour House of Gold & Bones PT-2
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    I reckon all the RME stuff is great. I have an RME Fireface 400 ADC which I use for digitising vinyl. Very high quality and very hard to tell the digital recording from the original vinyl. I wish I had an ADI-2 Pro AD/DAC as well, I believe that is a great piece of kit. http://www.rme-audio.de/en/products/adi_2-pro.php I agree with the comment about Total Mix, it is awesome, but its occasionally a pita to get the Mac Mini fired up and figure out what Total Mix is doing, its not simple, apart from that, all very good.
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    Miles Davis The Man With The Horn. CBS/Sony V2500 Japan. Miles with his funky pants on.....
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    pretty sure i had a copy of this but it has since long disappeared. too many parties..... glad it's being re-released.
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    I think perhaps the main reason to use an ad blocker has been missed, which is 3. to not be tracked across the Internet. It's not anyone's fault, but relevant to the original post, it does seem the privileges on both sides (ad servers on the one hand, and users of free services on the other) have arguably been abused. As some guy once said "the times they are a changin'"
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    I believe they are still flogging the good old Hyclone.
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    The rise of the "super integrated" is a boon for us all, I reckon. Top class companies dedicating proper engineering and resources in a way that perhaps wasn't happening to the sane extent ten years ago. These companies are proving it's possible and making long term satisfying products that don't grab too much space and are fully featured, flexible and sound terrific. I think I'm a pre-power user by default of liking the sound of my preamp, but if I had the coin I'd be super tempted by a new generation Audio Research integrated, or, if I had LOTS of coin, I think I could be well pleased with a Mark Levinson for a LONG time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    i think it call black beauty . very high quality volume pot
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    And thanks to @Pops110 I am now proudly spinning an album i've been on the hunt for a VERY long time (cheers mate!) Its this sort of thing that makes SNA a truly amazing place to be and am humbled by our members generosity.
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    Destiny the game (PS4/XBox) has a pretty amazing soundtrack.
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    Yep i must say they are looking very good now stained better than i thought. Even tried a driver in it to see what it looks like lol getting excited!!!
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    What a needless waste of huge $$.......... Everyone knows that an OPPO 205 would be complete overkill....... as a 203 is all that's needed here!!!!........
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