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    Ok This is what can be offered for the Integrated SE Amplifier. Basic model just with manual volume and electronic 3 input selection, HT Bypass 12 volt trigger remote power on/off, Orange Power on Illumination. Colour of external front an back panels either Silver or Black at no extra cost. 2 x 50 watts $2000.00 Basic model with power upgrade to 2 x 100 watts and above features. $2300.00 Supreme version with Motorised Volume control and remote input selection 2 x 100 watts, $2500.00 Super Supreme optional extra's Electrostatic shield between primary and secondary windings and high frequency AC mains filtering. Power upgrade to 2 x 150 watts per channel.
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    2 great live Nina albums, with a slight preference for the Carnegie Hall release. Both are Colpix first issue mono releases.
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    My 9yo son says to me this morning: "Dad, I think that when you and mum are really old and I am visiting you in the nursing home that you will still be working on these speakers"
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    Finally added this to my collection.
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    Art Farmer Modern Art. United Artists Records LAX 3111 Japan. Reissue 1976.
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    Hank Mobley/No Room For Squares BN75
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    @Aussieamps Andrew are you displaying your produce at the show in Nov? Seems like a no-brainer with so much interest from an educated audience here(not me though obviously) already and a good few hundred more coming to the show not to mention all the through traffic. Prices below 3k always elicit interest, that's Holden Ford prices right there or Mazda Toyota if you prefer. I'll be in the market come Christmas hopefully and a good eyeful of your models will help the decision process no end.
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    It's good that he thinks you will live long enough to make the nursing home and not crushed by them falling on you while trying to get a Christmas decoration on top.
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    See what happens when @Happy leaves his Class A amp on: http://www.9news.com.au/world/2017/07/12/20/39/trillion-tonne-iceberg-breaks-off-antarctica
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    Congratulations to all you Queenslanders the better side won.
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    She's already very expensive....... She had her purse and credit card stolen recently but I didn't bother reporting it to the police because the guy that stole her card is spending less than she does
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    And this was one performance I was really looking forward to, Carlo Santana I was at the sound desk for this show, the area was just so packed, it was rather difficult just getting to the sound desk half hour before show time. The pit would have been crazy busy. Shot with the Nikkor 300mm PF and cropped
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    The Missus and I decided we wanted a wall-hung sideboard in the living room, so it was a good oportunity to integrate the HiFi system into the furniture. We got a few quotes, and all of them seemed overly expensive and under designed, most of these companies basically build you slightly prettier kitchen cabinets disguised as 'furniture'. This sideboard also needs to be strong, as it has to hold up the quite weighty HiFi gear which consists of various Meridian G series and 500 series, and a reel-to-reel tape deck, plus CD and vinyl storage. All this weight in a wall hung unit is a pretty big ask. I also wanted to be sure that if some drunk decided they wanted to sit on the sideboard during a party, then it wouldn't end up a tangled mess on the floor. I did a few sketches, worked out the basic layout we wanted, then got started. I knew it would evolve as the build progressed. I've taken this week off work to try and get it done. It's taking a lot longer than my expected timeline, as there's so much to sort as I go. Construction is welded steel frame, drawers will be Blum Legrabox with Tip On Blumotion, and the exterior will be Tasmanian Oak. Here's a few pictures of the going so far. It consists of four bays, each 1200mm (1.2 metres) wide, so a bit over 4.8 metres wide all up. The left three bays will be two drawers each, for booze, dinner service, cutlery etc. The fourth (righmost) section is the important one, the HiFi section. It will have a strengthened top for the reel-to-reel, then a slot for the Meridian CD player and processor. Beneath this will be a CD drawer, then at the bottom vinyl storage. Steel work done, test hang on the chemset upper wall fixings: One of the 'normal' sections where there will be two drawers: The HiFi section, showing shelf mounts and patch panel: A close up of the patch panel. All Neutrik connectors, with Canare cabling in the walls. The patch has balanced XLR and Cat6 connections to the main rack in the garage where the QNAP NAS lives, as well as balanced XLR, Cat6, SPDI/F, and Speakon connections to the two speaker points. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Jason.
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    Item: Dynavector 17D3 LOMC Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $1100 ono express shipping anywhere in Aus Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: XX2 MKII Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling my freshly retipped 17D3 as I have upgraded to an XX2 MKII. Very low hours <10 Retipped by Soundsmith using there top shelf Contact Line styli. Soundsmith are one of the few retippers that will touch the Karat and obviously the Diamond cantilever is original and only the stylus changed. If you aren't a retip denier you are getting a practically brand new cartridge for $700 under retail.
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    Item: JBL L212 and B212 Combo Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $1600 Item Condition: Pretty good Reason for selling: Money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Charge Coupled networks using Jantzen components built by Nigel AKA Green Wagon. Internally rewired. See thread below: Rebuilt subwoofer plate amp, every component replaced besides the tranny. All tracks resoldered. Larger Mundorf filter caps and bridge rectifier. This sub digs very deep. The plate amp was always a little underpowered hence on the 2nd hand market they are always blown. This one has been rebuilt. It would have been cheaper/better to use an aftermarket plate amp but I wanted everything original, possibly something the next owner can investigate if they want to but not required. Over $500 worth of parts in the plate amp. See thread below: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/87432-jbl-l212-bass-energizer-pic-heavy/#comment-1420563 These speakers have a fairly flat frequency response for a JBL of the 70's. Very admirably measured from 30hz - 20khz +. I will say without a doubt running the satellites full range without the sub they absolutely destroy the NS1000's in the lower octaves. That little 8inch woofer would punch a hole in the 12inch of the NS1000's. May not go as deep as the NS1000's due to cabinet being designed for an 70hz roll off but for an 8 inch with a 3inch voice coil, its killer. Also the 12inch woofer in the sub has a beasty 4 inch voice coil and the same magnetic assembly of the 15 inch JBLs of the era. Both the mid-bass and subwoofer drivers have alnico magnets. The mid-bass unit has been re-spidered and foamed by Gary Cawsey at a significant expense. The subwoofer cabinent and satellite speaker bases have been relacquered. The subwoofer is pretty much flawless with a small scratch on the face of the plate amp. The satellite bases are in very good nick with a few imperfections in the veneer where the furniture restorer had perform patch ups. Very very acceptable and better than most other pairs I have seen. Also the satellites are on castors.
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    From Chris' old ad for this in case anyone is wondering the serial number is: 20358. So it's a Pre-cirkus bearing. The extras that Chris has listed here make this an excellently priced LP12.
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    I hear ya. Ware was always loved by the critics, but I thought he never got his dues from the jazz listening public. A huge talent, sorely missed.
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    This is my go-to album when I've got a problem with the world. Blows me away every time I hear it.
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    Hi Stereophilus, I have the Iso Regen, LPS power supply and USBPC connector. They run between an Auralic Aries Bridge and Resonessence Mirus DAC. I bought the Aries a couple of months ago to stream Tidal. Using a bog standard USB cable initially I was disappointed with the SQ compared to CD and even more so compared to the SD card in the Mirus. I wasn’t surprised as had expected wireless streaming to be inferior to good CD playback. A mate suggested I borrow his Regen and Curious cables. The improvement just with the cable was substantial and then adding the Regen I bought another significant improvement. You have a Regen so probably know what it brings but for me the ease, depth and musicality that it brought to digital was a real eye opener. On the strength of that one night audition I ordered the ISO and LPS. Strangely I was not as gob smacked by the improvement the new Regen (with LPS and USBPC) brought as I was by the earlier Regen. It certainly improves it though and the SQ is very good. I have not been able to do a side by side but I am pretty sure the ISO would better the original but by how much would depend on the system. The Aries was only a few days old when I heard the original Regen so it may have improved with quite a few hours on it. This is the only explanation I can come up with. Also the ISO part of the Regen may not be contributing much to the DAC which I believe has galvanic isolation. I have not tried switching it off to test this theory. Pity you are in Melbourne, regards, Andrew
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    Playing this fine album at the minute. David S. Ware: tenor sax Susie Ibarra is outstanding on the drum kit William Parker: bass Matthew Shipp: piano
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    Round two! This time the biscuits are cut in the correct side! Making baffles the second time is a fraction of the time.
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    Huzzah for the local team or sporting franchise! Qld won the sportsball because NSW just didn't sports hard enough. All of the QLD players were sportsing at 110%. Can't say the same for the interlopers. --Geoff
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    No, for several reasons. Not the least of which is increased greenhouse gases released' along with excessive power bills. Yes, it will. Your Sugden, for some really odd reason, employs horizontally aligned heat sink fins. This means it cannot use the more efficient, convection cooling and must rely on radiation for most of it's cooling. Radiation works equally well for heat transfer to the outside air and, more critically, to the inside of the case of the amp. This will cause the electrolytic capacitors to be subjected to unnecessary amounts of heat and will shorten their life-span. Presumably, Sugden, who have been building hot running amps for many decades, are confident that the semiconductors can deal with the internal temperatures (and the Australian climate), so they should be OK. That still leaves the electrolytic caps. Electrolytic capacitors are rated at XXXX hours @ XXX degrees C. Typical, high quality capacitors will be rated for at least 5,000 hours @ 105 Degrees C. That figure will be uprated under normal conditions. Let's say your caps are so rated and the internal temps of the amp are around 55 degrees C. That would suggest a life of APPROXIMATELY 80,000 hours. About 10 years of 24/7 operation. Your caps might be 2,000 hours @ 85 degrees C, so that figure will be dramatically shorter. Much smarter to switch the amp on 30 mins before you want to use it. It will last a lot longer. Or fit fans, of course, as fans will keep the caps cool and they will last MUCH longer.
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    Perhaps the sound was different to you at first and when you had become accustomed to it you thought it had improved. But this is coming from some one that leaves his Vincent pho 8 permanently turned on, as it was suggested on this site that it then sounded better.
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    yes please ill take it! who would of thought a 2nd chance!!!
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    They sure do....rum sir...Bundaberg Rum...
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    Tricky - Maxinquaye Perfect for a late evening slowdown after a busy evening at work. Such a great album that has stood the test of time. [emoji5][emoji111] Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    Congratulations guys, and thanks for the invitation: http://www.stereo.net.au/news/a-decade-of-success-for-sydney-audio-club
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    Joe Henderson/Page One Analogue Productions 45rpm Sound is stunning!
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    I've had the Twenty5.22's hooked up to a number of Amps, PrimaLuna, Vincent and even a 1978 Akai AM-2800, no matter what you pair them with they always sound good. They really are a magical speaker!
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    I have guests staying with me and they chose some of my classical titles in the collection they would like to be played during the stay As a good host I willingly comply Artist - Bruno Walter, Columbia Symphony Orchestra Title - Beethoven Symphonies
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    Hello Again Everybody, Just a quick one - I forgot to add one of my other favourite hobbies in my into - I also enjoy brewing my own beer especially now that I've found out how to do it properly and get rid of that "home brewed" taste that bugged me in my previous attempts. Now it tastes fantastic and I'd never willingly go back to the mass produced commercial stuff. I also prefer kegging to bottling. I also fly radio controlled aeroplanes now and then. Cheers, Wombatini. Music makes my day - anything from heavy classical to country to GOOD Rock 'n' Roll.
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    If desk space is at a premium, perhaps you should consider smaller monitors with a sub? I have run a setup like that for several years and it performed quite admirably, even on a bit smaller budget.
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    Item: Stack of UHD blu-rays and Blu-ray Discs all like new, usually played once like new or unopened Location: melb SE Price: various Item Condition: mint like new Reason for selling: turning over Payment Method: bank deposit Paypal (at buyers cost) hi all, a bunch of blu-rays and box sets for sale here, for pricing have kept these basically in most cases taking $10 off what ever the jb hifi price is and which is usually most competitive. I'm not making any distinction between the unopened or opened discs here as all mine are mint like new as have bought from the shop. there are a few that are us editions do well to check region coding, i typically buy region free ones but where region A and i know have made a note. note postage i will simply charge you per disc the auspost $2.20 for their stamped envelope( stamped envelopes are $2.7 so am subsidising some). There are no discounts for bulk buying unless buying the lot or something as just gets into the parcel territory which costs a bit with auspost. with box sets please check with me on shipping. either way i will only charge at cost, nothing over. i will update as discs get sold. ps at any stage if someone wants to also buy the lot happy to entertain an offer via pm please. Also please note happy to do PayPal though please this will be at your cost for the additional 3% they charge. oh and keep an eye on the thread, I do tend to add discs as I go and will keep it updated so clear whats up for grabs. note many of these are quite rare in some cases no longer available anywhere let alone australia. 1. Blu-ray Despicable me 1 $6 2. Blu-ray Despicable me 2 $6 3. Blu-ray and DVD The jungle book Diamond edition (US edition Brand new unopened - RARE !!!) $25 4. 4K UHD Blu-ray War Dogs $19 5 Blu-ray Town $6 6. 4K UHD Blu-ray T2 Trainspotting $29 7. 4K UHD Blu-ray Fantastic Beasts $19 8 Blu-ray Sons of anarchy season 1-3 including blu-ray box set with limited edition t-shirt (unused ! ) $27 9 Blu-ray Soparnos 1 series and season 6 pt1 &2 $20 10 Miss Sloane $17 (new release) 11 Blu-ray the diary of a teenage girl $6 12 blu-ray all is lost $6 13 Desiertio $6 (new release) 14 blu-ray Safety is not guranteed $17 15 blu-ray selma $6 16 blu-ray dream girls (us edition brand new unopened) region free $6 Rare !!! 17 blu-ray alexander revisited (us edition brand new unopened) region free $6 18 blu-ray clover field (us edition) region free $6 region free 19 Blu-ray I Daniel Blake $10 (new release) 20 blu-ray there will be blood $6 21 blu-ray dr seuss the lorax $6 22 Blu-ray Mr Holmes $7 23 blu-ray chain reaction $6 24 blu-ray enemy $9 25 blu-ray philomena $6 26 blu-ray the blair witch project $6 27 blu-ray sightseers $19 28 blu-ray che pt1 and 2 $6 29 Blu-ray Split $19 (new release) 30 blu-ray millers crossing $6 31 blu-ray beaufort $9 (rare !!!) 32 blu-ray while we're young $6 33 blu-ray veronica mars $6 34 blu-ray nebraska $6 35 blu-ray le week-end $6 36 blu-ray a mighty heart $6 37 blu-ray a lady in the water $6 38 Blu-ray 3D, 2D + DVD The Great Gatsby (US) region free $20 Rare !!! 39 Blu-ray The Founder $19 (new release) 40 Blu-ray Roger Waters The Wall Limited edition 2 Disc Atmos Audio Blu-ray Digi-Pack Out of print, Extremely RARE !!! now out of print. Goes from $100 USD($150au) plus shipping to 250 GBP ! plus shipping. Selling here for $100AU shipped. Opened, but like Brand New. Links for info amazon UK, Amazon us
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    negligible noise. However, my electronics are not in the listening area so noise has not been a consideration. Noise of a cooler fan is far less than in-built fans on electronic items in my experience. A clear perspex one doesn't look too bad. The fan speed is quite low - you do not need a tornado to cool the amp, just enough to increase the air circulation to shift some of the heat elsewhere. You are only shifting heat by cooling the amp, you are not preventing heat. ZB's solution (of turning it off) will prevent heat. A cooler fan will stop the amp getting hot when you need to have it on.
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    Item: Radford Studio Monitors, Radford Transmission line, Radford Loudspeaker Location: Mitcham, VIC Price: $1000 Item Condition: Very good condition. Speaker cones are like brand new (havent been used for 30 years) Reason for selling: Have been put into storage and havent used them. Would like to see them go to a good home. I got given them from a doctor who spent a lot of money on hifi back in the 60s and 70s and imported these from the U.K. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 100cm tall, 50 cm wide and 43cm deep Pictures:
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    I'm no expert on these matters, but it strikes me that if your speakers present a difficult load, valves may not be a good match
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    Nino Rota "8½ (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film)". Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, Red Vinyl.
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    I think perhaps the main reason to use an ad blocker has been missed, which is 3. to not be tracked across the Internet. It's not anyone's fault, but relevant to the original post, it does seem the privileges on both sides (ad servers on the one hand, and users of free services on the other) have arguably been abused. As some guy once said "the times they are a changin'"
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    I'm having a Nina Simone arvo, and am into the fourth of five albums I have set aside to play. The brilliant compilation from '82 "My Baby Just Cares For Me" released by Charley Records is plattered up now. Great sound, and contains my fave instrumental of Nina's in Good Bait.
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    Reflections at the lake tonight: Nikon D750 camera + Nikkor 20mm lens @ f/16, ISO 50, 20 seconds A bit over-exposed in the middle but there's lots of cloud porn. --Geoff
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