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    It has been somewhat a journey for me, personally, in digital audio since I joined SNA..... From a CD-Transporter as the only source to modernise Computer Audio. It was all began with my laptop using Windows XP, usb into my WaveIO and subsequently into my DDDAC. From there I travelled from a normal working pc, to the little ARM-boards like the Raspberry PI, BeagleBone Black, Banana Pi with great SQ appreciation via I2S protocol........ This complete setup is still operable and very engaging til date. Pity, it only does PCM and does not do DSD, which is also a pity again when my ears can only appreciated the DSD materials better.....! Through this journey, I have learned so much in tweaking a computer audio to sound more analogue. In doing so, I had successfully converted some hard-core local SACD player(s) and Turntable audiophiles into Computer Audio. Well, I think it is time for a reality check....., will these digital audio stacking up again our traditional SACD-player(s) or even close to a Turntable setup? I will leave that question for you're to decide at this provision gtg, Sunday 30th April. Hopefully, with that given much notice will receive better participation? There will be few servers' up for your ears to judge....., atom base server, i3-6100, and i7-7700K. If time permits, I have a TT setup to give you a reference between Digital vs Analogue......, just for the fun... I will provide light beverage on the day......
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