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    Hi Jamie I've got a Clearaudio Basic + phono stage that I'm not using at the moment. I was planning on selling it with my Concept TT but haven't gotten around to it yet. You'd be very welcome to borrow it, and it might be a nice match for your Clearaudio cart. Cheers Suresh
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    Item: Aranov LS-9000 Valve Pre Amp and LS-9100 Valve Monoblock Power Amp Location: Melbourne Price: $5000 Item Condition: Used but in very good condition. Please check out the pics Reason for selling: Not Using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit, COD Only Extra Info: Taken online: Designed by Yakov Aronov, Aronov amplifiers while not well known have been very highly regarded. It uses 4 x 12AX7 tubes in the LS-9000 pre amp and the power of each power amp comes from a self-biasing quad set of 6550C tubes and a single 6AN8 driver tube. Output is 110w per channel. Pictures:
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    Nice. While waiting for the vinyl, I'll settle for streaming it on Tidal. Played it, and the bonus tracks this morning. Tidal and Audirvana 3 are a godsend for me. Minimum of CD quality sound, and quite an impressive roster of albums/artists. If you had to think of one band it reminds you of...what would it be Mikey? For me, the album reminded me of Tortoise...and this superb album:
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    Ultra rare Nakamichi Dragon CD Limited Gold Edition set
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    Beer and beer sticks freshly made at the local butcher in Bogangar now known as Cabarita for obvious reasons Cabarita has a $1000 or so a night motel with a restaurant described as one to sample before you die but I've got a garage full of stereo records CDs and a comfortable chair and I'm listening to Otis Redding and a the best music ever made and it's free much as I hate Pink Floyd I do love the name the name of that song Wish You were Here
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    It's happening here also. Very irritating. I regularly visit sponsors web sites anyway and don't need *^%4#0*& n! pop ups to remind me
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    Gentleman please. I don't want to be pedantic but It's pedant, not pendant. Sorry but simple stuff like that grates.
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    AFAIU and somewhat IME 2 channel - get best amp and speakers you can afford or want. For home theatre the whole thing changes. The front speakers and amp are still important. The next step is to match the centre speaker with the fronts and if possible provide similar amplification. In theory for you it will be 3 times 601 - I am not sure it is worth it. A lot will also depend on your room and what you want to achieve. The sub/s for HT is also very important. Typically what we do for HT is: an AVR or a 2 box system where we drive all the speakers. The next step for some of us is to drive the front 2 speakers via separate amps. Some of us then take it further by using a 3 channel amp for the fronts and centre, whilst others use a 5 channel amp to do the three in front and 2 in the rear. and I can go further and further as people spend more money on more amps and or speakers wiring processors etc. The point we are trying to make is that as we are going towards the rear of the room we spend less on speakers and amplification and that the latest high end AVR's are quite capable to drive speakers 4,5,6 etc. As the guys have said that you cannot just take any speaker, but it looks like B&W and Krix works well. I use same brand just cheaper at the rear. There is nothing wrong basing your system on the 601 you are getting, but I would not build a whole HT system because of one amp. I would listen to stuff until I see and hear equipment that I like within my budget. Why not sell the 601 take the money and build a system you like? I always say it is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy
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    That person said it all..... wrong.
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    No, the software based EQ will in no way harm the sound, assuming your computer is working well and the software is competently written.... however the settings you enter into the EQ might. EQ is a very powerful tool, and so if/where you boost/cut will drastically change what you hear.
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    Hi all. Just set up the Yamaha cd2100 and as2100 thanks to Darryl for a great deal .
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    Messin' Around : A Decade of Dancehall Jazz.
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    I bought the wav download & burned it to disc. Sounds amazing! It must have a few bonus remix tracks. Can't wait to hear what the vinyl sounds like.
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    Can't believe I nearly let the Duntech's go.. wall of sound at the moment - sounds awesome!
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    GTG - bunch of lads getting together, some listening to music others talking too loud in the corner
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    Panasonic vacuum tube car CD-receiver
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    You're on a roll mate- garage a'rockin'. i could almost forgive that slight against Mrs Floyds' son Pink. Billy.
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    Sold to Darren. Darren is happy, the wife is not! Cheers, Bob.
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    My friend, I have no idea how much you know, and maybe you have no idea how much I know. I know I don't . But I do know that the then international vice president of the AES once invited me to write and deliver an AES presentation to audio professionals on the topic of playback equalisation in the home and in the studio. I don't know why he did it: I don't regard myself as any sort of expert, just a well-read student of the topic. Since then several local recording engineers running commercial studios have sought my advice on the topic, which was frankly embarrassing because their general audio knowledge makes mine look pitiful. I only say this so that you understand that I made my 'he's wrong' statement with due care. But I can say this, without 'IMHO': if you think 'audio quality is totally subjective' means that everyone has wildly differing opinions on what sounds good or not, you would be mistaken. Controlled experimentation into listener preferences shows a strong convergence on what sound is preferred. It is only when we remove the controls that non-sonic factors get involved and our opinions become wildly varied -- and we mistakenly think we are reacting to sound alone. The net result of all this experimentation and learning, bringing it back to the topic of EQ for playback, is that the anonymous 'someone on the internet' authority who you maintain 'said it all', was making no more than a fantasy statement, the fantasy part being "...if the reproduction chain is accurate...". One of the greatest modern researchers in audio reproduction, Floyd Toole, coined the term Audio's Circle of Confusion, which basically means that the accuracy of the recorded music reproduction chain is completely broken. Playback EQ is essential if you want to make the sound reaching your ears more 'reflecting of what the makers of the recording intended'. Of course, it is not that easy, and done without care is 90-99% likely to make things worse. Also, some EQ tools (for example a 'five band graphic equaliser') are manifestly inadequate for the task, no matter how intelligently adjusted. But even without all this precision, if you just want to play with EQ and try it out guided entirely by ear, the wisest suggestion is still "sure, why not?". The advice that you 'saw somewhere' is suggesting that leaving EQ flat will mean that you are hearing at home 'what was intended', i.e. the same sound as was delivered into the final mastering studio (which is not the same as a recording studio BTW). That suggestion is so wrong that I can call it wrong without the IMHO. In fact, the chain is broken into so many different 'flavours of broken' that one could reasonably justify individually equalising at home every recording differently, especially if 'tuning by ear' on a daily basis according to daily moods and other contextual factors. But that is pretty extreme -- the main point of mentioning it is to drive home that 'flat' bears no relation to 'as intended'. And that's a fact, not 'IMHO'. cheers
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    I had a new Ed Saunders for a bit. Badly sibilant on most arms I tried it with though strangely the issue disappeared when used with a Victor UA-5045 tonearm. Worked well with my Fidelity Research tonearms also. These are all 10" tonearms rather than the usual 9" so I'm not sure if that had something to do with it. Any other shorter arms and tables were sibilance city though. I can't comment on longer arms as I've never had longer than 10". Sent from my Redmi Pro using Tapatalk
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    I have my own little project going here requiring a cheaper tone arm. So I just pulled the pin on the AT tonearm plus AT95E & HS10 combo. Made an offer of GBP60 (on GBP69) which the robot immediately accepted, works out to A$113 shipped. So I'd rate that as an OK deal
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    Some good advice, above. The main thing to remember, is that you are starting your journey into classical music, with the intention of enjoying it....or learning to enjoy it, so whatever you do, don't let anyone put you down because you are a novice....we all had to start somewhere. ABC Classic FM has a 'Drive' programme in the afternoons between 4pm and 7pm. Have a listen if you can....it has a great variety of classical music from all genres....should be a help. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
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    @keyse1, that would be the tacky little beat group fronted by 16 year old Steve Winwood. Did well they did. Billy.
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    if you like clarity of the Rotel then I really think the Klein is worth a try out if you can get hold of one or perhaps get to a GTG. Assuming you haven't heard one already.
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    This has reminded me. Would there be any interest in a mini SNA record fair in Perth? I, like a few others I assume, have some vinyl I'd like to sell. I want to clear it at reasonable prices (probably half the "record fair" price) but really cant be bothered with listing, grading, photographing or mailing items that in honesty I'd rather say goodbye to quick and easy for $5 to $10 each. We just rock up with a crate or two and let others have a dig.
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    A pendant should be hung around the neck. One could argue that a pedant should be hung by the neck.
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    listen to classic FM 92.9 or the other one FM 102.5, if you hear anything you like, go to their web site (schedule that listed the music they were playing) for more details. and as @ericd mentioned, "classical currently spinning" is a good source. Bach's cello suites, the best piece(s) of music IMO, I have over 30 different recordings on this one...you just can't get enough. enjoy
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    I just won our work photo of the month with this. #nofilter
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    Did you even read the article? Most of his comments were taken before the cars hit the track in Melbourne. Nowhere did he mention any post-Melbourne changes. I love a good conspiracy, but this is not one.
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    All good points (and you aren't a pendant) but we need something to talk about or Marc will be putting in for jobs on Melbourne Council etc. The OP asked for advice but yes, at the end of the day we all need to try it our for ourselves.
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    I like the straightforward logic of this !
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    If you prefer the sound with the EQ on, then it's quite obviously enhancing your listening experience. Any change to the frequency response of the orginal digital file, is changing the digital data into something else. Your room accoustics, or frequency response of your bookshelf speakers from your description are damaging the sound you hear more than the equalizer is damaging the sound you hear. I think you should leave the EQ turned on. This is precisely the reason EQ is included in software - so that people can adjust the sound to account for deficiencies in room accoustics or the frequency response of speakers.
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    I may be a pendant in all this, but I think its very generic, and not all the helpful, to talk stand mount v floor stander at all. Especially for any "newbies" that may come across this thread. There are many examples of stand mounts with large internal volume and large capable woofers and subsequent good and deep bass response just as there are many floor standers with small internal volume and small bass drivers and hence limited abilities bass response. As just one example JBL have some massive stand mounts, past and present and compare that to and of the many slim tower floor standers that are so trendy today - Totem Arro a classic example. The real issues are any, however, in room frequency response ( generally more bass with larger internal volume and woofer size) and dispersion (generally better with small frontal area and appropriate size mid and treble drivers ) are some common factors
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    Yep tilt one of his flying ducks
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    Hi Topshelf, I've got a couple of dozen of the GE 5751 - these have the numbers KA 188-5 on the glass in white paint - 2 mica - round getter on top - 5751 USA etched into the glass - they've been in the cupboard for the last 30 odd years - got them in early 80's - welcome to a couple if you want
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    Tax...sorry that was me... Drove back to Brissie to pick up my CC built KD DAC (speakers, pre amp, transport) Came back with a ute load... Craig kindly put up with me for 2 days... I logged onto his computer via my browser...not realising he was logged on to SNA... Apologies...
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    Item: 1x V125 Miller Kreisel Subwoofer Item Condition: 8 out of 10. Comes with grille. Seems a common thing with these subwoofers even from new there is a pop sound when plugging into the wall and makes a small wheezing sound a few seconds after switching it off. The manual does mention about this being normal. Im a perfectionist so i like to inform of even small things. Price: 420. Pictures Of V125 Subwoofer:
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    I didn't find a need for burn in, but, when I fitted mine I had moved to stacked speakers and different amps as well so it was a whole new thing that was growing on me anyway. What I would say is if you can stretch to the 12TC now do so because I think if you get the 8TC you will always be left wanting to know if the 12TC is better!
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    Oh no...................... I hardly can and hardly do now use Allmusic cos they made it so bloody tragic. I'm using Adblocker but I still get a couple of active sponsor notices on the side here which is fine with me. They don't get in the way and I even found one interesting enough to independently bookmark the other day. Now I get 'this' popup...................ON EVERY NEW PAGE. Not keen .................... w i l l t o l i v e....... gonta p outside instead.
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    Hi there, I'll take them. Thanks, ron
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    Jetstar will get you there! For the Eastern State, I have a unit on third floor with beautiful city view/backdrop from external balcony in Victoria Park, which is very close to Perth CBD. I can offer you free accommodation for the first interest. Bring your family along for weekend visit..., accommodation is on me!!
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    I had a pair of old GE 5751 black plate triple Mica that I picked up and ran on my Melody amp and they had a magical quality to them - more wide soundstage verging on being immersed but I was warned they were low gain and not an ideal match. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    @Chanh might make this one as well if I can get a day pass.....
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    I loved and owned this album back when it was first released and I managed to get a copy just a few days back................fantastic memories and great music with Rene and Kevin Borich
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    Taj Mahal oooh so good'n blues stripped back and soundin mighty fine.
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    Thoroughly enjoyed the first season of The Last Kingdom and the second season is just as good so far! An excellent mix of drama and comedy with no punches pulled for this period series.
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    More of the Canadian connection The original song - American Woman was by this band - Not Lenny Cravitz Artist - The Guess Who Title - Down Under Its a very good album and well worth a spin
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    That frustrates me to no end. No sane person would expect to win the auction at the base price if they bid with 9 days to go. It's as though they knew they couldn't afford it so they wanted to raise the price and wreck it for the real buyer!
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