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    Mamiya rz67, 180mm lens. f45, few secs. Fomapan 100. Like it better than the 200. This has been cropped by at least a half. Arrrr!
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    Ok, my last post on this thread... A picture is worth a thousand words. You guys be cool and enjoy the hobby!
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    Item: Kef Ci200RR-THX in Ceiling Dolby ATMOS speakers x4Location: Geelong / MelbournePrice: $800 each or 3,000 for all 4 ($750 each). RRP is $1,250Item Condition: UnusedReason for selling: I'm building a new house with a dedicated Theater Room and I cant fit them into my plans.Payment Method: Pickup or Delivery & Postage is available at buyers expense - Cash, Bank Deposit or Paypal with fees to be paid by buyer.Extra Info: Not much to say, I bought them because they are regarded as one of the best atmos speakers. They are a similar driver to the Kef Q900 floor standing speaker but has upgraded internals inline with the R series.Pictures: I've opened one for a sticky-beak the other 3 are still in the cupboard brand new in box. Heavy speaker!
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    Item: Schiit Yggdrasil multibit DAC Location: Bendigo Price: $2900 $2800 (includes shipping) Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Cash for headphone upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Price drop - at $2800 with shipping this is a $1K off local retail for this 'as new' unit. This is Schiit Audio's top of the line multibit DAC with the rare black casework. In as new condition - only 6 months old, purchased from Addicted to Audio ($3850) 31/3 this year. Lots of reviews around the net for this fantastic DAC - and it has been compared to the best available. Yggy is built around the (expensive) Analog Devices AD5791 multibit chips - 2 per channel - and also has Mike Moffat's exclusive filter, perfected at Theta Digital, built on a Sharc processor. I'll post a link to a Yggy HeadFi thread below where the author compares it to a long list DAC'S with comments about the sound. Bottom line: it's very hard to find better sound than the Yggdrasil. Original box/packaging. I really want to get a pair of new Focal Utopia headphones and selling something is the only way I can justify that purchase. http://schiit.com/products/yggdrasil http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/670-schiit-audio-yggdrasil-multibit-dac-review/ http://www.head-fi.org/t/804153/life-after-yggdrasil#post_12481815 Pictures:
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    The designer was probably Simon - he is 'the designer'.
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    Icon Audio PS3 MKII all valve. Got this recently 2nd hand at half new price. Nice!
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    Reading reviews is the mistake I made in the first place! Sorry, the only thing I'm interested is what I hear. And I've heard good equipment, as well as bad, and can certainly tell the difference. Finally, I am likely to be very suspicious of someone writing that a piece of equipment sounds good, when my experience is quite the opposite. No matter how esteemed he/she might be,
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    In the early days of blu-ray, I found the players upscaling capabilities were better than the TV. But by about 2012 most TV's could upscale as good as or even better than even the latest Oppo. The fact a TV turned into a full multi media machine required them to put higher performance CPU's inside, which made the general upscaling better. I suspect it will be the same this time. Apparently upscaling to 4k within the TV itself now wildly differs in quality depending on the brand. So for now the new 4k Oppo may be best.
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    Interesting first post ... i look forward to the rest of your contributions on SNA
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    Hi all, I have been playing around making a few headphone stands for my Sennheiser HD650s and also as a possible project for my Year 10 D&T students next year. There seems to be a resurgence of headphones amongst kids and they have been excited by the prototypes I have made. One I've used the Laser Cutter and some 6mm Basswood ply, which lasers very nicely, to produce the more open looking one below. It is very similar to the 'Bendy Head' headphone stand I saw online somewhere, with some Audeze headphones on it/them. It just slots together - took a few goes to work out the cutting pattern to get the ply to bend, a bit like 'kerfing', and the angle of the sides took longer! The other one I have made out of birchply and glued a veneer of American Black Walnut onto each external face. Both were coated with a few coats of nitrocellulose lacquer then sprayed a couple of times with some satin estapol. They seem to have worked out ok. Will post some pictures of an acrylic prototype that I have also made on the Laser Cutter, though I'm not as happy with it, soon. Regards, Michael (Mods, please move this topic to DIY if you think it belongs there, I was in two minds where to post, sorry!) aasza's post of the Beautiful Headphone Stands on Massdrop, inspired me to post these!
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    New York State of mind ...
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    There was a significant improvement. In an earlier post I found that the sound was more natural, seemed to flow easily. I don't have the technical knowledge to say how or why. I have everything connected, turntable, phono, CDP, pre and power amp. Apart from the TT, all components use valves in some way, this may be part of the reason it has been good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Given you said you were running a Retro-thermionic Mimic ... I think you need to query mwhouston. Andy
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    Sure, but the tube is still not a "DHT".
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    http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-AT-MONO3-LP-Audio-Technica-Moving-Coil-Mono-Cartridge-MC-Type-40-Japa... An excellent VFM true mono generator cartridge with vertical compliance so it will not damage stereo records and sufficient output to work with a MM phono stage. My first introduction to true Mono cartridges.
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    As per guys in the us and even local retailer, not worth the bother. Hand picked parts... bit more lumens not worth the significant jump up in cost unlesd don't want to did wondering but for most else the 7000 is the sweet spot
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    Isnt it just a tew extra lumens? I think the X5000 to the X7000 is where the big jump comes in because the X5000 is like the previous Gen with its internals. X7000 & X9000 new technology or revised. There was a discussion about where the best value was between them all. I think the outcome or consensus was the X9000 isnt worth it because its too close to the Sonys price and also very little difference to the X7000 other than an extra couple hundred lumens. Not bad colour and brightness for a plastered room with no light control.
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    Just sharing some pictures from my testing my X7000 in the new Theater Room I'm building. At 4.8m from lens face to wall i got a 147" cinemascope image that was very view-able. Actually I was blown away with the image considering It was a unfinished plastered wall and with no lighting control and a big 600mm high window 4.5m wide. I also tried other sizes and 16:9. I found 120" 16:9 image height to be perfect for TV and Games. Now just to decide If I go wider with a scope screen or stay 120" 16:9. I should start a Theater Build thread for all this. I made a quick video too. No sound because I have no speakers hooked up LOL!
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    You want 5x20 T 800ma (0.8A) http://au.rs-online.com/web/c/fuses-sockets-circuit-breakers/fuses/cartridge-fuses/?searchTerm=800ma+fuse ADDED: RS have free freight for online orders but you might have to order a pack of 10 fuses. Found this too
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    It this sort of stuff that has really got me miffed about my setup. My JBLs's are essentially the same thing with 2x 15" drivers and a compression driver per box with supposedly even higher efficiency 97db and I need to crank the piss out of my 400w amp (volume set to approx 80 out of 100 required to get things humming nicely). I seriously must be as deaf as a lump of wood....
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    To be honest I find it a bit annoying to have to add the URL for the item you're leaving feedback for. I'm not convinced it's necessary, plus you can leave brief item details in the comments you leave, should you consider it important. Removing the requirement for the URL would make it faster and simpler...
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    MagpieBurke Is the noise just at the start when the needle drops, or continues whilst music is playing? Is the record in good shape, dirty, scratched, old? do you know how old the stylus and turntable are? Actually what is a GRTT2/AMP turntable do you have an picture?
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    Item: MAD Ear+ HD Location: Melbourne, VIC Price: SOLD Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: Raising money for a camera Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: - Has a light hum when low impedance headphones are connected. Hum doesn't increase with volume. - Match made in heaven with the Grado RS1s! - Great with high impedance Sennheisers as well - Built by Mapletree Audio Design (not DIY) Refer pic for build quality Also available Grado RS1i. PM me if interested in both. Pictures:
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    with fond recollection of an excellent conversation with @65eclipse at the weekend, covering great female voices among other things - A Dionne Warwick compilationA Shirley Bassey compilation. Feck I hate the lack of control over formatting of my posts on SNA 2. Give me WYSIWYG paragraphs!
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    I'll buy them back off you... I regret selling them! PM sent
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    When working for Linn in Glasgow I used the British National Engineering Labs anechoic chamber in nearby East Kilbride. It was a 5m cube but even suspending the speakers in the middle of the room the measurements were only good down to about 100 Hz (whose wavelength is about 3m) using swept sine sweeps. Nowadays one can get nearly as good measurements by splicing close-miked measurements with 1-2m ones using reflection-truncated impulses. And as Dave points out above, apart from noise levels, you can also use outside measurements or large rooms but again you have to get the speaker & microphone sufficiently away from reflecting surfaces (floor or ground) which is not always easy. At Linn there was a such large space at their old factory in Castlemilk that they kept after they moved to their new factory in Eaglesham - and if I was really keen I took them outside on the raised fork-lift truck but only at the weekends when it was a bit quieter. BTW the NEL anechoic chamber was mainly used for accurate noise measurement specifications eg of vacuum cleaners etc and not loudspeaker measurements! Nowadays I use a combination of spliced impulse measurements and the occasional outside measurement:
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    Correct, humans are more sensitive to midrange frequencies, compared to lower (<40-50Hz) frequencies. So that leads to the next step, a volume change in the subbass region needs to be greater for the average Joe to notice it, compared to a volume change in the midrange. Particularly the 3k-4kHz range, where human hearing is the most sensitive. So I'll repeat, a 1.9dB drop at 40Hz is hardly severe or extreme. It's not ideal for the roll-off to start so high, but it would have minimal (not none, but minimal) effect on the linearity of the music heard.
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    Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    I gave it the ultimate test for bass. Return to Forever's "Romantic Warrior" featuring Stanley Clarke on both electric and upright bass, and Yes "Fragile" with the amazing Chris Squire providing the low end. At earth pounding volume I danced before the turntable and there was no woofer excursion only pounding clean tone.
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    For those who wish to try, Dirac Live is available on a 14 day trial basis. All you need is a calibrated microphone, and PC or Mac I found it to be very effective, particularly in my room which is dominated by a 40Hz mode. I averaged the correction response across the full width of the sofa and at heights slightly above and below the seated listening height. My listening position also suffers from a suck-out at 2.5KHz, and by restoring 50% of it I found that the balance was essentially perfect. With 100% correction it sounded slightly "squawky" What surprised me though was how well both channels tracked, particularly above 1kHz.
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