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    Hey Gandra, How dare you come to our Congregation and tell us of your experiences about our Beloved Supreme Product! Who do you think you are? We don’t care that you didn’t personally insult any one of us, called us names or shown any hostility towards the members of this Congregation, some of which have more than 2000 posts to their names. We know that equipment can sound differently in various configurations, but frankly do not care that our BSP sounded bad in yours. We know that its wiring is poorly executed, but it was done on purpose, so that it sounds even better. Who in their right mind will look under the hood anyway, when the outside is so shiny and sparkly! What’s under the hood doesn’t matter really matter, it’s the shiny sparkly externals that sells the product. And we’re all happy to pay big bucks for it. Look around the net you fool. So many reputable reviewers have praised our BSP, which must make you feel so alone, so insignificant. You are just a troll who came here to crap on our BSP and we will have none of that. Take your hating elsewhere, go back to lurking where you belong, and let this Congregation continue to worship and happily sing praises of our BSP. Goodbye Gandra!
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    Oh dear. I had resisted making any comment on this topic but our new poster seems to have opened a can of worms . I owned one of the very first Micrex amps, lovely little hybrid power amp, still running strong down in Tasmania. Yes it had the little Chrome Domes too , a design feature of the builders amplifiers. My very best and oldest friend in Audio has a number pre-amps built by Mick personally for him here in South Australia when he lived here prior to returning to W.A. This was in the period between Micrex and Supa-Tec. Another passionate Audio lover I know here in SA runs and a Supra-Tec pre-amp at the heart of his very accomplished system. My Oldest friend in Audio feels his little Mick pre-amp is the finest match with his monster Amcrons he has ever heard. That exact same pre-amp when matched with my Cary 805 AE mono-blocks sounded terrible and was easily beaten by an Amber (Cary) pre-amp. My highly accomplished tech when asked to take a look inside one of these (non production) pre-amps found it very hard to be diplomatic about his feeling regarding the build quality. My old audio mate how-ever has always believed the messier the wiring the better the sound. My point is this. Gandra is not the only person to ever question the wiring in these amplifiers. I feel he is entitled to his opinion and also if he feels that the little chrome hats serve no real function outside of looking funky. Conversely the Supra-Tec pre-amps have received huge praise both here and overseas, a great feather in the builders hat and a successful Australian export. That members lavish them with praise reflects their experience. There is very real evidence that bundling wires has an adverse effect on sound quality . Far better to cross wires at 90 degrees. In the end one can only comment on their personal experience with a product. I have been shockingly disappointed by some products that others feel are beyond reproach. Is this not the point of forums? Surely they exist to reflect opposing experiences of the same product. This is not to personally denigrate the product, simply to reflect what you as an individual in the confines of your system have experienced.
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    Mamiya rz67, 180mm lens. f45, few secs. Fomapan 100. Like it better than the 200. This has been cropped by at least a half. Arrrr!
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    Garrott Brothers Optim FGS Ruby MM cartridge.
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    Jackson pollock would have loved it.
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    Ok, my last post on this thread... A picture is worth a thousand words. You guys be cool and enjoy the hobby!
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    Gandra, Agreed, it is a matter of perspective and clearly there may have been something wrong with your preamp ...did you pursue it with the builder, he is usually very helpful to resolve issues? There are several hundred Supratek preamps out there on the world stage and the Americans love them, so there must be something good about them. See here: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/preamp-deal-of-the-century (yes, there are good and not so good comments in that thread, but it is mainly 95% favourable). The very reason I like Supratek preamps is because of their crystal clear highs, transparency and lack of phase anomalies which presents a sound stage that is separated and pin-point. The opposite of what you are saying. Mick Maloney builds his preamps with the utmost care, twisting the wires tightly onto the solder points and with minimal wire length - a true expression of point-to-point wiring. Agreed, running the wires from A to B in a straight line produces an untidy look, but it is electrically the most efficient way to do it and probably sounds the best. The Supratek preamplifier (or any great preamp for that matter) is the cornerstone of my sound system. Without it the sound stage collapses, realism diminishes and I tend to loose interest in the music ...its hard to explain, but a great preamp makes the whole system gel and coalesce. Esteemed Aussie reviewer Edgar Kramer also thinks this way about Supratek, so why not ask him? http://www.ultrahighendreview.com/supratek-reference-dht-preamplifier/ Anyway, don't take my word for it there are plenty of positive reviews on-line of this world class preamplifier ... http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/supratek3/dualcabernet.html http://www.6moons.com/industryfeatures/supratek/cabernet.html http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/hi-fi/supratek-sauvignon-valve-preamplifier-392522 https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/review-supratek-cortese-tube-preamp http://www.audioasylum.com/reviews/Preamplifier-Tube/Supratek-Triode/Cortese/tubes/97339.html I'm not trying to wax lyrical here, just telling it like it is. Hardly, any Australian audio product in recent times has garnered such praise - and this should be acknowledged and respected. Regards, Steve. PS: I have no affiliation with Supratek and just a happy user of the preamp.
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    It's a matter of perspective - what is trashing a product for some is negative but still constructive criticism to others. I would not normally engage in discussing products on forums (some of you are right that it is my first post, however I have been a member for a few years, but have chosen not to participate). The reason for the negative post is that I have actually paid a considerable amount of money to acquire the said preamp. I did not have the opportunity to listen to it beforehand, but was guided by its gorgeous looks (as clearly seen in the post above) and many glowing reviews on this Forum. However, it all went downhill in the first minute of listening. The sound was so bad that it doesn't warrant a constructive discussion; you mention it, it lacked it all: highs, tight lows, soundstage, transparency, musicality... nothing. The reason for such poor performance was evident once I opened the two boxes and had a peek inside. It's like a dog's breakfast! Since I don't have the preamp anymore, I dare anyone who owns it to lift the lid and post the photos of what's underneath. The biggest surprise were the silver bulbs, which implied the existence of (at least) two transformers, but there was nothing there. They were empty, not a tranny in sight! Fast forward a couple of years and at the moment I actually do have a DHT based preamp in my system and can say that it does sound magical, so there definitely is something in those DHTs. However, this being still a work in progress, I know (unfortunately I am not the designer / constructor) it still has a long way to go before it sounds good enough (for me at least). Based on this experience however, I now know at least the minimum requirements for a good DHT preamp: an extremely good power supply - expensive, extremely good (silent) components - expensive, and most of all, a lot of work on the internal design, because of the sensitivity of not only the DHT tubes but also the various components and leads to external noise and radiation. Sorry guys, but Supratek has none of those and therefore does not and can not sound good.
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    are those the amps that have the untidy wiring that would be a nightmare for techs to problem solve if anything went wrong with them?
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    Item: Kef Ci200RR-THX in Ceiling Dolby ATMOS speakers x4Location: Geelong / MelbournePrice: $800 each or 3,000 for all 4 ($750 each). RRP is $1,250Item Condition: UnusedReason for selling: I'm building a new house with a dedicated Theater Room and I cant fit them into my plans.Payment Method: Pickup or Delivery & Postage is available at buyers expense - Cash, Bank Deposit or Paypal with fees to be paid by buyer.Extra Info: Not much to say, I bought them because they are regarded as one of the best atmos speakers. They are a similar driver to the Kef Q900 floor standing speaker but has upgraded internals inline with the R series.Pictures: I've opened one for a sticky-beak the other 3 are still in the cupboard brand new in box. Heavy speaker!
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    Item: Schiit Yggdrasil multibit DAC Location: Bendigo Price: $2900 $2800 (includes shipping) Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Cash for headphone upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Price drop - at $2800 with shipping this is a $1K off local retail for this 'as new' unit. This is Schiit Audio's top of the line multibit DAC with the rare black casework. In as new condition - only 6 months old, purchased from Addicted to Audio ($3850) 31/3 this year. Lots of reviews around the net for this fantastic DAC - and it has been compared to the best available. Yggy is built around the (expensive) Analog Devices AD5791 multibit chips - 2 per channel - and also has Mike Moffat's exclusive filter, perfected at Theta Digital, built on a Sharc processor. I'll post a link to a Yggy HeadFi thread below where the author compares it to a long list DAC'S with comments about the sound. Bottom line: it's very hard to find better sound than the Yggdrasil. Original box/packaging. I really want to get a pair of new Focal Utopia headphones and selling something is the only way I can justify that purchase. http://schiit.com/products/yggdrasil http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/670-schiit-audio-yggdrasil-multibit-dac-review/ http://www.head-fi.org/t/804153/life-after-yggdrasil#post_12481815 Pictures:
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    Most people use a SUT when needing to amplify the output of a LOMC cart (typically 0.3mV - 0.5mV) to the level expected by their MM phono stage (cart output 4 - 5mV). However, there is another alternative ... a ss 'head amp'. (Sure, there have been tube head amps ... Trevor Lees made one - which I owned once - but, to me, these are waaaay too noisy.) The trouble is ... there aren't too many head amps around. There's a vintage (Panasonic?) unit which @Metamatic owns but the only other ones I know about are: the Hagerman 'Piccolo'. the G. Slee 'Elevator'. and I believe Bottlehead have one? Well, Hugh 'Mr AKSA' Dean produced the 'Paris' head amp about 12 years ago (on my request! ). He supplied it as a PCB with the components soldered - but not as a 'finished product' (so you had to: put it into a case add the I/O wiring and RCA sockets, and install an SLA, charger and switch, to swap between 'Play' and 'Charge'.) And in recent years, Hugh has focussed on designing new power amplifiers ... so the Paris (great product that it is!) has languished because he didn't want to spend time soldering. Now, the big advantage of a head amp - compared to a SUT - IMO, is the following: the default load of most MM phono stages is 47K. if you put a SUT in front of this - then the load seen by the (MC) cart is 47K divided by the square of the turns ratio of the SUT. so, for a 1:10 SUT, the load is 470 ohms. for a 1:20 SUT, the load seen is 117 ohms. in each of the above cases, you can lower the load seen by the cart, by using additional resistors across the output of the SUT (which lowers the 47K value). but you can never increase it! So if your MC cart likes more than 470 ohms (in the case of a 1:10 SUT) ... you are stuffed! So what you need - if you have a LOMC which likes more than 470 ohms load - is a head amp which offers a variable loading. (The Hagerman 'Piccolo' and the 'Elevator' offer a limited amount of loading options.) I recently signed a deal with Hugh to produce the Paris as a totally made-up product. This has a 12v SLA driving it and a parallel pair of input RCAs on the back, for infinite 'R' loading. Pics as follows: Regards, Andy
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    Steve your wish is my command...separate power supply then "top side"...
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    The designer was probably Simon - he is 'the designer'.
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    Ethical manufacturers are nearly always exceptionally helpful. Greg
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    A couple of comments: - The wiring "issue" is well worn and has been discussed at length in the past and frankly, it's boring. The layout was chosen deliberately by the manufacturer, so while you may contend that it looks sloppy have you tried to find out why he chose to do it this way? - you say that was your last post on this topic. Will we hear from you in other topics or did you just show up to crap on someone's product ?
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    Icon Audio PS3 MKII all valve. Got this recently 2nd hand at half new price. Nice!
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    ha ha, supratek threads always turn into this. I have owned 2 of them, both great units, had a small issue with my first one, but was shipped back to Mick and repaired in no time yep, sexy indeed yep, messy as hell wiring yep, sound brilliant yep, always going to be haters with every brand....
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    Reading reviews is the mistake I made in the first place! Sorry, the only thing I'm interested is what I hear. And I've heard good equipment, as well as bad, and can certainly tell the difference. Finally, I am likely to be very suspicious of someone writing that a piece of equipment sounds good, when my experience is quite the opposite. No matter how esteemed he/she might be,
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    Some power boards and conditioners colour the sound slightly, so it's good to try first. Some power conditioners (usually the ones with more filtering) reduce the dynamics of your system, but have massive gains in lowering noise. With these they sometimes add separate high current plugs to bypass part of the filter so the amplifiers can retain some of that dynamic capability. I've used quite a few power boards, but the ones i've used for the longest time are the Isotek Polaris and Isotek Sirius boards. The polaris colours the sound very slightly, seems to favour treble and bass more than the midrange. This is a very slight change though and you might not notice. The sirius doesn't colour at all as far as I can tell, but the reduction in noise is only marginally better than the polaris. Two more notes I'd like to add: The noise on your mains power might be so low that you won't benefit from a conditioner. I've heard the same conditioner in two buildings where it made a big difference in the one, but I couldn't tell the difference in the other. Some component power supplies are so good at taking out noise that a power conditioner doesn't make much difference either. It tends to make a bigger difference on sources than amplifiers though.
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    Yes to measure down to 50Hz it would need to be about 10m cube which is pretty large - and expensive - as aasza shows above. Fortunately the Thiele-Small equations seem to predict LF performance pretty accurately for anechoic conditions - as do close-mike measurements.. But of course as Hensa suggests above one needs to make measurements in the actual listening room to see how much the LF performance is being affected by room standing waves etc and try to correct for this - electronically eg by DEQX and/or physically by absorbers or scattering (though the latter becomes increasingly difficult as the frequency decreases). Pity we like bass!
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    yes but why do you want to import something's that ready available here in Australia and may be for less and better quality . just saying . Duc
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    In the early days of blu-ray, I found the players upscaling capabilities were better than the TV. But by about 2012 most TV's could upscale as good as or even better than even the latest Oppo. The fact a TV turned into a full multi media machine required them to put higher performance CPU's inside, which made the general upscaling better. I suspect it will be the same this time. Apparently upscaling to 4k within the TV itself now wildly differs in quality depending on the brand. So for now the new 4k Oppo may be best.
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    I'm very happy with the amp - I can only describe the sound as very natural. Instruments are clearly defined and positioned, good depth of soundstage, etc etc.. There is no background noise at all, even when I put my ear right up against the speaker cone. Neither are there any thumps or pops at power on/off. Congrats TI, a bloody good chip amp in my opinion! - now come on and bring out the higher power one.
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    Thought I'd better resurrect this thread, the amp is built and sounds great! I've put it in a diecast box as this one is going to be a workhorse. I'm going to build up a few more channels for my next project.
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    Far Kurnell I've had a sh!tty week at work. This has been just the tonic to salve jangled nerves, etc. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm streaming through Tidal as I type this and beginning to feel half human once again.
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    Journey Greatest Hits Blu Spec CD Never heard Steve Perry's voice this good, will be getting more of these Blu Specs.
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    And the shiny silver bulb thingies that have absolutely no purpose in life.
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    Sounds like audiophile BS to me Jon. I like music to sound real, not manufactured or artificial like the terms you have described.
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    Interesting first post ... i look forward to the rest of your contributions on SNA
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    Unfortunately my experience differs considerably from the folks above. Based in such hyped up responses I went ahead and bought one of these preamps about 2 years ago and as soon as it arrived realised what a mistake I made. It's the single worst piece of hifi gear I ever had in my system. Couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Good luck to all of you. Cheers
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    Anybody want to buy a sub [emoji50] Straight out of the box these are bass heavy and I've been told it only gets better with 100-500 hours on them. I guess 4 x 15" drivers will do that [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Depends. I have a HD recorder that upsamples much better then the TV can. It probably has a more powerful CPU and better software.
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