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    Item: Cary SLP-05 preamplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $4900 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Need 6 channels of preamp, otherwise I would never sell it. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is my Cary SLP-05 preamp. Bought new from Nick in Audiophile in 2007 and has given me years of faithful service. When this preamp was new, it cost $12,000 in 2007 dollars. You can check the current secondhand prices of the SLP-05 here. This is still a current production model. Link to manufacturer's page here - follow the link to find a downloadable manual, features, specifications, and some reviews. I don't need to tell you about the reputation of the SLP-05. It is a modern classic. Included in the sale: - The preamp and power supply - Power cables (one to mains, and the umbilical cable from power supply to preamp) - Extra valves as pictured. This preamp requires 8x (eight) 6SN7, however two of these valves are for headphones, and are not required for normal operation. I have more valves than these ones pictured, which I will also include. However, I can not vouch for the condition of those valves, whereas I can tell you that these ones pictured are definitely OK. The included valves (boxed separately) are: 4x RCA clear black base, 2x GE, 2x Electro-Harmonix gold. Also included are the valves mounted on the preamp: 4x Electro-Harmonix gold, 2x RCA, and 2x GE. Other valves included are a grab bag of 6SN7's - I can't remember which ones, or how many. Maybe 4-6. - Owners manual - Original packing boxes The bridge rectifier in the PSU also has third party valves in it. As far as I am aware, these are OK. You can see from the pictures that the condition of this preamp is absolutely flawless. There is only one fault with this preamp: the lightbulbs in the VU Meter are dead. Both of them. This does not affect normal operation, and the spare bulbs should cost you less than $0.50 in Jaycar. I haven't bothered replacing the bulbs because the preamp operates fine without them. I am happy to demonstrate this preamp in my house or yours. Happy to post at buyer's expense via the local Pack & Send. Pictures:
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    This is what end result should look like. I just have Abyss rather than the he1000
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    Looks to be an Interesting Design. Only just released but hopefully more reviews will pop up. https://kitsunehifi.com/product/springdacbase/ There is a optional upgraded transformer offered that is wired in pure silver. How much could this actually effect a Dac's performance? It is a US$500 option. That seems quite an expense. Must put it in the territory of some other great Transformer options that others have posted about in W.A. project builds.
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    Spring is coming Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk
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    I've one of Earles creations.
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    Great version. Highly recommended!
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    Item: Martin 000-28 EC with hard case Location: VIC 3148 Price: $4000 Item Condition: As new condition Reason for selling: Too many guitars Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%), COD Only Extra Info: Martin 000-28 EC signature model with factory hard case. Beautiful guitar. Purchased earlier this year from local dealer. Guitar and case are in as new condition. RRP is now $6799.
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    The worst bit Wally, is that me and Mrs Caddisgeek were on the edge of our seats cheering on Collingwood, bloody Collingwood, all for nothing. I feel so dirty, and the dirt won't come off....
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    Collingwood, you had one job!
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    Your mess is quite a bit neater than my mess! Looks great!
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    My favourite (along with Herman Scherchen's version) rendition of this work:
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    Could I please take Kurt Vile - B'lieve I'm Goin (Deep) Down Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring For My Halo - US pressed 2011 LP (OLE-938-1) NM/NM. Opened but pristine. $20
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    Not quite. It was originally conceived by Yorn Utzon as a multipurpose hall, for both concerts and opera. Apparently, the design of the acoustics hadn't been completely finalised by Utzon, before he was forced out by the new state Liberal government. So when the government architects got to work, they had to redesign the concert hall for concerts only and squeeze more seating into the same space, to satisfy the needs of the ABC. In the process, they seemed to have lost sight of the prime requirement (or attribute) of a concert hall....its acoustics.
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    Have to agree - hoping to not go off topic but those piccies look very nice.
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    the ad does state that one day everybody will own one.... you me and shane included
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    welcome Richie, nicely matched system, enjoy SNA
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    It's a shame but not a surprise to see you make snarky comments about others hearing what are clearly audible sonic cues as to the wear of a stylus. This could be heard with no problems on a bog standard Rega Planar 2 with Denon DL304 cartridge running though the phono section of an ME15 per amp. Perhaps it's time to ditch the butchered Linn and tinkered with d-i-y phono stage? You can't tell if there are any improvements messing about like that with just a counter.
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    Hi Can I have these thanks. Dave Mason - Alone Together The Saints - All Fools Day The Saints - Prodigal Son Richard Thompson - Hand Of Kindness Cheers
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    Announcement of AudiophileOptimizer 2.10 Beta 4 We are very happy to announce Beta 4 of AudiophileOptimizer 2.10. For us it is a historical moment, the same kind it was over three years ago, it was the moment which finally led to what we today know as the "AudiophileOptimizer". And as of today we are facing the same level of achievement for computer audio, just with Windows Server 2016 instead of Server 2012. Windows Server 2016 introduced a lot of technical hurdles, many of them arising to real issues and deal-breakers. Especially Server Core without Kernel-Streaming made everything look pretty bad. Windows Server 2016 will be officially presented at Microsoft Ignite at the end of September. General availability will be in October 2016. After months of hard work and countless fights against the new burdens Microsoft has introduced, we can finally release a Beta of AudiophileOptimizer which will make Kernel-Streaming work again exactly as we knew it from Server 2012 and 2012 R2. Beta 3 also enabled Kernel-Streaming, but it only worked when one pressed F8 during boot and selected "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement". Not a very convenient story and totally unacceptable to us. But apparently it was not too easy to bypass this obstacle.... AO 2.10 Beta 4 now can re-inject Kernel-Streaming into Core Mode, and it does also work without the need to press F8 during each boot! AudiophileOptimizer 2.10 Beta 4 ================================================== =========== - Support for Windows Server 2016 RTM (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials) - Dedicated update notification feature for beta versions - Several bugfixes for Chinese Windows 10 - Disable OneDrive/Defender also available in advanced mode (Win10) - Support for Windows Server 2016 TP5 (Standard, Datacenter & Essentials) - WASAPI/MMCSS optimization for Windows Server 2016 - LockScreen disabled for Windows Server 2016 - ActionCenter disabled for Windows Server 2016 - Kernel-Streaming for Windows Server 2016 in Core Mode (without the need to press F8 during boot) - Roon support question no longer asked if already installed - Several cosmetics - Minor Bugfixes ServiceTool 2.10 - Support for Windows Server 2016 RTM - Update of Windows Server 2016 WLAN support - Update of DriverHelper - "Prepare Essentials Edition" feature visible in ServiceTool again - ST does not longer show option to switch modes in Windows Server 2016 (since Microsoft removed ability to do so) - Shell Replacement feature now offers two pages of shell replacements - Added MediaMonkey shell replacement - Added RoonBridge shell replacement - Several bugfixes for Chinese Windows 10 - Several cosmetics Setup 2.10 - Support for Windows Server 2016 RTM - Update of the PDF Guide - Several cosmetics ATTENTION: During the nature of a direct Server Core OS installation it might be necessary that you un-install and reinstall your DAC driver to get Kernel-Streaming working in Server Core! Use the DriverHelper from ServiceTool should you encounter compatibility warnings because your driver does not support Windows Server 2016 Enjoy it, Phil
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    C'mon, Trev ... you haven't been reading this thread carefully enough! If you have "golden ears" ... then you will be able to tell when "the cartridge changes its tonality and the way it projects a 3 dimensional image". Then it is time for a re-tip. If you have ears like mine ... you use a counter - or write it down in your diary like @@Tasebass! Then you decide how many hours it is - which, as Shane has shown, depends on the type of stylus. Once I get the report back from NWA on the amount of wear on the FG tip on my Benz LP (which they have just replaced), I will decide whether I need to change my current 1,000 hour life (2,800 sides). Andy
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    Thanks for your replies. I'll be checking out some of those options. Any thoughts on VAF DC-X Gen4 Mk.II? Pair locally (FNQ) that I may be able to get my hands on.
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    Here is an article that goes into a little detail. Its a bit older but gives you an idea. http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/computers/blog/gadgets-on-the-go/are-regionfree-dvd-players-legal-20120131-1qs42.html
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    The question I'm interested in having answered is how can they (legally) provide region free included in the BDP when we have to pay extra on all our Oppos etc. So why aren't all BDPs region free?
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    Roon metadata is totally over rated. I thought it provided recording details, it doesn't. You'll probably get more detail in most CD booklets. Also some big errors in metadata. Text for Coventry 80s band Primitives shows the band's photo, but the text is for the 60s band Primitives from Oxford. The streaming site "Qobuz" provides the correct metadata sourced from Gramophone magazine. Roon should do the same. Roon metadata consists of songwriting credits and lyrics. That's it. No details of which recording studios, Producers, Engineers, etc. If you want details of musicians on tracks, you are better off going to Discogs or wikipedia. I am used to the interface now. It needs exploring to get it to work the way you want it. Manic Moose simple presents your catalogue the way you set it up in your computer.
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    Rip to FLAC. Ripping and tagging s/ware depends on your plaform (Wintel/OSX/Linux/etc). Some devices will use FLAC natively, some will use it as an archival format and transcode from there. Remember your first step is archiving. Use a NAS. Any NAS will do, I use Synology. Music transfer is not a lot of bandwidth. The nicer ones have some good CPU horsepower, decent RAM and a few ethernet ports for increased throughput. They'll even do transcoding for devices that don't want to receive something in FLAC, so any Apple devices you have in the house can work just fine. Use a RAID mirror on your NAS. It's cheap and there's really no reason not to, and your NAS can be configured to tell you if something goes awry. Hard-wire it. If your home router doesn't have spare ports, buy a decent switch. Hard-wire to your playback devices too. You'll never look back. If you're super-worried beyond that, buy a decent cloud-based storage subscription at around ~USD$100/year per TB and back your NAS up there (most recent NAS have utilities that do this automatically). Or just use another hard disk, periodically back that up, and keep it somewhere else. As in 'if my house burnt down the data would be safe' somewhere else. The same solution will store all your photos, videos, etc as well. So it' a nice investment.
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    Just a couple of quick iPhone pics of newly hung Pyrotek acoustic panels. They break up the slabby grey walls brilliantly, and despite the bright red colour are non reflective so won't be distracting during movies. Only listened to a couple of tunes so far, but the hairs are standing on end. As expected, the acoustic impact is not subtle. Good sound proofing in a room this size produces echo that is a bit of beast to tame, but these panels have made a huge difference. The soundstage has moved forward and instruments and vocals are more well localised and formed. Will need to give the speakers a really good run at high volumes to see if the really annoying peaks have been tamed.
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    I like slabs of wood Krebs SP10 Mk2 + Oracle SME 345 + Dynavector DV20X2L + PAD Proteus Provectus Backup is the venerable SL7 + Ortofon TMC200
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    [NSW] Naim IBL Loudspeakers http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NAIM-NA-IBL-legendary-audiophile-speakers-highly-sought-after-/351810132847?hash=item51e9849b6f:g:vY0AAOSw6n5XsEDS
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    yep, they are all cowboys who come in and ramp it up too loud to provide a 'spectacular show', but always over crank it for the venue and ruin everything. the main halls are designed for un-amplified music. much better to put those acts outside on the forecourt, eg., massive attack and the national who were both fantastic outdoors where they can breathe.
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    No surprises there [emoji3]
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    Very recently acquired Elrog 300B
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    Can top that, I got a signed copy of Chad Morgan 'Here I Am'
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    Does it need to be setup and running to be called a system? I wonder how many have bits and pieces in spare rooms/cupboards that would be a system(s) if setup.
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    Now.... a little trick used to ensure the top side panel is installed with screws correctly. I used a "Temp Marking" paint to leave a detailed "transfer" of the internal panels, to the top side panel. Masking tape was installed to panel ends, before application of Temp paint, to stop contamination & swelling of MDF. The Temp paint was made by myself, as i work for a surface coatings company, developing surface coatings for the construction industry. now i have the transfer on the top side, it's now time to drill screw holes. Remove the temp paint from both surfaces, then remove masking tape, ready for Glue application. Now install top side & screw down.
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    35yrs after I sold my turntable (LP12/Ittok/Asak & until 10yrs ago had no hifi at home) I'm finally spinning vinyl again. I nearly sold my vinyl a few times over the years but fortunately never did, though cleaning them all over the last 6-8weeks I've discovered that quite a few are missing, must have been 'borrowed' while I had them in storage at my parents home in the late 80s. Anyway I've bought a Thales TTT-C battery drive with Simplicity tonearm, Atlas cart & RCM Theriaa phono stage. Sound is very much in it's infancy but so far everything I've played is easily superior to CD, even Hoffman mastered DCC discs. I'm amazed at how quiet my old vinyl is, was always meticulous with the discwasher brush etc but so far (touch wood) there is no surface noise to take away the pleasure of listening. Warwick from Pure Music Group has been outstanding with his advice and the install, if only this level of service was the norm rather than the exception. A couple of pics below with some more in the Showcase thread, too busy listening and typing is very distracting. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/49812-my-audio-heaven/#entry862343
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    Thanks for that. Out of all the set ups in this wonderful thread these speakers really caught my eye.
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    An early shot of my new room after the relatively recent move. A number of things have changed equipment-wise but that's for another soon-to-be-started thread...
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