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    The Thin Red Line: OST I can't rave enough as to how much I love this CD. Listening through headphones. I also found the movie to be much more satisfying than Saving Private Ryan, which was released around the same time.
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    A little silver box full of witchcraft
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    I'm enjoying the love-in here Keep it up! Your a boxhead obviously. You were in the farking sweetspot and Pandora open her box for you in your dreams and you thought... If this is farking great then just around the corner is greater...and you dipped your toe in. Idiot. Carpet? Roll a chunk up and flog yerself around the earlobes for a while ya dill. When you get your system back to the way it was and your home and not working. Gimme a hoi and I'd like to come down and listen to what all the fuss is about. I'll bring Vintage, you supply aged steaks. Still got that Bulldog? Don't throw out it's bedding just in case the pest tags along.
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    Sent from my 486 IBM WIN 3.1x Desktop...
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    I think the village called him and said he could comeback
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    I went through a bit of a Hans Zimmer soundtrack phase back in the day -- Gladiator, Crimson Tide, Broken Arrow, The Peacemaker, The Rock, etc -- and I reckon that Journey To The Line, on this soundtrack, is probably one of his best tracks. I've heard it used in the trailers for other movies, too. --Geoff
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    Stanton supplied a low output mm phono cartridge, the 981LZ MkIIS and a closely connected company, Pickering manufactured the XLZ/7500S. The intention, in both cases of both these special designs, was to make the inductance low enough to shift the resonance rise caused by the interaction with cable capacitance well above the audio range. They are low impedance /low output devices and like moving coils require a S.U.T. or a head pre-amplifier.
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    If buying a sub, then a well sorted ported sub will be fine, but ported subs tend to be trickier to integrate well to mains due to the port providing an additional bass source and the additional group delay inherent in a ported sub. If building a sub - especially passive (I'm inferring by passive you mean a passive low pass crossover?) I would avoid ported. If by passive you just mean it won't have a crossover, and crossover functions will be provided by DSP or similar elsewhere, I'd still avoid ported for a DIY sub, unless it was a proven DIY design, or you have good experience in designing ported subs. Copying a commercial ported design has some challenges: commercial designs don't typically publish all the specs you need (box volume and port length is not enough) commercial designs may have OEM drivers with different specs to the drivers you can source, so your driver in your box won't necessarily behave the same If building a ported box, here's some things to consider in your design ported boxes are more sensitive (than sealed boxes) to driver specs - you should measure your drivers for their T/S parameters rather than rely on the published T/S parameters, otherwise your port tuning may be off from the start (requires a driver measurement rig) the T/S parameters for your drivers will change as the driver ages, which will impact tuning of your ported box over time the T/S parameters only apply for small signal levels, and the way the driver interacts with a ported enclosure can change significantly at higher volume and larger excursion port design is critical, especially at higher volumes, with high air velocity through the port - you need to model the air velocity with your chosen design to ensure air velocity remains low enough to avoid "chuffing" - flared ports can help here below the "tuning" frequency of a ported box, the box "unloads" and the driver has significant (possibly driver damaging) excursion, and a high pass filter set at or slightly below the "tuning" frequency is advised to prevent driver over-excursion and possible destruction None of the above applies to sealed enclosures (with the exception of driver over excursion with lots of EQ) - so for a DIY sub - especially a first DIY sub, IMO sealed is vastly easier, and easier to integrate with the mains, so for me, it's a no-brainer . There's always compromise though: at and a little above the tuning frequency of the port, a sealed enclosure will have more driver excursion than ported for the same SPL, and the greater the excursion, the greater the distortion (one reason why Matt's solution ( @@125dBmonster ) with multiple 18" subs is so good - I bet he hardly sees them moving under "normal" circumstances) to get bass extension with a sealed enclosure you're likely to need EQ, and depending on driver and your SPL and low frequency requirements, you may run out of amp power and Xmax on your drivers If I was building my first sub I would: go sealed have an active Xover with EQ to tailor the response based on "in room" measurements - measurement rig required - but less complicated than measuring the T/S parameters of your drivers use measurements to determine the best place in the room for your new sub (put the sub at the listening position and measure with the mic at likely sub positions) use the active crossover to delay the mains to "time align" with the sub IMO to integrate a sub (or subs) properly requires EQ and mains delay dependant on the room - fortunately low cost solutions such as minidsp (and REW) exist to do this very well. As a lazy DIYer, I wouldn't choose a ported box for a DIY sub, as it complicates things - sealed box, EQ, enough driver excursion and power to meet SPL needs - done. cheers Mike
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    Happy to share anything I can no matter how embarrassing in the hope it helps others
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    I have to say I really cannot fathom why people continue to use US plugs and boards. If anyone could please let me know why it is worth such a risk I would be really interested to know.
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    I just got a copy of this whilst in Mel for the HiFi show: His last album, much of it recorded only a month before he died in Nov 2015. A true NO legend, he only sings on one track, the remainder is an eclectic bunch of tunes all played in his inimitable style - A must have I reckon! cheers mick
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    Just thought i would start a new thread as this is a change from what i originally intended of my dedicated "Music" room. Originally i built and setup my room for the sole purpose of audio only.... this was great but i wished i had incorporated a "Home Theatre" aspect into it and sort of regretted not doing so. This was my room as was dedicated to audio only... I decided i wanted to turn my room into a "Dual Purpose" music and home theatre.. I already had gear i could utilise that was taking up space in storage.. I didnt want to use my Manley Labs 250 Neo,s to drive the Duntechs for movie,s so i utilised a Classic Krell KSA250 to drive the Sovereigns for movie playback. A Denon AVCA1SR combined with a Denon POA T3 drives the centre and the rears.A Sony BDP5000ES take care of playback. Projection....... I couldnt decide between the JVC DLA 5000B or the 7000B initially so i purchased both. After comparisons a friend is buying the 5000B off me and i am keeping the 7000B. .....Just a note.... The JVC DLA5000B is an awesome bargain... the difference between the 5000 and 7000 really is minimal ...specs say otherwise but in reality there is not much in it!!! Screen is an Aus Theatre Screens "Majestic 4K Evo 140" 16:9.... Beautiful screen by the way...and Aussie made. ( Thanks Richard) I also have to mention my "New" centre speaker. I auditioned several "High End" centres , but was less than impressed with some and even less impressed with their price tags. I wanted something that started to compliment The Duntech,s. I came across Adelaide Speakers....looked at the centres and contacted Edward. He built me one of his "Trio" centres using 2 x 8" Bass , 2 x 5" Mid and Ribbon Tweeter. I cannot say enough about Edwards centre!!!!! The performance "shames" some of the "Brand" name centres i have had to audition, a couple costing 5 times more!!. THANKS Edward and well done. Anyway.... It has all turned out really well....both Music and Movies can now be enjoyed. Very happy with the results.. Pics. ..
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    Item: Classe DR-9 Power Amplifier Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $1000 FIRM Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Funds for other upgrades Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A classicly designed power amp from the orginal founder of Classe Audio, David Reich. True high current design putting of 100 watts in 8 ohms and doubling down all the to 1 ohm. The first Class AB design from Classe, the older Classe amps are known for there warmth and musicality which trumped a lot of the competition in its day and still stands the test of time. These were sold with an lifetime warranty to the original owner. A statement of there reliability. Can be bridged for 400 watts in 8 ohms. All Classe units are multi voltage and this one has been professionally converted to 240v and rebiased by Nigel (Green Wagon). Binding posts replaced with Jantzen 5-way's, I have the original binding posts that I will sell with the amp. Pictures:
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    These look like a steal at $400. I'm surprised they are still here.
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    I personally wouldn't pioneer has dropped big time in the last 5 years in this regard. have just about close to exited. they've also backed right off on the tech development. and their avrs are really nothing like what they used to be like. ps in the other brands yamaha possibly one of the other brands to look at
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    Ok got home and done some researching. I think I will sell the Rotel 1552 and Integra 30.5 and go for a Marantz 6010 and Rotel 1555. This will enable me to power Front L/R, Centre and the extra 2 height speakers which will give me with the AVR internal amps 7.1.4 and after I sell existing gear just under $3000.
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    They have seals in 'Bool' you know.
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    I should add that neither of those albums are especially good sounding. Not terrible, and the music makes up for it. Sun Ra just sounds dated and the music is very "out", but more is revealed with each listen. The amplified rhythm section on Pulsar Q is a bit muddy in the bottom end. I have not been overly impressed with any of the few recent Delmark pressing I have... or Rob Mazurek's production in general for that matter. But I suspect that may form a part of his M.O. especially the electronic aspects of his work, which are not featured at all on this one. This is more of a nod to his bop roots. Sanchez on piano is an excellent foil to Mazurek's excesses.
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    I did Christchurch to Picton two up, in the rain on an RG250 many years ago. Wore the back tire down to the canvass. I can't believe we survived. Not a good bike two up I can tell you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I suspect they reside in the base and if you laid them down it would be fairly straightforward to remove that base section. Reckon that electro would be the only one that may need replacing, but if you wanted you could always upgrade the others to fancier types. Whether its worth upgrading or not would be a matter for debate!Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
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    Hi Al, Re: Q1. The goal is to have the subwoofer connected to the integrated so it is used for 2 channel, not just movies. You've answered my question though, so thank you. And the good news is that HT bypass isn't a must have on the integrated requirements list. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If Valhalla give you goose bumps good. What are Odin like? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just know they will have a beautiful device awaiting them.
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    Hmmm.... it's been absolutely great down this end.
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    Thanks @@darthlaker. I'll give them a go.
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    please dont... perhaps dont understand what atmos and 3D object based audio is all about. its not like old digital formats and about just creating some fill... its about discrete channels, and precisely creating a sound mix and utilising these channels to move objects in 3D space. and works extremely well. watching star trek into the darkness you hear the ship moving on above ...but its not just about height information....what the heights do is create possibility to pin point in space...so the spears being thrown in the opening scenes for instance move across the space towards the side past your ears ! till they end up on screen please dont follow onkyos stupidity with silliness ! seriously though I suspect not stupidity on onkyos part here, just cost cutting to fit in price bracket. I suspect they think most people if using an AVR will be running their 3D audio speakers off the AVR and if wanting to go full 7.1.4 using a separate 2ch amp for say mains...or that people buying it rather than upper models might as best manage 7.1.2 just either save a bit more for the model above that does allow this or use the rotel for 2 other channels e.g. the mains where probably better utilised.
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    Cheers for the heads up mate I actually have an old pair of technics grilles that would suit (right sort of bevel, similar thickness of frame etc), but they need to be cut to size in order to fit. I might see if I can find a local joiner who can help me to get them cut evenly & square etc. Nonetheless, I'll contact Adelaide speakers & see if they can knock some up for me. Cheers, Stu
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    I may well go this way - the Disco to get started, and the Consonance when I can afford it!
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    TAD C2000 Pre & M2500 Power Amplifier Made in Japan - Demo http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TAD-C2000-Pre-M2500-Power-Amplifier-Made-in-Japan-Demo-/262514878215?hash=item3d1f1b2707:g:6NIAAOSwOVpXfvtr Dont see this sort of gear come up very often mind you mega bucks. @@Yamaha Man @@thewaves
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    I have to say, Keith, your opinion is totally opposite to mine but strangely I agree with your Mac/PC comparison . Roon is significantly better and more refined than JRiver. Using JRiver is like using a Windows machine when you are used to the sophistication of a Mac. Just hard work and not intuitive at all. Roon actually helps you enjoy your music. I only have about 200 classical albums ripped so maybe my experience is very different from yours. Yes Roon is extremely flexible. Roon just "works" for me. It is certainly the best music player I have ever used, especially with it's Tidal and HQ Player integration.
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    Sorry to hear about this - every audio enthusiast's worst nightmare. However, in the interests of some good coming out of your misfortune, I hope and trust there will ultimately be a clear exposition of exactly what went wrong. I understand some of the postulated theories and the basic wisdom of using only Australian approved power cords, but it would be good to know the precise cause of this ugly mishap when it becomes clear. Thanking you for sharing and thanks in advance for further info as it comes to light.
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    Magic stuff! Thanks for sharing. It's precisely those sorts of life-enriching experiences that stay with you forever. To be able to make this happen is IMO the noblest aspiration of audio technology. Sometimes, it seems all the stars just align and those moments are to be treasured.
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    Sounds like a dodgy power cable to me. I assume you were using cables which have Australian approval numbers? Have them checked. A reversal of active and earth could cause such problems.
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    My computer expert had the courage to do something I conidered and decided not to do. He deleted the bluetooth driver and rebooted. win 10 automatically nkticed the absent driver and installed it. Now we can send all our telemetry to Microsoft and the Five Eyes.
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    Guru, I actually thought the Audio Note room was one of the best sounding ones there. If you thought it was bad, then I really do need to take you up on your invitation to come over to Sydney for a proper listen. I don't really want a new system, but instead of changing my car in the next few years, I think some AN-Es and an Ongaku would be fun. Cheers Suresh
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    "This is a DJ turntable not a super HiFi turntable...." No it's not, the SL1200 was introduced long before DJ work existed. They were and still are a hi-fi table. When will history be regarded as truth for these excellent music sources? I have 2 MC cartridges for mine.
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    Colosseum Florence Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    try Electronomicon and Rude Mechanicals
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    Flight of The Rocketeer; Acoustical 'All Balance' tonearm..... Regards, Phil
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    Found some Duntech Barons on gumtree this week. I now get why people get so excited over these speakers. The poor little valve amp sounds nice at lower volumes but doesn't have the power to push these things. Time to make a change to a big power amp I think. The Zu's will be for sale soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey guys, I forgot to post a pic of the completed porting job. Here it is...... Still sounding very good.
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