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    Hopefully this will be the final iteration of the the PSU. A bit more to do to tidy things up but a practice run with these capacitors produced explosive dynamics and bass. They have the lowest ESR (3) and are lightning quick .
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    O.K So... After lots of research, help from you all, and a conversation with CAIG Labrotories (makers of Deoxit) I went to Jaycar and purchased some isopropyl alcohol in a spray from, as well as some electrical clean and lube, both made by Servisol (apparently same ingredients as Deoxit D5). Deoxit contains isopropyl alcohol and I was instructed to give the pots some Isporopyl alcohol, then wait an hour and follow up with Deoxit D5. They assured me this would remove the conductive material as well as oily residue, and that the D5 would lubricate post flush. When I got home I decided to use the Servisol electrical clean and Lube (D5) on the bias trim pots, as when I was adjusting them last I noticed they would drift up, I gave the tiniest squirt - worked the pot back and forth, set the bias on both channels (1 had drifted from 30 to 45) and low and behold no more distortion on the left channel, both channels now even. Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!! I've been playing it for three hours now and all is well. All this was to get it in order to sell, I should have left that to the buyer. Thanks to all of you who contributed.
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    Catman has aspergers. I had a read up on it and it's helped me understand his threads a little bit better. Apparently such obsessive fixations are a common trait for sufferers of this affliction. ...that said, I still think he should get his TT off that wooden floor and remove the lid during play back!?
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    And in this regard SACD is not dissimilar to the introduction of CD. The medium is technically capable of superior quality, but unfortunately the producers often choose not to take advantage of the potential, and end up undermining the media itself.
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    I've got a spray can of that stuff for putting on cables and CDs and speaker cones. Works great! Not as good as a 2003 Cab/Sauv, but it didn't cost as much either!
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    Andre Ren-zzzzzzzzzzzz. Well not yet but it could be around the corner. They are featuring the Brisbane Baroque festival at the moment, which is a positive Funny, i thought the jazz was still there. Hasn't been gone for long as i am sure I heard it about 3 months ago. Might have been 4zzz, but yeah, i though it was on the ABC also ( jazz show that is). Whole world is goning down the toilet clearly. Someone at work was compalining about a grey house trend now. Boring shits that own grey cars want a boring **** grey house just to make it easier to sell. Really. Is that what it comes down to. There is a reason i have a red car and a house with a red roof, its the reaction to the homogenisation of everything. All the choice in the world, but i will go with what least offends people (groan). Grey houses, next they will want grey children.
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    Well Peter, I'm sorry but your too far away for me to help you. Try a or some and if that don't help, then ....
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    Lovely... I've used it with an AT PTG33 and it sounded great. M
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    Hi Citroen, the answer is yes. (Apologies in advance for taking the thread off-track) The PureDAC has a volume control, but only accepts digital inputs. If I only had a digital source, I could plug it directly into the poweramp and leave out the pre-amp. I used to run both the DAC and the T/T phono stage through the preamp. By converting the phono stage to digital, I get to plug it into the DAC, and plug the DAC into the poweramp. This gives me two benefits - 1) Can listen to the T/T through my headphones (which only plug into the DAC) and 2) I get access to a mute button and volume control on the DAC's remote control for the T/T. And of course I don't need a pre-amp any more. So, I guess you might be wondering if this process adversely affects the SQ compared to the benefit of losing the pre-amp? And the answer to that is that I am not 100% sure. I did some A/B tests and the first answer was that it improved the SQ, but then I swapped interconnects over and found that the difference in quality between them was biasing the test. I bought some new interconnects, but still don't have 2 sets of the same interconnects so I even if I repeat the tests, I might not be 100% sure. Suffice to say that if the difference between the interconnects is the overwhelming thing I notice, then the conversion doesn't seem to have much if any impact. The Tascam is a pretty impressive unit with balanced inputs and well-rated SQ. When I have some spare time, I'll repeat the process but right now, I'm quite happy with the solution I have.
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    EDDIE PALMIERI LATIN JAZZ SEPTET Melbourne friends: here's a chance for you to win tickets to see Eddie Palmieri at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival! A living legend renowned for his electrifying performances, Eddie Palmieri is a titan of Latin jazz. Skilfully fusing the rhythms of his Puerto Rican heritage with the complexity of his jazz influences – Thelonious Monk, Horace Silver and McCoy Tyner – Palmieri has been blazing new paths for nearly six decades. To go into the draw to win a double pass, email your name and contact details to marketing@melbournejazz.com with ‘Eddie Palmieri Giveaway’ in the subject line!
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    @@rastus pull back on the medication just a little I think a woman joined in 2012
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    I must be missing something... Anything that screams "I'm made from carbon fibre" has an excruciating high $$$$ figure to it.... its still a plastic resin and fibre strands at the end of the day.... Agreed said products might have to go through special and unique processes but its not as if its some kind of 16th century African Ebony found in Antarctic kind of wood!!!....it is Man made... Tase
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    Item: IMF Studio Monitor Speakers Location: S/E Melbourne Price: $750 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: COD, Paypal, Bank Transfer Loverly rare matched set of IMF Studio Monitor transmission line speakers. Hardly been used since I've own them. They're in beautiful condition. Midranges have been refoamed with the correct replacements from Europe. All original speakers from factory. Everything works great with no issues. Comes with the original stands. Pickup preferred but could post Australia wide using pack & send or i can help with a courier, putting them on a pallet etc
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    What is the name of Christos' neighbour, who recently joined SNA? I think he has a pair of these (or similar) that have been restored. @@christosd Benje
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    Thanks, @@Psychogene.....great post.
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    I find it funny when vinyl heads poo-poo R2R. Most of the stuff they flagellate over was recorded and mastered on R2R. Cheers, Jason.
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    From all impressions I have read the mjolnir 2 is considered one of the best amps you can buy under $2k that will go well with pretty much all HP's. Being hybrid and all and the fact tube rolling will be where the sound improvements will come from (if its anything like the Lyr 2 which I own but up for sale) its a good value quality amp and even though I haven't heard it even when I had the chance (partly because I don't want to else I got a feeling I'd be seduced into buying it lol) it is considered end game for most people and if you want to improve on it from what I have read you are going to need to up alot of $$$$ and the improvements will have huge diminishing returns. I have the X-Can V8P which I bought on this forum second-hand that I have used to pair with various headphones that I own/have owned (Mad Dogs, Alpha Prime, HD650, Campfire Jupiter) and for what its worth its a great sounding and value Dac/Amp but now I have bought a second hand liquid carbon for my headphones and the difference is not as subtle when comparing the amps with the same dac - more resolution, clarity, low end impact, the highs aren't as laid back on the liquid carbon vs x-can v8p (which I will assume will have the same type of sound quality as the x-can v2). I have the Lyr 2 as well but I am selling it due to the fact that I can't see myself using it much ahead of the liquid carbon (great sounding amp but the carbon pairs much more nicely with alpha primes + hd650 which are my main headphones). My main HP at home is the HD650 and I'm pretty much content now with going XLR HD650 -> Liquid Carbon. If you have a budget of $1k-$1.5k you have quite alot of options to work with and if you get a chance to listen to Mjolnir 2 (especially balanced as the amp was designed for balanced with S.E being a secondary option) I think you should give it a shot. Maybe also try valhalla 2 (which sounded great when I tried with HD800/HD650) - its a much cheaper option than anything $1k+ but alot of people rave about its synergy with sennheiser HP's. HD600/650 scale quite nicely with amps too. Good luck finding something but with your budget I'm sure you will be fine finding a great amp for the HD600.
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    As usual, perfect work Don. Neat as a pin. :thumb:
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    Mines 4 years old without issue. All you need to do is get a "shim" I believe which can be fitted yourself. My mate replaced a Sunbeam as he had to shim it every six months, he now also has had dual boiler Breville for close to 2 years without issue. I guess you can be lucky with this stuff or not. Do you keep the grouphead pretty loose when not in use? I only use enough pressure to stop it falling out, perhaps this helps.
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    Anything else is likely to be a sideways move at this pricepoint. AP speaker cables are decent, but the ETI 500 are far better for IC cables and if you want better, more cash would be required
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    Sakuma san's 'Kyomisu'!
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    Item: Grado Labs Ref Series Platinum 1 4.0mv Half-Inch Mount cartridge Location: Sydney, inner-west Price: $320 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Not needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this new from A2A about a year ago. Has been used for maybe 10 hours on a Sondek. Pictures:
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    Ceramic cable lifters make the sound a bit brittle. Wood is better, more organic. Avoid velcro if you want good separation between instruments
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    Yes indeed, you have mentioned this before. "RuneAudio features RuneUI, an unique integrated and easy to use interface." http://www.runeaudio.com/about/#runeui "RuneAudio is easy to use and platform independent. Due to its server-client nature, you can control the music reproduction from any type of external device: desktop computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones." http://www.runeaudio.com/clients/ RuneUI – official client Platforms: All (cross-platform) First run from the web browser, the RuneUI should ask to install itself, say 'yes' and the RuneUI will install and configure itself, you get a little icon too. Rune did this on my PC first run (but it can be made to install, can't remember how now), and on my iPad. On my smart phone I searched for "RuneAudio" and found the RuneUI APP (Platforms: Android). RuneAudio Remote Control http://www.runeaudio.com/documentation/development/runeaudio-remote-control/ But, I've found I mostly use the web browser (or iPad).
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    Sweet Jesus man! That is truly hideous! Fame, fortune, critical acclaim and the unwavering support of a global fan base and somehow Whinging Thom comes out the other end of it all looking like a trolley pushing, homeless meth drinker... Kinda makes a case for going under the knife. Also proves that there ain't no cure for UGLY!? @@Martykt, welcome to the Fat Axl thread. Pull up a chair and get comfy - that kind of contribution is simply invaluable!
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    Geeez even Thom Yorkes cat doesn't get it !!!
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    Better start saving http://elpj.com/ @@jeromelang has one I believe
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    same for the other side and fabricating new inner sections aswell....
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    Hello Earth man, I would say very possibly, with no electrical knowledge. I had a very scratchy volume pot which I overloaded with Deoxit. I then had sound quality problems,frequency response anomalies. I ended up having the pot fully disassembled and correctly cleaned. My sound then returned to normal. Yeah I would be very suspicious of the effects of too much Deoxit. No idea what the best route from here is, much simpler with a single pot. Good luck
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    @@mwhouston do you experience wifi drop off on Pi 3 after running for a while? Sent from my SM-T330 using Tapatalk
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    ^^ guess you aint no Eels fan then....he, he... Liking the look of the Sharks this year...Did good, played strong..
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    I have some mulgrips you can have a lend of.
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    @E.Man "With the wireless router the chain goes like this: Powered USB/HDD > Pi > Modem/Router >.........w(i)reless.........> SBT > (optional DAC) > Amp." Or.... USB/HDD --> Pi --> (optional DAC) --> Amp --> speakers And control via a web browser on a PC (iPad, smart phone, etc). This requires the Pi to be connected to a router, and the PC (iPad, smart phone, etc) also. But, there's always a 'but', there is a new version of Rune that outputs to a HDMI tv, thus illiminating the need for the 'control' mentioned above. I have not asyet tried this. "'Interesting' because how does the Pi USB turn into an out put instead of an input ?" Because USB is both input and output, it goes 'both ways', at it were. LoL! @@dave1 "If your Dac has usb input then the Pi can output via usb directly into the Dac and cut out the SBT." The network connector on the Pi can (does) introduce noise to the system, better to use a WiFi dongle attached to the Pi or a powered USB hub, USB 3.0 is a lot better (in my setup) than USB 2.0. I would not use the Pi's USB port as the transport, get a DIGI if using an external DAC. But in comparing the DIGI hat with the DAC hat, I prefer the DAC hat because the DAC chip on the DAC has is way better than the DAC chip in my AVR (I may have said this already). Got halfway through page 2, can't keep reading. LoL! PS: @@mwhouston > Yggdrasil Linux/GNU/X, or LGX (pronounced igg-drah-sill)... Google is your friend! LoL!
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    "Heart of Gold came on the stereo - Mr Young made me cry" - Angus and Julia Stone - Yellow Brick Road... Another Neil Young reference in Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama, "Well I heard Mister Young sing about her Well, I heard ol' Neil put her down Well, I hope Neil Young will remember A Southern man don't need him around anyhow " In protest against Neil's songs "Alabama" and "Southern Man" Mike
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    You talk to much. But welcome anyhow.
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    I don't notice any seat-of-the-pants performance increase regarding 95 vs 98 but I do notice better mileage. Plugs etc seem to stay 'cleaner' for longer as well etc.
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    Oops, my previous post was for the advantage of a real valve diode. The pseudo diode (using ss diodes only, or even with added resistance) won't be as soft at turn-off as a real valve diode.
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    Some jazz on a rainy Sunday
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    Bill Dixon - Tapestries for Small Orchestra Streaming this on Bandcamp. Only available on CD & DVD, but I think I'll end up buying it. Dixon's final album, his swansong if you like. Lush "tapestries" of horns, strings, vibes and electronics. Melodies and rhythms are suggested indirectly, via combinations of sounds and textures. How very unAmerican but very beautiful I think, and also rather relaxing when you give yourself up to it.
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    Sorry m b but "Alfa" and "scrapheap" go hand in hand IMO!!!....
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    Well, I did watch "Creed" just now. Streamed from Telstra, telly optical to the Klein, cranked it up. What can I say? Really bloody good!
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    It worked for me, there's some pretty good deals.... shame I have no money :-( Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    I still don't understand the people who stick up for this "David" and says hes a nice bloke, and quite frankly i'm sick of hearing it. If he's such a nice bloke he wouldn't go around abusing people both over the phone and in the store and undermining people or putting them down about their current level of equipment regardless of his knowledge or who he thinks he might happen to be. Just because he's nice to a handful of people does not make him a nice person at all. You can't write out wrongs with rights. If i walked in and was treated in some of the ways i've heard from him he'd be looking at the inside of a speaker enclosure from a new perspective.
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    He We go took these the other Day, Marantz TT 15S1 Lovn the Denon too!
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    Certainly sounds like it David as my copy is truly amazing (for a CD ) The artwork for this CD has remained the same over the years although it expanded from 14 to 17 tracks quite early l believe. Have a look at the CD label and let us know the details. When you look at how CD's were in the early days and where they are today its easy to see one of the major reasons for their decline, and the resurgence in vinyl. Cheers, mondie
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