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    Hi All Olivia Newton-John * Come on Over and George Harrison * Living In the Material World JJ
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    Bill Dixon - Tapestries for Small Orchestra Streaming this on Bandcamp. Only available on CD & DVD, but I think I'll end up buying it. Dixon's final album, his swansong if you like. Lush "tapestries" of horns, strings, vibes and electronics. Melodies and rhythms are suggested indirectly, via combinations of sounds and textures. How very unAmerican but very beautiful I think, and also rather relaxing when you give yourself up to it.
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    Yes. Just about every Usher speaker ever made needs decent current to sing sweetly. You don't need monster amps at all, but just something that has good lower impedance capability
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    Some happy snaps of the new set up, Klipsch sound wonderful! Like having the band right in your mancave!!
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    I think a better descriptor, Russ is "Fitzroy greenie wanker" - us Richmond people would never use quinces! Andy
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    Post it back if you feel like it and I will refund your money ................
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    It uses JFETs - 2 gain stages with a passive RIAA section in between them. The circuit derives from "Le Pacific" (which I understand came out in 'Silicon Chip' magazine in the 80s) but 4 years of R&D has turned it into something quite a bit different. Andy
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    U2 Rattle & Hum....fantastic album imo, UK import...SQ excellent...
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    I have a LPS designed by a guy called Coris on the DIY audio forums, it is $400 USD. The Joe Rasmussen mod is only half the mod package, the clock and it's power supply, which was $770 AUD. All the other things he does, such as modifying the audio output board, and modifying the SMPS, were not done in my case, because obviously I don't have that stuff. These two mods gave a large increase in video performance and audio performance. Even though the audio is just a digital stream from the coaxial output, the mods made a large difference. The cleaner the power, the higher quality the clock, the purer the digital output. People will dispute this but to me there is no doubt. Perhaps it helps with reducing the so called jitter, I don't know. Another subtle upgrade was to remove the optical output. Apparently, on cheap blu-ray players, the coaxial and optical share the same spdif input gate/resistor, so the noise from the optical LED is not totally isolated from the coaxial. It was subtle but worth removing. My next upgrade is to replace Joe's SAW clock with a ultra high specced OCXO clock. I already have the clock but need a new power supply, as Joe's does not have enough startup current to warm the crystal oven.
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    Your right, it is not a collectors item and so I think if someone is interested in the actual amp they can easily google what it looks like. My point is, it is new in the box. It's not eye candy anyway. Cheers Sent from my SM-N910U using Tapatalk
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    Item: 2 SBS SB12-Plus sealed box subwoofers in textured black Location: Thornbury, VIC Price: ***SOLD*** (Original price $2500 for the pair) Item Condition: Good - only 1 mark on each (see photos) Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit Extra Info: Bought new from DeepHZ Audio in September 2009, these have been treated with care in a smoke-free, pet-free environment. Never driven hard, I originally went to Peter at DeepHz for one, but decided to get two as a stereo pair. These are excellent value for money, with taught and musical bass. They feature single-ended and balanced input connections as well as speaker-level. A single-band parametric EQ can be used to help in tuning. Phase and cutoff are also adjustable. Probably the most comparable model in the current SVS range is the SB-2000, which are currently listed new on DeepHZ at a discounted price of $1327 each. Some review links and quotes: https://www.audioholics.com/subwoofer-reviews/svs-sb12-plus/page-3 "Park two or more of these acoustical dynamos in your listening space and get ready to enjoy great sound your friends' will envy while garnering gratitude of your significant other who hasn't given up a king's ransom in floor space in pursuit of your audio nirvana." http://hometheaterhifi.com/volume_13_4/svs-sb12-plus-subwoofer-11-2006-part-1.html "...if you have a limited budget, and yet very much want to have a subwoofer that will just have you running for an air raid shelter, but not necessarily your neighbors, put the SB12-Plus on your short list." http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/home-audio-subwoofers/3485-svs-sb12-plus-subwoofer-mouse-roars.html "But more than that, there’s almost something magical about the SB12-Plus. Simply put, it’s just too cool for words. You can’t help but love this sub. It’s so beautiful and so small, and it roars like a big sub - what’s not to love?" Pictures: You could always stack them One scuff mark on one of them: The other has a very small chip (around 2 mm) on the rear edge of the enclosure:
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    You would be surprised! I've spoken to two headphone audiophiles who were completely deaf in one ear so only needed one channel.. personally i would move on to photography at that point
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    There's a Sony TA N7 on ebay Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    So, just clean it out and enjoy! It's and amp, not a set of lungs!
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    @@excpp so you know it now apply it by asking questions I'll start what do you want to hear: toe tapping Warm/rich 60s movie theatre Analytical Clinical precision Ps there is no wrong answer
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    Thanks, Andy. I managed to get some from a very helpful guy called Geoff (Aurealis Interconnects and Speaker Cables). @@gmdb
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    This might help with getting the concentration right:- There is an excellent thread on Audio Karma with the title "Record Cleaning.....You're doing it all wrong" It was begun by Vince, who is a Biochemist, though sadly after 30-odd pages, the trolling put him off and he opted out. The thread is still there and it is worth a read: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/record-cleaning-youre-doing-it-wrong.689430/ He has this to say in response to a query about vinegar: Question..: As some others out there have probably tried in the past, I have been using a mixture of 10 parts distilled water, 2 parts white vinegar, and 1 part IPA in a spray bottle that mists. I wipe with a soft terrycloth towel in circular and then straight around the grooves. Then I rinse with the distilled water, wiping and drying in the same fashion. The records come out looking and sounding great. What do you think of this concoction and should I be concerned about using white vinegar on vinyl? Thanks for all the great information also! Response from the Biochemist: Consumer White Vinegar is acetic acid, but dilute (about 4-7%) with a pH around 2.5. As acids go, acetic is not very strong so I don't know whether it etches at the concentration you are using (less than 1%) but it really isn't necessary if you just use a detergent (detergents are better at cleaning than any vinegar).
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    No such thing as too much Maiden my brother.
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    Sorry, don't know which hifi store sells good RCA plugs in Brissie that you can pick up (so you can do the work this w/e) ... but I would suggest Jaycar does not sell what you should be using! I recently bought 40x 1877 RCA plugs from Parts Connexion (in Canada). These are 'good' quality IMO - not up to the sonic standard of WBT but: a. a lot cheaper, and b. good to work with. I'm using them for subsidiary interconnects and for load plugs for my Muse phono stage. Andy
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    Hi, I have not heard the Rega. The sound is kind of pretty smooth sounding. I did not notice an enormous difference in sound quality from other well specified phono stages to tell you the truth. I had the linear power supply made especially for it by Swagman who is excellent (you can find him on the net). Total cost I paid for both units was around $1,000.
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    DVP, that Alanis post was GOLD mate! Almighty Alanis in 1996, every song she churned out was a hit, and even though I had enough back then (it was really too much!), I enjoy very much listening to her now. Sadly, after 2002 with her "Under Rug Swept" and then the "Jagged Little Pill" Reissue/Acoustic/Anniversary/Offtakes/What'snot you could hear that energy/creativity was a bit spent... too bad! 4-non-blondes, pfft! That chick complaining about "Mother, everythings fiiiiiiIIIIIINEEEEEEEE!!!!!!", pfft! Ace of Base, pfft! Celine whining about her heart going on and on and ooooooon..., pfft! Fickle flames whereas Alanis truly outshone them all. She could be a bit annoying at times though...
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    Dynamic metadata is not in 2.0a. It will be utilised in 2.1 for the remapping which is (close to being) standardised in ST2094 .... and for any other remapping that devices want to do. ... but it's really the content timeline which makes that useful, and that looks like 2019. 2014 = ST2048 std adopted 2015 = ST2048 in products 2016 = HLG std adopted 2017 = HLG in products 2018 = ST2094 and ITP colour std adopted 2019 = used in products ... but really the reason why "wait for 2.0b" was brought up (in the context of device incompatibility) was due to high resolutions and rates (50/60+) which are better standardised. Essentially I was just trying to propose way which consumers can try and duck some of the current issues (ie. wait for 2.0b [or 2.1 next year], and use a premium certified cable) Sorry. Still looking for a detailed explanation of the metadata changes included in 2.0b. (I don't have the detailed docs for B - I think I'll have to find someone who'll provide them on the sly).
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    Not really, David. The 'Le Pacific' has a 50K res from the Drain of the 1st-stage JFET to the +DC rail. This sets the Zout of the JFET - which is one of the components which sets the RIAA component values. My Muse uses a very different-value res to set Zout ... which changes the RIAA values. And in the MC version, it doesn't go from Drain to +DC. Andy
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    Should be used as studio monitor - however given the current "quality" of final mixes these days, probably don't matter how good a monitor is..
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    Thank you David - and thanks to @@Hensa for posting his comments. Andy
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    @@mondieAllnic L300 Linestage for sale: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/282010483164?rmvSB=true&ul_ref=http%253A%252F%252Frover.ebay.com%252Frover%252F1%252F705-53470-19255-0%252F1%253Ficep_ff3%253D2%2526pub%253D5575084939%2526toolid%253D10001%2526campid%253D5337478673%2526customid%253D66437263%2526icep_item%253D282010483164%2526ipn%253Dpsmain%2526icep_vectorid%253D229515%2526kwid%253D902099%2526mtid%253D824%2526kw%253Dlg%2526srcrot%253D705-53470-19255-0%2526rvr_id%253D1022661309110&ul_noapp=true and another one here: http://www.audio-markt.de/_markt/item.php?id=6385052533&audioauktion=88de3808fed656454f2cd32fb7831405
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    The point is it's kinda insulting to a customer regardless of whether the amp sounds good or is value for money
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    I agree, the Led Zep albums and songs are why you buy and listen to the albums. But Sounds like you haven't heard an original UK/US pressing or the Classic records reissue of the Led Zep albums. Sound quality is amazingly good and a LOT better than any other version you have heard. Makes the albums even more enjoyable and gets you closer to what the boys were hearing in the Studio.
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    Hmmmm. I'm not convinced. Universal players, as your Pioneer is, can play all formats except the more recent blue ray discs. Your Pioneer needs to have its digital output set to ..... 1. "Stereo" or "2Channel" or "2.0" or whatever terminology Pioneer use 2. "Linear PCM" or "LPCM" or "PCM" or whatever Pioneer calls it Both settings will be in the player's set-up menu structure, which, I suggest, has never been done. When it screeches at you it is feeding "Dolby Digital" or "DTS" or something to your amp. Your amp expects to see PCM. There is nothing wrong with your Pioneer and it is not too old, nor are DVDs too new.
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    Arrrgh stuff it then..........I'm going Master Tape !!!! I'm going to have a music collection of 3 and they're all going to be ludicrously expensive and the reel to reel player is going to have to be rebuilt with impossible to find parts....... But it's going to be glorious!!!
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    G'day all, well I'm glad that I'm not the only one. Regards, Felix.
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    Youn Sun Nah -VOYAGE lp A very pleasant easy listen, great way to wind down after a stressful day at the millstone. Stunning vocals, beautifully recorded! Charles Lloyd - WILD MAN DANCE LP Classic Lloyd. Nothing too challenging, but all the sophistication and musicianship you could want from Charles.
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    I'm also hopeful (but not overly confident) that I can power both the SOSE (although it comes with a 2.5A PSU) and my DACs USB input with the one Teradak LPSU I have (1A output). You've played around with this power supply Pete. What do you think my chances are given the Teradak unit has powered the SBT, with screen and all? Guess I should ask Sonore or Andrew @@agillis what the max. draw on the SOSE is first. If it doesn't work I'll use the Teddy LPSU from my SBT.
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    UHD includes 3 HDR standards. They are not properly standardised in 2.0a. There is no guarantee right now that HDR will work. HDMI 2.0b (mainly standardisation of dynamic metadata), will make HDR reliable. It isn't a huge deal for manufacturers ..... but it is quite a step for UHD adopters. I think that telling people it's just to "confuse consumers a bit more" is quite disingenuous. I think the message should be that if you are currently having issues, then HDMI 2.0b will really help your experience if you are using HDR or high frame rates.
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    I'm looking forward to it.
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    We need to work on @@gz76's original shot and do it properly so it can be printed.
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    and everyone pitched in to do the dishes, too
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    All good, my better half is happy with them, sent a picture. They gonna be big!! Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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    As someone said to me recently: "WAF was invented by guys with no balls..."
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    Pioneer MC Head Amplifier HZ-1. Driving Linn Troika cart. Oldie but a goody. listen to one of these and you may wonder about the fuss of SUTs. http://www.thevintageknob.org/pioneer-H-Z1.html
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    Just back from watching the movie. I score it a 7 out of 10. I think the hype was ultimately too much and their marketing did quite a bit of misdirection in the lead up to release. If one had low or no expectations then this is a decent movie. I found there was too much homage to the earlier films and almost endless fan services. There were some nice twists, but overall the movie was predictable. I did cried and laughed, so it was entertaining. But it lack the 'stand up cheer and clap' exhilaration of Ep 4 and the 'edge of the seat' thrills of Ep 5. On the positive side I think this movie have paved the way nicely for greater innovations and creativity in the movies to come. Definitely worth looking forward to. EDIT: an example of what I meant. Even in the much maligned Attack of the Clones we have a saber duel between Yoda and Dooku that was both new and thrilling. Force Awakens lacks something like that.
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