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    As the @@The Fez would say random pic time..... The RA 1312 needs a look at regarding the phono section already spoken to Skippy124... These vintage amps have great Headphone sections too IMO.....My AKG K702's sound really good through this amp!!! Super vintage headphone set up!! Cheers Tase.
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    Thanks Pops -- but I have a lead on a few others!! -- and I'm about to import another bloody big power amp -- geez.....
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    Bethells Beach yesterday, on Auckland's rugged west coast
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    Wasn't really sure what section to post this in, but I thought, since the reason for the install was focused around the vinyl and turntable, I'd put it here. If mods feel otherwise, please don't hesitate to move it. Been looking for a solution to get my small collection of the main unit. I wanted it as clean as possible, with only the TT on it. The style of our house made it a difficult to consider Ikea boxes and I only would consider solutions that kept the records at that same wall. We decided on the following shelving, it's not ideal for the "storage" of vinyl, but I don't have that much and am happy to have them displayed in bundles, rotating my favourite album covers every now and then. I'm very happy, it has completed the room, the wall was bare and something was always missing, i felt. I'm also able to shelve my bluray which has been in a closet in a spare bedroom until today. Last thing to do is a lamp, either ceiling hanging down to the TT or a table-top, next to the TT. Looking for matching industrial style if anyone knows any good places? What do you reckon? Elyas.
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    Darren Time to stop looking when you get to the wooden blocks. That is the end.
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    @@Stump If you look closely you'll see the forerunner of your welders on trolley wheels. Come to think of it; I think that might be the sales manager and his offsider for nearly every hifi shop I've been in. The stiff on the bench has gotta be a potential buyer who tyrekicked once too often...
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    Just thought i would start a new thread as this is a change from what i originally intended of my dedicated "Music" room. Originally i built and setup my room for the sole purpose of audio only.... this was great but i wished i had incorporated a "Home Theatre" aspect into it and sort of regretted not doing so. This was my room as was dedicated to audio only... I decided i wanted to turn my room into a "Dual Purpose" music and home theatre.. I already had gear i could utilise that was taking up space in storage.. I didnt want to use my Manley Labs 250 Neo,s to drive the Duntechs for movie,s so i utilised a Classic Krell KSA250 to drive the Sovereigns for movie playback. A Denon AVCA1SR combined with a Denon POA T3 drives the centre and the rears.A Sony BDP5000ES take care of playback. Projection....... I couldnt decide between the JVC DLA 5000B or the 7000B initially so i purchased both. After comparisons a friend is buying the 5000B off me and i am keeping the 7000B. .....Just a note.... The JVC DLA5000B is an awesome bargain... the difference between the 5000 and 7000 really is minimal ...specs say otherwise but in reality there is not much in it!!! Screen is an Aus Theatre Screens "Majestic 4K Evo 140" 16:9.... Beautiful screen by the way...and Aussie made. ( Thanks Richard) I also have to mention my "New" centre speaker. I auditioned several "High End" centres , but was less than impressed with some and even less impressed with their price tags. I wanted something that started to compliment The Duntech,s. I came across Adelaide Speakers....looked at the centres and contacted Edward. He built me one of his "Trio" centres using 2 x 8" Bass , 2 x 5" Mid and Ribbon Tweeter. I cannot say enough about Edwards centre!!!!! The performance "shames" some of the "Brand" name centres i have had to audition, a couple costing 5 times more!!. THANKS Edward and well done. Anyway.... It has all turned out really well....both Music and Movies can now be enjoyed. Very happy with the results.. Pics. ..
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    Its not much compared to other systems here, but it's taken me years to collect all the parts and get them fully functional. Still got other components out on repair, but I got sick of the huge server rack that I had and finally got around to mounting the stuff in an original Pioneer rack. I still need another Pioneer rack if anyone knows of one....(also looking for Unicorn turds too, lol) Anyway, I'm much happier with the way it looks now, almost lounge room worthy (swmbo might does say different) I'm hoping to get my Spec 4 back soon and although it will be as original as Grand dad's axe, once it arrives I'm planning to swap the SA-9500II out with it, then I can truly call it a Spec rack. The TX-9500II tuner needs a lamp and although its regarded highly in the Pioneer circles, its not as good as the tuner in the SX-1980. My plan is to procure another JA-2RS rack, mount the RT-909 and some signal processors in it and the SX-1980 will sit on top. I'm working on a way to include my PD-F1007 CD player and Consonance DAC as they are black. Gotta find a new place for my bookshelf's, as all of this is in my man cave/office in my shed. Once the Troel DTQWT's open up a bit, they will probably take place in this system, the HPM-100's will go inside, and the Gale 401a's might find a new home. Not sure about that yet. The Gales and the HPM-900's sound very similar, so it might be a coin flip. As it was last week,
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    Item: Vitra Eames Lounge Chair (Vitra was the authorised European manufacturer) Location: Sydney Eastern Suburbs Price: $4,500 Item condition: Item is over 40 years old! Usual wear and tear. Few buttons missing etc Payment method: Pickup cash only Extra info: This is a fantastic original chair, I've received an offer from a furniture store to buy the chair (at this price), however they are going to place a big margin on it and thought someone here might like it! I'm moving to a smaller place and don't have room for the chair. Some benchmarks below: https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/seating/lounge-chairs/model-670-lounge-chair-charles-ray-eames-vitra-1970s/id-f_4279143/ https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/seating/lounge-chairs/rosewood-eames-lounge-chair-herman-miller-vitra/id-f_2144612/ https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/seating/lounge-chairs/charles-eames-lounge-chair-ottoman-excellent-condition/id-f_1325924/
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    Might have some Immortal Nystedt and Nordic Sound on 2L with Gregorian Chants to fill your "audiovisual fun Palace" when I come !
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    Felt like a bit of industrial and raucous tunes today. Which Ministry and Snowman covered nicely.
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    I will take: The Church – The Blurred Crusade The Church – Heyday Pink Floyd – A Collection of Great Dance Songs Thanks D
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    Queen – The Game Please.
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    @@Jake You been watching too many Zombie shows I thought Carol leaving because she can't kill any more, when ambushed absolutely blowing those dudes to pieces when pushed was classic
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    The Blues Brothers – Original Soundtrack Recording - original pressing (Atlantic SD16017). VG++/VG++. Cover is great with just tiniest wear to the edges. No inner. Record is amazing with terrific sound. Looks NEW. $22
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    I was lucky to get 7/8. one off a free whopper!! might be the closest I get all season. Those bloody consistently inconsistent Tigers were my downfall.
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    Ayon Sigma which is the entry level Ayon DAC. I'm to understand the higher-end Ayon Stealth and Stratos DAC have the same digital guts as the Sigma, but better pre-amp sections. In my application, because I already have a very high-end pre-amp, the Ayon Sigma was the logical choice. Sigma, Stealth and Stratos are all DAC/pre only. But Ayon do build a CDP.
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    Difficult to describe without using other words that may be unfamiliar and raising more questions, but anyway in this case a jumper is typically some metal pins sticking out of a circuit board and you can plug something into them to complete the electrical connection across the pins. By completing the electrical connection you are "jumpering" (might not be a real word) across the pins. Depending on which pins you jumper, you can select different settings. The same thing could be done with switches, but I think this is more for things that you don't need to change often. The image shown is not from a deqx - just an example of some jumpers.
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    Marty makes an important point... 'science' is always only a set of hypotheses formulated to explain what we firstly observe. Not the other way around. Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
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    I have had a home trial with this unit Connected to my First Watt F6 clone 25W amp Firstly This pre is as quiet as a "dead church mouse" and that's on speakers of a min of 104db Very pure and revelling sound - it's just effortless I really don't need to make a colourful review as it's just so good Happy to field any specific questions Only thing stopping me from taking it off @@Green Wagon 's hands is my wife has spotted it And you all know that look And for her it means that it's eating away at the cruise holiday savings I thought I would sneak it in under the radar but she sniffed it out
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    I might just add although Matt didn't mention this. All power supply caps after the main rectifier were changed over to Nichicon Muse and extra filtering on last stage of regulators was added via Elna Silmic caps plus an inductive filter.The main output relay was also replaced as this was found to be the major cause of the channel dropout.Hope this helps.
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    I'm find in Brisbane there's next to no quality gear made in Australia. I keep buying Chinese these days, they hit far above their price point. I do have an Aurealis SUT and IC's, as well as a set of vintage Aussie made speakers with Rola driver's. Pretty much anything sold by Geoff at Aurealis is hard to beat. Sent from my HUAWEI MT7-L09 using Tapatalk
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    There is a strange serenity that comes over the football part of your brain when you don't even consider your team playing finals from round one.......
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    16 ESS Essendon 49.6% 17 COLL Collingwood 39.9% 18 FRE Fremantle 36.9%
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    Yeah got Kyuss covered dont worry Rated R will be joining them soon
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    @@darthlaker utterly gorgeous and would love to know more about your Vandersteens. Room Eq etc? The Puccini stuff is beautiful, did the clock make a good improvement? Gawd, where to stop looking??
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    Now to some new material from Chris Abrahams, also on Room 40, also into my cart
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    Digging a little deeper, I think that my Vinyl dream will wait.....so much is an enigma to me right now and needs so much more investigation and probably personal investment. Prob in the right forum for that. At this point I think I will look to speakers and an amp to start running a cd/dvd player with my existing dusty CD collection. Cheers for the help so far tot hose that have posted....I am assuming once I get myself up and running I will be hungry for greater, so will be back asking questions.
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    After a (long) year, my system is finally set up in it's new home! Sounds even better (!) than previous digs due to room size/layout and carpet/concrete floor. Quite an improvement! I have much music to listen to! If any SA SNA'ers want to pop over for a listen please pop me a PM. Below are updated system specs (only a couple of very minor changes) and new photos. Also, some pics of what I call, "The best Coffee Table in the world"..... Over 6,000 arcade games plus all the old Commodore 64 and Atari 2600 games. Surface Tension arcade table. Link: http://surface-tension.net/ Stereo: Equipment: Vandersteen Model Seven loudspeakers dCS Puccini SACD/CD player & DAC dCS Puccini U-Clock dps 3/Ayre Turntable with balanced tonearm cable Lyra Kleos cartridge Ayre KX-R Pre-amp Ayre P5-xe Phono stage Ayre MX-R Monoblock amps 2 X Ayre L5-xe power filters 13’ Apple MacBook Pro 2.7 GHz with OCZ VERTEX 2 Series (MLC) 120GB SSD J RIver music software with JRemote used with Apple iPad Oyen Digital MiniPro RAID V2 FW800, USB 3.0, eSATA 2-Bay RAID Enclosure with 2 X 3 TB 2.5" Toshiba MQ03ABB300 HDD Audioquest Jitterbugs Cables: Audioquest Eagle Eye 72V DBS BNC 75 Ohm digital cable Audioquest Everest 72V DBS speaker cables in bi-wire configuration Audioquest WEL William E Low Signature Cable balanced interconnects 72V DBS Audioquest Diamond 72V DBS USB cable Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder 72V DBS 75 Ohm digital cable Audioquest Diamond 72V DBS FireWire cable Richard Gray Power Company High Tension Wire power cables Misc: Solid Tech Rack of Silence equipment racks with suspension shelves Solid Tech Feet of Silence isolators under SACD/CD player Finite Elemente Pagode turntable wall shelf Ayre myrtle wood blocks used under other equipment and also under interconnect and power cables to ensure they are raised above floor Silent Running Audio "Ohio Class" Audio isoBASE custom made amp stands for the Ayre MX-R Monoblock amps Cardas XLR and RCA caps on unused inputs/outputs Furutech Rhodium power receptacles Sine and Furutech power cover plates Home Theater (in addition to above): Equipment: Denon AVR-3312 surround sound receiver Panasonic DMR-BW750 Blu-Ray player/recorder XBOX ONE JBL in ceiling surround loudspeakers Pioneer PDP-LX509A Plasma monitor (ISF calibrated) Cables: Audioquest King Cobra balanced interconnects Audioquest HDMI cables, rear speaker cable
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    Hmm ok, Not a repair, just a request to investigate and report back. Already fully recaped and repaired (heat affect resistors on one channel) by someone down south (Victoria ?). Really neat job too. Good parts, well soldered and dressed, boards cleaned. Only thing missing was replacing the bias pots but these ones are better than most. At least there not the hideous open frame things. Other than resetting bias (was out a bit on one side) it's fine. Offset at below 10mv either side (No adjustment for that one) Meh. Pic time EDIT. I forgot to add, Massive transformer. Units rated at 2x200wrms into 8. Serious transformer.
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    El Vy - Return to the Moon. Superb US pressing by Quality Records and cut @ Sterling I actually prefer this up tempo version of Matt Berninger than I do with The National.
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    RAIME: Quarter Turns Over A Living Line Dark and broody, with powerful underlying bass notes. As an aside, whenever I see the cover I would love it if someone would choreograph a contemporary dance piece to this music. OTIS REDDING: Lonely & Blue
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    Zakk Wylde- Book of Shadows
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    .....Is the most sensitive instrument there is IMO Training once self to evaluate good sound can take an age though, however as John says above being in a relaxed state is a must not concentrating and letting it all flow in is the best method I have found.... If I have a had a bad day for example I would not contemplate evaluation........in any case I find its best to listen early in the morning at a moderate level. Cheers Tase.
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    I've been reading this thread with great interest and have a couple of points to add to this discussion.Quite often new technologies or ideas that stray from conventional thinking struggle to get traction in the market and quite often get trashed without even getting a fair hearing. The Nakamichi tx1000 that got mentioned earlier in this thread is a good example of this, while I don't know whether that particular product got trashed necessarily but the idea has not been continued and expanded on despite it sounding like beneficial technology. It's also seems quite ironic to me that terms like "confirmation bias" get used in this manner as a form of inductive reasoning to put products down. As for the Nasotec Swing it appears that the basic physics behind how it works is similar to a trailer being pulled behind a car or truck, this means it will track straight and correct itself if it's balance is upset. The precise physics most likely gets quite complex after this simple analogy and goes beyond my layman scientific understanding. I actually appreciate @@Hensa's approach that he has taken. After some sceptical theorising at the start of the thread he went the further step of letting Nasotec send one out to actually try and judge the product on its own merit. I not actually sure anyone who put their hand up to try it wasn't at least a bit sceptical about it, and so far the consensus seems positive. The next step thinking scientifically is after it has been established that those who have tried it have found the technology beneficial is to ask the question of why it has a positive effect to the sound and try to understand more extensively how it works. I would also like to suggest @@johnmath that declaring your commercial interests here may be a good thing as I for one and I'm sure others do not know working for a living measuring turntable setups whether you work for a rival company or what your intersts are in this matter?? I would also like to add if the Nasotec Swing is still in Melbourne while I don't have a vinyl setup for it myself to test it, I would be interested to hear it if whoever has it setup is happy for me to come over.
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    Bathurst 6hour endurance race today A single A45 AMG had its inaugural outing in endurance racing today It proved to be surprisingly fast. 2nd fastest down Conrod at 257kmh and had fastest lap during the race around 2.28 Considering Bernd Schneider only did 2.24 flat in his yellow AMG GTS V8 last June, the little 1/2 sized 4 pot did OK. After leading for most of the first 2 hours, reportedly the ecu went into limp mode , they went into the pits to try to understand a fix but sadly it did not reemerge. Plenty of other cars also retired, but ultimately the very reliable and fast BMW 3ltr variants came in 1,2 with evos taking the 3,4,5 spots. I very much enjoyed the live streamed coverage http://www.bathurstmotorfestival.com.au
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    Different band, the real AC/DC, the rock band died with Bon Scott. There was a stadium band called AC/DC that appeared after his death. Never the same.
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    In my opinion one of the great benefits of having separates is being able to mix and match pre/power combos. My personal preference is to use a tube preamplifier with a solid state amplifier, but that's just me. As I recently experienced with @@Addicted to music, whilst his all Sanders setup was performing admirably, the act of swapping in my tube preamplifier lifted the sound to another level. In fact, I think he would agree the sonic performance of the power amps on hand were more similar than different despite very different circuit topologies. His Magtech being shiny and new megawatt BJT monster amps, and my aging (15 year plus) mere 100w/ch mosfet based amp. However, having another thing to play with brings another level of audio neurosis so be warned!
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    This is rather wonderful. I somehow think it is a better sign of some hope for mankind, than having your progeny learning to ' shake that ass" and ' put a ring on it'. ZM.
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    Lots of us have turntables! Lack of at least analogue input rules this out for me.
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    Well an interesting night was had last night. Alan was never happy with the remote setup of my DEQX HDP4 so on his way to brissy, he dropped in and personally re-measured the component in the room. You cant get much better support than that. In a nutshell, we found one woofer had gone pop (Focal are following up on that one), the speakers needed to go 200mm closer to the centre each and away we went. The system now sounds amazing, the best it ever has and the only profiles I have are with room eq in play and with room eq disabled but still doing crossovers etc. It hasn't gone out of room eq mode yet. That's also all I need. PW dac is all synched in, room is good down to 25Hz!! Am playing some very ordinary recordings today and enjoying how good they sound. At a nice SPL as a few Coopers were downed last night as well. DEQX are easily the most supportive company I have ever has the pleasure of working with, fullstop. Alan, thanks again.
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    I'll be reviewing the Nu-Vista 800, and 2 other very promising high-end integrated amplifiers among other gear, in the upcoming issue of Audio Esoterica. Should be at the newsagents and Zinio, iTunes, etc by mid to late May. Cheers, EK
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