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    Just thought i would start a new thread as this is a change from what i originally intended of my dedicated "Music" room. Originally i built and setup my room for the sole purpose of audio only.... this was great but i wished i had incorporated a "Home Theatre" aspect into it and sort of regretted not doing so. This was my room as was dedicated to audio only... I decided i wanted to turn my room into a "Dual Purpose" music and home theatre.. I already had gear i could utilise that was taking up space in storage.. I didnt want to use my Manley Labs 250 Neo,s to drive the Duntechs for movie,s so i utilised a Classic Krell KSA250 to drive the Sovereigns for movie playback. A Denon AVCA1SR combined with a Denon POA T3 drives the centre and the rears.A Sony BDP5000ES take care of playback. Projection....... I couldnt decide between the JVC DLA 5000B or the 7000B initially so i purchased both. After comparisons a friend is buying the 5000B off me and i am keeping the 7000B. .....Just a note.... The JVC DLA5000B is an awesome bargain... the difference between the 5000 and 7000 really is minimal ...specs say otherwise but in reality there is not much in it!!! Screen is an Aus Theatre Screens "Majestic 4K Evo 140" 16:9.... Beautiful screen by the way...and Aussie made. ( Thanks Richard) I also have to mention my "New" centre speaker. I auditioned several "High End" centres , but was less than impressed with some and even less impressed with their price tags. I wanted something that started to compliment The Duntech,s. I came across Adelaide Speakers....looked at the centres and contacted Edward. He built me one of his "Trio" centres using 2 x 8" Bass , 2 x 5" Mid and Ribbon Tweeter. I cannot say enough about Edwards centre!!!!! The performance "shames" some of the "Brand" name centres i have had to audition, a couple costing 5 times more!!. THANKS Edward and well done. Anyway.... It has all turned out really well....both Music and Movies can now be enjoyed. Very happy with the results.. Pics. ..
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