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    Welcome to my Lounge room This is the front stage - where the Divas sing Incorporating *Focal CC1000be centre* *Focal Utopia Divas main speakers* *Twin Velodyne DD15 subwoofers* *Musical Fidelity A5cr 2ch Pwr amplifier* *Cambridge 751BD* *Sony 5400ES SACD player* *Denon AVP-A1HD3D* *Elektra TheatreHD* *Pioneer KRP-50M 9th gen Kuro Plasma* *TivoHD* *AppleTV 160GB* *DuneHD* Close up of one of the lovely Focal Utopia Divas and of the AV equipment rack For 2ch this is where it begins ! Comprising *Rega p9 Turn Table with Ortofon Jubilee MC stylus* *Audio Research PH5 Tube phono pre* *Luxman D-06 SACD player* *Musical Fidelity A5CD player* *Musical Fidelity A5cr Pre* Cambridge 650T FM/AM/DAB+ tuner* Close up of the Rega p9. This is my 9th life, there is nothing that can replace it ... My Rega p9 Turn Table with Ortofon Jubilee MC stylus ....THE REGA TOTAL ANALOG GROOVE "THANG" as it says inside the p9 psu box... THERE WILL BE NO JITTER OR UP-SAMPLING HERE **** WITH THE REGA TOTAL ANALOG GROOVE THANG... Close up of the lovely Ortofon Jubilee moving coil stylus, truly a celebration of vinyl ! also shows a hint of the Thorens cork/natural rubber split platter mat that I am using. At the cosy end is where you want to kick back ------------------- Projector *JVC DLA-X35 using peerless PRG UNV-A mount* The 4 Surrounds... *Focal SR1000be bi-pole side surrounds* *Subsonic XR1 rears* Close up of the JVC DLA-X35 projector for feeding the 2D and 3D visual experience This is from the sweet spot, with screen down ready for some movie action Using a Screen Technics electricinema premium motorised 92" 16:9 screen, placed at viewing distance to fully resolve 1080p HDTV and to THX spec for full immersion ! And then theres Headfi Including the Earmax Pro OTL valve amp* *Musical Fidelity X-CanV8 & PSU* *Grado RS1 headphones* Out of shot, *Sennheiser HD580* *Sennheiser HD700* *B&W P5 & P7* Close up of the lovely little Earmax pro and its match made in heaven in the Grado reference RS1's The most recent editions have been the lovely Luxman D-06 CD/SACD player which have been quite impressed with, and the Headfi which seem to have gone a bit nuts with, but very much enjoying again So there you have it, my wife I have much to thank for being most patient to let me play in this space. And it is a family room/lounge room after all, so serves multi purpose. And seems to work pretty well in this form. with one of the daughters watching play school or home movies, to some TV on the plasma in the day time or the projector screen down and curtains drawn for the big screen movie experience. Or often just myself with wife kids sometimes joining in, kicking back to enjoy some tunes...definitely a space we very much enjoy
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