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    Next on the bench is my own personal closet baby. Admit it, we ALL have at least one of these.. This is the first piece of home audio I bought brand new, with its companion the 4MBs 7 disc changer. Oh the joy of not having to swap CD's every 45 minutes... I bought them new in around 1988, so that makes them 27 years old. Previously (2004) I have replaced; The memory battery, More as a preventative measure to stop any issues with battery leakage. Re-soldered the board, Again preventative. Better binding posts, This meant relocating the board that was soldered to the back of the posts to a nice empty spot where all the video parts are located on the RE-3. (Next model up that has video switching) Moved pre-driver transistors, Partially preventative. As you'll see in the pics, in the original board location the board had already gotten to hot for long term reliability. The surprising thing is, even at this age, and having spent most of its later life in a cupboard, every time I pull it out and use it, it works flawlessly. Well, that is except for the speaker relay, its slowly developed a little hesitance to close the contacts cleanly. I'm also somewhat surprised that not one single cap (all original) is showing any signs of leakage. This time round, I'm giving it the love it deserves. Full re-cap with premium (expensive) caps. Most likely Panasonic FR's and possible replacement of some electrolytics with films. The two main filter caps are going to be an absolute nightmare to find replacements for due to their low hight. Better still binding posts. New battery (again preventative). Redo pre-driver 'heatsink' with something a little more 'professional' looking. These pics are how it sits today. Once I've completed the work I shall update this thread with new post work pics. I'm dead sexy. Even more so when I'm turned on. Yeah my bum isn't that exciting, but i can split my pre out from my amp in.. Rather a nice feature. Not the prettiest interior, but I've seen way worse. I also moved the smaller mains board when I replaced the useless 2 pin UK style output socket with a 3 pin IEC socket. Two story internals. Ouch, burnies. When I noticed this I moved to the separate pre-driver heatsink and rebuilt that area with new metal films etc. On so nice to have removable base plates. Yes, even my own gear looks like its been hit with TNT while under the knife. Seriously it's the only sensible way to work on 90% of the electronics made. Don't expect an update any time soon. This is gunna take a while due to fabbing a new heatsink and speaker posts and plate. It takes time to open the unit, do a build list of needed parts, trawl the suppliers sites to find suitable replacements (It can take a day or longer to find some parts). Then theres waiting for parts to arrive. Assuming they even have what they say they do <_< Next is swapping in the new parts, Making the mounting plates or adapters as needed. Finally, all going well, reassembly of the internals, testing, realigning, cleaning, reassembly of the case work and cleaning of that as well. It all takes time. Some of that time repairers will never see a cent for. Remind me again why we do this ????????????????
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