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    I've been asked to post some pics of my system so here they are. While i am generally a private person i too like people here on the forum like to check out people's systems, so i believe in sharing the the experience with forum members. i'm working on a new JBL project that i believe will be simply stunning.....
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    How's this for creative? http://www.schiller-phono.de/en/recordplayer-by-ikea
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    Hi guys, thanks for all the support. The feedback I,m getting in from owners is fantastic. Four more sold this week with two more pending. I feel like I'm building these in my sleep now. Way more fun than Marantz/Denon/NAD warranty repairs that's for sure. I am stock pileing AK4490EQ's, Amanero boards & all other critical components so there will be no hold up with parts. Hey I should also mention I have developed quite a nice sounding USB cable. Construction is a pure silver conductor in Teflon for each data line & a thick soft copper single core for the ground/earth. There is no power pass thru as the Klein has is own USB power. It sounds a little cleaner too without the power line as there is less noise position into the Data lines. I haven't quite finalised the pricing yet but it will be under $200. BAM has been doing the infield testing & after about eight prototypes assures me this is up there with the $400+ commercial stuff. BAM (Bruce) is pretty serious about USB cables & has High Diamond, DB Audio labs, Dark Side, kingwa, Reference Silver just to name a few. Who else do you know has worn out a AMR DAC USB socket with just testing cables. Almost forgot to mention, I'm working on a nice new little remote controlled preamp. It will match the Klein (same case) & is not too far away. Maybe even a phono option if there is enough interest. That's enough typing - back to the soldering iron, no rest for the wicked hehe Regards Clay
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    Background music is playing in my head all day every day, it only switches off when I turn my stereo on
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    G'day all, maybe that's a silly question but with all the tumult that my life and world seems to ne endlessly going through in recent times, the more that I'm finding pleasure in music of all kinds, and there is great music in every genre! Thank God for music! It's wonderful. Regards, Felix.
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    @@Towny did a quick search, thanks very much for the info, it was @@AudioHound Guys, really? There are a few threads here about them. Heres one- http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/69905-wyred-4-sound-remedy-reclocker/?hl=remedy It goes between your source and dac, it makes the music very smooth and non fatiguing. It has worked very nicely between my PW transport and preamp but the up-coming PW dac will not accept it, it is I2s. it is basically an external clock. https://wyred4sound.com/products/digital-converters/remedy-reclocker
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    If you like the album try to have a look at the BBC doco on it in the Classic Albums series. There is a lot more to the whole thing than readily meets the ear. Makes some "classic" rock seem musically impoverished by comparison, but I'm not going to mention DSOTM or 10CC or ...
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    It means a helluva lot to me,along with booze and broads.
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    In 4 words, music is my religion.
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    I'm riding down the hume highway looking like a streak of lightning !
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    Item: Pair of Sonus faber Cremona Auditor M loudspeakers in maple wood, including Sonus faber stands/covers. Location: Perth Price: $4,500.00 firm, plus freight/insurance Item condition: Excellent - as new, not a mark Reason for selling: Shortly after purchasing decided to upgrade to Cremona Ms Payment method: Pick up - cash, bank transfer Extra info: These are essentially new speakers which have stood covered up, unused in listening room since purchase. All packaging, accessories and manual naturally included. Pictures:
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    Item: RK cable 2.5 power cable 1m Location: Waterview Heights Price:$180 delivered to anywhere in OZ Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Replaced with Voodoo. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: http://www.rkcable.com.au/RKCABLE25.htm Pictures:
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    I use one of these and it is a superb CD Player. Drop in some Burson Op amps and make it even better and you will not find a CD player that can better it for the price. GLWTS
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    Hensa Can't believe you have not opened it to have a play you will be impressed Anyway, a bargin for someone else
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    I think I'll try replacing the 2M Red with the AT440MLA. It's a bit pricey but I've read it made a world of difference. Problem I have is no one stores it in Perth. Will have to get it online (not that it's a problem per se... I just like to go to the shop and purchase stuff). At West Coast Hifi today they had the 2M Blue... while a bit cheaper than the AT440... mhhh... I'll still sleep over it a few nights and see how @@vito roccoforte 's IGD blues progresses.
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    If you join up to Fromjapan , it is relatively pain free to import goods to Australia. There are a few fees and quirks .I have bought lots of parts like transistors caps etc If over $1000 you could be up for GST so need to take into account .
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    Wasn't actively looking. Will get a Svs sub demo at home when I get back and will ask for a re clocker demo too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey, Thanks to everybody; Gracias muchas gracias,
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    I did google it. Sounds useful in the right situation. Darko was impressed.
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    I was a big fan of Ballard and was always amused at the effect he had on people. We watched the movie Crash about 15 years ago with several friends and it provoked the most incredibly fevered responses. People hated it with a violence and I couldn't understand why relatively well read sophisticated people had such a reaction. I tried to explain that Ballards books are often thought experiments in which he takes a particular idea or cultural tendency and pushes it to breaking point. You can't see him as your usual bloody narrative realism or yet another boring exploration of the middle class self - that's what makes him interesting, and while Crash wasn't the greatest movie it was actually quite true to his style. And Luc, those Mesopotamians definitely weren't virgins.
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    daz someone was looking for one of these in the WTB section a while back..
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    I never owned a TV until I moved in with my first wife. All I needed was stereo.
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    Just like my sig says "Music is the best" Cheers, Leigh Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm not a big sci fi reader but I was drawn back to it by Morgan. I think there might be a new Kovaks due shortly. You can have the Ballards TDD. Which ones?
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    Hi can't resist my 2c worth. YES SIZE ABSOLUTELY MATTERS! But it has to match the room. You need a large space to experience the best benifit from deep bass. Like 30 M square or more. You can enjoy bass in a lesser space but extension response will be limited. The walls of the room also matter. Like what they are made of. Also is your house brick concrete, wood or fibro. A lot of professionals like audio engineers and acousticians prefer clay brick in domestic environments. I know from experience you want a steep subsonic filter @ 15-17 Hz as the only thing that can hear that is an elephant. Ultra low frequency in that range can cause a lot of problems. Edward from Adelaide Speakers lives just down the road from me. If you ask him he will say the same thing. I think you need to educate yourself as knowledge is power. Im writing this on my phone so I cant send you the link but look up Pi speakers and their articles on bass . That clearly articulates the advantage of a multi sub set up. None the less 2 is better than one. I seriously think you need to up your budget $1500 would net you 2 of Edward's Adelaide Speakers entry level subs. This is the best bang for your buck I know of in the world. I am also selling my sub as I am moving. That is a 260 litre 12 inch with a Redgum 180 watt plate amp for $500 I also have a spare driver and the plate amp is still made by Redgum. That would offer you a good start that could eventually make a pair with quality components and world class performance.
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    McIntosh MC275 in NSW. If I hadn't just bought another amp I'd probably have clicked "buy it now" instantly. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/McIntosh-MC275-Amplifier-/261921878386?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item3cfbc2b172
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    I swear Monty you are the devil himself , WHO TOLD YOU ...
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    Clay explains why he used the AC power supply here http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/79063-new-ak4490eq-dac-coming/?p=1349693
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    I'm either going to put money for storage towards ssd or a new hdd. Unfortunately ssd storage ain't cheap. Or i could buy a portable 2tb 2.5 drive,and after transferring all data to that drive i might convert it as my laptop storage drive ;-)
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    The scariest thing about having higher end MAINS........(AFTER the $$$ ???) ..........Now your CENTRE wants to come along for the ride!!! P.S. howze.......He ain't got TIME for pics!!!!!!!
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    Go for it Darren, you need one!Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for the replies, I'm on the process of creating the ACCA DACCA SNA Playlist 2015, it looks something like this, I've sorted it by most popular. Whole lotta rosie, Hells Bells, Highway to Hell, Back in Black, Jail Break, Let There be Rock, Shoot to Thrill, Ride On, T.N.T, Touch Too Much, Walk All Over You, Dirty deeds, For Those About to Rock, Love song, Riff Raff, Rock & Roll Singer, Sin City and Stormy May Day
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    Fd, while have bought the grafix, and can understand the urge to buy something fast with available funds and got it cheap etc...long term do check out the vortex when get a chance. http://www.krix.com.au/vortex-mk2.html While may have been other reasons for choice of the grafix, the vortex brings a dedicated mid range plus in a vertically aligned tweeter midrange arrange meant for better vocal clarity even if sitting off centre, your also getting larger and better bass drivers, so all in all it's going to contribute to a lot better sound. Keeping in mind the huge part a centre speaker makes in a setup, a better centre speakers influence is not to underestimated. I myself have upgraded centre speakers twice. From a set like the grafix to quite a good centre to then an even better one and each time have seen the gains. So well worth exploring if and when funds allow or the need arises. In the mean time of course nothing to stop enjoying what you have As others have suggested worth flogging off the old stuff to create funds for future upgrades
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    One of several LPs I bought today for $1 each - all immaculate.
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    I'd say it does. Just because something has capability, does not mean people wsh to use it that way. Older generations can deal with their phone sending emails and sms, but that's about it. Recently I was busy and asked my parents to look up a local pub and make a dinner booking. Between them they couldn't use Google on their phones or iPad to find the hotel, despite knowing the name of it... My wife has the Sonos app on her phone but still goes to the amp to turn volume down or off rather than using the app. She only uses the app because there is no other alternative. Those with limited interest in technology still find multiple apps on their devices too much work
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    I did you a favor - wine stains add character to the room!!! Just ask @jimsan
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    I am strange so I actually miss Clive Robertson's breakfast show and his exchanges with Margaret Throsby before the start of her show.
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    Hi All Soul Kitchen - The Doors JJ
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    I'm beginning to feel like the space jockey in Alien slowly morphing into my seat. I've pretty been glued to it the entire day and have lost track how many LPs I've spun.....its a revelation. Even some of my poorer recordings have been brought back to life. This is single handily the best HiFi purchase I have ever made without a doubt. Day becomes night.
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