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    Damn you Darko!! Very Envious My wife said no more $$ on hifi. She never said hifi shows.
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    Could you add this to my collection please .The Byrds The Byrds Collection
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    Pink Floyd Half Speed Master WYWH I'll take this one if still available.
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    Good one @@caddisgeek I got caught up in the commercial side of it for most of the day. Forgot to go to local hardcore store, Black Wire Records. They were having a bunch of local bands playing instore under the banner "No Gods. No Managers. No Record Store Days." I did make it to gig at Hibernian House with Viognier. Where I picked up the Maple Trails last LP and the new Packwood CD. Both bought directly from the artist. $20 for the LP, $5 for a CDEP. That's was more satisfying than record store day was. Cheers, Leigh Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bird shots seem to be popular. I'm not very good at this style but here's a feathered fiend that I snapped yesterday: Canon 7D camera + Canon 70-220/4 L lens (and some post-processing to remove a twig that was in the way). --Geoff
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    Item: Revel Ultima Salon Loudspeakers Location: Sydney (North shore) Price: $9,900 or near offer Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No longer in use Payment Method: Direct deposit, Paypal (plus 3%) Must sell! Revel Ultima Salons are a true reference quality full range speaker. The Revel Salon features timbral accuracy, top to bottom coherence and excellent deep and tonal bass (extending down to 20Hz). Stereophile has rated these speakers as Class A, alongside many much more expensive speakers. The original RRP was over $28,000 (which I understand is the price of the current model). The Salons have a high gloss black lacquer finish and silver side panels as shown in the photos (note because of the mirror gloss finish, there is some flash and room reflection in the photos). There are 7 drivers per cabinet, a front firing tweeter a rear firing tweeter, a midrange, mid-bass, and three bass drivers. Dimensions are 1,294mm H, 645mm D, 343mm W. Spikes add 38mm. I have all original packaging and the manual. I also have optional grills which can go in front of the bottom four drivers.
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    Same store Mick. http://store.acousticsounds.com/d/93663/The_Ray_Brown_Trio-Soular_Energy-Hybrid_Stereo_SACD In fact, the SACD is cheaper
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    Item: Aurealis R1 Cu OPOCC Interconnects (Eichmann plugs, 1m) Price: $110 Location: Sydney (eastern suburbs) Item Condition: New in box Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Post - Bank transfer Extra Info: I bought these off Geoff's site on Saturday and they arrived today... and I recognised them immediately, because I have a pair sitting in a box in a cupboard bought some years ago...I don't really want to talk about this anymore! Anyway, I've knocked 30% off the price-tag for anyone who wants these.
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    Yep, I'm a vintage fan. Have just recently plugged these wonderful things in. Still need some tidying up of the veneer, but on my dodgy stands and reinforced by a decent sub they make magic!
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    I reckon $250 is a great price for getting hold of a pair of Maggies. Sure, 2as are old but even if they have some delam, I reckon it's still a bargain - there's very little difference between them ... and a pair of 2-ways, made 20 years later. But, to me, the key decision point (if they do actually work, now) is ... do you want to experience Maggie sound ... or not? If you buy them and like the kind of musical experience they deliver - then that's great. If you don't like them ... you can always sell them to @@djb! :lol: But if you like them, I suggest you have put yourself at the bottom of an Everest that you will simply have to climb! In a nutshell, old Maggies used round aluminium wire glued to mylar ... current models use 3mm Al foil glued to the mylar. And old Maggies used a glue that can fail with too much damp or too much UV - whereas the glue that Magnepan has used in the past 10 years, doesn't fail like this Sure, the stock newer models sound better than stock older models ... but you can seriously enhance the old ones, to make them sound much better. It just depends how far you're prepared to go. I myself have (25-year old drivers and) gone further than most, in terms of improving the sound over stock Maggies. I had to have my mid panels rebuilt by Bill McLean, the Oz Maggie importer (using the new glue), plus the ribbons. The bass panels, I have patched with contact adhesive. I threw out the stock MDF frames about 10 years ago (replacing them with custom-made hardwood frames) and the stock passive XOs about 15 years ago - going active. Do what @@djb suggested and feel the wires on the mylar, underneath the sock. You should be able to feel whether any sections of the wire have started to lift off the mylar. If they haven't, then they are fine; if they have, just a little bit - then they should still not need re-laying straight away. If you can feel lots of loose wires (which should therefore reveal themselves, when playing music) then all that means is ... you'll be up for Bill's re-wiring service. Which might be around $600 + cartage? Good luck, Andy
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    Certainly does, really appreciate the support here. I am going to buy some Sovteks.
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    ^^ Serious grunt. very fast motor, and love the understated appearance. some serious rubber on that..
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    Yawn, another new toy at the house of @ al !
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    While I was looking through my Photobucket account for the 6er photos I came across this beauty I had forgotten about. When Rolls Royce brought out the new Phantom some years ago after Bentley and Rolls finally split , a customer of Gaines Wood (a UK dealer) wanted a Phantom but with the Bentley style round headlights rather than the narrow rectangular Phantom ones. Apparently it was an expensive and fiddly exercise but i'm glad they had a go as i've always liked this version. I seem to recall a rather nice, slightly NSFW photo set of the car at the time but I can't be arsed searching for it at the moment. I remember a mate saying that 'gains wood' was rather apt.
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    all your hard work has paid off. what a gorgeous car your right yeah its very disappointing the state of "leather" in cars these days even 10 years and they're shot. my golf gti I had which I paid quite a bit for the Vienna leather option really didn't feel like leather. you really wonder what they put in cars these days and how will stand top over the years ! like Tony am stunned the way the leather has held up in your car. well done. and wish you too many years of proud ownership. this kind having being kept in such original condition over the years would be quite the collectable. its rare rare rare to see anything like it
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    And Buck is back unresticted
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    Not actually art but cute. Possibly the most compact I have built this CMoy headphone amp brd. It has a differential PS on brd.
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    It may be generally known, but a large number of DIYers seem to either ignore the fact, or imagine that Pass gives away his best designs for free. He does not. Pass is, after all, a businessman who must maintain a profitable business. That business builds very fine products, the design of which is covered by the usual copyright provisions.
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    There is one carolling down the back of our place right now
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    Me too Mike. I am rather partial to Ralph's sublime lyrcism and understated delivery
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    Hi all, I have purchased my first HiFi setup, a Marantz M-CR603 and Tannoy DC6T speakers 2-3 years ago. This was a life-changing experience. How nice is it to really _hear_ the music?! Cheers, Florent
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    Well my son and I were able to fit the airbags, Bilsteins & Dobinson springs last Saturday with only a minor hiccup when we had to re-run some tubing as it had snagged and blocked any air intake. It took about 5-6 hours but a lot of that time was wasted using really cheap and nasty spring tensioners for the front wheels. I'm getting a wheel alignment today so will see how it all travels. Gotta admit, it makes you feel very proud of your kids when they are able to tackle projects like this and succeed really well. I don't know where he has acquired all of this knowledge and skills but he leaves me for dust with all of this mechanical and technical abilities. I have only just become qualified to operate an electric toothbrush......... :lol: :lol: Here are some photos
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    And on with today's listening... Starting off with Sleepmakeswaves. Looking forward to seeing them again in a couple of weeks. Looks like their world tour went well. Then felt like a bit of... I don't know, a bit of electronic edged evil? And just to annoy @@likwidsh0k I'll post it in this thread too. Then felt like rocking out, except it didn't really sound that good on my stereo, so didn't quite rock as hard as I would have liked. Oh well. Then some V.A.S.T. to finish off the day. Nice.
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    @@Zen Mister You old fark-ing hippie you. Your stretching my credulity too as I bet you had a semi warm-ish 4&20 tucked away there and pockets full of beer nuts and probably a Toblerone or three for the doddle back home (probably a scooby snack too... )
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    talking about parking places, mini old vs new fiat 500 new vs old beetle old vs new seems closer
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    Sansui G-33000 Receiver - $18k plus $64 postage. Personally I think the seller is going a bit light on the postage. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SANSUI-G33000-RECEIVER-WORKS-PERFECT-MINT-CONDITION-ALL-ORIGINAL-MANUAL-COVER-/111649938374?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item19fedadbc6
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    Still it's making me drool looking at the yammie goodies
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    Listening to that again now. It's a beaut! I love it. Thanks Martin. Gismonti and Towner share some interesting parallels eh?
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    Yes. And there was some epic air-guitar too.
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    I dropped down to the local Indie rip off store and had a look at their small RSD releases. $45 for Silverchair Tomorrow 12 inch single - get fcuked. Picked up local Sydney duo - Horrorshow's first album from 2008 - the Grey Space . 250 copies printed and first time on vinyl. Stupid mutherfcuker silver coloured somewhat noisy vinyl, but sounds not too bad once the music starts.
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    And at those insane prices, they can't afford shoes....
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    It is the Vertere turntable. Roksans expensive label. Bloody ugly if you ask me. http://www.vertereacoustics.com/products/record-player
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    Of course, and this is the problem with the misconception of car audio. Unfortunately most never get to hear the very best of "sound quality" style competition systems. Tom Manning from Speakerbits recently heard my system (and he has experience with car audio at the pointy end), and was blown away by the accurate stereo imaging, detail and dynamics. Sadly, the national competition series that I created, and ran with volunteers such as Sierra and Spyne for over 10 years disbanded the year before last, and what is left is all doof doof or all about how many lights and screens you can jam in a car now.
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    if you have the ability to measure, put the sub at the listening position (exactly where your head would be) and then place the mic in each possible sub position and measure. Much faster than moving the sub around mike
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    @@blybo,as requested ,some construction shots of shelves. i used soundcheck plasterboard for cladding. one or two little tricks were used during build which may be useful for you should you decide to try this design. inbox me if you need more detailed info cheers
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    Just read this article In Canada they have manufactured cheaply or economically a Hemp Carbon that makes Capasitors Super Fast I wonder if it will be used for audio applications soon ? Link to article - https://www.asme.org/engineering-topics/articles/energy/hemp-carbon-makes-supercapacitors-superfast Snip - Graphene, a carbon nanomaterial, is considered to be one of the best materials for supercapicitor electrodes. Graphene is, however, expensive to manufacture, costing as much as $2,000 per gram. Looking for a less-costly solution, researchers at the University of Alberta/National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) NRC, and Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures, led by chemical and materials engineering Professor David Mitlin, developed a process for converting fibrous hemp waste into a unique graphene-like nanomaterial that outperforms graphene. What’s more, it can be manufactured for less than $500 per ton.
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    Thanks. Its just the sort of unit I would like. You really have a great setup. Congrats
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