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    Went to Healesville Sanctuary today to try our little guy out in the baby carrier before I head off doing day walks with him, Here's a few from today
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    Thank you all for the comments. I'm loving the Pro-Ject TT and the horns, very immersive and because I got to do a little bit with them, just love them a little bit more. Bo Jangles thinks they rock.
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    Damn. I wish I could offer up some loveliness like Metal Beat and ABG and likwid thingy have, but sadly it's Sunday evening and the Weber is cooking and I've been working all Sat+Sun for people who don't appreciate the sacrifice of my life line so I'm sucking a durif and listening to the equivalent of comfort food :huh:
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    A place to talk about old and new Brisbane ( or nearby ) music. About time i hear you say. Well the problem is, where do you start. On my wall I have LP covers from Railroad Gin, The Go Betweens, The Saints and a debut album released 32 years after they recorded it. The Riptides. Got my limited release LP copy on Friday from Rockinghorse. Nothing could seem more right as i trudged along footpaths through centimetres of storm smashed foliage with the air think with humdity and the smell of rotting damp vegetation. I have it on reliable advice that Brisbane was just like this in December1967, my first summer in the city. Welcome to Brisbane, or Briz Vegas ( so named because its nothing like LasVegas, or some other reason that seemed amusing at the time). The single A music history
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    "They're all pink inside?"
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    Ry Cooder in fine form on this album. Highly recommended.
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    No (assuming both designs are competent and properly implemented). There are several reasons why some Class A amps are perceived to be superior to Class A/B amps. Those reasons include: 1) Class A amps must employ a prodigious power supply. There is no reason why a similarly configured Class A/B amp cannot employ such a power supply. 2) So called 'switching distortion' where, in a Class B push pull amp, the signal transitions from the positive output device to the negative one, is eliminated. Careful attention to device matching in a Class A/B or Class B amp negates this advantage. Proper biasing and/or in-fill using a 'perfectly linear' low power amp (aka: Quad 405, et al) can also eliminate such effects. 3) High bias output devices avoid operation in the non-linear region of their operating points. With BJTs, this point is between 100mA and 200mA. With MOSFETs, it is between 500mA and 1,000mA. Most sensible Class A/B amp designers ensure that the output devices are kept in the linear region. Alternatively, most designers use shirt-loads of global NFB to circumvent this issue. 4) Warm output transistors operate in a more linear part of their of their range. Similar to the above. Global NFB can deal with this. 5) Many people think that Class A is better, because many other people say it is. That does not make it so. 6) Some Class A amplifiers are so heavily biased that the output devices begin operating in the non-linear region at the high current region of their range. This introduces a form of distortion which may be deemed desirable by some listeners. It's not accurate, but it may sound nice (to some). See Figure 2: https://www.fairchildsemi.com/datasheets/2S/2SC5200.pdf Note the gradual fall-off in gain at high currents. Again: High levels of global NFB can largely deal with this gain change, but if a Class A amplifier (or Class A/B, for that matter) eschews the use of global NFB AND allows the output devices to operate at those higher currents, then distortion may occur.
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    The NAD T478 (v1 I suppose you could say, since its not the V2) is the entry level AVR from NAD. Pros: Can be purchased for under $600 now - entered the market closer to $1400 Very clean detailed sound in driving my Focal bookshelf speakers. Will process almost anything you throw at it. HDMI 1.4 with video pass through so you can watch TV without it. Sources can be renamed to suit your needs. Display is easy to read and can be reconfigured to show Source, Audio Listening Mode or Source format (i.e. at what sample rate and resolution your incoming data is e.g. 24/192) 4 HDMI inputs, one output 2 optical inputs 2 coax digital inputs 3 analog inputs 7.1 pre-outputs for connection to external power amplification 7 x 40 W all channels driven 2 x 80 W in stereo only Analog inputs really do bypass all DSP in Analog Bypass mode - so using an external DAC can fully replace the onboard DAC if you can't resist that sort of tweak - but only in stereo. You still get bass management so your SW is still going to deliver the bottom end for music if you need it. Speaker settings are fully configurable manually User friendly remote - buttons do not stick and unit always responds quickly < 1 sec delay on switching sources Cons OSD looks clunky but is uncomplicated While listening to any digital source using the OSD interrupts audio Room Correction software is really nasty - I did not like the result at all (but can be ignored) 40 W per channel is just a bit under powered if you like your movies loud not upgradeable My Observations Bottom line - if you like clarity and warmth in Audio and you want to watch the latest video formats with out unnecessary bells+whistles then this is excellent value indeed, especially for a smallish (I'm in 16 m2) acoustically dead room. As noted above you can run the Autocalibration of your speakers with the provided mic but I hated the result so I have set it by ear and I really like the resulting sound. At the top end NAD AVRs have Audyssey which I believe is superior room correction and I guess I'm just lucky that my room is so forgiving and really needs little correction at all. You may not be so lucky. Like many I can't help tweaking to see if I'm getting the best out of my gear so I've put a lot of time in setting the speaker settings and after about 6 weeks of intermittent experimentation I have a result that sounds excellent. By far the biggest headache is the inconsistent quality of source material, so there's always some extra adjustment that has to be made to get the current source just perfect. Most often its adjustment of the SW volume. I don't expect that there could be a system, no matter what cost, that will get past that. A poor recording is a limitation of its own, end of story. Sure with my external DAC everything gets upsampled to 24/192 kHz so lots of recording sound better, but some never sound actually good. Good recordings sound good it goes without saying. So I'm a pain in the ass wearing a track in the carpet to the SW. However the Cirrus Logic on board DAC in the NAD does do an excellent job with anything you give it so it's not necessary at all to go the external route. I only did it because I'm Audio OCD and because the V-90 is so cheap ($400) for the quality inside it, so I thought I'd try it out. I first encountered NAD gear back in the 1980's and was impressed as a young fellow so when I could I bought the legendary 3020 amp - which still works and sounds very good indeed. So when it came time to get an AVR there was in my mind no competition and not being rich I bought the T743 in 2005. Recently it developed an intermittent error in its thermal protection circuitry which would switch it off even though the things was cold to touch. So rather than pay $400 to have it serviced I $800 and got the newer model, on the cusp of it being superceded by the V2. Hence the bargain price. Adding the XPA-200 Power Amp 2 x 150 W Class A/B (see the Emotiva site for specs) So I'm listening away and pretty happy and then I come across this company in the states called Emotiva. They make audiophile gear at very low cost. They only sell on the internet, but even with shipping you can buy a power amp for a fraction of the cost of what's in the high-end stores here. So then I'm looking at the pre-outs on my NAD and thinking a bit more on the front L+R channels might free up the other 3 channels and make a difference. I had some cash on hand so I shelled out $650 to import the XPA-200. It turned up in 5 days. Connecting it was easy, just a pair of RCA's from the pre-out of the NAD to the inputs of the power amp, then disconnect the speaker cables from the NAD and connect them to the amp. With banana plugs it was a five second job. Is the additional power too much? No. My speakers, which Focal recommend feeding with 100W, are perfectly happy with it. Can I hear the difference? Yes, but it's subtle. You see extra power does not just mean extra volume, its extra dynamics and clarity and a listening experience that is full of intangibles. I like it. My wife who claims not to hear any difference was obviously enjoying her favourite tunes more than she normally does. I've tried it out in both stereo and multichannel mode now. In stereo and in Anaolg Bypass on the NAD the Emotiva is driving the L+R speakers alone and it sounds beautiful with anything that I already know to be well recorded. I have an eclectic collection of music in terms of styles and most of it shares the attribute of being more demanding listening. I have a few hi res recordings too, some in 24/96 and a few in 24/192. All sound excellent and like I said I'm Audio OCD who thinks that playing toons straight out of a phone is crime against music. In 5.1 the difference is very much more apparent. Now the NAD is delivering what is has to 3 channels not 5 and it the extra power into the front channels is exciting and a very positive experience. With 5.1 mastered music (Pink Floyd DSOTM SACD, Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues DVD-A, King Crimson Discipline DVD-A) its very satisfying indeed. Get the bass right in the first 30 sec and then just listen...no urge to do anything but immerse in the sounds. Same experience with video, The Lord of the Rings, Prometheus & Apocalypse Now all sound quite incredible on my gear. Bottom line - if you have a smallish dead room and don't need sophisticated room corrections, then for $800+$650 you can have what others are paying $20K for. Price tag is no indication at all of quality. Thanks for reading.
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    More: Clay's new DAC and USB supply - we dint get a chance to check out the supply Jventer who finally did make it - but a bit late.
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    This thread is about valve amps, not ME.
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    Mod/Admin - Please delete if not considered appropriate: Available to StereoNet forum members is my luxury 2 bedroom Spa apartment in the hear of Port Douglas, Tropical North Queensland. Just 60kms north of Cairns on the Captian Cook Hwy, this is the best place to access the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation (ideally pick up a rental car at the airport). Sleeps 4 in 2 separate bedrooms, has two king beds (or one king and two king singles), both bedrooms have their own ensuite bathrooms, spa is on balcony. Pool, BBQ area 25 metres to shops, bars, restaurants, close to marina and to 4 mile beach. Secure underground parking NON SMOKERS ONLY - This is not negotiable sorry 7 nights $800 inclusive (December to May only, excluding Christmas/New Year week) - shorter or longer stays available - just ask If you are interested, just drop me a PM and I will send you further info, no obligations
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    Item: Siltech Classic Anniversary HF Mk2 single ended digital cable, 1.0mtrs *Brand new* Location: Melbourne Price: $1075AUD msrp, asking $450 firm with *free shipping within Australia Item Condition: New/Unused Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Price drop! This cable was purchased new from a local Dealer to use in a transport/dac combo, but never used as I went for a cd player. This is the current Mk2 model with silver/gold G7 conductors. I have the original receipt of sale for POP and can provide the S/N details to a serious enquirer to confirm this is a genuine Siltech cable. I have conservatively rated this cable in 'mint condition' only because I opened the box to inspect the cable. Great performance at this price point! A note about shipping: Within Australia I will ship this item via Australia Post Parcel Post service with tracking, insurance and sign on delivery. For overseas buyers, I use Interparcel who offer the most competitive shipping quotes. I will take great care preparing this item for shipping incl: labeling and consignment documents. At my asking price I am offering free shipping within Australia. If choosing Paypal, buyer pays the Paypal fee which is 3.4% +0.30c for International transactions or 2.4% + 0.30c within Australia. Please have a verified account if paying by Paypal. Let me know if you have any questions! Manufacturer's description: Classic Anniversary HF Alloy: G7 silver-gold Insulators: EPTFE Polyimide Air Construction: Balance Twisted pair Includes: Original shipping box, cable & manufacturer's certificate Photos:
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    That is best. If you need some information re optimising this, let me know.
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    I run mostly Computer Audio as a source Ted, happy to show you how mine is setup but it looks like you've got it nailed.
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    I like that they tell you its a Neo-Classic Design
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    Ha! Yeah i got a little carried away I'll put together a 'proper' review when i get a chance seeing i have a good grasp of what Devialet can do through several different types of speakers; ribbons, book shelves, horns, AMT (Heils)...
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    Oh dear, people will belive anything thats on the interwebs....
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    Depends a bit on what you/she listen to. 1 There are a range of new units that provide digital music through your computer from all over the world. 2 There are am/fm units from the 1980s to now on eBay . Now I don't want a fire fight here so I will say ...... The digital sources are convenient offer more stations offer genre based programming with Claasical 24 hour stations ditto jazz blues .... The FM/AM bands in Oz capital cities offer a great range of music This is mostly from community based stations so no ads and obsessed knowledgeable presenters doling genres in 2 hour grabs that are also available later via the web. The ABC. In each state (for now) adds to this . FM is here in OZ to stay there are no plans to replace it with a digital only network. Our stations are broadly spaced so we don't have the problems of stations crowding each other and causing deteriorated sound quality. I have good FM tuners and will stay with them. Beware fire fight field >>>> I experimented very very briefly with digital receivers and found they provided inferior SQ FM stereo took off in early 1980s it became one of those fads that the Japanese and rich North Americans would invest heavily in . Price no object components from this period -up to USA $3k then - can still be purchased . The very best fetch high prices if you drop down 1 level yu can have wonderful sound for $200 ish. The bible on all this is a site called the Tuner Information Center US/Japan centric but worth checking anything yu might want to buy on it. Many of us run a tuner as part of our main systems mine gets 2-3 hours use a day -ABC 105.95 jazz now - Having preached that the digital tuner in the kitchen may be just what you need.
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    Alright then, IKEA Vandersteens, $200.00
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    stapled all the flaps around speaker opening so its perfect next to do is the instrument panel
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    Was looking for something to watch this arvo, there is full length version on youtube. Thanks for the tip, it has some good laughs.
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    I introduced my son to rp about a year ago. He now runs games at our place for his mates. It is great to see a group of teenagers having a laugh and using their imagination rather than glued to a screen with the xbox
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    Listened to this last week with Hensa on his very impressive system in his even more impressive listening pad. The SQ of this release is outstanding.
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    Item:CD'S Location: BRUCE ROCK W.A. Price: SEE ADD POSTAGE $1.50 EACH ..EXCEPT FAT BOXES Item Condition: USED BUT VERY GOOD Reason for selling: NOT PLAYED Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, war of the world 2 cd set fat box $7 enya...shepherds moon.. german pressing.$5 david bowie...changesbowie..$5 uk pressing dolly parton ..greatest $5 u.s.a pressing aerosmith...rocks..$5 bee gees..one night only $2 hunters & collectors .ghost nation $2 pic soon
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    I'm not a huge fan of Paul McCartney in general, but this is a lovely, intimate album.
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    Indeed. Such effects have not been in existence in any properly designed Class A/B amplifier for many decades. The mud still sticks however.
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    Its a new speaker Mike is working on based on the ML3, but made for retail. Its uses the same drivers, newer crossover topology, and a different resonance reduction method that's cheaper than lining with steel to keep the cost down. We just heard the prototype - evidently there will be a GTG on January when it's finally released. Mile wasn't 100% sure of the exact price, but it will be about $8k retail. Because its retail local Hi Fi stores will be stocking it - some are lined up in Sydney - don't know elsewhere. Of course Southport Hi Fi will stock it - along with all of Mikes speakers. Mike hopes it will be 91db sensitive making it more suitable for lower powered amps. There is evidently a GTG in the works about January to check it out with various amps. Will take my upgraded Leak to that. The prototype sounded good - but it didn't use the new low energy storage cabinet so for me was significantly behind the ML2 limited. More to follow with my impressions on other stuff later - but Joe's Oppo impressed me a lot and have ordered one to replace my NAD - much more flexible for Home Theatre and easily accounts for my NAD sound-wise - but its twice the price. Thanks Bill
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    conversation went something like this "im looking for a cheap bluray player" "this one has an awesome onboard DAC for CD playback" "how much?" "only about 7 times what you can afford" "ill take it!!!"
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    Even more: Clays new cheaper DAC - it gave a good account of itself - more on my views later.
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    Here are some pickies: Clay Geisner Clays son Damion and Sparkle Mike Lenehan James from Melbourne
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    Very nice setup @@troikken. I can guarantee you will be even more impressed in the future if you change to a better cart like a 2m bronze or black or similar. Plus extra alive if you use tubes... I found rega tt gives much better sound when matched with tubes amp. I used to have ss amp with my rega but once I tried tubes and that's it, no turning back.
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    Watching Waterloo Bridge for the umpteenth time. Vivian Leigh ...Phwoar!! What's not to like and Robert Taylor to boot.
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    I came across this one today, pretty stunning: People are Awesome: David Schnabel (Artistic Cycl…: Regards, SS
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    If I may contribute somewhat I have learned over the course of 18months with CA. NUC is best bang for the buck going forward. With Celeron processor, you can ultilise most affordable 12VDC audio grade linear power supply. Collaborate it with lightweight OS like Linux and Jriver for Linux you found yourself no more than $500 out of pocket expense for a very great setup of CA. Of course what matter is the rest of your chain, DAC, Pre, Amps, and cables...! Shop around, Asus Brix with 128 SSD + 4GB RAM + wifi adaptor is about $300-320 pending where you get it. Linux OS is free, and Jriver for Linux is US$39.95. With Linux, there is not need for Audio Optimiser from PHIL. What there is to disable or optimised except adding an audio grade linear power supply? Edit: for those prefer a unit works right out the box, check out Jriver id. http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=89084.0
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    It's a Panic Room! As in, "What do I sell now?"
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    Mmmmmm...................roasted nuts...............
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    Just got this in. MFSL have been hitting a few home runs of late, from what I have heard for myself.The Dylan releases have been great, and a few choice Miles Davis albums have been released too.I've at times criticised MFSL as, IMO, some of their releases can be hit and miss. But they seem to be on a roll at the minute. This is the final "all acoustic" record made by the classic second quintet.
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    Just correcting your spelling mistake
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    Wow. After reading this, my next speakers will be VAF's.
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    prof said earlier (also verified on other mac forums) How is that a defect? I thought it was a pretty good idea to prevent malware from masquerading as drivers.
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    I don't own a pair, nor have I ever had a pair in my listening room. However, I have several clients who own them and I have listened extensively to them. Very, VERY impressive speakers. Beautifully built and finished, accurate, articulate and engaging.
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