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    Hi Em , I am from Glasgow and therefore have a pretty robust sense of humour . Normally the use of words like fanboy are just 'water off a ducks back' for me however in this instance I was offended and felt that was the intent. The comment was all the more offensive because the reality is that I spent most of my working life in the indsutry and as a hobbyist giving assessments that were as even handed as possible. I know the Gyrodeck very well ,having built , used and sold around 10 of them over my years in the industry. The Gyrodeck is a wonderful sounding turntable but it has it's sonic drawbacks and these tend to be in the area's in which the Linn excels so imo to say the Gyrodeck is a good turntable and the Linn isn't is either bourne of ignorance or an attempt to elicit an emotive response. May as well finish the rest of my story now. To cut a very long story short ,when I worked at the dealers that sold the LP12 I spent a lot of time comparing and contrasting all the decks listed in the other post. Initially I bought a Pink Triangle LPT with RB300 and loved it. We sold a huge number of LPT's and I became good friends with Arthur K of PT. Arthur eventually asked me if I would like to become the UK rep for PT but unfortunately I don't drive so that didn't happen. Anyway , was sent to the Linn factory in Glasgow to do the set-up training for the LP12's (and Keltiks which had just been released). When I got back to work I put together an Lp12 out of good quality 2nd hand parts inc Ittok and took it home. The Linn didn't paint as big a soundscape as other reference products I was used to but I found I was getting less fatigued during extended listening and that I was more focused on the music rather than the sound. It has been many years since my first positive experience with music on the Lp12 but I remain convinced of it's qualities as a tool for enjoying music. As to the fanboy epithet ,well I hope I have said enough to at least indicate that I use my own ears to select equipment and am not easily fooled by rhetoric ,be it Linn's or anyone else.
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    Really, really good. These speakers have very tight but deep bass, so there's no bloat to the sound. Sonically they offer oodles of resolution and image superbly, so they are an absolute treat to listen to when playing well produced electronica (or any music for that matter!). I'm nuts to even consider moving them on, but that's life.
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    Hello All, As someone who works for an electricity distributor I may be able to shed some light on some of these comments, and as a spark I can maybe help with others. In the OP that Andyr quotes, the most likely cause and effect was a poor termination causing RF hum which was picked up by some audio gear. The easiest way to rectify this is easy - re terminate the connection to the house. Now in and underground area, this is usually done in a 'pillar' (one of those green domes around the place). In the case it's a matter of moving the cable from one tunnel to another. It's not always an easy job depending on loading and space in the dome. If we're talking overhead then moving the service wire from one LV phase to another is accomplished by the use of bucket truck, linesman and all the things that go with it. As for having three phase at your house Andy, the way the switchboard is constructed will dictate exactly how easy or hard it is to change a circuits phasing but it usually is as simple as moving a wire from one place to another. I've done lots of this sort of thing when having to balance customers loads across the three phases. Apartments and strata units can be a different affair. Often they use distribution boards with busbars for each phase and breakers mounted accordingly. Depending on the space in the board and cable length, this may be easy or hard. How long is a piece of string? Lastly, while all distributors strive for balanced LV phase distribution, it's not always possible. Changing phases, from a technical electrical point of view will do nothing to improve or worsen your sound, but looking after the connections and terminations from end to end could possibly. A dirty single phase load in someone else's house may be the culprit, but again it's unlikely. Another nasty could be a solar inverter on the same phase.
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    My dream car: 1967 Brütsch Mopetta sporting a 50cc ILO engine capable of doing 45km/h on a flat road
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    Sounds like 50% of the content on forums.
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    Every ATC I've heard as been excellent.
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    As im helping Mark to pickup some Marantz gear from Epping, he generously "paid" me with the speakers that the sellers had. Im not that familiar with vintage wharfedale, i know they got a great reputation before but during my audition for speakers under $1000 around 6-8years ago, i cant remember any of their models that impressed me. So i hooked them up with my main system with Audio GD M7, M5 pre and Ncore with CEC TL51XR as transport, i was so surprised to hear a very organic sound with decent highs although very limited bass, so much so that i decided to measure them . This speakers is spec'ed for 15w, so im well aware that the ncore prob have too much power for them, but they are not sensitive, although the label at the back says 92db . here are some photos of the speakers
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    Item: Soulution 540 SACD player Location: Sydney Price: $Sales Pending Item Condition: Mint Condition. with all packing and box Reason for selling: Want a new watch =) Payment Method: Pickup Cash/ COD Extra Info: Australian Stock
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    Item: Various TDK Metal & Chrome Position (type II) cassette tapes Location: Tasmania Price: See Below Item Condition: Brand New Sealed & Unused Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Postal Order or COD Extra Info: Can post Australia wide at buyer's expense Pictures: See below Unused, Factory Sealed Blank Audio Cassette Tapes TDK MA-XG90, metal (best tape ever), $55, (1 only) TDK MA-X9, metal, $30 each, (3 only) TDK SA-90 limited edition, $10 each TDK SA-100, $8 each Made In Japan
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    No idea why but.............................got home after a long week and just thought.............@#$% it lets amp up some doof doof on the CX4F's. The wife came home and gave me the WTF!!!! look. I just shrugged and she went off to shop for vittles for tonight's dinner. So the Mushroom kept on doofin and I kept on listening. Something different :P
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    A few other things - Zoom reach is only one aspect of what's needed for birds and wildlife. You should also check out how long the camera auto focus takes (it can be really frustrating with birds flitting about while you're waiting for the camera to get anywhere near being in focus)., Also check whether it has a usable electronic viewfinder, and what its low light capacities are (birds are often hidden away in bushes in the shade, unless you're going to focus mainly on ducks and swans, or aviary birds). . None of the cheaper compacts will match a DSLR or exchangeable lens 4/3 for these factors, but look for the best compromise of all these things you can get within your price bracket. I did all this and ended up with a FZ200, but there may be better things in the same price range out there now. Cheers Mick
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    Quick update. Did five shows at the Edinbrough Fringe Festival today. No jazz though but this town sure is swingin'
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    The hypex NCore is the leader in class d technology.
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    Continuing the theme, happy Friday.
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    True Mal I watched as you glued yourself with that stuff forget the shear load the mal load is the one to test by..
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    I usually use a Nikon D7100 DSLR, but when it's not been convenient to take it on a trip, I've been pretty happy with the FZ200 for wildlife and bird photography. These were taken (in the wild) with the FZ200 cheers Mick
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    Yes, I'm looking forward to the new series as well. Been watching Doctor Who since I was 5, and that was decades ago. Started with the second doctor, Patrick Troughton and enjoyed most of the incarnations except for the last two in the mid to late 80's.
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    Item: Linn Unidisk SC Location: Perth Price: $750 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: I bought two Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct deposit. Extra Info: This Linn high-end player does more than play CDs and SACDs. It is a full-function preamplifier, has an internal DAC with digital in connections for streaming, surround sound processor and also plays DVDs (it prefers music/concert DVDs). It does not play blu-ray. ​As per the reason for selling, after I bought this I found another later model with HDMI and bought that as well. I then sent an email to Linn Support to query the differences and received the following reply: "I can advise the audio and video performance of the two Unidisk SC’s that you have will be identical. The only difference between the two units is that one will have the HDMi output. The resolution of the video output will be the same both 576i " This is a brilliant sounding player at a bargain price. Exactly the same price that I paid on here last month. The last four Unidisk SCs sold on eBay UK averaged A$1,100 each. You then have to ship them. Condition is excellent. It comes with original packaging, owners manual and remote (battery cover on remote has tape to secure) My thoughts on the Unidisk resulted in this recent thread. NB: I have this advertised on our local Gumtree at $875 and will sell to the first buyer from either ad. From Good Gear Guide – Michael Bell 14/11/2004 Price $ 8,999.00 (AUD) Of course, as a premium brand, Linn products rarely come cheap. But the Unidisk SC seems almost indecently reasonable, given that this stylish but unassuming silver box includes a universal disc player, a surround sound processor, and a full-function pre-amp. With such a comprehensive specification, the Unidisk SC has the potential to form the centrepiece of a truly minimalist high-end AV system--just add a power amp and speakers and you're in business. The great news is that despite its ambitious integration of form and function, the Unidisk SC is a stunning performer, delivering the AV goods in every department. Bottom Line: If you are looking for unmatched audio and video playback, and can afford the asking price, this is a no-brainer. Stereophile – Art Dudley 12/06/2005 The Linn does the things that I need done brilliantly well, and in ways that mean the most to me: Its regular CD performance places it among the best I've ever heard, and its SACD performance is the best I've had in my home, bar none. It does all that and plays movies with an apparently high degree of success, all for the price of Sony's first SACD-only player. The Unidisk SC is a fun product, a good product, and a product some people can afford without robbing a bank. I'm impressed, and tempted as hell. Sound and Vision – Michael Trei 10/03/2006 Combining the functions of a universal player and a basic pre/pro, the Unidisk SC can form the centerpiece of a fairly simple yet very high-performing home entertainment rig. The Unidisk SC can deliver video that I have trouble finding fault with, and it cruised through every torture test I threw at it. I also plugged the Unidisk SC into my own reference two-channel music system, and it clearly outperformed my usual reference CD player in its ability to make musical lines hang together, providing extraordinary insight into how any piece of music was created. Pictures:
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    These shots are pretty impressive, Mick . Really crisp and with lots of detail.
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    Andy, Just Stop. Stop and think for a moment about what it is you're asking me to do. You're putting in the impossible position of having to choose between Uncle Ivor and Uncle Roy! Both gifted designers, both having made enormous contributions to the art of audio and [snark] both wonderful human beings whose company I have had the honour and privilege to share. [/snark] I don't have the wisdom of Solomon, not publicly at least (I was taught to be cautious). Please dont make me choose!
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    My approach to camp coffee is: for bushwalking, paper filters direct over the cup; for car camping, stovetop on the gas burner, just like at home. A dedicated nespresso therefore seems like conspicuous overkill. Get the headphones. If you don't like stovetops (try again or) try a plunger.
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    The Melbourne event is no longer 'open' invitation unfortunately. We are going to try and organise another occasion for Melbourne StereoNET readers to experience the Linn Lounge.
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    @@pete_mac - hey Pete these look great - how do you find them with electronic / techno music?
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    ????? Seriously ????? That must be a heart breaker. GLWTS. DaveR
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    As our request to leave somewhat unrelated discussion out of the FS thread, I have cleaned the thread up. If you want to talk about other topics, start a new one in the relevant forum!
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    I'm nominating the bit in brackets for Quote of The Week!
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    everybody knows ...........
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    Was perfect in outback WA! Camera back in Perth though...
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    My 2 cents:) I work in retail, for about six years. My industry is highly technical, and it's my responsibility to offer correct advice so the customer gets the correct product. Now, in my particular field, none of us gets commission, and thats a good thing, because we're not looking at what product to sell to get the most profit, but the right product for the right customer. Why? So we get repeat customers and referrals. Everyone wins. I'd imagine with your HN's etc.. it's about customer turnover.. getting as many in, and out as possible. Repeat customers are driven by price, such as JB (though funny enough, they aren't that cheap anymore!) Now, I train staff too. I teach them to respect people's space, and to do the honest thing. If they don't know, don't bluff them and ask a more experienced staff member to answer the question, and then watch and learn. Simple. Now, here's the issue. HN etc. employ low paid staff. Why? Because their floor space is HUGE, and their rent is high. They have to employ ALOT of staff to cover the floor, so the overheads are huge. If they employed staff who knew what they were doing, they would have to pay them higher wages, and therefore RRP would stay as it is, or the store would go broke, and these staff would have no jobs. (Thats also my theory why partly Borders went broke) SO whats the solution? If you want to shop at HN etc. DO your homework before you go in, and just pick off the shelf and take it to the counter. Otherwise, if you want advice and buy from a retailer, go to a smaller, specialist store. Don't pick on the poor buggers serving, talk to management. It's a problem they've created. Again, my two cents.
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    Thank you indeed for the Pictures and comments and time to Post-- Yes the Asian $$--especially the mainland China surge in Hi End Audio-would have fueled the coffers of some of those Mfgs More's the pity some overpriced and underwhelming Products still take centre stage I note. Willco
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    Hi Zsonic, Geez that IS a tough choice. I currently own both brands ( different models) The P15SE's spec up very nicely, look great and have that SMOOOOOTH Whatmough sound The ATC's are so clean, tight and HONEST....... and have the NEW (much vaunted) in-house tweeter!!! I am assuming price point is similar ( $2199 ?? ) Whatmough offer a 5 Year warranty, don't know about ATC Your best bet would have to be hearing them both with YOUR GEAR. That includes ALL cabling Just take a good cross section of your usual listening including something you know REALLY well. Also make sure they are both on quality stands ( I assume that's how you will listen at home ) Spend as much time as you need with both and remember............. THIS IS THE REAL FUN BIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck P.S They are BOTH great contenders but the ATC SCM 40's ( or equivalent Whatmough P33i's ) should obviously be a step up!!!!!!!! P.P.S Bugger it..........Split the difference and listen to P28's!!!!!!!!!! P.P.P.S. CAN I COME????? :)
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    Songs: Ohia - Magnolia Electric Co. - 2003 Long dark blues. That chorus gets me every time. Kicking back with a Talisker Storm, enjoying a bit of head-fi. Jason Molina, my favourite musical 'discovery' of the past year. Cheers
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    Man this guy is a genius on the guitar.
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    ^ I'm sure the above info is extremely useful and may even avoid someone suffering considerable angst. Have not got a clue what it means or even what a Synology is. Is it painful? Can it be cured? :huh:
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    Thanks Wol, might check this out. Love Skins voice and can see how this could really be great
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    Many years ago my neighbours apparently threw a street party after i moved on.
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    Just a quick intro on myself - I am actually a custom integrator based in Perth. The name of my company is SAVI Systems, and we've just opened a new showroom in Bentley showcasing some everything from 2 channel audio, to home theatre, multi-room audio, lots of home automation , etc. I first started in the AV industry in the late 1990's (as a HiFi salesman) when pro-logic was all the rage, and have grown through the digital era to the automated systems of today. I spent 3 years in the UK from 2003-2006 working for Armour Custom as a system designer, but got a bit home sick and came back to Perth. Once I returned to Perth I started work as the Crestron representative for WA, but after a short while I decided that was not really what I wanted to do, so I started SAVI Systems in 2007. - so basically I've been in this industry for almost 17 years I pride myself on knowing what components actually do, and what's actually in the box - unlike most of the guys in the HiFi stores. Always happy to help with any AV or integration questions, and I promise I'm not bias to any particular brands.
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