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    Hi Em , I am from Glasgow and therefore have a pretty robust sense of humour . Normally the use of words like fanboy are just 'water off a ducks back' for me however in this instance I was offended and felt that was the intent. The comment was all the more offensive because the reality is that I spent most of my working life in the indsutry and as a hobbyist giving assessments that were as even handed as possible. I know the Gyrodeck very well ,having built , used and sold around 10 of them over my years in the industry. The Gyrodeck is a wonderful sounding turntable but it has it's sonic drawbacks and these tend to be in the area's in which the Linn excels so imo to say the Gyrodeck is a good turntable and the Linn isn't is either bourne of ignorance or an attempt to elicit an emotive response. May as well finish the rest of my story now. To cut a very long story short ,when I worked at the dealers that sold the LP12 I spent a lot of time comparing and contrasting all the decks listed in the other post. Initially I bought a Pink Triangle LPT with RB300 and loved it. We sold a huge number of LPT's and I became good friends with Arthur K of PT. Arthur eventually asked me if I would like to become the UK rep for PT but unfortunately I don't drive so that didn't happen. Anyway , was sent to the Linn factory in Glasgow to do the set-up training for the LP12's (and Keltiks which had just been released). When I got back to work I put together an Lp12 out of good quality 2nd hand parts inc Ittok and took it home. The Linn didn't paint as big a soundscape as other reference products I was used to but I found I was getting less fatigued during extended listening and that I was more focused on the music rather than the sound. It has been many years since my first positive experience with music on the Lp12 but I remain convinced of it's qualities as a tool for enjoying music. As to the fanboy epithet ,well I hope I have said enough to at least indicate that I use my own ears to select equipment and am not easily fooled by rhetoric ,be it Linn's or anyone else.
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    Really, really good. These speakers have very tight but deep bass, so there's no bloat to the sound. Sonically they offer oodles of resolution and image superbly, so they are an absolute treat to listen to when playing well produced electronica (or any music for that matter!). I'm nuts to even consider moving them on, but that's life.
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    Hello All, As someone who works for an electricity distributor I may be able to shed some light on some of these comments, and as a spark I can maybe help with others. In the OP that Andyr quotes, the most likely cause and effect was a poor termination causing RF hum which was picked up by some audio gear. The easiest way to rectify this is easy - re terminate the connection to the house. Now in and underground area, this is usually done in a 'pillar' (one of those green domes around the place). In the case it's a matter of moving the cable from one tunnel to another. It's not always an easy job depending on loading and space in the dome. If we're talking overhead then moving the service wire from one LV phase to another is accomplished by the use of bucket truck, linesman and all the things that go with it. As for having three phase at your house Andy, the way the switchboard is constructed will dictate exactly how easy or hard it is to change a circuits phasing but it usually is as simple as moving a wire from one place to another. I've done lots of this sort of thing when having to balance customers loads across the three phases. Apartments and strata units can be a different affair. Often they use distribution boards with busbars for each phase and breakers mounted accordingly. Depending on the space in the board and cable length, this may be easy or hard. How long is a piece of string? Lastly, while all distributors strive for balanced LV phase distribution, it's not always possible. Changing phases, from a technical electrical point of view will do nothing to improve or worsen your sound, but looking after the connections and terminations from end to end could possibly. A dirty single phase load in someone else's house may be the culprit, but again it's unlikely. Another nasty could be a solar inverter on the same phase.
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    My dream car: 1967 Brütsch Mopetta sporting a 50cc ILO engine capable of doing 45km/h on a flat road
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    Sounds like 50% of the content on forums.
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    Every ATC I've heard as been excellent.
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    As im helping Mark to pickup some Marantz gear from Epping, he generously "paid" me with the speakers that the sellers had. Im not that familiar with vintage wharfedale, i know they got a great reputation before but during my audition for speakers under $1000 around 6-8years ago, i cant remember any of their models that impressed me. So i hooked them up with my main system with Audio GD M7, M5 pre and Ncore with CEC TL51XR as transport, i was so surprised to hear a very organic sound with decent highs although very limited bass, so much so that i decided to measure them . This speakers is spec'ed for 15w, so im well aware that the ncore prob have too much power for them, but they are not sensitive, although the label at the back says 92db . here are some photos of the speakers
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    Item: Soulution 540 SACD player Location: Sydney Price: $Sales Pending Item Condition: Mint Condition. with all packing and box Reason for selling: Want a new watch =) Payment Method: Pickup Cash/ COD Extra Info: Australian Stock
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    Item: Various TDK Metal & Chrome Position (type II) cassette tapes Location: Tasmania Price: See Below Item Condition: Brand New Sealed & Unused Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Postal Order or COD Extra Info: Can post Australia wide at buyer's expense Pictures: See below Unused, Factory Sealed Blank Audio Cassette Tapes TDK MA-XG90, metal (best tape ever), $55, (1 only) TDK MA-X9, metal, $30 each, (3 only) TDK SA-90 limited edition, $10 each TDK SA-100, $8 each Made In Japan
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    No idea why but.............................got home after a long week and just thought.............@#$% it lets amp up some doof doof on the CX4F's. The wife came home and gave me the WTF!!!! look. I just shrugged and she went off to shop for vittles for tonight's dinner. So the Mushroom kept on doofin and I kept on listening. Something different :P
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    A few other things - Zoom reach is only one aspect of what's needed for birds and wildlife. You should also check out how long the camera auto focus takes (it can be really frustrating with birds flitting about while you're waiting for the camera to get anywhere near being in focus)., Also check whether it has a usable electronic viewfinder, and what its low light capacities are (birds are often hidden away in bushes in the shade, unless you're going to focus mainly on ducks and swans, or aviary birds). . None of the cheaper compacts will match a DSLR or exchangeable lens 4/3 for these factors, but look for the best compromise of all these things you can get within your price bracket. I did all this and ended up with a FZ200, but there may be better things in the same price range out there now. Cheers Mick
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    Quick update. Did five shows at the Edinbrough Fringe Festival today. No jazz though but this town sure is swingin'
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    The hypex NCore is the leader in class d technology.
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    Continuing the theme, happy Friday.
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    True Mal I watched as you glued yourself with that stuff forget the shear load the mal load is the one to test by..
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    I usually use a Nikon D7100 DSLR, but when it's not been convenient to take it on a trip, I've been pretty happy with the FZ200 for wildlife and bird photography. These were taken (in the wild) with the FZ200 cheers Mick
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    Yes, I'm looking forward to the new series as well. Been watching Doctor Who since I was 5, and that was decades ago. Started with the second doctor, Patrick Troughton and enjoyed most of the incarnations except for the last two in the mid to late 80's.
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    Just to back the Prof up in this one. We actually do have female members as well as female execs and shareholders of sponsors. We actually want to encourage them to participate in the forum rather than drive them away.
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    Danzig I for Twist Of Cain
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    Then that's a plus for the next owner, he only need 4 to 6 months and he'll be in audio nirvana:) GLWS D!
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    I've tested my ncore with manley 300b pre. They made my ncore sounded $20k
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    Due for rerelease from ECM. ............ ................ ................ Charlie Haden’s The Ballad of the Fallen (ECM 1248), recorded in 1982, continued the work of the Liberation Music Orchestra, begun in the 1960s. With Carla Bley as pianist-arranger and a line-up including Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, Michael Mantler, Mick Goodrick and Paul Motian, the orchestra reconvened to protest human rights violations and Reagan-era US meddling in political struggles in South and Central America. Songs from the Spanish Civil War beautifully arranged by Bley, and originals by Carla and Charlie distinguish a powerful recording that was voted "Jazz Album of the Year" in the DownBeat Critics Poll in 1984. Old And New Dreams was the terrific band formed by Charlie Haden together with three other members of Ornette Coleman’s groups - Don Cherry, Dewey Redman and Ed Blackwell - to celebrate Ornette’s compositions and to play new music. Their debut ECM album Old and New Dreams (ECM 1154), recorded in Oslo in 1979, includes the epic version of “Lonely Woman†that is one of the defining jazz performances on ECM (“a masterpieceâ€, Rolling Stone), as well as Charlie’s touching “Song for the Whalesâ€. The live album Playing (ECM 1205) documents a performance in Bregenz, Austria and captures the band in full flood. Playing was DownBeat "Album of the Year" in 1982. Charlie Haden is also amongst the massed cast of Carla Bley’s star-packed “chronotransduction†Escalator Over The Hill (WATT 1802), usually described as a jazz opera, with Jack Bruce and Linda Ronstadt in leading roles, negotiating the cryptic lyrics of Paul Haines, and outstanding musical episodes with Don Cherry, John McLaughlin, Gato Barbieri, Roswell Rudd, Mike Mantler and many, many others. “A monumental, Herculean workâ€, The Village Voice. "Jazz Album of the Year", Melody Maker Readers Poll 1973. ............ ZM.
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    From the outback some classic Australasia kulture Broken Hill Car Recyling, red dirt to red dirt (thanks to a very talented photographer sharing generously on the net)
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    Given the thread title, this was never going to end even moderately well. it's only a turntable FFS :lol:
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    if in melb pop into tivoli's main room where they have them setup. sound very nice in there and its not a monster room
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    A mate has one, that could work with some practice I guess. It's small tips like that that I don't think about straight away that'd help. I am guessing a track saw would have much finer teeth to stop chipping so I'll have to check out the blade. A replacement blade on a circular saw would be much cheaper than a new track saw though!
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    I find the original post - or at least this part: The power utility company changed the phase to my house and the hum disppeared. - interesting because I would've thought the last thing a power utility company would want to do is spend time changing an audiophile's phase from #1 to, say, #3 since this: takes time to do, and upsets their carefully-planned "spreading" of all the houses across the 3 phases, to equalise load. As I am about to implement 3-phase power into my new house (with one phase dedicated to the hifi), I'd better have a chat to the builder - or more specifically, the builder's electrician - to see whether it is possible to re-assign the phase going to the hifi room, if I subsequently discover a hum problem like the Aussie guy on DIYAudio had. Thanks for posting, David. Regards, Andy
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    Nick, I've checked the wiring and what I thought was a problem turned out to be an optical illusion, so we at least we can eliminate that. We are currently testing the prototypes of the output modules that allow my stand alone controller to drive 16, 120 and 240 VAC motors, and if all the tests are ok, it should be ready by next weekend, it also has a precision 50.000Hz strobe system. If nessecary we could use this to determine an exact correct measurement for the pulley and then maybe you can get Duc to turn you a new one. PM me if you're interested in going down this path. Steve.
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    I would prefer to use hypex instead
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    Easiest way it to get a cabinet maker to make the cuts for you , they could also buy the ply in for you . Or find a trade school with wood trades and see it they could do it for you . A couple of the apprentices could get modules marked off . Some board suppliers also offer cutting services . Cheers
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    For those in Melbourne, you can now see and drive a Tesla S here If you live in Sydney, try here and you can take 3 friends:)
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    Yes, I agree that the foam insulation tape is a bit stiff. At Bunnings, they have a door/window seal product that is a very soft and flexible foam with an adhesive on one side. Can't remember the actual product name or number (think it was a Raven product), but the one I got comes on a roll and was light brown. I had no trouble moulding it to the circumference of midrange drivers, so 10.5cm id will be no problem. Some people have use Blu-Tak.
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    Ha! --LPs--I've just received 71 LPs via Air from the US today My Score-- FedEx--Best DHL--worst Bax Global (sea V Good) Good luck Willco
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    MY Halcro MC 20, a d class amp sounds better in my system that the following amps, a pair of VTL mono blocks, a Krell KSA 150 and a musical fidelity power amp, hence the other amps have been sold except for the musical fidelity which is now the spare amp, do not generalise about some of the d class amps.
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    PM Darthlaker - he has worked in the shipping industry and may have some advice
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    It was this thread! The Currently Spinning Thread has cost me more money than the classifieds have!
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    Some tried that on. Yep they are were called specialty stores, whats happened to them? While working at TGGs I remember getting, I want the cheapest and the best. So which one do you want love? I feel UM's pain, we shared the same demographic working just up the road from each other..
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    The market matches the customers. If you think that the stores are dumb then that means you are. On average, of course.
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    Gotten my hands on some great gear over the past fortnight. In particular a pair of Pioneer HPM 100's. Not "audiophile" I know, but I'm excited as they've been on my hit list for sometime now!
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    Here it comes. Backlash or attack of the Indie tall poppy. From that review I am not even sure he has played the album even once all the way through, let alone the required half dozen times to either appreciate the album or confirm its boredom Simply a lazyarse boring review that says zero about the album. Myself, I will decide for myself after a few spins when received rather than comment when I have not heard the album. The single A Heartbreak is typical A&JS and the last track on the album Crash and Burn is excellent - only two tracks I have heard
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    Very overrated, especially for the price. I bought better for less and so it fits well into my definition of not all that good. I don't expect fanbois to agree.
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