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    Hi, I was posting my Class A project in another thread (DIY, what are you building?), but it was suggested we needed more DIY threads, so I thought I’d start my own thread!! The story began when I was so impressed with how good my Ultra-LD amp was, especially once I had converted it to a single input “power amp only†amp that I needed something as good, if not better, for High Frequency Tweeter duties for an active crossover setup.. So I decided on the Silicon Chip Class A design,, with a few refinements J I realised that to maximise the 20 Watts, improve channel separation, and hence improve overall performance, I needed to build them as ‘mono blocks’, with their own power supplies and enclosures.. My first step was to source 2 locally custom built toroidal transformers (I wanted to stay away from Chinese Altronics/Jaycar transformers for this project).. This took forever, but finally, as I was about to cancel the order and ‘go elsewhere’, they turned up! [ATTACH=CONFIG]31125[/ATTACH] So next I began building the power amp module and power supply board, and mounting the heat sinks.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]31126[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]31127[/ATTACH] Next was to find 2 cases.. I looked around for pre-made cases, but most were from overseas or the wrong size for what I had in mind.. So I decided to build my own cases from sheet aluminium.. I found a local supplier who would cut my sheets to the required dimensions [ATTACH=CONFIG]31128[/ATTACH] This was much harder than I thought L and much more time consuming than I would have liked, bearing in mind that I can only commit to a couple of hours here and there, in between “lifeâ€.. As I type this, I still haven’t started on the second case yet! I’m actually really happy with the first case. It’s built tough and robust!! It does look a bit “DIYesqueâ€,, definitely no ‘show case’ (pardon the pun), but I figure I can clean the aluminium of scratches with ultra fine sand paper and steel wool,, and then use car polish to buff and polish the milled aluminium finish.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]31123[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]31121[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]31124[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]31122[/ATTACH] I'll keep posting as I go!! Cheers, Murphy
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    Audio gears from Scandinavian countries are famed for their built and sound qualities, unfortunately they are also famed for their price tags. So they are not so approachable by most audio fans. On the software side, the almighty Scandinavian music is of the same high quality, though much more wallet-friendly. Few years back on an international flight, a Swedish student sit besides me. We had a bit chat on the school music programs in most Nordic countries, which has been funded by governments. And we joked about the boring winter life there especially in northern part of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Only two things would fight against the monotonies of polar nights - music and alcohol. Apparently the later has been applied with some sort of restrictions, so you only get music to be indulged in... Blah blah, you get the gist of it. I've been obsessed with most genres of Nordic music in the past few years, hereby to share a short list which in my opinion are the highlights. Nordic folk, roots & fusion pop: Maria Kalaniemi - a master of free-bass button accordion, is one of Finland's leading contemporary and folk musicians. Valravn - This is a fantastic Danish Folk / Electronica / Experimental band. This band merges old Danish / Nordic medieval music with electronic music. Highly recommended! Eivør Pálsdóttir - powerful young singer from Faroe Islands. “Hedningarna is a Swedish band that brings ancient Nordic music into the modern era. Their world is a place where primitive, brutal folk music collides with sampling and programming.†(Discogs) Garmarna - a Swedish folk rock band, which definitely deserves a wider attention. Their music just kept my toes tipping and tipping. Ane Brun – Norwegian folk pop singer, probably too famous for me to jabber here. Jenny Hval – talented Norwegian girl goes beyond audio and visual, so far only debut one album in the mighty Rune Grammofon, but man, amazing stuff. Paavoharju – Finnish psychedelic folk band – their debut release Yhä Hämärää on Fonal is an all-time classic for me. Jazz & Experimental: Lars Danielsson - Swedish jazz bassist and cellist, his new album “Liberetto†is just too good to be true: Jan Garbarek – do I need to say a word? Supersilent – Norwegian experimental jazz trio. Supersilent are Trumpeter Arve Henriksen, tape experimenter Helge Sten (aka Deathprod), and Stale Storløkken on keyboards. One of the key figures in Rune Grammofon. Supersilent 7 is the most powerful improvisation jazz performance I’ve watched: Nils Okland – OK, here is my personal favourite – Nils’ music is uniquely Nordic, while it has the power to touch anyone’s heart in a few melodies. I bought all Nils’ albums as I can found, and never be enough. E.S.T (Esbjorn Svensson Trio) – anyone into Euro Jazz, this must be a household name already. Food, In The Country, Alog, Phonophani, Shinning, blah blah – all the powerful bunch from the mighty Rune Grammofon! Lasse Marhaug – the synonymous of Scandinavian Noise, who also collaborates often with other sonic terrorists Merzbow, Aube, Einsturzende Newbauten, etc. I’d better not attach any video here for this guy. My most favourable Nordic music labels: Rune Grammofon – Norwegian jazz, folk and experimental label, now a sub-label of ECM. Smalltown Superjazzz / Smalltown Supersound – Norwegian experimental jazz, and retro electronics/disco label. Some of their releases are explosively powerful. Kning Disk – Swedish folk/experimental label. They uniquely combine their audio concept with visual album artworks. Most of their releases are below 1000 limited copies. Here are some of my KD collections: Fonal – Finnish folk/experimental music label. Also famous for its album artwork design. Here are a bit of my Fonal collections: Hapna – Swedish electronic/experimental music label. Jazzaway – Norwegian Jazz/experimental Jazz label. Cold Meat Industry – nah I’m just joking :nana
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    Item: Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MK II Speakers (Birdseye Maple Finish) + Atacama HMS1.1 600 Speaker Stands Location: Brunswick West in Melbourne Price: $1250 for Speakers, $250 for Stands ($1400 for both) Item Condition: Both the speakers and the stands are in excellent condition with only the most minor scratches visible on the base of the speakers. Reason for selling: Quad ESLs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (Buyer to cover fees) and Bank Transfer Extra Info: Can post speakers via Pack and Send (Approx $120-150 depending on location and I have the box for the speakers), but will give it a bit of time to see if a local buyer pops up first. I won't post the stands, too heavy. The Dyns need a bit of oomph from your amp, they sound great with my Cyrus gear (8 Intergrated and Smart Power Mono Blocks) but only ok with my Rega Brio 3. I would part with my pair of Cyrus Smart Powers for a buyer who wanted and needed them. They are the perfect match for these speakers. Please contact me with any questions. Pictures:
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    Item: Hoyt Bedford Type 2 floorstanding speakers with matching plinths Location: Monash ACT Condition: excellent, near new Price: $850 plus $80 freight (if not bought locally) Information: I bought these in December 2011 for my second system, which is in a small back bedroom. They came with the optional matching plinths, which are ideal for carpeted floors. One of the original drivers had a slightly loose waveguide, so I got Decky to replace both drivers with the later Series 2 versions, which are dished deeper and have smaller waveguides than the originals. They are said to sound better as well. In September I had the opportunity to buy a pair of Omega Super 6 XRSs, so the HBs haven't done any work since then except for running in the new drivers. The speakers are unmarked. The plinths have a few minor marks from the spikes, but these are not seen when the speakers are in place. The plinths have their own spikes as well. I ran the HBs very successfully with low-powered valve amps and an Ampino. At 97dB sensitivity and a flat 8 ohm impedance they are a very easy drive. The price includes $80 for freight which is what I paid new. I have the original boxes.
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    Item: Kudos Cardea C1 standmount speakers Location: Clayton, Melbourne Price: $999 pickup or buyer pays postage Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Making some space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: The C1 are Kudos' entry-level standmount speaker, designed by ex-Neat employee Derek Gilligan. They employ SEAS bass drivers and the highly regarded SEAS Excel 25mm fabric dome tweeters, housed in a solid cabinet (and I mean it, it's thick and heavy). It's a simple design where looks are regarded, but I personally think that simple is elegant. In terms of sound, I'd say they're some of the most open sounding speakers I've heard - "sunshine" is the best word I can think of to sum these up. There are no traces of darkness or congestion; rather they project a wonderful sense of space and air. They have ample bass too which you'd expect from larger standmounts such as these. The (very positive) reviews linked below will give you a more in-depth impression of what these sound like. Here's some more recent thoughts: These speakers retail for over $2200AUD in Europe. They will come packed in their original box with grilles etc. Shipping to Australia will be approximately $30-50 via insured courier. More info: http://www.kudosaudi...oudspeakers/c1/ Reviews: http://www.techradar...1-239791/review http://www.thehifijo...s_details&id=33 Pics:
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    I am using a Lyra Olympos on the Brinkmann Audio 12.1 tonearm and a Miyabi MCA (with custom stylus profile) on the Graham Phantom Mk 2 Supreme tonearm. Both playing into a Brinkmann Audio Edison phono preamplifier. I don't have a nice photo of the Edison but it looks just like the Marconi linestage.
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    This doesn't really go with your modern furniture but I thought I'd post it anyway.
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    Hi Pete, They came up very well (after seeing them in bits a couple of days ago). Look forward to having a listen
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    Sorry been a bunberry-Ing in the country Fans of the Importance of Being Ernest will understand Blissfully out of contact at Venus Bay Vic Partner and her old uni friend told their stories over again Drank me under the table each night While geek cooked up a storm
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    Prior to the above album I played the Impulse pressing of this:
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    For anyone interested.. Still using M51 as a pre still with the el cheapo XLR's.. After changing various options in JRiver 18 have now settled on basically setting (for audio only in JRiver ): 1.output format upsampling to 96KHz 2.playing files from memory instead of disk 3.Pre buffering =20secs 4. NAD USB ASIO driver 5. Volume mode: Disable Volume Everything else pretty much default and sounds great to me. Well engineered CD's fantastic...especially those out of W Germany and Japan. As well some CD's in my 1100 CD collection rip'd to 24 bit ie several Neil Young, CSN&Y, Dire Straits, Joni Mitchel, Chris Issak and a few others. The rest are 16 bit depth. Some CD's even though ripped the same via dBPoweramp can't be helped no matter what is done... Still v happy with the M51 for PC ----> USB ----> AMP usage.
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    Her recent collaborations with modern groups and artists were a testament to the longevity of her wonderful voice. The stuff she did with Cinematic Orchestra was exceptional.
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    Nobody knows where you are. As I dump the bazillion acres of bubble wrap in the 6 by 4 I see Shadow our cat startled by the noise. His immaculate black coat shines in the sun as I have an inspiration to name the front left speaker Black and the FR Shadow. I go back inside where track 4 wywh is playing as I toe in Black & Shadow, I see the finger prints that Philip advised me would show up. Rub, rub. Rub rub rub... I've soiled my lint cloth. Ah hem. Wywh finishes. Sting If on a Winters Night. Busy non-listening till track 5 which stands up and says hello with a wonderful intimacy from Stings voice. By track 10 I have heard nothing less than nor equal to the def tech 7004bp's that these vaf's replace. A mad giggle slips out of me when I contemplate the Vaf's improving post run in. The Hounds in my house ain't Howling in the Wind, they are blissfully sleeping, as is missus back from a no finds day of geocaching. Sting continues with FR cover off... And ends. Alicia keys, yes I am, is next up. Unimpressed with opening three tracks. Then the title track (4) kicks in with that drum beat, I thought it was the rumbling of a mates car turning up, but no it's the song/speakers. Cool, low level volume, yet feel in the chest bass, I like it. Later after my mate arrives, i get around to turning off the sub setting on the hk990, just before the battle of helms deep (bluray ext ed. disc 2) which is suitably neck hair risingly awesome, the soundstage is immense. Black cats cold stare, Pink and her campfire sing along. I want it louder, much louder... but that's trouble cause I disturb my town. Playing that in PCM stereo to focus on the i66's, her voice is sweet. Much later after Sex in the City, my wife goes to bed and D Krall brings me a scotch and Jewel reminds me why her Spirit is indomitable. I feel her Hands caress me into the wee small hours and hit the sack at 5 am. Speakers had 12 hours of use today.
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    If you had another brand, and Emotiva priced their amps around $5k, would people then suggest them as an upgrade? It's very hard to get past the idea that at their low price, they can't be high end. There's an inherent assumption that price and quality are closely linked. I don't think the Emotiva would be easily beaten. Perhaps you should consider hosting a shoot out? Can people really pick the difference blind? I may do that myself down the track. I have an Emotiva on the way.
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    Sad news! I was on my AEOC trip just recently and I think those Les Stances... and ...with Fontella Bass stand the test of time really well. Sad news!
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    SS, for pure Class A (no a/b) look at this Nelson Pass diy 20 watter from the 70's it will give you all the info you need to know. I used this circuit as a base in the 80's for my 150 watt pure class A, it was a beast self contained water pump recirculation system with radiator cooling over 500,000uf of supply caps 40 X Hirel eb204 and ED ??? output tranies. http://www.passdiy.com/pdf/classa_amp.pdf A quote from the Class A master himself Nelon Pass "The use of more than 100 square inches of black-anodized aluminum heat sink per output transistor should allow for operation without a fan. A safe rule of thumb by which to evaluate the quality of heat sinking is to see whether or not you can place your hand on the heat sink without hurting yourself." Cheers George
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    Interesting article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/dec/25/antidote-to-capitalism-33-revolutions-minute
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    The premise that the vinyl doggedness is somehow anti-capitalism is pure fantasy, of course. That said, there are great things about playing vinyl on a good system. Equally, there are bad things: no guarantees that the vinyl will be unsullied even when bought new and very prone to wear and tear (more-so than CDs). I am very much in the camp of it is better to have both vinyl and digital means of sound reproduction rather than only one or the other. Just my thoughts. Interesting enough article, hopefully to help remind people about the joys of vinyl.
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    Very very nice Moochy and WD! I'll be giving these closer inspection tomorrow. The microwave being where it is is a bit intriguing and I'm sure my handbrake is going to ask: "Why is it there and not in the kitchen?" I'm guessing the the wall that it's in is actually in the kitchen and the rest of the kitchen is out of shot off to the left as we look at it.
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    Well that's the problem, it then becomes kind of arbitrary. The forum rules are clear, break them and you get a chance to make right, don't make right or show that you can't learn from mistakes and you get a warning point.
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    Gettin' me V Spy V Spy on: --Geoff
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    Godspeed! You Black Emperor: " Allelujah! Don't Bend Ascend Vinyl. Only came across this band a month or so ago. Mightily impressed, and this album on vinyl is excellent. Great artwork, music, and sq.
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    Follow up posted: "Maybe I can post my initial impressions of the TEAC UD-501 DAC through the Audez'e LCD02 rev2 (don't have a pre-amp at the moment to hook up to the main system, maybe for experimental purposes, I would run the single-ended output to the Mytek itself!) Honestly, I am pretty impressed... (having some kinks with the foobar interface though, the time elasped and track information is not moving along with the track playing - doesn't affect sound quality) I think I will concentrate on the performance of DSD playback (which is one of the primary features you would go for this DAC anyway). The unit has been burning-in for the past 2 days at the showroom - saved me some time. The first thing that surprised me was how capable the headphone amplifier is able to drive my Audez'es to pretty high SPLs at 3/4 of the volume dial. The only issue I encountered is with DSD tracks with a high dynamic range or are mastered below reference levels. i.e. Ry Cooder and Co.'s - Meeting By The River, where the gain of the headphone amplifier may not be sufficient to drive the Audez'es to high levels. If not, I think the headphone section is even better than the Mytek's - don't hold me to this claim, I might be influenced by the various FIR filters on offer. The very interesting feature about this DAC is the 4 different Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter options that are available for DSD content. And surprising all 4 of them sound different and this difference is absolutely discernible. Currently fooling around with FIR filter 2 (extremely detailed) and FIR filter 3 (extremely dynamic and smooth) and 1 and 4 basically lowered the overall volume level - haven't experimented much with them yet. I am enjoying filter 3 the most at the moment, DSD just sound so good through the TEAC. I actually prefer listening to the headphone output of the TEAC than the Mytek... strange... a weaker amplifier section sounding better, which is why I suspect it could be the influence of the FIR filters as well. The DAC worked as claimed with support for PCM up to 32/384 and DSD up to 128fs via ASIO and DoP1.1. I personally tested all the sampling rates. The only problem I found is that the SACD plugin is having issues upsampling 44.1kHz based material to DSD64 & DSD128. On the Mytek, the upsampling is transparent but for the TEAC, the upsampled DSD track breaks up randomly. Perhaps it is an early driver issue. And the other thing is that foobar is not reporting the playback information properly when playing DSD, although everything sounded fantastic. One last quirk is that it produces soft clicks when switching from PCM to DSD decoding mode. I think I will save further experimentation on the MACOSX to tomorrow... let me get back to BEYOND (Chinese Rock Band)... hahaha"
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    Yeh making speakers with time aliigned drivers would be so sweet. It has been on my mind for some time aswell. A period (t) is the time it takes a wave to do one whole cycle, which is also 360 degrees and frequency is the recipical of the period. So for example if your tweeter is 0.25ms infront of your woofer, and you obtained this result from running 3000hz through your tweeter you can calculate phase from this information. Frequency=1/period 3000hz = 1/T T = 0.00033 seconds to do one cycle tweeter is 0.00025s infront. ratio of one cycle = 0.00025/0.00033 = 0.75 phase = 0.75x360 = 270 degrees So you can say your tweeter is 270 degrees infront of your woofer. Something else i noticed. speed of sound is roughly 340.3m/s at 101Kpa and at 7.5ms thats a distance of 255.2cm. Another question, did you apply any ratios to calcualate the geometry of your speaker box? though i understand most or all golden ratios only apply to rectangular shapes.
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    Thanks for the reply Dustin. Yes MDF is definitely a challenge to finish. Here is the option I chose and the results are good. Spray a layer of PVA exterior wood glue to seal. This was recommended by a guy that does firbre glassing. Sand it smooth and apply your paint. Here are some photos of the finished product. The product I used to finish these speakers is called Duratex. It is applied in several coats and a textured roller brush is used to create an "orange peel" finish. The finish sets rock hard and seals the wood completely, so I applied it on the insides also. I took a photo in the bright lights to try and display the products finish. It goes on easily and is easy to clean up, The best thing about it - No unsightly and hazardous fumes are given off. I painted them inside the house I also mounted and soldered all the drivers and fastened them to the enclosure. Enclosures are complete and finished .Now I have to design some dust covers/speaker grills to protect the tweeter from little (and big) inquisitive fingers The Duratex can easily be applied over itself also. A bonus if the cabinets get scratched or just general touch ups.
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    Did I mentioned this film has great music? Fairly well judged for a Pixar movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EncxNMwh2s0&hd=1
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    Nothing is better than the PDX. Didn't you know that
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    Have you heard and can you pick up this MOSFET mist trait? Like can you pick up your Tranquility Dac supposedly "SET" like output stage you had talked about in the past when you had no SET amp experience to speak off.
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